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——To Close out cur Fall and Winter Stock we Offer to {he Trade for——
(oL g 3 3 TG G r ALk s s s e a o g /
ST 3 s pre: 2 360§ T o e S e b RN . R T B A
sy fi e Ll b e W s L Ny R s > 7 R g e el
Rey I Sieen et = 113 fl#&- Wi R 5 i 2 oy e PERH (R P ol = L 3 VRS LT IR S
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o e % "«2““? e (% St %w‘ oAt DR e R 010 T QI S 5 o ' ol 2 B v R s PR B
P Sich ¥ B S FA x Tty "ey Eitag re 2] b e S h & 25 N R
e B = BSt §‘§“ RibC vl A i G Yo b i A i aith :
e G bl ey s ; G i s : .
’ < - : "‘!:: ¢ T 3 3 _,?k‘\”. 2 ; . f{f: | ¥» ' , Vi 4 ¥ ¥ ) Y. <.N £) : ~ e :
: v w 5 o b iy by G
100 patr Brcgan Shoesat 75¢ per paie. 100 pair Mew's Cali Shoes at 9oc per p:lfil'. A lot of Snow Flake Flour at $4.50 barre
o) R <
18 3 fi,
nsg e dn -ta.":_":j, 7.
o \";4_«‘-.‘_, s L ZnY
L N A /\T/y\
&? TR ] o N L AN
retaNy TIS 7 Bk sl AN
lAT 5 EATET Rs e, ¢ 3
I,e Vil (NNt Vo 1e e
"’s"%i::v:tr‘r-“' Aas Il NS T P
. ..;25'-'.',:,:;:13_.; S e O Aan
St S e e e
TrElett T et Lt T s e
J'gil!{?:f./;i S T \ =z
ot = 0 o Ae-—d 1%
pole i v
febhE M o o B
e < "*«l.&3'-'-’%»“}"
Nt S b 5
L ‘ .
L x {,,"’ e
SaW e
Only a few months aga theese ramping, rosv.
ehecked lasseg wore puny, drlicute, pale, sickly
irls. By the aid of Dr. Piciee’s world-famed
F- vorite Presceription, thicy bhave blassomed
out into beautiful, plump, hale, hearty, strong
young woinen.
* Favorite Preseription ™ is an invigorating,
restorative tenic and as & rogulator and nro
moter of functionnl action st that eritical
{‘wrifld of change from zirlhood to woinan
ond, it is a perfeetly safe remedial cgent, and
onn produce otly good pesuits. It 18 onre-
Tully compounded, Ly an expeccnesd and
fkillful physicint, and adopted to wonmn's
deliente orgnm#ition. 3z purcly vesctahle
n its compositioh and perfectiy havani o
dang condition of the svaien, 10 nagerts
gtrength to the whole gysion, B Ve T
worked, ** worn-onut,” * riin-down.” deie it ed
tenchers, mithiners: dresstynliors, ceanmarieaos
“ Bhop-gitls,” houdblCriers, nnesing 1o hers
and {echic women Henerniiy, v Preoea
Favorite Prosemption is the g T oairnLy
boon, bring nnequiled as an of ining 40
diti and restorative tope, Mo Iho Gy
medicine for women, sold hy 1 Yser o)
@poxitive guarinitee fronn (e mantbeturs
that it will give sntafiction 1« PY o oa
or moncy will he' reluindicl, Tior ginranie
hae been faithiully crvied out for sany 5.
Copyright, 1883, by WoLE's 1719, MeD. Asy'S.
Eang sg o g,
>, s B DFr o r
WO 077777
erscate Be, Bace’s Catareh ideinon, for g
Wneuratilo case of Catacrh i tie !ioad,
A% B : .2 !
