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The copper era. (Clifton, Graham County, Ariz.) 1899-1911, December 03, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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litti rrstini. I'i diii Jt.'Í.OO í E
the Gonp:
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j-j thr i lotliiiuj at 1'ri. t H t
S l ir Mtntrtj lntik i nr 5
A. L. TOW'NSliM).
VOL.. 5.
At The
M lili ; "
' v1
" - .-s
' -I
Riht Goes With Miht in Panama.
V r :.i : . 1..T , W. .!;..
I',,r l.'.i.'i i ii,,!--- liy -.-.i írnrii I ' ilon to
Pa':;irn.t i ii IT by !t.íl. I'-to.n
11, .VUi.í - ai.'l ti,'- I'aei: ;tn :-f
liiui' l i. tun lairi'T-; !li;il of t f j -Iiiuk
neie lu r in t i n-n t - and
ll.atu' a J 1 1 v a i'imt:; v Wln.-n we
an j,i-i tío- I;r-t l.nrrier, sIio.jM w'
ai luiir on tl.- t i r - le-pitpor barrier
.f er.-.-i muí iMiiriint?
!; -v'-ml t.r- liclt.-d liii. -, that follow
tin- r. i ij (if tti! ranal l' aeh s'-, 1
we i , tu Lave tn morir interest trian in
MarlliiK a wliik-i' iv-ortin (irvtiulund.
i -. 7.1 mu of ten mi Ir -j broitiJ a es
sentially iirioii,- to our dominion ln
tlii naiii': of tli- world's iro'.-ri:-i a-,
tl.-:it.s of -t.-i-l rail-j tl.at knit our
tatri in'o loiiinii-rrial unity. .l
I lia', t li i-.-1 1 ii - it, va'ii-i a- a ranal
-i te. ) t, .'roiv-, some li.inana-, i-oiiii:
lillilii-f, -olil.' roroan ,i: -. I!ut llii-iuln
total of the i-xnurts from either nort is
not a tithe of 1h- ro-t of the i'renrh
inailiiinry that lies nxiil i.in' by tl
erave-iije of (J,- I.--s. ris anibi t'on.
The e-eorai.h ii-al ni-parati-:) of the!
1-thmian K--publii; fern Colombia l
prop, r i, round --te. .- th.T ral 1 road I
nor highway r. m n.-rt , th.-m. Cnliim
bia ran not send s..di-rs through the
tiiirkl. -s juuel. ; th. y must eo by
sell. l!- tween these two parts of ttm
liepuhli : then- i- far le trad.-then
between (.,!,,, i ilM, I'l.iled States;
til.le i- III! C. IIUIIKIU eioillld whatso-
v.-r. .1 u-t as Spain sent h. r in i I i ta ry
ruler, to Cuba, so llnnta sr n t hers to
the l-lh'un.is. I'an.iiiia was to Colom
bia what the Tenderloin was to the
New York I'olire Department. The
Isthmian under iln;' is every whit a..
worthy our -ympathy a, were the
Cubans of the thunderstorms of in
dignation which broke from our cutis'
mouths on the head of Spain.
K l.l.l'l ( ; A N ATION'S NVOK1.
Any one who has been to the Isth
inu, and who knows, too, the whole
story of the I 'resident's policy knows
I hat, our ron lucl toward Colombia has
be.-n mure fair than that toward what
wa, supposed to be worthy of our
steel. So it should be; for it is un
American trait not lo impose on the
weak. Our treatment of the new
IJepublie, which this tim.) we have
not strane-led at birth, promises to be
which still raTTs for"" reciprocity. In
Chile, in Venezuela, and in 15ra7.il.
within the last decade we have shown
a strong hand. It- is a peculiar fact
that with no South American country
has out conscientious observant:.) of
the Monroe Doctrine hern so exact as
with Colombia We have always
Mood ready, with jiistlco in view, to
pay lo r for eiviu us b un lits. l'.ut
for us. the tla of Knlaml or Ger
many would have lone; ao Moated
oer the brille. of the world's com
iner.'r, nor would either have paid
any subsidy for the privilege.
