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ey Rt s = < - 1,
BANEON. G A Max 22, 1889,
Sl et B T S ——. e R S
index to New [dverl semenis.
Bank Natiee,
Brown's Iron Bitters,
Town Property for Sale.
10, Whitchard -1 oeals,
Notice to Incorporate Parrott.
Davis & Diozier—Redaetion in
])l‘_\‘ Goods.
CLvERAL enterprises are be
ing camesily talked of in Daw
son, and there 18 a general feeling
that the present is the time for aes
aion. A compress, a publie school
system and a guano factory ore
among the projects suggested.
Any cne of these would be a good
investment, and would help amaz
ingly to build up the city. Let
our talk now erystalize into action.
A Disgaace. i
The depot at Dawson is a dis- |
grace to the city and 1o the Cen- |
tral railroad alike. i
A petition has been sent from ‘
here to the authorities of the road |
asking that we be given a new and |
madern building for a depot. Why )
Dawson has been so lonk digraced
by the hull now in use sa nmm‘r‘
that is only Known by the road’s
anthorities.. There 18 no rmsun‘
except pure cussedness on the part
of the railroed officers why a city l
o' Dawson’s size md inumrt:mool
should not have a depot that wonld
do justice, at lexst, to our vim and
For years Dawson has been bads
ty treated bLp the Ceatral. Our
treight rates have been bhighcr
than those of any other town on
its line, and it is a wonder that
paszengers have not been {orced to
flag the treins down to get aboard.
Give us a decent depot, gentles
men of the Central, and vou will
be partly forgiven.
New V. line.
With this issne the Nrws be. jns
its sixth volume. If, since taking
control of the prper, the expectas
tions of our friends have vot been
aatistied, the lack has vot heen {or
a determined effort on our part,
The acme of our amibition is to
% uildup a paper to answer the wants
-of the people - keeping even pacs
with the advance of the times and
discussing dispass’onately those is
«gneg in-which every citizen of the
county shoull teel a deep interest,
“‘Many men ¢f many minds”
scause differenccs and sone
time antagonismes, but our readers
should weizh dispassoinately our
thoughts and arcuments, and even
rthough sur seeming prejudices may
uot chime in with the dictatcs of
their better judgments, yet let the
«wiil be taken for the decd. Wheth
«er right or wrong ave expect *o
«do our own thinking and express
~our opinions openty and fearlessly,
“Wedesice toseatter no firehrands,
stester no cores,rakc vy nosmouldor-
Jingembers. We'd strergthen {he
vweek Jight np the dark places, help
«the reedy and encournge all alike,
We are going to put forth un
vprecedented efforts to produce &
“better paper than ever before,
¢lf the people will hold up their pa
_per it will ably reflect heir senti
ments and join henrt and hand io
s gheir matevial advancement,
That the News isin a healthy
~eondition our wellfilled columns
of live, attractive advertisements
show, and ave guara- tee advertis
_ers that oursubseription list equals
- the combined lists ot the {wo other
papersin the connty.
ML S e -
Come Frepered.
“We desire to notity our delin-
Aguent subscribers. that we will he
. 01 the war path duzing court, and
»will be extremply anxzious to haye
. asettlement with them, We yill
~tackle every one who owes for last
year’s subsgcription, whether hLe is
worth £lO,OOO or not able to buy
a square of tolbacco. We caunot
publich a newspaper for glory, 1.0;
«<an we live on air and water.
Now, next week don't say “T de
clare, I ain’t got a cent; if I'd just
&nown I could bave broucht it t
to son” We put you on notice
zow to bring it aiong with you, for
, we are going to dun you.
Gentlemen, cone prepared 1
,pay ue, and if you have a {riead
~ who daesu’t take the News tell
';"l,im he ought to do <o, wnd by
’#lnl}g fl’d()”'nl' lor h;',"'
Sigrs < f Progress in Dawson.
