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The i 2 ilar Story of c Gecrgia loman |
" dlring in Fiiboma. !
A spe sl from West Toint says: !
A wiite womnan, who liveson Dr. |
James Sherri's (lace, Las for somet
tiue tecn the sulject of criticism |
tron the fae: that she dresses in |
m-n's ¢lothes and lives i the house |
with a nesra man known as “‘(V:UiI.
Jake.” The womaz cluims the '
r:ame of Harris. is thirty vears old |
and has a fourteen.year old dauch.
ter who attends the public schoal of ,
*he neizhhorhond. The woman
i< handsome, intellizent and is suid
20 be a most industrious fiald hand,
For three or four years she has
kept her sox a secret—Dy wear
dnz men's clothing ard short hair.
‘She and Old Juke have lecn |
‘eustomers of Wessrz A. M. Eady
& Co. cver since they went to!
Chamb.ra county nearly tmxri
years ago. The explauation ot |
this strange case is not known, but |
it® supposed the untortunste womar '
left Ler native county in diss |
grace and hoped in a strange lana, |
among straugers, to disguize hers 1
selt and spennd thie remainder of her
wwpetched fife with the oid rv;_:rn';
to whom she zeciws to be stron sy
attached. An investization of
tuc case has heen sct on foot, and
in all probability many interest'ng
pnints will he (i“\'('li"‘z"(-d. The
Young and innncent girl ought, to
way the least, be taken aw:y fron
Hher uwinatural associutes end be
eated a life of shane,
A Word to Young Alen. |
in the absence of sobriety, ccons
-omy and a strict attention to busie
ness no young man need expect
to succeed at this day and time.
The day of the ““fast young man”
is numbered with things that were
and it is well. And, on the other
hand, there is vothing that sober
brainy and Zindustrious yeung
men may got accompli-h. Before
you, yeunr men, are two roads and
it i 3 your privileze to chocse either.
In noline of husiness is the travs
eler of one tolerated, butto the
travelerof the other are the golden
stuirs of fume and fortune placed
at hig feet and it ouly requires an ef*
fort on his part to make a succesatul
zsecut. One road is strewn with
flowers and fair sccues greet the
evesof u traveler on every side,
and willing friends stand to the
right aud to the left 1 readiness
-40 aid his in his eflort to reach the
alluring and priced goal. The
other road, what awaits the traveler
there? Disappointment, disgrace,
the gutter and potters field. Why |
,draw these pen pictures. There !
are to Le seen every dayliving ex- |
ampies of young men tru\'eling‘
these roads and it only remains for
the uusettled youth to choose the
one he will {ollow.
siooo Reward.
One thousand dolllars will be
paid to any chemist who will find
on analysiz of S.B.B.(Swift's Bpeci
fic) ome particle c¢f mercury,
odide of potagh, or any poisonous
In 1873 [ contracted blood poson
which soon developed into its ses
verest secondary form, withiblotches
and ugly sores all over my body
which totally disabled me more
than ayear. The doctor treated
me all the time without benefit.
The Aiseuse eteadily growing
worse and worse, I was unable te
work for a year; finally wus per
riaded to take Swilt's Npecifie,
After taking seven bottles I was
sound and well, and have not felt
a symptom of the disease since.
This was sixteen yesrs ago.
FPorayth Ga., dan. 23, 1839,
I have taken Switt's Specific
for secondary blooa poison, and
derived great benefit. It acts
much better than potash or any '
other remedy thit T ever used. ]
B. I Wixgrierp, M. D., Richs
mand, Vi,
Treatise 0 Blood and Skin Dis
eases mailed free, ‘
JLue Swire Seaarerelo., Draw. |
#r 8, Atlanta, Ga. !
- TR i |
The Verdict Unanim:ys. '
W. D. Sult, Drazeist, Bippus, |
Ind., testifics: **l can recommend |
Electric Bitiers ns the very l)()s.[!
xemedy. Ivery botide sold has|
given reli** in everv case. One man I
ook six boitles and was cured of|
rheumsiiam of ten vears standing.” :
Abraham Elare, Drugsist. Bellville |
Hhio, afficms: “The best soHiu;_r!
medicine - have cver handled iui
m{ twenty yeors experience, is
Flectrie Bitters,” Thousands of |
othsrs haye added their testimony, |
so that *he verdiet ix unanimons |
that Electiic Bitters do cure all di- I
geases of ‘Lizor, Kidaeys or Blood.
