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DAWSON, G A., Nov. 20, 1889,
e e e ——
Advertisers shonld remenber that
the News ig the Official payer of both
the Town and County Oficors, and
we guarantes our Cireulation to equal
the combined coculations of the two
wther papers publishea an the county.
Cles2 Up the Rauks.
The eourt house election is "only
twenty days oft. The News has
persistent!y and earnestly advo
cated the impertince of this pros
posed and muchsneeded improve~
ment in Terrell county—the erece
fion of a modern and a larger
court house. We will be none
the less persistent and earnest
‘until we see instead of the dis
gracetol old hull that now does
‘d\j}y as a court house a handsome
brick structure.
- This improvement is not only
important i itscli, but in the ef
feet it would have upon the future
growth and prosperity of flxel
county. The county, oreity, that‘
stands still iz lost —in these days
of progress we caanot affhord to
stand still and auy we have done
enough, =
We hope this proposel improve
ment will have the cflect of unit
ing our people and cause them to
work as.one man in the interest of
themselves aad th ir county.
Let us all unite in placivg Ters
rell in the march of proress. We
have got the miterial and ouly
need united effort to succerd.
Close up the ranks and let fors
ward be our watchword on clec
tion 2ay, the 10th of next month
Delay of the Law. 5!
The fall term of our Superior |
ecourt will convene on next '\’mn-\:
day mworning, and before it ad-|
jonrns it is to be hoped that oue or ‘
two cazes « f reveral years' standing
will he tinally cisposed ef. Oue
case, particu'arly, has proved to
be very burdensome tov the county,
costing the tax payers several
hundred dollars each term of court.
Witnesses and jurors have bad
standing engagements for years to
be on hand jwhen court meets
twice a year. In tact, they do not
expect anything else when court
{ime comes. Lawvers have bled
clients, witnesses have paid for
dinners, drinks and cigars antil
they are about busted, and the
county has paid their expenses un
til the people are thoroughly sick
of it.
> A Saving Bank.
Dawson needs o savings bank.
® A savings bank is one of the most
necessary and usefil ot avy of our
monied institutions It isof such
importance that men, especiully of
Jimited meangshould hear constant
lyin mind by their every day
practice, that +4little sands" ave the
begionings from which the land
and ocean made their start
«Take careof the dimes ard the
dolls rs wili take careof themseives.”
It we wonli provide for the fu
ture, sn as to have) semethig on
which to place our hands when the
rainy days come on, a beginning
must be made, and this beginning
must at first consist of small things.
A savings bank encourages econs
omyand rewards the thrifty by
providing a safe place with good
interesf for such smallamounts as
cannot find investment elsewhere.
The practice of economy und thrift
in small things is the hesinving
from which Stewart and Astorand
Vanderbilt made their colossal
Patrior SxeLsox tendered his
resignation as o member of the
legislatur« on the last day of the
session after drawing his per diem
and went home in assumed dis
gust at the manner in which the
other members had squandered the
nioney of the tax-payers.
;:‘ i ee A=
" Tue Georgia legigiature made a
stupendous ass of itself on several
occasions, but the crowning foily
was the passage of the law prohib
iting Georgia newspapers from
publishing lottery advertizements,
; N
« At the closing of the Georgia
Benate President dußignon an
nounced that he would retire tems
-porarily from polities. This was
;‘;)lgulnt news to the self-announced
ww ,of several months
% ] 3
Evefy man in arrears with the
NEws is carnestly asked to settle
his account during court. We
need the money that is now due us.
Please femember.
The State Koad Lease Bill.
The final passage of the bill su
thorizing the lease of the Western
& Atlantic railway was nearly the
last act of the Georgia legislature,
before the sine dic adjournment.
The bill had been passed by the
IHouse several weeks ago, but the
Senate put on amendments to
which the House wou!d not agree
and then conference committees
were appointed. The chief point
ot difference was the time for bids
to be advertised for and submitted.
