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|n ■ * *
The summer traveler * turning hi* tu >"
homer irlfr. att<l the s.i'l "Going. g ana
goneof the e. ay-at-home* t * hoi'liff
tn an expe. txnt 'Votnlnf. turning com
ing. thla w- k. or neat hr neat ." People
•re gat herlt from the four sutmtvr q nr
ter* of the globe. mountain, ocean, lose
and river, to meet here with a harvlehuke.
and a 'where have you been’" snd what
have you done?" arid then flip quietly
Into their shuttered hornet for a brief
holiday of rest.
Thla nondearrlpt sea son |e the halfway
b Hie> of the year, a halting place beeueen
the frlvolltlea of summer none and win
ter coming, from which *’ look before
and after and pine—a few of ua. i>rhni>a
for wh.it It not. but are mostly contented
No more gosslppy motrings on the shady
hotel veranda, with a bit of embroidery
or the latest novel and an ntdleet eup
p|\ of chntier No more informal dances,
wttn stars mat im>n In nht and an in
viting arret .1 of !e arh riot far off No
more lawn |airtl* where a ftnftv town
and rose laden L.gh--rn tranatorm the ath
letic summer girl of the links Into a
dainty bit of femininity again No ntre
energetic mountain climhe with that rare
and interesting creature. the summer man.
No more laty hours rowing about the
lakes. Hummer ir over ami we are at
h.unc again, bringing many pleasant
things Home tew extra pounds avolrdli
poi*. a fresh stork of Ideas, the memory
of new friers la* gained nnd old f nereis re
found. a honeleas ease of sunhurn. If
we are athletic; soaring ambitious If we
arc gomacs; fancy slirchee ami delight
ful recipes. If we are ilomestlc; new
gowns, the most satisfying possession of
all. |f we are merely feminine
Mrs !>>wls T. Haskell and Miss Elisa
beth Haskell nre expected home In a few
days from a stay of several weeks at the
Virginia .Springs Miss Hally Iliki-JJ will
not return with her mother but will go
til I'larksvdile to visit Mies Mem Thomae
Mr and 11 rw Hubert Hatteraby Duck
storth arrived In the city recently from n
month's visit to Mr. Duckworth’# parent#
In Liverpool, nn-1 are now staying at the
home of Mr. and Mgs John Schley
Mies Ellen M Aipln went to North Car
olina Tuesday night to mriks a ten layr'
•tav with Mrs. M M Hopkins at Ashe
Mr and Mrs R. Hahersham Clay, who
have been guests of Mr ami Mrs Bremen
Oreene at Newport, expect to return to
Savannah Rtturday.
The foliowing Georgian* were recently
at Lucerne, Hwitxerlamt Mrs John L.
Hammond. Miss Marlon Hammond, the
Messrs. Hammond. Mrs. R F Burdell.
Mr ft p. Bbotler. and the Misses Shot
Mr and. Mrs J. n. Weed are making a
Irlp through Canada.
Mr and Mrs. Tracy O. Hunter and Mas
ter Tracy (}. Hunter. Jr., returned Friday
morning from RlufTiapi. where they went
guests of Mrs. 11. I>; Oueratal.
Mr* Wm. C. Hbdy left Friday night
to tprnil the reet of Septern r anil possi
bly October with her parent*. Mr. nml
Mr* Evan Warner of Kentucky, who are
now living at La Follette, Term.. near
Mr*. T. 8. Wayne ar.<) Alls* Mary Wayne
have returned after a delightful summer
In Canaaki.
Mr*. William Allen of New York, who
will be remembered here a* Mix* Mary II
Anderson, ha* a atory called -'The Levy*
Letter* of a Liar" In the September num
ber of "The Smart Pet," Mr*. Allen hae
already published *ome poem* that have
Attracted attentive!.
Mr*. John H llowkln*. Master John and
Master Heyward Howktna. returned
Tuesday from "The I tunes." their cottage
at Tybee. and are now gtiesta of Mr*
Oueranl Heyward on Forsyth Park
Ml** limn* It Hopkins ha* gone lo
New York to be the guest of Mr. and Mr*.
Henry Wilson Hodge until the latter pari
of September.
Mi* Jessie Anderson h* returned from
a delightful visit In Maryland.