II V the treaty of lsl'i we reserved
only the riehl to keep the railroad
life for tratlic. Faithfully we have
kept our own agreement. c liav
caivicd iv
ill t he unfed soldiers of i
Colombia, wlio-o only discipline is
that of the lash, whenever i;.iota
l.niaiiiled. We hate pre t en t.-d the
success of native icvo uli.uis which
were battlinr for more thau stai-,'
rights, for limited h-mi' rule. In
short, but for us, Co',.,n i..i c.uldnot
have kept the I-i-iuiu, a, lone a,
she ha-.
ST. .sr. U l I." I; :!.- ,
M '
.ttlllN n vv s
When l'raiiee u'.ui;.
canal, the CnHed Si.tt
tl id
'' "' 1 "' i
net stand
t o: k for the j
: lv to reeall !
in the way of a gigantic
wor !tl s e,,nd . We li.iw
Maximilian in Movc-i I
our paternal interest in
'''' i;i''" "," :
the Central!
Ameritan I. public
alone made j
I'rance pay the e. t ravagan t price t hat i
Colombia demanded. Is the Monroe
D... trine to be all give and not take? vlllUoti Home Uule have it. without a
I, the protector's only reward to be drwp nf bK)()d haviníí been shed ex
the u.-e of our goodwill for purposes t jn llotrota, where Colombia's lit
of gain and of defeating the cause of -nest to ,tOITrn.Uo the Isthmus has been
piogressV Krance having failed, snown ,v sl,o.iting into it crowd and
when our expert commission decided proclamation of m.irtial law.
in favor of th 1'anar.ia route; when
all our plans ,o go ahead we-e com- T.IOfS AN l.S of. UVKS SAI n
plete. we wailed upon th.; word of; j ot Us suppose that Consul-General
r.ogota. Then Columbians came into :t;udger has taKen a constitution to
contact w ith a new ki tul of d iplomacy i Colon on the Mayflower. Haven't we
the stoned-walled diplomacy of,..,,.i i set Cuba on her feet?
.lohn Hay. It is stone-walled because
it is the same ail the way through
that, it is on the s irfaee solid rock.
If von trv to dig beneath it, the foun
dation seems to sink a:
vou try to scale it. the
you dig; II i
For men who toil
Levi Strauss c Cofc
Copp or-rivotcd
, r-: ai you climb.
Von may s:arcli through the annals
of any 3 iplornary exevpt that ol
Arnurica to iin l t tie countrrpart of the
Ilay-II'.Tian tfaty in i t-s hi h-minJeU
fairn-'rMi. W'n havo bren a-j tnericaia
pretty principality trying to convert a
powerful nation to its view. Colorn-
hia r tnli not iji the ranal; the only
.uo-jiiy that -he ha- ever received for
the I-thiuu-i has been
due to out-ide
raiita!. I iil the sister it-public show
us any sisterly affection? When we
were jroinji to build a work in the
name of progress ami of commerce,
that meant direct profit to her alone,
4il itLe fehow Interest in anything1 but
the amount shs could ra ike by impus
in on our ;,'oo:l nature? We agreed
to pay a liij;h jirice: we agreed to
leave our soldiers. workm:n, and en-I
jineers cuhj.-ct to Colombian methods
of san it ition, and we iusrrt:d a clause
which committ-il us lt no a'ression. j
! '" "l,"'r words, we said:
We pay a !
fair price; we A'ill l: fair ' w h ich was
most American.
What was Colombia's response 7
That of the h i-'h .vav man. If the
Yankrrs would mak: the offer so
read ily
there otiej h t to be a lot more
e-raft in them. S the treaty died,
ant! the Colombian, w ho ran not yet
understand it, lina ly feels the signifi
cance of stone-walled diplomacy.
When approached by I!o;ota aain,
Mr. Hay smi'ed; he was not ready to
be "held up;" he had y i ven his word
that the Ilcrrau treaty embodied our
final concessions; he let event take
t heir course, with the result that we
havo not assisted the military de
potism of lio'.'ota to retain a province
that nature never intended to be un
der its control.
Let us accept the truth of the gossip
which is heard in Washington. Let
us take it for granted that our officers
of the General Staff ditl look over the
military situation at the Isthmus last
sumuiei; that our Navy D-partment
was prepared to have sh'ps at hand in
case of need: that we knew of the
progress of the anger of the Ishmiaus
and even directed it. toward definite
action, that the '.'resident and Senator
llaunadid come to an understanding
months ago as to the future action je
th.. ..,...i7,t frr,r,ir.'d'í,-V.WW - -i
Have wo organi.ed a General Staff
for the purpose of avoiding military
information in possible scats of trou
ble? Is the navy supposed never to
i st.i.is would be needed
itin. ... . i
and never to have them ready? Is the j
....r..t-.rv of State supposed to be a
press agent ora diplomatist? Is the
President of the United States not to
concert plans and not, to consult
nat lonal lea-lei's?
