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NG R ‘\f".--f:;éi \\\\\\\\::l mh ‘: !
e e AW J%t,/ & H
/5= ’,! e\ A N
- NN
' : A \\‘ \
The only medicines sold by druggists, undnr
A positive guarantee from their manufact
urers, that they will do just what ig claimed
for thein- that’is, benefit op cure in all cas»s
of discuses for wiijc h thev are recommended,
or the money paid for them will be promptly
refunded—-are Dr, Pieree's world-famed gpe
cifles, manutactured by World's Dispensary
Medical Association, of Buivalo, N, Y.
Dr. Pieros'z Goklon edion! Dispovers cureg
Rl disenses arvising: from A torpid or derangod
liver, or rom irpure hinod, ag Dyspepsia, or
Indigestion, Frin o 1 “ehos, Eruptions,
Balt-rheum, Toitor, Feven He 3, and Serofu
lous Sovos aec Sw'lellin s Uonsumption, or
Lung-zerafuby, is aico cuied by this wone
derful rermcdy, 38 taion in timo,
Dr. Piever’s Favorite Preseription is the
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strengsth giver, imparting tone and vigor to |
the whole system, Az a socthing nerviae it |
8 unequaled. See guarantee printed on the
bottle - weapper and faitbfully carried out l
for many ycars.
Copyrignt, 1888, by WozrrLp's Drs, MED, Ass'N.
8 ™~ - | |
SAOI U cnommn
H \ & for an incurable caze of Cae
\nflv:i W garel in the Efend by the
proprietors of Dr. Suac's Catarrh Le tiedy. By
Js mild, soothing and heal: e proporties, it
€ures the worst ensos no antte (of how long
Stundicg, By diticewsis, 5 conta,
Bl g lERT
§r N e e A
A 5 e ' {x".{,.;‘;:;' 83
e AT R |
’ LA F R |
< o AT T - P ‘
Ron S R |
S 5 o T |
.J 3 §% 0 ®
£ g 25 g: i o @
& 1708% % |
sl eSN ] |
egtek et L A TR ;
PR e W
o 2 g 1 E.OB vy B
e LoiiDß
a . 'fi, i % =+ -
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Ml\ A s
r——— i R
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al ‘mprovements. The ieast low
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ir*ter than cther organs soid at §75.C.
Beats tue world. Ve offe it for only 855-00
“ A emyear-old pirl can buy an organ or fprane
rrom Piillips & Crew, Atlawia, Ga., as securs
THom iisfposidtion as the most cxpert musizian in the
famdl—Chiistian Werker,
———— e
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l. . STEVERS & BRO., i
. o I
41Whitehall, §.. Atlanta, Ga. ‘
Isnow located in Dawson to Clean,
Repair and Dye garments. All
colors always “on hand at first
house below™ Mz, Hart's carringe
| ss BE i
:’.": ag rour ehild by (gymirfinq w M ¢
& eus ibs destiuction. When achild falls &«
Seed well, s restless, unnstural in its sappstite
Do haTouidiva tars tun ifis a M. A
vad s for 15 lee Mmely tee may save ¥ow
The Oatlook for Dawson.
