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A, e R e T -*-v_—‘w
NE Gfl [-fific:mfl,n\r BIROTHERS -
___he Day of Bargains DSgartoth Nk i
" The firstfall month hag begq". and we intend making trade livelier by spl'lix?{g_;’- L'm;h(“h:per than evm::w()ur MR. I\I‘(_;T,TA*I‘—N?"ST,M“ J{E&&Tr&“thcl\&?fim mar=
Kets, \\’lmerg‘_!lig_vigpf_fq_ h}\y omfall_ ~s‘tnck, -md we now off'elwa rare and superior inducements in the shape of GENUINE DRIV IS,
;—‘——_—\‘fi S e AR e ey
; . ‘ DRESS GSOOoODs. |
The largest }mc ot DRLSS GOODS ever offered to the trade in Dawson. Double width wool Cashmere at 123 to 15¢ per yard, all wool Hearietta, vard wide, heavy q‘\mlity.
at only 35¢; Lndlers Suitings, two yards m(.le_, the yard, all colors in hoth cheap and fine dress goods, with Trimmings to mateh; Prints sto Te; Ginghamws 7to 10c: Wool Flannel
15to 80¢; 'l"‘f"‘sh}f)_“_"v‘l up, :\!] ‘ wn(fl eans 25¢, 59 por vert s:xvvml on Jerseys and W raps; Uhacks, Sheeting and all_Domestiec Goods at your own prices,
g = T o et e OB Rt
MELODES —We take much pride in our shoe dop:mnwnt, and can unquestionably lay in the shada any eompetitor in prices and quality ot goods. We scll Evitt
Bros. famous Shoes, the ladies favorite. Al li]l}(lfl of Mena's Fine Shoes, A zood and solid Brogan for $l.OO. : : :
I H‘T,*‘,Tllf’,,‘f‘f_"'Ci_'if_“fl_i’_r_et_‘“'?_‘.F‘,_’f’"'f‘,"f, ats in ”,’,",('i,t'-v ‘or 81.00, $1.25 and $1.50. No'such prices ever before offered. All styles and shapes. e
?‘_—__————M_\.;;M 5 e : ee e
- . Ol O ET TN -, :
CLOTEL IN G —Our stock of clothine was bought in New York at very close prices, and we can sell you a suit cheaper than anybedy. All quality of goods.
Men's Suits at $5, 810, $l5 and $2O. We make a speciaity of Boy's Suits, from 83.50 up. Children's Suits from $2 up, R w
T T : "‘ Te A R e st
‘E\ & . n."
ok & eV N/ ehPuiil @ sia ? ’ .
You can get more
: SIT‘}AR, :
SALT, Ete. Ete.
from M. C. Mims than any other
Bouse in the city for the same mon
; - ™
[inow located in Dawson to Clean,
Repaiv and Dye garments. All
lors always on hand at first
ouse below Mr. Hart's carriage
ts. Anthony
. .
New [illinery
—— FOR-
all and Winter,
Enbracing the latest shapes in
(anton, Milan, Felt and Velvet
ats aud Bonnets, Ladies and
ises Straw, lelt and Velvet
ilors in assorted evlors. Walk
¢ hats, Turbans, and Toques.
Yew Ribbous in colors and black,
Ao relvet ribbons. Fanco teaths
, Birds, Tips and loag Plumes.
Give her a call, sie isdetermins
to please in guality of goods
d prices.
Irs. M. M. Anthony
© You a Mason ?
| () Wim
ficate my business and methods
ey are not hard to understand,
tthose accustome 1 to trade w th
- Strangers may need somc in
retation. The signs are to be
lerpreted in this way: The
lare stands for
Very one trading with me gets
Yuare deal or nothirg. I
Il stoop to prevarication or
Dthe devil around the scump.
L tel) you fair and square
i you're buyingz. What's the
oflying? The goods won't lie.
T Wil tell the truth and give
MWay at last. The upright line
ds for 3
Iy Perpendicular
J are straizht every time.
izht, that's the word for ‘em.
bt wan't all I could get
b enough to make an honest
fit aud ng little as possible =0
bthe huyer may come back to
" Our prices are all right. The
Mond stands for
"oy bargain I offer bears the
*relation to ordinary so-called
20s that g dismond does to
Matores, 1t is the king and
Mot all. Some denlerschristen
Ming a 5 “bargain’’ and trust
e nane 19 gell i, My hbar-
W are cennine ju name and na
aud beat all hargaing ever
. The parallel Jines show
fact that
Goods Are
Without Parallel
fhe Warkets and stores of men.
