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TheGreatesi Bargains we Have Offered Yet
o ree=s T RIFP*TO NEW YOBK-=s+s-s
Dress Trimmin.s without end.
Btriped Eura’ s,
Persian Bilks.
Persisa Bauds.:
Plushes. :
Foad rimmi ‘ngs.
Passamentrre, ete.
A beautiful lot ot J rsev- and Wrap. che P
A nice Back Jireey fom 50¢, to $:25.
A nice Wrap from 8§25 to 85.00.
, 9 Al it »
WeSeILE.P Retd's & ZeigiemEnes, Tadies S es--Rost Mal
“~ ' o —— -~N “~4 §
——— Q) ——
. * it it Wil RE
"a" P“l'chased )I('SS!",. ”i“m:au & \\';l'lv'n ftntens stoek of
-y 4 -
Aid will do business at the-sive stand, The memhers of the firm wre
0.8. STEVENS, A. J. B \LDWIN and T. D. SALE, and they pro
im to run one of the best and mast reliable Drus Sio es in the siate.
verything in the way of Drugs, Pate.t Mediciies, Puints, Ois, Vais
dishes, Toilet Articles, ete. ete., of the purest and best makes will le
hyp‘t.lways in stock. :
They also carry a fine iine of the purest Whiskivs, \\'i:‘l('s, Br ndies,
ste., tor medicina) use, whieh they bonzht Jow aund are coing to seli low,
Mr.T. D. SALE will have churge tthe busines<and wil e lad
r -l all of his old friends and make new ones. :
Give them a call and be convinced that they mean busivess.
e LA g TR
e, 1. 5350 R
g:]*'_;u': . "i~ 2
: il utyiziny L 3 1850 ER)
_O.'" pearly every desciipiio
L AT y 4 Ny
UlOVl’*‘b, HAE DWW A o,
1 Y Py g v:wT -
' L a & 1)
“ fi,} Oi) ‘ Y i‘§{ %
(ireceries, otc. We are now agents for the ccle br-ted
Charte. Oak Stoves and Ranges,
m.mh' beine 86 vell known. need o rocommend | Call and ex
Ming eur stock, As tar as prices are conceraed, we Lkuow we can
it yoy,
Examine our 25 cent Flesible Bick Carry Co b, Jus the thi
for ALY, horses, ifl(::;(l%cluXloy“;\r(:'vin:w» nd Sr'-:sivt veldnen: . oo
Druggists and Pharmacists.
Lee Street - - Dawson, Ga.
e e (X)X
- ? A
Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils.
Varnishes, Brushes. &c
Both of us being physicians, a .0 having in our emp}q
Mr. W. B. BRANNOY, a clerk of experience in our line,
iwe claim advantages not posessed by any Drug House.
) Physicians and layety ali e can always depend on us
~ for pure drugs anci accurately compounded prescriptions.
{ Chfifltham & Dean, - - Ilawson. (zeorgla.
1,000 vuids Chamtray, worth 10
cents, for T3e.
Benutitul - donlile-wiath Wool
Cashmers, 15¢. worth 25,
100 piecex ' 00l Dress Gools,
which we are Lou.d to scll, price
6F Do price
500 vards Serrsucker, worth 15
cents. ‘or 83,
2,000 y'ds Ginebams fiom 83 1010
Beautifu! sbL'c Dimosk, 30 ceats,
worth 50.
Biw baraiv in icking, Ble chig,
and Sea Island.
Al wool Filannel, 18¢, «worth.2s.
100 e¢nges new Shoes that minst .o,
4,000 yvards Jeans from 15¢ to 35,
warth 25 to 50
rEY rgv .
T. 1. Thurmeid,
Satistoer o '.A;..;-x:’;,x
teed i all kindeo
tal Work., O'd plaiss ve p hied
a d mada ood 18 new
wor Poioliss Extraetion of Toeth
P. tronage respocttaily solich @
Oiiice up stairs over Tethot's store.
v - el
R F Simmons.
