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NEWS I he Christmas Selling.
FROM THE The Christmas selling begins now. This
HOLIDAY stire was never better prepared for it.
Every day of every week from now till
bl UCKb. Christmas, will be a busy day in this shop.
I'here's much choosing to be done, and it pays to do the
choosing early. Every section in the store is bright with
its holiday offerings. Things useful, things ornamental.
We have picked just those lines which are bound to appeal
to popular favor. The staple stocks of every day merchan
dise are also at their very best. We cordially invite you to
come. We invite you to buy —if you are ready. If not,
then the inspection will be a strong reminder for you. when
you are ready to buy.
Christmas A little thin * is *
handkerchief, but it
JiandkerchiefS, plays a big part in
holiday gift giving The greatest line of
of Hemstitched and Embroidered Hand
kerchiefs we have ever owned, especi
ally appropi late as presents, aod all are
moat fairly priced.
Beautifully wrought initial l andkerchiefs
tor ladies or gentlemen, heins-.tichfd and of
finest quality linen—soc each.
Pure Linen Hemstitched or Embroidered
Handkerchiefs, for ladies or gentlemen, 25c
quality; 1-2 dozen Ln a box, all for SI.OO.
Christmal , Sc % e8 of Bt y |eß ? 8e ;
n ~ lectfrom; all selected
u mbretias. with the greatest care
a«to their fitness for Christmas gift*.
We note two or three very tempting lots:
Gentleman’s 28 inch Congress Silk Umbrel
las. natural oxidized handies, steel rod and
paragon frame—sl.oo each.
Ladies’ 26 inch Gloria Silk Umbrellas,
l>eautlful assortment fancx- handles, steel
frame, etc ,—Bsc each.
Ladies’ or Gentlemen's 26-ineh Tafieta Silk
Umbrellas, with Diminutive staff, and jewel
ed handles —s2.2i each.
Gingham Umbrellas- perhaps 100 all told—
odd lots—some really worth fl 50—going now
at 50c each.
Christmas Hundreds, yes, thous
__ ands of gentlemen, re-
if cckwear. membered at Christ
mas with a neat Necktie. These fresh,
bright selections, all in the newest
shapas, will strike you just right—we
Gentlemen’s Folded end Clubs Batwings
ana “Prince of Wales’’ ties in assorted
lengths- —2sc each.
Gentlemen’s Imperial “Four-In-Hand,”
Flowing End Tecks.and New Puffs.in beauti
ful assortment, at 50c each.
Full hne “Windsor Ties’ and Ribbon Knots
for Misses and Cnildren- 35c each.
Now Don’t Delay
You will help yourself, and help us, by coming early.
Come TOMORROW, while we have time to give you,
and your wants all due attention. Store open every
night till io p. m.
Corner Lamar Street and Cotton Avenue,
Holiday Offering of Smyrna and Moquette Rugs.
ALMOST two hundred of these rugs go on sale flonday morning at sharp
concessions from their regular price. JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY GIV,
ING. The Smyrna Rugs being reversible, have almost double the life
rugs. Large quantities, splendid variety of patterns, and these very
positive savings. Lot No. i contains rugs worth up to $2 75; choice at $1 50
each. Lot No. 2 containe rugs worth up to $3 00; choice at $1 75.
Fine Silk Umbrellas.
W e <an’t give any satisfactory descrip
ion nor a price list. Men and women may
Loose at 50c and up to $5, with especially
ne selection around the $2 and $3 marks,
■any a handsome present contained in this
Sale of Shoes for Men, Wo
olen and Children.
fcu’ds d chance 1,.r
|L._ :vc a.v.a shots f.-r
act the
\ < Kven t" >uchj’ V er . s ’
Ps <»sc, 75c. Sd _ c
■ «,! 61 25 and
Splendid Offering.
Kortment we have e- ui
|fc.st’.lc> at 50c: fifty
/L,- A long list ir died:
J Too long to be ex
jor Sentiemen. ploited hen : so we
will cboijse haphazard from tho big stock
for mention, and suggest others when
you call.
Guyot's Celebrated Suspenders, including
“extra .ong” in plain white, m< de_ brown,
pinstripes, ana Fleur D’ Lis Figures,soc pair.