> O the principle that every
I makey g buyer, and g 0 [
firstelagg goods, and notbing
fi:" my shelves, and gell them
:ure" that are lawer than oth
(' make. T will prove
[ the most liberal dealers
Yer spent money with.
- 4#The News.
l Over 2,000 yards ot carpeting
from 25¢. 10 81.50 per yard, at A,
J. Baldwin & Co.'s,
Buy Guns, Rifles, Pisto's and
Cartridges from A. J. Baldwin &
l An elegant line of children's
cribs from $1.50 to 815.00, at A
Baldwin & Co.s.
A. J. Rildwin & Co. have just
received a magnificent and well a 4 «
- soried line of window shades.
Price our Cashmeres, Henricttas
and Mohairs before you buy and
we will save you money.
Lowrey & Org.
The largest and handsomest line
of carpets ever hrought to Dawson
now on exhibition at A. J. Buald
win & Co.’s,
Buy the Eagle Tip School Shoe
from J. W. Turner.
John Turner sells the best har
ness for the money in the city.
We have on hand an elegint
line of Carpets aud Furniture at
prices that would please you.
: Lowrey & Ogrnr.
J.W. Turner is now recoivin%a
large and well selected stock of fall
goods. Sec them.
Get Cheatham & Dean’s prices
on lead and oil and other paints and
paint brushes before buyin..
Examine our stock of Furniture
and Carpets before buying, and we
will make it to your interest.
Lowrey & Orr.
It you want the purest patent
medicines and drags you will find
them them at Cheath.m & Dean’s
Derma-Lotion,” an unrivaled
remedy for cure of Tetter, Ecze
ma, Itch, Summer Heat, Eruption
of Skin aud all Skin diseas s. For
sale. by W, €. Kendrick and
Cheatham & Dean.
I shall show you the best line of
the season. Styles new, prie-s tair,
* J. W, TuRNER.
——a e
It will be to the interest of evs
ery man, boy and child to visit
Davis & Locke's store within the
next twenty duys.
o ——— - e
Martin’s Restaurant
Will open to~day. Meals served
at any hour day or night. ‘ihe
hest the market aflords, Don’t
fail to call around when in the
city. T. Y. 8 atmx.
Advertised Letters.
Dawsoy, Ga. Oct. 28th, "89.
The following is a list of un«
claimed letters in the Dawson P
0. which will Le sent to the Dead
Letter Office if not called for in 14
days. W. R. Barpwin, P. M
Barnes, J. L., Carter, J. C. Jr.,
Camuver, Mrs Violet, Coclran,
Miss Moilie, Cutts, Rev Louwis)
Grayham, Wm, Gieen, M s 3
Chappe!, Herrinzten, W F, Jack
sor. Thos, Johnson, Mrs Lou B,
Johnson, Geo, Lewis, F, Moore,
Miss Mattie, Pearman, J A, Rob
inson, Miss Frances, Robert,
Emanvel, Sawyer, Mrs Elia,
Spears, Rich, Stewart, Miss Elener,
Seviles, Mrs M J, Thomson, J I
Serious Accident to a Lady. |
Mis. Sarah Jordan, a most esti
mable lady of this community, was
seriouslyinjured last Tuesday eve
ning bybeing thrown from a bugey
to which was hitched a ronsaway
Texas pony. Oue of Mrs. Jordan's
shoulders was badly bruised and
one of her jaws was slightly frac
tured. Io the buggy with Mrs.
Jordan, at the time, were two lit
tle daughters of Mr. Barney Puce,
who were also thrown from the
buggy, but sustained only slight
injuries. The pony ran into a bug
gy being driven by Mr. Barney
Pace and almost demolished it, but
‘Mr. Pace was unhurt. The aceis
dent occurred a short distance from
town, while the parties nared were
about to gtart to Terrell county to
visit relataves,
Dr, Paull attended Mrs. dJors
dan and says she will recover.—
| Leary Corey.
Avoid experimenting with dif
ferent medicines advertised for
colds, and use Brewer's Lung Re
storer that has been proven to be
the best medicine for colds and
coughs that can be made.
A Pleasant Mission--Our Pet Billg..
Heavy Hail--New Preachers
Gther Local News.
