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F & ey G
oo g—— - = ‘
By E. L. RAINEY. i
ee e e
DAWSON, G \., Mcn. 20, 18%9. |
e |
Every farmer in Terrell who
raises his farm supplies on his own |
tarm is prospering. |
Rfomebody has threatened to blow
up *he Colurado legislature with
dynamite if it does not adjourn;
but this is not the proper way to
elevate a legislature,
Corpor 1 Gunn weleomes us |
back to the Eleventh -"(‘nfltnriu]g
district. Weare glad to get hack,’
for there is nothing more refreshs
ing than a triendly twist with the
Corporal when he is on the wrong
side of an issue.
. The twenty-sixth day completed
#. L. Adan’s, the Macon forger,
fast. He quictly passed awazy
W eduesday, surrounded by loving
relatives and fmends, und his case
i thus appealed to a Ligher court.
Let us not judge him harshly.
- What Dawson mostly necds tn\
mreke her what she should be, is a|
diversity of small industries, and |
these could he easily secured it nur‘
citizens would offer suitable induces '
ments to men of eapual to locate [
here. Why not make an effort cre |
the golden opportunity slips by. |
The Woolfolk irial in Macon h:xs\i
broken down on account of failure |
toobtain a jury. A change of ve
nue was ordered by Judge Gastin !
oun Thursday, and the case will now
Le tried in Houston some time in
May. This celebrated case has had
many chapters. Whatis still to
come, no one knows,
A centleman living in Marietta
is thoroughly temperate as to ardent
spirits, and never dritksany water.
He confines himself to miik and
coffee, and seems to enjoy as much
health as the usual run of mankind.
He says he has no particuiar avers
sion to water, but has no desire to
drink it. He 1s a Methadist, of
The Alliance’s Exchage.
Tt begins to look, says the Su
vanah News, asif the Farmers’ Al
liance of Georgia would succced in
eatablishing the exchange of which
there has been a great deal of talk
lately. Mr. Felix Corput, the
managerof the projected enterprise,
says th:t th reisno doubt tha' it
will be in operation at an early day.
Tie city in which it is to be situa
tel has not been selected. It will
not be until 1t is fully decided
which of the cities of the state of
fers the greatest inducements. The
alliance thinke that the city that is
chosen wi.l be ¢ reatly benefived, bes
cause the exchange will draw trade
to it. Ic¢ is expected, therefore,
that each city will be a bidder for
the exchange.
The capital of the exchange will
be $200,000, which will be turnish~
ed by the county alliances, and the
exchange will be opened for busi
ness' when £50,000 is paid in.
About $lO, 000 has been received
thus far, and no doubt is feit that
the enti'e a mount will soon be
The plan now is for the exchange,
in the beginning, to handle only
the heaviest articles. The lighter
ones will be given attention when
the exchange is no longer an exs
periment, and its value 10 the far
mers has been fully demonstras
Mr. Corput says that there is no
intention to interfere with the mer
chants. Farmers will be advised
to deal with the merchants when
they can do as well with then as
with the exchange. The effort of
the. exchange he says, however,
will be to keep down prices.
Notwithstanding the statement
that there is no iztention to inters
fere with the merchants, it will be
difficult, if not impossible, for the
merchants to compete with the ex
change in articles which the ex«
change handles, It is the purpose
of the excliange to sell at cost prices,
with freights and expenses of
bandling added. Merchants must
have some profit, and gs they would
‘pot order in as large lots as the ex
ehange,they could not buy ascheap-
Iy asthe exchange. Ifthe exchinge
i 8 oxerated successtully, therefore,
it will have the advantage of the
n erchants,
Te the Central Railrocd.
We would call your attention to
the very great need of a new depot
in one of the most thriving and go
ahead towns on your live of road.
We have been for years buying
our tickets and getting freight st
an_ apology for a d-pot that would
be a disgrace to the sn.allest station
on ‘your line. We have wuited
patiently, only hoping that' some
day you would become ashamed ot
the structure and meet the de nands
ofour growing city, and that you
would ro longer force a 8300 des
pot on a city of 3,000 people. Bat
now patience ceases to be a virtue
—vyou would ‘prohably let us go on
another year and almost double our
population before you would erect
‘o building suitable fur this town.
But we can’t do it.
~ The depot that we now have is a
; reflection upon and an injury to
cour town, and we should have a
' handsomer and more mudern strue
! ture. Our people demand it, and
| our prosperity requires it.
