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?!UNS.D VLUD lln
The Death ef on Old and %crored Citizen
of Dawson.
All that was mortal of Dr. C. A.
Cheatham was put to rest in the
City Cemetery on last Friday af
Dz, Cheathan had been in North
Georg'a ‘or his health, but a few
f-w days azo he was broucht to
Macon to be with his son, Dr. T.
A. Cheatham. His condition grew
worse, unid apprebending bis eud
wis near he was brought to Daws
gon that be might die at home,
He reached here Wednesday
worring on the three o'clock train,
and died wikin a fow Loure after
Dr. Cheitham was sixtysthres
vears of age at the time ofLis
death. He wasboro in Louisville,
Ga., snd moved to Lumpkin i
carly life, where he remuined until
manhood. e was one of the firsi
settlers of Dawson, coming here in
1855, and it is said that he built
the first store house ever erected in
Dawson. |
To those who knew Dr. Cheat~
ham vo words are nccessary to
paint the sublimity of his lite. He
was genial, honest, and a devou:
christian. s reputation as a
physician begun with bis early life,
and his very pame was almost a
balm for disensc.
The funeral services took piace
trom.- the AMethoiist church, of
which he lad long been u promi.
nent and faith ul mewber, the pass
tor, Rev. J. W. Weston,officiating
Here a luge nuwber of his rela
tives and friends assembled to ats
test their love and respect for the
memory of this goud man.
fThe end with Dr. Cheatham
was not sudden, nor did it find
him unprepared for the chanze.
He had iived long, and he had
time to take a calm and deliberate
view ot Lis past lite and the great
mystery called death. He wus a
deep thinker, a close reader, a pa
tient listcner, a fascinating conver
sationalist and as truthtul and hon
est 1 man as ever breathed. H:
was, to sum up his character in a
few words, a gertleman avd a
Perce to his ¢ shes.
Frank Bethune will make one
ot the prettiest saloous in the state
out of Salmon's old stand, opposite
J. W. Wooten’s.
Advertised Letters.
Dawsox, Ga. Aug. 12, 'B9
The following is a list of un<
claimed letters in the Dawson ¥
O. which will be sent to the Dead
Letter Office it not called for in 14
days. V. R. Barowin, P. M,
Boman, M.J. G (2); DBrown,
Rene; Brown, Morrow; Cawley,
F. L.: Crayton, Bill; Ciark, John
F.; Uoley, Miss Nannie; Clark,
Miss Lula; Cox, Lee; Daniels, Las
Jish, (2); Daniels, Mrs. Dullie; Da
vis, Mias C. C.; Deed, Howell; Hill,
Shed: Huckaby, S. M.; Laing,Miss
Sallie M.; Lewis, Mrs. Ellen; ae-
Lendon, T. J.: Mir:s, Miss Pennie;
Morgin, Dr. Thos.; Ormons, Mrs.
Alice; Porter, Auna, €O.; Rivers.
J. 8.; Sinith, Henry; Watson, Miss
Cora; Weldon, Smith; Williams,
Miss Burder.
¢ tatham & Farnum have a few
new buggies for sale chezp.
i .
A Splendid Corps of Teachers and Bright
' Prespects Ahead.
; We acknonledge the reseipt of
a cataloguz of the South Geergia
Male and Female Colleze at this
place, and after lavcing over the
same, we are assured that no school
‘ in this section of the state should,
l nor will, receivea better patronage
l than this one, from thesimple tact
that it will have an excellent corps
:of tenchers and first-class discip
line in every particalar. The tol.
lowing comprises the faculiy :
_ Luterary Department—Leouidas
Joues, President, Arcient Lon
| cuages, Mathemsties, ete, W. E,
Dawson, Modern Languages, Ens
¢lish Literature, Mental, Moral
and Natural Sciences, Miss Alice
J. Lowrey, Principal ot Female
Department and General Assistant.
Miss C. V. Cbeatham, Principal
Primary Department.
Busic Departrent—>Miss Tda
Fugenin Jones, Teacher and Di
Art Department—Miss Minnie
Mooty, Teacher aud Director.
