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. R .
Good Things Just Received!
Irish Pota- -
toes, Cabhages.)
Ferris’ Trade Mark
"Pig Hams and Break fast
Bacon Strips. the finest known
to the world. Also just
received a fresh
lot of Magncl
in Hams.

Just received a large lot of the
celebrated LOTUS FLOUR,
which has no equsl.
Fresh lot ot Fancy Cakes, Cracke
ers and Breads just received,
A large lot ot all kinds of Uans
dy just received, the finest made
in the world. i
Just received a large lot ot Gels
etine, Ruizong, Currants, Citrons
and other luxuries and delicacies.
of every variety known to the Fan
ey Grocer's Trade. |
I have everyihing that is good, l
Prices as low as First-Class Goods
ean be sold. [ sell nothing but
the best Goods. Everytling I
pell ix guaranteed to be the VERY
1889 catch. just received.
When needing anything in my
line come to see me and get the best
goods for the least money.
0] 4\ e
indicate, my business and mecheds.
They zre not hard to understand,
for those aceustomed to trade with
me. Strangers m:y need some in
terpretation, The signs are to be
interpreted in this way: The
Bquare stands tor
Every one trading with me gets
a square deal or nothicg, I
won't stoop te prevarication or
whip the devil around the scump.
I'll tell you fair and square
what you're buving. What's the
use of lying? The grods won't lie.
They will tell the truth and give
us away at last. The upright line
stands for
They are straizht every time.
Upright, that's the word for ’en
I dow't wan't all I could get
but enough te make an honest
profit aud as little as possible w 0
that the buyer may come back to
Mo Our prices are all right. The
diamond stands for
Every bargain I ofler bears the
Bin.e reiatiou to ordinary so-calle?
bargaiug that a diamond does to
other stores. It is the king and
chief of all. Some dealers christen
anything as a “hargain’ and trast
to the nawe to sell it. My bar-
A%ins are genuine in name and na
ture: aud beat all bargains ever
offered. The parallel lines show
the fact that
My Goods Are
Without Parallel
I the markets and stores of nien.
1 g 0 on the priuciple that every
Yargain makes a buyer, and so |
Put firstclass goods, and mothing
¢lse on my shelves, and sell them
# fizures tha' are lower than oth-
I want to make. I will prove
myself the most liberal dealers
You ever spent money with.
Valuahle Land For
1,800 acres of land on Bear
Creek in the 18th District of Web-
Mer conuty,
1,250 aces in one body, under
Pretty good fence and in good
Mate of cultivation. Plenty ot
fod water, came and grass.
Best place for a stock farm in
Soutkwest, Ga. Will sell all tos
gether or 100 acres south of the
treek in ope body, 255 acves
Puth of the ereek in another
Vodv. 100 sovse marth. of. the
ek in another body, and the
":'y“flk:niug 1,150 acres, known 1.3
J Dome be 8o
*gAether, plnea._muat all
. cagh urchase can get a
A!%d.h‘“‘gni‘:n by a::p)ying Boon.
oY wformatiop can be obtained
&" J. N. Foster, on the place
¢ miles North of Dawson.
| #The News. #
Ie —— os i R
{ uy the Eagle Tlp School Shoe
{from J. W. Tarner,
Carpets from 95¢ to $1.25 at
A. J. Baldwiy & Co's,
Buy the Eagle Tip School Shoe
from J. W. Turner,
Now is the time to buy Corn
shellers of A. J. Balawin & Co.
John Turner sells the best har
ness for the money in the city.
. Carload of corn, oats and meaql
Just reccived at L. C. Durhan's,
Buy the celebrated ALLIANCE
BRAND ot chewing tobacco of
| A. J. Baldwin & Co,.
To be clied out this week
3,000 yards printed muslins at 3ic.
