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Governor's Day AX' 111 Also Be Mili
tary Day and All Georgia Militia
Will Be Invited—Prise Drill Will
Probably He Arranged lor and
Handsome Prise Offered the Win
ning Company—The Third Big Day
Will Be Saiannah Day and F.spee.
Sal Attention Will Be Called To
Savannah Industry—Plana Notv Be
ing Formulated.
One of the feature* which is being
arranged for the Savannah Fair is an
elaborate floral display in connection
with an automobile exhibit. The de
tails of the exhibit are now being con
sidered by Secretary Doyle and General
Manager Saussy, and definite an
nouncement will be made within a day
or two at the latest.
The day which is set apart as auto
mobile day will be one of the big days
of the fair. All owners of automobiles
will be notified and asked that they
decorate their machines with flowers.
In this way there will be a
automobile and flower display. A prize
will be offered for the best appearing
and most artistically decorated ma
chine, and as a further special induce
ment it is probable that all who ap
pear at the gates with decorated ma
chine* will be admitted to the fair
without charge.
The Auto Parade.
At a certain hour all the decorated
automobiles will form in procession on
the race track and a grand march will
be made, the parade passing once
around the entire track. Competent
judges will be given positions where
they can note both the artistic effect
of the decorations and also the skill
with which the owners manipulate their
machines. When the parade has been
concluded the prizes will be awarded.
There may also be a special prize of
fered to the lady automobilist who
brings out a handsomely decorated car
and who is highly efficient in running
the machine.
Following the parade, and just pre
ceding the first horse race for the aft
ernoon, there will be an automobile
race, open to amateurs only. None of
the extremely high power machines
will be allowed to compete, and the
contest will be further limited to Sa
vannah automobilists. The object of
the race is to give a fair idea of the
speed which can be attained by the
ordinary road machines.
It has been estimated that there
are at least 200 automobiles owned by
residents of Savannah, and, with the
aid of floriculturists, an unusually
high standard exhibition should be
made. The race should produce some
keen rivalry and the fact that all the
contestants will be Savannah people
will make the result more interesting
to the spectators.
Governor'll nnd Military Day.
Arrangements are rapidly being com
pleted for Governor’s Day. It has also
been practically decided to make thi§
day the day devoted to the military of
Chatham county and of Georgia. Many
inquiries have come to the fair head
quarters since the announcement that
the Governor would visit the fair re
garding what arrangements had been
made for a military exhibition.
The programme, as at present out
lined, is to induce as many as possible
of the military companies of the state
to attend the fair on Governor's Day
and be reviewed by him at the Pair
Grounds. No companey will be over
looked and special inducements will be
offered to bring them here. It is prob
able that special rates will be given
on the railroads to military companies.
Asa further inducement and in or
der to increase the enthusiasm for at
taining a high standard of efficiency
among the militia, it is probable that a
prize drill will be held. Some of the
best known military men of Georgia
will act as judges of the merits of the
contesting companies and a handsome
prize will be awarded to the company
which makes the best showing.
Though there have been no announce
ments as yet on this line and though
the arrangements are not yet complet
ed, nor derinitely decided upon, yet sev
eral companies have sent in letters of
inquiry regarding the place which will
be occupied by the military on Govern
or's Day. There is little doubt but
that a prize drill would be popular and
that entries would be secured without
any trouble.
There will also be considerable rival
ry among the different companies for
the position of post of honor during the
Governor's visit. This place will be
awarded to the company making the
best appealance, in case the prize drill
is not arranged. If there is a prize
drill the place of honor will be given to
the winning company in addition to the
prizes offered.
Preparing for Savannah Day.
The third big day of the fair will be
Savannah Day. and already the man
agement are making preparations for
this event. On this day especial at
tention will be paid to exhibits of the
Savannah merchants and business men,
and to the products of Savannah indus
try. The work on exhibition will be
exclusively that of Savannahians, and
if possible, every line of business in
the city will be represented on this
The object of this special exhibition
Is to place before the people of other
Money Order Department Has Been Particularly
Busy This Month.