Only a hait doller n Lottle :n.'
Kronct Bres. Ding Sore, s
bvhat is Weaits2,
Wher a young woman of Mis
Drexel's wealth and stanting an
nounces her intention of beecmin ¢
a nun it is hardly necessary io diss
cuss at lergth the unsatisfuetory
power of money. The act itsalt,
ccusidering the circumstances of
Lie setor, is more instructive than
a thousand sermons. To all in
tents end purpezes Miss Drexel
was a queen, She lived in a pals
ace and had money enough to grats
ity every desire. Her ‘servants
were nunibered by the score, und
they oheved her slichtest wish,
The doors cf society were open to
her and meas and women of distine
tion were glad to eail her frien .
fut retwithstanding all this she
professes her entire willingness to
renounce it all and seclude herself
within the walls of a convent bhe
canse she is not happy where ghe is,
Men and women with enough’ {or
comiort should take the lesson to
Leart.— Philade,phia Record,
| L
i P.mp'es cn'the Face.
| Denote an impure state of the
| blood and are lonked upon by many
| with suspicion. Acker’s Blood
i Elixir will remove uil.impuriiim
tand leave the complexion smowh
i and clear. There 13 vothiuw thai
“ wiil =0 |‘l~mr'-:x_-i;.':'.' buiit up the
teonetitution, purify and strensther
| the whole system. Sald and guar
tanteed by W, C. Kendrick,
| Chamberlain’s colie, cholera and
| Dinrrhoea remedy is a pleasant and
‘ effective cure for the various forns
i ot bowel complaint. It is pawertul
{ Iy diffusible and %lmost instantly
| relieves intense pain and quiots
{ the nerves, It has been in use in
| the Northwest for fiftecn yeurs,and
L the manafactmrers are the oldest
{ makers of such remedies in that
[ section, The remedy has been exs
{ tensively used in several epidemics
{of flux and dysentery and stands
{ better in the apluion of druzgisis
| than any other preparation of the
Phind made, 1t has saved thous
{zm Is of lives and is guaranteed t»
| ellect a radical cure. Maunutact
tured by Chamberlain & Co., Do
l)[:-iuos, lowa. Sold by all druz
: gists, t.f'.
! e o
! hre You Skeptical?
{ Ifsowewill convince youa th
E Acker’s English Reniedy for the
| lungs is superior to all cther prepar
‘atiors, and isa postive care for all
t Threet and Luug Troubles, Croup,
| “thuupinl'-_' Couzh and Cold. We
| enarantee the preparation and wili
| zive you 1 sample bottle free.
f v, C. Kendrick:
© s .
e P =
- gt e
5 £ ar Wl S O L 2
\ & X
- . % g eB e D
S A~ ® N G
T ey = W 0 WE B WL
- - | ¢ & =<
. A S=W Sp i E
e ey Aol SRS g
eBB X ~ay = o = g
= 2 J‘--»—a‘—f—-f--'f TE
';TO \* b o SRB RS i
>= m - _»:v:b_‘_-_;’va‘—_—_ <
pos = ) e T e
. Bl Wl = oo Bl :
e by Mg D G le i S -
[Be s .0 gl e o
' w 2 N eO NG e = £
iy o Ul = 350 385 Q=i
QD e M O Y e
ae Bty e s Y
SO T @ 2SS @ B o s
R . e v oo o
S b:~» = i ‘:“"4_"'!’:
S NS S s 02 .
Shea py X Sl o 35
oAoyI e b | w
| ee i i 00l e
When you want a good Shave,
nice Hair Cut, in all the lutest
stvles, a hoss Shampoo, or youy
Ilmir, teard or mustache Dyed, cali
and give me a trial,
Desiring work in this line can b
waited on at their residences. .
lite uttention to all.
Shop over Slade’s store.
Capt. John A, Fulton.