Plain Black and Fancy Colored Half Hose,
including new Embroidered figures and
longitudinal stripes s > annular now, 8 5c pair.
Wilson Bros, complete line of winter Un
derwear; ever grade from a plain Under
shirt or Drawers at 40c to the tiuest Camels
II air garments at $2 25 each.
Christmas The 1 at ? f
er all ahead of
Capes and jackets, you. The wear
ing time only just begun. What can you
buy for mother, wife, sister or daughter
that will be more appreciated?
Ladies’ Capes in Black, or Blue, Beaver
strap seam trimmings- a bargain, at $3.50
Ladies’ Jackets of finest Imported Kersey ,
in castor, gray, blue or black, very stylish
aud perfect fitting - at $l5O each.
Infants Long Robes, in Elder Dowuor Bed
ford Cord, Embroidered and in beautiful
shades of light blue, rose pink, cream or
white, at $1.50 to 83,U0 each.
Christmas w rt ool ’ y fe ?
lows; nch borders.
Sj/ankets. These lots are chosen
for their fitness for Christmas presents.
‘ Golden Gate,” pure white California
Lambs Wooh full 11 4 size, borders assorted
in delicate shades of blue, pink, helio, and
g ay 84 50.
“White Fern,” pure white Australian wool,
full 10 4 size with deep border in blue, pink
or scarlet, and with silk bound edges, $3.00
Silkaline Comfortables, closely quilted and
padded with the finest down, full 10-4 size,
only $2.50 each,
Florentine Si k Comfortables, double
faced, wltn wide ruffle edges, lined with
purest down, $7.50 each.
Americus' Great Street Fair Now In
Full Blast.
To Amuse and Entertain the Thous
ands of Carnival Visitors-Street
Shows In Full Blast Fine Weath
er For Opening Day-
Following the storm of Sunday came
a day of perfect lovlinesp, and with the
bright sunshine yesterday came thous
ands of visitors to view the sights of
Americus’ big Christmas Carnival aud
get in line for a week of unalloyed
pleasure, such as promised.
And the sights are here, of every’
known and unknown description.
By working through Sunday aud
Sunday night all the shows were in
readiness yesterday morning, and be
fore 10 o’clock the streets were crowd
ed with gay revelers.
All of Lamar street, and portions of
Forsyth, Lee and Jackson looked like
au army camp with relay upon relay of
tents, while the Ferris wheel and
minor attractions galore caught the
eye and the willing dime of the tourist
who had come to the carnival.
The stirring strains of music by the
Abbeville band added to the interest of
the occasion and made all walk with an
elastic step.
A partial list of the street attractions
is published elsewhere in the Times-
Recorder, wiih the hours of perform
ance Other attractions will be added
to this every day.
And thousands of people will come
this week to enjoy Americus’ big
Christmas Carnival. The city is theirs
for the time, and they may enjoy the
occasion to the utmost. The official
program, to be issued today, will tell
you how and where to find the shows.
Provided you have not gone through
the big list of attractions already.
Cold Steel Or Death.
“There is but one small chance to
save you life and that is through an
operation,” was the awful prospect set
before Mrs. I. B. Hunt, of Lime Ridge,
Wis., by her doctor after vainly trying
i to cure her of a frightful case of stom
ach trouble aud yellow jaundice. He
didn’t count on the marvelous powers
of Electric Bitters to cure stomach and
Liver troubles, but she heard of it,
took seven bottles, was wholly cured,
avoided surgeon’s knife, now weighs
more and feels better than ever. Its
positively guaranteed to cure Stomach
Liver and Kidney troubles and never
disappoints. Priec 50c at E. J. Eld
ridge drug’s store.
Large plain gold ring. Inscribed
from “G. to L.” Return to Mrs. Dr.
Horine, No 310 Jackson street, and re
ceive liberal reward.
On and after Jan. Ist. 1901 my office
will be located over the drug store of
John R. Hudson, corner rooms Nos 8,
9, and 10 formerly occupied by Messrs.
Hooper <fe Crisp. Respectfully,
12-22 lw S. IL McKee, D. D. S.