Mr. and Mr*. <\ A. L Cunningham and
Min* Jean Cunningham left Thursday tor
Waynesvllle where Mr*. Cunningham
and her little daughter will remain until
cooler weather.
Mr. and Mr-. Robert Mereer are at
home again after a plrasant summer at
Mr and Mia. A R. Hull returned Fri
day from N w York, after a month's
absence, most of which wan panned In
traveling through Canada
Mlsa Agnes Hourkr was hos'ess Wed
nesday evening at a llsh supper at Han
non Levtlge In honor of Mb* lJarmour.
kiltie of her guests were Ml** Darnunir,
Mis* Lynch. Ml** Kate Lyons, Mtss Nel
lie O'Brien. Mr J O Butler, Jr . Mr. J.
J McGovern, Mr. Hutton and Mr. J.
Mr. Alex Thesmar arrived In the city
Monday after spending the summer
Mr and Mrs. Charles A. Gihbes and
Maatv Edward (llhltea have returned
from Canada and are In New York *for
a month's stay.
Mis* Nina Hu!l Is the guest of Mra
W. W. Owen* In Bluffton.
Mr Frank Eg *n ha* returned lo the
city after spending a fortnight with Mrs
Egan and the Misses Egan lit Marquette.
Mr. Coalter B Catmichael will go to Vir
ginia In the latter part nf the week for
a ten days' visit to Fredericksburg, and
other points In the stale.
Mlsa Caroline Chisholm passed through
the cliy recently, returning to her home
In Birmingham, after a visit to her sister,
Mr* -Bernard fluent at New Rochelle
Mlsa Lina Woodbridgr returned to the
Plate* from Canada short time ago. and
I* now at Mountain Hist House, Lake
Mi* Ethel Chisholm I* the guest of Miss
Ca lie Irvin In Thomasvllle.
Tuesdty evening Mrs. E M Sullivan
and Mrs W. C McDonough chaperoned
a pleasant party that enjoyed a buck
board dtlve to Thunderbolt, and later a
delightful river trip on Mr W. C. McDon
oughs' vat ht Tboae In the partv were
Ms* Kate M- Donough. Mis* Leila Mc-
Donough. Miss Groves, Miss Viva Sulli
van Miss May Palmer. Mr George Tur
ner. Mr John H'Oirke, Mr. Edward H*#-
lm. Mr Joseph McGovern, Mr. John But
ler and Mr. Frank Golden.
Dr. and Mr*. J C Lellardy returned to
the city Tuesday after a visit to Mr atM
Mrs Charles Dixon at Roaedsw. their
country home. J
Mr James Mengles went North yester
day to spend this week In New Yorfl. Mi**
Janet Cnrlstle Menxlea. who has been
•pending the summer with her grund-
mother, Mrs. Voorhees. at High llr.dge.
N V , will accompany her lather on l)lt
Mrs. g |* Hood win Is at Home again
from a vl.it to Mrs Robert M Butler
at the Hotter)’ I’ark In Asheville
Mr William IV Carmichael ami Mtss
Mary Carmkhael have returned from
Mrs Thomas 8 Wylly Is visiting Mrs
William Harrard In Rluffton
Mr Jamrs Lynah left yesterday to r-
Stmie hi* studies at Clemson College
Sir Itrnry SI. AI pin went North Thurs
day to Join Sir* St• Alptn at Btiort Island,
Alexandria Hay the summer home of her
parents. Sir atul .Mrs, K I*. Wilbur.
Mrs I* SI Ryals and Sllss Ryals will
have this week for Htaunuai, Va . where
Miss Rya.s attends Sits* Baldwin's Hem-
Inary Sir* Ryals will spend some lime
with her daughter at Clifton Forge and
Staunton and will probably not return be
fore the end of October
Sir W D Hlmklns has returned home
after spending a month with hla family
who are summering at Kagiesmcre, In the
Pennsylvania mountains.
Mr William Harrard Is with Mrs. Gar
rard In Hluffton.
Sllss Emma Huger has gone to Saluda
to slay with her aunt. Sirs. Habersham
Sirs David Clark and her daughter*.
Minnie and Nathalie, have returned from
Asheville, where they have been spending
tho summer.
Mr Harris H. Cope has returned to his
college at Heptanes. Tenn.