Statham & Farnum have an ele
gant and cheap line of harness.—
P.ice before buyine. |
J. W. Turner is now recciving a
large and well seleeted stock of tall
goods, He¢ them,
’ Crockery and lamp goods of
every description, eheap and fine,
at L. C. Durham's, 1
Stutham & Faruum carry a fine |
and well assorted stock of lmm.ess,;
which they will scll cheap. |
You want to examine Statham
& Faroum’s stock of harness before
buyivg. They will gell you, |
Largest lot of Furniture ia |
Dawson. ['rices Tow and terms
libersl. A. J. Baldwin & Co. |
Get Cheatham & Dean’s prices |
on lead and oil and other paints and |
paint brushes before buying.
A. J. Baldwin & Co. have a
large stock of shoes on hand.
Prices and quality guaranteed.
Be sure to call early and buy a |
carpet of A. J. Raldwin & Co.
Large assortment just reccived
The best buzey and wagon har
ness cheaper thag anybody. ;
L. C. Durgan. |
About 200 yards silk remnants,
four to fifteen yards in each piece,
at 25¢cta, MrrLTON Bros.
The best buggy and wagon hars
ness cheaper than anybody.
L. C. Durnam
The ficest line of Toilet Articles
and Imported Tooth Brashes in the
city, at't D.SArLE's.
If you want the purest patent
mediemnes and druzs yom will find
them them at Cheatham & Dean’s
Derma-Lotion,” an unrivaled
remedy for eure of Tetter, Ecae
ma, Itch, Summer Heat, Eruption
of Skin and all Skin diseas s. For
sale by W. C. Keodrick and
Cheatham & Dean.
“All spirits produced by Distill
ers who use other materiuls than
Apples,Peaches or Grapes Must be
entered in Distillery Warehouse
aud be stamped with warebouse
stamp “this makes first stamp on
oarrel) and when withdrawn from
Distillery Warelouse on payment
of tax, the t:x paid stamp (which
is the second stamyp en aud is the
largest) must be affixed.” |
The übave is the law on all Dis
tilled goods and no barrel of Diss
tilled Liquor can be stamped with
one stamp only. |
tt. F. Beruunz.
Wants to Coms to Daw son. I
Dr. T. A. Chaopell thinks of |
moving his drug store from an-’
wood to Pawson if he cau secure a
store. This growing and prospcrx]
ous city of Southwest Georgia sl
ways welcomes such citizensas the
Doctor. T.et bim come.
Shop Lifters
Some thief stole a fine §7.5¢ am
brella trom Davis & Locke’s store
Saturday. Our stores are always
crowded every Saturday, and our!
merchants lose quantities of goods
in this mauner. l
" No Mistake.
Dress Goods, lstest shades, 25
per cant less than regular price’s
‘at Horsley & Killen's.
Hosiery. ‘
I shall ghow you the hest line of
the season. Styles uew, prices fair,
“Clothing! Clothing!
~ The best suits or $5, §lO, 815
and $2O in the city at Horsley &
’ flmmurant
| Wil open to~day. Meale served
at any hour day or night. The
best the market aflords. Don’t
fail to call around when in the
city. LY. AmmiN.
| Good Goads at Low Prices
' Is what makes Horsley & Kil
len's Clothing eell. Try them.
| Pan;s.aaods.
A splendid line of Cassimeres
for men’sauc hoy's pants at Hors
fey & Killen’s. |
Ladies’ Fine Shoes. |
You can get what you want in
Ladies Finc Shoes at Horeley &
Ready for Business.
“Mr. F. {{ethlme of the Ex
celsior Saloen,” has everythig ar
ranged at st in his new store.
‘He is fixed up as neat as a pin,
wnd isready to mix the best drinns
)in his usval fine style. He keeps
anything that can be thought of,
from the purest Hardshell Corn,
to the finest winesard champagne.
‘His goods ave all staudard and
when you buy them you know
what you get. Drop ia and see
him in his new quarters whether
you want apything or not, it is 8
treat to see how well he is fixed,
It is unquestivoably the “EX
| e
Allen Kigples Skhot Through the Heart--
Wash Robinson Charged With the Kill
ing-=Both Dawson Darkies.
On last Sunday morning reportg
reached this citv of the killing of
ove Dawson negro by another at
Shellman upon the arrival of the
cannon ball train®in that place.