How very underhanded it was to
send an officer to Cuba with a message
to Com.-'. How inconsiderate of
Admiral l.-wey not to have let
Spaniards know that he was comin
1! W
must inform foreign
details of the clectric.tl
power? of t h
hanisip. of our battleships at once.
j Senator Gorman
I liams oiiirht to
promptly with
party's cam i.iisin
and John Sharp N li
go to Mr. Cannon
in oull'ue of their
for lb : winter; and.
! of cour-e. Cannon
ought to reetpro-
Kor this is the only way to fo.
up the m.tivc idealism which
! cat.
i low
..ubi in ike us 1 in n the oilier cnetk
a-aiu and again if the o'her fellow
was not as strong as we.
1',. it we ought to alone for tin past,
tl,o. We ought, to pass a resolution
Congress at out. apolog i.ing to
,. ... . .. i .. . ... l ,,.U--oii did
r.ng lamí
() (i c iu r il ni,,v many
.,o.tt..r, b- had in Hie tree tops
and behind l.is cott. u bales,
. ,...-,.,,., ,-. .ls if
1 1. seems
. . , (,tlIU, Vt.ry mia., as K.,se
Ju, 'nuu,U:s to foresight
, ,..n,.r..inent. a people
not the Monroe Doctrine
make us
responsible for this new fledgling,
-i,..., .inlv Americans believe that
allk . iHumld have any rlgnl to
top seems to t h,,,ps.,i yes Is it not better to have
mmmmmmmmmmmm 1 Panama firmly estüblished and on the
, r.ad to progress than to take the op
i ...wit.. ,.i,r.n of succeedinir revolu
tions that sap the strength of each
new generation?
Not only have no lives been lost, but
thousands wiK be saved as the result
of our action. We shall have a zone
in this deadly tropical region under
: our sanitary control. Fever-breeding
i precincts of ñllh will not be within a
; few rods of our engineers and work
men. If it is better for the bastions
!of avast engineering work to make a
i pithway for commerce in tead of leav
ing the jungle to the lizards; i: we
have any confidence In our civilua
tiou; If UN ri-l!j righ lo Wpa
weak man rather than leave him lo
the results cf his error-, then the
Government deserves the credit of a
wi-e and sood deed well done.
Wall street f tati-ticians have coin
piled a of lo) industrial
which show a shrinkage of i l,7."4,mJ,-
j from the hi-,'li prices of the boom
i t' th pre-ent low ones. The market
vaiuo of these 10d stocks at the high
est price at which each has sold dur
ing the past three years was $1.000,
000,000, as compared with a market
value at rcvent low tisrures of ?2..'!36.-
OOO.IMM. This represents a loss of
43.4 per cant, in market value. Stand
ard Oil shows a shrinkage of Í2-'I,73'V
txiO. Tin: common stock of United
States Steel shows a shrinkage of
I 21'i,110,(HK), while the preferred stock
shon-s a shrinkage of ?1!1.!MK).000.
j Amalgamated Copper, according to
j the New York Commercial, shows the
I next heaviest shrinkage, its decline in
market value having amounted tÓ
j 1 !,.T10.ooO. It would seem, says the
I Michigan Mining Ga.-tte, that such a
j decline has squeezed out about all the
j water which was injected into the in
dustrials at the time of their or
l gani.ation.
Colorado Building.
The design of the Colorado build
ing, now in course of erection, is in
Spanish renais-ance. The first Moor
shows in the c-nter a rotunda from
which ample staircases lead to the
second Moor. The rotunda has al
most the entire height of the dome in
side. The ceiling of the dome will be
vaulted with intersecting arches, and
in tin: center of the ceiling will he a
stained glass light.