The first week of October has been a
busy one at the Savannah postoffice,
and the increase has been particularly
noticeable in the money order depart
ment. Orders for sums varying from
the smallest amount up to the very
largest have been filled and at almost
every hour of the day there are one
or more persons waiting at the win
dow either to send money away or to
cash orders that have been sent to
No definite statement as to amounts
that had changed hands could be gain
ed nor statistics as to what class of
persons, business men or private citi
zens, were sending out the money.
The large cities of the North are
catching most of the out-going orders,
though the Southern cities come in for
a goodly share. Some of the orders
are sent to foreign countries, but the
number of these is small as compared
with the domestic orders. There has
Just about the same amount of money
come into the city through the money
ordtr channel as has been sent out.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
The uniform success of this prepara
tion in the relief and cure of bowel
complaints has brought it into almost
universal use. It never fails and when
reduced with water and sweetened is
pleasant to take. It Is equally valua
ble for children and adults. For sale
by ail druggists.
towns and cities, as well as of other
states, samples of the work that is he
lng done by the people of Savannah.
Attention will also be called to the im
provements that are contemplated, and
projects that have been started for
the benefit of the city and of the state.
Especial attention will be called to the
movement which has been inaugurated
for a thirty-foot channel from Savan
nah to the sea. and the influence of
all will be asked in furthering the pro
.These three days will be the onlv
special days of the fair, and every at
tention will be given toward making
them days which will long be remem
bered. Definite announoemeht con
cerning them will be made as soon as
cTrT brevities.
The Board of Directors of the Flor
ence Crittenton Mission will meet at
Wesley Monumental Church at 5
o'clock this afternoon.
St. Stephens’ Kindergarten and Pri
mary School for colored children, be
gan its twelfth term this week. All
the departments are crowded.
Marriage Licenses.
The following marriage licenses were
issued by the Ordinary yesterday:
John C. Moore to Miss Ellen E.
Sanjuel L. Fleetwood to Miss Alice
Divid A. Rogers to Maggie Saxton,
Othello Blue to Julia Hicks color
Mr. J. W. Stewart has been appoint
ed traveling passenger agent of the
Seaboard, with headquarters at Colum
bia, S. C.
Put In Evidence In Rome's Scnsn
tional Murder Cnse.
Rome, Ga., Oct. B.—The case of J. D.
Potts, charged with the murder of Dr.
M. A. Thedford is still on trial in the
Superior Court. The letters alleged to
have been written by Dr. Thedford to
Potts' wife were placed in evidence
to-day. Potts made his statement this
afternoon, and recited in detail the
cause which led up to the killing. Argu
ment in the case will be commenced
some time to-morrow. The state has
the opening and closing arguments.
David Elkins Has Written His
Mother—Sontli Cnrolinn News.
Columbia, S. C., Oct. B.—The happiest
person in Columbia yesterday was Mrs.
C. J. Elkins, when she received a let
ter from her son David, who disap
peared from Greenville, where he was
employed, last March, and from whom
nothing had been heard until the let
ter of yesterday. Apparently young
Elkins disappeared from the face of
the globe. Strenuous efforts were made
by his friends and relatives to ascer
tain his whereabouts, but all in vain.
The letter was dated from Greenville,
Miss., and stated that the young man
was well and prospering in his new
Dr. George B. Cromer, president of
Newberry College, of Newberry, has
offered his resignation, to take effect
in June next. Dr. Cromer will resume
the practice of law with Col. George
Johnstone, the firm consisting of John
stone, Cromer & Welch. Dr. Cromer
has been president of Newberry Col
lege for eight years and the institu
tion has prospered under his adminis
News has just been received to the
effect that the sons of the late Mrs.
Jane E. Boysen of Chicago, who sev
eral months ago was a guest at the
White Stone Lithia Springs Hotel, near
Union, this state, and who was de
tained in Spartanburg on the charge
of burglary, would not push the liti
gation against the White Stone Lithia
Springs Company. It was given as
the reason that they did not care to
incur notoriety, and that they are fully
satisfied that their mother's character
and good name have been vindicated.
heTis forgorman.
From the Washington Post.
"I regret that I feel obliged to take
issue with wjr fellow-Georgian, who is
quoted in the Washington Post as say
ing that our state is quite likely to
send a delegation to the next Demo
cratic National Convention favorable
to the candidacy of William R
Hearst,” said Dr. J. L. Walker, a
prominent physician and surgeon of
Waycross, Ga., at the New Willard.