\ Come, gentlemen of the Central,
act decently with us, tear down
5 that old linll and erect, in its stead,
{ 2 handsome lrick depot'that would
[ do credit to the city of Dawson
L and to your corporation.
A Few Words of Soberness.
A week or two ago Mr, Ben Par
hain ot Warren county earried to
the town of Warrenton ecizhteen
hams, and sold them for cash.
Many ot the farmers have heard of
this isulated instance and wondered
at it. It was such an extraordina
ry performance that it created a
perfect excitment all over the
State, .
Why? Iso’t it the main element
of the farmer’s occupation to live
on what he digs outof the earth and
fattens on the produce? What
greater irony than that a man who
theoretically feed's the people, tor
| their money, should buv the very
| things he issupposed to raise ? A
farmer buying eotton or potatoes or
hay is no worse thar one who mort
gages his erop for corn and meat.
' What would be thought ot a cot~
ton goods manufacturer who bouht
the goods already made for six
cents and sold them four ? Yet,
- where is the diflerence ? There is
' none,
The economy of Providence is!
that the farmer shall get what he
cats and wears out of the earth
—he tills and furiishes the surplus
to those who are in other occupas
tiozs, Nature provides that tar
mers shall feed the world—yet it
looks like the world feeds tarmers
and grows rich on the profits of
the bargain. As it is, merchants
force farmers to pay their own
prices for the food which by every
law of pro luction and consumption
and common sense the farmers
ought to force merchants to pay
their own prices.
The condition ot affairs is ah
surdly abnormal. The absmdity
may be remedied by the farmers
It will be a proud day tor any
county when it is annouened that
“sweet, fresh’ country hamsare tor
snle to the city trade.
When the time comes that it will
be a matter ot surprise when a coun
try wagon carries out r.eat instead
of bringing ic in, then the just bal
ance will be reached, and not till
The year of 'B9 gives evidence all
overthe statea more emphatic earn~
est of a revolution along this line
than for years past.
Mighty influences are at work——
great brains and honest hearts are
earnestly luboring. The tuture we
believe is brighter than in years,
Hotest bearts and ready hands,
and determined minds will do won,
ders for the southland, and some
day we trust we will have, instead
of annual funeral orations over the
decaying agricultural interest of
Georgia, the cairying together of
prosperous commusities; instead
of heavy hearts and care-worn
faces, cheerfulness, home and con
Let Our Commissioners Read.
The supreme court ot Georgia
rendered a decision the other day
which should receive the caretul
attention of couaty commissioners
aud other officers whose duty it is
to Jet out contraets for building
bridges, The court decided that
where the officers failed to take
sufficient guaranty from the con
tractors, and any party was injurs
ed owing to defect in the bridge
built by them, the injured party
could sue either the contractors or
the county. The decision, no
doult, will wake vounty commis
sioners more earefyl,
What Dawson Hes,
The best horses and finest turns
The finest post office South of
The neatest telegraph office in
the State.
Vore new residences than either
Albany or Amencus,
The most substantial business
houses of any town in Geo: gia,
The the most extensive manus
facturing enterprises south of Mas
More carpenters and more work
for them than any town twice its
In fact the healthiest boom of
any town in the State, and the
probability ot iis becoming the me
tropclis of Southwest Georgia.
What Dawson Needs.
A compress.
A strect railway.
A telephone line.
A new court house.
A new engine house.
A little more enterprise among
Ler moneyed men.
Three new churches—which she
will have in three months' time.
Then she will need to have her
houses numbered and a city direcs
tory tor the convenience of stran~
An Anarchist in Georgia.
There has been an anarchist in
Atlunta {for several weeks, and he
preached incendiarism to negro
audiences, His name is H. F
Hoover, and in the day time is an
active dress pattern and dress chart
agent. At night he has been ad
dressing the negroes by appoint
ment, and inyvarciably takes up a
colleetion, He represents himselt
as “*Grand Worthy Chief Sage of
the Co-opereative Workers of
America.” He tells the negroes
that the property owned by rich
and well to do white men right
fully belongs to them, and mew
bership in his co-operative order
will disclose to them the way to se
cure their share of it. Or conise
wembership calls tor initiation fees,
and he pockets the money. This
may be his main purpose, to cheat
the negroes out of mouney for him
self, but his outrageous harangues
have beecome known, and he is un
der the surveileance of the Atlanta
police. He wiil doubtless be fore
ed to move on, or clse punishe? di
rectly. He was shot in Warren coun
ty about two years ago,by outraged
citiz'ns, for arousing the negroes
by sich speeches as he has delivercd
in Atlanta during the past several
weeks. Georgia should be made
too hot for such scoundrels,
It has been given out from head
quarters thit President Harrison is
oprosed to negro officials,
The Jury List.
