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The copper era. (Clifton, Graham County, Ariz.) 1899-1911, November 12, 1903, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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A ciii(l
was wa-cnin; a uuwy
Hit. littli! blind daiiL'litor
Miiid over
his knt t-;
Then: wen- to--int.r of p!umt3 in tiic
jjiiy -;ivil-;i.:
And jrl ' t tur in j; hann r
ir.riirin' to
The little one
' ' I )ear i apa.
Win ih t ;
And hnw
rattV-d in childish dc
I'll di'.-ain of that tnu-ic
tli- hrwze- '.loom into
1 he room
The MIK-ll f th
liiai' arid th'.- cra'o-
apple bloom!
I think that nobody could happier be.
For I have my papa my papa has
A -kept cal fy n 1
The two at the
eanie siiinti-nn' liv,
window attracted his
The si-n of eobb!
r -wine' over the
nd In- -aid. fur h- knew th-y were
huiiibl,-and poor;
"Tliat Ik lp!.-.,. blind infant ha- broken
no law-,
How is tit: t for
a merciful, lovin;
-t I 'hlilse'-''
!e -trokeel eently a wander-
rií,' jurl,
And his lips pi
d the brow of his
beaut ful fir.
His motherle-.s baby
that never had
k nown
Caress, or attention,
excepting his
lie noted with "lídne-s
her light-
hearted air,
And liis gratitude rose on th
of prayer.
Though the faith of
so many was
fcehlc and d i in.
The pathway of duly grew
to him;
In place of "I would ' he- accepted
I 'i love found a solace, a comfort
To the maze of life's labyrinth sou;
for no clew
Since back of it all was the great
Cod who knew .
l.uuia Case Downing.
J'hoenix. Arizona.
V. A. Chapman la-t week surveyed
liar site for the miners' hospital tobe
establi-hed in Katon. Tin buiiiling
will cost. 10,1101.
The eotlon gin at Carlsbad was
started la-t week on cotton farm of
Kauiscy Krady company at I.a Hueria.
The yield averaged a bale and a half
tot be acre.
The survey of tbe Santa l'e Central
extension from Torrence toltoswell is
completed and important railroad de
velopments may be expected by the
beginning of the new year.
Col. C. C. Slaughter, the Dallas
banker and ranchman, has purchased
two million acres of land in New Mex
ico and he will add to this another
slice of twenty t bousaud acres. Some
of Ibis land was oought at ."0c; per
('lay Mi-I biugle's famous cow pony,
Frisky, the handsome sorrel that won
so much praise from the crowds during
the fair week, and which undoubtedly
won first money for its expert master,
has been sold to William Kaudolph
Hearst fer .'00.
A preliminary examination has been
made by the engineers of the Fnited
Stutcs reclamation service of two im
portant projects in New Mexico, known
its the Hondo and the 1'rton Lake pro
jects. A cursory examination indí
cales that each project is feasablo
from both an engineering anil finan
cial point of view.
A bloody killing occurred last week
of a stockman, V. M. McCannan of
I '.Coi 1 . i point eighty-five- miles north
of Socorro, in the presence of his
wife and her sister. The dead man
was, it is stated, killed with his own
revolver in a pistol duel between him
self and Irwin Wallace, another cattle
man I rom whom MeCannan had bought
a ranch about a year ago.
News from Washington is to the ef
fect that i. 1!. Harina, superintendent
of foivst reserves in New Mexico and
Arizona, has been suspended from
duty upon charge- of ollicial irregular
ities, one of them being that he has
allowed e .it tie owned by his sou to
graze upon the 1 Veos forest I
without ollicial permit. It. is under
stood that Mr. Ilanna is now engaged
in making a reply to these charges.
Specifications for completing the
St. Joseph's Sanitorium, located in
Silver City, are now in the hands of
ton tractors. When this new addition
is added the sanitorium will h com
plete, as originally planned, and will
form ii hollow soua.ro around the en
tire block. The new addition will add
fifteen rooms, and will increase 1 ho j
capacity of the instiaition so that i
about forty patients may be accom
modated. The immediate completion
of the new addition is absolutely
necessary in order to meet the rapidly
growing demand for ueeoinmodat ions.
Not A Sick Day Since.
"I was taken severely sick with kid
nev trouble. I tried all sorts of medi
cines, none of which relieved me.
Ono day I saw n ad. of your Kleetric
Bitters and determined to try that.
