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Daily and .Weekly.
TSI Ambriuus Rboordkr, Established 1*79
Thi ambricus Timks. Established isoo
Consolidated, April, 1891.
Incorporated. January. 1894.:
Subscription Rates:
DAILY, one year $6.00
DAILY,'one month 50
WEEKLY, one vear 1.001
WEEKLY, six montha 50
c Address all letters and make remittances
payable to
Americus, Ga.
Editorial Room Telephone 99.
The Times-Recorder is the
Official Organ ot the City of Americus
Official Organ of Sumter County.
Official Organ of Webster County
fficlal Organ of Railroad Commission of
Georgia for the.3d.Congressionai; District
Cards of thanks, resolutions of respect and
obituary notices, other than those which the
editor gives as a matter of news, will be
charged for at the rate ot tive cents per line.
Notices of church and society, and all oth
er entertainments from which revenue is
derived, will be charged for at the rate of
five cents per line.
AMERICUS, GA., DEC. 25, 1900.
Christmas is a good time to keep can
non-crackers, tov cannons and other
dangerous fireworks out of the hand of
The young cadet who explained to
the army investigating committee that
hazing meant taking the conceit out of
a raw recruit, developed considerable of
it himself before he finished.
James J. Hill, President of the Great
Northern Railroad, says ships can be
built more cheaply in this country than
on the Clyde. Why, then, give ship
builders 89.000,000 per year ?
The Nebraska Republican associa
tion in Washington recently held a
meeting at which Senator Hanna was
introduced by Senator Thurston in
these words: ‘‘He is a man who has
proved himself to be one of the great
est men now living. He has been hon
ored by the people of his own State.
He will yet receive honors from the
American people.” Cheering followed,
lasting several minutes. This marks
the appearance of the Hanna presiden
tial boom. And why not Hanna ? Bet
er the master than the man.—New Or
leans States. f
There was something approaching a
- the other day among the 4,000 girl
of a big tobacco factory in
Jersey City, An edict went forth that
rail of them must be vaccinated in order
to avoid having the factory shut down
by a possible outbreak of smallpox
among the employes. Many of the
pretty and plump girls did not like the
prospect of sore or disfigured arms'.
K They had engagements for coming
Alls and parties at which decollete
grans are in order. The doctors, how
ever, Refused to vaccinate in anv other
part of th® body, and after much pro
test the girls submitted.
When one stops to consider the flight
of time, prime causes for a touch of sad
ness are the changes it brings. “Are
they always for the better ?” is a ques-
V tion that remains unanswered, though
it will not down.
One might cite the farmer as one
among the 'many who have been affect
ed by the continual change of things.
The agriculturist of to-day is different
from that of a generation or two ago—
especially the more successful planter.
By his isolated life, he was removed
from the centers of thought and activ
ity, but none the less happy, for he was
contented. His was a career of sim
plicity, hospitality and quiet pleasures.
With his dogs and slaves, his sleek
stock and well-fill barns, his bounteous
cellars filled with fruit and
lie might u >■; 1 l"“k ■ n iln*
f<> 1 himself .1 ma 1 .
Christmas day might be called th
Feast ot Memory. Let the Christmas
merriment run as high as it will, let
joy reign in our hearts,let contentment
dwell in our souls, yet the tender
ghost of other Christmases will rise up
in pallid splendor and walk beside us.
In the midst of present delights old
memories lay their softening touch
upon us. They lead us gently back
among the dreams and shadows of long
lost days. They take us to the vacant
dwellings. They guide us to the green
hillside spots where Love and Life
have laid down their idols. How in
significant become the cares and am
bitions of life when we think of them
who no longer keep Christmas on
earth, whose lives made our own more
radiant—more blessed, whose departure
left over us the awful, brooding
Silence !