= Jador Bishop is eritically ill with
preumounia, but ut last reports was
some better,
Rev. W. 11. Patterson, the new
ly elected Baptist pastor, has ac
cepted the call to Dawson.
Mr. W, Littleton is erecting a
new residence on Lee street, and
Mr. W. N. Lott is crecting a prets
ty cottage on Colleze street.
The store lately oceupied by
Crouch Bros. is being fitted up for
Mr. E. B. Bridges, who will open
up a stock of geveral merchaudise,
Parties in the city from Webster
county Monday reporied rapidwork
on the Columbus Southern. The
grading 1s now withio thice miles
of Weston.
Mr. J. M. Mariin has moved to
the city and is occupyinga resi
devece on Lee street. M. J. W.
Turner has also moved into his new
residence un College street. -
Rev. J. W. Weston left Mon
day for Collee county, where he
has gone to rec.ive his brother,
Jesse D. Westou, and wife into the
Methodist church. The mission is
one of peculiar pleasure to Rev.
Mr. Weston,
The fire didu’t destroy Bill Tal
bot's energy. e has alveady re
opned at Kempuer's old stand an
eatirely new and fresh stock ot
fancy aud family groeeries and is
again ready to serve his former
frieads and custemers. Every ure
ticle in his store is fresh.
Qur Methodist friends have been
very busy the pust week colleciing
subseriptionz to pay for the lot on
which to build their new church.
The note is tor $1,500, and is pay
able on the first of November.
{he money is ready and the pay
ment will be promptly male.
There wasa severs hail storm
north of the city on Saturday last.
The stones fell thiek and fist and
were aslirgeas a plum. Mr. J.
C. Johnston, who was on his way
to the city with a load ot cotton,
was forced to stop in the middle ot
the 10ad and take his mules from
the wagon,
Lee Barreutine, the young man
trom Randolph county who ens
vaced in a pistol practice with
Chief of Police Savaze about two
weeks ago,was released {rom jail ou
List Tuursday ou 48200 bond for his
appearance at the November term
ot court. The fine of §35, impuas
ed by the Mayor, was also paid.
Eon. W. C. Kendrick writes us
that he has seat Ordirary Roberts
certified copies of the court house
and school bills. It now remains
tor the county commissioners and
the city council to order elections
on these questions. The court
houze measure will be before the
commissioners at their meeting
next Tuesday.
Rev. H. C. Brown, of Tidings,
Chattooga county, will serve the
Presbyterian churches of Dawson,
Tort, Gaines and Mr. Tabor, in
Schley coaniy, -next year. He
writes that he will preach his fi=st
sermon 1 Dawson on the third
Sunday in November. He will
probably make Dawson bis home.
Coming Back Home.
We regret to learn that Mr. J.
R. Jolly, of the fourth district of
this county, will lezve usthis wins
ter. He will remove to Terrell
county, near Dawson. Randolph
will lose a good citizen and Terrell
gain one,—Cuthbert Liberal.
Mx.Jol!{ isa former esteemea
citizen of Terrell, and is merely
returning home after a short stay
in Randolph. He will be giadly
weleomed on his return. e
One of the Liveliest Flections in ‘
tie History of the City Promised.
It is just ferty-two days from
to-day when the municipal election
will take place, and it bids fair to
be almost as lively as some of our
former campaigns in Dawson.
While there has beea no formal |
announcements for mayor, it is
known that there are several prom-~
inent gentlemen who are not averse
to the honors. The names most
frequently mevtioned in this con
nection are ex-Mayor Wm. Kaig
ler, ex-Mayor Walter B. Cheat
ham and Col. J. G. Purks. All
three of these gentlemen are pop
ular, and a race between them
would be hotly contested and a
full vote brought out. .
So lar Col. Janes, for clerk, and
Fred Clark, for tressurer, have no!
opposition. They bave held these
positions for years, snd would be
hard to defeat.
In the race for aldermen fun
and excitement promise te be
plentiful. Several young men
may make the race, and within the
next few.days the names of the
“racers” may come to the tront.
The city offices should be filled
with liberal and conservative men,
whose main object should be to
build ap ths city and make the
‘necessary improvements. It is
picasant to note the fact that the
young men sre coming te the
frout in state aud municipal polis
vics. With the young and con
servative ..ea to guide her munics
ipal affairs, Dawson will make
such rapid strides forward in the
next twelve mouths that her sister
cities vill be left far in the rear.
