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And respectfully calls attention to the f'ollowing unapproachable bargains which he offers for next 30 days
One thousand yards Columbus ehecks at d3¢, worth 7 cents’
One thousand .yards llest brand sheeting at 6¢, worth 7 eents.
Fifty pieces prints at s¢, worth Ge,
Fifty pieces Best Dress Prints at 6 cents, worth 7 cents,
\ —_——t—
Just Lend For One Moment a Listening Ear.
1,060 Yards Figured Lawns at 4e, worth s¢. '
1000 yards best dress Ginghams at 9¢, worth 12¢.
1,000 yards white lawn at Ge, worth Sc. :
1.000 yards white 'awn at 6Le, worth 10. ts.
1,060 vards white lawn at B¢, worth 121le. ;
1,660 yards Check Muslin at 6, 7 and B¢, worth double.
Anice line of Sateens atlOc.
v L e, 1 W 38 R U
For Ladies. Misses and Children, Trimmed and Untrimm-=
ed. Make me an offer and take them at your own pric:.
A lavge assortment, of Artificial Flowers.
My Clothing Derartrment. -
lein futl Dlast, and we can sbow vou any kind of Suit you may call for. T offer special Bargains in Gentle
men’s Saits, huving boucht o i:n';v-(lu;mlity. I anr determined to reduce my mmense Stock of (Goods,
and ioaid puy yon fo read iy advertising colunm exch week, and note the redaction 1 prices,
Your patroaage is solicited. N trouble. toshow goods,
R i
ii. KEMPNER, Dawson, Ga.
W 3,
8f o ¥ ) P A Shee pro
k'd a i‘% ;:fi é aduced ihut
will come up to that Hand Sewed
fhee, in Lace and Coungress, at the
Red Stz: Store. DPon’t buy antil
you kee them.
v v .
Tax Notice.
Iwill attend the following times
and places to receive tne Tax Res
turns of 1889 :
Twelfth Court ( iround—Yenday
April Bth; Mondav, April 15uh;
Monday, Avril 265th, .
Eteventh Court Gronnd—Tues~
dsy, April Oth; Tuesday, April 16b;
Tuesday, April 20th.
Dover— Wedunesday, April 10th;
Wednesdey, April 17¢h; W ednes
du}', Vaay Ist.
Sasser —~Thursday, April lith;
Thursday, April 18th; Thursday,
May 2ud, ;
Br“!l\\”m(]—*—rridfl.\'. April 12th;
Friduy, 3 prit 191 h; Friday. May 3d.
Dawson Saturduy. April 13th;
Saturday, April 20th: Suturda 7,
April 27th aud court weeks, Of
ficein MuLvin Brog® store.
- Bridges Shop-—Weduesdav, May
§th. 2
(an be found at the store of
His & Harris at Cross Roads
®hen not st the aboeve places
Books wiil close Juue Bth.
C. M. Barnis,
. Tax Receiver.
n am e I o
Opposite Court-house Square,
Dawsox, Ga.
KC"P fll'\\'zl.\.\ o hapd
Fresh Drues,
b ‘-‘\Ni)'- ‘
Toilot Articles.
Fekeep u full line of
Mly E WY T
LE4 and Olf,
®sell them as Cezar or Cunap-
ER than any other house.
"OTH OF U 3 heing PHYSL.
LN ung h:wing in our enuploy
tlerl of eXperience in our line,
clainy advantares pot possessed
Iva,!‘. l)l‘u;: House in Dawson.
i‘-,\'ix.'i;un‘ and the luycty alike can
lw,.“}“ rely on us for PUR 'c:
.I;\‘(I;\ _and A(l'Fß‘\:rE‘l‘\'
'o.\‘.;” NDED [ PRESCRIP-
3 J 8- y/ ) [
————————————————————————— e,
20 plugs of tobacco tor §l.OO at
Summwer silk at 334 cents at Tow.
rey & Oer's,
For white goods and shoes call
on Lowrey & Orr.
For Oxtord and opera slippers
call on J. W. Turner.
A splendid lot of furaiture for
sale by Lowrey & Orr.
Bibles, poems, novels and fancy
goods at C. C. L. Mijze's.
Buy your heei serapes a: d Seo
vil hoes from J. W. Turner.
Ladies’ gauze, lisle and silk un~
dervests at Davis & Dozier's.
New milliaery for spriug and
summer at Mrs. C. L. Mizc’s,
Just received another lot hest
double siocks. J. W, Turner.