After taking a few doses I felt, re
lieved, and soon thereafter was en
tirely cured, and have not seen a sick
day "since. Neighbors of mino have
been cured oí UhenmatUm, Neuralgia.
I.iver and Kindey troubles and Ceueral
Debility." This Is what li. t oi
Fremont, N.
fill QrufsUH,
C. wriw- Un'y -''i B
Whft Fsrarux
by Dog Team From
Stirred Up Dominion Authorities.
I'hro riix I'.epuMIran.
Kditor S(.-rrp!; formerly of the
Tombstone American has been nrar-
ticin; journalism all alon? the back
bone of tbe American eontiner. t from i
Paw-on in lh. frozen north to the
sunny Sonora line. In the course of
bia nt'w.-iaer career he has acquired
:i ifreat, deal of experience and while
in Daw.or: he earned the reputation of
h-'n; a fearless though perhaps nota
wry prudent journalist.
Mr. T. J. ark, the mining man,
knew him at lJdwon. There was a
case pending in the courts there. The
litigation did not move alon fast
t.-nouli to suit Mr. Seinple, who was
an impulsivo American, ami he tried
it in an issue of his paper, reached a
verdict and entered judgment. He
learned almost imra-diatly afler the
i-sue of the paper that hi
was b.-in read with jfreiit inU.-rest and
care by the judiciary of the Dominion,
. for he a summoned before the court
and lined .'!(H) for contempt.
Still Mr. Semple was not fully im-
with the excellence and in.
fallability of the Canadian judiciary,
as he took the occasion to say in the
next number of the paper, which is
said to have been the hottest number
ever put out in s'tch a climate. He
convicted himself of lese majeste in
every column. He reviled the British
government from the reigning house
to the lowest constable in Canada.
He reviewed tho case which he had
tried the week before and tried to con
vince the world that ho had been
right and the regularly constituted
court cgregiousl" wrong. He favored
the immediate annexation of Canada
by the American government and the
breaking olT of friendly relations with
I'ngland. Ho recommended the pass
age of a law by the Fnited States con
gress making it a felony for an Am.-;ri-can
heiress to marry an Fnglish title.
Hueven protested against the use by
patriotic Americans of the ''Knglish''
in billiard playing. There was noth
ing in that number of Mr. Semple's
paper but heated criticisms of the
Knglish government and people.
Mr. Sparks got hold of a copy of the
patier while it was yet damp from the
press, lie hunted .Mr. Semple up and
tidd him that if be remained in Daw
son for t.vo hours he would not get
out from under the thumb of the Do
minion government within the next
thirty years. It was doubtful, he said
whether they would let so distin
guished a journalist leave the Domin
ion within his natural lifetime. It
was by no means certain, he added,
that he would not be hanged .
There was really "o use for him to
stay on Canad ian soil any longer, any
how, even if he had no active excusefor
getting out. Ho was out of the news
paper business. Tho matter of the
last edition had melted his type and
overheated his press.
Mr. Sparks said he owned the swift
est dog team in Dawson. If Semple
had a start of two hours all the other
dog teams in the camp could not over
take him before he reached the
American line. Ho concealed Mr.
Semple until preparations could ht
made for his departure and then he
launched him toward the United
States and safety. He has never seen
him sine-, but be learned recently
that he had come to Arizona and that
he was again engaged in the news
paper business.
The Best Remedy for Croup.
Knim the Atchison, Kitn., Daily lobo
This is the season when tho woman
who knows the best remedies for
croup is in demand in every neighbor
hood. One of the most terriblo things
in the world is to bo awakened in the
middle of the night by a whoop from
one of the children. Tho croup reme
dies are almost as sure to In- lost, in
case of burglars. There used to be an
old fashioned remedy for croup, known
as hive syrup and tolu, but some mod
ern mothers say that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is better, and does not
cost st) much. It causes the patient to
"throw op the phlegm" jnieker, and
gives relief in a shorter time. Cive
this remedy as soon as tho croipy
cough appears and it. will prevent the
attactc. It never fails and is pleasant
and safo to take. For salo by all deal
ers in medicine.
The wiso and virtuous people of the
far east who think tho people of lew
Mexico and Arizona are not capable, of
self government should inspect the
penitentiary records at Santa Fe and
1 Yuma. The Liberal has noted how
the judge of the district court in
iit - anain county receniiv sent a num
ber of men to Yuma for rioting. Dur
ing the past year there has been a
great deal of rioting on some of the
trolly lines of New England, but there
has been no report that any of the
rioters were sent to the penitentiary.