Thereisa stronig, procressive spirit
asseriing itself in this community
which argues well for its future and
it is nct venturing ton much to say
that Dawson is about enter
ing upon a new era of growth and
prosperity. This spirit is becom
ing general. It is not confined to
any class, and in every circle one
can hear the opinwn expressed
thut “prouress” must be the wateh
warl fiom this time forth. Our
older and more conservative citi
izens, who have been wont to res
gard with disfavor any movement
which threatened an i: novation
upon old customs, and which tend
ed to any material change, have
canght the enthusiasm of their
jnviors and are earnest in any
scheme for the developmeni of the
resources and attractions of the
town, The conviction has come
that this is an age cf progress; that
enterprise and public spirit are es
gential to the growth ot a ecity,
stand still or retrograde, we must
arouse ourselves to the importance
ot action. ‘
Diowson is well loeated; has many
advantages not possessed by more
populous towns in Georgin;
the territery tributary to
it is yearly increasing in
wealth,aud the railroads,ulready in
aperation, and those being built
lieve, offer opportunity for largely
increasing her volumes of business,
and vet she has not given that ats
tention to her appearence warrante
ed and demanded by her growing
nade. Tiere are many improves
nents to he m:\do; nutwerous rural
givns to be obliterated; streets to
«iraighitened, sidewalks to he kept
in ~ocd condition and artesian was
ter to be secured if possible,
All these things are coming, how
ever, The spirit ot enterprise will
develop iuto vigorous action
which Wil! avercome aull olst: cles
nd serd Dawson orging to the
ront. The outlook is «<ncour
Our Negroes. :
On last Saturday a very intelli- f
eut newsro named Keel, from |
Arkansas, addressed his race uu‘
~dueation. The address was de.‘
itvered ou the pablic spuire aad
that part we heard conta’ned much ‘
sensivle advice. 'The =peaker told
his beurers that the oniy way to
secare siccess was to be honest,
«ducate themseives aod to culti
vate 1 {ricndiy relation with the
whitez of the south who, he said,
were the neoro's “hest triends.”
The News is alad to bear testi
mony to the induvstrious habits of
the uevroeg of *his gooa county;
and they are yearly growing richer
in this world’s goods. Some of our
most prosperous and successtul
tormers are nagroes. The kiad
Liest relation possibile exists be ween
the two races, aud if a similar con~
dition ot things was the rule every
wheve e¢lse there waounld be no
race prjudice nor a raze problem
to solve.
Leaving Family and Priznds.
Thousunds zo to Southern Cah
forni. an i other elimate health re
sorts. Who are viedms of incurable
thPoat and lung diseases, Liey go
tiere from atl paris ot the Union,
the northwest contributing a large
potion. The exciting cause in al
most cvery instavee is a cold or a
succession o' colds, which have
been improperly treated or entirely
peglected. 3+ hen Chamberiain’s
. sugh Remedy is used as directed,
Be cuse of consumption ever has or
ever can ceur, i sets in harmony
with unaiure, wids expector:tion,
reiicves the lungs. equalizes the
circulatino, peevents congestion
and keeps the lungs in a per.ectiy
healtiy condition. It you have a
“cough, or any symptows of throat
i or luuy discase, do not veglect it a
day but procure & bottle or Chams
l beriain's Cough Remedy avd cure
yourselt at once. Tw) sizes, H 0
i.ceuts and 81.00 botties. Soid by
all druggists.
Lots for Sale.
Capt. John 3. Fulion has divid- l
ed an eight acre lot in the city into
town lots of suitable sizes for le3i- {
dence lots, aud proposes selling
them to parties desiring 10 pur=
chase nmi build on them. His
prices are reasonable, and all who
wish to buy town lots would de
well to lovk ut them at once, a 8
town property is rapidly increasiog
n price.
Just received at Davis & Locke’s
24 dozen Factory Shoes, which are
heing =o'd at jobbers prices.
' Terrell county furnishes her
‘share of divorees. Several were
granted at the recent sitting of
the Superior court, and there are
yet fitteen or twenty on the calen
dar. A
The American puh'ic iusfly‘
condemns the persistenca of the
Mormons in their pol_\'gmnous!
practices; hut may there not be |
grounds for the counter charce ofl
the Latter Day saicts, that many
of those who denounce them man. !
age to secomplisis the snme ends |
by roundalvwut means The re
port of the commissionsr of lahor, _
givine the divoree statistics of the |
United States as far us they ean be |
compiled, is o stortline as well as |
a suugestive document, Not ouly |
the large number of divores in !
proportion to the married people, '
but the brie: period in which mars!
ried lite was endared before a di-!
