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Oct. 10, 1017.
Work of the Army “Y” at Camp Hancock During Week
Building Secretary R. A.
Spahr, Sewickley, Pa.
Religious Work Director
W. J. Miller, Jr., Philadelphia.
Physical Wprk Director
F. W. Prechtel, Lancaster, Pa.
Educational Work Director
—L. H. Richardson, Olmsted
Falls, O
Assistant Secretary —R. E.
Miller, Lancaster, Pa.
-Building 75, serving all units bordering
<mi Whelees road and the artillery street,
was opened on the night of Saturday,
the 22nd. with a concert by the Orpheus
Four, of Los Angeles.
Most of the equipment has arrived, in
cluding the piano and Victrola, both of
which are usually going at the same time,
a state of affairs whrich produces a pe
culiar set of sounds, known technically
as discords.
Each Monday night the fellows have
been regally entertained by some Augusta
ladies who have given them mixed pro
grams of music, readings, and popular
song singing. One of the most enjoyed
features of these evenings has been th®
kindness of Miss Mabel Abernathy, who
has played popular songs for the fellows
to sing.
Saturday night, the 29th, the Univer
sity of Chicago Saxophone Band gave a
fine but short program of Saxophone and
-vocal numbers.
Our building is used on Sunday morn
ings by Chaplain McFetridge of the 2nd
for his regimental services, which are
well attended, and hy the 2nd regimental
band for its rehearsals on the weeks days.
The facilities for writing and reading are
being used in increasingly large numbers,
and when we are able to have current
for our movies, we expect even larger
By invitation of the colonel, the Y. M.
C. A. is holding regimental services for
the Ammunition Train, and for the com
bined Truck and Sanitary Trains. Nearly
a thousand men have signified tlrtir de
sire to take French under the auspices
of the Y. M. C. A., and classes are be
ing organized to care for them.
A "Stunt Night” was put on at the
building last Wednesday night by men
from the Field Hospital and Ambulance,
and proved very successful. Private
Drego with his orchestra, and Dembo
and Murphy with their singing and dia
logue were features.
Program This Week.
Wednesday-ACaptain J. Rice Smith, at
8:00 p. m.
Thursday—Religious meeting.
Friday—Motion pictures.
Saturday—W. A. Rogers, Wilkes-Barre,
entertainer and reader.
Sunday—Meeting, 7:30.
Monday—Augusta entertainers.
Tuesday—Moving pictures.
At Ammunition Train.
Building Secretary—W. C.
Timmons, New York City.
Religious Work Director—
R. S. Dickson, Lewistown, Pa.
Physical Work Director .—■
B. C. Curry, Punxsutawney,
Educational Work Director
—J. Campbell Brandon, But
ler, Pa.
Chorus Director —A. L.
Tebbs, Dayton, O.
Assistant Secretary —M. F.
Hausmann, Erie, Pa.
Regardless of the handicap and incon
veniences of our temporary tent, the
week has been one of active and effect
ive work.
Sunday morning at one of the regi
mental services conducted by the chap
lain, four men from the audience came
forward at the chaplain’s invitation and
in the presence of over 500 men and the
officers of the regiment, were baptised
with water from the chaplain’s canteen.
The informal open air service was very
impressive. Plans are being made for
baptism and communion at other serv
Mr. Orr Buffington, of Kittaming, Pa.,
a brother of Judge Joseph Buffington,
of the United States court, was in camp
this week visiting the boys of Co. K, 112th
Infantry. Mr. Buffington has a son in
the Signal Corps.
Thursday evening at our religious
meeting we had a very interesting talk
by Captain Sharp, Co. E. 112th. He also
read a fine letter that he received from
a woman in California addressed to "her
boys” in camp.
The flooring and frame work for offi
cers’ tents is about completed. Some of
the officers along the regimental street
are turning to landscape gardening. The
sand can be worked to very good ad
vantage and the “war gardens” are quite
The Week’s Program.
Wednesday Entertainment, Augusta
talent; Mrs. Brand, patroness.
Thursday—Sing-song and address.
Friday—Motion pictures; W. A Rog
ers, Wilkes-Barre, entertainer- and
Saturday (afternoon)— Athletics
games; (evening) Brigade musicale
Sunday—Sunday school in afternoon;
7:00 p. m., religious service.
Monday—Dr. Trawick, on "Sex Hy
Tuesday—Moving pictures.