Very little eould be learned ot the
aflair, and even up to Monday at
ncon nothing but the names of the
Qnrties could be found out. The
NEWS at once sent a special re
porter to the scene of the tradegy,
and is this mornine able to give its
readers as much of the ficts in the
case as could possibly he guthercd,
A large number ot Dawson wve
groes, itseems. had left here that
morning on the three v’clock train
for Shellman to attenu an associgs
tion, and ia the crowd were Allen
Nipples, Mack Henderson and |
Wosh Robinson. As soon as the |
train arrived at Shellman and the
passengers were put off, Nipples
aud Robiuson were scen to g 0 to
the rear ot the depot, and even
while the crowd was still in front
of the depot a pistol shot ‘
was heard in the rear.
and a few momente later Allen
Nipples was tound dyinz in the
arws of Wash Robincon. He had
been shot through the heart, and
the pistol with whizh he was killed
was found in Wash's satchel.
As soon as possible a jury was
empauneled, and in the absence of
the Coroner, Justice 1), L. Fer
guson acted in that capacity. The
evidence was very lengthy, Lut the
followiag is about the result of the
Wash Robinson and Allen Nip~
ples nad left Dawson tozether,
both drinkin:. Hetween Dawson
and Sheliman they had an alterea
tion butuvou the arrival of the
train at the latter place were seem-~
inzly ail right avain. They went
to the rear ot the depot together,
and shortly atterwards, possibly a
half hour, a pistol shot was heard.
Rieh Jackson ranto the spot, and
iound Allen Nipples shot through
the lett breast. Wash Robinson
was wryinz to hold him up.
Nipples gaid he was shot,but would
gay nothing more. About thirty or
forty dollars of Nipples mcney was
found in Wash's pocket, and a
five dollar Li:l was found on the
eround. A pistol was also tound
in Wash’s satchel. One empty
cartridze was in it, four that had
not been used were found on the
ground. The verdict of the jury
was that Allen Nipple. came to his
death by a pistol in the hands of
Wash Robinson, avd that in their
opition the same was murder.
Robinson had been arrested and
carried to Cuthbert, and there the
repoeter learned his side of the mat
“I left Dawson,” he said, -‘ia
company with Allen, who was
drinkiug. T bad drank some, but
was not fecling it. Mack Hender
son was aleo aboard and wasdrink
ing. Hesat down and began talk
ingto us. In ashort while he
aod Alen had cotten in a quarrel
aboutdrinks, Mxck got mad about
comething Allen said about Me!is
sa Henderson. I tried to keep
them qaiet, and parties on the
train asked them to be quiet. Soon
after we got to Shellman Mack
came to where Allen and I were
sitting on the porthwest corner of
the depot. ~ Ailen asked Mack to
have a drink, «nd Mack said he
didn’t want any of his d—- liguor,
wherupon Atlen told him he(glac)
was mad about what he had said
about Melissa. They bezun to
quarrel and Maek told Alien not
touch himor he would fix him.
Allen got up on the piatform and
got a pistol out of his valise and
told Maek he nad the endson him
and jumped off the platform to
where Mack wusstanding, When
he jumped ‘e stambled and fell
and simultanecusly the report of
the pistol was heard. He raised
up-and tried to getto the platform.
I help him to it. His hand was
on my shoulder .He said, ‘Wash,
I'm shot. Take this méney and
cet it to my wife and childres.
At this time Rich TJackson came
up and picked a bill' up off of the
ground. 1 todd him it was Allen's.
{he money was rolled up togzether
and I don't know anytiive about
the amount. Some one picked vp
the nistol and Taid it in or on m
satchel. Alle was very drunlz
and so was Macl:, and my opinion
is that when Allon stumbled the
pistol he had 1o his hand struek
the ground. went off and killed
“im. Betore God I'n innocent.”
" Nipples snd Robinson were both
industrsous and thrift negroes and
owned nice homes in the city.
Narr owly Escaped a Blaze.