The bill provides for the lease
of the road, including all its
houses, workshops, rolling stock,
depots.appurtenances of every kind
and character, to any party, coms
pany or corporation making good
and sufficient sccurity. The time
for the lease may be for 20, 30 or
50 years, and the price not less
than $35,000, 40,000, or $45,000
per mouth, aceording to the time
‘the lease is to run: the reutal to be
paidl month'y.
| The governor shall adve.tise the
lease within 60 daysafter the pas
‘ sage of the act for 4 weeks in 4
papers in Georgia and one each in
| Chiengo, Ciuveinnati and »New
‘ York, The pids must be submit
' ted to the Governor on the 27th
1; ot June next, and the gov«
l ernor comptrollz-general of
state. treasurer and attorney
general shall open to July Ist noxt
and decide which, if any, shall be
accepted, the rirht to reject all, if
nol strietly up to the provisionsof
thelaw. Each bidder shall depos
itin a bank within the state $25,.
000 as a guarante2 of goou faith,
Re~advertisement is provided
for if all bids are rejected.
& If a bid is accepted and the bid
ltlm‘ fails to comply with said bid,
the bidder forteits 25,000 and s
1 liable to the state for any damage
| that may oceur. .
™ot . . . \
T'his lease bill will go into eftect
when the present' lease expires.
The lessess shall deposit with
the state treasurer £50,000 in vals
id bonde, as a guarantee that the
contract will be carried out faith
He Lived in 'Terrell, Not in Dough
The Albany News mukes the
following mention ofa former well
known and extensive plauter of
Terrell county :
Mr. 8. B. Machie, who has been
in Florida for t"e past three years,
kas come back to Dougherty couns
Ay, his first love, Mr. Maghie was
at one time one of Dougherty
county’s larzest and most prosper—
ous farmers. He wes sttracted to
Florida when its popalarity was at
its zenith,but has returned to stay.
Mr. Maghie said to an inquiry i¢
be had come to remain: “Did
you ever kuow a man to live here
as long s I did not to come back ?
Why he will return as sure as he
lives, andit he dies his sprit will
visit the scoves that were so beloy—-
ed in life.” ;
Gorton’s Minstrels, |
Gorton's famous New Orleans
Minstrels, including the marvelous
Japanese ariist, Prince Tanaka,
will give cne of their refined per.
formances at ILirts Opera House
Friday evenino, Nov 22nd,
This company was heve last year
and gave the best of satisfaction,
and the public aive usanred that the
present company s even botter than
that of last seazon,
The Japanese artist show is said
to be worth the price of admission,
for his performacce is conceded to
be the most wonderful of any of
his race now in America.
Prince Tanaka comes direct from
Japan, where he wos a member of
the Tycaon's Royal Troupe of Jug
AP AP G e e
Advertised Letiers,
Dawsox, GA. Nov. 1811 y, ’'B9.
The following is a list of un
claimed letters in the Duwson P
O. which will be sent to the Dead
Letter Office if not ealled (or in 14
days. W. R. Barpwix, P, M
Adans Jobnie A, Bell Miss La
via, Brown F, M, Danicl Peter,
Jones Abe, Jones F, T, Lewis
Henry, McGill Berncrd, Morris
Eddie, Moore Mrs, Mary, Moore
Miss, Dora Thomson W, H, (ccl))
Thoruton Mrs Elizabeth, Williams
Allen, Bush Berry,
Notice to My Customers.
T am etill in the market business,
and propose to continue to sup.
ply my customers with choice
weats, My competitor i 8 now run
aing too wagons. My patrons
should not nustake one of his for
mine, but wait for me if | am not
around to see you first every
morning. Expeeting a libera!
share of the patronage in the future
I am, Yours tru'y,
1, T PAYmen;
Last Sunday’s Columbus Enquirer
gave a short history of the Colum=
bus Southern from the time it was
prujecied until now when it is
nearing completion. The road has
bad many ups and downs, lut
the clouds have passed by and
everything is now brizht.