Romantie Mnrn*ingz i
Mr. R. E. Patterson ca n
Schiey county, and has heen'engag
ed at the saw will ot Pritice &
Laing. Heboarded with Mg, W,
E Prince, k.
Mr. Prince has a young anel afs
tractive daughter, and the consiang
essociation of the ~young eoupld
goon blussomed into an ardent casy
of love and they resolved, as all
lovers do, to unite their destinies,
Me. Prinee was opposed to the
marriage, but that was a ma.ter
easily overeome. ‘lve yonnr lady
went to visit a friend, Mr. Patters
son soon followed anl at the resi
dence of Mr. Julius Sears on last
Thursday night, Mr. R. E. Pat.er
son and Miss Mattie £rince were
united in marriage by 'Squire J.
W Sears.
Just received at Davis & Locke’s
100 hoys’ suits. - Pricices as cheap
as the cheapest.
R R e
. Two Items for the Girls.
Scientisis 2ssert that the excoss
~ive use of chewing gum impairs
theeyesight,disior.s the featuresand
produces wrinkles. If this be true
we are zoing to have some of the
oldest yoang giris in this communs
ity ever seen on earth,
We confess with regret that the
“dude’s clutch”™ has hecome quite
popular in Dawson, and every one
wi h obzervant eyes who will aiv
iend night services at the churches
can see some of the most vigorous
and enthusiastic gallanting ever
seen on the American continent
Even the colored people have
caught the eraze and reduced it to
a seience, S
Just received at Davis & Locke’s
24 dozen Factory Shoes, which are
being so'd at jobbers prices.
Rev. B. W, Davis.
Rev. W. 8. Rogers, who has
been serving us faithfuliy for the
ast 18 mouths, resigned last Suns
gay for the purpose of taking
charge of the Barnesville churchs
to the regret of his many friend,
and breifixren. Rey. B. W. Das
vis, of Dawson, will likely succeeg
him.—Shellman oorrespmui‘;zwc il
eral. o
The best ¢ AC L “ ‘ _j 'mw'lho
a 9, haiabrfUslies and combs at
A Contest Over the Postmastership,
Until last week no one had an
idea but that Mr. W. R. Baldwin,
the present popular and efficient
postmaster, woald be retained un
der Harrison’s wdministration.
‘l'here now is more or less un
certainty, as Uapt. J. M. Alexan
der is making a strong effort to
secure the prize, and ay one time
last week it was reported that the
appointment had been made and
that Capt. Alexander was the
lucky mar.
This rumor proved untrue,
bowever, and Mr. Baldwin is yet
attending to Uncle Saw’s business
with as muech composure as
if he had a life tenure on the ofy
Captain Alexander is equally as
confident that he is Dawson’s
coming postmaster,and is watching
and waiting for his appointment.
Mr. Perry Crouch arrived in
the city Saturday from Augusta.
Charlie Ward now greets his
triends from behind the counters
at Mim’s,
Janmes Harper, Esq., took in the
Piedmont Exposition at Atlanta
last week. g
Mr. W. T. Dasiiel arrived from
Graybom, Ala., Sunday and ens
tered collece Monday morning,
Frank Bethune will leave to
day for Cincinnatti to buy fix
tures and whiskey tor the New
Excelsior Saloon,
Judze R. F. Simmons, Col.
Jim Griggs, Judze W. D. Mur
ray and Col. R, E. Wilkinson are
attending the Grand Lodze at
Mes, Minnie Crouch and little
Incz returned from Augusta Suts
urday. ‘iheir many friends will
be glad to learn that the Jitile girl
| will be succesfully operated on.
{ Col. C.G. Mercer was in the
!ici:y Saturday and Sundny. The
Colon:] was enroute to Macon,
where he will make his future
Mr. T. D. Sale went up to At
lanta last week. stood his exami
vation and was ficensed as a phar
| maeist. Tom Sale is one of our
cleverest and best business young
DY -t
M. Tibbsand family have ar
‘)"Jl“om Michigan and are oc,
‘eupying the Crouch residence on
Johinson street. Mr. Tibbs is a
brother-inslaw of Mr. F. A. Ruog
Vessr<. F. B Bridyes and J. J.