vorce was gought, and the cnusvsi
for secking and granting the same, |
must cause some anxiety concern— ’
ing the permauency ot cur present |
aocial structure, '
According to the e mmissioner,
the averaze yeriod of martied life
where divorees have been obtained
is about nine years. At this rate,
a man married at twenty one
could easily marry four more times
in an ordinary sctive life, while a
woman, if well preserved, aud hav-
inz a kepn cye to business, could |
yvoke herself at least six tinies, l
The well to do Mormuns can |
scarcely riva' this, while many of |
them, on acrount ot their lml'ru\vl
means and other obsticles, arvf
lucky it they possess one wite, and 1
the Mormon woman, so fir fro n‘
being fovored like their sisters iul
communities where divorees are
easily obtained, are frequently
compelied to share one husband
amonz a number oi them., & °
But the cause for which di
vorees are crantd in some states
must starile conservative lwuple
everywhere. We pass over the
cates in which thicre may have
been reasonable grounds for «h—]
voree, sach as where the hushana i
w uld not wash himself, and there
by inflicted great mental agony on
his wife, or when he kickeld his
wite gut ot bed, because it there
was water baudy, orthe hushand
did not have the uighunare, it was
manifestly impossibie for a well
rezul. ted omen to live with hiag
but the line must be drawn g 0 ne
where, and when it comes to givs
itg a wife s divorce becanse her
hushund would not cat his toe
nail-,or wonldn't take her out bu =
gy riding, or cut her “angs off, or
when it comes to grantiog a huss
!l);md a divorece decuse his wile
beat him uatil be was sore, pulled
him out of bed by his whiskers, or
would not tilk with hia on Sun
day, we protest against such tri
.fliug with a really s rious gubject,
ft must b exasperating to be
|gmaged, even oce siounlly, with
gharp toe nails, or mouotonous to
'lw compeied to remain at home
'aml attend 10 household duties
wheno others arc out buzgy riding.
| or humiliating to have one’s baugs
'furcihiy removed when they are
the tashion; byt a patient aad lov
l ing witv will bear uncomplaining~
ly beavier griav nces than these,
and the bugband who will alow
hia wite to thrash bim uotil he is
sore, or pull him out ot bed by his
| whiskers, or whocannot get a word
‘out of him on Bundy, does not
\n:cri[ any reiiet irom courts of
juetice. He deserves ali he gets,
and nmore, too.
Cold Waves
Atre predicted with reliable necuras
cy, and people tiavle to the pains
and unches ot rheumatism «L‘ead
every chaage to damp or stormy
weather. Aitkough d)zmd’s Sarsa~
parilla is not cluimed to be pnsi-‘
tive specific for rheumatism, ihe
remarkably cures it has eflected
show that it may be taken for this
complaint with reasounable certaios
te ot bepefit. Its action in peus
tralizing the acidity ot the blood,
which is the cause of rheumatism;
eonstitutes the seeret of the snceess
of Heod's Sarsaparilla. It yon
suffer from rhewmatism, vive
Hood's Sarsaparitls a fair trial; i
; will do you 'o/'.-d,
} He Startles People by Becoming s
Fertilizer Drummer.
It wlll be news to all Georgia to
learn that Capt. Wright Brady,
whois known fir and neir as the
author of the famous DBrady bill,
which would permit purchasers ot
fertilizers to prove tailure ot con
sideration in the event the FUANo
was worthtess, will zo into the gu
ano business.
Rut such is the fact.
ile has made a contract to en
ter the emplby of Mr, Joaun M
Green, ot this city, who is a ‘arge
manutacterer of guano.
Mr. Brady was employed by Mr.
Green to represent his tertilizers
beeause of the very influence which
be has with the ageieuliyral ele
ment of the state.
Thisis a big advertisement for
Mr. Green, but before Mr. Brady
is through with his work, he will
douhtless be called upon to rise and
explain several times,
The people of Georgia will not
be able to understand his connect
ing himselt with a guano manufacs
tory immediately after emerging
from the legislature, where he was
an unconpromising foe of guauno
dealers in the interesgof the farm
ers, e
He was no doubt howest in his
advoeiey of his Lill) and probably
is equally as honestin his motives
in conveciing himself with his late
But the masses who are eager
eyed for fravd wil be apt to ime
agine that this feru'izer bill ang
its advoeaey were prompted in the
interest ot acomfortable berth with
his friends the enemy.