See those beautiful patent leaths
crslippers at Davis & Dozier's,
A handsome lina of lace cur
tains at A. J. Baldwin & Co’s.
Sehool books, slates, writing pas
pee, pens, chalk at O, L. Mize's.
Lowrey & Orr will save you big
money ou white goords and shoes.
L. C Durham has the hest cueam
Ler pickles at THeents per gaslon.
Baby carringes at A. J. Bald
win'd Co’s. Something pretty.
Will Talbot has the finest line
of tobacco and cigars in Dawson,
Ladies Hats and Bonnets and
Dress Making at Mres. C. L, Mizc's
You can always trade butter
eggs and chickens to Will Talbot,
School Books and Blank Books
at low prices at A. J. Baldwin &
The prettiest lot of hemstitehed
flouncing in town at Davis & Do
Stop! A. P. Hatcher is selling
his stock of dry goods at and below
An immenselot of fine imported
Frencn candies just veceived at
Taibot’s. N
Candy, crackers, Oranges, ap«
ples, lemons and baunanas at C. L.
Mize’s. |
See Ed McDonald for estis
mates ez tin roofing in the city or
Buy a Magneto Call Bell.
Works auy distance. No battery
All shades of dress goods, silks
and Persian bands to maich at Day
is & Dozier’s.
I can beat anyhody on shoes in
style, fit and quality for the price.
J. W. Turner.
To Mill Men: An immense stock
of good four ply rubber beiting at
cost. A, P. Hatcher.
Do you want something pretty
and stylish? It o, buy a straw
hat from Davis & Lecke.
Lot of FINE shoes which we
will sell for cost to close out. A,
J. Baldwin & Co.
A. J. Baldwin & Co. have the
prettiest line of window shades ev
er brought to Dawson.
Go to Cheatham & Dean’s for
best cigars and tobacco, Best
line of pipes ever in Dawson.
‘ Others can say what they piease,
but A. P. Hatcher has over 150
l cooking and heating stoves that
must be sold. Come first, and get
the pick.,
Subseribe for telephone line |
now when it can be put in in first.
class shape, !
All kinds of tin work done with
neatness und dispatch at Kd Me- |
Donald’s, i
Lowrey & Orr wi'l sell yon white |
goodz and shoes for less money than |
any one else, f
A nice lot of latest style para- |
sols and umbrellas just received by .
A. J. Badwin & Co. !
Jast received some beautiful !
patterns in hemstitched floune- [
ing at J. W, Turner's. |
Another lot of Loasine Suitings
and Persian Mull just received by f
A. J. Baldwin & Co, [
Groceries at cost! Closing out
to go exclusively into the liquor
business. W, J. Siade. |
It will <oon be time to can fruit
and Ed McDonsld can furnish you
with cans at the lowest prices. (
Get Cheatham & De:n’s pri‘ces‘
omn 'ead and oil and other pain‘s and !
paint brushes before buyine. !
It is not often that you can buy |
groceries at cost, but thay is the
way W.J. Slade is selling them, {
Ladies, you can get the very fin—
est cuenmber pickles by the pint,
quart or gallon at T Y. Martin’s, |
Royal St. John, Singer, New !
Crown and New Anierican Sewing |
Machines at A, J. Baldwin & Cos.
It vou want the purest patent
niedicines and drags v will find
them them at Cheathrin & Dean’s: |
Something never sold in Dawson |
betore. Pickled Oysters,the tinest |
table deheacy to by four d anywhere |
Davis & Dozier will sell dress
goods,teimmings, laces, ete. cheaper :
than anybody for the next 30 days. |
The bock beer kept by T. Y.
Martin is given up to be the bcst;
in the city,try it and be convinced. |
E. P. Reed & Co., make the |
prettiest ladies’ shoes we ever saw |
on !, D and E lasts, See them at|
Davis & Dozier's. !
Furnituce, Furniture, Turni- i
ture of every kind and description |
cheap for cash or on installments |
at A. P. Huatcher's, ‘
Good Vinegar is hard to get, but |
it you will go to Durhams you will i
find it--both apple and white wine
--guaranteed the best made, l
Protect your property by the!
Tlectto Bell—a watchman = that
never sleeps and will always give,
the alarm at the proper time.
You need beel scrapes, Scovil i
hoes and other things in the hard- |
ware line and A. P. Hatcher will
save you ten per cent. on them. !