From the summit of this Christmas
tide we turn and look back over the
valley of the year past, and beyond
upon the hills and dales and solemn
spaces of other years none by. There
rise in review before ns the meadow
lands of pleasures, the hills of duties
and mountains of opportunities for ex
pressing our energies or realizing our
ideals. Christmas is the day when the
soul instinctively reckons with itself.
Ail the good advice and the admonition
of a lifetime weigh as feathers against
the stimulus it receives from the con
sciousness of tasks well done and ef
forts honestly made to reach a stand
ard approved by that Other Self.
A Pittsburg woman,in court proceed
ings against her husband, alleges that
he posted in his house such rules as
these: That he should be head of the
house, that he should handle all the
money, that he should hire and dis
charge all the servants, that the mem
bers of his wife's family should not be
permitted to enter the house, and that
in correcting the children no pick
handles, rolling pins or sadirons
should be used. No man with a spark
of affection in his bosom would thus
dare attempt to relieve his wife of all
worry and household cares, and leave
her nothing to do but dress up and go
visiting, of course, and instead of turn
ing him out on the cold world, the
long-suffering wife should have him
safely locked up as a warning to other
brutal husband*.
This life Is but a game of cards
Which mortals have to learn:
Each shuffles, cuts and deals the pack
And each a card must turn.
Some bring a high card to the top,
While others bring a low-
Some hold a hand quite flush ot trumps.
While others none can show.
When playing some throw out the ace,
The counting cards to save;
Some nlay the deuce, and some the ten,
But many play the knave-
When hearts are trumps we play tor love
And pleasure rules the hour.
No thoughts of sorrow check our joy
In beauty's rosy bower;
We nance, we sing, sweet verses make,
Our cards at random play,
And while the trumpremains at top,
The game s a holiday.
When diamonds chance to crown the top
And players stake their gold
And heavy sums are bet and lost
By gamblers, young and old:
Intent on winning, each his game
Doth watch with eager eve,
That he may see his neighbor’s cards
And get them on the sly.
When clubs are trumps look out for war
On ocean and on land,
For terrible deeds are often done
When clubs are held in hand;
Then lives are staked instead of gold—
The dogs of war are freed
In our dear country, and we see
That clubs have got the lead.
Last game of ah is when the spide
Is turned by hand of Time—
He alway deals the closir g game
In every age and clime;
Nomatterhow much each man wins.
Nor how much each may save,
A dusky spade will finish up,
And dig the gambler’s grave.
God bless all givers and their gifts,
And all the giftless too.
And help them by whatever shifts
Their Bindly will to do.
When seasons, which our hearts expand
Our purses lall to fill.
A word, a smile, a clasp of hand
Shall carry our good wl’l,
Let him who hath his plenty share,
And him who lacks, his lack,
Give, each one, what he may, nor care
What recompense comes back.
If only love his heart shall swell
And kindness guide his hand,
His Christmas he shall keep as well
As any in the land.
Out greed I Out guile I Out jealousy I
Out envy I Out despair.
Come hope I Come faith I Come charity ’
And ease the pains of care.
Come, Christmas, with thy message dear,
And all thy gentle mirth,
To teach thatlove shall cast out fear,
And peace shall reign on earth.
—Edwin S. Martin, in Life.
■PITY and beauty
most beautiful thing,
in the world, is the baby,
all dimples and joy. The
most pitiful thing is that same
baby, thin and in pain.
The dimples and joy have
gone, and left hollows and fear.
It is fat that is gone; gone
it, comfort and color and
Ernve; all but pity and love.
little one gets no fat
food : lias had none
she i- being on.
An Offer Proving Faith to Sufferers.
is your Blood Pure? Are you sure
of it? Do cuts or scratches heal slow
ly? Does your skin itch or burn?
Have you Pimples? Eruptions? Ach
ing Bones or Back? Eczema? Old
Sores? Boils? Scrofula? Rheumatism?