Men’s fancy Shirts, equal to any, and
better than most shirts sold at $1 oo and
25; excellent percales superbly made and
handsomely laundried, now at 75c each.
Two hundred remnants bleached Ger
man Damask Table Linen, handsome, yet
one of the best wearing weaves made; two
yards wide, in lengths of 2,2% and 3 yds,
just the right lengths for tables, worth
regular sl, price for these short lengths,
65c yd.
Twenty-five pairs White Blankets, ex
tra heav} 7 , silk taped, warm and sightly;
they were low priced at $2 45, but they are
marie still lower —now at $1 50 a pair.
Twenty dozen Men’s White Laundried
Shirts, reinforced back and front, linen
bosom, beautifully laundried; the grade that
usually sells for 85c, now at 49c each.
Fifteen dozen Men’s extra heavy Flan
nellette Night Shirts, the Princely make,
sells everywhere for $1 00, now at 65c each.
One Hundred dozen Misses Fast Black
Hose, high spliced heels and toes, regular
ly sold at 12%c; here now at 8 l-3c pair.
Sheets for les? than
igafcniusHii, 72x‘>0, muslin
priced -a- at Ipc acb.
5 limr I Do You Want a $
< HrKr Xmas Present? 5
I w ■ What Are Too Waiting on ?
.® BnM: ■ w MHO ■ oa’t Fat Until Tomorrow, .
■ ffIMP TA»DAV There isn’t any doubt but what you can satis-
■XS VVIHL iv urn . iy your wants here. The nicest line of SJT
1 Jewelry, Cut-Glass and Silverware in the City. |
O T QI II I IVAN Successor to Americus Jewelry and
V zal x, ,Music Company
• Watch Inspector Seaboard Air Line R. R. J*.
Next to Ladies’Entrance Windsor Hotel.
Scores of Traps Are Entered For
Floral Parade.
The floral parade on Thursday now
promises to be one of the really mag
nificent features of the carnival. The
ladies are working with a determina
tion to make it a success, and they will
not fail.
At least twenty-five traps have been
listed, and there will be others.
Invitations for the carnival ball on
Friday evening were issued yesterday.
The handsome assembly room of the
Masonic Lodge in the Planters Bank
building has been secured for this
very brilliant occasion.
The committee consists of Messrs.
Crawford Wheatley, R. E Lee, George
Oliver, Wilhelm Scherer, K. T. Fel
der, Frank Harrold.
The chaperones are: Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Bivins Mr. and Mrs. Carr S.
Glover, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Em merman
Mr. and Mrs. Kalmon.
A superb band will discourse inspir
ing music on this occasion.
The beautiful Queen of the Carnival,
with her maids of honor, will make
their first appearance this afternoon,
Queen Katherine receiving from May
or Felder the keys of the city. The
King, Queen and royal retinue will
appear at the carnival ball, reciving
their distinguished visitors.
Among these are Governor Candler,
Congressman Lewis, the state house
officers, aud officers of the two regi
ments expected here Friday, military
Has found that her little ones are im
i proved more by the pleasant Syrup of
Figs, when in need of the laxative es
feel of a gentle remedy, than by any
other. Children enjoy it and it bene
fits them. The true remedy. Syrup of
Figs, is manufactured by the Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. only.
‘‘Other People’s Money” Was Great
ly Enjoyed.
Despite the fact that the streets last
night were full of holiday attractions
and tented shows galore, a large and
appreciative audience saw Hennessy
Leroyle at the opera house last night.
The play, “Other People's Money,” is
full of bright humor, and, with Leroyle
as “Hutchinson Hopper,” the specula
tor, and an excellent supporting com
pany, won deserved applause. It was
one of the best of the season’s attrac
tions here.
Just received a large supply of im
ported and domestic wines for cook
ing and table use.
23-ts McLeod Co ,
Oglethorpe, Ga.
Complaint Made of This Species of
Much complaiuvwas made yesterday
of the rubber ball nuisance, and unless
this species of hilarity is curbed to
some extent Mayor Felder will sup
press the whole ball business. It is an
innocent sport when indulged in to a
degree, but some of the ball tossers be
came exceedingly rough yesterday and
well-nigh caused trouble.
