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First Christian Congregation
Elects Whole New Board.
Sunday in Other Parishes.
The First Christian church has
adopted a new plan of organization.
With the election of 30 otlicers, ,-;x
elders and 24 deacons, bv the entiu
congregation yesterday. the church has
substituted a complete form of popular
government for the former method of
delegating the poweis of the ehurc h t
a self-perpetuating board The new
officers elected were:
Elders for three-year terms. John
Cooper and F. M. Robinson: eiders foe
two-year terms, A. G. Moser and .1 P
Downing; elders for one-vear terrm.
C. V. LeCraw and L W Hudson Here
after elections will be held oner a x ra
in December, for one-third of the offl
cers, and each term will then be for
three years.
Deacons were elected ns follows: Foi
three-year terms, Harry A. Jones. XX
C. Stanley, B. 8. Mct'ash, W. F. Mat
thews. H. M. Patterson. P B Erd, A
» M Beatty and Leroy E. Rogers; fm
' two-year terms, George A Clayton.
Foster Williams. SY. S Watson, Frank
M. Stewart, R. A. Burnett. A M. Bald
ing. E. B. Martindale and C G. Han-
' nah; for one year, T. B. George, F 1..
Eyles, W. Scott Bell. J. N Bell. J B.
Bowen, A. N. Jenkins. 11. C. Hall , and
T. M, Summers.
Methusaleh Surpassed.
Dr. Hugh K. Walker, of the First
Presbyterian church, said Sunday In
the course of his sermon that there ar<
men of today who lived ns long as .Me
"Man today can do more In hie al
lotted three score and ten years than
the ’oldest man' did In ten centuries."
"The Devil's Detective” was the sub
ject of the aartnon preached by Dr W
W. Orr at the North Avenue Presbyte
rian church to a congregation of young
men. Ho took for hfs therm "Be sun
• your sin will find you out."
Members of the Highland Park lia; -
tist church took occasion yesterday to
welcome Rev. N. B. O’Kelley, the
church's new pastor. Th s -rvlee was
presided over by R‘v. B. I’, Robertson
and the most prominent divine- of the
Baptist denomination .n Atlanta were
Motion pictures were introduced as :< •
prelude to the services at the Wesley
Memorial church on Sunday. A Him
representing the sacrifice of Isaac . last
ing about fifteen minutes. was shown
before the sermon. Dr. W. R. Hendrix,
pastor of the church, declared that th.
pictures were increasing the church :P
Labor and Capital Problem.
Dr Dunbar Ogden, of the Centra;
Presbyterian church, spoke on the
problem of capital and labor, the first
of a series of sermons on “The Social
Messages of the Bible " He held to th
front the golden rule and the Injunction,
"Love thy neighbor as thyself," as th.
"This poor, sinning world will never
be saved so long as it wears the devil's
yoke,” said Dr, A R. Holderby, of the
Moore Memorial church, Sunday morn
ing in the course of his sermon on
"Ths Toke of Christ or the Yoke of the
Devil T*
Dr. Hugblett. of St Mark Methodist
church, spoke on the text. “The mem
ory of ths just is blessed, but the name
of the wicked it not.”
The Rev. H. ji. Proctor, of the First
Congregational church, colored, said
that the seven conditions productive of
crime among the negroes in Atlanta
were: The importation of liquor, the
use of firearms, the existence of the
slums, insanitary negro quarters, in
sufficient school facilities, loose family
relations and the neglect of the church.
Thomasville's new Young Men's Chris
tian association building has been com
pleted and was formally dedicated yes-
1 terdav afternoon. The speech of dedi
cation was made by W. Woods White,
of Atlanta J. V. Read, state secretary ,
was also present. On Friday the build
ing was formally opened with a large
j Effective Home Remedy
For Lung Trouble
< It is a serious matter when the lungs {
f are affected A trip away or io i< saua
', torlum is not only expensive, but It In- ;
J volves separation from home and
> friends. Some are benefited but few \
(can safely return Eckman's Mtera- '
tlve Is effective lor home treatment f
For example:
231 S. ktlantic Xve., Haddonfield V I
"Gentlemen In the ta i ..f M I CUI ,J J
tracted a very severe cold, which s e t- <
tied on my lungs At last i began to S
raise sputum, and my ilr.sl.tai) then?
