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Speeds Prince Henry On His Voyage To
Chinese Coast.
Instincts His Brother To Stand, for
Peace, if Peace Be Possible.
If Battles Follow on Chinese Soil the
German Emperor Will Sustain.
His Marines.
Kiel, December 16.—The German cruisers
Gelion and Deutschland sailed for fhinese
waters this morning. The harbor pitet-n’"
an animated picture. The .shores were
thronged with people, and a iiiimxi, "
naval officers occupied tho Barbossa I'lttk'-
Prince Henry entered his launch and was
vociferously cheered, as the boat left t.. 0
Emperor William, in admiral s un.form,
appeared alone at the castl. gate, saluted
tlift officers and boarded a launch. He re
ceived an. ovation.
The IXutsehland anchored opposite th*
, : Ho, lit . .<1 the import d ' - ; »
majesty stepped on b >ard, and then Iji>.s.o
the war Hag The Deutschland slowly got
under wav,' I'd a Henry •nd
princes on her bridge. As sho passed toe
oth< rve -Is lii.iwn up in a- line ns far as
Bellevue, hurrah, ’were m.changed, the
• rvv/s manned yards a,nd gui •- thundered,
forth salutes u LX-utsi la
■ ] neared in clouds of powder smoko from
li; ■ grzirig spec tutor s.
P’inci ss Henry of Prussia and her chl.l
- v.'ltrmssed the departure for the u.n
--x o'.vs -jL the castle.
Emperor Widia..i, toasting his brother,
Ii a ..a Hi y, i ■ t given in the
la.tor's honor al the royal castio last
night, said:
"My Dear Henry—l am fully conscious
es uis i wu 1 Pavo set you and the n-spon
s.bii y i bear. I, at . .■ same time, am
conscious or tho ku-i that it -s my duty
to develop what my precteci ssoiS b it mt.
h» y tre tin lopietd . ons< qu.-m . - '. it
our lamented giur.Gi.itl’. ‘ a..d tns i-aail
cellor aceompliSiicd politically and xvlia; our
glorious father achsn-u wiiu .. . ■rd on
tho battle r .-!. They are no mure limn
iirst el’iects of the nearly united, newly
created German emp.:>, in ts duti-s across
the seas, n tin a ■ • ■ ■
of then commercial interests of the em
pire, which Lave assumed such dimvu*
icon's that it is my duty to follow the u xv
German Ham. - . nd to afford it the proba
tion it '•■- entitled to dear,.aid from u..: e-m
pirn and the iini : I mi tlrnuans in tie
holy orders wl:<- sot out to engag •* in the
peaceful work have already pta. • d them
selves u ' y . - - ■
us to afford ex er; support and protec
tion to these brethren, who have- l-.-en re
peatedly morticed ami tor. ly oppi -d.
For tii reason the mission wnieh I
ha.e ■ ■ d to you and v.m, ii you imvo
to ftccet/.pi sh a ■ ,e.j'im 'e i. v. nil your
comrades on tie ships air m!y there is os
sent ially -fl ■ . ve. it.- in-
tended, under the sheltering banner of tho
Germ..n naval ensign, German merci '
and ships shall be i.-rai.'..-d their rights,
that we m y daim the tlght . conccdt 1 to
all other nat ons.
"Iniperl ■ ■ .
Maritime pow- -r ami impemil power are
mutually depend nt. •ae c’.'.uoi <
wi thou to ron. re-en
form'd ny your division, will now have to
stand forth ■ ■ th. bolos th imperial
mari't '■ tr -. : ■ ■ ■■ ■ - ' ■
velop tie ill i cieoii.. v and good friendship
of all comrades of the foreign fleets and
firmly pro'.-ct the national i., er- st against
every one seeking to harm German sub-
“IjCt It ‘ - ch ar to ■ . ■ ; y European there
that the German merchant, .- ,d above all
to :he fi ■ on w ■ . soil we may bo
». ad wl'i. wl,.>m wo tnaj li.in to deal, that
the German standard has firmly planted
on that .-oil a s-lik-hl ■ -mlzoned with the
mipe: ill < agle is <>! :-r to -fiord proto.-
“Shoel-l anyone <-m attempt to affront
or prejudlct i in our good rights, then
strike oi.l v iih your mailed list and, God
willing. ■ . . nt: young bi ■■■'. the
l:i’;rr-t v 'tii which m> one in the Gcrm.i.a
. mplre wl'i ’ - - idge ym-
io-, .ling tn 11 cmti.-.-i or's toai-t, Prince
Henry said in do-ing:
“I raise my g.sss and cell Io tlie-i- who,
with me. i njoy the happy privffi-go of being:
permit’, d to no faith io re:m m’m-r thi.'t
. i their is the pet son
of th- -■•I ■■ rm. o. L't t 1 - ■... y rei-otind far
** ’Our ni '*■ t icne, rrd;:'>ty, !• -loved em-
'■ ■ ■ ' lei • . -
hurrah! hurrah! hvtrrfth!' "
Hadical Leader in ReicLftaff Refers to
the Kaytian Affair.
Berlin. i". In tin reicb-t.ig
' ' - - - tlie radical
tai:' •' I’l'-.i th: . li. id- wi'ii Ibiyri
■ . - ■to t : . mil -■
upon it. I’■ opposed tho prot m to
■ e-r-. mo th- a iuwam <■ -f tin- rmp-r al
is-I’Uor, Pricni.i floh. nloho, whom he at
tack-•! f-r f -i'ing in promise tho n-’ i ,ii
of ■!>- prohibition agah - j litlcii r-.--:i!u-
" ■ - ■' ’ ■ in? civil cc.i’ f Prussia
< ■ S' , . Ai ... .;. I | )( , .....
da ihit! n alluded to.
ftlO hOUSi: I lii-ll .-li’J .c . i i it.
lit’ssia Paper Says United States Alone
May Enter Objection.
St. I‘e, uirg, H mb.-r I?.—Tbo No-
vostl says ..t-:-. i e of protr--Is from the
other powers at G rin.-> evident <le-
Tnir. ;o rcnj.iiu iwu L-ty
IndScatts that ■ ■ > < has
actnniiy brgtt- ,-iml will pro-----d quickly.
\-a ■ ■ ■ , ■ . - -ed . ■ Hi f
that ■ i ■. y - ... - ... ■ . ~
tlon of Kim.-i"noil bav Gorina’ ; ‘
- - I . ; ■ w er. in. ar indit-
Kaiser Visits the Bourse and Is Greeted
with Cheers.
Hamburg', Decenilier 1... Emperor Wll-
Jf.'im of Germany, tn-companied by Prince
A.deibc-rt, bls third son, arrived here today
on his way to Hi'!, ills nmjesty lalcr vis
u-'l th- iiotirse, which was dens.-ly throng
ed. b lie emperor’s appearance in the gal
lery was enthusias’ieaily cheered.
Herr Woermann, i member of the cham
ber oi
in# ih< w.ii m v i./ne ui’ iiir-i -i if ;•!!<! his
a-.;oc: .; 4‘_- for a voy.for J’:inco
Henry of i ■ ; - la, and > for three
m.-ler.-i for "ifu iim.lny pro:- of Ger
many, the emp r- id the tl m; on every
sea.” Tin ■ - mid scenes
of the -I'm.':’: mi liu.-mistn. '.file emperor
was vb'i-'y grittmcd ami brietiy re-iuri -1
his thanks.
On b-ivim; t'.v- bour.’i' Emperor Wll-i-im
convert -<l with the mi ■ ■ and d
them to ili'inl, il.v asst m'.-ly for the ova
tion, adding 'hat hi Would convey their
greetings io Prince H<i;:y.
British Soldiers Were Obliged To En
trench and Eight.
Slmltt, Do, --nibe-r it!. --Genera! Kompster’s
rear g mrd, aeeord'i t- officiid d! .■ e chos
from tin- front, wlille transpar.ing a num
ber of wounded, was cut off by tne tribes
men on Saturday ne.-ir Sher-K.'u-l ami wins
obliged to entrench for the night.
In th- morning there was severe fighting,
but the British finally rushe-i the village
and <ll . : c-dg< d the • my.
The big aland-'3 lost four killed and four-
| teen wounded and there was several cns-
• unities among the sepoys before the rear
i guard of t’u brigade was finally relieved.
Harrassed the British Rear.
j Simla, December 14.—According to official
i dispatches from the northwestern frontier,
the mtrch of General Westmancott’s bri
gade from tho camp ut Sher-Khel Into the
StiiiH-Khel country, was in contlnt&.nix
The enemy closed up on the rear guard
and kept firing at six it. range with great
spirit. The Br tlsh los -s were hi ttvy, and
included l-i'-utenant Wert, of the Gurkhas,
who was killed, and lieutenant Cham
plare, who was wounded.
Mexico Will Request British To Leave
Clipperton Island.
Citv of Mexico, December jc>.—Some time
ago when It was rumored that a British
w.-irsmp had seiz-d Clipperton Island lo
cal papers took the matter up and
was agitation over the report'd iorcible
occupation of Mexican soil. The foreign
relations department asked the war <<‘-
partm it to . end an exp< dltion to the is
land. to invi .-tg.ite if f'-te j:t!t -11 realty
had taken possession. Hour days ago tin
corvette El Demo. rata. Captain Eeofollc
G'-nest-o, left IdazaU.m for the Island.