In New Mexico a similar record has
been made. Last spring some trains
were tied up at Katon, by floods. The
colored porters from the Pullman got
out and took in tho town. Une of
them killed the city marshal. The
murderer and several of his com
panions were arrested and put in the
county jail. That evening a mob
started for the jail to lynch the
negroes. Tho sheriff trot his prison
ers away, and saved their lives. The
loaders of tho mob, A. C. Webber and
Wm. M. Johnson were arrested .'or tha
attack on the jail. They were con
victed, and last week were sent to the
penitentiary for a year each. This
was the first attempt in years to take
prisoners out of a New Mexico jail and
lynch thom. and the records show the
treatment of the men who led the
mob was prompt and severe. It is no
unusual thing to road of attacks on
jails .in the state, and tho attempts,
often SL'peessful, to lynch pruQqefi,
h4 tho RT-iinoti nf tlio ?!? anil
punishment of the leaders of the mobs I
are few and far between. It was only
within a few months that in one of
the far eastern states a mob took a
nero from the jail and burned him to j
death. Everyone, in the town knew
the leaders of the mob. but the srrand !
jivy ."efused to return any indictments. !
New Mexico and Arizona may be far I
from what some of our eastern friends j
call the center of civilization, but the j
courts and the juries of the-c terri- j
tories know how to punish rioters and !
lynchers. It may bo that the people
of the territories are to i far advanced i
to lie placed on an equality with the
people of Delaware and Connecticut. j
Liberal. j
; Documents Filed for Record. i
j Following is a list of documents filed!
; for record at the county seat, com- j
! piled by Abstracter Fred Dysart.
F. C Alsdoi f to Mrs. F. C. Alsdoi f. j
deed, ., l-'i of i claims in Copper
Mountain district.
i. i- 11... 1 . . t a - :
i' nicaics ei iciv 111 .raaipa
: uisirici.
I John K. Taylor and wife to It. It.
' Koot, deed, l."iO. S K S V, .'0, lis.
,lenrv ,1,u anu "e l" r r '"
1anlf- -'liitonf deed, 10, lot between
.-i . v.ii... n.... ... i t . i-e..: -i.
t r ti n i - r- i . V.:
-lia aney uaus auu narry ,v ngni.
! -j feet front Clifton.
Antonio Mario and wife to
Itolle, bill of sale, ioo, 10 room
ing in Morenci.
Joe Abell to James Itolle, bill of sale,
is.Tk), and 1-2 of same.
James Itolle to It. F. Odonal, bill of
sale, $l"t), and 1-2 of same.
V. P. Hirchtield, to W. .1. Parks,
deed, $00, ' claims in Stanley Uutte
Henry 1. Wood, F. V. Hooker and
H. C. Dauntless to Frank B. Laine,
power of attorney to apply for patent
upon Ulaek Cat in Greenlee district.
Will Stimulate Silver Mining.
Silver prices continue to advance
steadily, (quotations for bar silver at
this writing being above 110 cents per
ounce. Within the past year ship
ments of sil ver from London to India,
China and Straits Settlements were of
tho value of C.i.4.'!k.040, which was a
considerable increase oyer those of the
previous year. The' coinage of silver
by our own government for the month
of September, l!Mt.!, represents $1,807.
Ii'iK. The coinage for the Philippines
for the same month was 2,001, Vi1! p.-sos
and .'!..'i:i.'l smaller coins. Between
October 1st and ."ith th Treasury De
partment purchased XliO.OUO ounces of
silver at slightly below 0:1 cents per
ounce. Kx ports of silver from all
United States ports for the year
amounted to $22,010.420, imports being
il4,S(;4,."iST. These figures afford some
idea of the movements of the white
metal and the chief sources of demand.
There is a general opinion th it pro
ducers can feel safe that the price will
not in the near future fall below 00
cents, with a strong probability of
further ad vanee. It will not be sur
prising to see the price reach 0 cents
and remain around that figure with
some stability. Kesults of present
market conditions are already seen in
the incensed activity in the leading
silver-lead producing districts. Load
v i I It", Creede, Ceorgetown, the San
Juan country and Aspen aro now feel
ing tho favorable effect and with
tolerable labor conditions those camps
will prosper. Tho silver-lead mines of
Utah and Idaho are. now making
heavier production than for several
years. Mining 1 teporter.