Pr ctice-in o}l ihe conrts. Piviies
haviug land for sale shoula ¢l on
e .
w ';-'-‘AH.VV i ;’V;-~—' £l‘
Griggs §& Laing,
Prompt astestion to all business
»s Y -
Janes & OGraham,
Susiness respectful'y solieit d
Fi g f';\.l;K:". ‘ B 8. BELL
J. . PARYS & €O,
All kinds of property insurced ai
reasonable rates Foss s« tistes
torily adjusted and proaopi v pad.
oipan-es represeited ali strong
dberal and reliatle.
Office over drug store of heats
ham & Dean, norin side of Publie
T T Al
. fi - [‘ “ %1 %s
G R OOCE 21 0=
0 :
Dot Ly 1t £OX 3 " ur
¢! i““-.y.», :A.; Vil
by rewsil.
hied Bee . Mot 8 wiei
A lot of the cels Peach ano ap
sorated “K e v~ ple alwoys ou
tucky” just hand, Soarand
received, Lemou de.
is Fespecinl'y mvited to look t
my tebaceos befor: buying
TN ' ¥
OO 11,58 & 1S
e s
Next session hegins Sept. 4ify
Fll_ll corps o pr essora,
Til lON FRE"
Board $9,00 per ionth,
Send For ¢ atalogue. To
A. J. CLARK, Presidenist
10,000 yarls Calico s¢. 10 Te.
Sheeting and Checks ot fuctory
500 yards new Satteens at 8}
worth 12}
Hose, Handkerchiets, Collars,
Cufls, Shirts, Gloves, Hoods,
Uuderwear, Ribbous, ete., tor a
Whed e D
June | 1o Qug. 1, 1889,
's2s 000
Worth of Plancs and Organs
from hest makers to be elosed
Sooul foe bt Jrotesmvent
fntoensh or tnstallmsmt assets,
lon:‘.uo:g;e!y_‘:';;;\r: FXSTRU-
Icn‘a. &eulrnN::’;-:od- ‘rfow
months only.
e :::z:,z';;;,.”t“‘
e ey e g
vurrepalr i';;.c:::y.ml:egzlel:;mz ll
BRI i s ook S
e i o l
Your OWN TURMSN nlmoet.
Very liglit Monthly Paymeonte,
or Smull Cash Payment nud bal.
axoe whin yo:__flu ready.
s ST T SRS et
morney. TRY US ON, We wiil
meel yoii ove:'_y_inc.
$5:l 1,15, $lOO, $l5O,
$24, $35, $5O, $75.
| Capt Jotn A, Fuitan ge
s ageut ior the Ainer s“’
corder, The Atlanta GO@Stintinn
ihe Buany South 4 Th: New
Vork Ledgorand the Macon lele.
L rrn e X ot 7 3 '.f. Vet
in Exefting Chase after a Runaway
Wife azd Anothter Man Ended
in Stewart County.
Liate last Friday evening a gen~
tleman arrived in Lampkin named
A. B. Harrison, who resides near
Mobi'e, Ala., claiming to be ¢yn a
hunt ior his stolen wife and three
children, nurported to be stolvn by
Whorton Berry, 8 nephew ot Mr
Mr. Harrison had been in pur
,auit of them nearly three weeks, "
. going through a portion of Texas,
| und back to Cuthbert, Geeryia, at
| which point tneg, Whorten Berry,
[ wife and three chiidren, ali got oft
‘the train and hired a conveyance
l'to carry them to Stewart county..
| A few days later Karrison learued |
‘ hey ha(l{ gotten off at Cuthbert tor
! ~te wart, hence he made for Lump
kin. {
Arriving there he soon iearned l
that his' stolen wite, threc chil-l
dren and” Whorton Berry were in
the vpper portion of the count,y.at‘
the residence of Mrs. Walls, mother
I of the stolen wite.
3ir. Harrison procured the ser -
vices of an officer, and had Whors
ton Derry, the swlen wife and 1
the three children arrested and
carried to Luwpkin, |
It appears that just before this{
vile degradation was committed
, Mr. Harrison bired this nepliew ‘
"ot his to Jabor tor bim, aud to re.