It is with picasure that we re
produce tie fo'lowing compliments
ary remarks in regard to the new |
‘ Yroeidxnt ot this institution, Prof.
seonidas Jones, from the Roavoke
Enterprise :
“Prof. Leonidas Jones has re
signed the presidency of Roanoke
Normal Colleze, and has accepted
the presidency of the Male and
Female College at Dawson Ga.,
where he wall go the first” of Sep
tember e xt.
It has been known for several
days that Prof. Jones had decided
ogo to. Dawson, and all cfiorts
upon the part of the trustees have
failed to secure his se: vices longer.
“Prof. Joues came to Roanoke
five years ago, and cach year our
school under his management has
arown stronger. While we regret
to lose him—krowing as we do
that he isoreof the most sucecss
tul educators in the South—yet we
feel proud to know that he goes to
such an inviting field, and that
our own college is leftin so pros:
perous a condition. Prof. Jornes
has worked haid here, and with
the able assistance of his two
‘daughters, Miss Ida in the music
‘department, and Mrs Maggie Hill
in~ the primary department, des
serves much praise
*Protessor Jones and family
Lave the esteem and love of all
our people, and while we feel that
the vacancies in our college are als
most irreparable, we also know
that our sozial cireles will feel
creatly the Joss. Prot. Jones goes
to one of the first colleges in Lhe‘
state of Georgia at a handsome sal
ary. Miss Ida will bave charge of
tie music department. We con
gratu ate the people ot Dawson in
securing for president ot their col-
Jege thiseminent man, and for the
music department such an ableand
accomplished teacher as Miss Ida.”
The fall session of the college
opens Monday, September 2nd.
s Ll o
“If *twere dowr , when ’tis down,
it were well ‘twere dowe quickly”!
is what a person thinks when he is
contemplating taking a dose ot
old fashioned pills. Dr. Pierce’s
Pleasant Purgaiive Pellets are tiny,
sugar-coated granules, scarcely
larger thau mustard-seeds. As a
remedy for all derangements of the
lstomuch. liver gud'bowels, they are
upequaled, o
A Lock Over a Fine Crop--sd Verthy Cois
! ored Citizen.
; “Un last Saturday marming tlie
NEws, in company with Messrs, I,
A, Lowrey, W. R. Melton and B,
F. Meltou, had a look over the
faim of the latter gentleman
Mr. Melton is one ot our best
aid cléverest farmers, and perhaps
has the Lest crop in the county,
He runs a three mule farm, and
will gather this year ‘BOO bushels
of eorn and ahout 50 bales ot cot.
ton. He has a twenty-acre field
of exceptionally fine cotton. and
good judges say he will get from
the twenty acres twonty bales of
cotton weizhing 500 pounds each,
Mr. Melton threshed over 600
Bushels of oats from his erop, and
has enough left for farm purposes,
He raised other things in propors
tion, and will have a surplus to
sell (without his cotton crop) nearly
sufficient to defray his farm ex
peuses He finds bLoth pleasure
and profit in tilling the soil,
On the trip we stopped at the
farm of Green Hulleek, a worthy
colored farmer. By thriit and
cconomy he has bought and paid
for a seventy-acre farm ued stocked
it. e has also built bim a 1,000
franse house, and will paint it this
fall. e hasa very promising crop,
and one-ef the finest orchards i
the county. Green’s example
could Fe profitably followed by
others ot his color, ‘
Cpzers of a Mad Dog.
Mr. 3. A. McDonsld wasin the
eity Buturday and told ot the an
tics of a suppose! mad dog. 'Fhe
dog belonged to Mr. MeDonald,
was a large bull dog and had not
heen out of the yard in three years.
He first exlubited signs of heing
mad on Tuesday morning. lle
broke Lis chain and after biting
several hogs, went to Mrs., “Whn.
Chapman'z, where he bit acalfand
came pear biting Mrs. Chapman.
The “dog then went to W B.
Busl’s plice, where he bit ail the
hozs and cows in reach, thence to
Robert Andrews, where he was. as
sailed by a dozen hounds, all of
which he succeeded in biling; he
then went to Mr. Goodson’s. where
he was killed, alter Liting all the
hogs, cows and goms on the place.
Twelve shots were fired at him
be'ore he fell, and he would at
tack the persons who were persus
ing Liim, regardless of the shooting.