Should it prove true that tho island which
Mexico claims as bi-longtng to her has
been seized by the British, tho mattei t. fl.
bo taken up diplomatically for tin- pur
pose of recovering tho territory. MexlcJ
will formally request tho r<-: duration c
the Islands. No one licro expects any se
rious difficulty over the nmtter, and th-ro
Is as yet no official Information tn poss.es
: sloti ! tin :■ ■ ’ • ment regard ng the al
j leged seizure of Clipperton.
I At the foreign relations department to
: day ” was said that tlbjoct of the ex
| P-dltion was not w .-o'”i<-‘, bi" merely to
I ascertain the true conditl.in of .affairs. The
: ... me ll'dng was raid at the war dopart-
..... . j . .i -ii ■ -.uu- over .
matter here. 'lm m ■>. p ■ ic- r :~, hoc. -v< r.
are likely to mul: much of the m zuro if
It turn.-i otit l<> Le :■ 'a< t, for tiieie I-: a
sentiment among the M‘-x.ic.an people that
EngTaml unjustly acquired Belize, or Brit
ish Honduras front this .-ountry.
Italy Will Sen.! Warships to Back Up
BctnaucLs for Satisfaction.
i New York. December It. -A dispatch to
i The Herald from I’ort-au-Prince says:
' Moro trouble of a kind similar to t'> ■ re
i <i nt Du <! -rs affair threatens Hayti ami
i I’. .rt-au-Prineo may have to flee ano th-r
1 menace of bombardment.
Italy Las long had claims nga.in.-t Hayti
i and these, it is alleged, have never I»<■■ n
i f-.ettled. Ono cla.im which has been p-n<l-
■ Ing since 1893 was the case, of the merc’i.-mt
a t port d ■ I i. ’. wh >se ve .-< : arul cargo,
I worth s<l.were,$ <l .were, it is ai!<-m-<I, lli--gal!y
• Seized and sold by the Haytien govern
•’ . qho othi r ■ a.se was ti it of tin it y ■
. - ... i; wno wa.-•■ ■ - 1 a i-- 1 d lii-re last
! October, th.- man who was accused of com
i mit.-jig the crime having not b<- n brought
i to justl-.-o yet.
1 ]t-i'” it is reported, intends to push th-
tth <.■ • ,f t-- • - ' ' t ; ■ n d
' ru mo rs have re:iehe<l It al in -
chips are being sent ’ ■ to ba. kup tho
The i < w ministry is looked upon favor.-i
--blv' and It is thought the proe-it mth'n will
good ' ff’ ct in quieting I lie people,
- - . . ■ ■' - - ■
i the late ministry surrendered to Germany s
' demands.
Canada Wants None of It.
Ottawa, ont.. De.-.-m.-r 13.-The Pomtn- .
i 10 n -ablnet will emtsi i-r a ffi'ffi- y ,
I amend the criminal < >de so as to ptohfl .t I
continu s bicycle races.
! I.n:-t W- It’:- New York race Is t.te rati.--. ,
i for the op -thntom m - ' ■ its in C ■■■ i
Tinkering' with ths Tariff.
Berlin, J'--- ml-er 14 ' ■ '
day Count Pos lo v k 3 . mini st. -of t
Int-rlor. said that negotiations were i - /
pendin;, betwe. .1 Germ i' .t d'n- t nt- . j
' S-ates with r'.-avd to t'.rifl. b.H th t o
I pre ent it would be inexpedient to giv- the
I house 'try ch ■' 1 ed Ini'onnatJon on tno su.>-
investigating panama fraud ,
One of the Accused Says That lie Dis- ■
tributed 2,000,000 Francs.
Pat if. I-■c< .. ■ r ' - T ' -i ■’ ■■■'' i
I men, .-barged wi-lt i-'.-mp *<'-1 m ''J'.,' i
I uni Si-atidals. b< g.n here today. 'I He ,
Emil. Y rton, Antlde 1 : - 1 .- ■?.
i-.-pi-'m.-litlng the bi th ib.tr' 't of ;
i doilies 'it tii.- chamber of d'-nut!<-s; iii.-i.ti
, ■ ; ... . ng tlm di triet of Sai ■ r
. . ( . hui . Aline ■- Y - i '■ rtm,
Mt Planteau. Lei ant. -.- and --
i gaud ail former niemb> i'< ot the clmtu- (
i i. (r , ; f a, put .s. Tho def.-mlaiits were rep- .
i r< stinted by emin-nt counsel.
■ ; . urged w th having t
I co 1 -d <■.,'>'<) frail - Mir iligaud and Gn'.l-
■ 1 were ■ nd oil having r< ' ■ : -
i n-.0-s .-.icli; Mm. 1-isant ami I’lanti au
t I • .. - - > ‘ ; - 1 , ", '
I frnrie: ; M. Marct v.s ; i-’niigid with !’.-'v
i 'i rri-.-ived iii.tX'l francs, i.-.i.d M. 1’• Siiint
: ciirttn w.m elmrg-1 '. th i<- -ivi:.;.; h'.WJO
";-.i:..-s. F'.i .fl-y M H.-'orn :. who omi-
i . was m i-w-.-d of li.-LViu;; ro iived tbi.COO
francs. The judges' examimi'.lon of Hie
accused last-d all day.
Ar!, n ti .-tito d that he was app" nted
; ii;;-nt tor the isthmus it; ISS7 through ti.r
of 1 iit I - t rcla.iive of the
JO. Hj . A rtoti sidd !><:• met Count de L :
s-ps ut Paminia. and the latter expr-ss'-l
■ regr-t that the opposition of Mm. Barbo
. ■ i ml -rs of tbo pari :. .
I committee ha.v.tig jurisdiction over the
I P.u. ...a canal, pr-w tiled the company
i from issuing lottery bonds. Artoti mid r
i took norii.-sm.’ii!;;i. etitnpa'i.n ; t.d w-:i
l ti--. ir support, liirb- pi-omi-ing to control
: Ids group, and Nii-quet utideia.iok to
; age th- s.-heme, in the s..:mte and :-. I -eted
i Baron -i • 1 ti-inm-Ii pbie<«l 1.-Y'.i/niO francs
j at Afton's disposal, and he ev<nt'ia.ily di -
: bursed 1.-i-i- o tram-. all and kept
I Arton further testllicd tliut ho f-ivt Nac
! qm t ]f<>,f'-'X) francs, but b- d■ d having
: brib'-rt anybody, cLiimfitg ho mi-r-’iy gave
The heating was adjourned until Mon
day next.
Voltaire in a Fair State of Preserva
tion, but Rousseau Only a Skeleton.
Palis, i>e<-i-mbrr JB.—Tile bod es ol Vol
ttii'a- and Roc.-tsei u v . re again exhumed
today in or.br to ■■■ die a. 1- o t standing
cin trovetsy as to their autlu iitleity. '! lie
reu.Mos of \ oit.iiro wcr- well preserv-d
and markedly r. <-mb!o Houdon's st-tue.
Os t ie body of Rousseau only the skeleton
i t'-mafn-d.
Voi-'s skull was found 'to be cloven In
two di.iwri the center.
'J’hi ro was no tr.ic- of a. shot wound in
' in- i-i-ia'l of Ron? :■ ut, and this disproves
tii.- gem-r::' bel'ef that ti'.e author com
mit ' d . Hl . I- !..- i.o-li i a
Mentally and Physically the Old Man
Is Breaking Down.
I.ondon, Dee.-.nbor 18.—A special dispatch
from Hamburg says:
' I’rini-1 Bismarck, who braced up for this
visit, ! is laps, d into his former weakness,
dvspend- m-y and per intent insomnia.
”M< nt.-iiiy a rd pliy.s.-ally I'rluc . 131sin.it. !<
is rapidly declining. ’
Government Is Invited To Submit a
Bill to Chamber of Deputies.
I Paris, Dcc-mli.-r 18. -The l w ’fill comte
i of tin- c’-i.-imber of deputies today v.-soh. <1
! to invite the gov- rnment to submit a bill
• to the chamber establishing bimetallism in
| ii’rance. j
Pricss of Cotton Have Been Ucchaaged
Durin.s Past Week.
Depressed Condition of the Dry Goods
Market Helds tho Raw Material
in Check.
Tho following were the official closing
quotations for spot cotton Saturday last;
Atlanta- Slendy; middling li'-ie.
Liverpool Quiet; middling 3 3-16 J.
N, w York -Quiot; middling 5%c.
New Orleans .Sternly; middling 5%0.
Savannah —Sti-.-idx-; m.dilllng s : Jac.
G-alv’-ston- Ste-udy; middling 5 7-lGc.
Norfolk--Dull; middling LGc.
Mobile. St--idy ; middling I>3-16c.
Memphis—Steady; middling
Augusta-- Sti-.uly : middling h l .-'’.
Charliyton -Str-ady; middling 5 3-1 Go.