It e Brady really helicved that
there was an existing necessity
amonyg the faraiers tor thie measure
ot which heis the author aud tep
the passage of which he v:liantly
Libored in the legistit:re, he cer
taivly should continus to labor for
the enactment of the bill and not
cowpletely ruin its future prospects
by allyinz himseif with those
against whom it sought to proect
the people. |
Lhe teriilizers of My, Green are
Kuowa to he among the best manu
tactured in the stute. 3
But in prcscu?’l‘kg the claims of
his Lill upoa the Jegislature, Mr.
Evady made a c“% cherse of
b:mn' u.gery and tnil'«!_i%bq;;ga:sisfi ‘
erstion azunst Juinogmaaataciar. |
ers in general, 52',,3;?{ |
Tie tact that be «g!} the
midst of deleat from ;gfigpé
and conneets himseif with aw .;;-,‘
comcera, with the sole expliiiedion.
that its *‘goods are pure," wil )gf
jeet him to widespread eriticisms
among. those of the state that
looked upon him as an apostle of
the horny<har~ded sons of toil.
Mr. Brade speaks ot returning
to the next legislature, Hhut shouid
ke dosoaud aguin spring his guano
biil, it would be hissed down wiih
tie cry “monopoly ' Augusta
Just So.
The fuvniliar eompliiot is heard
from the Mobile Register that ‘it
is difficult to impress on the masses
of negroes that relizion is a watter
of moia’s as’ well as a matler o
teeling, of excitement, and ’speris
enc>.” But this diffeulity is not
confined to the negross, There are
p'enty of white men who have
funily prayer every moraiag, vet
think nothi:g of breaking ths prous
ises upon which they are ele t:l
to office;who conduct Sunday scho |
and yet raise immeuse campaigo |
funds to buy votes. The theory
that a man may rob a hen roost on
his way hone trom prayermeeting,
if he has oply prayed ¥ervently in
the meeting, is aot confined to the
colored race.
Jack and Jill eseh took a pill,
Oid-tashioned kind—full grown;
Jack's weut down -but with a
& frown
Jill died from “cause unknown,”
\ Swiles will supersede many
frowng, aud many discomiorts wiil
be unknown, when Dr Pierce's
| Pieasaut Purgative Pellets eutirely
! supersede, as they bid' tair (o do,
the large and less efficient pill of
' our torefathers.” Every ('myliil
gain pew laurels!
{ when mogt il
“S-m;onl ye'rs ago,” says the
»}reonq?_lle‘ Soutk Caruling, News,
**:he raining tree was regarded as
i curiopity, and when some indi:
vidual was bold enough to declare
tiat he pad #en one, he was hoot
ed dowp, or the chestnut gong
was sounded shrilly atd reprcach
fully on whe air, This year the
trees have becone common.™
The Charleston News and Cou
rier says: “‘No wouderhey weep,
when timber lands are sod for a‘
price per acre which will not muuse
ure the vulue ot a cord of fire
wood trom the same ground; when
we send shiploads across the ocean,
and buy bedsteads and bureaus
and wagous and tables aund chairs
and hrgadtrays and buckets and
buskets' apd tubs and sxe Lelves
and wheelspokes, and even clothes
pine, feom the people of other
states hoandreds of miles from us.
It isnof surprising that the vary
trees in pur fo:2sts should be mov
ed to wgp over our thri:ulessness
and iiaprovidcuce. The only
wom'er;is, indeed, that they do
not booshoo ouirizhtin view of our
folly, agd of the certain speedy
and weeping fate which threatens
them, #f we do not change our
Thers Was a Moral Lesson in It,
It was agreed by everybody in
the car that she was the howeliest
womap toey ever saw, aud the
man in the sent with her prohably
voticed the sly glances and heaid
some of the wuispered exclamas
tious. lle became restless and
uneasy, an? by and by got up and
walied baek to wherea couple of
drummers sai, and said :
“Boys, sie’s my wile.”
“Yes!” responded oue.