Foul Breath? Are you pale? If so
purify your blood at once with B. B
B. (Botanic Blood Balm). It makes
the Blood Pure and Rich, heals every
sore and gives a clear, smooth, healthy
skin. Deep seated cases like ulcers,
cancer, eating sores, Painful Swellings,
Blood Poison are quickly cured by B
B. B , made especially for all obsti
nate Blood and Skin Troubles. B. B.
B is different from other remedies be
cause B. B B. drains the Poison and
Humors out of the Blood and entire
system so the symtoms cannot return.
Give it a trial. It cures when all else
fails. Thoroughly tested for 30 years
Sold at drug stores at 81 per large bot
tle, 6 large bottles (full treatment) $5.
So sufferers may test it, a trial bottle
given away absolutely free- Write for
it. Address BLOOD B ALM CO., At
lanta Ga. Write today. Describe
trouble and free medical advice given.
Heaven never helps the man who is
too lazy to hustle a little in his own
Rheumatism Cured in 24 Hours.
T. J. B’ackmore. of Haller & Black
more, Pittburg, Pa., says: “A short
time since I procured a bottle of MYS
TIC CURE. It got me out the house
in twenty-four hours. I took my bed
with Rheumatism nine months ago and
the MYSTIC CURE is the only medi
cine that did me any good. I had five
of the best physicians in the city, but I
received very little relief from them. I
know the MYSTIC CURE to be what
it is representd and take pleasure in
recommending it to other poor suffer
es. 8 >ld by E. J. Eldridge, Druggist,
Americus, Ga.
It is far better to offend same people
than it is to oblige them,
A. H. Tburness of Wills Creek Coal
Co , Buffalo, 0., writes: “I have been
afflicted with kidney and bladder trou
ble for years, passing gravel or stones,
with excruciating pain. Other medi
cines only gave relief. After taking
Foley’s Kidney Cure the result was
surprising. A. few ddses started the
brick dust, like tine stones, etc., and
now I have no pain across my kidneys
and I feel like a new man. Foley’s
Kidney Cure has done me SI,OOO worth
of good.” Davenport Drug Co.
He who would be delivered from
evil must not lead himself into temp
It is probably called the gift of speech
because talk is cheap.
Highest Award Diploma of Honor
For superior lens grinding and excellency in
the manufacture of spectacles and eye glass
es. sold in over 8.000 cities and towns in the
United States. Established 1870. These fa
mous glasses for sale by J. R. HUDSON
Eyesight tested free. Be sure ‘HAWKES’’
is stamped on frame,
Business Men’s Free Fair and |
Holiday Carnival. 2
Monday Dec. 24th |
A Solid Week of Merriment, Mirth and Music! |
To Be Merry at Times is to Be Wise, and Z
all South Georgia is invited to
Come and En joyjthe f
Free Street Carnivall •
Grand Floral Parades, Carnival Balls, Confetti X
Battles, Horse Swappers-Convention, Daring Feats X
in Midair. The finest Midway Attractions in X
the Country have been booked for this week.
.....Daily Concerts by Splendia Military 8and5.,.... £
Free! Free! Free! Free! ♦
Ab the air you breathe is the splendid attractions to be seen X
at the AMERICUS CARNIVAL. Gov. Candler and General ■
Joseph Wheeler have been invited to be here upon this occasion A
to review the State troops. LOW RATES on all Railroads ar
ranged to come here during this week of merrymaking. O
Americus Greets You —The City Is Yours! •
The above attractions will be furnished by the C. J. Sturgis and A
J. S. Berger Carnival Co. X
Applications for all concessions must be addressed to C. J. ▼/
Sturgis, Americus, Ga. (
’ MATION ChiraßE is I*"*' '
140 acres, 3J miles from railroad, rents
for 5 bales cotton, $1,250.
300 acres choice land in good neigh
borhood. Six room house and out
buildings, 2,000 bearing peach trees.
Howe place, 1,000 acres rich land.
5-room house, Church street, §l,lOO.
J. B. Nicholson place, 880 acres, one
mile of Preston. Easy payments.