Sherit Thornton is now sum-«
moning jurors for the spring term
of our Superior Court, which will
convene on the fourth Monday in
May. Below will be found the
names of the jurors drawn to scrve
at that term :
B H Hood, A J Carver, J G
Wells, J A Laing, F E Clark, B
W Breedlove, J J Buckhalt, G S
Cowell, ¥ M Bethune, LeGene
Urouch, G A Cole, W W Duzicr,
B B Perry, W C Dillon, N B
Barnes, A I Britt, A J Baldwin,
B H Brown, € G King, W R Mel
ton, J C Rogers, J D Marlin, I A
Lowrey, WS Varshall, J W F
Lowrey, O B Stevens, H V Chris
tie, T H Senn, W A McLain, M
S Keith.
JARers, E P Bigelow. H J
Horn, E E Moring, Robert John
ston, J D Henry, W F Kilpatrick,
W J Cutts, F M Bridees, T U
Sessions, HJ I, Adams, D C Saw
yer, J L D Terrell, J 8 Wal!, AP
Hateber, W 8 Roberts, RS Barnes,
J S Wiils, F M Bozeman, J B
Hay s, J C Roberts, W H Mlier,
H A Cozart, J W Sheppard, J J
Bragg, C W Winan, W H Cobb, A
C Chapman, W T' Moore, W J R
Davis, H M Miller, J K Monk, J
I Causey, J T Ferguson,
G E Grant, T A Commander, G
S Commander, John Daniel. jr., J
B Davis, E J Sessions, J W Cham
bless, J C Wha'ey, Lawrence Lay,
J R Mercer, J T Sims, J H Pierce,
G W Chambless, E E Tedder, J T
Miller, Wm. Littleton, C L Mize,
W A Hogue, W D Jackeon, J F
Bussey, W O Johnston, D K Chris~
tie, B M Hodge, J C Savage, J A
¥ RoYertson, W E Riordan, W C
Hay, W M Wehb, J G Russell, W
R Pritchard, Milton Patrick, \V D
Bizelow, J F Brim, J D Foster, G
W Williame, W H Lundy,
° . ‘
Fancy and Family Groceries!
=2 o e
My stock is complete in every particular—all goods of the very best
quality and prices Low Down. o
Cr the Housewife with Choice Delicacies for the Table. |
3o- ~ ‘
In fact, everything usually kept by a Firt-class Grocer. Give mea
share of your patronage, and you will not regret it.
e speee: () S c
Like the Great town of Dawson, it is earried on to SUCCESS l)y!
The Southvwest Ga., ‘
Is as tull of good things as are the fertile farms around Dawson. i
e cri () s—
“B OO M. 1
Is the word, and we propose to head the procession in our line. We 1\
feel that our efforts to handle ‘
Flirst-Class Goods.
at prices that defy competition, have been appreciated by the people of
this and surrounding counties, and makes us more than ever determin
ed to fill every possible wart that might arise. We are in the lead and
propose to stay there, it LOW PRICES, ENERGY and FAIR DEAL
ING will do it. Farmers, Mechanics, Professionals, and all others,
call in and look at the handsomest stock of
Ta Southwest Georgia. When we have feasted your eyes on the
goods, your pocket book will fly open with its own volition.
The Cheap Mercantile House. - - - Dawson, Ga.
‘ o -
Tax Notice.
I will attend the following times
and places to receive the Tux Re
turns of 1889 :
Twelfth Court Ground—Manday
April Bth; Mounday, April 15:h;
Monday, April 29¢th.
Eleventh Court Ground —Tues.
day, April 9th; Taesday, April 16h;
Tuesday, April 3Gth.
Dover—Wednesday, April 10th;
Wednesday, April 17th; W ednes
day, May Ist. !
Sasser —Thursday, April 11th;
Thursday, Aprit 18th; Thursday,
May 2ud.
Bronwood—Friday, ‘April 12th;
Friday, April 19th; Friday. May 3d.
Dawson—Saturday, April 13th;
Saturday, April 20th; Saturday,
April 27th and court weeks. Oft
fice in McLain Bros’ stora,
}Gravel Hill=~Wedwesday, May
Can be found at the store of
Hass & Harris at Cross Roads,
when ‘not at the above places.
Books will close June Bth.
C. M. HARrnis,
Tax Receiver.