~m inat his bouse and protect his
family while he (Harrison) was off
lat work bui'ding @ house forty~
' ty fi-e miles distaut. 1
‘ Whortou Berry, befere leaviay |
hoine, had sold off nearly (:ver_\'-‘
% thing be eould or money, amount
“ing to, with eash stolen from ifar
i vison, over $1,000.00.
' This certuinly talls heavily upen ]
!Mr. H rrigon, but suffice to sy
| he states he docsn't eare so much
' for ilie stolen wiie and propenty as |
| tor Lis chiidren, |
| About six years ago Mr. Harris|
son lived in the up per part ot Siew
art county, aud scon atter was
| married to Lis wi'e at Cuthbert
ard moved to Alahama.
‘L Lis vile + horton Berry had on
i ly been, two month previous to his
E crime, hired to labor for Harrison
| and Le with his family while he
l was off at work. 1
it s i |
Do you suffer with catarrh? You |
can be cured it you take Hood's
Sarsaparilla, the greav Llood puri
fier. So.d by all druggisis,
A e s
We Have Seen
- A young man sell a good farn,
turu ‘uerctant, break and die in
A farmer spend so much time in
town that there was nothing at
home worth looking atter,
A rich man's eon be in where
his tather left off, und end where
Lis tather begav—penniless,
A worthy farner’s son idle away
the prime of his life in dissipation,
and end bis career m poverty.
A far er too self conceited to
meud his ways and too obstinate to
retrace his footstops,
A poor boy grow rich by indus
try and geed management, and
rich boys become poor by idleness
and dissipation.
A mau spend more in folly
thun would support his family in
comtere and independence.
A rarncer deliver a fine oration
at an acriewtural fair with hs
tences ull dows, field overgrown
with we:ds, stock foragin: on a
neighbor’s field and taxes unpaid.
A farwer build a dwelling so
large und five that the sheri was
ihe first 1o oceupy It.
wasiedeiu R
Tue New Orleans Picoyune
thinks the Uniied States needs a
uaiionalair and a natiousl flower,
“The Manly Artof Self Defence,”
Giving “‘vlow for blow,” is of-
Wi mo.e thougiit o thar that
oibier *turt of sl detence,” wiich
consists 1 ieiending one’s own ays.
“‘TI irom _ihe u&n&m 3( disesse
and uegiect. When Bpepeia,
CousLl ?' i bilimplneg;{ P“li\":{"
W‘ i_;ln.xdicv,‘ uud the fike
iy Bold of the aysiem, the beat des
feive is the inmediate use o Dr,
Pierce's P eas.nt Pelie ; tiny svy- ‘
ar-conted Gravules, made rrom con
cebirated vegetable extracts; one o
',’M' b SR il T |
Many Mormon Immigrants New |
Poaring into This Port.
*There seems to be no way, un
der our present jaws, by -wgich a
stop can be put to Mermon ime«
riigration, although there is no
doubt that it brings in a highly
uudesirable claas of peuple,” said
Buperintendent Joho Simpson of
Castle Garden to me yestarday.
““The Mormou converts are now
'eoming here at a rate of from 100
10 3008 week,” he continued,
““They are of the lowest and mostl
ignorant clases, and are abrolutes !