Bradley have rented their farms
and wi'l live in the city next
year. They are prominent and
substnntial eitizens and will find a
hearty weleame awaiting them in
Mr. J. E. Jay, ove of our good
eitizens aad prosperous favmers, has
given up the idea of moving to
another county. He has bought ‘
lands from Mr. I T, Kenney and
Dr. 1. D. Graves and will fiv him
up asauxdittle home.
The Patrick hm?’f? have pur
chased Mr. W. T. Arnngton’s
plantation ir the Southern portion
ot the county. The plaes contains
between four and five hundfcd‘
acres and is well improved. Mr.
Acrrington will locate near Dawson, 1
in Terell county. —Quitman: Press.
Mr, and Mss. L. D Loekhart,
of Americus, were in the city last
week visiving Mrs.© Loekhart's
mother, Mrs, F. A, Harper. Prof.
Lockhart has accepted ‘a position‘
with a wholesale and retail piano
and organ dealer in Columbin, 8.
C., and left Americus last Monday l
for that place. L |
Fixiug to Rebunilde |
The burnt district will not lon |
disfizure bright, prosperous gng |
progressive Dawson.” Ajready
workmen are engaged in tearing
down the old walls ggfliiboniev%
eral buildings cwill rear their
bandsome propbrtion in view.
T g »,n‘&;-v" ‘ed:
Messtidl C. Foreman and Jerr
Lt ;;T‘f‘; * Qischarged from 'Bih{)
‘eounty jail on lest Saturday after
mprisonment ot one week for il
lieit distilling.
Sttt el ©Qi v st
Buy the Eagle Tip School Bhoe
from J. W. Turner,
The Lively Expericnce of the Miiler
County Sheriff Wilh a Frenzicd Meb.
Solicitor~General Griggs return
ed from Miller superior court on
last Friday afternoon.
Ile reports lively times at Col~
quitt, the county site of Miller,
during the week of court.
One night last spiing Bill Sapp,
a negro, entered the bed room of a
young daughter of Mr. Johu S~
Lendon, a prominent farmer ot
that county, and attempted to outs
rage her. Supp was captured and
carrried to the Buinbridge jail to
escape Iynching at the hands of an
curaged populace. :
At the texm of court last week
the negro was to be tried. The
suspicious movements of MecLens
don and his friends attracted at
tention and it was feared that
when Sapp was returned to the
county he would be a promirent
fizure it a lyrching bee. With
the view of keeping the prisoner
out of the reach of vielence as
much as possible, Tudde Bower,
who was presiding for Judze
Guerry, started Sheriff Montgoms
ery to Bainbridge for Sapp one
night after comrt adjourned with
siructions not to return to Col
quitt with the prisoner until after
court convened the next morning.
The sheriff made his night trip
safely, and soon after court opened
the xext morning appeared with
Lis man.
Forsome reason the trial could
not Le had that day, aund nightfall
found Sheiiff Montgomery with
the prisoner on band and a mob
assembling to take that prisoner’s
Sheriff Mcentgomery was as des
termined to protecy his prisoner as
the wob to lynch him. With four
gu.rds and the prisoner the shenff
took refuge in the swamp of Spring
Creek uoder the cover of darkness,
where he successfully dodged un
til day a mob of seventy-five or a
‘bundred armed men., The sheriff
stated that during the night he
had to cross the creek several times
with his prisoner, and that on one
occasion they and the mob were
but a few yardsapart.
At the break of day the mob
gave up the hunt and dispersed,
and Sheriff Montgemery appearcd
at court with his prisoner ready for
trial. Sapp plead guilty, was sens
tenced to twenty years in the peni
tentisry and was hurned out of the
county before another night would
expose him to the enraged fither
and his triends.
Sale's ia headquarters for paint
er's supplies,
DOrawn to Serve ot the November Term
b of Court.
The grand jurors are: J. F. Lark,
1, L. Timmerman, Lott Jennings,
G. W. Rhodes, Renajah Christie,
J. H. Little, Theophiles Daniel, J.
B. Reberts, Dock Chambless, J. J.
MeLain, E. T. Kenney, W. W,
Farnwp, M. E. Jennings, J. P.