> told me 1 must go to California fin-<
’ mediately At this time I was ad <
I vised to take Eckman's Alterative [1
stayed at home and comment ed taking <
it the last week in October 1 began <
to Improve, and the first week In Jan- '
U»ry, 11*06. 1 resumed my regular occu- ?
pation, having gained 25 pounds, fully (
restored to health. It is now fix. year's j
since my recovery has effected ?
and I can not praise E<Aman's Altera- !
tive too highly I have recomnienacd it (
with excellent results.”
(Signed) W. M TATUM |
( Eckman's Mteiative is effective hi I
I bronchitis, asthma, hat fever throat > 1
1" and lung troubles, and in upbuilding!
the system. Does not contain poisons '
opiates or habit - forming drugs fori
sale by all of Jacobs' drug stores and
other leading druggists Ask f, r book- ,
let telling of recoveries, and write to <
Eckman Laboratory. Philadelphia Pa
for additional evidence.
Fifth Regiment Ml
s tary Tournament Tick
ets on sale at Daniel
a Bros.
i College Professor Whose Hand
Was Mangled Two Years
Ago Delights Audience.
• Those i usic lovers of Atlanta who
attended yesterday's concert at the At
lanta theat.-r are discussing In amaze
ment the triumph of a man. who. with
his left hand badly mutilated and the
forefinger missing, lias, tn two years,
proved that where there Is- sufficient
' ambition, art can triumph ovei physi
cal imperfection.
The nan was Professor Alexander
V. nSkibinsky. a Russian violinist, who
two years ago was professor of muaic
In Shorter college, Rome, Ga. It was
while • ngtg.-d In this work that the
young violinist endeavored to celebrate
bls first American Christmas by shoot
ng a firecracker. The cracker explod
ed in his hand, blowing away the fore
finger and mangling the hand badly. At
tile time It xvas said he never would
play again.
Resigning his position, Professor Ski
binsky began a hard study to overcome
his deformity. At the very start he
found it necessary to change his mode
of playing, and now, barely two years
aftei the accident, ho finds himself
again professor in the college and wa
able to render a public concert which
thrilled hls audience from start to fin
ish and proved a triumph of art.
Accompanied by the Atlanta Phil
harmonic orchestra, the young Russian
threw into his work the emotion of the
soul and the rare skill of the fingers he
has acquired since the accident. His
greatest triumph was in the rendition
of Saint Saens' "Dance of the Skele
tons." Several other numbers also
wore rendered remarkably.
I* -trifled “tone, shaped like the head of
a horse and which has imbedded in Its
surface ten perfectly petrified hickory
nuts, is now on exhibition here and has
attracted the attention of archaeolo
gists. It was Used as i boat anchor
luring th>- summer season, and finally
camo into the possession of George
Mull. :.
QT’INCY, ILL., Jan. 13.—Dave Oster*
mullvr confessed to burning his father’s
barn and lumber yard, which entailed
a loss of over $15,000. Oetermuller also
made an unmucwful attempt to burn a
school house. Bloodhounds trailed the
hoy to his bpd He was hold to the grand
jury under bond of $3,000. He is 17.
X movement to raise money to buy a
wadding gift for Miss Helen Gould was
started by the soldiers at Fort Leav
(Commencing this evening. Margaret ll
lington In Charles Kenyon’s new Ameri
can play, “Kindling. ’ will be the offer
ing at the Atlanta fur two nights and a
Tuesday matinee.