Is agent for the Americus Re—
corder, The Atlanta Constitutior,
The Sunny South and The New
York Led.ser.
s y
Cotton Seed Wanted
Al seed left from planting (‘:lill‘
he sold to the Dawson Ol Co., at!
the highest price. Bring then in'
at oner, DA w«oN O, Uo,
T sc=ms strangs that anyone will con- !
tinue to suffer from the cffect of ma
. laria, blood poison,sorencss of the liver !
and kidneys, rheumatism, etc., when there |
ia a cure within the reach of all. It has’
never failid to give complets satis{action,
curing saicly, surcly and quickly cvery |
sympton oi 1l health resulting f-om a state |
of biood impurity. From its use pimples
and sores rapidly get well, aches and paing
subside, weakness, stiff joints, swoll:n
limbs, dyspepsia, want of appetite all dis.
ppear. 1t is calizd Botanic ilood Ealm, |
nade in Affamta, Ga., 2ad "has onz been
she favorits remedy of the South. tisa
perfcctly sife Liood remady and general
tonic, and rauch quicker 11188 action than l
medicine usuzlly admiristered by physi- |
cians, for whil: nearly the same ingre
diznts /g2t ba prescribed, it hardly passi
bl the sams ingrediznts -in tie strength
and same quastity woi/d be uscd; and |
hercindiy the superiority of B. B. . over |
all blood medicines inthe world, asis evi
denced by the remarkable testimony given
by those who have been cured cven when
all other trcatment utcriy failed. Read the
ITawkinsviLLE, Ca., Feb. %6, 1837,
VEIES is to cortify that iny wife has bzen
T in bad health for cight years. Aiter
trying five L‘m::ursl and six or scven
; Ay pa different patent
WEAKNESS medicines Isix bot
tles of your B B. . hos cured her.
KxoxviLLg, TeNx., July 2, 1887,
kave had catarrh of the head forsix
eass. I wentto a neted doctorand
f‘; > treat»d me for it, but could not cure
tac, he said. 1 was over fiity vears old,
and I gave up to e, l‘ had distressing
i cough ; my cyes were
CATARRH swollzn, and 1 am con
fiideat T could not have lived withouta
change. 1 sznt and got onz bottle of your
medicine, used it and felr better. 'f'hcn
I get {sur more, and!, thark God, it cured
me. Use this any way you may wish for
the good of suffercrs.
22 Florida Street,
8.8 B
Maszy, Gag, jan. 8, 1638, i
OR twelve yoars [ suffered from |
F sccondary and {=rtiary bloed poison. l
; My face and g:oulders became a |
mass of corruption and the dissase began :
to cat my skullboncs. Tt wus said I must |
surcly Wisy but I tried a bettlz B, B, R, |
with benchit, and wiing cisht or ton botiles |
more | ‘became sound and well, and have |
been so for twelve months. Hundreds
- i i of scars can
me, and | cxtend beartfclt thanks for so
valuable a remedy. Roszrt WARD.
We know Robert Ward aand that he
has been cured by Detanic Blood alm.
AT, Brightwell, W, C, Hiirchmore, & Lo
J. 1. Brightwell, John T. Hart, W. B,
B. B. B.
WaAvNEsBoORrQ, Misa, July 14, 1887, |
R A ¥ sisicewas aifiizted for a number |
3\ of years with boils scattered about
(M| alicverher paison. They would
Afae tauks their cppzarance every
soviaz anl st throusy the summer and ‘
fate i the {2ll Her hiealth was sadlyim- |
Loy pared losing flesh and strength )
BOILS every days in fact, they wera |
sapping herlife, 1 gave Lerone botils of B.
B. 13, and th= cfsct was flica magic.produc
ing a complete cura and resioring her
health, To-day she is prrfoctly soundand
ner health fully restercd. It is without
doubt the best and m valuable Blood !
Purifier now.on the marict. i
D. M. McRAE.
5N n I
e D 4 13
gufiered untol! misery for years from
I inflammatory rheumatism, and could
find nothing to cure or relieve me.
1 finally made up my mind to make
- cacmore ehort
RHEUM ATiS?‘[ to rid mvself !
of the torribls afliction, and it now
afferds -me the greatost pleasure of
my life to state to the citizens of Smith
county that I am catizly cured, withno
trace.of the discasz 126 t and all effected
by the magic healing propertiss of B. B.