A few days ago the NEws stroil
ed over the eity locking at the won
derfal progress that it is m=king io
the way of buildings. No matter
in what direction we went, we were
rever out of hearing of the saw,
the bammer or the trowel, Indecd
our Leauntilul eity secms to have
heen touched by the wand of some
wighty magiciin, Her waste plac
¢z are rapidly passing away, and
shie is nobly winning the proud dis
tinetion ot beiug the most progres
sive city in Southwest Georzia,
One of the wost powertul fue~
tors that will aid in the future
building up of our town
“.\ the building and lo n associa in
that was oraanized here a jew days
ago. This will periit the ereetion
of howes by the working classes
which could not otherwise be r. adi
ly secured. There i 3 no doubt
that the foun lation of the thrift
of the working people of New En
gland is small monthly savings pt t
where they will return ten fold.
The Nuws has repetedly ureed
its readers to follow this course,
Those who depeid on salaries for a
livelihood should prepare for a
rainy day. By proper mavagement
every wage-earner in Dawson could
be able to lay aside a sriall shm
from his mouthly earnimgs. These
savings invested in a building and
loan association world urable him
to build a home at very little cost
Let wagesearners think about this
matter. They ought certainly to
have an eye to the future,
The Road Eongress.
The road congress will meet in
Atlanta this morniog. Terrell couns
ty will be ably :epresented in the
1; ecting by Geor O Hill
W. D. Murray and J. C. Simpson. !
There is good reason to hope lhm‘
convention will be so well attended |
as to arouse a general and just ap- ‘
preciation of the importaace of tl:e‘
objeet which it has in view. |
The matter ot the durable ime
lpm\emont of the common roads
of the state is not a county or sec
! tionzl allair. It comprehends the
who'e state in its scope, and the
localities tarthest from railroad fa
cilities will be most benefited. llf a
scheme of gereral substantial i~
provemeut can be set on foot, it
will soon eflect for farmers all over
the state a considerable saving in
botli yearly road duty and in haul
inz their produce to market or to
the nearest railroad It will also
be a great help to our people in
| the desirable economy of “living
{ more at home,” because the easior
t #nd cheaper marketing of their pro
‘ducts will enable them better
|t|) compete with distant
secticns for the supply of the home
E demand.
: In every view which can be tas|
I ken of it, this movement in favnr‘
| of better common roads is a nmsti
'impmtanL one, and it is very des
{ sirable the convention may be alle
t to present so practical and feasilJo
a scheme and with so stron £asups
port as to secure tavorable consids
eration for it by the legislature at
{its approaching July sesion. 1
| e L i
Mistaken Comtemporary. |
I, “In anotker column of this morn
[ing’s News and Advertiser will be
| found a notice that Col. G, Gunby
!.Jnrdan and associates intend to ap
l-ply for a charter for the ‘Alabama,
l Goergia and FMlorida Railroad coms
{ pany,” baving in view the construe
| tion of a railroad running through
! the counties of Muscogee, Chatta
| hoochee, Stewart, Webster, Rans
| dolph, Calhoun, Early, Baker,
| Mitler and Deeatur, of this State.
i This looks very much like the an«
souneement of the finul aban
! conment of the ‘Columbus South
] ern.”
The above from the Albany
g News and Advertiser goes on to
| sy that the “abandonment of the
{Columbus Southern is a vary ses
; riousblow to Albany.” We tuke
, great pleasure in informing our
j contemporary that it has made a
| mistake. The Columbus Southern
s hix not and will not be abandoned.
{ On the contrary,arrangen:ciyts have
ijust been pertected which will jn.
sure the speedy completion of this
‘ very important line. Columbus is
i not in the habit of aban loving her
ir.xilrmu! projects. Our contempo
y rary ought not to have allowed 1t«
éwlt' to huve been frightened by the
fanvouncement that Columbus had
Fecided to build stid another road
é.\'nul!l. Let joy again pervade the
[ News and Advertiser sanetum, -
‘ Columbus Enquirer.
| i
| Toe News has received the
industral issue of the Atlgata Jour-
L nal, Notling equal to it was ever
before . issued from g Georgia
press. Tle Journal is one of g}«
Lest pepers in the stote $
Pest the Streets.
Dawson’s steady and rapid
growth demands tlat the streets
be posted for the convericnce of
our citizens ard strangers,
It would be of trifling expense,
and the Npws would su gest to
the city couneil that it be done at
Corn. Arpert R. Layar, term
er cditor or the Macon Telegraph
and the ablest and most vigorous
writer ever connected with the
Georgia presz, died in Maco) on
last Saturday vight,
Gatliered in bty a Pumbug--A Poem Fed
icated to Them.