The story of the play treats of a con
dition that is of vital interest to every one
who has children’s welfare in mind. Mag
gie Schultze, wife of a steve<lore. living
in a squalid tenement in New York’s
thickly populated tenement district of,the
lower East Side, is about to become a
mother. She fears to tell her husband of
her condition, as he says “to bring up a
child In the miserable surroundings in
which they live is worse than murder and
that he would kill the child that came to
him under these conditions.'* Maggie
hears about the healthy open-air country
of the, West, and decided that they must
go there In order to raise the money to
pay the expenses of the trip she aids a
crook, who Is living in the same tenement,
in a “job” and he agrees to divide the
spoils with her From this compelling
situation the interest centers around and
works out intense gripping. • throb thrill
ing. interesting circumstances that make
the play a masterpiece of dramatic writ
Arthur Wooley, who was a member of
the original company which played “The
Merry Widow*' at the New Amsterdam
theater. New York, during the year's run
there, will again be Nish In the new and
lavish production of the great operetta
which Fhmry W Savage will offer at the
Atlanta theater Monday. January 20. 1913
Seats go on sale Thursday
There happened to he a billposters’
strike in Boston recently and in eonee
quenca the lithographs advertising several
theatrical attractions in that cltj were
not on the billboard® in sufficient num
bers to please the various managements.
Some < f the shows submitted to the neg
lect, but not so with “Three Twins”
Thia ■ ompany numbers several suffra
geties in its cast. When they heard of
the iidvertising predicament In which their
attraction was plunged, sleeves were
rolled up. and, with paste brush and paste
imckt t, the feminine members of the
ee Twins" company started out to do
their own posting
“Three Twins’* plays the Lyric all this
week, opening tonight.
\s the headliner of the Bijou aggre
gation. tl.o Harrison trio, in comedy sing
ing. talking and dancing, will prove a
drawing card Next In popularity will be
, th» Sandor brothers, equilibrists, who will
d<» some unusual feats of balancing The
Murph} Mushal duo will furnish a comedy
musi al act, and Blanche Colvin, singing
< ••rnr<Henr.». will complete the bill. There
! will .d* H . usual motion pit tures
Vlati!e«< at» givri every afternoon at
* "-bcL. exceo’. or. .s u tur«ia>. when two
■ -•<••• SO god ♦ Nlfht
-i;< w•* a' 7 3u and *'
Up and Damn Peachtree
' Proper' ’ Turkey Trot
Too Tame for Him.
The propriety of* the "turkey trot"
' still i<> questioned by social Vaders.
though it’s the vogue at all the dan* » s
at the Capital t’lty an<l Piedmont I*rlv
ing Hubs.
"Tlie Athletic club's published state
ment that the dance was barred from
that club, at the requests nf mothers
and sisters, is »not far from wrong,"
said one of the leading members of the
4 ’otilllon dub.
‘’The dan- “ is very, very proper when
danced as the i< form- s urge; no one
can question that."
And then a bit mournfully:
“But it’s so d —d uninteresting then.”
Shadow Picture
Makes Eight Hearts Ache.
There are four young men and four
fair maids who are not on Hpeaklng
terms today as the result of one inno
cent little shadow picture. The four
young men ail vow they have done
nothing to earn trapped glances from
their "ladies fair," and It's a sure thing
at least three of them haven't, but—
Here's what it's all about.
The shadow picture appeared in The
Georgian. It showed a man and a
maid kissing. The enraptured sil
houette on the window curtain had
been photographed by some fiend in
human form and a cruel editor had
A spectacular feature of the Fifth Geor
gia military tournament will be the ex
hibition of uniforms of all nations, worn
by squads of men from the local militia.
Some of the uniforms are gorgeously
colored, and the effect will be most Im
pressive. France, England, Germany.
Spain, Russia, the Confederate States of
America and the United States will be
successively represented. Flags will be
unfurled, and the national air of each
country will be played as the men march
through the arena.
The music will be furnished by the Sev
enteenth United States Infantry hand
from Fort McPherson and the Fifth Regi
ment band. The ticket sale is progress
ing splendidly at Daniel Bros.
The boxes will be occupied by people
prominent in social and military circles.
Governor Brown and his staff, the Depart
meat of the Gulf, Fort McPherson, Fort
Oglethorpe all will be represented
AUGUSTA, GA., Jan. 13.—A $30,000 gift
from a Savannah woman to St. Josephs
academy for the purpose of erecting an
elegant memorial chapel will prove a great
acquisition to that Institution.