The gin house ot Mr. Jobn Jones,
abous four mwiles from the city,
narrowly escaped des'ruction on
last Friday night. One ot the
hands accidentally knogked over a
lamp in the lint and the blaze rap
ily spread, but was extinguizhed
after about one bal of cotton had
been destroyed, Capt. W. B. Ox
ford is the i;eaviest loser trom the
Mad Caif.
Several weeks ago we stated that
Mr. John Daniel's yard dog bad
gone mad and bittes ome o
his calves before being killed.
One day last week the calt exhib
ited every symsmm of hydrophebia
and was speedily dispatched. to the
happy buntipg gm&nd.
RRRNST g PN S e T ——— st s o _—- ._.—~___—_._.—.“F—:“-—~l——'-"v‘ it e s . PN
| —--MecILAIN BROTHEERS--——--- e
| e LI --
The Day of Bargains Departetlh INOt, ;
—_— . ;:::T—__;:’;:—::t‘t-,tr::T:::“;“:T::;:t.‘:t::::‘:’:Z:.':i‘:::::;:?:i:.:fi,—;::::::,:: B e s e e e eB e eet
The first fall month has begun, and we intend making trade livelier by selling coods cheaper than ever. Our VWR. McLAIN has' just reburnefl trom the Northern 11-b
kets, where he went to buy our fall stock, and we now offer you rare and superior inducements in the shape of GENUINE DRIVES.
———— = e iR s o —— ——-—————W
The largest line of DRESS GOODS ever offered to the trade in Dawson. Double width wool Cashmere at 12} to 15¢ per yard, all wool Henfietta_l. .Vm:\_i wide, ,;?ovo{ g ”i
at only 35¢; Ladies Suitings, two yards wide, Ts¢ yard, all colors in both cheap and fine dress goods, with Trimmiogs to match; Prints sto 7e; mflgha{ns 7 to 10c: ne
15 to 35¢; Jeans 15 and up, all wool .Jjeans 25¢, 50 per cect saved on Jerseys and Wraps; Checks, Shesting and all Domastie Goods at your own prices.
i SRR e e Ay
’ ’
SEL YIS -We take much pride in our shoe department. and can unquestionably lay in the shade any competitor in prices and quality of goods. We sell Evitt
Bros. famous Shoes, the ladies favorite. AN kinds of Meo’s Fine Shoes. A oood and solid Brogan tor $l.OO. '
HAT —The larcest and prettiest stock of Hats in the city for $l.OO, $1.25 and 81.50. No such prices ever before offered. Al :tyles_nud E‘.‘_"J’e" .
e 70 PNE VOT, N 0 Buch prices ever before e /
CI.OTH ING - Our stock of clothing was bought in New York at very close prices, and we can sell you a suit cheaper tham anybody. All quality of goods,.
Men’s Suits at $5, $lO, $l5 and $2O. We make a speciaity of Boy's Suits, from $3.50 up. Children’s Suits from $2 up. i e :
e e o Py VATATONS BUILS from 92 up. es e ;
A Nice Compliment to Judge Guerry from
£t. Gaines.
~ The last issue of the ¥t. Gaines
Star contained the following coms
plimentary allusion to JudgeJ. H.
Guerry, who held Clay superior
court last week : .
*“This is Judge Guerry's first sess
sion here and the second one over
whieh he has presided since his re
cent election, though ne one would
ever vuess it after observing the
dignity and ability with which he
wears the ermine.
“His charge to the grand jury
was one of the ablest we ever heurd,
delivered in that ealm, impessive
manner so well remembered by
those whom his matehless eloquence
while pleading in the cause ot
law and erder zs our Solicitor,have
moie than charmed. |
“Every legal point was clearly
defined. The selling or furnish
inz of intoxieants to minors or in~
ebriates,cambling in all iis forms,
and slack enforcement of the road
laws, were especially dwelt upon.
and the importance of the univer
sal maintainance of the laws was
alluded w 0 in language unmistak—
able. The commecncement of the
churge consisted of a beautiful ea
logy of the late Judge Clarke,
couched in exquisite language and
breathing sentiments of the most
pro ound respect.