Sir* A. C, Sb-Alpln of BlufTton. who
has beep visiting Miss Ellen McAlprn, re
turn#*) horn* Tuesday.
Dr. T. P. Muring left Wednesday for
a brief sojourn with hla family *t Blue
Ridge Summ t
Sir. Moultrie Lee ha* returned from
North Carolina.
Miss Margaret Chariton Is at home
again, afier a visit to Miss Hvta Stovall
In Augusto. and a pleasant trip <0 Tats
Sir. J Randolph Anderson went North
Silas Cornelia Lee, who spent the early
part of the summer with Miss Jostne Wee|
at Noroton. at now enjoying September In
the mountains of North Carolina.
Dr W. W. Owen* weaw over to Bluff
ton during the week for a short visit, and
returned fo the city few days ago.
Mr John SI. Egan, Jr., who has been
staying |n Marquette, all summer, re
turned to Savannah a short lima ago.
Sir*. R O. Treievant left a few day*
ago 10 vlalt her father In North Caro
Mr. W. H. Chisholm la spending wane
time In Asheville.
Maj. A. Hunter Johnson of Virginia ar
rived Slonday and Is In the city for a
week or len day*.
Col. George A. Mercer sailed Tuesday
for New York.
Sir. J. A. McCnrroll of Atlanta was In
town for a few days, the guest of Sir.
W Gordon Harrison and Mr. Rotirrt C.
.Mr. Alliert H. Btoddard. Jr, who re
turned during the week from a visit to
Bluff ton. and Is making a short stay In
the city.
Rt. Rev. E (1 Weed. Bishop of Florida,
passed through Havannah a few day* ago
on hi* way to New York to meet Mrs.
Weed and ner daughters, who are return
ing from Europe.
Judge Hampton L. Ferrlll has returned
from Haratoga. Sirs Ferrlll. Miss Eleanor
and Miss Margaret Ferrlll expect to leave
H.iratoga shortly to Join the Havannah
tkjlony at Slountatn Rest House, Lob-: Mo
Sir. George L. Garmany went North
Sir. Edward C. M rcer ha* returned
from Slount Airy, where he spent several
weeks with Sirs. Slercer.
Mtes Lina Huger. after a stay
in Saluda with her aunt. Mrs. Habersham,
has returned *to Bluff ton.
Mr. Harry Weed left for tha North a
few days ago.
Miss Alice Rourquln is enjoying th
summer months at Salisbury, Conti She
will return on Oct. ii.
Miss Marguerite Lyons and Mis* Mar
guertle Huylow will leave to-day with Mr
Wll.tom J. Hay-low for a trip to Rich
mond. • ,
Mr. W. R. Pritchard, Jr., of Bluffton
came to Savannah Thursday for a visit
of several days.
Mrs T. A Hry*on and family have re
turned lo the city after a pleasant sum
mer at Tybee.
Mias Lilia Tilton will leave next week
for Georgetown, 8 C., where she will
spend the winter with relative*.
Mr snd Mr* C. W. ftaussy and their
child aalhd Thursday for New York.
Mr* Laura F Cooling. Mis* Florence
Coldlng and Mbs Carrie folding returne I
a few day* ago from the mountains of
North Carolina.
Mr G. B. Lamar, Jr , nf 81. Augustine,
| sir set] ihtough Savannah during the week
on hi* way to spend September at the
The Mlfiwa Dupont have gone to Ashe
ville for several weeks.
Mr snd Mrs. D. H Morgan and Ihe
Altnsee Morgan, after spending the season
very enjoy ably at Ihelr Tybee cottage,
have returned lo the city.
Mis* Eleanor Haxlehurst I* visiting her
cousin. Mr*. Middleton, on Sullivan s isl
and. (
Mrs. J s' Claghorn left Thursday for
the North.
Alls* Emmie Carter, Mis* Msry Lehei
and Mis* Margaret Chandler return'd
home a short time ago after a pleasant
aiay of four wrek* In Asheville.
Mr Roy Bailey will leave Wednesday
f.-t Lexington to resume Inn studies al
• M k
Mins Catle Lllls. who has been visit
ing Miss Marie Cheatham at Woodlawn,
ha* returned lo her home at Die of Hope,
accompanied by Ml** Cheatham.
Min* Nona Bauy went Notlh a few
day* ago to spend some weeks In Mary
All*. Albert Rticon ha* returned from a
vis* to friends In tirifTlii.