8., which I consider the grandest, purest
and most powerful bloct remedy known
to man. 1 have Leen subj=ct toimfiamma
lory attacks sisce ten years of age.
JouN M. Daves, Tyler, Texas
TOR five years I have been suffer-
I‘( g with a weak back from result of |
an lojury received, attended by rhea
matism. I had togive up my regular busi
acss and take the position of pizht-watch
man. [ havedorived great valief and bene
fit by using lotanic Liood Balm, and have
regained my strenagth sufxicic‘_‘.tly to re
sume my reguiar work, I think Botanic l
* A IR Ay Blood Lalm has
WEAK BACK given me p::rma.-I
nent relief. 1 am nowv able to per- l
forin work that I have not had strength |
to to do for fiva years, and (‘l‘.\_"\“‘—.;
fully endorse B. I, B, which has proven |
to be the only inedicine that will give me |
relief. OLIVER SLCOR, {
114 Streeper St., Baltimore. Md. |
v -
8.8. B |
ALAPANA. GA., Junpe 22, 1887, |
T had suffored from “dyspepsia, for !
over fifteen years, and during that |
time tried every thing I cou'd hear of, |
and spsst over "$205 in doctors' bills |
without receiving the slightest benefit, i
Indeed, 1 contivued to” grow worse. |
Finally, after 1 despaired of ohtaining re- |
lief, a friend recommended B. B. B.
(Botanic Blood Balm), and I began using |
it: net, however,expecting to l)chcncfittccfi |
After using a half bottls I was sn‘.’ifficdf
. oy a that 1 was being |
DYSPEFSIA | :nefitted,and \'.'hefi Z
the sixth hottle wastaken I f.)t like a new |
man. I would not take 81,000 for the good |
it has done me; in fact, the relinf I deriv-1
cd from it is priceless. I firmly believe !
that I wou'd have dicl had I not taken it. |
) TroMas PAULK |
- s
_~.—_.___——___.— 3
ft .
?fi(fii ¥55, 10 53, peporang :
This Elegant Parlor Organ A i
style 700, containing §oo J! ;::%’m’ 8
taves, 4 gets Of reeds, 10 (= m“__— |
nto!n. 2 kuce swells. stool STERESAETE
ang Booknlro«'. For only JSShecs ShMai, |
$53.00. With right and left |sv4l’ S b;) R i
coupler. ** Warranted for 6 egilemsssd it i
vears.” Ae AR !
tig *CCSEATY T 0 86 TN SIS To ey |
R 1 g |
Eponsibiiity from any bank- R i ‘n”’w o ;
er, postmaster, merchant og4 @‘ gy :,'uke\ i
exbress agent and thoOrgun “ful 5 éflfi.fi““. .
¥l be shipped promptiy on 84 [f i R
ten davs' test trial, L ¥ / Hrfia}»‘[ g,
mmi&‘fl—"‘: gt +
'Efi\&u\r‘:":g' write me, and sava money. BSoud
Mention Paper where this ““AD” is seem. '
s i
Reslected Mayor April 9, 1888, by a large |
majority. |
'H. W, ~\LLI*E(}ER, x
Rachingion, ; Warren Connty, : Now Jersey,
UNITED Bvaves or Anemica,
3 w—T 1Y TEXE e eNEN S E’Y g)!'\’r 'ng:.’. ' I
BL'T IPL &INh\3& I BLJ SN D) . |
N S ie O Tly |
We have warned our competitors time and again ty xeep ont of the way, hut they,
seem to pay but little heed to onr warning. and now they must take the consequences |
Life is tuo short, vou know, and we give notice now that we intend to down ‘em evers l
time they cross the dead line, That “dead line” is fair and honorabls competition. and
woe be unto him who passes the mark_ for as Sampson slew the ass with t e jawbone of ; !
gy.... . . % 1
Philistine, even so and in like manner will we fall upon them, and in an hour when the;
rcek not we will smite them hip and thigh. A word to the wise is suficiert.