The Southern Pacific railroad com
pany has assumed the active operation
of the Maricopa and l'lioenix road and
hereafter all business of the branch
running from Maricopa to I'hoenix
will bo reported to the division head
quarters of the S. I. at Tucson. No
change in the running schedule of the
road has been made and as yet no
change in the managing officers of
the branch has been announced.
David Moffat of Denver Cok., and
financial interests which are closely
identified with the Colorado Fuel and
Iron company, have made application
to the Mexican government for a con
cession to build and operate a trunk
line in Mexico. Col. Joseph A. Ii-bert-
son of Monterey. Mexico, who built the
Monterey and Mexican (iulf railroad.
is also interested in the enterprise.
The proposed road is to run from the
border of Arizona south and southeast
to the city of Guadalajara and probably
to tho City of Mexico. It is authori
tatively announced that tho Mexican
government will grant the concession
for the new road in '.he early part of
January and will give a subsidy of $!.,
000 per kilometer for each kilometer
of road constructed.
William Kobinson, a capitalist, re
cently paid $(,(VK) cash for a frontage
of fifteen feet 'on Main street, Hisbee.
the lot having llKl ,'eet depth.
Another Opportunity for Homeseek
ers to Home-seek.
The Frisco System aain announces
that it will sell tickets from Si. Louts
and Kansas City to points in Oilahoina,
Indian Territory, Kansas and Texas, at
the very low round-trip rate of $15. Ot).
OpHrtunities for homes in the South
west are still plentiful, and the best
lands are by no means all taken up.
Excursion tickets sold at this ex
tremely low rate will be good on any
of the Frisco regular trains leaving
St. Lous at 2:30 p. m., 8:.'i," p. in., and
Irt.-lK) p. in.. October JO. and leaving
Kansas City 7 : p. m., and ll:.1t p. m.,
on the same date. If you are looking
to the Southwest for a future home,
this excursion of October 2Hh is an
excellent opportunity to investigate
the country.
Your own home ticket agent will bo
able tojiive you lull information as to
raw-sand limits of tickets.
Write for our interestin;? booklet
entitled. "New Lands Alocg the Frisco
System." iy Rryan Snyder, and for des
tailed information to IL a. Lemon,
Secretary t'pUai iiPill'f rii'lpq ureau.
tit. .o, '
Up-wlth-the-times Printing.
Work done when promised is
Our Motto, e 0
Our Presses are always busy. It
takes time to do good work, so give the
printer a chance to make your printing
come up to a standard of par excellence
The Story of the Killing of a Negro
by an Arizona Ranger.
The Republican recently printed the
story of the kil!.i- of a negro at Naco
by John C. Bro ks. a member of the
Arizona rangers. fU that was known
of the affair at that tirce was con
tained in a brief (.ispatch sent by Cup-
tain Itynning of the rangers to tho
governor's office. A dispatch from .
Naco gave the following account of'
the killing:
'Hanger Brooks yerterday killed a
negro here. Tho negro had formerly
lteen corral boss at camp No. 1 of Or
man it Crook. He was killed while re
sisting arrest. He flourished a revol
ver at some little girls and frightened
some women, who ran into
Brooks' house for protection. Brooks
ran out and tried to disarm the negro,
who spurred up the horse while Brooks
began to shoot. He fired two shots,
killing the negro dead. A coroner's
jury exonerated Brooks. The negro
shot at Brooks, the ball passing be
tween his arm and body."
Last week the" time tables of the
roads cast o' Kl 1'aso were so changed
that all trains made connections with
trains No. 1 and No. 10 of tho South
ern Pacific. This left nothing for
trains Nos. 7 and S but the local work
between Kl Paso and Los Angeles, and
there is not enough of this to pay for
running an extra train. So on Sun
day trains 7 and X were taken off.
From present appearances trains and
10 will have to be run in two sections,
there being more overland business
than can be handled by ono train.
The principal supply of platinum
obtained in the United States comes
from the placer deposits of California
and Oregon in association with free
gold, l'luma, Trinity, Syskiyou and
Shasta counties, California, have pro
duced considerable of this metal,
l'latinum has also been found to oc
cur in nickel and cobalt ores, and it is
associated with covellite copper ore in
the new Rambler mine in Medicine
Iiow range, Wyoming. The price o'
platinum is now quoted at ilU per troy
ounce in New York. Serpentine,
a metamorpbic rock, is by most
authorities regarded as the parent
rock of platinum, as placer platinum
in all pa its of the world is found in
proximity to serpatine formations.
At an "old folks' reunion" recently
hold at Thatcher, (rallara county.