Last Thursday there appe red
iy the ety 2Dy -C. T Davidueon,
parperting to eepesent some kind of
medical concern for the restoration
of hair to bald heidds. Atter guihiug
a few ot our most prominent eiti
zens to the amount ot several dol
lars each he was found out to ie a
fraud, and that mact was telegra phe
ed to Albany, where Davidson had
gone trom heve.
So sore does one of the hairless
victims feel he penpned a tew lines
and stuck them uuder our office
door, presumably for publication.
Here they are: :
Once upon asunmer’s day,
As we knocked the flies away
From eur heuds so slick and bild,
Wisbing *hat we had wore hair
On our heads g 0 bald and tair,
Suddenly there struck the city
A *“‘Hair Doctor” full of pity
For those heads more bald than
He said he’d pat back securely
The bair that left so prematurely.
For this man we long had waited,
But to tell the truth, we hated
To pay the ““five” which he stuted
Was a sort ot entrance fee.
“No mun no hair;” we gave the V,
But where, oh! where are the
locks he said
Would return again to our lockless
heads? >
Do they slumber, Orr are they
Will they not wave as of yore?
Icho answers, **Nevermore.”
As we ponder o’er our fate,
To live and die with hairless pate,
Our bleod boils up and we get mad,
And if that Doctor we only had
We'd make hiw teel infernally sadl.
We'd shave his lied slick and bald,
We'd take hot water and proceed
to scald,
We'd kick his pants, we'd pull
his nose,
We'd dress him in tar and {eather
- We'd bang him up by dis thumbs
| and toes,
In fact there’s no telling what we
Do to this infernal blatherskite,
But where, oh! where is the cash
we paid?
Where, ob! where are the locks
he said
Would return egain to our lockiess
Where, oh! where is the “son of
a cun”
That gulled usg g 0 and stole our mun?
Where’s our “mun,” our hair,
* that lout?
Echo answers ,““All slid out.”
The Goming Commencement.
The comn encement of the S. (1a
M. & F. College in June will be un
usually attractive,
Rev. A. G Wardlaw, of Atlanta,
will preach the commenecenient
sermon. The literary societies ure
having some trouble in securiog a
speaker. Hon. R. L Berner was
toreed to declive on account of a
previous engagement, und for some
reason no reply atall has been res
ceived from Judge Ewmory Speeg
State School Commissioner Hooks
has been invited o deliver the lit
erary address, and a reply is duily
expected from him,
Hundreds of visitors will be here
during our commencement and we
hope ample accomodations will
await them. With such a pretty
prospect in view it would be too
bad to have our visitors poorly
treated or to hear their just com
Let the people invite their rela.
tivesa d friends to pass eommence
went week with them, and let all
who break bread with us go home
satistied and gratified, :
Our people have in this 2ollecea
powertul factor. Let them cherish
it. It will tring back the bread
cast on the waters, We throw out
these suggestions in advanee, Lops
ing that othors may take the cue
and improve on them.
G Ceaa
“All spirits produced by Distill
ers who use other matericls than
Apples, Peaches ar Grapes, Must
be entered in Distillery. War:house
and be stamped with xarchouse
stamp, (this makes firgt stamp on
barrel) and when withdeagri® trom
Distitiery W arehouse on payment
of tux, the tax paid stamp ()\\'hi('h
is the second stap on and is the
largest) must be affixed.”
The above is the law on af® dis
tilled goods aud goods not distil'ed
donot come under this rsquirement,
but are forced to he stamped with
one stamp oely.
th F. Berauye,
I Yorß nack ACHFES
Or you are all worngat, really good for noth-
B A ES gendga! dobilfty. Try - f
It w flll‘ ’(in":l {:.v? ~:.,’l{-“3\,. BITYLLiS, .
Sl Tl e o oo mpreite
P |
| —AND .
' For Fine Liquors, ‘
' Domestie and Imported,
Ice Cold Porter, ;
| Soda and Mineral Water |
! All on Draught.
| Milk Punches ?