To the right of the rotunda on the
first Moor will he the reception room,
and to the left, the banquet room. He
hind the rotunda are to be the ollices
of the executive staff, and cloak and
toilet rooms. A snacious oorrb oc
cupies the center of the front, be
tween the projecting wings at the
onus, ine second tloor will contain
two groups ol bedrooms, one group
being set apart for hospital use. The
architect is T. MacLarcn, of Colorado
roi,..p.i.ii Brn.iuN.i,
Documents Filed for Record.
Following is a list of documents filed j
for record at the county seat, com
piled by Abstracter Fred Dy-art.
C. 15. Yett. trustee, of .leter ,V Uv
nolds. bankrupts to Solomon A Wick
ersham. deed, S11XI, lot 11. blk. 41.
Henit ) Luc -ro et al fil : amended lo
cation of Guad.ilupi in Copper mt.
lienito Lucero et al Hie proof of
labor on 4 claims in Copper int. dist,
Charles H. Stevens to duo. II.
Hampton, deed. 10, Fire Fly in Green
lee dist.
Shann.m Copper Co. locates 2 claims
in Greenlee dist.
i,...,o..n I'mmnr Co. tiles oroof of
labor on ó claims in Greenlee dist.
George Suits and wife to Jesse
Yoakum, deed, $10, part lot 2a, blk. 1,
Hill's ad.. Clifton.
J. K. Thompson and wife to Jesse
Yoakum, deed, Í10, lot 27, blk. 1,
Hill's ad.. Clifton.
K. 1- Davis tiles proof of labor on
2 mines in Greenlee dist.
Lula Smith to S. W. Price and Y.
V. Damron. bill of sale, $15, horses,
vehicles, etc. o! Clifton T transió" Co.
Lula and Tom Smith to S. Y. Price
ami W. W. Damron, deed, $10, part
lot 111, San Francisco townsite.
Manuel F. Miranda et al to J. C.
iGatti. deed, ?I0, ljt 43. San Francisco
J. C. Gatti and wife to S. J. Forbes,
deed. $10, i of same.
John Helser to Frank Landson, deed.
5IH.000, Copper UiuiT, Nugget and i of
Blanche in Aravaipa dist.
William Church to Detroit Copper
Mining Co., deed, $1, Montezuma An
nex in Cjpper mt. dist.
Alex McLean to Detroit Copper
Mining Co., deed, $1, Eighty-nine in
Copper mt. dist.
John Molder and R. Ikenan to De
troit Copper Mining Co., deed, tl,
Isabella in Copper rot. dist.
M. II. McLean et al to Detroit Cop
per Mining Co., deed, 2 claims in Cop
per ml dist.
Bo M Crawford to Jo!' Hormeyer,
, i l 1 - t " ?í, - is,.- 1
-i " í J"V -s "
deed.ilt, 7 claims is Copper mt. dist.
Julia Hormeyer to Detroit Copper
' Mining Co., deed, $1, game,
j L. II. Mitchell locates Charlton No.
2 and files amended location of Charl
ton in Copper mu dist.
J. II IUssett fwidower) to Win.
Morris, deed, $;2"0, se se, 15. 7 s, 2'i e.
I. W. Haskell nd wife to J. C. Catti, :
dead.JICO, lots C-'J and C4, San IVan-1
cisco townsite. ' I
J. C. Gat.ti andwife to Francisco J. I
Miranda, deed, lt, i?ame. .
U. i-, ilaíati to Sarah J Haan,
deed, Zrr eet front in Xorth
United Slates forenzn Thatcher,
I)ateot, s i se, 2"j, i e.
E. L. Birdno and wjfeuje T. My.
ivinney, ajj-reemenr, S.-jO, to sell i
aero in s i se, 7, 7 s, 2j e.
Benita Lucero et al locate Guada
lupe millsite in Copper mt. dist.
Tom II. Bell mid wife to J. C. Purs
ley, Geo. A. Ouley and Z. C. I'rina,
indeminity bond, lots 1 and 2, blk. 11,
Smith's ad., Sifford, and e i nw and e
i sw, .1, ).-), 2.'I c, and cattle, to secure
i guarantee against liabilities in guar
anteeing securities of Tom II. Bell
upon his bail Ixwd for -íóiNH).
Arizona Bandits, Released From Peniten
tiary, Attempted to Run off Herd
of Horses.