"My belief is that when the roll of
states is called at the next convention,
Georgia will be recorded in favor of
the Senator from Maryland. From ex
pressions heard in a. recent visit
through the North and East I am led
to the conclusion that Mr. Gorman is
the logical candidate and by far the
strongest man the party can nominate
for the presidency. In saying this I do
not mean to dispaiage Mr. Hearst or
discredit his popularity, but it is ques
tionable whether he is looked upon
throughout the country as measuring
up to the standard of statesmanship
that the Democracy requires in its
next standard-bearer. Besides it is
essential to choose a man who enjoys
the implicit confidence of the commer
cial world, and in this respect as in all
others, Mr. Gormati seems the ideal
The marked Increase in the rush of
business in October is partially ac
counted for on the grounds that most
of the obligations of a business nature
fall due during the first few days of
this month. Then, too, those who
make purchases through the mail or
der stores are beginning to lay in their
fall and winter supplies. Several oth
er minor reasons may be advanced to
account for the marked increase, but
the two stated above are regarded at
the office as the principal ones.
The constant demand on the money
order department is one of the surest
evidences of the general prosperity
which is existing in the South. There
is evidently plenty of ready money in
circulation among all classes and peo
ple are investing readily.
In the other departments there is
also much business going on. Large
mails are being sent out constantly,
and equally large ones are being re
ceived from all points. Carriers are
busy during their entire working
hours distributing and collecting the
malls, and the clerks at the office are
also rushed from morning to night.
Contest Marked by Fast Fielding on Both Sides.
Pittsburg, Oct. B.—Boston won to
day's third home game in the world’s
baseball championship series by a
score of 6 to 3. Ground rules were
again adopted allowing three bases for
a hit into the overflow in the outfield.
Some very fast fielding was done by
both teams. Leever and Dineen did
the pitching and each allowed ten hits.
The batting and base running of Beau
mont, and the fielding of Parent, were
The visitors scored three runs in
the third on Leach's wild throw to
first, a base on balls and singles by
Dineen, Collins and Stahl. In the fifth
they added two more on Stahl's triple,
Parent getting first by being hit by a
pitched ball. Ferris' single and Wag
ner's wild throw to the plate. Their
last run came in the seventh. After
Trainer Keene Cables He Has Secured the Famous
Caltee More, Winner of the English Derby.
J. O. Keene, the American trainer
in Russia, has secured the world-fa
mous English stallioe, Galtee More,
winner of the Triple Crown, 2,000 Guin
eas, Derby and St. Leger, for impor
tation to America, and will start home
with that noted horse inside of the next
ten days.
Galtee More is owned by the Russian
government, which paid his English
owners $125,000 for him at the end of
his racing career. Keene has secured
permission to bring the horse to this
country for a term of years, and ha
will do stud services at Keeneland
Farm, owned jointly by the trainer
and his brother, “Ham" Keene. Galtee
More's sensational son, Irish Lad, the
largest winning horse in the history
of racing in Russia, will take his sire's
place in the government stud of Russia,
while Galtee More is in this country.
Irish Lad up to Sept. 22 has won $126,-
000 on the turf, including in his victo
ries the Warsaw, Moscow and St. Pe
tersburg Derbies. Galtee More is,
with one exception, the greatest horse
TooK Three Straight Heats Without Apparent
Lexington, Ky„ Oct. B.—Sadie Mac,
E. E. Smathers' recent purchase, to
day won the historic Kentucky Futu
rity for 3-year-olds with ease, and
without apparent effort in three
straight heats, going the last mile in
2:1294. which is two seconds short of
the record made by Fereno, three years
Grace Bond, favorite for second place,
won the 2-year-old futurity in straight
heats, going the first heat in 2:1794, 3%
seconds short of the record made by
Katharine A., last year.
The Tennessee—2:oß pace, purse $3,-
000; (one heat paced Wednesday). Nor
vola won the first, second and fourth
heats and race, with Major second, and
King Direct third. Time 2:07%.