W. 'l Lewis, |
e G
Sold by the box at manufocturs |
er’s prices, and very low !
by retail. {
Dried Beet. Mott's Cider ll
A lot of the cels ‘ Peach and ap |
ebrated “K en~ | ple always on |
tucky” just l hand. Sodaand
received, Lemonade. |
18 especiully mvited to look at
my tobaccos before buying, |
18 now located in Dawson to Clean,
Repair and Dye garments. All
eolors always on hand at first
houze below M:, Harts carringe
:‘. ’ "
P.".‘i g 4 H i
ek out e Hovnciie, Wimaring Wonns &
sleep well, is restless, unnatural in ity appetitc
o Worms) the' poridics are icong Indlestion
o ':uf‘"?dz‘[' VERMIFUGE, Askyout
SHE S e eit 2o
s s e RN et ettt er s Ie e e S R 4
Y B i B - eBe B Ao . s
%vgg= : ; : -
o b i P 7 A Z ore * 7 o
¥ P 3 . =\ o 5 .=2 g RN = o 0:
7A¥)5 7 = A /
* 2 "fi: “{ -\“;’ *»g 5 g ‘F;‘
sSce 3 8 & 3
- ¥ 3 Q > : X R C
RS, - O sot ooty 000 L B ; N gE‘ >&;
2,000 yards Jeans, good quality, all
wool, at 5¢ yer yird, 3.000 vards
single width Dress Goods. reg
ular price 15 to 3Ge. offer
entireline at Q¢ per
© yard. LOOO y'ds
Flannel at
= !
A Merchant of Sumter City Bratally !
Murdercd, |
An a‘rocious murder was com
witted Teesday vizht near Suciter
ter City, a small villaze in Suuter
county, ten wiles sonth of Ameri
eus. Rolert Rorers a young ner
chant of thut place. had closed hi
atore for the night,"and was goiug
to his home, a h:lt mile disiant
when he was :
by an unknown sssassin, The foad |
of huekshot took ofteet between s ’
shoulders, hut, vot withstanding |
the wourd wasworta!, r. Rogers |
ran three hundred yaeds towarls |
his home before be fell and expir
ed. His body was discovered |
shortly afterwar 's by some children f
who were passinz. Mr. Rogers was |
a very quict young man, and w:'-.fi;
not knewn to have had an (‘l!(’.'Y‘yi
on carth, and : 8 vorhing was taken 'l
from bLis pockes, clearly shows |
thot robbery was not the oljeet of ‘
the sssussin. The community is at |
Toss to know what the real caus:is: |
Xr. Rogers was ‘
aoainst a nerro who ecommitted al
crime there sonie time eince ;'.n«Ti
many think that friends of this!
negero did the shooting, in order to ;
preven! Hogers testifiying azainst
Ly, Blood lonads have been
cent to the seene of the killing, and
every effort will be made to eateb
the murderer. Mr. Rogers' was
l’twen'ty years of nge, unmarried.
¢ Just Hear That Child Scream!”
said Mre. Smith to her sister, Mre.
Davig, as the sound of a child's
ghricks came saeross the garden
from a neighbor's house. *‘What |
kind of a woman have you for a|
neighbor ? Does she abuse her chil
dren”? “No, indeed.” replied
Mrs. Davis. *‘She is one ot the ‘
most tender mothers in existence,
But you see, she believes in the,
old: fashicened styles ot doctoring.
When a cliild needs physie, she fills
a gpoon with some nauseous daose, |
lays the litle vict'm flat on her
l lap, holds his nose tiil he is forced
to open his mouth for breathi,when
l down gocs the dreadful mess, Then
| comes the yells.” *No wonder,”
‘snid My, Smith, *“Why doesn’t
she use Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pur
gative Pellets? They arc effective
without being harsh, and are as
easy to take as sugar plums. lal
ways give them 10 my children."
“And go do I,V said Mrs. Liavis.
e e e GP g
Best cologne made is Cheatham
& Deans sold in any quantity and
goality and guarantecd. Also best
! extracts and face powders.