On December 27, 1886, the
charter for this important line was
obtained. In July, 1887 the peo
ple took up the question of a small
subscription to the Columbus
Southern. The company was or
ranized and the right of wuy pro
cured, and everything made ready
to begin work on it, and complete
it iatwelve months from October,
1837, at which ditea contract was
ready for signature by the West
Georgia CounstructionCo.lt uafort
unately happened that about this
time there arose some loeal liti
gation in Columbus, in which the
parties snbscriving to the new work
felt they had been badly treated
and they withdrew, and for a
while things looked blue enough
for the new railroad,
% 3 x®
On November 25, 1887, a con
tract was signed for its cou pletion
with he Chattahoochee Brick
Company of Atlanta, the contracs
tors arranging with,Mr James W.
Harle,of Atlanta,to furnish the en
tire melal for the rcad. In a few
weeks Mr. Harle failed for nearly
a million doilars, and again the
prospects ot the Scuthern looked
blue enou rh.
On January 1, 1889, grading
was begun on the Columbus end
ot the road. Now there is: fortv
miles ot track dewn; all the grad
ing will be completel in another
month; by March 1, trains will run
between “olumbus and Albany.
* * *
The enzines have all been pur
chased, and five of them have
r-ached Colum' us. They are of the
Rhode Island Locomotive Works
mak:. The passenzer equipment
is elegant and made by Jackson &
Sharp, of Wilmugton, Del. The
rails are steel ard of standard
weight. The bridesesare all iren
ard mad= by the Phenix Bridge
Company, The freight equip
ment is made by the United States
Rolliz Stoek ¢ ompany of Alabama.
The Columbus Southern is en ele~
gantly equipped road.
The stations on the railroad will
Van Horn's -10} mudes from
¢ olumpus
Cusseta—lB miles from Colums~
Gobblers Hill—23 miles from
Green Hill-—27 miles from Co-
Jumbus ;
Pearson’s--34 miles from Colum
Richland. .38% miles from Co~
Weston—4s miles from Colum
Parrott’s—s6 miles from Co
famibus. .
Dawson—643 miles from Co
lumbus. .
Station near Susserville—72
miles from Columbus.
Station near Oakland—7s miles
from Columbus.
Stations near Palmyra—Bo miles
from Columbus.
Albany —87% wiles from Coluin
The amouuts subseribed hhy the
different counties iv round figures
Musaogre... ..o,y o, 500000
BRwWurt.. ... iiiieibe s REANE
Webster. . oo oo a 4 .88 oD
derre11.....0 Jooisiivei e BRGENA
* *
The appreciation in values in ajl
these counties, with the road yet
unfinished, has tir exceeded the
appropriation. The best farming
section in oeorgia is traversed by
this rosd. he coming section of
the State lies along its route.
Will be sold to the highest bid.
der ou Wednesday, the 4th day ot
December, at the residence ot the
late C. F. Lynch, three head of
mules, cae hundred and fitty bush
els of cotton sred and two huos
dred bushels »f corn. Sale will
begiu at 10 o'clock, a. m,
. . ,
Administrator's Sale,
Will be sold at the late residence
of Jumes H. Hayes, deceased, on
Wednesday, the 11th day of De
cember, 1889, within the legal
hours of sale, the following props
erty, to-wit: 5 mules, 11 head of
cattle, hogs, goats, corn, todder,
Wagous, cart, plantation tools, ete.
said property belonging to estate
ot suid dec used. The sale to con
tinue from day to day until prop
erty issold, Terms cash.
J. H. HAYES, Adm'v’r.
Nov. 14th, 1884,
By an act of the Legislature
approved 0ct.24,1889. To author
ize the county commissioners of
Terrell courty, to submit to the
qualified voters of said county, the
question of the izsuance of county
bonds, for the erection ofa court
house in said county ; it is hereby
ordered,that an election be held at
the severa' precinctsin said couna
ty. on the 10th day ot December
1889, in comformity to the lew,
and that the sane be advertised 30
daysin the Dawsoxy Nuws.
Dore by order of Board County
Commissioners, Nov, Hth, 1889,
J. W. Roßerts, Clerk B. C. C. |
Application for Years Sup
port. |
Ordinary’s Office. Oct. 28, ‘B9.