I carry in connection with dry
goods a pice stock of fresh grocer—
jes, such as hams, sausage, rice, su~[
gar, coffee, dried apples,dates, ete. |
—The best and purest whizkey |
sold in this town is “Old Fashion |
Straight Rye.” Call for it at |
™. Y. Martin’s sole agent |
I bave one of the best adsorted |
stocks of faney and family grocer- |
ies, canned goods, etc., in the city, |
and am selling them at cost. W, |
J. Blude.
W.J. Blade is making preparas
tions to open up one of the finest |
bar and billiardsaloons in gouthwest
t Georgia and is closing out his en~
tire line of ries-at bottom fig
ures. Kmdx::e notices in this is~
. When you want to smoke a nice
i and feel good go to M. C.
%”a and get Old Oaken Bucket,
given up by the best judges to be
f'kh best five centscigar in the mars
What It Has Done, Is Doing and Is Going
to Do--Judge Emory Spser to Deliver
the Literary Address.
This institution, the pride of ev:
ery Dawsonite, will soon celebrate
its niveteenth commencement,
Judge Ewmory Speer has been
invited to deliver, on that o2casion.
the amnual literary address, and
there is little doubt that this emi
nent scholar and jurist will accept.
This temple ot learning was |
erected in 1870, and is one of the
largest and handsomest education- |
al buildings in the State. For a
number ot years this school was
under the.management ot Profs. J.
W. F. Lowrey and W. H. Allen,
and they successtully educated the
boys of Terrell aud surrounding
A larze number of our most ine
telligent and successful young busis
| uess-men received rearly the whole
{ut their education at this institu
tion, and auwbers ot young men in
| many other towns are evidences ot
! the superior traininz received at
the South Georgia College. |
' In 1881, under the presidency of
that renowed educator, Prof. M. A.
l McNulty, the collegze was merged
into and made & male and female
’sciuml. It wps then that its repu
tation - begun to go out. Pupils,
poured in from a dozen states,
some coming even from Texas,
Virginia and New York, while half
of the counties of Georgia wera
represented by youug men and
young women, . ‘
By the death of Prof. McNulty
‘the college received a terrible
| blow, aml._for a yearer two it
| seemed as it it would rever recover,
its past glories. A mistake had
been made in selecting a president,
“and upon his removal careful and
d'ligent search was made for the
right man At last, Prot. M. L.
Parker, ot Hartwell, Ga., was ten<
dered the chair and he accepted,
and from then until now the schon)
has heen eminently successful and
to-day stands in its accustomed
place, among the best institutions
of learning in the state. Too much
cannot be said of its merits, and the
esteem in which its Presideat is
held is evidenced by the number of
pupils in attendance from all parts
of tne eruntry.
At the commencement in June
ten more graduates will go forth to
battle with the world with edueca
tion and training received at this
The South Geor ia M. & F. Col
lege is acredit to Dawson, Terrell
county and the State ot Georgia,
A diploma from it is a hizh evis
dence of ability avd a thing to be
prized. |
£ Few Short Items.
The lsdies of the Presbyterian
aid society have decided to have &
strawberry and ice cream festival
in the grove around the chureh on
the evening of May 7th. The
proeceds will be devoted to the
church, :
Protection Fire Company deci
ded at a meeting Mounday nigh¢ to
attend a tonrnament at Athens
on May 15. They began practic
cing yesterday evening.
What abont that spelling bee?
We know several disciples of Web
ster who are spoiling for ar oppors
tunity to wake a display of their
Ordinary Roberts tells the Nuws
that nesasions have been paid three
maimed soldiers in this eounty.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T, Jordan will
cclebrate the 26th aunniversary of
therr marriage on the evening of
the 29th. Invitations are out.
There are several eases of meas
les in and near the city. Judge
W. D. Murray isone of the vic
Some ofour citizens want elees
tiie lights and are discussing the
mutter earnestly.
There is but one Terrell cpunty
prisoner in jail. He is taking a
temporary rest on account of his
fondness. for another man's hog.
Sherift Thornton has no warrants
to serve or he would fill his resort.
Mynager Hubbard goes on with
the work of linir gour streets with
telephone wires,
The NEws has been requested to
cail the attention of the ladies to
the matter of fiowers on decoration
day. Dou’t negleet this all impor.
tant feature of the occasion. Strip
your yards if necessary.
The taxable property of the city
will increase thousands of dollars
this year.
The Presbyterian entertainment
at the opera house Friday night
wil! be worth your money. Go out.