Houston—Quiet; middling 5 7-16 c.
d I s
HONTMi c $ »< "' J ! J.S
« ® « r- i
a* tit b “ .*2
C> J® tc J 64
• i *6O ■ •’
> /ujiiirry b t>'s {> t>7 5 5
; ? r t-’ urv I 5 71 577 .77**’ i> 71 - 7fi S 70-7 1
I 5 7-. K 76 5 74 A 75-76 5 74 75
I A»rll if> HO 5 ' -79 580 * I 5 -“-RO
■ Mayi 5 > ! & 85 6 5 K 5-86 n
Jv.uf . . Il t> ;<» 5 r : ■ 5 FV-89
Jaly ‘ » li.i h 94 .5 V." 0 9 -05 5 92 93
AiiK’-J-.f - r. -5 ‘.*7 5 98-99; f- ?7
feeptf «».fr > Vs 6 ,'>! i< 1)7 5 97-PS 5 07-98
. I| . . '
November• II |
I Cioicd dull; aalcs 27.5G0 bale*.
Riordan & Co.’s Cotton Letter.
New York, 1" e< miii.-r is. - Still one more
w<"k of prae'fle.il stagimtlon in th© cotton
market must bi- recorded. There has been
t.o net change in jr.i.worth mentioning.
Toiiay the matfl' t v. is dead. I.ivrpool
wan uneliangi'-l. Prl.-’s here op.-md 1 point
liigbtT and ruled sieady at about the opell
ing ■ esslon. Ja.nuai y
. it - - -, dvaneed ■ - ■ and closed
at 5.(A t > L.tl9, with tlte tone- of tile market
i .mil (but steady. '1 lie immediate future
i < . iii .i.t for th-,- market Is apparently so
d. d of feature: justifying any radical
’ change in pri.-s that operators are fixing
I ii n’t. ntion upon the probabilities c.on-
i .mg tii- pr< p.ira lions for the next cron
' . nd 'li-» i- 'ndii ions that w'll exist. ..t the end
ide with piLtienct
j the financial ability to see the thing
■ through, tld i outlook is not altogether un-
, , : Southern advices are spe iking
; 1,.,w . f a large increase in gram' acreage
xpenso of cotton, and are
p--.-:. tn- in :dii on to this a further
va'--t d. : i- th< ar-1 allol ’- d to the
; i r n-r.lr r-a : .aple. SI-, ,-'i!d tills decrease
■ : 'ail to ave a favor-
' abb- e.?'- : villi' ■-. Then, too. tile cs’i-
■■ • ■ a■ ■ mad. '■ ■ I’:-'.:-..---
i . , ■■ a-iii', iiid tv t' -It uni. -a the |r- -
, -isrop r■■ mb- : a. tot.-J gri-a.ier than
I ;(> ■.a ano I ■ 'o/. Die statleal. position nt
: the < nd of tiie season w'll b< by no means
l a w-ak one. It Is Im h<-ved 'hat the move
e a v< large one. The. Jatm
ai" L- ■ slalom s i -,t a;. iii h'-lu prices
ai d -'.edition:: at ? --w l.'nglnnd are not
; : at tTmtory. Tec immc.ne long I’lter.’st tfl.at
I | ..n a ocumitl-lted v n’i'.l us.tmlly be a
i-ver. i-ont- ru thal h buylny tills timo
! b.-i-n 1 y str- g inves'wrs woo will not
s< I <:-xc<‘pt at or.’tits, and aft-r th<
! <!: v 1-,me break In the deadlock should
I occur.
; Comparative Cotton Statement.
Now York, I>.-.-nIM-r >7.—Tl>.- following
■ ■ . cotton statement
tb«* \v« i. ..ii'Jiiiu, iod;iy:
i -• , . . I • V? 1,, I ‘ts 3' i 9.’H»2
I Show.!!/ h ii.ci i i’.' of 57,730
’4>i. I r ■ ' . t 1 ; i > ' ■ 4,541,2.5 T
i nviiit-’ iiu iiie.t*.ibe oi’ 3,7. CC t
\ ■■ ; 7.7 7.7.7 7 D -. ;
: 4--1.1
j t. <v I : r-orts .. .. l.llOjiC.i
I ’ ■■u.' i • n7 1,262,.7'1
Si.owing ;■ d- cr-' ise of 153.Z11
iH' uk .it i'. ’j'r towns g:J.-773
i . ’ 1 ni.' TJ-- 7: -. <•
! S; t 1110 Li-! X v.: f 85b,0b0
' how ing :> <i is,' of Tu.’.kji)
7'. : • rii'.tn Jt.M'ii! f " 7. ~l’i t ‘kl,
; ; :iuWil.g . '.i h;'T< -t'-'r of 40,(X>)
Sea Island. Cotton.
I H.-. -i’ ... *■ i 1»■-■ h: . r i S-a. Island
i ’'i.’ii-'U ■■ ■ I,::-.-' an i si. .i-ly; r .--'pis
for th’? w.-i-fc, :;.7li; : ti :H. a. II.Ml; ex'-orta,
i 3.. .■-■ !- - i ia- ;->.< mb»r .Ist r< -
I ct-lot 1",.' : -...: for -he s.i .. ■
I FMr'dris, ii-'.'- ,-oi< - l-’ioridas. U’.'-’-il I;
■ . ' -A .
I iD ..-■ hole (is. It’d 11' 2 ; -
H - G ■ , c mmon 11. - -r-
i < -.a rli ston. S < Dc-er-mher 17.—S-"i Is-
I liit-d e.-'tion re-’i -nis . lin-s; < iqior; - 130;
' . - : : ■■ k. ■ . . mill - Imo. 1G; d -.
. , e. : Lie, 1 13.
Visible Supply of Cotton.
! New < irbn ■! ■-., I a,. ■ tii'o--r 17. --tee ret pry
supply <d. cotton -ili'iVv.-i an Increase duriug
t: • Week illSt <'!.'s--i.! of 2lf-.553 litll-.'S,
. ....Hi:- I . : I -r. ~ .- mm-- t.nm List year
• 1 11-., 1 ' and an in- rease year before last
!'m- ■ --..1 "i ■ a-- a D-.": i-111, gainst 3,55(>,-
w- a ami : ’bt Ins' year. Oi*
this tlie total of Am-' ric.i < e- it ton Is 3.5!
it :-i .year, and c- nil ..tit--r k nds, including
o :o, against
' '.a- I; . 331.'.1-d Lf.-' yiar
with the
. : lands 'the visible
suppiy 0f..-i n cotton is ahead e.f
: last year ::i r->. ■■ tigut'e.i I'L-.iuO bales,
i while Hi .! "" '-"a? pl '">• I-razillat;. li.dan
i ami oi'm-r <i< s--r!?tio:m |s 13,0'ii less than last
X7t.-ckly Cotton Crop Statement.
N. w il'rl--.ci.;, Dcccmb r 17.—Secretary
H-vt.W.-■ kly N--w Orleans cotton ex
ci:-ai go : an- m-, is; ;< bet. re tl cl >.se
.-m... a i .m rea.se in the
m vim to - ■ . ip. ir: -. < wit it i.:•
s.-v- ii days < nd;ue, ibis <mtc last year in
.a ni duic.s, an in€i'oa.So
- o. <r tin.' .~<un<> ‘Ln's year b>. fore last of
jik-,-"’, .-.ml .--I. increase ox vr tile, same time
.- i>r tii" . -'. i-nfi en days of December tho
■ ■ ■ . oox a I . - y-.-a.rot t .i-, ,
an im r m-..- o.- r the .-i.um.- p. ; -.,.d ycar’b -
■ ■ '■ - ... -• und r
11-. d nt lal.'Xi'J.
: tlm it's d;-.x .-> of th-- season that have
e: -.1 i io ■ gate i am .id ,f th.? JDB
d ; Is ' j 11,mi ld of the .iiime
d. . .-o: year beloro las; and ot IMU
: by vii'j.
’i'll" amic.'.it bt.-light hit-- sight during tho
p.< - .. <?k lues be- n 4SS.i 14, against 3Sb -aS
lor I." : >-v o d ij - < tiding l.»i. e-nber I,’tn
1. y- -r, yar l-i-r.ire last . nd 45,'..G29
. iml for th< iir.st x
i ■ it has I- eri I. M.:. i
a ins; BL.iL. ■' i yen'. 870,1da year b- t'ore
i i.-i and I,!'- 7 —'- sain-1 time in IS9I. Tliese
n. do iii-? ---' fl' ti- •' -rm.-iit forth- JOS days
■ ' - ■ - ■ ■'.11 1 .a a .
: < I;,til - t ', -1,31'1.9:.i year be oie la ,
' and G,IC:MS3 sum-.- time in 1891.
The mo? -m-.-nt . September Ist shows
1 -•-.-cii-l' at all 1 til ---I States ports 4,87t;,613,
against 4,;m I>4 L- ; t year. .'.<« year be
fore last and 4,035,231 same time in IMJl;
: ■ ■ -I la I ppi. Ohio and
I n mm- v.'.- rs to ii -r hern milts and C.-in:i
--1:7. -p-im-.t 493,HW list year, 457.351
ar i.- f.-rc 1a s' 1 •> 71'1,1i'3 saim- ii n „. la
interior sto’-ks in exc s of t tos held
at -’i-. < los iof the comm'-relal year MS.M!.