.. N Y
Administrators Sale
By virtue of an order from the
Court of Ordinary of Terrell coun
ty, Georgia, will be sold befcre
the Court House door in Dawson,
Ga., on the first Tuesday in April
next, within the legat hours of
sale, the following papers toswit:
afi ta upon A. B, Hawes and oth
er insolvent papers helonzing to
the estate of M. 1. Bush, deceas
ed, for cash. J, C. F. Ctark,
Adm'’r. M. I Bush, dec'd.
March., 1889,
Money to Loan.
lam prepared through loan as
socigtions to negotiate-loans on
improved tarms in Terrell and
southern portions of Webster Coun«
ty on very favorable terms. It will
pay those desiring money to call
on me before placing their applicas
tions War, KAIGLER.
Dawson, Ga., March 12th.
) N e
Don’t Fail
To acgk yovr denler for
Kidder's best Patent Elour,
Kidder’s Chief Patent Flour,
and Kidder’s Vieter Extra Fancy,
or halt Patent. They are the best
brands or. the market,
Bran and corn
at extremely low
prices at M.E.Jen
nings’. |
Goods delivered
in the city free M
E Jennings.
s, > 4 77‘;“
Selling at Cost,
e YN i
Desiring to change my business
somewhat, and to abandon the
Hardware part of it (except stoves)
I am now offering many articles in
that line at greatly reduced prices,
in fact below cost. ler instance:
Plow stocks, ........50 to 90cts.
Plovedmes. . ... ... 1514
Back-Bands .. 0 ¢ R
Hoavy Traces. ... . .0 10 85
Singletrees .........u4,.. 25 ¢
Hlames, i, . 00, .. 35
Scooter plows (heavy)..... 15 «
Tarn plows(sths )........ 25«
BWOMSCDR) ... ... 95
DCERPeS . e, . (... .50 18 £0:20 ©
Bod ol ... ... ...3500 50 ¢
Y. i D
Saws, Hammers, Hatchets,
Drawing knives, Locks, Butts,
Hinges, Table and Pocket Cutlery,
&e, &e AT COST. .
All other Goods at Ope Hun
dred per cent, above cost,
Furniture and Stove, Shoes,
Hats, Crockery, Tin and Glass
John A. Fulton,
| e y P
—e e AP e
AR are representing the bhest and
V}/? most reliable Meat, Grain
and Flour houses in the West, and
are prepared to farnish you with
the lowest quotations. We also
have a full line of Grocery samples
such as .
SUGAR, Erc , Erc,
B&F Get our prices before buying.
1 : L s &
Sewing Machines.
I sell the White and New Home
Sewing Machines cheap, for cash,
or on installmenss. Get my prices
before buyin}%'. :
. H. ErLLerBEE,
Bronwood, Ga
Be sure to cail
) SUTe 10 ¢a
L. Jeunings
on M. E. Jennings
for new Dry Goods
Mok K.#
Shoes&e,. %
E s : TRt W s R L NP e,
. .
) . )y T B '
We have warned oar competitors time and azain to keep ont of the way, but ¢,
. - . U
seem to pay but little heed to cur warning. and now they must take the concequengg
Life is tuo short, you know, and we give notice now that we intend to down ‘e eve
time they cross the dead line, That ‘dead line” is fair and honorable competition, g
. o . 3 5 ’
woe be unto him who passes the mark for as Sampson slew the ass with the Jawboneg of
Philistine, even so and in like manner will we fall upon them, and in an houy when
reck not we will smite them hip and thich. A word to the wise is sufficiert,
But this is neither here nor there. Time flics, and we have some remarks to make op
subject of vital importance to the dear people which must now be made, 1, fact
have some. : .
to se'l, and they must be sold. Tt would tire you it we attempted to deserib~ with anythinz like mipy
ness the large and varied assortment of CLOTHING which now eamber our counters and decorate o
shelves. Suffice it to say that we have the largest, handsomest and maost complete stoek tha( we hava ey
ccarried, and are offering them at prices that will take vour breath when you see the oo 1s and hegy thve fi
ures announced. Suits that sell elsewhere for $35 and 849 we are offering at $2O and 830. Suits that eq
not be bought either in Dawso or Macon tor less than $lB and $23, we are sellinz at $l2 and 318 \y
have a few nice business suits that we can afford to turn losse at $lO, and two or three dozen paurs of g
cassimere pants (not jeans) at $2, hut we don’t count them. OFf course we don’t make anything on th
goods searcely, and don’t care to. We want to satisty the people that we are their friend, and it is iy furt
erance of this determination that we are offering theso barzains There are no flies on us.