The Juvenile Missionary Soeie
ty is practicing for an entertain—
ment to be given in three weeks.
Dick Whitely, who once rcpres
sented this district in congress, is
row a state senator in Colorada.
Tke Right Remark in the Right Piace.
On last Thursday night while
some light-beaded persons were
wisbebaving during service at the
Methodist church Rev. J. W.
Weston stopped to tell of a miss
take he once made in reproving a
young man for similar conduet.
After services on that oceasion one
of the members of the chureh came
to him and expressed regret that
the young man had been reproved,
aund informed him that the young
fellow was an idiot. *‘Since then,”
said. Mr. Weston, “I have been
‘afraid to reprove any one who is
{mlsbehsving in church for fear 1
mav reprove an idiot,”
Four Bullets Pyt Into a Freight Cab Neu»
’ Bronwoed--Reward Offered
On last Thursday evening the
East bound freight train waa fired
into about oné mile ‘this side of
Four shots ‘were fired through
the cab, cne narrowly missing a
traveling mav who was a passenger
on the train. The party made good
his-eseape in the dark, and Supen'
intendent Starr writes to the NEws
from Muacon asking that we rinke ;
public that a reward of $5O will he |
paid by tbe company for the cap '
ture and conviction of the wiscres !
ant, l
More Building.
In conversation with a Nrws
man a few days ago Mr. A. J. Bul~
dwin, one of Dawson’s nost enters
prising and solid business men,
expressed his intention ot building
two er more handsome store houses
on the vacant lot adjoining his
stcre. They will be two story
buildii'gs with .glass fronts, and
will ‘be fivished with pressed
These buildings will be the
handsomest in Southwest Georgia.
Every weck the NEws has somes
thing new to tell about the onwacd
and rapid march of Dawson.
Judge J. B. Perry is making or
rangements to build a handsome
two-story dwelling on Stonewall
street. It will be one of the hands
somest in Southwest Georgia,
Dr. G. W. Farrar intends re—
modeling and repainting his resis
dence on Stonewall street.
A halt dozen or more residences
will be beautified and made new by
the applieation of paint during the
nexc tew days,
Monday Mr. A 7. Carver com
menced the repainting ot his a'«
ready beautitul residence on Lee
The popular Farnum House ix
under cing & thorough repaint
Uot. aJ. (. Parks’ home, on Lee
gtreet, is undergoing rome valuable
Mr. W. E. Riordan’s new store
on Depot_street wiil soon be ready
for the paint brush Also Capt.
I'ulton’s- large house on- Vine
Mr. A. P. Hatcher's new home
and Mr. J. R. Mercers new dwell
ings are being painted.,
Change Cars for Macon and Montgomery
Will soon be a fawiiiar cry in
our city.
Soon the Columbus Southern
will be firished and Dawson will
be one 61 the most important june
tional poi .t in the stare,
The News had word trom Rich
land last week that the grading is
being rapidiy pushed forward fiom
that piace to Dawson. It is under
coatract to be finished by October,
and over four hundred hands are
toiling from morn till night to that
enl. Theenterprise is not growing
lukewurm, as some suppose, but is
now at fever heat. 'l‘Lroe-fmlrth's
of the entire roid has heen geaded,
Socn the building in the city,
though alrcady whead ot any town
ia the state, will be doubled.
Houses will spring up on every
hund. The great ivflux of people
to come with the new railroad will
demaund homes and scores ot neat
residences will be erected t accom
modate them,
The compress will be built, the
new court house hegun, the three
new churches witl be in course of
construction, three elegant beok
buibfings in thg hands of the cons.
tractor, and. the noise and diy of
the hammer aud the saw will be
heawd fiar and near.
Think of it! only a few short
months before all of this will be
brought about.
The New Chur hes.
The Baptists and Methodists of
Dawson are doing a good deal of
talking .about their new church
buildings, but are doing no work.
While the News is glad that
thereis a prospect of the chureh
architecture 6f the city being ims
proved, we . are sorry to see the
slowness with which our people
have gone bout it.
OQur church buildings are not in
keeping with the character of our
city and people, and stand almost
a reproach to the community.
I was Ruskin who said that he
knew from the character of the
architecture of the churches and
resideénces where the home life and
the religious lhife of a people were
separated, implying that when peo
ple gave religion, the chief concern
of life, that attention it deserves
that their Louses of worship reflect
ed theiv closest and most devoted
If You Don't Believe lAm a Butcher,
Smell of My Boots. if You Don't Be
lieve I've Got Hardshell Corn Whiskey.