Within three weeks of the time
they were released from a five year's
term in the Arizona penitenniary, the
Owens brotheis, convicted of guilt in
the holdup of Houthern Pacific trains
at Cochise and Fairbanks, are again in
trouble, iind each is in such a serious
condition that the otlliers do not know
whether they will live to face a charge
before another court of law.
After being released from the ter
ritorial prison, the brothers went
straight to the home of David John
son, a Sul"hur Springs ranchman.
wno nau onirienued mem, and were
employed a1 cowboys. The tempta
tion, after five years of continuous
more than their
.d dispositions could resist
-ÍT.I-CIOIS. Ittp- . -
wori.is fair, st. i.oims.
land they planned to run off a hunch of !
Johnsons norses. .loncson got a up
j t effcc(, allj immediately accused
the brothers of it. '
This led to a quarrel and later a pis-
tol battle and later a hand to hand en-
counter in which both oí Mie e.xhandits
were badly hurt. Hot words were ex-
changed and both Owones drew their
guns and etimmenced shooting. John- j
son and his men took refuge h-hind i
some out buildings, th
the onlv one on his
former being j
side who was
During the battle Lewis Owens was j
hit by a bullet from Johnson's gun and
dropped out of the fight. Johnson 1
and the other Owues soon used up all
their ammunition, and :hen decided to
finish the tight with their hsts. Al-I
though Johnsmr'was dealt a terrible
blow oyer theead with a branding
iron, he was abV to continue activities
until ho had overpowered his opponent
and tied hintlaOwnes then assisted
his - wounded orother to a horse, and
mounting another the two rode into
Wilcox, arriving there in an
hausted condition. George
was badly weakened from loss of
restraint, proved
I naturally wi
blood, on account of the gash in his ,,lin (1((Wn -s,, bcnelu'parlieularly
head, and it is doubtful if he will re-j and all the usual attending aches van
cover. Thu Ovrne are considered ex-j ish under its searching and thor-
i tremcly bad men, jroro previous mis
deeds, and it is littely that as soon as ; Jot).t ve perfect satisfaction. Guar
their injuries recover sufficiently they j an teed by all druggists.
will be given a full penalty for the of
A Timely Suggestion. .
This l thé sea?n of the year when
the prudent and Cireful housewife re- !
..l..r,-.shes her supilv of Chamberlain's!
iinnirh Itemedv. k is certain to be
to be
nerTe.l before thewiuter is over, and
results are much more prompt and Í and December, via the Frisco System,
satisfactory when It is kept at hand j Are you looking for rich and fertile
and given as soon is the cold is con- I farming lands in the Southwest which
tracted and before it has become set- you can buy for from one-fourth to one
tied iu the svsterai In almost every . tent h l he cost of lands of the East and
instance asevere Old may be warded North? Th.y produce as ruuch acre
off by taking this remedy freely a for acre. Here is a chanco to tietter
soon as the first indention of the cold l your condition and add a liberal
appears. There is rk danger in giving ! amount to your pocket book,
it to children for itintains no barm- i For full particulars and special rail
ful subuvnee. It is teasant to take c, (h.r,.,,dwiirl off th
both adults and cniif-en like it. Buy
Uand vou will gestae best. It al-
.-. For n hi all ioa era in
ra a 3 ..w- " -
TO BUY G. V. G. & N. RO.AD.
lf Their Offer Is Not Accepted Hill
j Parallel.
j It is rumored that the Phelp-s Dodge
' company, which recently effected the
j consolidation of the mines at Glo'e,
j has made an offer to President William
t.arundol the Gila alley, Globe it I
I Northern, for the purchase of that
! road. It is said that Phelps Dodge
threatened to parallel the road if their
offer is not accepted. The Gila Valley.
Globe and Northern connects Globe
with Bowie on the main iine of the
Southern Pacific
The Old Dominion mine, which has
jT.-T --e - 1 t,v i hi. l'k-.l
Dodge company, had a great deal of
trouble several months ago with the
Gila Valley, Globe and Northern over
the question of freight rales on coke
At that time they threatened to shut
down their mines unle.-s better rate
were made, and the differences were
finally settled. Phelps-Dodge and
Company went into the railroad busi
ness in earnest when thev built the
Kl Paso and Southwestern, and it is
surprising to those in touch with
their affairs in Arizona to learn that
they have their eyes on the Gila
Valley, Globe and Northern, which
could easily he connected up with their
other lines.