ICO acres, 6 miles of 2Americus;] rents
for gloo.
500 acres, near Smithville; [nice] level
land. $3 50 per acre.
Four room house and three [acres; in
good condition. |SOO.
3-room house and two acres, [near R
R. shops, $5 month.
Now is the time to invest your idle
dollars. I have a few bargains not in
this list Come to see me it t you wish
to buy, sell or rent.
opera house.
TUESDAY December
NIGHT 24 th.
Tuesday night the four-act comedy, I
Change of play nightly. New special
ties at each performance. Prices 10,
20 and 30 cents. Ladies free Tuesday
night when accompanied by a person
with a paid 30 cents ticket. Seats on
sale at Hudson’s Drug Store.
Wholesale and Retail
Fruit Dealer.
I have just received the following
Christmas goods:
2 Cars Bananas.
2 Cars Oranges.
i Car Cocoanuts.
Mixed Nuts, all kinds.
All kinds Fancy Candy.
Also the finest lot of Apples ever
seen in Americus.
Call and see me. My prices are
lower than anybody’s. I guarantee
to treat you right.
Forsyth Street.
I have removed my law office from
the Wheatley building to the Council
Bank Building, second floor, Room
No. 18. W. W. DYKES, Jr.
All Seekers of the Beautiful and Useful,
Whether for Home, or as Wedding Presents
or Christmas Gifts, Should Call at
Corner Jackson and Forsyth Streets, and examine his stock of
Venetian Vases, in Rich Gold Decorations.
Exquisitely Decorated Odd Pieces in French China.
Gorgeous Decorated Vienna China,
French and German Cups and Saucers, Chop Trays,
Ice Cream Sets, Chocolate Sets,
Dinner Sets, Fern Dishes, Toilet Sets.
Lamps and Table Cutlery.
Combined With The Choicest Display He Has Ever Been Able to Offer.
To above now in stock, .arge additional assortment yet to arrive. Having purchased in person, the
prices are right.
The Furniture and House Furnishing Departments, of course, correspond. If you want presents
which cannot-be duplicated, call on me.
New Firm. New Goods.
C. S. S. HORNE & CO.,
Next Door to Post Office.
Cid Book Store Stand.
Read Below:
Ticking, 5c yd 1 Ladies’ Fleeced lined Hose, well worth
Amoskeag Best Check Ginghams, 6c yd 20c; our price 15c
A Cheaper one, 5c yd The best Children’s Hose for 10c you
Choice of Prints in our house,.. 5c yd ever saw.
Best Outings, beautiful patterns, Men s extra heavy fleeced lined I n-
. , . in Ji derwear, SI.OO suit, 50c garment.
extra heavy weight, 10c yd Lots of other things for the lack of
Cheaper Outings, 6c yd space I can’t quote.
Best Bleaching, 8c yd But remember I have SHOES for
The best Ladies’ 15c Hose on earth, everybody.
Heavy Ribbed Fleeced lined Ladies’ I or
Undervest and pants to match, 25c * * *
each. 7 Lbs. Ar buckles Coffee for sl.
Next to Postoffice. Forsyth Street.
At East End Rahbitry and Poultry Yard,
Belgian Hares SI.OO to $3.00 each.
RosejComb Brown Leghorn Cock $1.50
TnoTlose Comb Brown Leghorns—young $3,50
Buff Cochin Bantam cockerels, “Old Gold Strain,” SI,OO each.
Suits made to orderjbybis on short notioeTrom our Fall and Winter samples.
Two thousand of the latest designs to select from.
Old clothes cleaned, pressid and almost made new.
-■ •■'•.A
-/ A
in the herd is not best for the table.
Flesh likely to be strong and rather
too fat. We select the flesh of the lit
tle plump fellows. Has not had time
to develop into muscle and de
licious flavor only found in
cut from young animals.