Parties who had eattle bitten have
penned them, and are awaiting ros
Tha3:d Felis @bject, Lut They Marry
Just the Same.
De. Robert Alston and Miss
Lucy tole, two very popular
young peopie of Weston, Webster
county. were united in marriage
at Lumpkio cn lest Tuesday, The
marringe was ohjected to by the
}pzm nts of Miss Cole, vho was, at
the time, attending schoo!, but
love, von know, “lauzhsat loeks,”
cte, and so it was with this youns
couple. On Tuesday—the father
having forbidden the ordinary
of ‘Webster to issue them licenss
—DMr. Alston drove up to the
schiool Louse ot which place he
was joined by the lady of his choice, |
and they drove over to Lumpkin,
where they were made man and
wife. They have by this time,
uo doubt, returned home, Yerged
forgiveness, and received the
blessings of the ohjecting parents.
Before the Footlights.
Manager Harr fupnishes the
News with the list of uattractions
that are booked tfor Dawson the
coming season. Some unusually
strong comipanies will appear here,
and Dawson theatre goers wil be
highly entertained throuzhout the
scason. The opera house will open
on September 25. h with the Capi- 1
tal Comedy Co., which will play
two nights g |
The other attroctions already
boo"ed are : |
Maud Atkius Superb Dramatic
Company. |
Jol n W. Burton’s Comedy Co.
Al G. Fields Operatic Miustrels
Hattie Bernard Chase’s Dra
matic Company.
Allen Burk’s Mdnstrels, |
Adel ide Cherry in Camilie. |
Ealy & Bricken Company. |
Neliie Watersin a new coms
oL R
On last Tuesday morning, at the
close of the protracted services
v hich had been held in the Bap
tist church for about twe weeks,
Rev. B. W. Davis, pastor, presents
ed hie resigration,
Mr. Davis has been pastor of the
Baptist church at this place for
about seven vears, and our people
would regret very much to see himn
leave. 1t is hoped that the Bap
tist churel will see proper to call
him again.
e S
The town is moving towards the
depot. F. Bethune hes changed
base, and isnow in Salmon’s old
stand, opposite J. W. Wooten's,
G el s
$ 5.00 Short.
Bob Farnum, the fat drummer
from Macon, and the editor of the
Oglethorpe Citizen ran a foot race
Monday for a wager of $5.00.
The editor is five doilars short.
e OBt e
Reduction in Taxes.
At their last monthly meeting
the Ceuuty Commivssionees fixed
the rate of taxes for 1889 at 88,00
on the thousand. This isa reduc
+tion of one dollar,
.‘Tbe Act Under Which 11 I 8 Proposed to
l Operats & System of Cradzd Sechools
i “in Pawsom
’ Onb his retutn to Atlanta Mon
' day Hony W, C. Kendrick carvied
| with him Dawson’s publie schuol
ibi”, whigh he will introduce at
onde, i e 5
| Section first of the bill provides
; that there shull be established in
‘the city of Dawson a system of
| public graded schonla. ‘
Section second —Be‘ore this act |
shall take effect and be of force in
the ssid city of Dawson, the mayor
shill order an election, giving at
least twenty days notice by publi
cation, to ascertain the will of the’
‘qualified voters under this «aet,
“whether a system ot publie graded
schools be established or not in said
city. All persons voting at said
%elocti(m shall have written or
printed on their ballots the words
“For Publie Schools,” or “Against
Public Schools.” Should the qu- s
tion be decidedin favor of public
'schools by the necessary constitus
tional majority, it shall be the
daty of the wayer and council ot
said eity so to declare, and pro
ceed to levy and eollect the tax |
hereipalter provided for in lhisl
act ; but should said question be
deciced agaiust publie schools said
mayor s authorized to order
Lother elections apon the same
question when as many as twenty
five legal voters shall by petition
g 0 request, provided twelve months
shall elapse between said elections.
The first election under this act
shall beordered by the mayer he
fore the first day of April, 1890.
Ay election held under this act |
ghall bs governed by the same
rales and regulations as elections
held for mayor and aldermen of
the city of Dawson.
