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JANUARY 27, 1909.
: »
[Landreth’s Seed
Which Succeed
1 .ndreth’s Bliss Potatoes, Landreth’'s White Tyi
smph Potatoes, Landreth’s Early Rose Potatoes,
|.ndreth’s Peerless Potatoes. Try them and do
not be. bothered with bugs. : : : . . . .
}:,4;3_l(lretll’s small seed—all kinds. [andreth’s En
~lish Peas—all varieties. Landreth’s Beans—all va
ricties. Be sure and try the new potato—The White
Irinmph. Call and let us show you and explain wany
our secll’ SRG BRI BIRSL. Sy 3o saag s TRe e L
Horsley Drug Co.
Green Oak Leaves and Cotton Blooms!
i Mid-Winter. Temperature in |
Two Degrees of Summer Heat. ‘
old Winter is making Spring!
ashamed of herself.
pleasant, balmy weather has been
re rule, and the thermometer has
cdimbed up to 74, that high point
peing reached Sundey. Dr. W. C.‘
Kendrick, who is recognized author
ity on the weather, and for years
nas consulted a thermometer twice
a day and upon returning at night,
avs that at 1 o’clock on Friday and
Qturday it registered 70, and at the
same hour on Monday it was 72. It
has been thirty years, he declares,
since this section has known such a
mild winter.
All kinds of vegetation are show
ing the effects of the mild winter.
Blooms are seen on the old stalks
in many cotton fields where they
have not been plowed up, and Mr.
G. B. McNeil informs The News that
many green bholls, some of which are
opening, can be seen on his farm. Mr.
Miles Blackshear showed The News
a few days ago a piece of a limb from
a post oak that had on it new, ten
der green leaves. He said the en
tire tree had put on its spring and
summer robe.
Dawson has been comparatively
cool when compared to Abilene, Tex
as, for instance, where a tempera
ture of 82, or two degrees above
summer heat, was registered Friday.
At several other places in Texas the
mercury has registered 80, and the
same temperature was recorded at
Tampa, Fla., while at many other
southern points more than 70 de
grees of heat have been recorded.
Blizzards Elsewhere.
Unusually warm wather is found
thiroughout the whole country, ex
cept in a narrow strip in the north
west, where the lowest temperature
recorded is that at Havre, Mont.,
which is 10 degrees above zero. At
Grand Junction, Col., Saturday four
men were Kkilled and more than a
score had narrow escapes from death
when an avalanche of snow swept
over a mining camp. - It will be mid
summer before the bodies can be re
tovered. Caught in the steep moun
tain trails by a blizzard, which raged
all day, are eight six-horse teams
carrying $6,000 in gold and many
bassengers. The avalanche was fifty
feet high.
\t two northern points the warm
Weather produced thunderstorms, at
Duluth and Detroit. The center of
the heat wave is over the central and
lower Mississippi valley, and as far
north as St. Louis and Cincinnati a
temperature of 60 degrees has been
Little Negro Boys Arrested on a
Serious Charge.
Monday Chappell Drayton, Jim
Williams and Blundy West, three
small negro boys, were arrested for
}xf:i'i:n: up Tave Bridges, the boy em
boved as special delivery messenger
4 the postoffice, and taking a letter
'om him which he had started out
?‘,‘ deliver. It occurred in a half a
Vlock of the opstoffice at Wall's store.
_ Alter an investigation Blundy West
Vis placed in jail to await the arrival
Ul a United States officer, who will
‘ him to the jail in Columbus,
Jere federal prisoners for this di
'lslon of the Northern district of the
uited States court are kept. The
Ver two boys were released.
~ ‘le hold-up was not for the pur-
S of robbery, but to worry the
livssenger hoy, The letter was found
' the postoffice lobby the next morn
-4 nd delivered to its owner.
Williamg Furinture Co. File a Peti
tion in Bankruptcy.
e Williams Furniture Co. did
"0T open their doors Tuesday morn
't having filed a voluntary petition’
" bankruptey in the office of the
Y% of the United States court.