A brick building to cost $50,000 Is to
be erected on the highest point of Monte
Sano and the foundations will be laifi so
us to permit of an addition to the build
ing that will double its size. This will
be the main college building
The school for novices of the Sisters of
St. Joseph will also be moved here and
the headquarters of the entire order for
this section of the South will be brought
to Augusta
’’HICAGO, Jan. 13.-Mrs. Clara Smith
Houston, well known calendar and stage
model and owner of a “perfect foot,”
wants a divorce from Nat C. Houston,
wealthy banker, rancher and broker of
Omaha and Denver, and nephew of the
famous Sam Houston, president of the
Republic of Texas*.
Mrs. Houston declared her husband be
came angry when she displayed her foot
In public. His answer, she said, to a
demand that she be allowed to engage in
business was that she must put up a
"for women only” sign.
CHICAGO, Jan. 13.—William Preston.
No. 1 of Captain Carland’s life saving
crew, was scanning the lake for vic
tims of accidents or wrecks of ships.
A dark object appeared on an Ice floe
about two miles out.
"Man out in the lake." he shouted.
"Get out the lifeboat." The crew bat
tled with the floating ice, narrowly es
caping being jammed and sunk several
times, and then reached the object. It
was a brown eollie dog, almost frozen
to death.
LONDON, Jan. 13. —A I severe bliz
zard is raging over the greater part of
Englund, causing damage to property,
destruction of live stock and suffering
among the poor. In some quarters,
notably in this city, the stormy weather
was accompanied by heavy log, which
caused congestion to railroad traffic.
Tin storms extended off the coast,
■ doing conslcerable damage to shipping.
| XX hen you want a reliable medi- '
Icine for a cough or cold take ' 'ham
beriain's Cough Remedy. It can
always be depended upon and is J
pleasant and safe to take. For ;
sale by all dealers.
I This week The Bonita, 32 Peach- S
tree street, will present a brand new !
musical comedy company in a se- ;
ties of high-class shows that are <
said to be the real big noises on the )
popular-priced circuit The compa- ■
1 ny referred to is the "Bert Hum- /
< pht'ies Musical Corned) Company,” J
> c arrying a large east, and a bevy of >
< swell chorus girls.
On Monday, Tuesday and Wed- '
! nesday "Dcm't Lie to Your Wife” [
j will la- the attraction, and the bal- I
(am. <»f th- week "A Day at tin J
‘ Jta< es" Will be off' red B. HUtffUi !
> !i*. A IhOtiolJ VHI }*• li
; after each ;wrfotman< < .•:<» usual
done the rest without mentioning
Now. profiles are deceptive, and never
more so than in this case. A benevo
lent won.an who lives in Cartersville
clipped the pl, ture and sent it to a gay
young nephew in Atlanta, with the in
jum U<>n to be more careful in his oscu
latory exercises. ,
Each of four young women who live
tn a- many different parts of the city
were certain "her John” was one of the
figures in the picture, and equally cer
tain she was not the other. There was
Pleas and arguments were in vain.
They still don't speak as they pass by.
It's a sad world.
Wine Before and
After this Spread.
A prominent politician prepared to do
honors to a number of his colleagues at
a dlnn r party at the Capital City club.
The menu of the dinner provided for
the whole gamut of drinks, but qs a
new administration is just beginning,
he took no chances on a lack of good
"Let's have an appetizer,” he sug
gested in the room of the famous lock
ers, before escorting his guests up to
the (lining room for the banquet.
"What’ll you have?”
"Oh, I'll have a champagne." said one,
“Same here," said a second.
Thus the party began with a 34 quart
of "extra dry,” for the host was game.
As the result of the work of Governor
Brown, ex-Mayor Winn, the Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce and the local news
papers. the Lyceum Bureau Managers as
sociation of America has accepted the in
vitation to hold its 1913 meeting here and
many men of prominence will be seen in
Atlanta when they gather.
The news of the acceptance of the as
sociation was brought to Atlanta by S.
Russell Bridges on hls return from Chi
cago, where he met the association com
In addition to the various managers of
the association throughout the United
States who will attend the convention
here, there will be gathered a number of
prominent statesmen, opera singers, art
ists and theatrical managers.
The convention will be held in Septem
ber apd will be the first of its kind ever
held in the South. In addition to seeing
these people in the city. Atlantans will
have an opportunity of hearing them as
several concerts will be arranged.