“I allow that she's homely "suil
to scare a hunziy bear out ot &
hog pen, but is ail my fiale”
“And T teli you the story, bes
cauge there is a great moral ie=<on
in it. We was eugaged to be
martied. I ook her mto Syr.-
cuse tea Fourth of July. lThere
siie met Bill Prime, an old beau of
hers, vud it mude me jealous, us
some gals will, you know, and she
a_rced to lide home with b,
It hit me hord, as you may believe,
and 2o L went out to the stable and
drove tacks into bDiil’s harness.
When they came 1o start out the
horse ran away. Bill jumped out
and dido’t get a seraieh, but Mary
st id tith ihe bugzry suuck a bridge
and wis all smasked up. She lost
“twelve teei, hiad her no.e broken,
her wouth tora out at the corner,
an cye cocked ap, ‘her toes tuined
ia, her tongue bit hzlt in two, and
the coior of ber bair changed to
ihe brindle you now see ULefore
~ “[ sec the moral lesson.”
“©Not yit, you don’t! That
came in when I tried to give her
the shiuke und crawl out ot the
marriagze. Her old dad put on the
zerews, and 1 bad to come to time
or losa my farm, and so I wulked
the chalk. The great moral lesson
is, never get mad at your best gal,
Li you do get mad don’t meke a
tuie of yourselt. That's all, boys,
aud I hope the warning wiil sink
deep to your hearts.— N. Y. Sun,
. Symptoms of Catarrh.
Dull, beavy headache, obstruc
tion ot the nasal finssages,discharges
falling form the head into the
throat, s)metimes protuse, watery,
and acrid, at others, thick, tenacis
ous, musous, purelent, bloody and
putlid; the eyes are weak, watery,
and influned; there is ringing in the
ears, deatness; haeking o 1 cough
ingto clear the thioat, expectoras
tion of offensive matter, togeiher
with scabs rro n uleers; the voice is
chunged and has a nasal twang ;
the breath is offensive ; smell and
taste are impaired ; there is a gensas
toin of dizzi.ess, with mental de
pression, a hacking cough and gen
eral debility, 'f you have al!, or
any considerable number of these
symptoms, gou are suffering trom
Nusal Catarrh. © the more com
plicated your disease has become,
the greater the nuwber andsdiver
sity of symptoms. Thousands of
cases annually, without manifests
ing halt of the above symptoms,
result in consumption, mere decep
tive and dangerous, or less under
stood, or more ‘unluccesstully!
wreated, by physicians, Five hun
ldred dollars rewsred is oftered by
the manufacterees of Dr. Sage's
lCamrrh Remedy, for a ecase of
catarrh whigh* they cavnot cure.
‘Reu.e sold by druggists, at ouly
I (e fiterest of ov-
‘What a Smithville Man has Accom
plished in Growiag Pears.
Dawsox, Dec. 2.—A few even
ings sinee [_met here Mr. W. W,
‘Thompson, of Bmihville, the larg~
est pear grower and shipper in the
state. As Mr. Thompson isat a
social temperament, when not pre
occupied with his business inter—
ests, it was no hard matter to be
guile bim into a chat concerning
Heshipped fiom his Smithville
uursery his Inst . scason 5.000
bushels of Leconte and 1,000
bushels ot Kiecfler pears. Mr.
Thomwpson ships in erates and bar
rels. This summer, however, he
made an experiment which may
revolutionize the methods of shipe.
ping pears in the future. He
e¢hipped two cars in bulk—sent one
to Philadelphia and one to Chieago.
Five hundred bushels were put in
each car. In packing the car the
floor was covered with oat straw,
and the sides and ends of the ear
padded with the same material by
tacking cloth over it. These cars
arrived at theis de:tination in good
order. Mr Thompson says Pbila
delphia excels all other cities in
the arrangements for handling
fruit on arrival.
Mr. Thompson gathers LeContes
intended for shipping uetore ripe,
as they meliow better in bulk than
on the trees; but he ships them
whea packed, as they will not
keep over fifteen days. The Keif
fers are treated more humancly.