Look at the Heads of M, Barrels and
See tie Brand.
I fiud that one of the whole
sale rectitying whiskey houses of
Macon iz shipping to one of our
liquor dealers whiskey branded
“wvardshell Corn.” 1 wish to say to
the 1 üblie again I am the only man
in Dawson that ever brought a bar
rel of thegenuine Hardshell Corn
here. This whikey is not made er
branded in Macon, I get mive
direct from the distillery. Every
one who-has bought it from me
continues to buy it, I will-eontin
ue to sh%w”Eu that I am the ou
ly manin Dawson who sells the
)gguuine Hardshell Corn whis&.
M, C. Mz
——a \
;' Next Friday the Time--All li'rangamsnls}
i Campleted--The Programme.
i Day atter tosmorrow 13 Memori
al Day, and it will be celebrated’
| with great ceremony in Dawson.
’ The Confederate Veteran’s As
| sociation and all the different or
| ganizations in the city will partici-
Ente in the ceremony, and every«|
i ody is invited to join in the grandl
procession. :
’ It the day isa fine one there
will be an lwmense concrurse of
lpenple who will take part in the
’ strewing of flowers on the graves
ot the dead heroes. -
Col. Jim Griggs will de'iver the
address at the opera house, and
Miss Lizzie Passmore will recite
appropriate pieces.
pi'log. \Vm}f‘l Kaigler and Jadge
Reuben Simmons will be marshals
of the day.
At the «cemet'ry the gentle
hands of Dawson’s fairest ludies
will strew sweet flowers on the low
ly mounds benesth which rerose
the forms of those who died for
Dixie. ‘
The following-is the programme:
Assemble at opera house at 3:30
o’clock. 2
Opening song.
Prayer by Rev. J. W. Weston.
Reading appropriute selection,
by Miss Lizsie Passmore. :
Memorial orativn, by Cok J. M.
Procession will then be formed
i the following ordsr:
Dawson Cornet Band.
Dawson Guurds,
Confederate Veteran's Associas
Officers of city of Dawson,
Officers of Terrell county. |
Ladies and children with flow
Citizens generally.
On arriving at the cemetery, the
rauks will be opened for ihose car
rying flowers to pass throngh. and
flowers will then be strewn on the
graves, which wil be pointed out
by Judge James M. Simmons,
After decorating the graves the
military will fire the customary
salute, and the day’s exercizes will
then be regarded as formally over.
He Cathers Them In.
Sherifl Thornton went down bes
low the Cross Rowds on Saturday
and Lrought back Bartow Llarris,
alias Robert Fuller, a white man
charged with larceny atter trust in |
Chattahoochee county. Fulier |
worked in the lower part of I
this county last vear, but has been |
in IMlorida this year. Hearing ol
his return Friday, Shevif Thorn
ton went down Saturday moernin.
to welcome him. He was placed
in jail where he remained uuntil
Monday niorning, when he guvel
bond in the sam of 875,
A Norel Lawsuit. ’
At the May term of vur Superi:
or court a rather novel law sait
will come up for trisl, Tt-seems
thet J. W. Tracy hought a piece
ot land f rem De. Juo, T. Lamar
and i, R. Foreman bought the
same land from Mrs. Wills, in the
upper portion of the county. Tra
cy went ahead and had a dvclling’
erect«d on the lot and as soon as
fizished left 1o move Lis family in-i
toit. On réturning with them'!
and Lis effects his astonishmenl'
was great to find that in the mean
time F'oreman and his family* had |
moved in and were making them= |
selves at home. * Mr. Traey ha!‘
resorted: to the ecourts, and in thc‘
meantime Mr. Foreman holds the
ort, }
Personal. i
De, W. B, Cheatham attended:
the State conveation of the Geors
gin Medieal Association at Macon
lagt week.
Mrs. J. G. Parks wae called to
Americus last week to the bedside
of a sick sister, Mts. Minnie Tay
lor. The many friends of Mre,
Taylor in this city will be glad to
learn that she is improving, l
Mis. J. W. Weston is visiting !
relativesat Albany., ¢ |
The jovial aud only origingl |
John Jones has been in Dawson !
this week. l
Misses Jennie and Rose Remley
have returned to Virginia a’ter a
visit of several weeks to relatives
in this city.