Section third nam:s a Dboard
of school commissioners tor |
isaid city of Dawson with per
petual succession, and they chall
hold their offizes until their sac
cesgors are elected and qualified as
hercinafter provided, They end
their suceessors in office shail have
‘the, power to take avd hold all
property, personal und rea!, that
they nay acquire by purchase, do~
nztion or otherwise in trust for
said city of Dawson, wi b the right
to sue and tle liabiity of bewng
Section fourth—Said bLoard of
school commissioners shall elect a
president, view-president, secretary
i\!'.(l treasurer frow ”l(‘il‘ OwWn nunis
ber, who shall perform guch duties
as may be required of themi. The
treasurer shall give Lond in such
sum as thry may determine con
ditioned for the safeske ping and
proper disburse ueat of the funds
'p"a elii his hancs. Baid #ehol
| commissioners shall divide them
(selves by ballot or otherwise into
lmur classes. The term of offize
for the first class shall expice at
theend of two years after this act
2oos into cftoct; that of the srcond
ut the enlofour yvears, and that
of the third at the end of SIX |
years, If vacancies occur Ly res
ignation or otherwise be‘ore tho]
expiration of any term, sud board
‘shu]l fill suzh vacancy by appoiat- |
ment for the rewainder of tlu-‘
terin, As the term of ofice of the |
present board expire, two mem
bers shall be elected by the res
maining: members of the board,
und one by the mayor and eity
council of Dawson, aud the terms
)bf()fli(:@ of s:id members so elected
shall be eight years axd until their
succes ors are elected in the man
ner be ore mentioned. Ihe mem~
bers of said board shall be of good
woral character,
Seetiou fifth—-Said hoard of
sehool commissioners shall elect a
superintendent, (who may ba priu
cipal) principals and other teach.
ers for said public schaols, pre
seribe their duties and their salarie
eelect text hooks, preseribe their
caurse of study, determine the
length of the seholastic term and
the time of beginning and closingz
said school (the terms not to be
less than those of the state pnblic
schools) and adopt such rulés and
regulation for their own govern
ment and that of the schools as
they may deem necessary for the
carrying out of the purposes.of this
act not inconsistent with the cons
stitution and laws of this state.
The said board ehall establish such
grammar schools and euch Ligh
gchools as may be necessary for the
education of the children attend
ing said school, They may charge
‘a matriculation fee not to exceed
ifi\:e dollars per annum for the ad
‘wission ot children into eaid
schools, and no pupil shall be en
titled to the benefits ot this act, or
‘enter or continue in said schools
~without complying with this pro
(vizion, They shall protide for the
‘admission of children 1o said
‘s;honls who reside out ot the city,
~or students not within the ages of
six and eighteen years, upou the
payn.ent of such tuition as the
mway deem proper. They shafi
have® power to build, purchase,
I lease or rent such school houses and
~other property as mny be necessary
to carry on said schools, A ma
jority of said board shall constitute
# quoram jor the transinction of
lany business, -
| gection sixth—No children shall
be recipients ot the benefits of said
schools whose parents, guardiang
or nataral protectors have not been
actual resid'(:nts ot the city of Daw
on for six months preceeding the
timeof their application for ad
‘mission into sai? schools, and
whose parents have not paid the
taxes assessed under the school
law. But thissection shall not be
consttued to exclude from suid
publicschools the children of any
[parent or cuardian, though non
resident, who is at the time of ap
plication for admission the bona
fide owner in fee simple of reai es
tate in said city of the value of
ane thousand dellars by cnrpm'u-l
tion assessment, The six months
residence required for the admis- |
sion ot children to said schools|
shall pot apply to persons who be~ |
eome bona fide residents ot Dawson |
and owners of real estate in snid'
city to the value of five hundred |
dollars by city assessment. I
Section seventh—-Said board of |
school eommissioners shall provide
separate schools for the white and
colored children of said city, it
public schools are established under |
this aet. |
Section eighth—-BSa’d board ot
school commissioners shall deters
mine as early as practicable after
the beginuing of esch scholastic
year what amount of money it will
be neeessary to raise by taxation to
defray the expenses of said public
schools tor the ensuing year, and
shell luy the same be bee the mayor
and council of said «ity, and it
halibe the duty ot said mayor
and council to proceed to levy and
colleet the same, provided the rate
of taxetion under this act shall not
exgeed fivestenthsof oze per eent
perannum, and whea eollected the
clerk or eollecting officer of said
¢ty shall pay the same over to
the treasurer of said board o f sehool
commissioners, which shall cousti
tute a tund to be expended by sail
board in the payment of salaries of
principal and teachers, and on
buildirg, repairing, leasing or rents
ing school houses and other prop
erty, aud tor defraying all other
neces ary expenses cf said schoolg,
and the collection of the tax pro
vided by this seetion may be
entorced by mandamus against the
mayor and council of said city at
the instance of the said board of
school ecomuinissioners..