“The elvil docket was immediate
ly taken up, :nd the way business
moved oft under Judge Guerry's
guiding hand wes pleasant, at least,
to the pockets of our tax payers."
Stite and Jounty Taxes Due.
Tax collector John H. Crouch
started on his rounds {or tae eollee
don of taxes for 1883 last Monday
It is a good poliey to pay sixes
early, as the longer postponed the
harder it seems to haveto pay them.
There is noreason why it shonld be
80, but it is true nevertheless, that
taxes are the hardest money men
bave to pay,and they usaally post
poue tle evil day aslong as possi
‘ble. The taxes we pay bring the
best return of any possible mvest
ment. ‘T'hey insure 2 quiet and
peaceful pursuit of our daily
voeation under the pmte%fioa of the
strong governnent which they sup
port. ¥ : :
e Sy ;
Skin. s
This is a game of eards amonz
the negroes which means we sup
wose, that the greemhorn in tKe
game ususlly gets skinned of his
hard earnings. You can hardly
eonceive of the amount of gambe
ling here among the negracs. They
have dens in the old gullies on the
sutskirts of the eity and in the
swamp, and almost any night the
diin flicker of a light may be seen
at a distance in these out of the
way places. Oceasionally scme of
the gamblers are caught, but where
one ig captured ninetysnire escape
“Baby Mine."”
Mr. George MeNeil was in the
¢ity Saturday wearing s smile, the
ends of which met ina doanble
bow kuot. It was all on acevunt
of & pair twing, a bey snd a girl,
thst came to beard with him 2
few nizhts ago.
Captain Sam Loyless will now
increase hisown insurance and will
talk lite iusurance with redoubicd
energy., He has a fine new baby
that he wants to be mistress of the
White House.
Celored odd Fellows.
The colored ©dd Fellows met in
Dawson lust Friday, delegates
coming trom all the surrounding
country. They paraded thestreets
i upiform w the afterncon, and
were addressed at the Armgry by
Dr, Parks. At vight they had an
entertainment at the Armory.
They are to be con’mended for their
quiet and orderly manner through
out the oecasion. :
Remember Us, 3
Fhe time of year has come when
money is essy—when the g
mfile of the world is bfinginm
caeh tothe doors vt our plavters—
and we bey to remind our friends
of the glmost mumberless favors
du-us. Please call early and often
and let ug write receipts which will
balance ggr books,
Little Items Picked Up Here and There
m end About the City.
Track laying has been resumed
on the Unlumbus Southern.
Mre. Holmes died in the up
per part of the county o few days
Our college is boomingz, About
ove hundred and twenty.five in
Thirty-four jugs went from here
to Randolph “county Saturday to
wet whistles.
Rev, J. 8. Wailer, of Barnes
ville, will preach at the Baptist
church next Sunday.
There will be preaching at the
Presbyterian church to-uight by
Rev. I. W. Wadd-11.
Cotton is receivel here every
day trom uear Cuthbert, Shelliman,
Preston, L:ary and Bronwood.
" The indications now are that
there will be an abundant crop of
Byrup this year. The cane crop is
fine. .
The cookshave gone to the cot
tou fields and Dawson housekeepers
preuty generally are taking a turn
in the kitchen.
- Mayor Laing asserts positively
‘that he will not be a candidate tor
re-election. Colonel Parks looms
up among the several possibilities,
h Dawson is reaching out afier
15,000 ‘bules of cotton this year.
IBetween five and six thousand
bales have already bhave marketed
There are people in Dawson
who discourage imoro.ement and
business progress, directly or indi
rectly, wr enevor either is contem
l plated. Such people hurt the
town and are not good citizens.
The Capital Comedy Company
will play at the opera hiuse Fris
day and Saturday evenings. This
18 eaid to be one of the best troupes
on the road and should be greeted
with a full house.
Col. Joe Laing acts as Solicitor-
General in the county court while
Solicitor General Griggs is filling
‘the appointments in the circuit.