Iy under thecontrol of the prose. ,
Iyting elders who accompauy them, |
This' makes it alinost impossible to |
ftud grounds for detaining them,
~or returning them. The elders,of
course, know the ropes, They are
familinrwith the questions that will |
be asked, understand the laws govs
erning immigration, and those un
lder their charge are thornughly
I conched before they leave the
l stenmer.. For instance, one of the
' greatest” complaints agaiost this
clags from our standpoint is the
l number of children who are
brought over with no other guar
!dinns thin elders. Fully 60 per
reent of thy immigrants are chils
|dren under 16. Some time ago
‘ we returned about twenty from one i
{ party for this rewson. Since then |
it has been impossible to find a |
l gimiliar case. All the children
are claimed by adults of the party
{nnd while eome ofthem are noto
| rious'y bogus claims, we have nol
‘ reconrse. Whena passenger clains |
a child. tiot even an affidavit is nc.[
!vosa:rry. Whotever our opinion '
may be, we must aceept the states
ment a 8 true. The same is true
in every thing else, and it is for
this reason -that we nre often ac-‘
lcusml of ‘rashing' immigrants
| These people are met here by
| Mormon eniissirics, who usuelly
| come over as cabin passengers on
; the same steamer. We watch
closely, and evem shut them out
of the Guarlen to prevent any
communication with their flocks
until after they are landed. But
the postins has already been done
The Mormong give us little rouble
they answer the questions readily
| and.seem anxious to avoid any
| further intercouse with the ems
ployees, interfere with no~
body, and rely entirety upon their
leaders. Usual'y tiey are tnkeni
direct from the Garden and sent on |
their way. \* hen they are fnr(-c«l‘
to lay over night, they form a clise
camp in the Garden, and post sen-{‘
tinels on all kides Nome of them
are allowed to leave. The :-entinels‘
are relieved every two hours. They
do not int rfere with outs‘ders whflf
appronch, but wateh closely aiter
their own people. The majority of
the Mormon immizrants arriving
here are Beandirviavs, although
there are gome Germang and + few
Euglisn. Nearly all come by the
!w;uy of Liverpool. They iuclude
men, women snd children, and it
their statements are true,have been
cominz on'y in complete families,
and expect to be rich and power
ful within a year after. they reach
the land of the many-wived pro
¢¥e Point with Pride’”
To the “Good, name at home,”
won by Hoeod’s Sarsaparilla. In
Lowell, Mass., where it is prepars
ed, there Ismore or Hood’s Sursapa.
ril a soid than of all other medis
cines, and it has given the best sat.
istaction since its introduetion ten
years aco. This eould not be if the
medicive dill not possess merit, 1t
you sufler from impure blood, ity
Hood's Sarsapriila and realize its
peculiar curative power. |
Rt e ;
Happy Hooslers. |
Wm. Timmons, Postmaster of
Tdaville, Ind., writea: *‘Electric
Bitters have done mote for me than ‘
all other medicines combined {for
that bad feeling arising trom Kid.
wey and Liver medicine, troulsle,"
Johy Leslie, rarmer and stockman, |
of same place, savs: “Find Elee~
iric Bitiers 1o bethe best Kidney
and Liver medicine made me fee]
like # new man™ J, W, Gndner,]
hardware merchant, same town, |
says: Electric Bitters is just the '
thing tor a man who i 3 all fllu;
down and doot ¢ire whether he
lives or dies: he found new strength
ood uppetil.e and telt jfllt like he
bad a new lease on lite. Only 50c. 1,
battle, at T D. Bala's l'!m‘ Btore. |
v=% T ‘
R ————————
The Sad Case of Ex-Senator Jones, |
of Florida. |
The sad ease of ex-Senator
Joues, of Flogids,is still a mystery.
Since Senator Jones found him
gelf unable to secure hotel accom
modations in Detroit he has lodged
with his friend, Mr. O'Nqi{_.a_i
posteflice inspector, but a fow
days agobe bud to give up hiy!
‘reom and hunt other quarters. I
8 tot known where the :ena.l“of’
eats and sleeps, or how he gets
along. When he arrived in De~|
troit he wus elegantly dressed,
Now he isin the last stage of shab
iness. O'Neil says that he turned
him adrift because he was tired of
supporting him, but it is said that
O'Neil owes his appointment and
his retention in office to Jone's in-!
Itis a strange story. Jones
talks well, and "his specch before
the wmational editorial coivention
in Detroit was one of tne ! rightest
ot the occasion. The southern edr
itors who were present suid
that if the eenator would re
turn to Flerida Lie could get any
thing he wanted.
But the Lomeless and penniless
statesman remuins a voluntary ex
ile trom the state that loved and
honored him.” Heeannot be made
to believe that his eld sweetheast,
Miss Palms, the heiress, is married,
and speaks tenderly of her. It is
pitiful t . see this brilliant and am
mble man in such a wretched
plight. If he could be pursuaded
to return to Florida, familiar
scences and care of devoted friends
might yet make him « happy aud
uselul man. As bhe is, heois a
strandea wreck.
Cancer of the Nose.