-mind -ISi'i:: List y<-ar. ;-:13.271 year bi-so-o
In.■>. au-l -r.-i,'D - .iut- tin., in isai; southern
mill takings, xeiu iv< m amount i-wi.-iinu-l
.-outh-Tii ou;p.>:-m, D, ag.iihst 1k;.,1559
last year. . -'.Gi year before last and 322,511
i same time in 1894.
l-'oreign .-xpert ; for the eweek have b. . n
1'12,:'.'8. ngalm t 2-D.i 15 1-st year, making the
: < ..nt till's far for the season 3,287.81.3,
uim-iist 2.D2.1MS last year, an in< ron -e of
: -1'5,55.5. Nor'-iern mil! takings during the
i past seven days show an increase of 41,9-15,
as compared with the corresponding period
last year, and their total takings since
September Ist have increased 214,113. Tim
tota.l takings of American mills, north and
south mid Canada thus far lor the season
havo been 1,594.1’72, against 1,272,837 last year.
These include 1,093,291 by northern spinners,
against 879,178.
Slocks at tho seaboard and twenty-nine
leading southern Interior centers bave In
cr -used -luring tho w- "k 49,387 bales, against
rm iiieri ase inning Uie corresponding period
las’ season of 65,2-19, and are now 127.3111
le.-s than at this date last year. Including
stocks left ■■■■er at ports and Interior towns
front tho last crop ami tin- nuinb-r of bab-s
brought, into sight tints far for the new
crop, the supply up to date is 6.53a,557,
against 6,016,163 for tho same time last year.
The New York Bank Statement.
New York, December 18.—The financier
says: A decrease of $3,161,375 in the surplus
reserves of tile N--w York bank-;, tallowing
a reduction cqi’-ally as largo for t-ie previ
ous week brings the excess cash in tho
batik-, to $15,726,059. In viwxv of this fact
t'm? sharp t'-ivattce in money rates, noted
early list week, may be expected to con
tinue for some time. Tho cimnges tn tl.e
stn t - 'tn hi t for the xver-k are so Intima l-'-y
connei’ted xvith tho Union I’.'ii-ttii- paym :
that Ute totals do not require rlct.iiled at
tention. The bank < late men ts tar the n xt
f< w sin ceedlng weeks ■h- tld be unu illy
int-'l cytii g and important, a:' two mid:' 'aiinl
I nio-i l iH-ltic payments --f ow-r JS.'i'D.WO
arc- to 1.-' made to tho sub-treasury before
Jm-iturv l-th, and ’h* treasury, on th- oth- r
b- mi. will begin on Decemla r 21th the dis
bar, em-.-ut Ilf Hie principal of maturing
Pacific bonds, wh ch f ill i‘ lease s imetblng
Hko Sai.tW.'JOO. Whether this money will
make up for the contractions due to pay
ments into the tree -ury on Pacific s-ittl-?-
monts Is the kev to the immediate ’’uture of
th, money market. If interest rates con
tinue to harden and exchange w.-ak-u-s
soma interesting dc-v.-tapnn-Ti is may be e;:-
p.-'ted. There < tn b no protil. in sterling
i-x-'hange investment under these cir.-'im
stancea. .'tad a■> th< reasury reports show
m im-reas-- export balance in our favor,
rates for money abroad will bnv-- to be
maintained v. i y firm x' to prevent los.-es of
ape, io to this side, fffi:[.merits to tho south
,-i.nd tbo natural shifting of funds ns tlie
.Tan.iarv' div.’-!- nd:. I, erne due are poln s
In favor of cont.inwd hard money. Os
course those conditions are as yet but
vagmlx- defimd and mty bo quickly
< hanged, but on the whole are Important
enough to bear in mind during tho next few
The weekly bank statement shows the
owing change-;.:
Ro-s erve rl ocrea e $3,161. ?75
l oans ilecreiiso .. t l ’
Specie Increase ?51.i 1 "
I tenders <l--'rotse. .. 4,S''.B.l.itt
Deposits decrease 1i.278.509
t • ■ -i deerea.so 103.100
The Ranks now hold $15.726,0’h 1n r-xi-i'.;?,
of tho requirements- of the 2:1 por cent rule.
The Treasury Statement.
. gton, 11- •ml ■ is -' ■ ' ■
ment of eondltion of tin? troa . :
.Available - ash balance, $237,f'.i,912; gold
reserve. $159,7.19,211.
The Week in XVnll Street.
Up to Friday It looked very much as
though the expected reaction 1 . tho stock
market had set tn, whii-.l’ Is .. - m-. - i ex
j-.ected in the tural course thing
tho ■'Decern her rise." Hut. today's devel
opments leave t.-.e future cour.s-- of tab
irket very muuli ol : ■ n. It is
emialii that tii-.-i- vx . large j-ioli a a L-;g
' ■ a 'I
cline and real-zing to - <-*i out sj-• -iilutlv-'
lilies on aceo'.mt of the sth’iemitg in the
m;for mutie... Owing to tb • . mdlt:<m
of the mo: ■ P* 1
ti. would 1 ■ much <?as ■ in rates again
before th< "■ - ' ol tim 1 ■ Besides th«
usual aeeumuLitiou of funds prej-aratory
to the -ll;-l>..rsi-ini.-nt of January mt« rest,
tit--;- ha- been n-t.: wn from th-- mu'l-.-t
tics w< ek over en a<.-count ol the
I’ldon Pau,tie gate. Another s:mi.;tr pay
; sent is to be mail-- on D- e- mb- r 27. it,
:. -,<j •!.. last on Ja tu ry s!h. Much stress
i:. .. bi •; laid upon tin govermnem’s an
ti-mm enient that it would begin tlie re
demption of tle cun :■/ 6s, whi h
lure on Januarj ' , on Dec.-mb r as
juomislng '- - -a./.-: ■' ■ wit lid ra wa Is from
the money market o-i aecm.:,: of tlie I:n
--!■ •- : ■:.ci.ii- paym i t is 0,v.»- t.
po.ntc-d out that a < ■ ’ t tblo portion of
iii. ---" . ui’.'-'r.ey 6s ar- i.-.w m the tr- as’.r..-
a--: a basis for <’ir<T" i lot: ;:n<'i a .-i.-eurlty
for government depo- " a ii inks.
r.,:-'!gn .T'-hamp I-.- r- < ■ r-'."i''.
. ’ :• 1 . n; a ; -Id eng o. :n 111.
in vii xv of tin- pfii-fa still ruliu'M Tho
r ovi-t i.nient’s liade i- ’at.-m-nt tor N.'-vetn-
: '• ’ • ■ '
imr. is.-fl still further In our favor by ox r
sitl,oii<l/'W, wit:.-It ma.iies t l --- b'.lau o in
or rom the ' -: ■a. ■. , ol tin ’
<-al y ar to December list, Tin;
hlghlx artiliei.-il, dv- to the having tn
Hngiar.d and Gernumy at ;n'- r-.-t of tril
lions of dollars duo cm I iltim-e to this
■ ountry. I,'nd. r tlie i itii:- m-e ot tlie liig'.-
- raro for money, exchange rates have
~, ■ .1 d . 'in;; tl..- •• Hi. ■< ’ ■r.
y . a ■ , ati-rn of th. investrn y -
maud for long s-teHing. Not elmngis in
j.rtces of stis-ks are xvid-st in the eo,li
tre, th- gains ext.ei ding to over 10 points
I. New Ji i-M-y C.-ntra'i ~:id Xorfolk ~;-d
> . ■ a y 1 point. . ■'. - ■ . -
i i n t g'e.-i uro mixed and gcnx-rally within
the limit of 2 points.
Bonds, like stock went up and then
went l.ut still '■ ■ t ■ I
sale.- $!.-.i.i9.o<X’.
I'nib-d States 5s have d-'-slin-fl ’J, bld;
II . •. w 1"• "i ’, 1 -v. I■' < lUpon
; i'lstered dutiiiq we- . while the old
■is coupon lias a-iv: ... e.| ’ t uml rcgi.-'tcr
.l vs during Hm week.
The Wheat Market.