They are allowei to remaiu on the
tree unharaed as long as they will,
If pulled in carly stage they will
never mellaw, bat when ripe wke
them ty the fruit Louse and keep
in bins at least ten or fiflee: days,
During this mellowing process they
color up handsomely and becone
attiactive and edibie.
While epeaking ot truit I will
linzer long enough to sag that the
excellrn erep ot this past surimer
has civen an impetus to fruit grows
ing in this state. At Winchester,
severai miles sonth of Marshallvilie,
Col. Hamp Feltoa will set out this
witier 100 aeres in fruit trees.
This laige aren will be mostly
planted in the best varieties or
peach, The smaller industries are
coming to the fiont in G orgia.
Macon le’egraph.
A Wonderful Recovery.
Mrs. Geo. P.Smoote, a highly
cuitivated and esti~ able lady of
Prescott, Ark., writes under date
ot Apiil 22, 1889: “‘During the
summer of 1887 my eyes became
inflived, and my stomach and
liver almost hc pelessly dizordered.
Nothing I ate agreed “with me. I
I took chroniz diarrhoea, and tor
some time my life was despaired of
by my tamily. The leading phy
sicitus of the country were con
sulted, and the medicines adminis
istered by them pever did any per
manent good, and I lingered hes
tween life and death, the wtter be
ing pre‘erable to the agonies I
w.B enduring. In May, 188, I
became disgusted with bysicians
and their medicines. f dropped
them all and depended solely on
Swift's Specific (3. 8. 8,), a few
botiles of whiech made me perias
nently well—well until now.”
Several years ago my health
failed me and I was compelied to
@ive up my business, } was in
constant agony caused from ex.
cruciating pains in my back, liver
and stomach. I tried every meds
icice I could hear of, but without
receiving any relicf. My atten
tion was then called to 8. S, #. I
tried five botties of it, and leceiv
ed the most gratifying resuits, 1
am to-day as heal'hy snd sopnd a
mac as you will find anywhere,and
1 owe itall to the eurative Propera
ties to be found in Swilt's Specific.
R. L. Wommack,
Morgantown, N, C.
Treaty on Blood and Skin Dis.
eas mailed free,
“I would not be afrid to sleep
on the South bank of the Ganges
if supplied with Johnson’s Touie,”
was the remark of a physician of
this state. Itis a weapon against
all malarial fevers. It is s won.,
dertul appetizer.
Talbot has everything imagina
ble in the grcery tine. He s
“The Leader” and hie goods are
the chirest iu the city,
It you want the purest patent
medicines and dpy re you will £n
thein them at Cheathitm & Donn’s
Again I rise to remark that our
fariner hovs must be educated bes
yond the acquirements to be obs
wined in our poor country schools
if we expect them to cope with the
sons of men in other walks of lite.
Fathers, it you have any sacrifices
to make, make them in behalt of
your children. Don’t let those
tright young intellects be blighted
now, for the darkuess that comesin
olr spring time will never give w y
to light, and those dear little ones
wili grope where others are walk~
ing proudly under the sunshine
of heaven, We feel the like of'edu
cation in all our councils and delib
crations ; we find ourselves hame«
pered in the great struggle we ure
making against the shrewd man
ipulators ot adverse capital, and
we feel ourselves sick at heart often«
times, when we find ourselves outs
witted and circumvented by men
who are by nature no smarter than
we,yet better equipped with intel
lectual weapons that fail us at every
turn. This struggle of ours must
be handed down to our sons, for
never in our life time will we see
the end of this strugzgle of ours un
less it comes as it began, amid fire,
ruin and revolution ; but the gens
eration tiat comea after us wiil, it
we do our daty now, be able hy
force of iotellizence to settle the
question. Wegrope i the dark
and struggleas the bird in the
fowlers' snare. We kuow we are
right in”our purpose, but we; look
in vuio for a Moses to iead us
out of the willegness, We are &
mizhty host without a leader.
Goud men by the hundreds and
thousands, yet liking the thrilling
torce of £ome heaven-gent anzel to
lead that Lost to victory There is
perhaps on the farm to-duy some
youthful “Cromwell guilty of his
couniry’s hlood,” who will marshal
the “*lronsides” in a phalaax and
bring the money king to the block.