Chicago, Oct. B.—Results at Worth:
First Race—Seven furlongs. Marco,
9 to 2, won, with Four Leaf C„ 5 to 1,
second, and Charley Grainger, 12 to 5,
third. Time 136 2-5.
Second Race—One and one-fourth
miles. Air Light, 13 to 5, won, with
Barrack, 7 to 2, second, and Little El
kin, 9 to 1. third. Time 2:19 4-5.
Third Race—Six furlongs. Big Ben, 8
to 5, won, with Gypsene, 8 to 5, second,
and Jack Ratlin, 9 to 2, third. Time
Fourth Race—Mile. St. Tammany. 8
to 5, won. with Tam Oshanta, 9 to 10,
second, and Thane, 6 to i, third. Time
Fifth Race—Six furlongs. Rockaway,
4 to 1, won. with Alma Dufour, 2 to 1,
second, and Glisten, 5 to 1, third. Time
Sixth Race—Seven furlongs. Automa
ton, 2 to 1. won, with A. L. Lee, 3
to 1, second, and Domage, 7 to 1, third.
Time 1:35 1-5.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. B.—A brilliant
reception and ball at one of the leading
hotels of the city was to-night tendered
the visiting delegates to the Mississippi
Valley Medical Association.
Papers were read by Dr. Robert H.
Babcock of Chicago, and Maj. William
Borden, surgeon, United States Army.
Knights Templar Espouse the Cause of the Mace
The slaughter of the Christians by
the Turks in Macedonia has aroused a
sentiment in the ranks of the Knights
Templar of Savannah, which indicates
that the ancient spirit of the crusaders
has not departed from their descend
ants, the Templars, and that there may
be an organzed movement inaugurated
by these later day knights to suppress
the hateful followers of the crescent.
A meeting of Palestine Commandery
will be held to-night, and it is likely
that resolutions will be adopted to
night, joining with other commanderies
in urging upon the Knight Templars of
the world the necessity for uniting in
a movement to suppress the oppres
sions of the Turks.
Past Commander E. A. Cults of the
Palestine Commandery, said yesterday
that there is a strong sentiment in the
Freeman had struck out Parent hit
to the ropes for three bases and scored
on LaChance’s double to left.
Pittsburg was unable to bunch their
hits until the seventh inning, when
Sebring and Phelps both made hits,
Leever's out at first advanced them
one base and both scored on Beau
mont's fine single to center. Clarke's
two-bagger to left scored Beaumont.
Leach went out on a fly to Stahl. Di
neen then sent Wagner and Bransfleld
to first on balls, filling the bases, but
Ritchie was unable to bring them in,
going out, Parent to Ferris, retiring
the side. Attendance 11,556. Score:
Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 o—3 10 3
Boston 0 0 3 0 2 0 1 0 o—6 10 1
Batteries—Leever and Phelps; Dineen
and Criger.
ever imported into this country. He
is the only winner of England’s three
great classic races that has ever cross
ed the Atlantic, barring the $150,000
Ormonde. P. Lorillard gave only $20,-
000 for Imp, Mortimer; W. L. Scott, $30,-
000 for Imp. Rayon d'Or, and A. Bel
mont, $15,000 for Imp. St. Blaise.
These are the most extensive impor
tations of recent years, thus leaving in
this line Ormonde as Galtee More’s
only rival.
Galtee More is a bay in color and is
at the beginning of his career as a
stallion, being now only nine years
old. He is a son of Kendal and Mor
ganette, by Springfield. In addition
to the 2,000 Guineas, Derby and St.
Leger, he won the Prince of Wales,
Newmarket, Sandoun Foal, Sandring
ham, Molecomb and Hurdtbourne
stakes and Middle Park and Rous
In his cablegram Keene stated he
was on the eve of leaving St. Peters
burg to go 1,000 miles into the interior
of Russia, where the government stud
is located, to bring the horse to that
metropolis, and as soon as he is rest
ed up from that journey he would start
for America with the celebrated stai
2:07 Class—Trotting, purse $1,500, (one
heat trotted Wednesday). Fereno won
two straight heats and race, with
Rythmic second, and Prince of Orange
third. Time 2:1194.