~ ‘e company has been one of the
“reest dealers in furniture in this
-\ meeting of creditors has been
' “d for an early date, when it is
hed the affairs of the firm can be
“iiisted and business resumed.
« ‘ch! Jteh! Iteh! Seratch!
“Cratch! Serateh! The more Yyou
I 'ch the worse the itch. Try
Yan’s Ointment. It cures piles,
"““tma, any gkin itching. All drug
-Bisls SO” it'
N P T o R PS S o o
Mr. Roberts Says Sentiment Badly
Divided Over Carmack Tragedy.
Mr. J. W. Roberts reached home
Monday from Nashville, Tenn., where
he spent a week with his son, Mr.
J. S. Roberts.
He says interest in the Tennessee
city is now centered in the trial of
Colonel Cooper and son for the Kkill
ing of Ex-Senator Carmack, and that
public sentiment is pretty evenly
Carmack was shot down beside a
telephone pole, and Mr. Roberts says
it was necessary to protect it with a
covering of metal to keep people who
wanted a relic of the horrible tragedy
from literally cutting it in two. As
it is, great holes were cut in the pole
before measures were taken to pro
tect it.
Just Received From Factory. Every
Piece Sterling and So Branded.
Consisting of Berry Spoons, Cream
Ladles, Carving Sets, Bon Bon
Scoops, Lettuce Forks, Salid Sets,
Tea Strainers, Bon Bon Dishes, Card
Trays, Bon Bon Baskets, Gravy La
dles, Lemon Forks, Lemon Dishes,
Casters, Cold Meat Forks, Marma
lade Jars, ete. ‘lf your fancy is in
silver call and inspect this Sterling
collection. DAWSON DRUG CO.
The Young People’s Music Club
met Saturday afternoon with Miss
Chap Saville. After a delightful
programme composed of piano solos
by little Misses Clementine Marlin,
Dewey Melton, Lora Horsley, Lillie
Chester and Masters Floyd Jen
nings and Clark Lewis, and a duet
by Misses Alice Price and Annie Lora
Davis games were played on the
lawn, and candies were served. The
event was a very enjoyable one for
all the little folks present.
The Wednesday Afterncon Clnb.
The Wednesday Afternoon Club
met last week at the library. The
programme was unusually interest
ing, and the meeting one of the most
enjoyable of the season. Miss Lillie
Cheatham read a paper on ‘“Pictur
esque America,”” Mrs. McLain on
“Washington, the Capital City,” and
Mrs. N. B. O’Kelley on ‘‘American
Genius.”” Orthoepy by Miss Sara
Thomas was an interesting number
of the programme, and Current
Events by Mrs. Lucius till was en
joyed by all present. Mrs. R. L.
Saville gave a short sketch of the
life of Edgar Allen Poe, and one of
his poems was read. Roll call was
answered with an American Inven
The Geiger Music Club.
The Geiger Music Club had a de
lightful meeting Friday evening at
the home of Miss Chap Saville. The
impromptu programme was very en
joyable. Misses Susie Mae Dozier,
Ruth Cheatham, Susie Christie,
Florella Crouch, Mildred McClelland
and Annie Will Hamilton gave piano
solos, and readings by Misses Will-
' Pihcts bt -2
e i
S 4(50&9 Grapes give -’::Q \*{i} N
Absolutely R g (@ € N
R Pure the chief ingredient, {,m@/ ] L
? the active principle, @:a%fb, fi\’)‘,
%}M and healthfulness, to '\‘\\_—a‘\\__—’\_’_{;a@g”&
: Ly AN 5} Fa
i NN/ Ho!
j VLY ?,%flf’
i 1 ) LD
‘c a 2/ 1R
0 BAKING [, ({1 &7
R s A
s m} Absolutelyy Pure £ X
E l,(’} Insures wholesome and deli- 4 i
: ' 321&( cious food for every day 4¢ i
y in every home 4§ ;
! : No Phosphates l‘;}‘fl‘i{ ;5
bg e ‘ No Alum WS v g
Walter Scott Was Convicted of Hav
ing Whiskey in His Place of
Business and Fined $3OO.