Keep the bowels active if you would
preserve your health. A dose cf
Prickly Ash Bitters now and then
does this to perfection. Dr. E. J.
Two Barns Are Carried Away and
Cow Killed.
Mr. William H. Glover was one of
the heaviest losers by Sunday’s storm.
Two large barns on his premises were
wrecked, the falling timbers from one
of the buildings killing a fine Jersey
cow. Many other citizens here like
wise had property destroyed, Mrs. F.
E. Johnston losing a house over on
McCrary bill.
The Banks Will Close.
We the undersigned banks of Ameri
cus. will close our places of business
at 12 o’clock, beginning Wednesday
26th., and continuing until January,
Ist. December 25th. and January Ist.
being legal holidays we will be closed
all day. Oar customers are requested to
co-operate with us, and transact their
banking business by 12 o’clock, until
our regular hours are resumed again
after the holidays.
Bank of Southwestern Ga.
Bank of Commerce
Peoples Bank.
Planters Bank.
'■ 1 iff
We are turning tixem oat —
Pies that cannot be
the nicest to be had leave
Robson Company Opens Tonight at
One of the best theatrical attractions
on the circuit, the Robson Company,
will remain in Americus during carni
val week, opening at the opera house
tonight. By reason of the lengthy
stay here the company is enabled to
play at popular prices, 10, .20 and 30
cents, the latter figure being for re
served orchestra chairs. Tonight the
company will appear in the beautiful
comedy “A Romance of the South”.
It is well worth a dollar but, as stated,
the company will play the week at
popular prices with a change of pro
gram nightly. Reserved seat sale at
Hudson’s drugstore.
A Monster Devil Fish.
Destroying its victims, is a type of
Constipation. The power of this mur
derous malady if felt on orgons and
nerves and muscles and brain. There’s
no health till it’s overcome. But Dr.
King’s New Life Pills are a safe and
certain cure. Best in the world for
stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels.
Only 25 cents at E. .1. Eldridge’s drug
Bovs Present a Neat Address To Their
It has been a whole year since last
Christmas, and during the time the
little fellows who brought your paper,
through sunshine and through storm,
have been ever faithful to their duty.
This morning they will call upon you
with a handsomely printed address,
published by L. A. Morgan & Co , and
will ask you to buy. It is a handsome
little booklet of stories and verse and
will well 'entertain, while your mite
will help to make merry the carrier’s
Business Houses Will Hardly Close
For years past it has been the cus
tom in Americus to suspend all busi
ness on Christmas day, but with a car
nival on hand and thousands of visit
ors here today the time-honored cus
tom will scarcely be observed. It is
understood that, with concert of action
among the merchants. New Year’s day
will be observed as a holiday instead,
thus affording clerks and employes in
general a Christmas rest when busi
ness is not in such a rush.
All Available Space Taken and More
Capt?4/< H. Williams, of the Bureau
of Information, reported yesterday
that about all the available accommo
dations for visitors in boarding hous
es and private houses had been taken
up already. If you can take a few
boarders this week, notify Capt. Wil
liams of the fact. You will thus help
the fair and make a few dollars for
yourself besides.
A large shipment of Paul Jones fine
whiskies just received, 4X, 4 Star and
4 Roses. McLeod Co.,
23-ts Oglethorpe, Ga.
Americus Cotton Market.
Americus, Ga., Dec. 24, 1900.
Rec’d today at warehouses, 88 bales.
Rec’d previously at “ 26,378 “
Total warehouse receipts 26,466
Americus Market Quotations.
Good Middling .B£@ 9
Middling B|@B-f
Happiness is but another name for
perfect health, Use Prickly Ash Bit
ters and be happy. It keeps the vital
organs healthy and well regulated. Dr.
E. J. Eldridge.
Position With Whitlev Co.
Mr. W. J, Thornton has accepted a
position as traveling salesman for the
Whitley Grocery Co. entering upon
his new duties at once. Mr. Thornton
is an experienced and popular sales
man and will prove a valuable acqui
sition to this popular house.
Special Notice.