Chicago, De< cm ber 1 . Am at was v.tj’
dull, but firm <oday. Stro;--,, outside and
tl.tvlgu mark-. 1.-., and lurticlpaiions of less
bearish statist.cs fitomlay cuusi I -■ ::
eovetaig by shorts, ro.-mlting in a. t*."-',.'
adx am- in Maj. t.lllas' milk a a'.-> 1 am
lit eidediy 7'l. :-: i. a. mu. Si"", 'Oi ■
and i. its about !ic e.ien, and
■ ■ -■ - . ' • a -l
Wheat opened x m;. tsine, Im iiulte firm
ut about L;.- higlim- than it eiosed the day
li -tci--. with May :;: td-fle. B sold ;i f-. xv
moment i;:i..-i' :: i ;'2<. , ami for some time
h"!d at I'l’ T-. Elvmpm.: mirlmt.
tviii h .v ■■ t. r-lny r>. '■■ -I to i- inllm ;: d
b_, 4 bur.; i i - ad'. :. -- ■ -it ( '.fleiLg.', xx .m
•m - -.t ;ii-i.f.■ -a . day to i-' ■: 's
deellno in tills marl.-- . Th.- Hngli-ii m
h.'l W;us ;i sn. ili- Iny.- r than it closed th.
day In-fore. Some e- > -v Items of th. early
■ \\ ■ also m is: .. to the tirn .. the
market showed at the op ning, and lor the
,l' i' part <-f th..- see - - n. The xve-'k's
■■- -li-.inr. ; oi' Wil-I.t and 11 ;r. ■> r.- pori--d
by iit ad.strcii-i's, w<-: <* eon. id- rably smeller
tTiun ti.ey 1> .\-- l>. ■ a runi.m ■ for i long
t mi-. I’ll" al. ' - mt Cl tl." ■•!;' S el -: ■
aiici-s xre.m both -its is- Iji- I''-/ ■ bushels,
asiiilist. ;;.2W>,'■•-> bus::. Is :L Wi I'k :<;?> a.ti‘l
bush. , - Hu- .otr< - pomi ng -lay of
year li.-fore. Tii Minm-tpoi-.a and Du
luth reielpt. toil-.; '■ rr tn' ear: . ag;.:i :
688 last a n-.i 376 the eorrespoml ig
day of ■■■:■:. Chica ■■ reetived 228 cars,
350 last year on • i,■ - similar <s-y.
Mum...-Ij.i>l i.-•• and 1.1 -::i rec’ipts for tlie
v. - k xx.-i'i- 633 m.-'.-s l-.-s than th---y were
tlu. week previi-m-:. it wa,--. ;.-ported from
Minn- apo’is that 1-11 cars of their receipts
today w- re Armour <‘i Co.'s wl'i. u en route
lion to Chicago. The
weather in Argentine w is reported more
favorable. 8.-. rbobm cs-imateil t1,,.- v.-m-i
sliipi.-rnnts for tl." xv • k .<-> !l>ir<ip» at s,oo'.'.(’«i
... e.: .. . a.-.d expected a deere ise tn Hu?
quuinity on ; ’i i- :i - s-ige. Minneapolis
announced i’s es-tlm iu s to its stock of
V, tea i foi til. w< I I'm-1 1 . ’is.‘ "’ I bush -
,; [■ ,r. . se, .-" r* p< ■r: ■ d Vi. - terd:'i ". o i r.>in
"....a., to bushels inef'-ase. In adiii-
ti >n to wl’.eat delivered xml ’-i i-. afternoon
for 1 >-■*•<;:.l.- r cont raets IbUivheis
xv-.Tu Uxiivered out today by Armour <8- Co..
paid for bv Alli •-. Gi i< r ' It
I ail -adv b-en t.-.k-n tor grant, d, Itow
ev. r, liv tin', trad" that that til! the wheat
sold’t<_> Erenc-h 5. E iter wmtl-i be. talo n
earn of. and that they mid have for
som" time- had tl-..- m-auy in bank r-.-ady
to pay on d-m.-tn-l. Outside markets all
showed strength. The. day's- i . : of
wheat, and Hour wire swell. .! to a total
of ID'.OOO bushels by J:e additional infor
mation that Neiv ■ "■' it shipped 2-50,WH
btishi 1.: of wh--.1l and 22. barrels of ffimr.
and -1 11 vi-. : - : bit. ■- -of xvheat
market bream.- muelt lit mer in tom n '
Hie. -. lose and made its best pr.ees for the
.. .• ■ . ii. Shorts . -.' i-wed quite frc. ly and
as offeringi-s were moilm'itc pric. s mow d
iii. - astly. May fi: ro ■ to
and was bringing 92' L .c as the s' -:-:"ii i-mh .!.
December vv.,s <b:dt in viiry si'ai'ln.gly. it
closed at 99e. or . lower than It did y. s
Corn wa.- dull and off a .'hade early on
moderate s-dllng, but b- ami- strong and
advanced when wheat did. Countr. offer
ings w. re report.--I freer on aflv.ine.ii I>!<L--
from Ch'ci'.go last night. May rang <1 from
JI-'hC t<. 29%c, and clo:-:<-.1 : .i" higher at
2!)i s .j i :29’/ I <-.
McCullough Bros. Fruit and Produce
Atlanta, December 18. The holidays are
close at hand and every class of fruit, nuts
and confectioneries are moving at a lively
rate. In fact, tho market Is very closely ,
sold out at present and we dare say that
next week’s business Vili oversell every
jobber in this line and a great n any or
ders will get turned down on this account.
Bat.anas are booming, and it uei-ms to I. '
an absolute impossibility to ripen thorn
sufficiently fast to eope with the demand,
which is nee. -sarlly very strong, as the
fruit, has not more than time now to reach
destination to the. country trade.
Tlie market is very short on oranges, In
consequence of which prices have stiffened
up materially during the last few days. A
Lt-‘.ii many who bought oranges, both in
b'lorlda ami California, have been disap
pointed in getting tli-.r>. und t!;ose. who are
■so lucky as to have their enntracts tilled
will no doubt reap’good benefit.
Apples are very scarce indee.l. In fact,
there Is tiotulng do:ent now on the Atlanta
market. The only cur of strictly fancy,
high colored, straight packed stock that
has licet’ in the Atlanta market this season
was received on Thursday last and came
from Illinois. 'The cur contained nothing
but Ben Davis, und they had scarcely been
unloaded before tli-v li.'d been gobbled up j
by the trade at fancy prices. There is au
oth< r < ar of the me ste< >: in tran It at
present for the Allan'.i market to arrive
-a-xt we !;. The out-of-town trade will do
W'.-ii to get their orders in on time.
l,‘-mons continue dull witii light receipts
atid no change in prices.
The market is v.n-ll supplied with New |
York grapes -f.'atawbas only in live-pound
b.-iski-ts v. i h no change In pricv.
t’r.mi.ci - i.-.; eori'inm- firm with light re
ceipts and an upward tendency.
Coconnuts ore a little off at points of im
portation, but the 1.-e-i! market is holding
prli "s st Iff with no Indi. lons of a decline
until after Chris: tuns.
Cabbage r.-..-elpt.; are much lighter than |
for tomi: Him . Th.- demand is light, how- -
ever, at the same price.
Turnip:-: are very dull. Di fact, there Js
less trading in them than at any season of
the year so far.
Irish potatoes continue firm. However,
t.-o think prices have reached the top
onion receipts ore very light indeed and
there are no doubt but that prices will be *
stiiriulati. <i during the- nt at tew days. i
I!, --a continue to he.l-1 up well with re- :
c<.i;>t.i equal to consumption and prices oft' ;
about t-je per d<-.7.< n.
Butter t: good “il.', fancy grades bring- '
Ing frem !!2'> to ll■■■ : 'D-mv. ■ rt-< any- i
where from I:.''-- io 18c, ow".m to gr- -le.
The demand for live poult-.'.' .: v limit- ;
cd in-I.od at present. Tie re 'S a T;.>ti:-«ib e ■
scarcity of -Iri-ssed turkeys ami th" mdi.-a- ,
tinns are (hat prices are g.u:: ; tu D. • h::.ii |
f.ir the bolal.-iy '. Dr---- -d chi- kens at' ;
plentiful at average p-ri-"-s.
Sugar r. tl Coffee.
New York, iv-eetnber 18.—Coffee: Op- .
tions i'p- tn -1 st i-lv .-it led-' points a-lv.-u'e. .
ruled ;t. :dy .-•■"-l- .My d_ 'I Jtli at i
It not gain of J''" 15 poinu-. S d- .' 12,'D1 bans, I
Inelud tig Dec. mbt fl March
Spot < iif!" ■ Rio !!"m M• r i ii.vof.o i. .\o. -
7 jobbing 7‘l<; mild qu < . ; < 'ordox-. Bi/<i'|s.
Sugar: rtaxx' s: -oca: fair i-Tilt"; 3'2’
c- nt; f ig.fl i ' ' 1: v'tlm-d -'t -■ ■ i
X Miami.- rd A and ■ ms < ■ ■ rs’ A
5; cut 10-if ami ermn.-n powd-r* d am! i
cubes 5 C; gra nula tod ‘.‘ y .
Mow Ore ana, i■■ ■ ■ mb";- 18. -Sugar firm: i
o;-i '■:< . ''..■ : , ........ i • »
4 7!’;- 1 11- BI; wh ’ -fl "3R: '' I
j ; ■ I-Tl; sec,,lid . " -C:
sfei.dy; ->pen I- -'tl ■ t;..-3U':. centrifugal 5H I
13c. Sirup easy 16';?21i’.
Bractatreet ’s Review.
