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The copper era. (Clifton, Graham County, Ariz.) 1899-1911, July 26, 1900, Image 1

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Issued Thursdays.
Vol. 2, No. 16
Where Pythian Order Was Born.
The Knights of Pythias of
Calumet, Mich., are figuring' on
the purchase and removal to
Calumet of a building which
probably has a greater interest
to Pythians as such than any
other structure in existence",
says the Chicago Record. This
is nothing more less than the
old school house in which Justin
H. Rathbone, the founder of the
order, wrote the ritual of what
was destined to become one of
the most popular secret orders
in the United States.
The school house still stands
in a little village of Eagle Har
bor, some 15 miles north of Cal
umet and nearly at the tip of
the Keweenaw peninsula. In
the early days when the activ
ity of its copper mines in the
immediate vicinity made Eagle
Harbor something more than
the hamlet it is now, the father
of the Pythians was a school
teacher and while not engaged
in an attempt to inject wisdom
into the minds of the pupils con
ceived the idea of a society the
friendship of whose members
should be like unto the friend
ship which existed between Da
mon and Pythias--. He carried
out his conception and in his
leisure wrote the ritual of the
order. Having no better place
to perform the work he did it at
his desk in the little school
Today there is another school
house where the children of
Eagle Harbor pursue their
studies and the one made famous
by its association with Rath
bone is in a dilapidated condi
tion. Title to it is held by a
man named Kuntz, a resident of
the Harbor, who offers to sell it
for 200. It is probable that
the negotiations now under way
will lead to its falling into the
hands of those who will fully
appreciate it on account of its
associations. Moved to Calu
met and restored to something
like its formor conditions it will
become more valuable histori
cally as time goes on and an
object great interest to all mem
bers of the order who may visit
the place.
Fifteen miles off the railroad
and inaccessible as it is now it
is still visited by hundreds of
Pythians every year. The own
er takes pleasure in showing
these visitors'the schoolmaster's
desk at which the ritual was
written. Incidentally Mr. Kuntz
was a resident of Eagle Harbor
in the days when Rathbone was
its schoolmaster and has a clear
personal recollection of the man
who afterward came to be rever
ed as the founder of the great
The Poll Tax Law Unpopular.
"One of the most vicious laws
on the statute books of Arizona
is the poll tax law passed by
the last territorial legislature,
that requires of an American
citizen that he pay for the priv
ilege of voting, the only weapon
a poor man has to assert his
independence." So said a
a prominent ' Bisbee man to a
Herald representative. Inquiry
brought to light that this is the
opinion of many citizens of Bis
bee. "There is no law that can
deprive an American of the
rights and privileges granted
him by the constitution," he
continued, "and no court in the
land would uphold such an act
as the one now in force in Ari
zona. There should be other,
ways of compelling a man to
pay poll tax, and when a price
is placed on the right of fran
chise, it is time to call a halt."
A law of a similar nature was
passed by the Nevada legisla
ture two years ago. The act
was tested in the courts of that
state and declared unconstitu
tional. It is understood that a
test case will be made in the
courts of Arizona.
There are many persons who
would gladly pay their poll tax
if no compulsory methods were
used. The do not like the idea
of paying 2. 50 for a privilege
that the constitution declares
D. W. W1CKEKSHAM, Pres. A. G. SMITH, Cashier.
I. E. SOLOMON, Vice-Pres. C. F. SOLOMON, Asst. Cashier.
The Gila Valley Bank,
Solomonville, Arizona.
HIRFPTORR D W" WIcker8nam Smith, I. E. Solomon, C. F.
1 ' Solomon, B. B. Adams, Gen. A. Olney, Adolph Solomon.
Capital Stock, Paid up,
This Bank solicits accounts, offering to depositors liberal treatment
and every facility consistent with sound banking.
C. M. SHANNON, Vice-President.
CAPITAL, $25,000.
Hanover National Bank, New York; State National Bank, El Paso;
Consolidated National Bank, Tucson; Ang-lo-Califor-nian
Bank, Ltd., San Francisco.
cannot be denied them. For
that reason Cochise county's
registration is not over half
what it would be, in the estima
tion of many citizens, if the poll
tat law was not in operation.
Bisbee Herald.
The British War Office has is
sued a list of British casualties
in South Africa since the be
ginning of the war. The total
losses, exclusive of sick and
wounded, has been 29,706, of
which the killed in action were
251 officers and 21,403 non-commissioned
officers and men;
wounded 70 officers and 610 non
commissioned officers and men;
missing and prisoners 65 officers
and 2,624 non-commissioned of
ficers and men; died of disease
133 officers and 43,420 non-commissioned
officers and men; in
valided home 844 officers and
18,433 non-commissioned officers
and men.
The oil fields of Mohave coun
ty near the Colorado river have
been examined by an expert and
pronounced, as far as geological
formations go, superior to the
California fields. The Miner
says test wells wTill be put down
as soon as the heat of the sun
has been reduced by the cool
winds of September.
Uncle Sam spends each year
on his government $550,000,000
not including the extra outlay,
occasioned by our late war and
the new accession of territory.
In 1800 he spent $12,509,000. In
four years he now spends more
than the entire wealth of the
nation in 1800.
Telephones were invented in
1 1861.

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