BERLIN, Jan. 13.—Emperor William
acted as a fire chief during a blaze in
the Potsdam palace today, when he
took charge of the situation and di
rected the operations of the firemen.
Under the directions of the emperor,
the tire was soon under control. Then
the kaiser ordered up wines, from the
imperia] cellar. These he distributed
among the firemen.
MASSILLON, 1 OHIO, Jan. 13—John
Martin, a farmer, is dying today as a
result of a peck on the hand by an angry
hen. which objected to Martin taking her
eggs. The hen drew blood and blood poi
soning developed.
t’l FTSBURG. Jan. 13.—Harry Pinkerton,
a horseman of note, was kicked on the
wrist by a rooster Christmas day and hls
condition Is serious as a result of blood
poisoning which developed.
In a few moments your hair looks soft, fluffy, lustrous
and abundant—No falling hair or dandruff.
I Surely try a "Danderine Hair
Cleanse" if you wish to immediately
double the beauty of your hair. Just
moisten a cloth with Danderine and
draxx it carefully through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time:
tills will cleanse the hair of dust, dirt
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ments you will be amazed. Your hair
will be wavy, fluffy and abundant and
possetsali incomparable softness, ius
, ter and luxuriance, the beauty and
I shimmer of true hair health.
) Besides beautifying the hair, one
! application of Danderine dissolves
S every particle of Dandruff; cleanses
lulSi' Y v
|>» m<uM «? h. ltr(. nsmtor o- Fall get teeth SX.OO
>»•(• bMn to wilt Uoid cruwn g
;r n 4.., o ow <..,«* Br “ ,se * ork *a.<»
cue e.n SI >♦(• WHALCB >VE> •»»•>> Gold fillings s(x . B _
'j tr uo etrvngw I g-i'.st piM* Be»t eliver fillings .
icowg gaanßUed »> ytgrg Palnleas extra tion c.Ngar method!.. .Free
Our reputation is established We a-e here to stay. Railroad fare
allowed for 15 miles Impresstons taken In the morning—teeth same day
All operators experts Open dally Sto I, Sunday 10 to 1 Examination free
Lady attendant Appointment e. nbe mads by phons—M 5»2»-J
5!"2!. 38'6 Pasohtrae Straat VxJ 1 —•
Entrance Between Elite Theater and Arcade keataurant.
New Trust Company to Have
Branches at Big Factories
and Industrial Plants.
The Citizens Savings Bank and Trust
Company will be launched formally this
afternoon with strong financial back
ing and prospects of striking success.
The organization meeting will be held
at 3 o’clock in the Chamber of Com
merce rooms in the Empire building.
A charter to do a general banking
and trust business already has been
granted to the company, which will
start with a capital stock and surplus
An interesting feature of the new en
terprise will be the establishment of
branches at a number of the largest
factories and industrial plants in the
city, besides two or three independent
depositories to be started at the outset.
From the encouragement already re
ceived, it is believed that tills conve
nient plan will make the new institu
tion widely popular. The bank will
make mortgage loans on improved At
lanta property, and will provide a safe
and profitable place for the earnings of
all persons.
Among the prominent business men
who are interested in the bank are the
following: Dr. Joseph Jacobs, George
W. Parrott, F. E. Mackie, W. H. Schroe
der, J. G. Clark, John L. Calhoun,
George J. Yundt, Keats Speed, Claude
Douthit, W. J. Franklin. J. H. Lewis,
Edwin Camp, Dr. M. T. Benson, Hugh
M. Willet, J. R. Smith. H. C. Bagley,
B. Mifflin Hood, P. E. Wilkes, Dr. C. F.
Benson, W. D. Manley and W. E. Haw
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13. —Trapped
in a water tank of the Pacific Mail
steamer China, into which they had
crawled to confiscate $3,000 worth of
smuggled opium, two United States
customs men were nearly drowned
when the pump suddenly started. The
men were dragged out in the nick of
time, exhausted, but hugging 230 tins
of contraband drug. Investigation is
being conducted by the customs de
partment to determine how the water
happened to be turned into the tank.
The men were Ephraim E. Enlow, cus
toms inspector, and John W. Smith,
special agent of the treasury.