Mr and Airs. W. H. Whitehead re
pined Friday from a nip North.
Mr Louie Levy left Thursday for a
three weeks' visit to Suwannee Spring*
M!m Claghorn. who ha* been visiting
friend* in Griffin. Is at home again.
Airs. W. 8 Wilson and her children (aft
Krtdai to spend the rest of the hot west Iy
er |n Alai.viand
Mr. .tod A)i* J. H Clancey returned
Friday from New York
Alls* M It. Al Giasbon soiled for New
York Thursday lo spgnd the rest of Sep
tember at the North.
Miss Emma J. Wlts*ll has returned to
J 4 Broughton Street, West.
Ladies* Furnishings.
Every one interested in
Reconstructing their homes for the Fall Season, !
must not fail to see our !
Draperies, A.rt Satins,
Tapestries, j
Bandana Billow Coses,
New Denims, Sllk.alines,
and Curtain Swlsses,
CouoH Covers,
Dow/n Billows and
Billow Tops.
Havannah. after a delightful visit to Chi
cago, Chatianoog.! and Lookout Moun
Mrs George Hudson I* at White Sul
phur B|>rlngs for a stay of several weeks.
Mis# Halite Cahants# sailed yesterday
for New York, to tv absent at the North
until tha first of Ocloi-er.
Miss Marts H.trty left yesierday fo vldt
her cousin. Mrs Tralnor In Mllledgevllle
Mr George E. Cope has returned from
his trip at the North.
Mia* I.ucy Boyd Is entertaining Mias
Annie Haines and Miss Carrie Lvu Mel
drlm at her home in Oxford. Ga Mias
Haines will leave shortly for Charlotte to
ptiisuc her studies at Elisabeth College.
Mr Arthur Gordon has returned from
Europe, where he has been for the sum
Mrs 8 P Hamilton, Mr* Jame* L.
Htaten and little Miss Satsn have left
Whits* Bulphur flprlngs. and are now In
Hendersonville for Hep,ember
Mlta Flora Dancy Is with Mrs Rems
hart at Lookout mountain.
Mr*. Anna B Cann Is spendltig some
weeks In Baluda.
Miss Myra Wlllcox will leave thle we*k
for Greenville. B. C . where she Is finish
ing her course at Miss Perry's school.
Mr. C. G Bell. Miss Anna Bell and Mlsa
Kalte Bell will sail Tuesday for New
Mrs William Hunter and Mlsa Eileen
have gone to. Brevard to stay until the
season Is over
Mr Richard M. Charlton went over to
Bluff,on yesterday to Visit Mrs. Joseph
Dr. and Mrs. M. F Dunn and family
have returned to the city after n de
lightful rummer at their Tybe* cottage.
Mias Susie Jaudon Is spending this
month In Hendersonville Mlsa Emmie
Jaudon la visiting In Columbia.
lr* John ft Haines h, the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. J. R Hook tn Atlanta.'
Mrs Edward G. Trenholm and family,
and Miss Florida Banks, who has been
staying with Mrs. Trenholm. will prob
ably return this week to Havannah.
Mrs. Wilson and Ml** Julia Wilson of
Augusta are guesta of Dr. and Mrs. 8. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coney, who havs
been visiting In Asheville, are at home
Mr. A. Godin Guerard I* one among the
many Bavannahbtn# who are enjoying the
early fall In New York.
Mis* Irene ghtvers la Maying at White
Bulphur Hprtng*. Fla.
Mrs. J. H. Haslam nnd her children will
sail Tuesday for New York, to spend Hep
tentber at tho North.
Mr*. Woodruff of Beaufort, after a vlalt
to Dr. and Mr*. B. J. Lanier. I* now the
guest of Mr*. McLaughlin on Henry
Miss Kllse Chapeau and Ml** Pauline
Chapeau have left Hnliida. where they
stayed during August, and are now tn
Asheville for the rest of the season.
Mr*. W. A. Jaudon went to North Car
olina Wednesday to spend the remainder
of the month at Hendersonville.
Mis* Leo C. Sibley leaves this week for
Mllledgevllle. where she will begin a
course In he Georgia Normal and In
dustrial College.