Drummer Bob Farnum, the
handsomest and eleverest un the
road, spent Sunday with the home
folk. :
Mrs. W. C. Paschal of Dawson,
und Miss Hennie Kimbraugh of
Putpam county, are visiting Mrs,
F. M. Allison at Cuthbert,—En-~
Mr. Jerry Bell is visiting rela
tives in Stewart county,
He Wiil Be Welcomed,
The endorseisent of Dr..J. M.
Bosworth, who will Le in this city
on Muy 6th,7th, Bth,9th and 10th,
by Governor Gordon, is sufiicient
evidence of his merit. Not only
has he the endorsement of leading
citizens but of the press wherever
he has been. It is not otten that
the people of this section can avail
themselves of the services of so
eminent a specialist, and we be.
apeak for him a large patronage
while in our eity. 3
Groceries are generally sold at
close margins but W. J, glade wiil
save you a good &r cent-aa every.
doilar’s worth, is closeifi‘g:ouy
to make room for a large liquor
A rempant stock of Dry Goods,
Boots, Bhoes, etc., st and below
cost at A, P, Hatcher's..
- New Goods, Pretty Goods!
E eiet e :
We are now offering the greatest bar=
gains ever offered before in Dawso&_ '
s [ :
Our stock of Sprilig Ghods 18 now complete. We have all the newest
styles in Dress Goods, Trimmings and-all kinds of NOTIONS aud
NOVELTIES A beautiful live of . o
Calicoes, G-inghams,
Muslins , Lavwns,Chhal- \
lics, Siatines, Crepelines,
Cashmeres, Eleniiettas,
in end’ess variety, such as Flouncings,
Lace Checks, Lace Stripes,
India Linen, Plaid and Dotted Lawns,
and lots of othrer goocds.
e—= (- =
We have too many goods and
they must be sold,
All we ask is, that you
Y ours, anxious to please,
Tarver's § Prices § go & Dowa.
Just now there ave abundant pre
monitions of Sprine. “The wonds
are full of ’em.” 8o are the fields.
So are your feelings, Al uost
Everything is on the Fise.
The sap is coming my in tiie trees:
the grass is comins up in the fizids,
But, mgrk-the one great exception,
than was ever known hetore ; than
will ever be known again for many
a long séason,
> BN y TR S
We eould give you twenty where
we give You tour ; want room, want
money, want to reduce stock, want
t) bocm trade. These are reasons
why we sell, |
Your TRReasous
for Buying |
don’t need to be stated. Unless
you are mude of money, unjss
bargains are no olject and saving
no inducement, you wamt these
goods. You cwn't understand what
we offer without seciog,
DAWSON, - - G&.
——— e
‘&ARE are representing the best and
% most reliable Meat, Grain
and Flour houses in the West, and
are prepared to furnish you with
the lowest quotations. We also
have a full line of Groeery samples
such as 3
SUGAR, Etc., Ero,
8 Get our prices hefore buying,
febh.27,1€89,3m, ¢
i Which comes olten:
‘ WYY .
| Where to buy the
nmost goods for
’ )
Tar Lesst MoNEY 2
But this questton need not puss
zle you row when you hear that.
The Red
~ Star Store
| will continue te sell goods striesly
| on thoir weriie, and
|ly ; . ;
larntse them as Represgited.
filled to repletion with new
| that cannot be surpassed in style:
{:uhl (‘u:llit)'.
That will delight the Ladies, e
bracing lovely Prints, Muslias,
Nainsooks, Lawns, White
Goods, Sheetings, Table
Linens, “'hecks, Bleechs
| ings, &e., &e,
o nimner () eot ;
embracine Buttons, TLadies and'
Geats’ Collars and Cufls, Gloves;-
Embroideries, Hoisery and an ine
nuwmerable array ot Fancy Goods
for Ladies aud: Gentlemen,
o() <——
- Clothing.
Having decided to ?ult the
clothing li’)usiumg, und replace this’
brauch of business with anothee
line of goods. I have some niee
suits that can be had aln.ost at:
your own price. ‘
e() eensbns
That will supply the farmer ox"
turnish the housewife with choics'
delicacies, such as Meat, Hams,
‘Lard, and Cannsd'Goods, We are:
‘ot of the pest. We have kissed!
‘old winter goodbye and are pre
‘pared to show you a NEW %‘
that, for quality, style end pries. .
‘we are confident campot be sur
‘paseed in Dawsen. Come toseo us.
: for G. W. EUBANKS,.

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