“My father had cancer and my
husband died of cancer. In 1875
a lump appeared on iy noze, and
Irom its appearance and rapid
grewth, I became alarmed with the
idea that F, too, had ecancer, |
consuited my physiciaie about it
and he gave me zu ointment to put
on ity ad this il aot reliaes o,
It gradualiy g 1 -w longer and worse,
aad T had fully made up my
mind tha: I must also aie ct
S cer. Friends prevai e!
on me to try Swift's Specifie (5.5,
8.) Thia I fivally consented to do.
‘Aner taking a few bott es [ was
centirely cured. Swiflt's Specific
(S, 8. B) cured me when the does
} tors and all other medieines failed.”
Mgs. M. T, Masgny,
Woodbury, Hall County Texas
For fificen years I was afflicted
with rheumatisin, for yeuars ol
which I was compelled to ¢o on
crutches. Words wre inadequate
to expressed the suffering I endur
ea during that time. Dunin these
fifieen vears of existence (it was
livinp), I tried every koown recic
dy without sny beuefit. I finally
began on Swift's Sy cific (88, 8,),
which from the fis¢ gave me res
liet, and to-day [ 2 enjoyirg the
hest of h'.’f:l]th, and sme a well man,
I candidly belioya tho g S 808, s
the hest hload puridier on the mar.
lkct toeday. - J, D. Taviow,
Cuba, Mo,
Treatize on Blood and Skin Dis.
I’ln!cs mailed free. Swrer “enemic
Co., Aianta, Gy,
Trs increasing pular desire
for modern convenicuces legiti
mates the belief (hat the court room
of the future wili he supplied with
wooden jurymen, built by the cons
tractors, |
| R SULL WEIG 77N, l
1 RS |
| SOl ot |
| i il l
\ B iy |
| B ;r,’».‘\ 2 G ;
- RAKIN® |
Absolutely Pure, |
This powder never wvaries, Aé
marvel of purity, strength and!
wholesomeness. More scenomic | |
than the ordivary kinds, and caml
not be »old in competition with the |
multitude of low test, short weivht
alum or phosphate powders, Sold
onlywn cans. ROYAL BAKING
POWDER CO., 106 Wyll s
Y . :
VOL. VI.-NO. 23.
s T ] Giaot. )
< ¥ : i ”" i S
g MFo oo fpsmgni
o e dSk L reks B L MORER
YL N %A,’?,—s?sgfl.t{v'fx Bl irge,
R SR ey (T g &
€, Trde Bty St el Ao RsIR i
fg‘@fi’)\jfi' o "?F}#'l 7T S
VGRE Oy PRty eAT LN A Axf(’
AR b ST, ' 2l g S Vb
i }.{ cETE @ g A (._,-.‘;,uw Al
Sove iR e 1P Ao Tert RE B
b LY ¢ v eSR Sl et
3‘-"*’;’(-‘1&" . {\?"'&‘*:\i‘,'{ o -i.":’%} e
iR e oA e A A T S T
Uigitd et ial =oG
3 By s i TREEL S Y g B Ty
% _"7‘;"«‘{ '*‘4{ (Aot SO D| PR o
e g,.;e' sy oo LRSS
Hdd 71 eil ey S B AEE S
% RN AT R C i SR R
) ,‘.:'ff.v"(d sk ‘.'?{(t—: x:%? SR .-‘fA',‘,
[n; s «’,«?:‘w‘—_',-‘ %eP L 8 g i; i\ et
1 3:&.'&_,,%4..; T A Bk,
ffi'f.»‘w ifif%%‘,& e
"f}*“‘"fi R R sTRO SN t"y’ ¥
who s - e
4 Btanding, with rolectept et
SEs e Jroe’s wnd GEer et
pawes “Vronmnheod an g CAOdReGT o
I 8 8 -tvne.of thausenda of Aony pivis whe
40 COnTrlng ST the cheventls sl of theie
exirteact e they snter o thoir “teops,™
Kuynaa, exetnbie Chataide, sired by
SIERiL e, alsmwanes taeees witkin them,
CACH i AR Imtce WN}{. OaF g need
tho teed vesb ciom rhaiesgnt Jovine patier,
gversiohy, and ta dda ol D, lorec's Divevgn
Procecintisa) o safely covey thom vy
this critiond poviad, cduries viih, in oo
WMARY i ws I eDas N ooy of dise
Erossio oS OF GIReSK s eculine o ILy
fewale aoy, Dut this Doyt woireekir
will preveat !l Bueh S 8 o Gr e them
it ey hnvd aleady seluod g viethn, Wisa,y
awes 6 Bobessoii o hee G i aad an oo
p Acafal _Statiem, 1o Do ol end aone, log
her ther B DVe Rl Tod i foenni o onw
L REVOMIe PYBRSCIEIAR " 1 0 joeirinini e
Sne, o meIHIY OAIRBONT 0] Ll s oniendadl
bl aRREEPRY IR, o ke (o anean )
e Nabe ORISR IR TT ey vosetghil
Pn S COMPORMION. il poriaeddy B fnles )
9t LS DNwrN oA G T el Y ausieny,
el b dewmnterr 00, Oosx bocl for
Copd Pt 1550 by WORLS D Ban AvsNe
‘ 5 DR NG Se v i 3
| - . >
”?' {E et =, Py o L\
Wwiki AAT Wy Sl $
P rogmlors aud aleaas: fhe Lo hiokeh Ry 3
PR R RN e, et L S RO ST e .