Now York. D- . ■ tnber 17. Bt idstrcet' • to- !
morrow wi’l ?.iy: I
"A sin .ib'.c q i.Cling of demand waolo
sale lit-' S is i.-pvrl.-d as th” ludid: y .--a -m I
and ii... annual stock la.klmt m r. "I ap- |
poracl . ■ ■ ' ■ : ■
ture: of the week has 11”? n inq ' :
at higher prices fur st-i 1 in v ir'ou-; fornts. i
a--< om:. .:ii, d L.- advane-s in tlio pr.- • "f !
sorts most A '’"rp m.
luavy business ba.; dcv‘-l-.-;>ed in ph. iron, i
and pr: -< s show but a slight shading in
the face of tlie curn ut lmm< rise predu
i . . , . • . rket ' ■ -
verisli ami •■: '■ are prai . vaily unchang
ed frc nt a v. < . 1< ago, while, com, out arm
sugar are additin-T to the list of predm ts i
*"The'’u'm:i'flst:i< ;ory outlook for cotton !
ecods is ref: ■ t-d in tedm- Lets in b'o u-li -d !
goods to Hi ’ • : ' -
whfl.’ some cotton yarns show w.-.iltm- ■
With ' a.- • . a : '■ ': a-
- on-- ot unite < m-ept omii : teadin ss.
....... , ■ t , ~th.- e-1|
irduc.'d fro rr. a lizitig Oil - I"1 by pl ’t-
ami oil:' ■at :!■ - : m: fl. ami ’i:c ' d
timoiig .jobbor-- in ;■■■ goods, tfl .l'.-'-
fl h th<■ low price of t!:e .siaple is a ■
tifl-.: ou-’-agli'g H .ititT". -‘ I-' - fi'..'n pre ■
<l-t>r<-sloti in. its clfl-'f prodm-m, tin south- i
o a,---" ■ ■■'■.;■"■ among ■ ■ '- o
1 t :::-,;-fl'.. I'.-ira- ! rind rtrni ir 1 gher
pri- e.-i for Douisii:>:a sugar, rice and leaf ;
''Vv’lii at exports ' - i’ ■ ■'fl' falling off I
from 10-etifly pre ■ -(ting w-■>■ ■ . gr> gating
os th'.-.'.' do (flour as wh<?:-t) -I. I 'u b '- lr I
for Loth coast': " th- 1 I’nited Stat :-. mid j
S'. Joint. N. IL, uga'.nst 6,1'M.151.' bus!'--is I
! .' w. L Old 4fl-.'!!.~' I b'. . Is I'. 11;
v. ■ek -. year a..-
'.'aril .'pt" I ar- e.v< I.'' l: '.n-! btm.hi-1.-i '
larger th a n last wr ek, ■ ' -
l". I els. egai-i ' 2. ’ll,’ -' bl., lei- ill tt : ,
we. k a. yen- ago ”
Flour, Grain ?flea>.
/ ■’rtnD'* -’ ’ o’’ ’’'D' ’ -v '■ .f: ■ ra ’<-’ll. «’’ )■, ,
rrc-ind f iHvnt j*rr 'x i- 'v- t-’v -v -a
•». jr ily 4. t ’ ■<•• ••. t. ':: - 4 r ■ m. i' • ■ :
o ; ■
(-JctaT.’iß Hry. '■■■ . 1 t ’'irg-s i ■
jd-5t ' 1 r 7- r y - x 2t‘ »rothv u.' ai<« ■ M<? .
/.7c I t' 4?0- ’.Th »; ?)• xn . i ■, >; *. ■. i
rn Fnrki 7!: nr ‘7 - Stnf’r.H'tfl ’’ot- !
”->■ f re.- d*■ * n 11 • • • . hi :’■ 5-C ' n ? I
T’en< 25 :»?’ ■ ush?. a.t•--9 U; kind auJ i
tj ti ti I•• J • t? >: i l >
jM’ant'V riibt-r lb Vtop *.f<»,l <■'.>'’<>'» >• ’ t in p,-.- !
’Ci'ih rase l ?. <'. r t»vn (oTuh i \ fw .• 10. I
I r>r s . * lit.-;l■■■ i ‘a’w-: S 7..e: N*.v* .
Orleans •’vtiitM i C‘) ''fi.os* 46 r-i- .XnwOr
mi. • <>ppn U ! ? .• . ’ . i- -i <■> t Vj ‘5, 1.:».? I,'; v j,r ,
~ . .
I- -. . ).re ; 1,;:.,.--, ili.m ■■ :- -< . sa i. c.m-r . a <-« |
9 26. 1••• ,> r :u i'l’D «. •Hn iHOII ; .
. • . - Cai
lOrninon s’L i>n ■ 12.. L/• OySct ir .; e W
1.65: A” W. 1.15.
Provisions. j
ZHantv Pi'CPHi’ - r i S ( • -fl • r ?b,’ Snrf’ (
<’rfr ft-Cf' . -■ irot’ it'".’ i 'icn -■? ’.
Ji&u-.H 11 <’<i' f . ’: ( a .if<'rn!a ~ ■> • ’ - «•- 10 ’
i.fi’!. C't».r <: .a7iy A , seconv eunM? <3 ‘.ij; ■
Fruits n»d Conn-'•tlonerleff.
Atlant '■ ! 5 ■ Cr ’ V ■ * ta'nc ' z t4
ncr 6i:7 . t .c.'iCh'’.s. <I <> ■ * ■ ’< fb . : .t.u) ; .
’ orniiL-.'s. v' r ... .4 ’ ;.-r Vox: ? • ;
Inna t3.75«M OO; I ‘o- ’a. 9;. ■- Pan
<• I’a ' ’ ■’. D,T >nsF. ■ • r»’• r»• ’ S’, i■•" ■. i I 1 ■ I \ .•» ;
/<•)■ I v-‘. 7-' - .' . ■ ' If') I7 ' k ’■ i
N t
tils 11 ; H; r.u' 1n- ' ’ .m• "< d i:u: S*MDe.
] ■
picked 4'i< 4 •iCiGeora:;; .S i
Np.ral Stores.
Favannah. Deccn'.ber ! v rj’i i.tirp fl r ’n nf. -’'dij
bui; sa i( s D’ 'i;- : ri'ei? ;’7 .. Kosin '
;)14 bb> i re -s 1
(. liarleston. { >g h •» rt r 1-- Tiirrf»ritlno nothin#
(I'iluk: linsln t.rni: sn>-; ■ ■ A. I>. ( . 1..
tfl-lO: F 3 Fsl .’0 :I .y 1. 4 <i: ’•. ,30 ■
X 12.2'); winlO’Y nia«3 walur
hit p $2.90.
t etratnod
; go').: strained $1.20: rc-celpis -L ” -j. i
spirits i rpenunt', ■■> h'nF< ; n*; n
ebbJti. Tar ~m at. l.np, rvcelp's 714 bb-s. Cruds
impcntinw steiKiy at yl. 1 n.- q i .b*', receipts* bnx&,
Country Produce.
Atlanta. D 1-- BiVI-t.
rni c:canje)-y 20:4 fan - rnnnrsst -9P-';
<?!' i; r'■ ; <.♦» r„ .> 1 A.>! Ac !v? i>(’tr - ,r-.(- . ,
I * !!)(■: • CHS : •e < x . chnke' “. •• 4”
t ■
inn! iry. tmik -.v©, )i '^l‘J I .■; i
imw*.. 10c t>. :e; . ?.*c!;rns. 1I c t.<> 1 '<«■ » I
H‘<-: (lu<;< >. ■ rKr pc-lat'V?,
bv?nt- s.'.-inH e-. ei'frl’ii. I (tail; strain el •
Herses and Mules.
Atlants, G:i., I', .•--nrlr-r IS. •-There is no'
no ': , ehange in the market for fl ■ ■ t
and niul' -. Tire i mum! is about t: -- i-.tmu
as last week, and pr 'es are imehang' I.
The I’.i'in-- of th? xx is in :iue: on
Stile '-;■ ’tft" he;;.: ■.-!’ lim- K• :■"•!<;.■ burses.
Tii, mill v.us fairly t ell ,--ttended and tho,
]>r:-’<--: xv<-'.'e sa.t-.-i e-tory to oxx tors. The
folloxving price" r. :■ t'-dax :
I ’ors :- t’lug s' am'tion. sls to 810.
14 to 11.2 I'D; 14.3 to 1 ’. i-'
to ST-'; :5.2 to !'■-. .B's to l‘i '■> li;.|. ;.-;i-> h. .
sll9 extra weight.
Bagging and Ties.
Atlanta, D'-eiimb. r 18.—B-'-.g:i:g 2'.j pounds ;
7!_e; ■; pounds 7c; l : . : i pounds c.
standard, 80c, j
Correspondence Between Canada and
U.. S. Accomplishes Naught.