But this is neither here nor there. Time flics, and we have seme romarks to make on a
subject of vital importance to the dear people which must now Lo made. In fact we
have some,
to ge'], and they must be sold. It would tire you it we attempted to deseriba with anything like minate
ness the large and varied assortment of CLOTHING which now cumber our counters and decorite onr
shelves., Suffice it to say that we have the largest, handsomest and most complete stock that we have ever
carried, and are offering them at prices that will take your breaih when you see the voods and hear the fig
ures anuounced. Suits that sell elsewhere for $35 and $4O we are offering at $2O and £3O. Suits that can
rot be bought either in Dawsox or Muacon for less than $lB and $25, we are selling st $l2 and $lB, We
bave a few nice business suits that we can aftord to turn loose at $lO, and two or three dozen pairs ot good
cassimere pavts (uot jeans) at 2, hut we don’t count them. OFf conrse we don’t make anything on these
goods scarcely, and don’t eare to. We want to satisty the peeple that we are their friend, and it is in furths
‘erance of this determination that we are offering these bargains There are na flies on us,
Iy you want a Prince Albert suit we can fit you, If you pre‘er a Prince Arthur, we can plesse yon, Or
1, perchance, your taste inclines to a 4 button Cutaway, a 3-button Cutaway, or a Sack (with round or
square frent,) we can suit you with either. We have also a few pairs of extra fine French Wersted Pants,
tor evening wear, at §5 and $8 per pair. They uare beauties.
Cowe and see us. You will be surprised, we know, but we want you *o come and hehold these things
with thine own eyes,
sstrictly Yure Paints
i Qflr:z'i e \5& - i °
; —— e 00— ——
. We call the attention o Painters and everybody to our Celebrated
- which we sell under the following positive guarantee :
We guarantee our Ready Mixed Paints, when properly applied to a
good surtace, WO'L ') CRACK, CHALK,
O IR B ECECOL. and to sive perfect satisfaction as a first-class
paint, and if afier Thice Yeurs Wear, it fails to nieet the above require
| ments, we agree to farnish paints free ot charge to repaint building.
The Ullmann & E¥hilpot M’fg. Co.
A full stock of these paints on hard acd for sale by
| ‘wy g T 4 » 3
‘ 3 RS R O Sy
: A 5 ¥ I\4\(‘l 'g B Y g
| W atiiilts, o W Oli'} y
it orviray h -
’ itverware, Clocks,
| :
' > )
spectacles &e.
3 m: -,‘T'
’ 42X Afa e i "
o-1 £ .
e A A = h e
aepalring atiicck Bottom prices
Bain Stiect, Dawson, Ga.
e eel e b SN i o
| e e :
¥ : B T 3
H. H. P, H. H. P.
What is 11. H. P.?
. H, P. is a liquid Panacea. Pleazant to the taste-—that velieve
' H. H. P. acts gently, but eflcetively on the bowels and liver.
| H. 1. P. does not nauseate or gripe.
" il. 1. P. is guaranteed to plesse you or your money refunded by
| (. BARRETT & CO , Augusta Ga.
’ wno 3 ma Y. §s 7 Ny n? HIHL
| jfi';{{')RY 4 FL«“\ = (;:“LL & ANU o ‘EV‘J;{ = [.Udhl
{= warranted to eure Chills ana Fevers, Bilious, Intermittent, Remittent
or any kind of Fevers aed Chills.
Remember Jersey Plats stops shakes and agues. JERSEY FLATS,
Warraoted by G. BARRETT & CO., Augusta, Ga.,
311 P < 7 i 3 ey
Are Purely Vegetable and the best for all diseases of the Stomucl
and Bowels. Try Gilder’s Liver Pills.
G- BARRETT & CO., Prop’s. Augusta, Ga.,
904 v N g 3 A IIN
Cares Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds and Swellings.
Does not blister or remove the Hair. Try a bottle of Mc’s Irish Liniment
Manutactured by G. BARRETT & CO., Augusta, Ga.
For an appetiser.
Cures Hearthirn and Indigestion.
Relieves Sour Stomach.
TFor Sleepness and Nervousness,
Has no equal.
G. BARRETT & CO., Prop's. Augusta, Ga.
These Goods For Sale By All Druggists.
l‘.&.\“'-‘“)w. A.
° e i 45 A 5 .
——DEALER {:7 IN——
2 i TN BT AR £ RS TE e A
v v
v 1 YEN T"QON =
Maix Streer, Dawson, Ga.