i ftete duradeos, OXAT o e, :_,.,‘p‘.");.
1 RSt stisy U 0 ornits evl
‘Way Dawn Upon Ehe
From Branford, Fla., situated
upon the romantic Suwannee river,
Nressrs, Rouse & Thomas write, un
[der date of Aug. 19th, 1389:
| Please forward us another gross of
Johnson'’s Chill and Fever Tonie.
Have sold eut every bowtie of last
£ross upon your strict guurantee,
aud not one hottle returned.
Froma Leiter from Graniteville, 8.
C., dated August 26th, 1889
At ths age of 50, with {wenty~
| five years of active praciice, I am
| # esrefu observer and cautiousin
lendr;rsing proprietary medicines,
{bnt I can eonscicntiously endorss
{ vour Johnson's Chill and Fever
E Tonie as one of the Lest eambinas
{ tion remefies tor Chill and Fever
| I have ev.rseen used. It corrects
"the vitiated secretions of the liver,.
| relieves costiveness,and ‘;romntel
| the absorption and assimilation of
| fuod, thus tulfilling all the indica
i tious craimed for it.
! Yours truly,
; Xe g EL)\\:AI{DS, M.D.
i Fernavdina, Fla,, Aug. 6th.:
| A, B. GuranrpEavy,
Bavannah, Ga.
l DrarßSir: Please send ue one:
! wross of Johnson's Chill anl Fever
|'Tonic. X is the best seller we
have for malarial tevers,
Parxer Bros.
l Le claim made for this meds
| icine is a modest one, We maiis
i tain that itis 100 times Lotter than
{ quinine, and 100 yeursin advanes
| of the profession in the treatment
Lol all tevers, from the most malig
% nant types of Bilions Hemorrhagis
| Fever to the simp’est torm of Chill
' and Fever. Fer zale by all Druge
| ists,
i A.B. Garraprar So'e Pravrietor,
'Savammh, G,
Bgy Y 0 Qe
‘i i GEO\ v.pHCE,
| ; .
L Ry
. Contracts tor ali kinds of builds
l ing taken at lowest rates, and ma
terial furmished when desired. 1
have been in the business for fif
teen years and know my business
and guarantee my werk.
| NMLill Worle.
1 have had a large experi nee in
this lie, and guarantee to do good.
‘and cheap work on new mills or
repairing eld oucs,
Gin Weorl.
I bave had twelve years experin
ence with machirery aod a full set
o 7 teol: can make your old giu
work likea new one. I have res
paived a lar e number of gins and
fave yet o hear the first complaint
of ‘my work or price. 1 sharpen
gina by mackioery or hand and all
work done will hie made payable
October Ist, 1880,
I will call o 0 you durirg the
«pring and summer months. This
is allowing {o\l ‘a showing, mx
hope you will hold your work for
me. My address is Lm :
224, Dawson, Ga. e
: GFO V. _PALE, -
Peh 20 [RBD, - :

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