Col. lLaing watches closely the
‘interests of the state.
We are in receipt of the Colored
Farmer's “Alliance Guzette, pub
lished at Marshallville by E. 8.
Richardson, a former colored boy
of Dawscn, His salutatory is con
servative and is on a high plane,
and if he follows the course he lLas
‘manped out his payor will douby
less be a suceess.
+ Want to Be in Tesrcls.
We are told that some of
the Webster citizeus, who lLiye
between Bear Creek and the Ters
rell line, want that part ot Web
ster county cut off into Terrejl,and
are talking of having a bill intros
duced in the legislature to that ef
feet. Terrell would be glad to
have them, and if they are really
in earnest about wishing to get into
the best county in, the state, they
shouldgo to work and have the
law passed and not rest uuntil it is.
Ao Old Hule.
The Dawson Maoufacturing
Company is probably the owner of
the oldest mule in thiscountry. It
is a grey mule, served during the
war and is now thirty or more
years old. The mule is new
in active service, i 8 able to
do as much work as any mule, aud
couldkick the root off the stable;
bat be hus quit suen tricks and is
leading a quiet aud respecgable lite.
Have Learned Something.
A large number of farmers that
tried other markets last season
have rcturned to their first love,
audl are now selling their cotton in
the Dawson market. This is be
cawse Dawsen pays better pricea
for eotton aud handles ‘it at Jess
expense to the veller than mest any
inland market in the state.
e e QA et
Mails Irregclar,
The le of Dawson ave strong-
Iy inplm to use emphatic lan
h!lafo ia eriticisim of Upcle Sam’s
mail® service. For the last few
v eeks the mails have been very ir
regular, Tt takes a letter two duys
to yeach here from Macon, Albaay,
Amerieus and other points near
}by. The cause must he due to the
‘mail agente. |
But Representative Kendrick Can't Intro=
duce the Bill.
There is no doubt that the sen
timent in favor of the stock law is
growiag in Terrell. It may be
several years before it is in opera
tion, but it wil! eventually come.
The News is now publishing a no
tice that a bill wiIY be introduced
in the legislaiure estuhlishing the
stock law on the west side of Echa
waynotchaway creek in this county.
The citizens of that scction of the
county say that they are forced to
this move, that part or Randolph
county “adjoining tnem having
‘adopted the steek law,
The Sixth district bas also asked
for the stock law. Lee county
has adopted it, and as the sixth
district adjoins Lee, they say they
‘must have it two. Representative
Keundrick toild the NEws man last
Sunday that he had received a pe
tition sizned by about threesfourth
of the {reeholders of the Sixth dis«
trict asking him to introduce such
abill. ‘the document was ssned
by such uien as Geo. O. Hill, J.
N. Childs, O. N, Geise, Johu R.
Marshall and J. ¢, Simpson. Dr.,
Kendrick has addressed the peti
tioners a letter declizing to intro
duce the bill, in which he says:
‘““ ‘s I understand, one of your
reasous, and the main one, is that
you bave great trouble along the
line between vour district and Tae
county. N.w your distriet, in so
far 28 I am iotormed, is the only
oue in the county which has initis
ated any movement in favor of the
stock law, and if you were placed
under the operations of the law
you sk for, you can see that
the three other districts, or all the
territory in Terrell county adjoin
ing your district, would be aflected
thereby in the same way you are
by being in such close proxs
imity to the county of Lee, And
it would hardly be fair for other lo=
calities in the same county with you
to be brought to feel the effects of
this law without their zousent,and
without re‘erring the matter to the
qualified voters of your district.
* k % And last, but not least,
I have on all occasions insisted
that all questions of a local nature
should be settled by the people who
are interested in them. Still, un
der ordinary circumstances,as your
representative. I should feel it my
duty to rezpect and ecarry out the
wishes of a majl)rit{ of the demo
cratic voters of the district or
county to be affected by the meas
ure or measures asked tor. There
tore, I shall have to decline to
grant your request.”
Advertised Letters.
Dawson, Ga. Sept, 23, 'B9.