King, Isaac Hay,d. A. Fulton,
J. H. Davis, James Greer, J. H.
Lansford, 8.1, Christie,N.Howell,
G. W. Bass, G. E, Hiller, W. H.
Gammage, J. J, Kennedy, B, P,
Tood, J. C. Joiner, &. H Brown,
Daniel Waton, J. H. Andrews,
The traverse jurors for the first
week are J H Lamar, J 8 Ken,
ney, J H Pritchard, Hiram Cook,
R U VUletcher, Wm M Jennings,
W J Lay, Frark Nasworthy, C I
Swith, l%li'ah Stevens, Jobn SBums
merford, gfl W Kiog, J J Jones,
Gt Breedlove, J \%’ Baldwin, J
S Henry, Frank #uft, W J Baty,
FM Bozeman, TJSeot,J M
Griffin, E W Smith, Willis Mar.
tin, Wm U Spier, Johnathan
Bridges, I W Mann, T W Had
dock, H H Hay, G T MeLuin, L
D Hatcher, J S Lowrey, H H
Blizzard, E 8 Pinkston, Robtert
Watsen, J K Holder, =
Traverse jumrs for the second
week ure J E Foreman, I* 1 Jen
nings, O S Pace, 11 J Palmer, J B
Kenuney, J W Baldwin, G R Can
non, 3 T Lawhon, H L Green,
JC Nelms, EROrr, J A Miller,
A J Kennedy, I B Height, J F
Orr, J A Fouche, M H Crawford
Jr, L 31 Jumper, H O Thornton,
3T Mc(iill{) R © Peeples. W I
Felts, G W Preedlove,J. M Hay,
Wil Davis, K W Ham Pfig
Mott, T O Whitebard, W
Fletcher, A I Kergey, Jordan To-.
ler,J] E Wall, G W Varner,J P
Allen, Wm Livingstone, J J Ad~
The Bill Introduced.
While here last week Represent
ative Kendrick told the News
that he would pot ntroduce the
bill providing for the stock law
on the west side of Etchaway
Notchaway creek. A delegation
of citizens interested, headed by,
Mr. Willis Lay, went to Atlanta
in the interest of the bill the first
of last week, aud on Wednesday
following the biil swas introduced.
It is now siid that a delegation
will go to Atlanta to defeat tbe}
passage of the measure. There is
astrong gentiment in that distriet
both for and against the stock law,
Attention is calied to the adver
tisement of W. E, MeDonald ‘in
another colnmn. He emrries a line
of Favey nud Fanily Groceries.
Give him a call,. -
The Railroad From Dawson to Mid
way, Fla.
Hon W. ¢. Kendriek has in
troduced a bill to charter the Ala
bama, Georgia aad Northern rail
road, the line by which it is pre®
posed to connect the Columbus
Southern and the Florida Central
and Peninsular system.
It will be remembered thet two
routes were suryeyed last summer
tor this road, one from Midway,
Fla., to Dawson, and another from
Quincy, Fla., to Riehland, via
Cuthbert. It now seems that if
the road is built at all it will be
compelled to come to Dawson, as
an amendment has been tacked
on to the charter by the legislature
prohibiting it from paralleling the
old Bainbrige and Cuathbert road.
A Columbns correspondent
writes as follows to the Macon Tel
The amendment tacked on the
charter of the Georgin, Ambama,
and Florida railroad, prohibiting it
from parrllelirg the road of the
proposed Bainbridge, Cuthbert
and Columubs roal,met with great
disapproval in this eity. The evi
dent intention of the amendment
was to defeat the bill granting the
charter. The Rainbridge, Cuth~
b:rt and Columbus road bed and
charter are said to be owned by
certain lawyers, members of the
legisluture, who had sufficient in
fluence to tack on the amend, wille
inz the biil,
‘L he road bed of the proposed
Cuthbert line has been lying un
finished since ahout 1870. Several
attempts have been made to form a|
company to push the roud to com
pletion, but they always failed. 1
Now when a new corporation
comes in its field and proposee!
building a line {nrnllnd to the
Cuthbert 10al, the bill g anting
the charter is weighted down witfi
an amendment which precludes its.
being built.
The parties whe proposed build
ing the Georgia and Alabama:road
ard not speculators and it is cer
tain that they will decline to*buy
the road bed and charter of any
company. Se thai he puriies own
ing the Cutkbert charter will not.
succeed in foreing the prejectors
of the new road to buy thewr chars
ter and roadbeds.
Everybody warntmg Clothing
will do well to call on Dawis &
Locke. They are offering bar
Small Locals,
The Dawson cotton market is
still on top.
Don’t forget to put in a good
crop of oats.
Have {'ou paid the printer what
you owe him?