The Georgia parson who l)elmn;:s
to the conference isa lons endur®
ing and a muen sufltring individ=
ual. Hislife is tu'l of u .cert:xififis.
md Lis poekets crapty of 'w"\.
He comes and goos inastorm 1o
s here tosday and there to-morrow
sit were. This year he livesia a
Y pardunage in fown, next yes
@ a iomely hotge iy a hamlet
ope te him seems like @ dim out
fin: in the dreary dis anee as he
nustios off to contersnze, perchance
vithout an overceat or the last
quart«r’s salary, in which case h
hastens to impress upon his charge
the Biblical injuaction thas “Lil@‘
laborer is worthy of his hire."
ihe Methodist preacher is a fa- ]
miiiar figurei- Georgia. He fi
ures in every community. By "
the figures ganeral'y leave bim iu
debt to the groeer or some other |
luckless sinner. And yet the win ‘
isler Goes not compliin, Ile coes
on with his ghod work and urows
in grace and latitude wuntil he is ‘
a big guu. Tuen he is transpors~
ed to the seventh heavea of de
light and 2 modeirn pu!pit with a
choir, including the 1 ading sopra- 1
no in the gouth and all cther pa 8
phersalia necessary to modern 1
aslvation. He preaches the same
old Word and extends his usefuls
fulness a year or two, and draws |
a living sulary and again he gres
to conference and the bishop a-s
signs the big zun to Jesup or Jim
plecute. Again hefinds himselt iu
the cold and cheerless country and
resumes his pious work aud tak-s
up a fresh shingle and figures on
the chances {or a narrow escape
from the wolt. Ifthe prospect is
pleasing he piously tackles the
groceryman for a plug of tobzeco
“on tick.”
As he journays through this vale
of tears the mipister has to con
tend with mamy liardships, Life is
not all sudshine, even to the truly
good, snd a word .or two of en
couragement goes straight to the
yreacher’s heart. Give him a
| {mlping hand. —-rl)alton Citizen.,
i Ringing Noises .
I In the ears, sometin.esa roaring
| buzzing sound are caused by cat
" arrh, that exceedingly disagreeable
and very common disease, Loss of
' smell or hearing also result from
catarth. Hood's Sarsaparitla, the
- great blood purifier, iz a puculisrly
successtul remedy for this disease,
which it cures by purifiying tie
blood. If you suffer trom catarrh,
try Hood's Sarsaprills,the peculiar
Good Quality Red Flannel at tsc per
vard. 2,000 yards best Gin:hams at
Tc peryard, 2,oooyards Calico
100 Ladies’ Jerseys from
D¢ up. 1,000 pair La
dies' Hose, larce
lotatSe per
. pair.
Andionor te His Race,
James Ellis is a skilled blacks
smith and hss worked st the trade
in Americus for thirnty-twe years,
twenty-three of which ke hes Leen
working for hims 1. He is recoz—
‘unized o 5 one of the most intelli_cnt
nagroesin Americus, and probably
‘s #s many friends asany man in
the city. Heis 59 years cld, and
curing slavery times was the prop
erty of Dr. Eillis, of Macon couns
iy Sowme years ago James purchas
«d a plastation.of two houdred
and fifiy acres in-Macon county
and made a presen%‘«fl it to his old j
mistress, Mis. Elsgiwho had by
the war, the death U?F r hushand
«ud cther ('i"cui“-“l“éfikmmnlc
poor. It was a noble & “and net |
mly shows the ehara srer oj"
san, but the kindly r au‘_.z"‘,
exist between mastcr 2000 fi"fie
Janies owns a goud B \-‘Gfiflw
ind wwo d\\‘c“ill__'i, val{ ‘b‘?‘} -.f&;i-?
000. Onaccount of his§ i §
gence and honesty he was pl
upon the jury list and served ::3
one term of court without hé fuy
chjected to by piaintifl or defead 8
ant.— Americus Llecorder.