CHICAGO, Jan 13.—Once- every year
Chicago will have a shoe day, when poor
children will be given shoes free. A
fund of $5,000 for such a day was left
by Mrs. Sarah Eddy, whose will has been
Mrs. Eddy aJso gave SI,OOO for the
Newsboys and Bootblacks home, in Chi
The shoes will be given to inmates of
St. Marys Episcopalian Home for Chil
dren and the Home for Destitute Cr<p
pled Children.
CULLODEN, GA., Jan. 13—C. W.
Battle: W. A. Chatfield, I. H. Castlen,
V. S. Fuller, T. M. Haygood, J. J. Hay
good and H. D. Fincher have filed a pe
tition for charter in the superior court
of Monroe county for the Culloden
Warehouse Company, with a capital
stock of $2,500.
purifies and invigorates the scalp,
forever stopping itching and falling
Danderine is to the hair what fresh
showe:» of rain and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes right to the roots,
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' lustrous hair,*and lots of it, if you
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Store or toilet counter and try it as
. directed.
PERRY. GA.. Jan. 13.—J. P. West
brook, of Carrollton, Ga.. has bought the
Tivola fruit farm and Union Fruit Com
pany's property, about six miles east of
town, and has located a large number of
white families from north Georgia on this
< Removes the scum from the tongue, sweetens a sour,
gassy, bilious stomach; cleanses your liver and
30 feet of bowels without gripe or nausea.
If headachy, bilious, dizzy, tongue
coated, stomach sour and full of gas,
you belch undigested food and feel
sick and miserable, it means that
your liver is choked with sour bile
and your thirty feet of bowels are
clogged with effete waste matter not
properly carried off. Constipation Is
worse than most folks believe. It
means that this waste matter in the
thirty feet oif bowels decays into poi
sons, gases and acids and that these
poisons are then sucked into the
blood through the very ducts which
should suck only nourishment to sus
tain the body.
Most people dread physic. They
think of castor oil, salts and cathar
tic pills. They shrink from the after
effects —so they postpone the dose
until they get sick; then they do this
liver and bowel cleansing in a heroic
■ P-R-I-N-T-O-R-I-A-L-S ■
NO. 6
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Our plant for completeness and modern appointment
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Perfected 1 f ‘ e d " C o' p e per
■ 46-41*50 W.-ALA.-ATLANTA-Phones-M.-1560-2608-2614 |
\V arm
Sanitary T\
Underwear //\% / )
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Good Health UNIONS
Our Underwear Department is stocked with
the Best Makes of American or Foreign Products.
Every size may he had, from a Youths size
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We huy only such makes as afford the
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Mentor Unions—mixed $1.50 to $2.50
Mentor Unions—wool $3 00 to $4.00
American Hosiery drop seat Unions $3.00 to $4.00
Wright s Health Underwear, wool fleece lined, garment SI,OO
Australian Lamb’s Wool, garment SI.OO
Heavy weight gray, wool mixture, per garment 75
Light weight wool, per garment SI.OO
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garment SI.OO and $1.50
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Heavy weight Merino, white and fawn (American Hosiery
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52 waist ".’.’ $1.50
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11 l3—lo—l7 W hitehall Street
ATHENS, GA., Jan. 13.—Half a hun
dred of the farm demonstrators”
Georgia were in Athens last week Vr
iting the State Normal school, stat#
College of Agriculture and State uni.
way—they have a bowel wajshdav
That is all wrong. If you will take a I
teaspoonful of delicious Syrup of Figs !
tonight, you will never realize you ■
have taken anything until morning
when all the poisonous matter, sour !
bile and clogged-up waste will be
moved on and out of your system :
thoroughly but gently—no griping— !
no nausea—no weakness. Taking 5
Syrup of Figs is a real pleasure ;
Don’t think you are drugging your
self; it is composed entirely of lus- i
clous figs, senna and aromatics, and I
constant use can not cause injury '
Ask your druggist for “Syrup of )
Figs and Elixir of Senna,” and look
for the name, California Fig Syrup
Company, on the label. This is the
genuine—old reliable. Any other Fig
Syrup offered as good should be re
fused with contempt. Don't be im
posed upon.

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