100 participants, nonj of whom were
under H) years of age, and rantring up
to within seven of the hundred year
in irk, sat down at ono table. It was
one of a great many events of similar
character which it á proposed to have
in the future. The wealth of remin
escence with which the old timers en
liven their reunion renders it a par
ticularly entertaining' and unique
Work on the biet supar factory at
Glendale is progressing rapidly. The
steel work is now up to the fifth story
and it is thought wiil be completed by
the end of this week. Superintendent
of Construction Ilanke will arrive this
week. The brick work will start at
once. on the completion of the steel
work. The reage is beinpr srned
rather slowly .only about half of the
amount contracted for being in. Most
of this is from owners on the south
side of the riyer. Phoenix Gazette.
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It's shameful when youth fails to
show proper respect for old age. but
just the contrary in ihe case of Or.
King's New Life Pills. They cut off
maladies no matter how severe and
Irrespective of old age. Uysepsia.
Jaundice, Fever, Constipation all
yield to this perfect pill, le, at all
Coronado Railroad.
Pmscnper Sern'co. In effort Nov. 1. 1WL
Train No. 1 loare Clifton 7.4-i . m.: arrive
I-oiiiffollnw 8.15 a. ra Meteulf 8.30 a. m. No. S
loa von Clifton 3.J0 p. m.: arrives Longfellow- 4.00
p. m.: Motoalf 4.1-i p m.
Train No. 2 leaves Metcfllf 9 10 a. m.: arrives
I-onefellow 9.30 a. ra.: Clifton 9. SO a. in. No. 4
leave Me'calf 4 40 p. arrives Longfellow 5
p. m.; Clifton 5.30 p. in.
Farks: Clifton to I-onufellnw 25c; round trip
S.V-. Loncfollow to Mvtcalf 2Vs round trip 35c.
Clifton to Meicalf .'-Sc: round trip 50c.
Tickets sold at all Arizona Copr Co. Plores;
conductors sell ticKotx one way only.
James CoLQCHOrs, Pica.
E. Sen r :. Snpt.
Ueo. Wagstafp. Asst. Supt.
Southern Pacific Railroad.
"Westbound passenger leaves Lorasbnrn at
üo5 p m: eastboand leaves 1.45 p m. Trains
run on Pacific lime
Morenci Southern Railway.
Standard Time.
Train 1 Iost-m lfnn.noi 7.00 a. m arrives at
Guthrie 8.37 a. m. Train leaves Moreoei 1J0
p. in.: arrives Guthrie S.10 p. m.
Train 2 leaves Guthriu 9.30 a. m.: arrives Mo
reno' J 1.30 m. Train 4 leave Guihrie S IS p.
X V?ti Crenel T aS p. a, . 1XQ: Bt M.
Fi Mili, ilannier. Piilitftalvri.liful.
Subscription Price $2.50. The Leading Alining Weekly Newspaper of the Territory
J"- iV ,
" ,,-
Good, Fresh LIME
G. W. Williams & Son
A Large Supply
Always on Hand
PIUmbiilQ. ROONflQ.
Manilla Unti l, in store r.xnn formerly
occupied !y L. Seiil
Gingf.r file Sarsananlla
Root Beer Soda Water
Seltcr Water
Surmis and Extractó
Cold Blast Distilled Water
California Oranije Cider
'Phone 71 Box 453
Wines, Liquors l
. find Cigars
New Town, MORENCI.
Clifton 11 ii'iuK iilxv.iv.
I WHolesale
Bottlers I
i:xii: r.Ai.i-;
Fredorioksburg E
V. C. BLANK, - -
Clifton Shoe Shop.
Hoots and shoes made to order
Repair work done promptly and neatly
Wholesale anil Ketail Lumber. Shinties.
Shakes. s-;lrl. Doors. Mill Work, lull road
Ties. Telegraph Poles, Tank and (.leneral
liullillilK Material.
II. 4i. SillAKKl:. Atrt..
5euir(2 ai)d Dressma ir
iltf the. !t if oí t'irce
I'rifrti K-puaoiihIfI
Aiurite Avenuo, SOUTH CLIFTON.
There's no Belter Service
Than that via the
From Kansas City, S.iint Louis mr.d ,;
Memphis to points i:j the South, South- i
east and Southwest. ,
The Southeastern Umited il
Leaving Kansas City at 0:30 P. M. ! j
daily, will take you to Springfield, M?m-
phis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Jacksonville ;
and all points in the Southeast. i H
For detailed information apply to j E
1106, 17th St. I
: 9
(Wtii i LA0-
Our aim is to
at reasonable
short notice.
tlnlng Blank
on ftanrf
Book and Prospectus Work, Blank and
Railroad Work, Cards, Letter Meads.