The following is a list of une
claimed letters in the Dawson P
0. which will Le sent to the Dead
Letter Oflice if not ealled for in 14
days. W. R. Barowix, P, M
Avere Mrs. Mollie, Brownlee
Miss Viola. Bowman J. F., Briant
Rutus, Burks Miss D. A., Daniel ‘
J.F. C, Dansey Miss Ellen (2)
Vletcher James, Frederick Mrs.
E. J. (2y Heonrick Miss Bulah,
Hone Miss Abbie, Jemeson Joe,
Jores E. B. (col.) Kenvey W. J.
Lewis Sylla, Lewis Miss Martha A,
Luke Miss Ella., Mallory Jennie,
Moore Miss Mary, Mgove Miss Zaro
Moore Nettie, gerry Miss Lucy,
Pickett Barl, Powell William,
Smith P, T.
The Colummoufham.
Dr.C. N. Howard. of Cussets,
was in the city yvesterday, and re
ports thut a force of hands is now
engaged in grading tho Columbus
Southern road through Cussetn,
Frock has been laid to within seven
miles of Cusseta, and it is thought
that trains will be runsiog to that
point inside of ten days The gmo«
ple of that section are delighted
over the prospects of being eou.
vected with Columbus by rail at
such an early date Columbus
Enquirer. &
: Bought a Xume.
Oscar d\?Vhitx:hard, one of ouy
clever and prosperous young mer.
chants, has bought MrYJ. gA. Mil«
lers residence on Stonewail stueet,
‘and wili improve it, :
: e plgbtin s
~__Boda Waten, Boda Water, at T.
D. Sale’s Pharmzcy. The best in
the world and only He. a glass,
Hon. W. C. Kendrick was here
Mr.and Mrs. W. F. Locke went
down to Eutaula Sunday to visit
Mr. L. F. Cater came from Pera
ry Sunday and returned Monday
with Mrs Cater, |
Miss Eva Sharpe will leave Sata
urday for Cuthbert, where she wiil
enter college.
Mr G. R. Cannon, one of our
successtul planters is with the Daw
son Oil Co. for the season.
This is an oft week with Judge
Gurry and Solicitor- General
Grizgs, and they are spending it at
home. |
Prof. ML Parker was down from
Macon Saturday to see his family.
His echool opened under very fa
vorable auspizes, g
Miss Mamie Duainel spent sever
al days in town this week o 1 her
return home to Dawson, after
spending some time with relatives
at Colambus— Bewna Vista Patriot.
o Vo;/;:—.
Patrons of the South Teorgia
Male and Female College should
remember that all pupils are
charg-d in each departmens of the
college from the time of entering
until the close of the session. No
deduetion for abs ‘nee ot pupils ex
cept for sickness unless protracted
oue week or longer
Leoxipas Josgs, Pres.
Attractions ut fi«;n"; & Locke's.
ing of every grade, zize and
C]mhmgprice for Fall and Winter
of latest styles end lowest
ats o
of best grades and best
Shoes of
from 75ets. to $5.00
Umbre“as Gold and silver heads.
g that will make you dizzy.
Scarrs,'flxe nobbiest line ever
brought to this city. Qnly ook st
them and you will be gure to buy
Red Star
‘ /v‘/ 4 /]
Pf ',' .
’ gy ?:‘l(3¢
4 e é\ E
The 115{5&5}?(} of ;{m;l—nghel oan
not be overestimated, for without pure blood
you cannat enjoy good health,
At this season nearly every one needs a
good medieine to purify, vitalize, and enrich
the blood, and we ask you to try Hood's
. Sarsaparilla. Itstrengthens
PeCU!lar and builds up the system,
ereates an appetite, and tonea the digestion,
while it eradicates disease, The peeuliar
combination, propertion, and preparation
of the, vegepu::;ummedku used give to
Hood’s Sarsa] pecul
far curative powers. No To Itself
other medicine hassuch arecord of wonderful
cures, If you have made up your mind to
buy Hood's Sarsaparilla.do mot be induced to
take any other instead. It is a Pequllar
Medicine, and is wortby your confidence,
Hood’s Sarsaparillais sold by all drugglsss.