Notice is lierehy given that Vary
J. Bea), widow of Richard Beal,
deceased, has npplied for years sup.
port for herselt and minor child,
The commissioners have assessed
as said support the sum of two
hundred dollars, and T will pass
upon the same on the first Mon
day in December next, st 10 o’clock
a. m. J. W. ROBERTS,
- For Leave to Sell-
GEORGTA-—Terrell County.
To all Whom it may Concern.
W. R. Baldwin and A.J. Bald
win, executors of M H Baldwin,
deceased, have iu due form applied
to the undersigned for leave to sell |
the lands belonging to the estate of
said deceased, and saxd application !
will be heird on the firsc Mfm:lnyl
in December next, 1889.
Octoher 25, 1889 Ordinary ‘
g e SR O os R SRR L L
For Leave to Sell.
GEORG!A—Terrell County.
To il whom it may conceru: J. |
H. Hayes, administrater of the es- |
tate of J. T Hayes, deceased, !
hasin due from applied to the
undersigned for leave to sell the
lands belonging to the estate of
said deceased, and said applim—\
tion will be heard on the first
Monday in December, 1889, |
Oct 28th, 1889. Ordinary.
For Letters of Administration
GEORGIA—Terrell County
To all whom it may eoncern
W B Cheatham has in due form
applied to the ardersigued for per
manevrt ictters of administration
on the estate of € A « Leatham,
late of s.id county, deceased, and
I will .pass upon said application
on thefirst Monday in December.
1889, Given under my hand and
official sizoatuTe Ocrober Oth, 1889
| Jw ROB%EPCI"‘S, ;
} Ordinary Terrell County
- For Years Supports
OrplNaY's Orrick, Oct, 21, ‘B9,
Noiice is hereby given that
Viary J. Hayes, widow of J. T.
Hayes, deceased, has applied tor a
years support for herselt and three
minor children. ;
The commissioners have assessed
as said support the sum of five
hundred dollars and ¢ll the house—
Lold and kitchen furniture except
one wardrobe, and I wil' pass upon
the same on the Ist Monday in
December next at 10 o'clock a. m.
J. W. Roserts, Ordinary.
' . ~ . 2
Application for Uismission,
GEORGIA —Terrell County.
Whereas, O. B, Stevens, ad
misistrator J. W. R xg:m.rfi-ceasedg
represents o the court in® his pes
tition, duly filed and enlergd%
record, that he has fully adninis<
tered the estate ot J. &'. Ragan
‘This is theretore to cite all persons
coucerned, kindred and croditors,
to show cause, if any they can,
why said sdministrator ghould nat
be discharged {from his administra
tion and receive letters of dismis
sion on the first Monday in Febru
ary, 1890, L
J. W. ROBERTS, Ordinary,
Nov. 4th, 1889, \
For Leave to Sell,
GEORGIA—Terrell ounty,
To All Whom it May Concern:
J. H. Bnm, guardian of Georgia
A Lasseter, a minor of Sophia
Lasseter, deceased, has in duc form
appiied to the undersigned for
leave to sell Georgia A Lasseter's
interest in and to the lands belonas
ing to the estate of said deceased,
and said application will be heard
on the first Moaday in December
J W. ROBERTS, Ordinary.
Nov. 4th, 1889.
For Leave to Sell.
GEORGIA—Terrell County.,
To AUI Whom it May Concern:
J. J. Thompson. adwinistrator of
W. J. Thowpson, deceased, hasia
due form applied to th: uuder
signed for leave to sell the Jauds
belongiog to the estate of said de
ceased, and said applieation wiil
be Gheard ou the first Monday in
December next.
J. W. ROBERTS, Ordinary.
For Years Support,
Ordinarys Offige, October 31st,
1889 —Notice is henebyociven that
Melissa J. Thompson, Widewiot V.
