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The copper era. (Clifton, Graham County, Ariz.) 1899-1911, May 17, 1900, Image 1

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Secretary Charles II Akerfi
Issued Thursdays.
Vol. 2, No. 5
Let the People Rule.
Do some people really think it is
necessary for the editor of a Demo
cratic newspaper to control the se
lection of all the nominees for all of
the offices and all of the committees
in addition to having whatever office
or emolument he may desire for him
self ? There are Democratic news
papers in Missouri whose editors do
not ask for office, who do not ask for
pay for personal work for the party,
who do not try to control the selec
tion of candidates, but in and out of
season, in an unselfish, modest manner,
work for the good of the party, al
ways supporting' the nominees with
their work, time and money. They
work everlasting with an eye single
to the good of the party, and not for
advancement of the interests of
the tditor or owner of the paper.
By their persistent, conservative and
intelligent work for the party, with
out any abiue or vituperation, they
make friends and voters for the tick
et. Without this class of Democratic
newspapers, m Missouri the party
would be at the mercy of office-seekers,
paid "pluggers" and men who are
after spoils and" not principle and
party welfare. We are glad to be
able to state that nearly every Demo-
i T" 2-. f. ti i7 unrj nor ir KfíiaiiT-í íartf tViia
class and are satisfied to let the Re
publicans do the bossing and fixing.
We want none of it in the Democrat
ic party. The Democratic press will
continue to support the will of the
people and will not try to be dictators.
Let the people rule. Mexico Ledger.
The above article applies to the
condition that now exists in Graham
county so neatly that it is with pleas
ure we reproduce it for the benefit
of all concerned. No further com
ment is necessary. The old-timers all
know. Ask any of them.
Adjournment of Court .
U. S. Court at Florence has ad
journed and those who attended from
Clifton have about all returned.
Adam Smith was foreman of the
grand jury and D. A. Peters was a
member of that body. Walker Payne,
Dad Arbuckle, J. H. McLean, Geo.
Gamble and Mit Simms served on the
trial jury. Very few indictments
were found, which is suggestive of a
lawabiding citizenship.
Gonzalo Gonzalez, indicted for rob
bing the post office at Morenci, plead
The cases against I. E. Solomon and
Moses A. ClufT, charged with cutting
timber on government land, were con
tinued for the term.
The Dead Maligned.
To show our readers what kind of a
man the editor of the Lordsburg Lib
eral is, we publish the following ex
tract from that paper which appeared
the next day after the accident:
"It is not known here, positively, that
Schlottman ran by the danger flag,
but men acquainted with his record
think he did, as he was known to have
been a very careless man. The Lib
eral is informed that he lost positions
on the Santa Fe, and The Sunset, for
similar carelessness, and on the Mex
ican Central for being twenty-five
minutes on a passenger train's time,
colliding with the passenger train, and
causing the death of the mail clerk,
and that he was lucky to escape from
It is well known in Clifton that
the above statements are utterly
false but even if there was any truth
in them, it comes in very poor grace
from anyone accredited with possess
ing the least spark of humanity to
malign the dead as they lie in the
Communication From Metcalf.
Metcalf, Ariz., May 14, 1900.
The murder of Severio Vozza, an
Italian, here on the night of May 5,
was a cowardly assassination. Vozza
had been playing cards in the saloon
that night and is supposed to have
shown some money for which no doubt
the murder was committed. He was
going home about midnight, and, when
near the house, two men came upon
him in the dark striking him with a
rock, then stabbing him with a dirk
knife. He succeeded in fighting them
off and reaching his house, giving the
Shortly afterwards, two Mexicans,
Lorenzo Guiterez and Jesus Mora,
were arrested within about 100 yards
of Vozza '8 house one of them having
blood on his clothing, for which he
gave a very unsatisfactory account.
It seems that these Mexicans had been
seen on the 5th and had been closely
watched by the officers, but they suc
ceeded, however, in robbing one man
of his watch and another of $4.
They came from Morenci, no doubt,
to rob and steal, taking advantage of
the celebration. They are not known
here and are supposed to belong to the
gang that murdered the Chinamen in
Guiterez has been held to await the
action of the grand jury. Mora was
committed to Clifton for safe keeping
but while working on the road escaped.
Severio Vozza, who died on May 7,
was about 45 years old and had lived
in Metcalf some three years. He bore
a good reputation. X.
D. W. W1CKERSHAM, Pres. A. G. SMITH, Cashier.
I. E. SOLOMON, Vice-Pres. C. F. SOLOMON, Asst. Cashier,
The Gila Valley Bank,
Solomonville, Arizona.
D. W. Wickersham, A. G. Smith, I. K. Solomon, C. F.
Solomon, B. B. Adams, Geo. A. Olney, Adolph Solomon.
Capital Stock, Paid up, - -
This Bank solicits accounts, offering to depositors liberal treatment
and every facility consistent with sound banking.
t fl-PaBs9 ppaaa.9 a P a, a a a a a a a a aa a a. & ajLa.aajLBJLB.JLajLajLajLajLBjL8JLa.fc
C M. SHANNON, Vice-President.
CAPITAL, S25,000.-
Hanover National Bank, New York; State National Bank, El Paso;
Consolidated National Bank, Tucson; Anglo-Califor-nian
Bank, Ltd., San Francisco.
A Narrow Escape.
E. A. Hopkins, son of Contractor
Hopkins, of the Morenci Southern,
narrowly escaped a premature grave
last Thursday evening about 4 o'clock.
He drilled a short hole and dropped a
stick of giant powder down in it. Be
fore he commenced to tamp it he
struck a match for some purpose and
it dropped into the hole and ignited
the powder which blazed up. He
grabbed a gunny sack and shoved it
down thinking he would extinguish it.
He did, but not until it had exploded,
Beverly injuring him. Dr. Burtch
was telephoned for and went down
and dressed his wounds. "His face and
hands were blown full of gravel, and
it was thought for awhile that he had
lost his eye sight, but he can now see
and is able to walk around. He con
siders himself very fortunate to
be alive.
The prospects now are that within
a short time the building of a new
county court house will begin in Saf
ford. This is where the county seat
should be and where it will finally
come. Guardian.
Solomonville Bulletin.
Farmers are now in the hay field
and the first crop of alfalfa is being
Surveyor R. L. Young, of Clifton,
was in Solomonville again this week
making some further surveys for the
Montezuma Flour Milling Co.
John H. Norton, well-known in Gra
ham county, has been elected first
vice-president of the Johnathan Club
in Los Angeles, where he now lives.
Joe Terrel, of the Double Circle
ranch, on Eagle Creek, arrived yester
day with a herd of twelve hundred
cattle which are being shipped.
Treasurer B. B. Adams is building
two additional rooms to his residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams will soon have
one of the most comfortable homes
in Solomonville.
A match game of ball is being talked
of between Morenci and Solomonville.
If satisfactory arrangements can be
made the game will be played May 30,
decoration day. If the Solomonville
club goes to the upper country for a
match game they will expect a return
game here on July 4th.

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