! And Milk Shakes. :
| Mint Juleps,&e. . &e. |
| Only 2 stamr “ HARDSHELL |
1 CORN " in the city. i
. F. Bethure, Proprietor.
3 § .
Bank Nctice. !
Thestock bLolders of the First
National Bank are rcquested to
meet in Duwsou on Monday, the !
27th inst, at Y o'clock A. M., for|
the purpose of organizing and |
electing officers, May 22,1889
oo gee e
Notice 1
Is hereby given that at the sum- |
mer session of the lie islature a
bill wili be introduced to ineorpo
rate the town of Parrot, in Terrell
county, Ga., providing tor a May~
or and Council of said town, and
for other purposes, |
May 22ud, 1889. |
For Sale.
The livery stable on Main streat
and residence and lot on Church
street. Thisis all desirable prop.
erty, well located. zood huildings,
and water plentiful, Terms cash.
For information and particulars call
on or address C. N. Bryax.
May 22,1889. Bronwood, Ga.
Cotton Seed Wanted
All seed left from planting can
be sold to the Dawson Oil Co., at
the highest price. Bring them in
at once. Dawsox OIL Co.
Citation, |
GEORGIA—Terrell County: ) i
Ordinary’s Office May 6, 'B9. | |
Whereas it .ppearing to the
court that on the 28th day ot Aori!, |
1889, Jus. T. Hayes, late of said |
county, departed this life and lmv-'
iz made and published his last |
will and testament ot which he !
nominated Jas. [, Hayes hisexecs
utor, and wlereas Jas, H Haves
has petitioned the Court of Ovdin
ary of said ecoanty to probate saidl
will in solemn form on the first
Monday in June next, and w'iercas
Thos. S. Hayes, one of the heirs,
lesides out of this state, therefore
all iuterested are herely notified to
show cause, if any they have, why
said will should not be probated ia
solemn torm on the first Monday in
June, 1889, at Terrell Cou t of Or
dinary. J. W. Roperrs,
may,6,4t, Ordinary.
‘1 - L
Terrell Sherift Sales.
GEORGTIA—TerreII County :
Will be sold before the court
house deor in Dawson, Ga., said
county, en the first Tuesday in
June within the lepal hours o! sale
the following property, to wit:
Lot of land No, 121 in the thivd
District of Terrell county, levied
on and sold by virtue of a tax fi
fa, issued by J. H. Crouch, Tux
Collector, azainst W. M. Martin,
agent, for State and county taxes
tor 1888. Levy made and returns
e towe by D. A, Meoahee, L. €,
April 30, 1889, Sheriif,
9 A
Executor’s Sale.
By virture of an order ‘rom the
Court of Ordinary of Terrell coun
ty, will be soll betore the court
house door,in Dawson in said coun
ty. on the first Tuesday in June
next,withia the legal hours of sale,
to the hirhest bidder, lot of land
No. ninety-six (96) in the Twelfth
District of Terrell county Georgia.
‘Sold as the property of the estate
of W. T. Campbell, deceased.
Termscash. T.R. dayxyam.
April 30, 1889. Executor,
kY T eaaene
Notice to Teachers.
Dawsox, Ga., May 4th, 1889,
I will hold a public examination
in Dawson for applicants for teach
ers’ license on Thursduy and Fri
day. the 30th and 31st days ot
Muy, 1889. Thursday will be set
apart for the examination of color
ed applicants, and Friday for the
white applicants,
All who wish to be examined
will come in early on the days sot
apart for the examination,
Gro. KAIGIER, C. S. C.
Ahout a mide fron Dawson on
the roadt leading to Leary a citcular
saw on April Sth. Owner can
get the same by callire on me at
Richard Reed’s, identifyine the
saw and paying the advertising fee
of $l. SuePrPArRD CLOWERS.
- N -
Don’t Fail
To ask your dealer for
Kidder's best Patent Flour.
Kidder's Chief 'atent Flour,
and Kidder's Vieter Extra Fancy,
or halt Putent. Thoey are the best
brandz or. the market,
. ) o
Griggs & Laing,
Dawson, : ' Georgia.