2:11 Class—Pacing, purse SI,OOO, (one
heat paced Wednesday). John M. won
two straight heats and race, with Cas
cade second, and Lizzie H. third. Time
Kentucky Futurity—Three-year-olds,
purse $14,000. Sadie Mac won three
straight heats and race, with Baron
Gale second, and Katharine A. third
Time 2:1294-
2:21 Class—Trotting, purse SI,OOO.
Bessie Brown won three straight heats
and race, with Baron Wedgewood sec
ond, and Bessie Birchwood third. Time
The Futurity for 2-year-olds—Purse
$5,000. Grace Bond won two straight
heats and race, with Jessie Benyon sec
ond, and Alta Axworthy third. Time
Receiver Mny Be Appointed To Com
plete the Road.
Norfolk, Va„ Oct. B.—Following a
confession of judgment in the Court of
Law and Chancery for $2,333, this aft
ernoon by the Bay Shore Terminal
Company in favor of Henry E. Finek
of Baltimore, suit was entered in the
United States Court for the appoint
ment of a receiver for the Bav Shore
The plaintiff in the present proceed
ings says that the Bay Shore, which in
March, 1902, gave the Atlantic Trust
and Deposit Company a mortgage for
$500,000, selling a good many bonds
covered by this, and then placing on
deposit as collateral security, bonds to
cover an indebtedness of SIOO,OOO. is
now without sufficient money to com
plete its lines, and that a receiver is
The idea is to have the receiver com
plete the road.
Doctors Discuss Surgery.
Memphis, Tenn.. Oct. B.—At to-day's
session of the Mississippi Valley Med
ical Association, papers were read by
Dr. F. D. Kendall of Columbia and
Dr. W. D. Haggard of Nashville on
the different branches of surgery.
Savannah commandery, bgainst the
atrocities that have been visited upon
the Christians in Macedonia.
"The Knights Templar are the sworn
defenders of the Christian religion,” he
said, "and the present butcheries of
women and children, appearing to be
the result of Mohammedan hate for
Christianity, is a supreme call upon our
faith and a supreme test of our fealty.
I do not believe that the Christian na
tions of the world will permit thpse
outrages to continue, for already the
sentiment favoring interference on the
part of all Christian nations has led
to steps being taken to suppress the
Resolutions in line with others that
have been adopted in Atlanta and
throughout the country, urging that
the Knights Templar of the world con
vene in special session to tak° steps to
prove the faith of the order, and urge
upon the nations of the earth to move
on the Turks and suppress their
the Coupons,
qJ? M*/
BRICK Building, Repressed and Fancy
Large Stock. Prompt Shipments.
Write for Prices. AUGUSTA, CA.
Burn. Blister, cured at once by ROYAL FOOT WASH
a Ml l 111 I fill Removes odors of the feet, armpits, etc. At druggists, 25c
IR■SJ BB I 1,1 Hpl 1 I 111 2 bottles, prepaid. 50 cents.
■A I nil 111 Mil 111 MW !■ I'l EATONDRUGCO,, - - Atlanta, Ga.
Free Sample at Lippman Drag Cos.
Joint Monument Dedicnted.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. B.—The
monument erected to the memory of the
Union and Confederate soldiers of
Maryland, who participated In the bat
tles around ChattVmooga, was dedi
cated at Orchard Knob, near the loca
tion of Grant’s headquarters, to-day.
Governor Smith of Maryland was of
ficially represented by State Controller
For Good Blood
Piel's Old
Lager Beer.
You will notice these words, "It is the
handwriting on the wall.” If you want
to gain flesh, health and good, rich
blood, take only Piel’s German Lager
Beer. This lager beer is considered the
best in the United States. The princi
pal restaurants in New York city u e
principally Piel’s Lager Beer, and
where you can get the genuine article
the brewery bottling, buy it to the ex
clusion of all other lager beers, and
you will be the gainer by it.
Dr. Perkins'
American Herbs,
The standard Blood Medicine of the
world. Builds up the entire system—
Blood, Liver, Lungs and Kidneys.
Cures Rheumatism and Asthma, and
all Female Troubles. Mail orders filled
at sl.lO per box, 200 doses in each box
guaranteed. Send for book of cures
and endorsements. Enclose 2 cents for
mailing book. Worth its weight in gold
to every family.
No. J 1 York street, east.