Seetion ninth— The county
school commissioner ot Terrell
shall pay over to the tressarer of
said board of school commissiouers.
the pro rata share of the state and
county public school fund cominz
to said.eity, to he by them expend.
ed in maintenance of said publie
| schools, The beard of school com
missioners created by this act shall }
, require the teachers of said pulic.
schools to muke out reports of th-
Cattendance ot the children engitled
to draw the state ~chool furdy and
the same shall be filed with the
county school comwmissiomers, s
that the amount due said city may
be estimated.
Seetion tenth—The mayor and
cogreil of enid. city shal'! have
power to appropriate from time ‘o
time stich sums of mouey for the
purpose of building or purchasing
school houses and other school
property for the use of the publie
schools herein provided for as the
condition ol the treasury may au
Section eleventh—That all laws
and parts of laws in conflicr with
this act be, and the same are, heres
by repealed.
s G Pet
Frank Bethune Las everything
sbraight in his new stere and is now
ready to dispense the best goods, in
thebest bar in the city. Drop in
and sce Lim at Sulmon’s old stand,
oppozite J. W, Wooten’s,
Hon W. C, Kendrick came
down te see his covstituents Sate
urday. He had been unwell for
several days with fever.
M AP Buey formerly ot
Cut»bert, has a position with the
President Teonidas Jonesis here
arranging for the openinz of the
South Georgzin Male and Female
College in the first Monday in Sep.
tember. The outlovk is very en
Mr. L. F. Cater, of Perry, was
here Sunday. He will return in
time to ficure in an important sos
cial event Wednesday.
Jim Lowrey and Monk Stewart, |
two old Dawson boys, were here
Sunday. |
Miss Cora Anthony is visiting
Miss Urice Pilsbury at Americus.
Mis. A. ). Carver,Sr., is on a
visit to Atlanta.
Mrs. M. L. Parker is on a pleas
ure trip to North Georgia,
Mr, C. M. O¢r returned to Ma.
con Monday after spending a week
with home folks,
Mr:. Locke is over from Eufau
la to torm the acquaintance ot W,
F. Locke, Jr.
Vesley Dozier, Wade Davis,
Bill McLan and Ed -Orr have
‘all returied from Naw York look
(ing a 8 {resh as daisies.
i Messrs. L. C. Durham and J. J.
Bradly and Mrs. I B, Bridges are
h at Indian Springs,
Mrs. E. R, Griggs is at Senoia
for the summer,
Col. J. M. Griggs and. family
are o 2 trip to Indian Springs,
Mrs S;:hio Janes is visiting
relativesin Webster.
| Mr. and Mrs, James Chitty, o
Alabama, were here last week.
While their triends were glad to
'see them, they sorely regret the
sad mission which ~called them
hither. *
Miss Mattie Langz lLas returned
to Pearson to resume ber school,
She left Bunday night.
The First Zotton,
l The first bale c 1 the new crop of
‘ cotton was brought to Dawson last
{ Friday by Mr. W, E. Brim. It
[ was stored ot the Alliance Ware
| house, classed as middling, weiglel
| 442 pounds, was covered with cot
| ton baggingand sold for ten cents
to Mr. J. R. Mercer. It was
' shipped to Augusta.
- 'T'he second bale was brought in
Saturday by Mr. R. E. Johnson.
It was covered with jute and stored
at J. R. Mercer & Co.’s warehouse.
It was classed as striet low mid
‘dling Iwd brought eleven cents.
It was shipped to Nortolk, Va.
The third bale was brought iu
yesterday morning by Mr Julius
Sears, and stored at the Alliance
Public Address.