Prompt aiteution to all busis
ness, y \
e ey B 0 1D |
Is prepared to furnish his castomers and the public zenerally with the
freshiest nad best FANCY and FAMILY GROCERIES of ali kinds, |
Keep constantly in steck a complete assortme: t of Bread, Cakes,
Iruits, Nuts rnd Caudy, wnd icels coufident that he ean
You at least TEN to TWENTY per cent. by inspecting his goods
and prices beiore purchasing elsewhere.
Wiil reczive whatever you order and will get the exact weight of
what you bargain for.
Is what meves this world along, so the old Clown says. Send me
your orders and get value received for vour money.
J. . Turner
° 30
7. 1 e
Will Sell His Soul
3 .
].‘ ()l. s’}.
Such an acnouncement is caleu
lated to send a thriil ot astonishs
ment and surprise through the
community,. scarcely greater than
the correct aunouncement
T TN 7_‘
Turner’s soles are a specia!ty|
and have made a reputation when 1
connected with a stout, strong up
per, as the best shoe ever offered
tor the mouey.
Ihe sole and upper of Turner’s
shoes are strongly attached to each
other. They cling to each other
in fair weather and in foul, for
better or for worse, No amount
of bad usage will part them,
The soul of love is not more stead~
tast to its star than Turner's
soles are to their respect. |
ive uppers. |
74 v
. -
in footwear;” who seek for case and
cconomy; tit and fashion; finish
and tineness; the lozury of lichts
ness aud the satisfaction of strengtl,
and all who want a perfect shoe are
invited to call o
r ry"
J. W, Turxser,
foeei ‘Unus IN FROM
' s A
g 4 one to five days.
| I I % Manafactured only by
| NG
| Bl
: m &= Crouch Bros.
! D e DAWION, -.. GA.
- . L
Price - SOcts.
| 2 Banlo k
! o'. (’o l (‘l'}\b fi\ C()-’
: R i \
All kinds of property insured at
reasonable rates. Losses satisfacs
torily adjusted and prompt'y paid.
Companies represented all strong
fiberal und reliable.
Office over drug store of ¢ heat
ham & Dean, north side of Public
> ] XN \\' D »N\T
N ' 1
Call and try my elegant new
chair. Polite attention to custom
ers, good work and neatness the
rules of the shop. = Dallas Beck
worth’s old stand. -
CowrecTione Y
When needing Candies, Crack
ers, Apples, Oranges, Banannas,
Lemons, or anything in the Con~
fectionery line, eall on
at his old stand on Main street,
where you will always find a first
c.ass assortreent,
I contiaue to make a specialty
of Books, Stationery and Art
Goods, T aiso sell the Domestic
Sewing Machine, which leads
them all. Come to see me and I
will please you.
C. L. MIZE, Dawson, Ga.
R. F. Simmons,
Dawson, - - - - Georgia.
Will practice in all Courts ex
sept hisown. Al persons having
land tor sale and desiring to thor
oroughly advertiseit and their see
tion should eall ou me.
Chas. G. Mercer,
Dawson, 3 $ Georgia,
Office over Cheatham & Dean's
Drug Store.
Ber=Will attend promptly to all
busines< entrnsted to me,
Bis & i W i 1
—_— 0 0 ——
U )
Sugar, Coffee, Meat
Canned Goods
y »
And everything else Lept
ina first-class Gener
al Store.
s ) eLe ()
My stock is futl and complete,
1 guarantee ny pl'il es to be as Low
as the Lowesr, and cordially ask a
trial this vear,
9 5
fi‘gl 8 4 ‘!.
I'ehl3, 1889,
-4 K S
Heo O i EEZ;\
Y S : 2
E?iA DO W l_?u F% O
Has Roceived a beautiful line of
! a’ a - ! 5 .
Spring & Summer
and would be pleased to have the
Ladies call and examine her ooods,
Dress Rdalsing.
I am also prepared to do Dress
Making, and the ladies would do
well to brins their work to me, I
sell the Domestic Sewiag Machine.
I am still on
3 r\g .
Dr Tl Tharmond,
DAW??';QIJ., GA.
Sarieny Satistaction guaranteed
LYY i ull kindsof Dental
Work. Old plates repaiced and
made good as new.
Puatronage respecttully solicited.
Office vpsteirs over Talbot’s store.
N 1 1
, I 41 ‘ ! ‘ 1
. KU
88 4 9
Dawson, Georgia.