J. Thompsou, 3"’- has ap
plied for a year's support lor heg
self. ‘The commissione:: have Ige
sessed as said support one hundred
and seventyefive dollars in cash,
and I will pass upon the same on
the first Monday in Deceniber next
at 10 o'clock a. m. |
J. W. ROBERTS, Ordinary.
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irrm’ ?%@AE,FE‘“ RT e o T R R e T o
i S ety T)o AT TTeNN s AR WIS T BRNTS R 3"'-'7-'-‘?";'%"’”"3‘;:" s ‘??f‘?f-'t‘:‘"‘.:-‘:‘?:“frlfi’
Sl eAN ee e L eePR R S L R R iil
APO geN e L Ll St BRS
Re S e e Boas P s eSR Sl
.'-.~. se e . e '}v 44 O R ReLA e A SR
RRy -:‘{"fx Y s 2R (24 b },.»K S g j;g ot et Wfi“‘x‘e’:: LT
A ent SRe e (Y g dirar | EEGN e w%\i‘g ot e RSN Rs e
e e e A TT S eT e Akt T
MT TR T s v R e 'flgrrwi‘i‘jsl AR ' inAaE
ST et L ssmc btriva ke daas et .',fif-;?.“:-{—-’*f‘i{&é’?-'i«i MR Eee o B :?:-;‘:} gl a ‘
IS fi“gfifif ’B;} eoD(i e S ,a"f‘é;_"’“vi;r NAR il
LA eBRI W e RS rma sil o\ g Sl BGTS L e
Ogk LR Bs B e R L e TR e e
Fob G g atiay k- pabinaiee iy 0 GIE 0 T Gt Telarl
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-‘!%b*'fi:”- wSR BT NS SS LT SERES YA i A o\ \"i*" et Beh T, "‘»'L{ ‘%t*"f{-j,é :E'i
Lty yea sSReI ¢ A "-*f"“*’-“:’“‘i‘:’:jf 2 SREELS oRtGt db 1 'ss';—%-
i:,;“zg‘*‘,fifig%&wvn‘ P 0 ey ettt “‘ly**"?‘g Loy
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fosea TSIE s >-;-_'fi:‘:t3i—:g_§-*"‘s's3"?-—-i%,'}. £ i \g)@‘ (‘\«" (1“’ 0 Bet s TRy ‘ii‘;:f-sfi
&;‘:ié’v FRET AT Mot iR Gt e oot Y o NG ssa e Sz
o s 1-"‘;‘:‘?”5;%?%2 45_4;;-;:;'.;_‘,3;‘s*‘:::" & .\+ < ’-‘ Tl ,::-.‘ TR ‘-V:*;:;:—-‘;f::‘a ,-:‘(; e it S ’
S N Aele o by WL O % e ; i AL 1
i_'__p;&s._m?"}%:iifif}—f Stira AR RS /‘/\?’ .‘\g\ \U\ \i‘ ><o \‘)\v‘ & S, A g ~qi;s~§ys;,;):~ e e e
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gt n SOe R S A YO o S gt se e SRR
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P e A e Sabig
soi e SR YTR o ¥ T ranas eTeTR T AT R
Y R : SRz ST S R =D N Ay AR S AT LeL RS R RS, g;h
{‘!.- s}_ AR T e f S O O SEARRIE Ssy e Rty -’“&':M{-‘ 2
Z,r._m%,:f:a a 5 Q!:f";“ TR *&-" ToY(O N ATEE AT e A e A oy e
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e AR s A Ry P Tpiaes Lo gt ns AR R ale g i
B v e N A 0 eee e P S
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SRR T, LI R e TR PeAT A Sby i
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gl R T ORI et B N BTy P Ul e P e i vaL PN i B
Se e FRPET R Sl eel et I e L I R S
i;;{{;fi}fiéfiff: %%_g&%fi%‘“{% N :——’_'??:k, GSO eKT ':1 Ry Silod 38 ‘i‘:.n.&.~k-hu§.;i -'-ui‘."fl
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oo g ’i*m’*‘%!w*w‘«flhfiffi LSRR TR eeMR < B e e 4
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s Rfi’{’:\“-:-.-:q- GEdad et e 7,;-«:’::"“3-"‘9'5‘; Sy ar}’i‘- PRAc k - eAR e T i AN P HER SR BT e