At the court house, 10 o’elock
a.m. Aug. 21st, T. H. Kimbrou h,
Masterof the State Grange, will
deliver a public address in the
interests of azriculture. Ail class
es of citizens are cordially invited.
After this the Grangers ot Terrell
county, together with visiting
Graagers, are ionviied to the resis
dence of O. B. Steveus for dinner,
.and the teansaction of sueh business
as may come before them,
5. H. Roßurrs, Pres.
0. B. StEvENS, Secy.
it dai A
The Colismbus. Southern..
Over 100 free lahor hauds are
now engaged putting down the
track ulong the line ot the Colums
bus Sonthern.
Contzactor Newherry will begin
next week building the brides be
tween Dawson and Albany,
Ulicit Disulling.
Friduy, Doputy United States
Marsha) Gitson earried to. Macon
David Argo, a citizen ot W ebster,
to have him tried ou the charge ot
licit distilling.
The Alliance Warehouse Directors..
Were inses-ion Mondny transs
acting business in conneetion with
their warehouse, Before adjourns
ing they passed resolutions favoring
the Brady and Olive bills aasd op
posing Dr. Feltonseducational bill,
the text beok bill and an inerease in
salaries of Saperior court Judges,
Red Star
Groceries cheaper
than ever,alsoßoots
Shoes and Domestic
Dry Goeds at ex
ceedingly low prices
On Sept. Ist. I pro
pose to adopi the
SYOT CASH basis,
and I can by that
means afford to sell
from 10 to 25 per
cent cheaper, and
will do so. 'To con
vinee you that I
mean what [ say,
call and see for
yoursclf. l
I willalso buy gro
ceries, such as flour,
meat, bran, ete., in
quantities that will
secure the best and
lowest figures, and
will give my cus
tomers the benefit
of it. {
VI o towe s aow i sl
dast Charches aupplxed]
tree., Turner Lewis,
For Fine Liquors, «
Domestic and Ingmreea.
Ice Cold Porter,
Soda and Mineral Water
All on Draught.
Milk Punches
And Milk Shakes.
Mint Juleps,&e. ,&e.
Only 2 stamv “ HARDSHELL
CORN " in the city.
F. Bethune, Proprietor,
. .
T. Y. Mattin,
Always on h:.md.tL:e freshest
At my Bar will always be found, :
a complete and choice line of Dow .
mestic and Imported:
Whiskies, Wines, .
During the Summer you will als
‘ways fiad at my store’
Ke:r and Dottlel Bees-~the best.
in the city.
~ Piekled Oysters:
Are an excellent table delicacy;.
and can be found at my stove..
Try them.
I lavite the continued patronage:
of the public, and can be found at .
my old stand on Muin Street, next.
door to A. J. Baldwin & Co.
. T.Y.MARTIN, Agt.
$5OO Reward.
We think your Medfeine is the .
best c¢hill and fever medicine.
Have not had a complaint of its
not deing all claimed for it.
A. E. Tarver & Sox,
. Johnson’s Chill and Fever Tonie.
| gives perfect satisteetion.
i Wrrreneas. & Co.
Johuson’s Chill & Fever Tonic
is a dead shot for ¢hill and fever,
) .\-lASVILLE, GA. i
Your Clill and Faver Tonie,
meets with ready sale. Will need: .
some more soon. R Tnoomas, Jr..
Forsale by Dr. V. C. Kendrick.
[ © With evidence to prov: that an‘y .
‘remedy in this wide vorld equals
!,Juhnsuu’s Chill and Fever Tonic
in the treatment of chill <nd fever
‘and all malarial troubles. Price
50 cents. Money refunded if not
We Lear nothing but favorable |
Johnson's Tonic does all claimed
for it. Have sold out, Send us
a 4 gross. WiLklNs & BERRIEN.
¥ | m
We havepurchas- .
ed the entire inter
estof J A, Bishop
in the Lee Street
Markei,and propose .
torunoneofthe best
beef markets in the
state, ; '
The finest tender
est beef and best
pork and sausages:
will be kept always
on hand. Asking
for a liberal share 25
your patronoge and
promising satisfac
tion, we are,
Yours &c. 3
Lawhon & Palmer,
(') one to five days. .
e Manufactared only by
H ICrouch Bros,
s i 4444 4
Price - Ssoots,

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