Prim* Beef, Veal, Lamb and Mutton,
eggs, chickens, fish and oysters daily at
Sporting Goods
and Fishing Tackle.
I have 'bought the entire stock of B. F.
Clewls’ gun store, opposite postoftlce. and re
moved same to
- Corner,
Where I have a fine stock of Guns, Pis
tols, Cartridges, Shells and Fishing Tackle.
I can supply your wants tor anything in
my line. Call on or write me
Mail orders given pfompt attention.
J H. J. Bagley.
■■■■M ■ Morphine and Whiskey hab-
-sv El R |fits treated without pain c;
I S LJ II fl confinement. Cure guaran-
I ■ Ilf I teed or no v a y- B - Vt - A L,
Ibl Man’gr Lithia Springs San-
| | itariutn. Box 3. Austell, Ga.
For Rent.
Three very desirab’e rooms
over Bank of Southwestern
Georgia; east front, newly
painted and papered and
ample light; water and sewer
connections. Apply to Bank
Southwestern Georgia or W.
H. C. Dudley.
For Sale.— The three de
sirable lots on south side of
Forsyth st’, between Planters
Bank and Hotel avenue.
Four lots on west side Lee
st., opposite city hall.
Five lots on north side La
mar st., between Lee st., and
Hotel avenue. Parts of Wind
sor Park.
For Sale or Lease. — Two
lots corner of Hill street and
Elm avenue. Fine location
for storehouse, being near to
shops of Seaboard Air Line.
Apply to Bank of South
western Georgia.
Will be for this Week
Only, at •
John M. Anglin's Fancy Grocery.
Dried Apples 7 l-2c lb; Good Apples 25c pk'
Sugar 17 lbs for #1.00; New Syrup 50c gallon;
Sweet Potatoes 40c bushel; Reliable Ham
11 l-2c ib; Sugar Cured Hams 8 l-2c >b; Mixed
Nuis 17 12c In; Cream Cheese 15c lb; Mixed
Sweet Crackers 10c; Sour Pickles, 20c gal;
Fruits and vegetables cheap.
John M. Anglin,
31 1 Lamar St., Americus, Ga.
Cold weather has come and the time has come
for each and every one to supply their wardrobe
with suitable wearing apparel to meet the season,
and D. Pearlman’s is headquarters for the
goods, having the largest linc'ever received in
Last winter we had to cut prices to suit your
pockets. This winter you can suit yorself at your
op n prices.
We have only a small space, so will mention
a few gxeat bargains for your benefit.
2500 f ’apes and Jackets, 25c to $15.00.
200 Children’s Reefers, 75c up.
1000 Ladies’ Skirts, 25c to $12.50.
250 Silk and Satin Waists 75c to $6.00. . ......
Ladies’ Underskirtsand Underwear in abund
invite the trade—and it woj save money in your pocke s
—to come and examine our stock, and am sure that you cannot re
sist to buy your line of me. Will over try to please you and give
you big bargains for your money. Yours anxious to please.
& -
Stands as a Monument
To Corrupt Politics
tt. Can build any description of Marble Monument desired and guarantee perfec
satisfaction. Designs and specifications furnished on demand.
does your CEMETERY EOT need attention t
We supply brick or stonejcoplng, urns, etc, Write us at Americus, Ga.
Monumental Marble Works Americus, Ga.
g; C: & & & & & & ■
you w * s h t° buy ?
|||| vou wish to sell ?
UU you wish to insure ?
M. CALLAWAY, Americus, Georgia.
Straight Five Year Loans, and yearly payment loans negotiated on improv
ed far .ns and choice city Real Estate, at loweet.'possible.cost.
I have a special low rate ferocity loans.
If you are wanting a loan, and Jail to see me yon will be the ioyer.
j. j.
Room No. 5 Barlow Block, a. *
Is to cure go to your -
■9 6*£ MONEY f
Hl refund to him. 1
■ Viß aOMn ?
venport Uij£ ni P a,i?

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