Then, my countrymer, let, us
elucate that uskonown lesder so
that he may lead wisely and not to
the ruin of bhis country. “The
man with the hoe” is the last Lope
of the vepablic. This is the strong
arm that labors in peace and is
laid bare m the day of battle. ‘
This is the willing heart that never
dispairs and rises superior to the‘
*“*arrows and elings of outrageous
fortune” Thisisithe soul that wor
ships God in the simphcity nndl
purity of divine teaching, and his
the sweatinz brow that other men
may eat and live.
God help the farmer!—Marion
-p— O e e 1
Is Consumption Incursble.
Read the following: Mr. C. H.
Morris, Newark, Ark., says :
Was down with Abcess of Lungs,
and fricnds and physicians pro
nouticed me an Tlneurable Con
sumptive, Bezan taking Dr. King's
New Discovary for Consumption,
am now on my third bottle: and
able to overscs the work on my
tarm. It is the finest medicine ever:
Jesse Middewart, Decatur, Ohio,
says: ‘‘Had it not been for Dr,
King's New Discovery for Con
sumption I would have died of
Luvg Troubles. Was given up
by doctors. Am now in best of
h?{l].-a." Try it. Sample bottles
free at T, D. Sale's drug store.
Think what you do when you
run in debt. You (fvive to another
power over your liberty. If you
cannot pay at the «dme, you will be
ushamed to see your creditor, you
will make poor sneaking excuses,
and by degrees lose your veracity,
and sink into hase ly.ng.
Ihe second vice is lying, the
first s running iuto debt. Lying
rides upoun debt’s back. A free
born Amerfcan ought not to be
ashamed to see or speak to any man
livinr, The borrower is a slave to
the londer, the debtor to the eredi
tor, disdain the chain, preseryve
your liberty and maintain your ins
Gain may be temporary and un
certai ', but while ycu live, ex.
pense is constant and certain, We
may cive advice, but cannot give
Do you sufler with catarrh?
You ecan le cured if you take
Hood's Sarsaparills, the great
blood purifier. Eold by a'l gru,x
We have on hand an ®legant
line of€arpets aul Furaitpre . at
prices that would plense you.
Lowrey & Opx
VOL. VIL..-XOO. 30.
Absolutely Pure,
This powder never varvies. A
marvel of puritle’, strength and
wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and can
be s>)ld in competition with the
multitude of low test, short weight
alum or phosphate powders. Sold
enly in cans. ROYAL BAKING
II\’IO\VDER, CO., 106 Wall St.,
A i
: --AND=
-~ aloon.
e e .
Partics who wish something fine
to dirnk in the wey of
' Becrs, Punches. Wines, ete., should
call on W, J. Slude, who carries
one of the finest lines in Southwest
Georgia, Over his Saloon you
will fiad his
where you ¢:n get meals, night or
day, to suit the moest fastiduous,
e also carrics a nice line of
Family Groeeries,
Give him a cull, Tle will treat
you royally,
Reebbhabdd ¢
T. Y. Martin,
Always on hand the freshest
At my Bar will always be found
a complete and choice line of Do~
mestic and Imported
Whiskies, - Wines,
During the Summer you will al~
ways fiad ot my store
Kes and Bottled Beer--the best
in the city.
Pickled Oysters
Are an excellent table delicacy,
and can be found at my store.
Try them.
I wvite the continued patronage
of the publie, and can be found at
my old stand on Main Street, next
door to A. J. Boldwin & Co.
T. Y. MARTIN, Agt.
d 2rv )
(ij one to five days.
r—-'l Kaunfictured only by
T. D, Sale,
> il
Price - aocts
A fine line of Huir Brushes.
Afine live of Tooth Brushes.
A fine line of Shaving Drushes,
A fine Hine ot Blacking Brusghes
A fine eof Harse Brushes,
A fine line of Seeah Broshes,
[ A finsfine of Paint Brushes,
- T 3 SALLE, Druotist

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