Prepared by C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mags,
100 Doses One Dollar
e e e e e A 2
I will atteud the following timep.
and plac es for coNecting Taxes for
-1888 :
12th - Distriet—Monday, Repr,.,
23d; Mounday, Sept. 30th: Monday;.
Oct. Tth.
11th Distriet—Tuesday, Bept..
24th: Tuesday, Oct Ist; ‘i:uodsay..
Oet, Bth. ;
Sixth District— Wednesday,Scpt:
25 th; Weduoesday, Oct. 20d; Weds
nesday, Oct. Oth,
Fourth District ~Thursday,
Sept. 26th; Thur-day, Oct 3¢
Thursday, Oct. 10th. ;
Third District- Friday, Sept.
27th; Friday, Oct. 4th; Friday,.
Oct. 11th,
Cun be found at Crouch Bros)
Drug Store orr Saturdays- and:
eourt weeks,
&, H. CROUCH, T. G.T, &
> = 8
Sheriff Sales.
GEORGIA -- TerreLL CouNTy,
Will be sold before the cours
house door in Dawson, Ga., hes
tween the leral hours ot sale on the
first Tuesday in October next, 60
acres of land off of lot No. 237 in
the 12th District of Terrell county,
same being bound on the East by
W R Prichard, on the South b
land of J A Prichard, on the Wel}t
ay land o! Mrs Supp, on the North
by land of V. ealey Flc(}ill. to sate
isty fi fia i-sued from Justice Court
of 811th Distriet, &, M., in favor
ot O B Stevens vs Mrs T Bozees
man. Levy made and returned to
me by J S Carter, L C.
T R Trnor~rox, Shenff.
Auzust 2Tth, 1889
Administrator’s Sale:
By viriueof an order from the
court of Ordmary of Terrell coun—
ty, will be sold betore the court
house deor, in Dawson, Ga, within
the usgnal hours of sale, on the first
Tuesday i Oct zext,part lot of land.
No.bs,in the swelth djstrict, and!
pasts of lots of land Nos. 64 and 65
1a the seventeentl: district, contain.
ing 300 acres more or less and:
situated 1n TerreM evunty. Scld:
a 8 the property of J. W{lhgnn..
decensed, -for bemefit of heirs and:
creditors. Terms cash.
Adm’r J. W. Ragzan, dec'd.
GEORGIA, Terrell County.
Whereas, M. N. Sharp, Admiris
tratrix ot J. P, Sharp, Ceceased,
represents to the court in her pe-~
tition duly filed and entered on the
reeord, that she das fuliy admios
istered J. P. Sharp’s estate. This
is therefore to cite ail persons con=
cerved, kindred and creditors, to
show cause, if any they can, why
said administratrix should not be
diseharged from her administration,
and receive letters of dismission on,
the first Manday in October, 1889,
J. W. ROBERTS., Ordinacg,
July Ist. 1889.
To all whom it may concern—
J. Lamar Janes has 1 due form
applied to the uodersigned for
permanent Letters of Admindistra
tion on the estate of David H. Janes
deceased, late of Eutula, State of
Alabama, and 1 will pass ;{)on
said application on the first Mons
day iu E)cu)her nest. (iven une
der my hand and official signature
this 2nd day of ,September, 1889,
J. W. Roserts, Ordinary.
D the first Tuesday in Ogstobee:
next the hoard ot county com -
missioners will elect a superiatendie.
ent of the couaty farm, Any pere
son wishing to apply will leave
their sealed bid with the Orcdinary,
Dong by order of the board C: C.
J, W. Ronergs, Clerk.
W. H. Turysr, Chairm’c.
Application, will he made at the
present session of the Legislature
of Geosgia for a law known gs the
“Biock Law” for the west side of
Echaway Notchaway Creek, ig.
the 11th District of Terrell cqunty,
and for other purposes. :
" Sept. 16, 1889, -

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