Be o T AE R BRI el i 2] 2RvD SR R R eeL T v o e g
,“Sf sk] S CENIERR VRERO Y bRy Se AT T SRR et o Be 4
: i’zr},fi?{;)z o 4{3{5?_5-—% Eia ,:_-%‘..,:,:'.t,» Eat }é_‘-:“' -?i fr""’:‘v:%i RAk e R \ setgSLN e e T
PARSRT NAtY B MR WSS gap e TS 0 TR e eoi YA T ey A =st Mecalfa 3
Pl ASR e R Dkl asin ol GS e R e 5
Ll AN T \‘«*‘9 B ?‘:— ISR Ts e B RTe el )
g ':_;"4 %;Ag‘;‘;" b "‘s7\-"":";—:?3-” v ‘.';‘“ P 8 i_;_'fe’f'_,‘_;._g,l;-‘;‘; . \i'f IO SA A et o Y T Sh =g
fere fea B G SRR SN ER ‘:{"3’3 FEaamai\ TN s e : e : i
3:( )-.~;?'.:7",fi\f»;v*".if'-?x‘-.:.»fi—'f‘fs".. Sekeuks [bk Ae Ao R IR L cadrr e
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S(e SF AT HUN RAT lE, iTe et T e FHENET T G Ras-w e Feser
Sl AR T N epATeTRR N R T L Y it ks £t LAT ex e
' 2SR g e TR PR AR Wt :fo:-:.‘:t-;'.{\u:‘m-“;,‘::_ ,;-’ s- T e e o :4 ’
AR REM £ sealrea bA b o A s A T
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L. a
What Arc You W a‘.i.'tmg‘ Hor?
oe—— e .:.::_;Zf_’:;-..;:‘_._iv;:.if‘:,'T:;;f::_’_‘,,,,:‘:.:::." - .--f.—vli,,. - »C}-Q‘AO I)S N \&r. O U I:{ PRIGI: S h()
y S g
Nien’s, Youths’, Boys’ and (hildren’s Q(Glothing, PBats
; 3 ‘ 5 ; ap
THEI-\"“"‘ o\ N\ N )" y v : -h_—-—'\;’— =
@NE Bl B F- PR eL]
3 T D Al —"'_"l'—"z—_‘*v——T"'“A“f”;‘——" ININIPE %V 27 SOT 0§ NTZ7%7 oLo
i '()g]_f:“’l"\ LLAND WINTEXZ OFFERINGS WIILL N( )'i‘mi"v\"_l}"(r\\;"\* D B <il ;
) s :-: ; - - _:_.____.—___‘_—_______;____‘,______‘_,A__A . ) & . 39-2 i A " ‘A.—— 1
reis a limit below which honest goods cannot be sold: We place our I’riv*c:_:;t——t'T—i_&“_\\"”‘mQ*l_ml_)i‘ 2 s
% ces at the Liow Water Mark tor sa‘e aud. reliahle (la
ek iark tor sa‘e and reliable Go
Sl narantee,
BN N S T TTL O o L T o e ey s ossssßonsasasaves
200000seveseososessnressssesoss tsesontutstiocouutst nttrtecsses S UN. BKNOW. U mesine
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VOOV ITVe Y VYT "‘“‘V\ vow Y UV ST T e ‘L
. \‘ e CVTVOEIVN f«wv‘w;}'vv-mwirvv?“'
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+On January Fourth T will distribate as Preseuts to my Cusw. ers
Fitty Dollars as follows: ~
20 b P &b s et
Ist Present,; $40.G0 Set Furniture.
- 2 o A Qe a I >
2nd Present, $lO.OO Saratoga Trunk.
These presents cost you nothing. You simp'y pay for your goods
and get value received for your money, ard for every cash puichass of
one dollars worth of goods at any one time you will receive a chance
at the presents.
Foroversix months T haie in this way divided with my customers
part of my profits. It isa free gitt. Awmong those who have gotten
presents in the past ure
Mr. A, B. Hay, Dawson, $40.90 Scwiug Machine—first prize in 4th
Jualy drawing. ;
Mze. J. J. Buckhalt, $lO China Water Set,
Hrsgd erry Parmer $2.00 pir shoes.
M B.T. Bridges 87.50 Oil Painting
M.\ . M. Hobbs 87.50 Oil Paibtina.