The stock law isstill a failure
in tha castern. partof the city.
The cigarette law does not dis
concert the small boy of Dawson.
Terrell has been slimly repre
sentcd at the Macon and Atlanta
The military spirit in Dawson
seems to have died out. This
should not be so.
Just Received.
A lot of Ammoniated Fartilizors
for tall grain.
J. R, Mercer & Co.
On last Baturday a military
coat of navy blue goods wus taken
from my storé in g box. Itsreturn
to me would be very hizhly aps
preciated. TOM MoGILL.
I will pay twent eents per bush
el for fifty thousand bu-hels of
cotton seed.
All persons indebted to me for
Guauno, Bagging, Ties, ctc., are no
tifted to come forward and settle im~
mediately. I need what isowing
me to pay my debts, now falling
due. Come at once and save
trouble and unpleasantness,
= Oct 22, 1889,
Parties “indebte to me will
pieasd gettle thc accounts at
once. My books were not lost in
the fire, 80 there will be no diffi
culty in learning the amount of
flour indebtedness to me. I ean
e found at Durham’s store, where
Lwill gladly receipt you for the
tmount yeu owe me.
ATI parties indebted to me are
urgentiy requested to eall and
ma?e settlement at once. Myloss
by the recent fire was heavy and
the amount you owe is greatly
needed. It is my intention to
again begin business agsoon as poss
sfifie. and prompt settlements will
greatly aid me. This appeal is in
earnest and I hope my friends will
i heed it. D. D. DAVIS,
l for G, W, Eubanks,
1 will socn be prepared to‘aguin
serve you. My uew office will be
over McGill’s store.
Oct. 12,1889, Dentist.
A Valuable Farm,
T have for sale a valnable farm
in Terrell county. It is ten miles
east of Dawson and adjoins the
lands of General Phil Cock. 175
acres of it is cleared and in - gaod
state of culiivation. - Buildings
and fences in good repair, and
good water. This place is known
as the Martin MeLendon place aud
is a very desirable farm. For par
ticulars apply to or address *
Dawsou, Ga.
To These Owing Me
~ Parties indebted me will fivsdftlicir
notes and secounts in the hands of
¢, 15, Farror. He is my authiors
ized agent and wil receipt in my
pame for any mouney due me, and
I will be beund by any settlement.
made with: hin. i’lense dou’t wait
to see me, but settle with him at
once, as lam badly in necd of the
money. i have 'ost three thousand
dollars by the fire. « I was consid
erably in debt before, uud conse
quently must now dependon those
who owe me for the means to pay
my honest indebtedness,
Money to Loan:
On farming lancs in lerre!ll coun
ty, from $3OO upwards. Ou the
installment plan. Apply to
016 3m. Dawegon, Ga.
- THE—
'T i)
: l ' i .
Just opened at Kempner's
old stand: the Freshest.
Fancy and Familv Gro
ceries inthe City.
An Entire Stock of New
and Fresh Goods, a List
of which I will Give
‘ You Next week,
Intfallible in enrl{. consumption,
rheumatism, catarrh scrofula, ma
larial fever, chills and fever, diar.
rhoea and dysentery when every
other remeay fails, and preveuts
contagious and infectious diseases.
Rav’s Germici d
ay's Germicide
is pronounced by leading chemists
a very valuable remedy, and en
tirely harmless to the most deli
cate patient. It cures diseases by
destroying the Germs or Microbes
that infest the system Price 83
per gallon, $1 per quart. - Sold by
A pure vegetable preparation con--
taining no opium or other Inju--
rious Drugs, and warranted to
cure Uoughs, Colds, Asthma and’
Bosrox, Mass, April 2, 1889..
Ray's Gerazcine COMPANY,
Gentlemen:—ln reply to your
inquiry as to the quality and power"
of(‘hay's Lung Balsam, will say I
have used the medicine for over
forty years in my pracrice and
found it the very best medicine
for 1l lusg diseases and weak
chests. Pg. L. C. HaLL,
Price 50 cents. For sale by
Cheatham & Dean..
Permanently cures constipation, .
sick headache, and all diseases of
the liver, stomach and bowels, snd
aftords tonie effects to the whole of
the intestinal system, Ray's Per
fect Pills are particularly reeom~
mended for ladies and childeen;
being mild in their aetion and:
pleasent tr take. Price 25 ceuta:
per-box. Bold by -

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