Mrs A. M. Walthour Is at home again
afier a vlalt to her daughter In Birming
Mr and Ur* Henry Wood have an
nounced the engagement of their sister,
Mbs Lily Bllverberg to Mr Jonas Men
Mr W. E Grady left Thursday for New
Mis* Groves, who has been the guest
of Ml** Viva Sullivan, ha* rammed to
her home In Blackvtlle. 8 C. She was
accompanied by Miss Letla McDonough
Mis A. Ambrose sailed yesterday for
Baltimore with her daughters. Ml*# Lu
etic and Mis* Lena Ambrose, who will *n.
ter school at the Academy of tha Visita
Miss Mamie Lynch left Thursday on the
Kansas City, to spend some time In New
York and Brooklyn.
Mr# Krntst Wll*on and her little daugh-
.m. t e bee hive,
uir?* St. Julian and Whitaker Streets.
Prices to Attract You
And qualities that will bring you lo the BF.L 111 VF. again after yoa
Have traded Here none.
Ladles' White Corsets, heavy Jeans,
side steel* and heavy front clasp,
live hook* 850
Ladles' Corset*, heavy Jeans, sateen
covered rtrlps, handsome shape,
hi short and long waist 17c
Ladle* Corsets, silk embroldsred top
and bottom, extra *bte steel*, re
inforced, perfocl shape II
Qentlrmcn'* B*am>s* Half Hose. nb
roiuirly foot tana and black Sc
Ladles. Lisle Finish Black lloae.
high spliced heels and double
aolek 1-Vx-
Children's Seamless Black Ribbed
Hose, good weight, serviceable... lOe
W a VXTT7C f White Lawn and Colored Percale Shir!-
LAL/lCj waist*, thl* season * new goods, will be r ■
sold what there l* left of them flhl* In- W
liy A TCTf'C elude# evsry wt.st In the house), our en
" Utl gtock, a,, c botes
ter have Just returned from Woyeros*
wh< re they have been staying for the past
Mr and Mrs. Walter Glenn Pari* have
returned to the city after having spent
several weeks In Asheville and Swati
nanoa. N. C.
Mrs. Andrew McGreal I* visiting her
daughter. Mrs. Jams, MeOouldrtok. at
the naval aiatlon. Port Royal.
Master* Alliert and Frank Clarke will
leave Monday for Orangeburg. 8. C v
where they will enter the Baptist Col
Miss Emma Paulsen left Thursday for
Decatur to pursue her studies at the Ag
nca Beott Institute.
Mis# Marie Blake. Mis# May Kennedy
and Mis# Bi#lla Kennedy will sail Tues
day for New Y'ork
Mr snd Mr* Samuel Bheftall and their
family have returned home after a pleas
ant stay In Guyton.
Miss Mamie Crowley will go to-morrow
to Ro<ky Ford, where she wUI spend a
few week*.
Mrs. A. M. Hannon has returned from
Mr. and Mr* J ft. Furher, who have
been summering In the Black mountain*,
are at home again.
Mrs. Paul Contda. and children, and
mother. Mrs. 8 Ixiprz. who have been
spending the summer In the Catskills,
have returned home.
Mrs. A. P. Solomons snd family will
leave to-morrow for Asheville.
Mr. Joseph Delannoy ha# returned from
Mr*. A M C. Vogel. Mtss H. A. H*g
mnnn and Mlaa Alice Preetorlu* have re
turned home after spending live months
Mr*. Tom McGinn and Mis* Ethel Lee
Hague are spending a few weeks In
Oliver. Oa.
The L. O. H. Social Club was delight
fully entertained on last Thursday by
Ml*# Hanna Huckwnld. Refreshments
were served and amusing games Indulged
In. Those present were: Mr. and Mr*.
F Ooallne, Mtssea Hannah Buckwald. A.
McBIHgMt. Marta FitiWc, A. Protty, H
Hternlerg. L. Black. Alice Crotty. Messrs.
J Hi holt, M. Huckwald, L. Coleman. P.
Coleman, C. Hansen. T. Flood. Lionel
Stapleton. Mr. Friend.
Mis* Amelia Banders has returned after
a three months' stay with relatives in At
Miss Sarah Reilly and Mlaa Mary Han
ley returned yesterday from Asheville.