- If you want # Prince Albert suit we can fit you, If you prefera Prince Arthur, we cin please you,
it, perchance, your taste inclines to a 4 button Cutawsy, a 3-button Cutaway, or a Sack (with round
gquare front,) we can suit you with either. We have also a few pairs of extra fine Fr_nch Worsted Py
for evening wear, at $5 and 88 per pair. They are beauties.
~ Conie and see us. You will be surprised, we know, but we want you *o come and hehold these thi
with thine own eyes,
\ DAVIS & 1O T
- o S G
~ We have recently purchased the Laing
stock and moved our entire stock in the
store formerly occupied by Mr. Laing.
In addition to our usual stock of Dry
Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats, Hardware,
and Groceries, we will keep on hand a
full line of Burial Cases and Robes.
Come and see s,
I~‘<;h i TLOWRITY & 0112.
r ° .
Perrell Sheriff Sales.
Will be sold betore the Conrt
bouse docr in said county, on the
fivst Tuesday in April next, within
the legal hours of sale, to the high
est bidder for cash, the following
property to-wit:
One sixty horse power engine,
one sixty saw Brown gin and one
set of mill rocks, levied on by I. G.
Marshall, former sheriff of said
county, as the property of B. F.
Snell, to satisfy a fi fa, issued from
Randolph Superior Court in favor
of Johu W, Harris vs. B. F. Snell
& Co,, et al, and which fi fa is now
proceeding for the use of M, A.
Baldwin and J. W. Stanford
against B. F. Saell & Co.
Will be scld also, at the same
time and place by virture of a levy
under the same fi ‘a, made by the
present sheriff of Terrell ¢ unty, as
the property of said B. I, Snell, a
certain Twenty horse pawer boiler
connected and belongig with the
engine above set forth.
Will be sold before the Courts
house door in said county, on the
first Tuesday in April pext, ba
tween the legal hours of sale, the
following property, to-wit :
Lots of land Nos. tvs hundred
and four and twe huandred and
five, the east half of lot of land No.
one hundred and eighty and that
part of lots Nos. two hundred und
eleven, two hundred and twelve
and two hundred snd six, which
lies East of the Chickasa vhatchee
creek and a.l lying and beiog in
the Third District of said county
of Terrell, and containing in all,
seven hundred and fitty acres more
or less. Levied on as the property
of J. I'. Thornton, to satisfy a fi fa
igsued from Terrell Superior Court
in favor of Mrs. 8. X. Holliday vs,
J. T. Thoroton. :
Property pointed out by plain
tiffs Attorney. This, Feb. 27th,
Also, at the same time and p'ace
the following property, to-wit:
One lot ot land No. 121, in the 3rd
district of Terre!l countypGa,, con
taining 207 acres, more or less, ley
ied on as the property of W, M.
Martin Agt., to satisfy a tax fi fa
issued by J. H Crouch Tax Col
lector ot Terrell county, tor taxes
for the year 1883, TLevy made
and returned to me by D, A. Me
gahee, 1. C
Also, at the same time and place
one gray harse, about nine (9)years
old, and one road cart.painted red,
levied on as the property of B.
Tracy and J. W, ’Fm('y to satisty
a fi fa issued from Webster Superis
or Court at April term, 1888, in
favor of A. J. Baldwin & Co., vs.
B. Tracy and J. W, Tracy.
This Feby. 27th, 1889,
Carry your eggs Potatoes, corn
and water ground meal to the Red
Star Store They always give the top
OLhe market for such articles,
{ successor 1o §
—_— 0 0
Sugar, Coffee, Meat
Canned Goods

And everyihing else Lepi
ina first-class Gener.
al Store.
My stock is full and complete.
I guarantee my prices to be as Low
as the Lowest, and cordially ask a
trial this year.
Feb 13,1889,
Brace WeLLpony,
Call and try ~my elegant new
chair. Polite attention to custom
ers, good work and neatness the
rules of the shop. Duallas Beck
worth’s old stand.
I have just opene
a stock of Goodsi
the house formeil
occupied by O
Thomas, and I wi
Keep everythingt
be found in a Gen'
Merchandise Stor
can be found wit
ime as salesmanan
will be glad to se
his old friends.
0 & Jemn
X ®
I keep alway
on hand thebes
meats the marn
et affords and vl
seil them at th
lowest living fig
ures. Imake aspe
ialty of Western be
shipped here mY
frigerating cars.
It iy Fine .
2 no mistasiy
I am in j'r(mtfl
the Engine Hous
on Lee Streel.
F.A. Bisho
feb.27,3m 1889,

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