——— e QP
The Liitic Seed.
A 'ittleseed lay in the carter’s
path ; I
A little shoot bowed in the
strong winds wrath;
A little shrub grew, by its roots
held fast;
Then a stout tree braved all the
winter’s blast.
A jitde congh started —"twas on
iy light;
A little chill gh'verek the hours
of vight;
A little pain came and began to
Then consumption la.d all his
brave strength low.
Be wise mn time. Checek the lits
tle cough, cure the littie chili, dis
pel the little pain, ere the little
ailment becores the strong, uncen
querable giant of disease, Dr.
Pierce’s Goldon Medical Discovery,
taken io time,is a remedy tor these
Eapepsy, l
""his is what you ought to have,
in fact, you must bave it, to fully
enjoy life. Thousands are search
ing tor it daily, and mourning be
cause they find it not. Thou-ands
upon thousands of dollars are spent “
annually by our people in the hope |
that they may attsin this boon.—
And yetit may be had by all, We
guarantee that Electric Bitters, if
uscd according to direction snd the
use persisted in,wiil bring you Gooed
Digestion and oust the demen Dys
epsia and install instead Eupepsy,
l:\'e recommend iceiric i iiters for
Dyspepsia and all diseascs of Liver
Stomiach avd Kidneys, Bold af
50c. add $l.OOO per bottle bk
D. Sale, Druggist. emryyigs
! Only to Fiad that the Parchaser wa:
' a Goverament Deteetive.
’ An upufortunate occurcnce, in
volvine one of the leadiug banks of
f Americus, was made puoiic Wed
| neslay night. The facts are as
follows: Some time sincea suspi
cious ten-dollar bill was discovered
by Cushier Windsor, who, baving
doubts of ita genuineness, put 1t
aside, at the same time givivg in
instructions that, on no aecount,
shovld it be pmd out. By mistake,
Lowever, some some gave out the
bill, among others in payment tor
cotton, but as soon as the fact was
discovered, it was promptly re
deemed, and put carefully away,
as Mr. Windsor was uncertaio of
its genvioass, and wanted to sub-’
mit it to the bank examiner when
jxemfled, A day or two aiters
Jw;;;gls, a gentlemanly stranger was
brought and introduced to Windsor
by a brother beuker, The Former
Z;é;‘ié?esebti"g bimself asa torist anx
ious to pick up souveuirs of this
scetion, Ia response to a question
as 1o whether he had any counters
‘eit money on band, Mr. Wiudsor
readity produced the suspected bill.
‘the tonrist examined it carelully,
atd offered to purchase it, and
Windsor still believing that the
bill wightbe good,took the chances
and sold it for five uvollars. The
tourizt uficrwarke developed into
a government dectective, and the
c.se was reported to the authorities,
On the advice of his counsel Mr.
Windsor went on his own recogni
zance to Macon, where a prelemi
pary hearing was had end
a boud ot five hundred dollars giv
en for hisappearance when war ted.
Mr. Windsor stands very ligh
in sociul and financials cireles, and
as he had no intent whatever to
commita wrony,the affair is greatly
Hood’s Sarsaparilia cures catarrh
by expelling impurity from the
blood, which is the cause of the
complaint. Give it a trial.
D L ——
Among the mcidents of child.
hood that stands out in bold relief,
as our mamory reverts to the days
\\'llell we were yfillflg, none are
more prominentithan severe sick
ness. The g mother vividly
rememb: gEbat it was Chambers
lniils @ogrh Remedy cured her of
cedppand in turn adiministers it
ito her own «ffipring avdaleays
‘With the best success. lor sale by
‘all druggists,
A large lot of Braid and Braid Trim
mings, Laces, Persian Bands, Gimp,
Sitk Cords and Velvetteens.
Will sel! at less than cost.