Mr and Mr*. M I. Frankenstein, after
a visit to Waynesvllle, are now tn Ashe
Mrs. Otto Btller left Thursday to make
a short visit In Atlanta.
Mis* Brennan has Just returned from a
three week's visit at Htilllvan'a Island.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. O'Connor sailed Tuea
day eft*rneon for New Y'ork.
Mr* Patrick Brennan and her family,
and Ml** Nellie Brennan, will return this
week fresj Waynesvllle.
Mis* Maty P*pp'r returned Tuesday
ftom a vlalt to Charleston.
Mr A J. Cohen returned Monday from
the mountains of North Carolina.
Mrs. J. P. Merrthew, after spending
August t Tate Spring*. Tenn.. I* at
Lythla Springs. Hho leaves there Mon
day for a visit to New Y’ork. before re
turning to Havannah \
M.lkrr at Sixty Y'para.
From the N*w York Herald.
Calletlsburg, K>\, B*pt. 4.—Mr. end
Mrs. E. Noble are receiving the congratu
lation* of their neighbors over the birth
of a ten pound daughter, w ho arrived yes
Mr*. Noble ha* passed her sixtieth year,
and her husband I* three score nnd ten
Mr. Noble I* a well known clttsen. Hi*
wife has had no children before.
—Col. Gleason, In charge of the speak
ers’ bureau at Rcpubll-an headqunrtei*
In New York, ha# been besiege*) by u|l
rnrts of cranks with all torts of *u*-
ge.ttotis. Finally he moved Into room I)
and find* thit the unlucky number keeps
eurh visitor* at a distance.
Sat sen Windsor Ties, light and dark
effects sc
Gentlemen - * Washable Siring Ties,
choice patterns j c
Gentlemen'# Colored Silk and Satin
Bhljld Bows, excellent quality g c
White Pearl Shirt Hut tons, with 4
sole*, a doxen s.
Featherstitch llrald. white and col
ored. apiece *<.
JVix Paper and Envelope* 4 C
Lead Pencils j c
Black Marking Crayons, a doxen jje
Black Velves Ribbons. 10 yard pieces lc
IQ Broughton Street, West.
Children’s School Needs.
Prepare your children for school. Buying school
clothes is almost as important as buying school
books. The expense need not be heavy, if you take
advantage of the special prices we are offering this
For Children’s School
QCp For all-wool Flan*
ODu nels, worth 50c.
QQft For double width
Julf Plaids, worth 65c.
CQn For Homespuns,
JvJU worth 75c.
New Goods Arriving by Every Steamer.
New Dress Goods
New Oxford Golf Plaids.
New English Skirtings,
Swagger styles in Reversible Plaid
Black Pebble Cheviots. Black Melrose.
Special Sale of Blankets and Lace Curtains This Week.
Miss llartrldae's Pupils Have Taken
Utah Hawk. ,
Fifteen years ago few. If any. Savan
nah girl*, an l comparatively few South
ern girl*, hud ever beeh graduated from
one of the larger women's colleger-.
Whether this was duo t prejudice that
ha* been only recently overcome. Is open
lo question; but It Is certain mat there
were In this section few so-called coll*v<*
preparatory schools, and If a girl
decided to enter Bryn Alawr or Valour or
Wcileslev. or Smith, It was only to ttnd
■ hat *b- had several more years ot study
ahead of her before she could even h0,..t
to pass the entrance examinations In I stun
ml mathematics, and possibly hi French
and English.
Alls* Hurlildge. who wns graduated ff-un
Vassar In IM2. felt strongly Ihe need hete
of an Institution ihut would not only
pre|>ure pupils for college. If they %v|nh.-i
to go, but In case they did not. would
give them a thorough training that would
stand them In good siead through life.
It wo - to meet this need that Immediate
ly alter graduation, sne opened her school,
a school tnat has since Justified the need
for its existence.
In lagj, there were In V***ar College
but two girls front Ihe whole state of
Georgia. By IKK. upon Ihe entrance of
one of her pupil* to the sophomore class.
Miss liuriridge received the following
Utter from Vassar. placing her school
u|n Ila accredited list: a
Vag*n t College,
oct. a. i5
"Dear Ml** ll irtrldg*: Are you pleased
lo know that the faculty ha*. In conse
quence ot —'a examinations.
placed your school upon our seen 01 ted
"I congratulate you upon your success,
ami hope lh.it you moy be ib|p to seed
us many more slu-lents, on certificate If
you will, or by examination If you pr, -
fer. Cordially yout*. Eila McCaleb, Sec
retary. Vassar College."