Three of the five negroes who were
arrested in the raid made by officers
on Christmas eve day and later
bound over to the city court were
placed on trial during the session of
the court last week.
Walter Scott was the first to be
tried, and the jury was not long in
returning a verdict against him for
keeping whiskey in his place of bus
Claud Holland and John Guerry
were the other two who were put on
trial, and in both cases a mistrial
resulted, the jury in each case re
maining out a part of two days and
one night. In the Holland case it is
said the jury stood five for conviec
tion and three for acquittal, while
in the Guerry case they are said to
‘have been equally divided, standing
'six and six most of the time, though
on some cof the ballots there were
'seven and eight for conviction.
\ The cases of the other two charged
with harboring the sightless beasts—
:Jim Walker and Leroy Jones—were
‘not reached, and went over until the
'next term of the court.
" Judge Edwards sentenced Scott to
Itwelve months in the chaingang or
a fine of $3OO. His attorneys gave
inotice of a motion for a new trial,
'and he gave bond and was released.
Not a Single One of the $45,000 Is
sued by Dawson Banks Was Lost.
Every one of the $45,000 of cer
tificates that were issued by the
banks of Dawson in November, 1907,
to relieve the business depression,
has been redeemed. The last three
that were out showed up last Friday
after more than a year’'s wanderings
in the channels of trade, and were
promptly redeemed. They amounted
to $3O.
It is little less than remarkable
that $45,000 worth of local certifi
cates could be circulated in the
channels of trade and not one of
them be lost or destroyed.
The Dawson certificates were rec
ognized everywhere as good as gold,
and there is no doubt that they were
of much benefit at the time they were
anne Gurr and Susie Mae Dozier
were delightful numbers. The re
mainder of the evening was spent in
making fudge. Delightful refresh
ments were served.
A Theater Party.
Miss Claire Wooten entertained
Thursday evening at a theater party,
and afterwards at a hot buffet sup
per for Miss Vivian Henderson of
Beaumont, Texas, the attractive
house guest of Mrs. Mary Baldwin.
Those present were Miss Henderson,
Miss Leila Kendrick of vanville, Ky.,
Miss Olive Thornton of Hurtsboro,
Ala., Messrs. Gene Baldwin, Tom
Pickett, John Ed Morris and Callo
way Peddy.
The Idie Hour Club.
The Idle Hour Club had a business
meeting Saturday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. J. W. Wooten. After
all business was attended to forty
two was played. The pretty score
cards were hearts and cupids. No
prize was given. A salad course was
A Pleasant Occasion,
On Friday evening Mrs. C. A. Har
ris entertained a number of the
younger set informally. Mrs. Harris
is a eharming hostess, and the even
ing was a delightful one for all pres
ent. QOld-fashioned games were
A Candy Pulling.
Miss Alice Johnstone entertained
her Sunday school ciass at a candy
pulling Friday afternoon. It was a
very delightful and informal affair
for all the guests. Games were
played on the lawn.
A Large Audience Witnessed a Very
Delightful Entertainment.
A pretty and delightful event was
the Baby Opera Thursday evening
under the direction of Miss Katherine
Couric for the benefit of the public
library. The opening tableau, ‘“Cu
pid’s Garden,” with little Miss Ethel
Horsley as Cupid, and the other fig
ures in bright and dainty dresses,
was perfect in every detail, and
charmed everyone present. The lit
tle ‘“Wax Dolls : Just From Paris”
were dainty and lovely in gay-flower
ed dresses, and their pretty little
songs were very enjoyable. The little
“Sunbonnet Girls”’ in their songs
with their slates were typical little
school girls, and very attractive in
their dainty bonnets and aprons. The
“Moonbeams’” and ‘‘Sailor Lads’ in
blue and white gave several pretty
choruses, and in their marches and
drills were charming and graceful.