Washington. December .17.—The corre
gpondenco xvllich ha -i liass. d between 8r
Wilfred Laurier, tin- Ganad.’an premier,
■and Genet.-iI Foster, the .'.mcrlcan nego
tiator, touching the seal nf-got'ations, since
the Washington conference last month, has
been made public. It consists ot tno let
in ti;o first, dated Nov< , mbi-f' llltli,
Sir Wilfred passes upon the proposition
from our government w’lie't was taken
back to Catiada by him at Hits eom-Jm-'i.-ti
of the conference. He says he is xvllllng
to enter at once upon a review of Hi‘‘
whole seal question, though the J.‘ai is
award was made revfsable only at. the end
of five years, provided the other ques
tions of Importance to the two countries
—immigration, ree.procity, fish protection,
etc., bo considered ar. the same lime. Ho
deciines, hoivevi-r, to-.-uspi-i’d s.-cllm, mean
time on tho ground that tii.: licet would
Lo dissipated <■;:flrely; that the owners
of vessels wotti.i I ' a'itled to compi-n
--s ition beyond the dir-pos lion of parliament
to vote, aid, fiuaii.'-. that r i-'.wn by th ■
experts' report, there i: now a (< ndency
to equilibrium in l la- in'ilntenanve of Hi"
seal herd. He suggests that if ti jomt
commission to consider ail questions at.
issue, in ludlng this, be a
it would be po -ible to .si-mire the nm:.-:.' i
rj- legislation from pat llarm-nt .it. the i-"b
--ruary session und from congress dur.ng
the present session to insure the. execution
of any recommemlatton with t-gat'd toll- r
ing ff-a next season.
The second letter is from G-iieral Fos
ter to Str Wilfred, datyd Wa:-h.ngt<>n, I”-
eember 2xi. General i-’o-ter .■ iy that S:r
ij:■ . .' ■' -
proposition .... - - ‘
piojr>-.lti<m made ::t I't-i -miti I'l.-ls-e, Hid
tion on tha-t point. Should th< herd t -a
the equilibrium pointi.xl ou t l-.y Sir X' I: - ■ t
it will it.-'.x-i p ml tbo !>-. t'iod w:" a ne.:;ot:-
a'flons will boos any rixall, ix-.-fld.-s, as the
I’nited St ites will be put to tho exp’ n. e of
$59,M0 to niaini.iin the pa. rol n.-xt y'-:ir.
~<■! I. I" S. alliig ought I < b" voluntari.y
■■ • . np i it is nnn*-'.ghl">riy ami
inimmane. , ,
i-a r.d Fostr-r expr. ■ • r< grot that Sir
Wiifrml's visit, to Washington give.-, so lit
tle pr-itni-il of s:-i :sf "-I'v t- Hits, bu -n
--tertalns Hie hope that It may y t b- _tr goad
Dost MF'dle Weights in tlm Country
Have Fifteen-Round Go.
Now York. D i.-ember 17.-N->rnu>n F •!! y,
of Rush county. Im-'dana, better known in
pugilistic -ir les . “K I McCoy,'* is un
doubted:.'/ the middle-weight champion of
tho world lio mot Dan I’reedon, of N'- w
Zealand, toifight In the armia ot tlm I’uri
t.-n Atld-nii.- Club, at Lmg I.d.ind City,
and n.fti r Jig!,ling lift" -it Uve’y rotntd't
made th' fotmgm.-r throw up the mrnngu
nr i ti.fltnowledg”-tin' hoosier’s superiority.
L mg li- fore t'm big m. i-ut took place the
frame building in wlil.-h It was hi-'<l xv m
r.-ov.drd IO excess ami hets were freely
ado v.: >M- '.'oy ti.'- v n ite at 10 to 8 OU.
Tim "Kid’s” wonderful H.-lcti--." ami n.’--
pors. -.- lon was always in evidenm- ai.-l
the.-", eimblned with the adv.-iti. .ig-- of
b- iglit and t i.-aeh, <. rm.blod him to outpoint
.i , move - >ckily built antagonlst.
From ’the moment the meti put up ta Ir
htinils in iini opening round McCoy’s .-lock
b- "i.i to asm nd ;imi by tho mid of th- '-i.xih
roui.d Mm.'oy’s biielv.-i's xvere offering 3 to 1
on their man.
"McCoy ■ . : wondi r" xvt i the univot
corn in. a i wl.i-ti Hie fight v. a.-s over, and no
lit: I, --a tho.-e who 11. ! 11'111. t>-
grud,:..'l him l.is wMi-wmi l.inr-. is.
('a n. -y White, who '.r i:md i.bci I'itz-
Bhnmoiis for bis ■ with Peter Maher,
i.iim- i:'"'ti--d Coi'.iell : i. . b>it w.i i
: .. a: by : . .- 1 '.-
i ! I, - day, tin :n - ini : . ed
. . ',
sei a .such a m ignim-mil exhibit imi by -t
:;!.Idle-w> mbt as th.-it given i>y M-:Coy :■■■
i,■ '. ■. . - f I-’i: • -i- ; i.; out >■: th<-
lui.-dm-ss a- a middleweight, th- ,:..o-.- r
h ■no !-■ ■ r Me oy g-’tv< tn <• cellen-t il-
• by J.iek j im-
■ ■ . -nt ' Jim ■ . '. :' - - ' ■
... it he v. trriod jtmi to'
a.. . :- . 1 :■ "'■ the ’Kid’ is. He has all
the j.hvs.imil adv:'titagi s and if ’'■■ t:ik< .
imod'e:'ire of him.-elf it will be a long time
b< foi'li *. i.-. dere.it.
j -- : . '. ' ' .
f 7li>’. i?. t : ii;ig.‘i. -\rk., I'-.-mnl: -r I.7.—tins
Rulfl.in amt Billy Smith, the ehamipon
y weight fl . ... ■. • Hot
Springs AHil- Club tonight, In wh.-.t
was to have been a lif . en-round go.
..... ... - an<l ifli-r one ■nd
oi.<-li'!f ro': ".ds, in which Im was i.ud’y
punished, tin? t-'-f.-r.-e. Jack l-h.-i r'l . rd'.,
stoiip-.l the light .'.nd gavo the do.-!-■:.'ii t->
Louisville’s New Jockey Club An
nounces Furses To Be Run For.
I ,".. ville, ?■:' D .- . Seeret.ary
Prlci . i fi the tew Lo it - ;
today ■" ■
continue iilit-.-en days. This is thr -.' days
PDi'tn .stakes will le run during ti:"
meeting, a great er pc:' ut.".’- tu.an .■■ y v ■
Lv -tax- olbi-r tr.'i>'!< 'it tin- country. Be.-iil'
: .’7 "7. '.i 7■' : ' : ■ Oak
folio win i, s: a at..- -i:- -i, m< 11 -. -s to
w.' :■'!. : i.-.u on Jan-i try 15th:
-fl:::-''- ;ar-
111!;- s, fixe ■■ A PW”.
1 .... .
amt and a half ! .
\ al He <fl, <<u(l.
. no uis villa 1." i ■ for ’ ' ■
01d.7 and upward. iniie. vn'm- H.i'J.
furlot.'gs. X 7.11- SI.IXO.
y . y :. ■■ tin
old fillies, scllii.g, si-i- ti furi-mgs, \ . u"
The Premier stakes for three-yeiir olds,
one mil", v i:uc $1,390.
Tim Frank ■■' !.; stakes forth
olds and upward, .. : . I'm.’
'The Juv-nlle slakes for two-vear-ohls,
selling, five furlongs, \ :’.ue sl.s' 0.
Reciprocity Arrangements Are Now
B eing Ne gotiate dv. i. l l Specd.
Washington, lie ’-n . - r 'inegotia
tion of r. -iproeity arrat gements and trea-
on at th m-mt ■ fl :
i . :i of yp- "":! 'lomrnl '.slum r I’let.lpo
tentiaiy Ivesson W'.tli as tniim. s;,
delicti to and - omplii ati d u lur. of the
subjects tr- iitC'd warrants.
Til.- initial :■ tc i :> have been taken for at -
tangements with a number of eotmtrl.-s, ;
but. none of them have as j .-1 t;< •11 < .-m- ;
pl.-tod. This, itowever, is rd. it is .-.nd .
state d< partnu-nt. in ■ ' > <1 • -■ ■ r..-
iii.'VkaP". sine" the history of Hu- reei'.ro- !
c r, a rrangi-mviits made under tin Yti-K'i.- !
Im- net oi l-MO shows that but one of ti- tn ]
wits < -mludi-d within Hie tlrst y-.-.i aiiti-r i
the ] i f :': ■ at, and tie: Olgers 1
u ml.- din ... It - ■ d y< ir
q ~. y. h :. m : . ..me eoim to a
slop for lit" t me 1.-, it'g owing to tii-- eitatig-.. ;
"1 ill" < mbw sy ' "I" and Hie lac: th-. ti -r ■
is at Vet UO ..i.ii-mmuor :o t:iL ■ !i !
work w !:< .-■ it v. ns nr- it- >1 by -’•! • i’at
...... Howi ver. ii is letirm d M. Paleno-
tr. .: : met M. • : . who xvill suecet ■ 1
Idm m tl
thm-.atgh confer.-ice is in ptegr ,-s r.-sp- -:-
fl ;. Hie r.-e i.-rocii V arrati|’.' lih-nt, so It is
imii< tpati <1 that when M. l imbi.n appears
in Wasliington lie ? '. 1 1 -.- prepat ed to go
alteail wild thi i.- -.' - >■' > ■-- .-' without delay.