Physicianand Surgeon,
Offers his nrofessional services mj
the .« scople in and around !
Parrottvillé., |
Calls promptiy.: ttended day and |
night. Can he ough ot [‘arrnttvillel
in the day time andi: u‘sidencel
of Mr. Hennry Teg vhe
Cut Prices in All Departm'ts
Liace Flouncings i
From 50 cents to 85: worth 75
to $1.25. Lovely Swiss Fl.,uuinul
from Tdcts. to-$1.65. Beautiful
Hemstiched Flovneing at $1.25 !
These goods ure very desirable aud |
sell tast.
Big Values
For the money in Wool Goods.
Beautiful double width Ca.~:ll|neresl
at 15 cents per ya-d. i
Lovely Henriettas in all shades 30c.
Surahs an Persian Bands to mateh.
Silk and Wool Henriettas at 98c.
These goods must be sold, so come
carly and seccure the best values
for the money.
Beautifyl Surahs,
All shades. from 65ets. to 81 00
Check Muslins, Plaid Lawng, In
dia Linens, Piques, Stripe Lawns
2t YOUR O\WN PRICE that will
be sure 10 please,
Napking, Table Damasks and
all kinds of Linens cheaper than
ever. Qiults belowW their value.
- Hous2 Furnishings bave their
headquarters at Davis & Dozier’s.
Desirable Dry Goods
Tho Vern P{n
The Very Lowest Prices.
e o e ks e e e e . e e e e )
R ; 7 1
i TGRS ey Male
iB3 Ed !!;;3 i v i!j
8 iisfi% o il
~ Weare not foud of spurting and blow
ing, but we do propose fo save money to
‘those who favor us with their patronage.
‘We are carryvine a veiy large line of
Dry CGroods, NoO
- tions,Shoes and
i Besides a full aud comple assortment of
TYY : )
1' We would be pleazed to show these goods and we guarans
tee prices agsinstany place or any people. We invite ‘fi.('i""‘“l
| WHITE GOODS in general. gWe offer you the Celebrated
Grand Jury 'ffobacco at SSO cents per pound,
alt otlier goods in the same ratio, Come and see us and we will do yu
good. Yours truly, .t
X 7 NE ) N T
lO B 3 gl' E S B v
e e() e e
Like the Great town of Dawson, it is carried on to SUCCESS by
5 el ]
Thhe South~wrest Ga
~aul T 4
Is as tull of good things as are the fertile farms around Dawson.
e 77
3 GO 453 N .
I« the word, and we propose to head the procession in our line. V
feel that our eforts to hand'e
First-Class G-oodS:
at prices that defy competition, have been appreciated by the pflf’l“".:;i
this and surrounding ecounties, and makes us more than ever dt‘t"rln"l 1
ed to fill every possible wart that might ar'se. We are in flm,h‘m‘ :l.
propose to stay there, it LOW PRICES, ENERGY and FAIR DLIJ 'r:
ING will do it. Farmers, Mechanics, Professionals, and all oth:™
eall in and look at the handsomest stock of
[a Southwest Georgia. When we have feasted your eyes on th
goods, your pocket hook will fly open with its own volition.
The Chean Mercantile House., - - - Dawson Gfi‘
Outing Flannels
26¢ts. values for 124, ‘
Chantilly Lace Finuncings, |
Valenciennes, :
Egpptian Lace Flouncings,
Cheaper than the cheapest,
Liadies, J\
e sl a shoe that is better th
Zeiglers tor less money. W yij
cuarantee evety pair ot E. P, Re
& Co's,
Hose and 1-2 Hose,
Men’s Shirts, Collars, Cuffs an,
all kinds of furnishings, We gr
headquarters and can please you. |
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. \
hovely Challies
sto Thets. 1000 yds. best Law
at be, worth Te. Beautiful line
French Batiste at 10 cts, Elegan
line Satteens 10 to 25 cts. Lae
Stripes, Lace Checks, D«)ttej
Lawns, Plaid Organdies at your
own prices this week.
Beautiful Ribbons
Undervests, Hosiery, Handken
chiefs, Parasols, Fans, Corsets
| Gloves, Laces &e. for a song.

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