Being unable to sell my steek of Druce, Tam still at my OLD
STAND on Main Street, Dawson, Ga., and wiil keep a tull and well
selected stock of everything usually found in a
'a‘;& v‘n;.y ?11“?* \" Eg‘t’iéiig-fi S’\?@r E
isi-yfi JELAVOY UUY O 53',
and will sell as ehesp as any house in Soath-west Georgia,
] pv,;-n‘ [OrTRS T MmOR AT, ey N\ R TFEem
| 3 Qu‘.\—l :.!..- SGI s \‘;,’;:..{n.:.'.'tg_)u‘.uaj.a
| Or to Prompt Paying Cumtomers
iy el oy T "z
| L) N oB 3
R o
Partigs owing me are earnestly regquested to SETTLE AT AN
EARLY DATE. C. E, FARrAR is authorized to make Sottlee
ments and receipt, in my name, for any money due me,
By fair dealings I Lope to merit a liberal share of
| 2R go, =
l o R ENmEstESen Yeyke N kuidas waicaa ‘m
(J. E)gbgji)i_fii;il f?":&,
‘xm(uq GA T e i
iNVUL ' SR T ]
—TREEDER OF [Koiged Ee {k}& " |
KeT & e M g R Y ]
LANGSFIANS faiioes e
1 W 00 oo i AR A el R
nawr don g ;‘:-“—";"“-fi"_" I v "’fg?fi".ffi AT |
Ble il Lebliurns‘ RLi A B S o
Tg2 Selly B w&%%k‘ i
l Foos in seagon £2,00 per. 13 {_‘/ gfi“’;‘%‘;_-‘ "’q.s“?””;}l' i
s iN e, |
Givekimacall B 2 7=B
" == b o s e o eel
ey )
iIN : !
d b uild Ual
Americus, Cra,
» |
@ ; -inJa
WE keep constantly on hand the finest and larcest assortment of ;_'nml.-"
inour line to be Jevrd 3 uthwest Georain, CoN=lsring in part ot
Watches, Diamonds, Solid Silver and Fine Plated Ware. « locks,
Jewelry of ail kinds. Gold and Silver Head Canes and Ume
brellvs. Fine Table and Pocket Cutlery, Scissore and Opera
Glasses, Scwing Machine Needles, Oil, Parts and Attach
ments. Dentists Gold Foil, and everything else usn ly
keptina Fresrcuass JeweLey Srorn, W atehes, i
Clocks and Jewelry R paired and Warranted,
Badges and HMedals made to order.
’ T TN v > .
Our Musie Department is filled with
First-class Pianos and Orcoauns, Violins, Guitars, Ban
jos, Tambourines, Accordions, Strings sud Urinmings,
and all such other Goods as helonws 10 that line. Orders !
for Sheet Music will receive Pro upt Ateention, Our Mg,
L. D. Locknare, JR., will c 0 an; where in Southwest Gooreia
to tune and _l(:‘}).\ir Pianos and Ocaans, or eall npon thos: wishe
ing to buy. Nohouse inthe State can underseil us in either live,
gWrite tor Catalogue to
- s f\
TGN AM (oY o imaee “B
James Fricker § Bro. |
, . |
B i ! 119 '
Iy Wt Efiasfl'&h_,, 'I
. 4
ln g ar ln,
Laermt. |
\ During the. _\'o;l—r_l—i‘sB9, I l
wiil keep a tull and com- l
}»;a‘f\} line of ‘
Hamily - Groceries,
4y BiIsKIS, |
; Willes, . |
€ . '
aand invite the patron- |
i age of the public ‘
l generally, I can be !
found at my 5
‘Q}EJ E )
| DR N
t next door to A J Bal
i dwin & Co., on
| a s
=ll Mot
i , £24 o i
| ® 888 B B
Is Tue Fingst Axp Brsr,
sommy N
;:-j.; -.; 42 §.
by ::1'&"5& ?:.;:u '2
\; AR ?& ) W
E ST Y 5
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TR # Neachers, Studente, €UL s
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Eelaeivo torsiory, Hodu s X g
P\, ZIEGLER & L 3, 40 Chestred 3.
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