In 1*97. iwo other glrht from Savannah
entered Va*ear. and In 1*99. still three oth
er* went to college, one to the Woman’s
College of Baltimore. Now |n Alls* liart
rsign's school, there are at least half a
-loxett and perhaps a doirn puidi*. who
will, in three year*, he ready and eager
to lake Ihe entrance examinations. But
Miast HartrMge'* aim I* not only to pre
pare her pupils for college. Latin I* not
cbllgnrory. and no student 1* compelled to
go more deeply Into mathematics than
.her parent* feel that her special case
warrant*. Individual lolents and prefer
ences ere t onsoltcd *o far as is possible,
the Idea being that every |>upll may. at
least. Isarn bow to study and what eh*
want* to study To meet the Increasing
denmnd*. Mis* Hnrtrldge ha* enlarged her
school somewhat, but her main object in
adding o her corps of teacher*. Is that
Hits may be able 10 keep chiefly In her own
hands the Instruction of the younger
children Not so very long ago there was
a strong impression that anyone could
teach a young child; that Ihe foumlatlon
was of considerable less moment than th*
superstructure. To-dny peopie are Its.
ginning to rsallxe ihut th> younger Ihe
pupil ihe greater tho nerd for careful
attd systematic nr,ltd training, and that It
Is scutqely fair to their children to place
them, when young, with Inexperienced or
incompetent Instructors, snd expect great
results of them when older.
In October the school will be re-opened
on the corner of Gaston and Habersham
streets ABss Arabella Ward, (Vststr A
H i, will he Instructor of French and
higher English. Alls* Cornelia Lee re
tains her pr-sent post lion* Singing will
he taught by Airs. Alark Gorfnln of New
York, and Instrumental musk- by Mrs
George Schley. Alls* Sara Charlton will
conduct the caloathlnla classes. Ar
rangements are not yet completed for
classea In German and In drawing.
Alls* Ward h* spent some time sltt-e
her graduation In Fart*, and I* known a*
the lran*lntor of Bolssler's "Roman Af
rica." (Fulham's Sons). Vnrfgny’s “Wo
men of the L’nlted State*. - ' (Dodd. Mead
A Cos.), a number of Hugo’s and Dumus
novel*. iCrowell A Cos I. beside* numerous
other volumes. She hs* received the mot
favorable criticisms from leading papers;
her work Is considered scholarly, and I*
said to have rntevd the standard of Amer
ican irarslntor*.
Mr* tlorfuln Is a graduate of Ihe Rerlln
Conservatory. She ha* also studied un
der the leader* of the grand opera of
Dresden and Weimar, and Is iboroughiy
prepared lo leach the Garcia method
Alls* Lee Mr*. FcMey and Mis* Charlion
art well known in Suvannxn.
Our Millinery
Is showing the latest
styles in
Children's School Hats and
Ladies' Walking Hats.
Rainy-day Skirts
Advanced Styles Ladies’ Readymade
Suits Just Received.
Advanced Styles Ladies’ Neckwear
and Hosiery Just Received.
Park Hatltlllng Aerose the Alle
gheny Mountain*.
From the Dispatch.
T me was when naught but Indian trails
ltd from the cast aero** the Alleghenies
to "The Fork* of the Ohio." Then these
trail* became the paths over which pass
ed the paekhorse trains, which, tn the
pioneer day# of Pittsburg, supplied the
few settlers here with the ne<'e**itlra of
life and kept them In communication with
the outside world. In view of the wide
contrast between this early method of
traffic and that of to-day It may be In
teresting to know that a train of pack
horses consist- and of from five to a do*, n
and even mnr., tethered by a hitching
rope one behind the other. The master of
ths train rode before or followed after the
horses and directed the r movements by
hi* vofc* Atom fifteen mile# per day
were traveled In this manner, and each
horae carried aho tit 330 pound* burden.