The ‘‘Dashing Cow Boys’ and ‘‘Prai
rie Girls”’ closed the programme with
song and tableau. They wore west
ern costumes, and their choruses
were among the most pleasing num
bers. The last tableaun, “Red Wing,”’
was exceedingly effective. A wig
wam with ‘“Red Wing’’ inside and
the very appropriate settting was a
charming close for the enjoyable pro
Miss Couric’s original and unique
entertainment is one of the greatest
successes of the season, and richly
deserved the liberal patronage it
A TUnited States Marshal Passes
Through Dawson With Prisoners.
United States Marshal Blue arrived
in Dawson on the noon Central train
Friday and remained until the Sea
board left for Columbus at 3 o’clock,
having in custody two negro prison
ers he had arrested in Clay county.
Two white men, also citizens of Clay
county, were in the party, going
along to arrange bond for the ne
The charge against the prisoners
was illicit distilling, they having un
dertaken to break the prevailing
drouth by rigging up a couple of
lard cans and brewing some corn
Upon reaching Columbus they
were given a hearing before United
States Commissioner Brown, who as
sessed bond in the sum of $2OO in
each case for their appearance at
the United States court in May for
trial. They both made bond, and
were released,
Simple Remedy for La Grippe.
Racking la grippe coughs that may
develop into pneumonia over night
are quickly cured by Foley's Honay
and Tar. The sore and inflamed
lungs are healed and strengthened,
and a dangerous condition is quieckly
averted. Take only Foley’s Honey
and Tar in the yellow package. Daw
son Drug Co.
Rushing, white, per neck length be. Rushing, wide and nice quality 10c.
Rushing, by the yard 12 to 23¢. Lisle gloves, tan and brown 48c¢. But
gy DY ; ; o . e
tons, black silk covered, large size, per doz. 10c. Embroidery hoops any
size be. “Neusilk” embroidery cotton spool se. Garter elastie, black and
colored, per yard pe. Ladies military hose supporters 25c. Baby's silk
embroidered caps 25c.
Ladies house slippers, made of dark green felt, with fur all around top,
beaded vamp, red lined, all sizes, per pair . : ; : : 87c
Table napkins, Irish linen, hemmed ends and 17 inches square, per doz. 49c.
Fringed doilies, white or colored border, each sc. Sheets, hemmed ready for
use, size 72x90 inches, center seam but felled close and hardly noticable, each 48c.
Pillow cases, hemmed ready for use, size 45x36 inches, each 10c. Pillow cases,
special linen finish, 3 ineh hem, hemstiched, size 45x36, each 15c. Towels 18x36
inches per pair 10c. Lead pencils, nickle and rubber tip 1. Tablet, smooth pa
ver, 240 pages d¢c. Tablet, rough paper, 400 pages s¢. Tooth picks. best quality
per, pag g I pag I ) | Y
per box e.
Our Christmas trade was enormous and we sold out of a great many
goods, but we are now getting in new goods fust and can furnish you with
most anything you need in the dry goods and shoe line. The invitation is
extended. Come and see. Very Respectfully,
J & c " HI N D
—_—mm m m ee e e _
We are in the field again this year and are
offering the farmers
e —————————————————————————
High grade and Standard Fer.
tilizers, Acids and Phosphates
The usunal prompt and courteous attention will be
given our customers. We ask a call from you
before you buy.
Cr y
Thousands of ladies suffer agonies every montH.
If you do, stop and think. Isitnatural? Emphati- ;
cally and positively—NO! Then make up your
mind to prevent or cure this needless suffering!
¢ in
It Will Help You ‘
““I suffered 9 years’ writes Mrs. Sarah J. Hos
kins, of Cary, Ky. ¢‘l had female trouble and would
nearly cramp to death. My back and side would
nearly kill me with pain. I tried everything to get
relief, but failed, and at last began to take Cardui.
Now I can do my housework with ease and I give
Cardui the praise for the health I enjoy.” Lry.
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