On and after Monday, Dec. 17th, I
will not charge any goods to any one,
as I am selling out at cost to discon
tinue business. I will esteem it a great
fayor if all parties owing me will come
in and settle at once, so I can close up
my books. Very truly yours.
Lee Allen.
Is near at hand and we have provided tor same
by buying a magnificent line of just such articles as
are specially suited for
have arrived, and each day brings in more.
ori early and look over our beautiful line, as already
many things have been laid aside for Christmas,
jjhfafch will soon be here.
Fricker &
...... J E W E
AM J. Vi C!
Vast Amount of Damage Is Done By
the Storm.
Trees Twisted Off, Houses Leveled
and Fences Blown Away—Carriage
Overturned By Wind—Deluge of
Rain Fell Several Minutes
A storm of cyclonic proportions
struck Americus at 9 o’clock Sunday
morning and for five minutes raged
with greatest fury, leaving destruction
in the narrow path followed.
It was Americus’ first experience
with a storm of this description.
Cyclones, doing immense damage,
have passed very near the city, wreck
ing houses and killing the inmates,
but this was cur first experience.
The storm came from the southwest
and struck first on McCrary hill,
across Muckalee, tearing to pieces a
number of small houses and sending
the timbers flying skyward.
Continuing on the storm in fury
struck near the Seaboard depot.
Here trees were twisted oft’ like pipe
stems, while two carriages awaiting a
train were turned over and, with the
horses attached, rolled down the hill,
injuring the animals severely.
The drivers, one of whom was Jim
Hill, the veteran hackman, escaped
without any serious injury.
Little if any damage was done to the
railroad property there.
But dwelling houses, fences, bill
boards, telephone and telegraph poles,
brick chimneys and tin roofs suffered
material damage. Hundreds of beauti
ful shade trees were ruined.
Tin roofs were rolled up like cigar
ettes and dumped upon the ground.
Windows in one or two churches and
a number of private residences were
smashed, two sash being carried across
the street.
A “reign of terror” almost, prevailed
for fully five minutes.
During this time a perfect deluge of
rain fell, the storm having the appear
ance of a cloudburst.
Reports received from the country
east of Americus yesterday morning
were to the effect that many small
houses were damaged or blown away
entirely by the cyclone.
Fortunately there was no loss of life
or injury to persons so far as could be
ascertained. '
Doctors Say;
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
which prevail in miasmatic dis
tricts are invariably accompan
ied by derangements of the
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
The liver is the great ’’driving
wheel ” in the mechanism of
man, and when it is out of order,
the whole system becomes de
ranged and disease is the result.
Tutt’s Liver Pills
Cure all Liver Troubles.
Snake Eater and Audience Went Into
the Mud.
Bosco, the gentleman who dines on
reptiles, took a tumble yesterday along
with his audience of several hundred.
The stand was poorly constructed, and
just as Bosco had reached the desser
in his temptingt?) menu the stage col
lapsed and let the audience into the
mud. No one was hurt, and Bosco’s
appetite was soon in full blast again.
The kidneys ache wneu they are over
worked and the trouble gets serious
unless promptly removed. Prickly
Ash Bitters is a reliable kidney tonic
and bowel regulator. E. J. Eldridge.
For Rent.
Three room dwelling with cookroom
attached, corner Bell street and Har
rold avenue. Possession given Janu
ary, Ist. (jan 1) A. W. Smith.
...for THE...
Comb and Brush Sets.
Atomizers and Perfume Bottles.
Cuff’s and Collar Boxes.
Pipes—fine, cheap, all kind and
Cigar Holdbrs, Cigar Cases.
Purses and Pocket-Book.
Puff Boxes and Puffs.
Cigars in small boxes.
Colognes, Extracts and a lot of
other nice trix, at
Rembert’s Drug Store,
Next to Postoffice,
The Comfortable Store.
** •_* e.* ‘J* l
\X/E are intensely anxious to earn, during the
W holidays, a certain adjective. We wish to
be called “The Comfortable Store.” To gain this
honor, during the top pressure days before us, has
required much planning. None but members of our
own store-family can realize the extent, and depth,
and breadth of these preparations. It is not enough
to promise promise you an unequaled stock and fair
est prices. We recognize your to speedy, accurate
and satisfactory service, and to physical enjoyment
and comfort while under our roof. So far as care
and thought, and experience and expenditure can
secure these, you shall have them, holidays or no
We mention a few of the many things to be found
here, and in buying these you buy something
that is desirable as well as useful.