The harness consisted of a pack saddle and
a halter, and the lead hirst- often. In ttd
ditlon. a circling land of iron over hts
withers from ttie saddle end to which
were hun several bells, whose tinkling
In a way relieved the monotony of the
Journey, and also furnish* 1 a sound that
calbd the young towbead* to the d->or of
the cabin when It cimo within hearing
The |>ackJaddle then tn use was a piece
of mechanism difficult to describe, but
quite easily constructed. It was made
of four piece* of wood. two being
notched, the notches fitting along the
horse's hack with the front prt resllng
“poet the animal's withers The other two
were flat piece* aboul the length and
breadth of a lap shingle, perhaps eigh
teen Inches by S. They extended along
the elder, nnd were fastened 1o the ends
of the notched pieces. Upon these sad
dle* were packed all kinds of merchan
dise. Bar# of iron were bent In the mid
dle nnd hung across; large creels of
wickerwork, rontalnlng babies, bedcloth
ing nnd farm Implements, as well a*
keg* of powder, caddies of spice, hag* of
soil, sacks of charcoal and hoxes of
glass, were thus carried over the moun
Hhopk-eper* from T’ltshurg went to
Philadelphia In squad* of eight or len
to lay In their yearly supply of good*, and
brought them to this city In this man
ner Members of t’ongress thus traveled
to the seat of government, and every
traveler had a pair of saddlebag*, where
in were carried money, clothing and oth
er nece**ltles. This mode of travel was
In general use until near the close of the
- OCTOBER. §■■
You tnav b3 in the mov- vBP I|p.
V in? throng, and the first
tiling to remember is the ffiggi
L can equip your kitch- t)B9
! en perfectly and you’ll have f
i l j lc only economical and re- -
liable cook stove. rents a (T^Bjßjß
I ,n, , '
10c and 15c.
School Hose.
11l a For Fast Black Hose
lUu worth 15c.
IQ Ia For Fast Black
IZ2O Hose, worth 19c.
|Qp For Boys' Black
|3 li Hose, worth 25c.
last century, for even east of the moun
tain* carriage* did not come Into general
use until about I7*X.
It can scarcely be said that road* were
established In this section until mmt
year* after the close of the revolution,
although the old military road*, thos#
constructed by the urmie* of Braddock
and Forties, gave this section some *<t
vantage in this direction. However, tha
fa.-t remain* that the packhorm xu th*
pioneer In transportation from the stand
point of commerce. Brat even after th#
construction of the early ros.b, wtv h
connected Pittsburg with the East this
primitive system did not at once die out.
By 17*9 the old military road* had be
come almost Impassable, and finally about
!7ti the old state road was completed be
tween Pittsburg snd Philadelphia Al
though this old artery of travel and
traffic ha* long ago gone Inin dis
use, Its t. rtuou* windings are to this day
discernible along Ihe rb h hillsides and
through the valley* of Allegheny sed
Westmoreland counties, and In the wood
lands of Ihe mountain* farther ea*t It
wa* on this road that puckhorse*. strong
waton* and mall hack* first ran with
anything like regularity Road* were *nen
built between different nolnt* In Western
Pennsylvania, and villages began lo
spring up at various point*.
About the ooenlng of the present cen
tury the old Pittsburg and Phlladelnhl*
turnpike was opened, and soon th*
"Northern route." a* the turnpike by way
of New Alexandria and Ebenbttrg wa*
known, ava* opened. For Ihe construction
of all of these roads fund* were appro
priated by the stale, and they were main
tained hy mean* of toll. About thin tuns
the ques'lon of a national highway from
Cumberland to ihe Ghlo began to reeelv#
attrntirn. nnd *neh men a* Henry Clay
a 'vacated the Idea In Congress The re
sult wa* that the nitlnnal road wan built,
and It proved a great boon to the upper
Ohio volley.
In rhese day* of cheap trove! and cheap
fr-l*ht rate* It may. h Interesting '*
know that In 17M. Ihe rale frrm Phila
delphia to Pittsburg by packsaddl* •*
IJV cent* per pound whl'e In 17M * rata
of *lO SO | er hundred weight wa* charged
for Ihe same distance. The rale# In vogua
on Ihe old plk‘# nnd on ihe national rosd
were of couriee. no' so hiah Iwt "wtld"
eruble ns compared with this latter df
—Tora. the Japanese wife of Sir ElwAI
Arnold, ha* hecom* one of the most per *
ular ho*te*e In London. She npriif
English perfectly aryl with only a amt

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