A large lot Blankets
: ate ost. Gent's
Wool Gloves
25¢ pair
' Caafession of a Corkserew.
] “Tell the trath, I have livel s
| very crooked life,” said the cork:
' screw. “My ways have baen e
'vinus, and I attribute it largely
!to the fact that I have been
brought so much in contact with
strong drink, I bave tried to
| straighten up, butitis vo use,
} My habits ave fixed. I cannot go
(in the straig Lt aud varrow way.
My way is narrow enough, but it
isu't straizht. I have astron s pull
on society and club circles. Per
haps I sheuld not wention it, but I
am thrown mwuch with people wio
aretight, Ilven the corks [ come
in contact with are tight. Thapk
heaven, there is nothing in comse
mon between me and the plebeian
agricultural people who leave an
inch or soo of corn-cob stopper
sticking out of the bottle. ‘'ihey
havé®no use for me, and I have no
uge for them. lam of a convivial
nature, and generous to a fault, |
am always first to open a bottle,
Inregard to champaizne I have on
ly this tosay: Beware of a drink
that has dynamite enough in it to
fire the cork out of the bhottle
Lam in and out of drinking places
s 0 much that I am feelivg pretty
grogey, and hoping you are enjoys
ing the same blessing, I am yours
A Scrap of Paper Saves Her Life,
It was just an ordinary serip o
wrapping paper, but it saved her
lite. She was in the last stages of
consumptisn, told by physicaus
that she was incurable and could
live only a short time;she weizhs
ed less than seventy pounds. On
a piece of wrapping paper she read
ot Dr. King’s N&w Discovery, and
got a sample bottle; it helped her,
she bought a large bottle, 1t helped
her more, bought another and
grew better fast, contivued its use
and is now strong, healthy, rosy,
plump, weighing 140 pounds, For
tuller particulars send stamp to .
tl, Cole, Drugg'st, Fort Smith.—
Trial Bottles cf'this wonderiul Dis
covery Free at T. D, Sale’s Drags
| Bucklen’s Anica Salve.
The best salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chap
ped Hauds Chilblains, Corns, and
all Skiaz Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles. It is guaranteed to
give pertect satigfuction, or mon
ey refunded. Price 25 cents por box.
For sale by 'T. D, Sales.
e et ol O s e
Fortity againsy disease breediag
gases and foul vapors. Johuson's
Chiil and Fever Tonieis an anti
dotg to malarial poisonive. yres
all fevers. An unrivaled appe
tiger, " Price 59 Usuta, :
How the Brooks Family Lives.
In the western part of North
Carolina, near tiot Springs, there
lives a - family by the name ot
Brogks, and a most interesting one
it is. The Brooks residence con
sists of a low loz cabin, of one
[ room, sud is occupied by the fath
er,mother and twenty exceptionally |
bundsome children. Everyove is
a bloude, with yellow golden hair
and peachy complezion, and all as ‘
iznorant, wild and untutored as
they are beautiful. In addition
to the family proper,the two oldest
girls are married, and one of them
is a widow with two echildren and
the other has three children and
a husband. 'L'his makes twenty
eight people living, eating and
sleeping in one small room. 'he
family sleeps in berths arranged
like those on a ship. It is not
stated whether any of the children
ever get away.
Hoils and Carbuncles Cared.
For years I have been constantly
troubled wit'y bumors in the blood,
which caused the breaking out of
boils and carbuncles all over my
body, thit when bLruised would
make an ugly sore. [ consulted
many eminent physicians and took
a great deal of mediciue withont
any perceptible benefit. Nothing
he'ped me but Swift's Specifie(S.S.
H.) ‘That medicine cored me! I
am now enjoying excellent health,
and thereis nota bi:mish ot sny
kind oo my body MicHapL Mds
HALE, Bulo,Neb. sska,
Swifts Specific (5.8.8) cured
my little boy of hereditary gerof
ula which broke out all over his
face. For a year he suffered and [
had given up 'l hopes for his res
covery, when at lengtb I was in
duced to use 5. 8. S, After tak
ing a part of oue” bottle he was a
entirely cured. Not a symptom
now remains of the disease. This
was three years ago.