Women’s Tailor-made Suits.
Women’s Dress and Rainy-day Skirls.
Jackets, Capes and Furs.
Handsome bilk Petticoats.
Fine Merce ized Petticoats.
Readymade Silk and Flannel Waists.
Silk, Woolen and Cotton Dress Goods.
Hosiery. Gloves and Underwear.
Laces, Embroideries, Handkerchiefs and Ribbons.
Umbrellas, Shoes and Slippers.
Table Damasks, Towels, Napkins.
<• onnterpanes, Blankets, Sheets and Pillow Cases.
Trunks, Travelling Bags, Pocket Books, Card
Silver Novelties, Fancy Mirrors, Combs and
And numerous other fancy articles. ’ K
Suits, Overcoats and odd Trousers.
Shirts, Suspenders and Underwear.
Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves and
Umbrellas and Walking Canes.
Trunks and Traveling Bags.
Shoes and Hats.
Everything that is useful for Mali’s and Boys’
ing Apparel.
A lot of fancy decorated China, assorted, to close out/
Jardineres from 19c to $3.00 each.
Fancy Belts and Belt Buckles.
Hair Ornaments, Neckwear.
Leather Pocket Books, Purses, Card Cases.
Shopping Bags. Scissors, Atomizers.
Bleached Domestics, Sea Islands and Sheetings.
Carpets, Mattings, Rugs, Hassocks, Foot Mats.
Lace and Damask Curtains, Window Shades,
Buggy Robes, Comfortables.
Open Monday Night till n O’clock and Possibly Each
Night During the Week Except Xmas Night.
W® i CI.H?
JO Claus
still at our =
\ A This Year We Have
Xmas Goods.
SMW: Dolls.
(lift Books,
These Game Boards have Rules for QQ Games including .
CROKINOLE and all ths CARROW GAME. O '' VWJ ’ ~CTmpt,oD '
M. S. HOLLIDAY, Stationer.
419 Jackson St., and 408 Jackson]St.
Christmas Will Soon Be Here !
The Season of Good Cheer--Present Giving,
And The Time to Kill The Fatted Calf. . »•
Ol course jou want everything nice, fresh and clean at
‘‘Live and Let Live Prices.” 1 can suit the most fastidious
in taste, and the most modest in price. *1 carry one of the
best selected stocks of groceries in the city; everything to be
found in a first-class up to-date grocery. Here is a few of
the good to eat:
FRUITS: Florida Or-mges, New York Apples, Grapes, Cocosnute,
Bananas. All kind- of cuts from the cheap Brazils to tbebest paper
shell Almond. California Raisins, Daes, Dried Figs. For your
fruit cake—Heeded Ra sins. Currants, Ci nm, and all other neces
sary ingredients. Langdor’s 1, 2 ana 5 joi'd Bruit Cakes, Shelled
Almonds, Lemon and Orange Peel. Ih bee apicesmoney can buy,
Cranberries, New York Celery, Olives in glass and bulk, oyal balad
Dressing, Sauces, India Relish, Pickles to be almost biven away.
Plum Feeding, Boned Chicken, Fat and Juicy Salmon for your
Salad". A fulHine of Van Camp’s Soups, Beete and other delicacies'
Lobster. Shrimp, Kippered Herring, Ginger Preserves, Heinz 1 ine-
Apple Preserves. All other kinds of vegetables that you natural y
expent to find. A full line of Fireworks and Fireworks novelties.
“Dewey Bombs and Ammunition ” I cla : m to cany the finest .me
of Candies sold in the city. Call by and examine one of the best
and nearest stocks of groceries to be found in the city.
* jfrtcsian Corner,
aeorge o. /(ix,
We offer the Eating Public a fine bill of fare today.
We can givejjyou .
Fresh Cheese, Potatoes, Cabbage,
Huta Bagas, Fine Apples,
.... And anything you may j|B
New CouiiWji B
|r 67 <

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