Two hundred men of the United
States Officers Reserve Corps have ar
rived at Camp Hancock, from Camp
Dix. The men represent many differ-
I ent states and received their training
at Madison Barracks. They are a fine
“bunch” of men.
p 1
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hhh| ,f Ff flu
.... £ KLJS9
Hard-riding, fearless cowgirls of the West are taking the place of
cowboys who have left many of the big cattle ranges to join Uncle Sain’s
military forces.
In Pendleton, Oregon, an entire company of cowboys was made up.
Attempts have been made to. have these buckaroos exempt from service
but the boys themselves are keen to rope and hogtie a few of th Prussian
“Let the boys go,” say the women range riders. “We’ll take care of the
Building Secretary R. P.
Zebley, Camden, N. J.
Religious Work Director —
William Berg, Philadelphia.
Physical Work Director
E. H. Landis, Dayton, O.
Educational Work Director
—W. K. Warfield, Rockville,
Assistant Secretary— F. R.
Hean, Harrisburg, Pa.
Assistant Secretary— W. E.
Our work for the past three weeks
has been carried on in a mess shack very
kindly loaned to us by our regimental
commander. We expect in one more
week to be in our new building which
will give us more room.
Our religious secretary has held regi
mental services in the old 13th Penna In
In the Engineers Co. B, there has been
formed a crack soccer team which will
make a strong bid for division honors.
One basketball court, recently laid out,
is in constant use.
Three moving picture shows have been
given. Although the screen has been
out in the open, the pictures have been
plainly shown and well attended. In the
103rd Engineers about 350 are studying
French. Chaplain Houghton is the regi
mental director and has a corps or 25
teachers from the ranks. Among the of
ficers of the same regiment there is a
group of seventy studying French under
Prof. Foster. Engineers are fully justi
fied in claiming the first organized regi
mental French class due to personal ef
forts of Mr. Foster.
This Week's Program.
Wednesday—Religious meeting.
Thursday—Moving pictures.
Friday—Augusta entertainers, Mrs.
Eve, patroness.
Sunday, 9:oo—Religious services; 13th
Inf., 3:30, W. A. Rogers.
Monday—Moving pictures.
Rev. Reid S. Dickson, of the Y. M.
C. A. forces, who is acting camp re
ligions work director, addressed the
Augusta Rotary club at last week’s
luncheon ,and told of the work of the
Y. M. C. A.
(Serving the Ist Penna. Cavalry, 3rd
Penna. Infantry, 6th Penna, Infantry.)
Building Secretary Ralph
A. Tracy.
Religious Work Secretary—
John Harvey Lee.
Educational Secretary
Frederick V. Geier.
Social Secretary—Frederick
B. Heitkamp.
Physical Director Albert
H. Marvill.
Realizing that construction delay would
continue, Secretaries Tracy and Lee de
cided not to wait for the completion of
the building, and on Thursday, Sept. 13.
pitched and opened—for service the tent
which has ever since sheltered Army Y.
M. C. A. 78. Magazines and stationery
were supplied that first day, and the
following evening about three hundred
men were pleasantly entertained at a
concert. With five secretaries in camp,
work was begun along every department
al line.
Sunday morning Mr. Lee lead the
regimental service of the Ist Penna.
Cavalry which was held in the tent,
where the service has been held each
Sunday since that time. Sunday even
ing song services have been well at
tended, as have the mid-week services.
A large audience paid tribute to the
splendid message of Dr. J. Ashby Jones,
and the address by Dr. Jenkins on Fri
day of last week was received with real
Hrs. W. W. Battey, Sr., of Augusta,
has won high favor and appreciation for
the enjoyable entertainment she has pro
vided Tuesday evenings for three weeks
past. When the time came for the mov
ing picture show on Saturday, Sept. 29,
a heavy downpour swamped the tent,
both afoot and overhead. But the rain
didn't swamp the show, for as soon as
the electric current was turned on again,
a screen went up in a jiffy, and some
seventy-five men saw the five-reel film
of Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” while
George Megarian turned the crank of the
machine under an umbrella. Last Wed
nesday 1,000 men got healthy laughs
from the screen up over Secretary Mar-
Vill's boxing ring.
Just beyond the boxing ring, stakes
outline a baseball field, where details
from the Ist Penna. Cavalry have been
busy leveling off the infield and claying
the base-lines. Games between the
Troops for the Regimental Championship
have crowded the base-|ines. Volley
ball in the Troop streets is taking fast,
so that not enough sets can be obtain
ed to keep everybody happy.