- Silla Murry, col.. 87.50 Qil Pamting. ;
~""wriuh Keitn, 87.50 Oil P inting.
~ Aniounting to $82.00 worth o: presents divided with my cus.omers
i six months. The best investment with the best economy is to trade
With J. W. Turner and receive for every doilars worth bouzht one of
his Prize Tickets, which gives you an interest in his 4th duy ot
Come and make your purch.ses immediately while you' can make a
choice selection.
,'. 3 & { i . » ¥ . q
Who Wants a $40.0) Set of ifuriiture?
I guarantee that every customer will have precisely an equal chance.
It cannot mutter to me where the presenis go, or to whow. as every
customer has precisely the same chance.
JW ’ h A 7 g
No other house gives von such achance, and J. W. Turner’s is the
best aud cheapest place to trade. Then why not do the sensible thing?
Come and buy as many dollirs worth as you can spuare betore the 4ih
day of January.
Don’t buy just tor the purpose of getting a present. Take the gonds
on their merit, If you doa't think they are the best and cheapest you
can get, don’t take them. DBut it vou do think so then take them, and
it you get a present you will be happy. It you dont you will be hups
py auyhow. Remember you must trade before the 4th day ot January
in order to geta chance at these presents. Very Raspecttully,
J. W YT i TR,
HONSelold Farisang Goods
Of nearly every description.
Groceries, elc. We are now ageots for the celebrated
Charter Oak Stoves and Ranges,
fi!fii’ch‘ being so v.ell known, n_vf‘d no reecmmendation. Call and ex
minesour stock. As tir asprices are concericd, we know we can
suit you. " :
Exnmineourfl%gyl-h'lexible Back Curry Conib. Just the thing
for ALIL: horses, specially h} gious and Sensitive Ones. :
T £ e e T T ST, ?
F g OB Lfig:t_’? ~.r-’fi E:‘: #e p i i’“
gi i o §‘s( [ it pd F} A
: o e rhal) ain skt
We are now receiving the Largsst and most vari
Steck of Gioods it has ever been our pleasure to handle,
NI £ ISR 74
Dry Gouds, Noions, Boets, Shoes, Haruness, Furnitu
Hardware, Ilour, Sugar, Coffee. I'obicco. ete, etc,
prices which canwot be undersold.
Give us your patronige and we guarantee satisfaction.
nL - PIND. My £ 'm -
Iv addition to the above we carry a full line of BURIAL CASB
And so are ry BABY CARRIAGES, of which I have just recei
a large line and offer av very low priees. e
My Walnut, Oak and Muapl: Bed Room Suits are most artisties
desiuned, nicely fivished, and well put up. Noshoddy ufl“‘!»“-
Parlor Suits in lush and Brecatell 1 invite special attertion to,
these goods are sold tor less than actual worth,
In Book Cases, Writing Desks, Music Stands, Side Boards,
Paintin s and Cartain Poles, you will notfind a L“'g.-y assortment
where in Southwest Georoia, ™ Just got in :
O 000 B T W >4 PH
> (}G(} j\@igfinh‘r \% IXEJL I AL
And all decorations for eeiline, Samples sent on :1;\1)'37'?».-:.1:2011-
A large line of China snd Glassware. Heinvites special attent
to his Hevilands Fretuch China Dinver Sets. i i
In tactif you need anything in the line of House Furnjshing wrile
M. D. Newman aud he will quote you prices as low as reason will per
Window Shades at all prices from The. up, at
ALBANY, : . : : : : : GEORG
0 7 ¢
o &
Druggists and Pharmacists.
Lee Street 4 - Dawson,
et s EA AN )St
Toilet Articles, Faints, O 1
Yarnishes, Brushes. &O
Both of us being physicians, a d h:iving in onr 9“";:::5
M. W. B. BraNNON, a clerk of efperience in our P
we claim advantages not puseese'i“}{y any I?rngd ):1 .4
Physiciins and layety alive can aflways d*‘l"”“_ y ‘niuns
for pure drugs and aceurately comppounded prescrif .
3 ol
L . ro X ,()r
Cheatham & Dean, - - Pawson. Geols

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