Mrs. 1. L. MATHERS, Mather~
Vi“(}, bidss.
Mr. John A, Clary,sexton ot Oak.
wood “emetery, Waco, Texas, says:
Swift’s Spv(!ific (S.SS) is a sure
cure for acy description of blood
poison! About a yeirago Icons
tracted a poisonous blood discuse;
and tried a number ot remedies
withoutavail. I was abeut to get
dishearteved when a friend induced
me to try (8.8 8.) Atter taking a
part of one hottle I was a sound
man and no symptons of tie fell
disease have ever returned,” ;
Trea y on Blood and Skin Dis
eas mailed free, ;
‘Ga, : e ]
VOL. VL.—-XO, 29,
T L m SO S
r mn .
7. H. Thurmond,
mreema Batisfaction Guarans
Aadind sy ‘ 5
GOYYYTh teed in all kinds of Den~
tal Work. Old plates repaired
aud made good us new.
for Painless Extraction of Teeth,
Patronage respeettully solicited.
Office up stair: over Talbot's store.
, b Y .
Janes § Graham,
Business respectfully solicited.
. 'E\'eryboriy' M;v—.mhrrr‘.gt '”(‘10“,{;;;
will do well to call on Davis &
Locke. They are offering bar
gains. !
e’ :; ‘,.,‘;;.; “.;_",_ STy
gR M B eS AR
;»i; VAT ;E'_" ;
T M 2 STt iSI TR
j%fi'—' B TPV f
o Gl al
Arac o gint s S
-l o o “"* st ; ;f}-.’ =
i3I AIRER o 0
£f TV ER N ®
TN RS ) o'
P P et A Ta T AR L L
T A A5B ]l TR e B R
5 £ o oK
®s 4. Fiisi
e eble Mole, Many Styles. New
ant Sncond-Hand.
o i eot e i W o ot P s
b VEZY new ii-trument gupramtoed for five
o it sinpped on tial, and if not as repres
atod can Le etorusd at our expense. With each
tiro wme give fraa a fine plush-+op steol, ke
anbiol ered cover, viane instructor and six piepes -
mu de. Wilye.ch Organ we give fyee g good
p-cotered stool acd inatiuctor,
sty “.‘G"’ 1'.,..._.
e ngroato ascuve all {rehy)” on Pianos and
ans. VThose who wait guick .a:"l.lt'(? order
vws Themadi cnd freight fucilties ol A,t):mm
verf 0% No natte- what others offer, write us
St p suising, wnd sse Bow easily money can
2 suved. G ey
‘LANOB . ... .. .$l5O 00 to $1,500 00
ORGANG ....... . $4600t0 $ 75000
EracialL OFFERS.
53 DYEAAUT Fieno, Stels 1 ustration at top
i ’ 2 f-g:'fiT Cf B e voriie ment), rosewood
ga @, T 4 o.taves. three wisons, ovarstrung bass, .
Ay tmooovements, ]he best Jow- 8216 00
priced Picno nuinufactured., ;
) Cloush & Waiien, five octaves: larye
. & W care. satin . wi-hnt, \’er{ han&wn?
‘wo sels of weds five stors. Is Mous -Prost.
iatter than other orgons sold at $75.00, seu
Beats tue workl. ve ofie it for only s
L A temcardld grvi can Euy e organ or fuaro
rem Phillips & Croe, Atlonta, (a., as socure
YR s toslii ¥ the el cxfert insicicn inthe
end) = hristin Worker.
ek gt el e Ao
If you want cr think of buying s Piano |
or Or:an, by no means purchase until you
have secursd prices a 4 terms from
Pstablinked 1888, = ATLANTA, CA.

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