Bill Heads, Envelopes, Circulars. osf
ers, and all classes of Commercial Work
JI. X- A
..x üi i t& a
31 I I: 31
Clifton, Arixoiin l
a. Í It' tt" I X I IE I 1 'IT' if?
Line of
Mine Rails
ft. Moúer's Transíer,
Krcinht, 1!iii;kiii; II lid Himim IiiiM Mkvíiik.
Phone 36
i m
! S Mining Supplies
Clifton and Morenci Stacfe Line,
Coaches Meet Trains Promptly.
All Kinds of Freighting by Contract
Solomon Hotel
Tin- lintel has IiTCIlllv lull) l eiii .ileil .111. 1 r f il I li : - h I
throughout ami rearranged so thai separate i .huh- an
lie supplied to all desire. Traveling men .nil i.ii:i i -itors
are assured ol exrellent .u . omi m. .ll ion .it a',1 t !!. -The
t aide will lie supplied with the 1..-.1 the mai ket atlm I .
Prices Reasonable
Special Attention
Attentive drivers. ( 'oinfiirtable 'oacln
Application fur Kitlp-r 1"
After December 1.1th wo will run a lirst
and jiassenircrs will be supplied with
El Paso &
West ti.untl leaves Kl I'lfO ÍI 3o KhsI Ikhmi-1 l-.i i-s lu-n .,ti ..
Hie hita I a i " " Se
" ' nrriv.-s liuuliin I -V ' ' arrive. i:.t..- i.
" " leaves " ft " " l.nv. . '
" " nrnvis Bi.lH-e I. 1". " " arriv. .. I.mií:'.i I'1'
" " li'iiv.s " i. " .-h.-. - ! ,
" urriv.-n Naco Mu " " lito i.íih i
" " ' Ken son 'Jki " nmve- KlPi-. '. ,i
Gi u. Snpt. im.I Traffi.- Maunder .. ii r rt m. ! I'-. t
yt. I'A-O. TKX. U. l A-. , ;.
f Sf c
I lal0CDCH ür-ASTAl "" I
The Scenery is Unsupasbed
The Accommodations are Unexcelled
K O. MoCormlck, Pasv-n?er Traffic Manager, üan Krarv-ÍMo
T. H. Gixxlman, General l' iiif. r Agent, kan I rum iei
'..". 4jrnfe. tiijx-niiU-iiileiit, Tn.n.n, Arizona
M. O. HU-knell. liy Pi.ein;er Agent, FIjcui, Ariioua
C, Vtf, L HtP, fetal 7li..e Alralil. iMtútUiíte. X, M: j'.C.a
Jí!ll!l!í!Hmill!tl!ti!IIIt'li!l!!!1Mtt?í!ltlMIMt!!llll!l!!!t'lM!U t:ttIM1t!ltilff I!!11l'lf Htf Mftf-ittt fflf t
do good work,
prices, and on
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Four Doors South of Clifton Hot.
Hot oi Col4 Btb
Cut I mi: 1.. i.l us .tin! i ti ii.li n In: i .i -1 , .i.:r
Filigree Jewelry a
('M ASK , ; K K
Op. li.i;:. I dun h
I Ionrv I I li i i i j
And all kinds of Svwlni;
by Day or Piece.
IIH I .It.'
I ..l!l:i !.
it!: s s li i w c ii it
4 & y
: Rooming House
Si. Mill Cull. li ij
M sxjJsrisTr rooms "
! KuruMn-.l 'i I ti f : : 1 1 1 1 !. . 1
r;.'niiiit i:li.- ni.. I K. ii. lire It... .in
i .at: .11 li B I it it ill t r t fl
No Delays.
Fat IIors.es ami
Leaves ( '(roñado !
Arrives Solomonvil le
Leaves Solomon vil l
. I.
1 1
Arrives Coronado ." mi I1
to Traveling Men.
1 Vi'vat.- 'niivyarii-e
gage or Pa etig'-i -.
- rlass lunch counter at lli'- Toll Ho:i-
sinuctliin to cal at r.-.isonald.- nit.--..
Southwestern Railroad Co.
ssux-iiT ix'üi;tií
..Southern Pacific Co.A
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