References among good citizens of
Savannah, Ga.
Best Bargains In city property by W.
J. Miscally, Jr., 20 Bryan street. You
will consult your own interest by see
ing him for full particulars.
Just arrived, a beautiful line of
silks in colors and black. Dress Goods
of the latest weaves. Linens, towels
napkins, and doilies, percales, ging
hams, flannelettes, outing, etc. Metz
ger & Brunson.
Metzger & Brunson have gottn in
a beautiful line of white and white
and black waistings for falC and win
ter wear. The newest importations
A. S. Nichols, the reliable shoe deal
er, sells the kind of shoes that fit well
wear well, and give you solid comfort’
Recommended by the people.
Modern flats for rent, Thirty-sixth
and Habersham. Apply C. F. Fulton
Palmer Hardware Company, whole
sale and retail store, Is an excellent
place to trade. They sell everything
kept in a first-class hardware store.
Palmer Hardware Company still
takes the lead with the finest line of
hardware, cutlery, guns, rifles and am
munition, rope, tinware, stoves and
crockery and fishing tackle.
H. H. Peeples & Sons, 125 Congress
street, is a splendid place to buy your
hardware, stoves, implements, fire
arms, cutlery and builder's supplies
guns and ammunition. '
George Wagner's Son, Savannah's
leading and reliable florist. Now Is the
time to order a choice selection of the
most beautiful roses of all kinds.
Everything in trunks and valises at
an alarmingly low price at the Chat
ham Trunk Factory. Y r ou can get a
swell trunk or a fine valise cheaper
here than any other place In the city.
Chatham Trunk Factory.
Ed L. Byck is selling the finest clear
Havana 5-cent cigar, called the "Ameri
cus,” ever produced on the market
special by the box. ' ’
Think of it. Conida s candy factory
are employing twenty hands making
candies. Their 60c a pound sweets are
as fine as skill and money can pro
duce. Conida's name on each piece Is
the guarantee of excellence. A single
trial makes a friend.
Chas. A. Cox, the practical tin-plate
and sheet Iron worker; tin, slate tar
gravel and tile roofing; best work-’
lowest prices. 142 Barnard street.
The Jeaness Miller shoes for ladles
and Turner shoes for men, handled only
by A. S. Nichols, the reliable shoe
dealer. 8 Broughton street, west
For sale, seventy-five dozen Mason’s
fruit jars, porcelain lined caps; prices
1 pint, 40 cents per dozen; one quart 45
cents per dozen; one-half gallon,’ 58
cents per dozen. Savannah Crockery
and Hardware Company, 303-305
Broughton, west; Georgia 'phone No
Daniel Hogan’s
Fail Dress Goods
Our line for this season represents the
choicest productions of foreign and
domestic weaves, including the newest
and most sought for colorings and de
signs in Zibelines, Camelshair, Cheviots
and cloths in flaked and iridescent ef
fects in a line of prices ranging from
50c per yard to
A Line
at 59c Per Yard
A particularly strong line at the
above price will be offered this week,
including the new granite weaves,
Venetian Cloths, popular Cra-hes,
Black and Colored Cheviots, Whip
cords, etc.,
Silks For
This Season
27-inch Guaranteed Black Taffeta}
positive SI.OO value, for
36-inch Black Peau de Soie, $l5O
value, for
Knitted Underwear
Children’s Wrappers In all qualities,
35c to
Infants' Knit Bands, worth 60c, tor
The Pulaski House.
Service unsurpassed.
Table a specialty. ,(
Rates $2.60 and up.
-78 Madison Avenue, Cor. 28th Street.
Rooms with Board. $8 per week. *I.BO per
dav and upwards. During summer rooms,
with or without board, at reduced rates. Send
for circular.
Fort Fremont, S. C„ October 1, 1903.
Sealed proposals in triplicate will be
received until 9:30 a. m., November 1.
for constructing porches, etc., in offi
cers’ and non-commissioned officers
quarters here. Information furnished
on application. U. S. reserves right to
reject or accept any or all proposals
or any part thereof. Envelopes con
taining proposals should be marked
“Proposals for Porches,” addressed
Sash, Blinds. Doors,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Lime, Cements, Plaster,
20 Congress Street, West.

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