Inside the tent there is a new sign
over the counter. “Southern Express
Money Orders Sold Here,” which goes to
show that we too are eagerly awaiting,
pay-day. Checkers and quoits are grow
ing in popularity, and more and more
men are using the privileges of the li
brary of almost 200 books. Besides the
magazines and Philadelphia newspapers,
papers from many other Pennsylvania
cities and towns will be found on the
When we are established in the new
building, we’ll be looking forward to the
next milestone, when we can celebrate
these splendid new quarters and the
greatly increased opportunity they give
by a great house-warming and dedica
tion that will be an earnest of the larger
service which is the goal of your Y. M.
C. A.
Program This Week.
Wednesday—-Moving pictures.
Thursday—Religious meeting.
Friday—Stunt night.
Saturday—Moving pictures.
Sunday, - 9:oo—Regimental services;
3:‘30. Bible class; 7:00, song service.
Monday—W. A. Rogers of Wilkes-Bar
re., impersonator.
Tuesday—Augusta entertainers, Mrs.
Battey, patroness.
(On Wrightsboro Road, at western end
of camp, serving the First and Fourth
Building Secretary Wm.
Milton Hess, New York City.
Religious Work Director
A. B, Curry, Jr., New York
Physical Director To be
Educational Work Director
—J. Edgar Probyn, Altoona,
Assistant Secretary J. R.
Doxzon, Baltimore, Md.
In a little more than one month, the
attendance at Building 79 has been 15,000
men, equal to one-half of the strength of
the 7th Division. Nearly all have visited
the 40x60 tent for a definite purpose:
They have been served with tree station
ery, post-cards, stamps, parcel post fa
eiliSies, express money orders, enter
tainment or lectures.
Fully 12,000 post-cards and letters have
been sent to the folks in Pennsylvania
from Building 79, and the stamp; and
stationery for this unusually heavy mail
were furnished at the building. The par
cel post business has -been very heavy.
Packages are wrapped, weighed and the
rate given, so that the men are en
couraged to remember the folks at home.
At present, the men are availing them
selves of the express money order privi
lege, than than SI,OOO being handled the
first two days.
The library of 225 volumes has been
very popular, an average of 25 books be
ing circulated daily.
On Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday,
the tent is packed iwith men. Electric
light was installed last week and the
showing of motion pictures on Monday
night for the first time was witnessed
by hundreds of men. The pictures were
exhibited outdoors and made quite a hit.
I hey will be produced every Monday and
Thursday nights.
Among the speakers have been Fred
B. Goodman, of the International Com
mittee; Rev. John S. Jenkins, of St
John’s Methodist church, Augusta; Rev
Dr. William Milton Hess, of New York
City, and Rev. A. B. Curry, Jr., of New
York City Thanks are extended to the
fourth Regiment band and the Augusta
talent, chaperoned by Mrs.- J. p. Mui
herin, for delightful concerts. Sing-songs
were conducted on Saturday nights and
amateur stunts added variety to the
Due to the absence of a physical direc
tor no organized effort was made along
physical lines. Through the courtesy
of Colonel Shannon, of the Fourth Regi
ment, a detail of 100 men graded the
basketball and volley ball court. A base
ball diamond has been staked out and
will be finished soon.
It looks as though the building will be
ready in a week’s time and the force is
tuning up on “When Do We Go From
Here, Boys."
Many Testaments have been distribu
ted, sick calls made and letters written
for the sick at the Field hospital and in
Secretary Porbyn gave an address on
“The Army Y. M. C. A.” at Thestone
theater in Aiken, S. C., during the usual
motion picture show, through the court
esy of Manager W’altar Duncan.
Our building "secretary is sporting a
two-wheeled flivver in chasing about the
camp. Moral: “If you can’t get a Liz
zie, get a bike.
Hess, Curry and Probyn have assisted
the chaplains in their regimental ser
This Week’s Program.
Wednesady-—Religions service, address
by Rev. William Berg, of Philadelphia.
Thursday—Moving pictures.
Friday—Third Regimental band and
Saturday—Sing-song and amateui
Sunday—Sacred song service at 7:30.
Monday—Moving pictures.
Tuesday—Augusta entertainers.
A colonel walked up to a soldier re
cently and asked:
“What are you?”
“I’m some sort of a guard,” said the
soldier. “Who are you?”
“I’m some sort of a colonel.”
“Then I’ll have to give you some sort
if a salute," answered the guard grave
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