W. S. Walsh Commits Sui.: ,'e.
l "iii. d'-lj i in. Dei in. 1 r fl. W: : ■ r S.
c : f the 1
,x- Co., wholesale - deal 22 North
l-’lfttma sii'.-it, emi’mitted - ai.-'-le ill's
mo-nit.g by < iitti.ig Ids throat at bls homo
in w- ■- i 1 ’h:iaiii-1’ ii :i.
Biisim.-.-- troubles is assigned os tho
cause of the suicide.
■ Rock Crashes Through Window Near
Which Ha Was Sitting.
Groping About in Meridian He Stum
bles Over a File of Bricks.
: Witnesses Marriage Ceremony on a
Train-—Meets with, a Jolly Set
of Preachers,
i Shreveport, I,a.—lt was a lowly traln
' j that fast mail from Atlanta to Mont .0:..-
i < c.irs all now an<i bright and eh-i'i,
ami we made the run ol 175 miles itt dxo
■ Lours. 'l’ne whc -ls s’ 1 im d to slid" atid g- I"
i along the rails as If tnovmg upon ’■ e, no-
■ jar or ■l;■■<U, aml all went row
’ I xvo neared Opelika, wh n suddenly them
was a terrific crash at m: wit low and th<
' large plate gh ; -y m h tten -I by ■■ on s
j that some fiend had thrown with for..uu!
■ -. A
i ,t second-and 1 would lirvo received t!m
i blow In my face. The broken glass was
: shattered over mo and in my 1 " D and a
I sharp fragment r.tuck In my finger. Kind
fate or It ivldence i roti . -"-i me, lor I h 1
; :’ > accident policy. But I consi'.i r mys
i the injured person and had a mind to :■ ■ •
i graph Governor .Johnston -to call out the
i militia, for w.i had c:os.-ml the Aiaoama
i line. When we reached th<- tovvu our co
i dm "or put det'-< lives n track of the ra. -
I . al.-', and 1 hope th-y will catch them.
1 When 1 got to Meridian it was nlgnt again
' ami in going to Hi. Ii del .1 l'.,nul tho pav-;-
, ment lorn up part ol tl v. ty and be fore 1
j was aware <f any Impedini.-iit, I stumbled
I against an abriipt rise and le 1 i r and wide
!on the uid.-i ii..,,' btiek. It . --m .1 -to m- L
■ eouldmit ?.'.''p lulling and my corpori).Uy
. spread ott- In a lior.zi.nhu atti'ti-le. I. io-’.
. ,- - ■ . ■, - . ■■-"■’■ but
carted mat r n oul ot his - ot ■ and hi p-
I ed me up imi xvc found them. You aro Hie
i third man that has '.ripped up th- re to
i ’Lt and tlie elty < ot---. .1 ought '•■ have a
lamp and a wa.tcltman here. I . I.: .m< • 1 my
| kneepan ami got mj b.-.- t clothes all dl’ fl.,
, ' arid otice tore 1 i--r myself the in
i : ji.: 1 -f ! ' 'mil no ’-< ■ U
i policy. Today, xvb--n our tra.n st f .'pp< <1
, | at Ve-ksburg, ,i le-'. of pi" ieln rs got a.l.'Car-l
; I on tlicir w >. to Hie ~ym..d ..ml some of th s
; tr.ee I; .: .s <>f the town > ime flown to meet
. . . . .. . i . ■ ■ i' It took
; a I ! - - -a
; I I ... tr -.:. n -.-'.- iI off Hid gr.u.l tally g-1
. speed t-f i cion ■ ■ .•'! the nice ladies ran
■ hit.st.dy .. the T and down.tflia steps and
■ i made a. le for the platform. I. never .- aw
: i .-u. Ii -I spr. .d If fem idno forms am) gar
, i m-ri' -’ :n my II:". 'l’lu-y bc-‘:i fell viol- a’, y
foi wa rd face dotzn : - with all : ■ ur of
thc-lr 1- . a! i i.:.. " la. : : fl
; ! must have I. Oki-ti every Hay in th.dt or
, I - .:. le grieved me, for I know th< y aro
■ - flits', lilt I::" Haiti n’v r r topp. ■<! to .- e,
| fort: ■ <■ -ndiictor supposed 11.0.-e ladies
' i i- .- .<1 ■ r.s and not vi-sllora am! hud
tO " olt - " ' ' " H "t"t '•
- But I -m olffim-d ' > cons! 1-r those lmli-.s
the injured p--.’ ---ms. It won’t do for ladies
- ' : ■ , p from ti m lag train,
w-'cr-ssed the grea: Mi sissippl riv
er -.ml bad t .-'.limed our Journey the train
< i< ■'. ■I - ■ u ■ c fl '' " '
, . ■ " ■ .. m -. ■ ■' ■ the
I first <-our. 11 .u. .* t■ >xv n. T:. yb .d ilodg. d 11'- ’
’ old people by cru-slng the river In a skiff
i ■■::<! so a i- :i th.- train re " It -1 ’flu’’ town the
\oung man hurried to ln<- I'lork and got a
i licr-ns.) while >-i.tr Hain waited for h m.
I didn’t know where to find t>. preacher,
! but tit- ro wero forty or titty aboard our
! train ami klml friends .nt; rested that they
' married In the parlor car tbat was a.t
--! t:i"h-.d. So they miosis our .llinrnp Hill-
. . - -' •
i tho train was going tli-rty nines an mm.
; tin h-q.py couple were .ioim.-d to.tc-h r in
b ■ . 'i . txvo
I .Jjmm s’ L- .■ -> th" fair young hrl-le ami
! i wt ri ’. til* < jslij ’u; tl ti'i’lsi tho t oil-
I ? i,. 1., . :-.!. ■' / ,7 dr. :uni<'d ■<- th- Ir
; \ oi; -J' 1-. -B i,s of ><l t !■: i ■ .»] gv>o<l
! i'mnilv, and the girl is iis sweet ns :i pfl'k.
: \i on roe xvl.ero tlie synod rm -■ ; ’J - ■ '- ■
I the church , a.rts is ti, ir g. a'.e.-'t ri.<"'ea-
i But lam flirt.d tonight, so • T have travel
ed Di miles to<l.. y and mud stop for the
I pre. .mt. bill Alli’.
A SI,OOO Cut Story.
There Is ti 1 n with fom In it.
! 'i'ii’t-c ’-j -j in •■.'i’ ll (••.jrii-’7, '1 is
I ■ ’ : -7' 'r 7 7' .. *77 . '
I v.-v: 779 to t.l- • 1.--1
I or.ti \'.)'\ r .1! sv.- rs I ’ •. ".I. 1
■ c1- oi<'<• < 1 '• • i:i- . i' >■ ' 1 ■ sily • i "I>Li c- I t ''
; \ . ,: t ,7' l -T- ■’ , V.'.'l
I r.’-x: (w< '-ly-liv ■ • *>U' u t . nsr-w. .-irH s ■
I 'V**. 3 'J's*' 5 *' 1 * 1
j ■ 11 repl ■ " to •' /■ moliin.' Soap Company, th.
Relief Ready for Klondike.
' Portland. < Ta, D-eember 15.—The K’-m
--j h1 es committee of the i'oiv ’ d
’ r of has secured 1.1 *.■
! for more than one hundred tons of pro-
. Tin ■ : • 1
i many of whom, hat spi nt sevi ral y
I si’ Alaska.
The emnmlttie has off.-red to tho war
| depat tiT.ent Le : "rv-.c-.... of a sufficient ■
her of -men to transport tii-? supplies into
| Klondike.
Secretary of Treasury Will Fay Oui
Over $29,000,000.
Washington, Di . ernber i;l.~ -l-s-rel.'’.: ■
I tinge Im.-- Issued -. public notice to th
■ feet that on Friday, D. combi r 24. 1597, ' .-■
: treasury th-" irtmi-ut would bo prepared to
- I. gin Hie mifl-'lai v ithout r.'h te < : '
! terost of th" bonds of tho Pacific r iflr afl
I - •mim'ifly I.m.'wn "■■ currency G’s t '
■ tilting January 1. 18!1S, and th'i’ «? . <1; v.' 1
. bo ni.-’ili d on D- - ember 21th in payment
: of principal ttnd inter, at lo maturity e.f . !
i Imn.ls presented L fore tliat date
I The aggregate of the bonds maturing on
i January Ist is $29,993,952.
| The >-i't cash balance in tlie treasury v.l
i be .'..ero.'i.' <1 by this amount as paid, "a
- Jiit't'..iry Ist ii xt, however, th- <- i. !i ■- ".
lie i’-cr ■".-■. I bj ab u t fl''..'-.''
the r. ">r:..:i tiiz.'it ion eninmit L of i" l
Pacific :n.'<! during Hie Zr.si xx cl--, in .1. '-
uary sß.Hiti .additional, m.il : the <.-t
i ' . to i:i ■ e.-..-'"i I ' - it $!,- -
WANTED -V-. -I'm for the - • • ■ II
most <_' •rt .1. n it-g '•< <)!-: <>t ihu > ■ ”
life liistof famous sm :nl :
1.4(H portraits, nui’.y full-p.iplu’.
very low prieo. » < nly illuvia. <l.

Extra profits no.v, Atblrcss Woman’*
Homo Companion, Spring-Held, O.

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