It is also rumored that the G. V. G.
í N. railroad, if absorbed by the
Phelps-Dodge company, will be con
nected vith the Kl Paso and South
western line via Deming. This will
mean much for the Gila Valley. It
will give an outlet to produce for this
country, such as it has never had he
The Celebrated Wyoming Case at Last
j Tom Horn was hanged at 11 o'clock
; Friday last at Cheyenne. No attempt
at rescue was made, and the execution
passed off quietly.
John Coble, Horn's old employer,
: was permitted to see him in jail. The
two men shook hands and bade each
other an effecting farewell. Coble
, ! enmntef el v overcome. Horn made
The execution was witnessed ny
fortv person, including the guards,
1 the friends of Horn and newspaper
; men.
Tom Horn was born in Missouri,
Nov. 21, 1 Sütl. II ; was a celehated
army scout, Indian fighter and cattle
detective. He was a scout in charge
i of the party which captured Gerónimo
'and was chief of scouts under General
; Miles in the Porto Kico campaign.
, He is kuown to many people in the
southwest. He was a professional
killer and killed men at a st ite 1 price.
j Pay your tases at the Gila Valley
Bank and Trust Co. We make it
convenient for you through our Solo-
mgnviHe Office.
"A great newspaper for the south-
west'' is to be the general policy of
tho ntw nt.arst publication, the Los
.ngeles K.xaminer. It will be national
j,, SC,H, an,i t is announced that it is
M,. Hearst's purpose to open up the
Pcal suthwest to the world through
his cnal0 (f rreat newspapers, as well
as lt D(.n;J tle neW of the world to
the southwest. With morning and
evening newspapers in New York,
Chicago and San Francisco, a great
national bureau in Washington, and a
news service which supplies material
to hundreds of the best journals of
j tne t,.lsfi tlie establishment of a new
, )a,H.r n tne
outhwest by Mr. Hearst
will bo of incalculable value to South
ern California, Ari.ona ami New
Revolution Imminent.
A sure sign of approaching revolt
and serious trouble in your system is
nervousness, sleeplessness, or stomach
upsets. Electric Bitters will quickly
1 dismember the troublesome causes. It
newr fails to tone the stomach, regu
late the kidneys and UoweW, s.imu-
lut.i th.. T ii'ir flnd elurifv tilt blood.
' ough etlecti venes, luecino i4iiu-rs
i L ,,nl.. Mi. uní! that is rut.irnpd if it
Fresh veal, prime beef, mutton and
pork. Prompt delivery. Central Mar
ket, Special Land Buyer's Excursion.
Will run to the new lands of Greer
i county, Oklahoma
i county, Oklahoma, and otner sections
of the great Southwest in November
7. ,,"'" rpi I
ColdLaxative Bromo-Qmnine Tab-j
No Cure,
I eis cure a com 111 uoc "j
I no Pay. Price i" c?"t.
1 1 1 i n
j j l'-p,llor; rr
V s-oi.OMiiW
First National Bank
Vico president i shicr A
SAM A It K All
t TheIr Right to Know risij.1.' -ti. lntrii! tli. ir m.ni. v I. h l.nt k m-it
to know s.tinrthiiiic el' i Is liiirtiicinl slrruitlli. Yr ( 1 1 1 v r.-.-ticiitre lie r it lit itn-l v ' li t
furiiUli .l.-..-ii.r ith a list ef mir lir.- i.ir hii-I m.h kli..i'l-r- 1 h.-.i from 1 1 i..
lime. ul.li-h n-Mirn shim iiic Hit edition of Hi,, lunik. o.i. s ,.f Hi, r.--eit
are kept on limi.1 for lliose who wish to nee tht in.
Opposite Cila Valley Bank,
It. Vail.
Kl lu so, Texits.
t'lilloii. Arl..
p. I.I. A II A M I' l'ON,
Uti. e ill Cliflou Hotel. cT.iT-TosrXiil7.oSA.
Office In the Chsr CirHii.Ie. on Frisco Kmlmiik
int'iiU CLIFTON.
Will I'rHt ii. f in 11 T. rril. trial ami t'niU-.l
Mule Courts.
Oilii e ..osile l lifloii llotel. Clifton, Ariz.
Practice in all Territorial and Federal !
. - I
yyn.KY K. JUNKS,
Practice in all Federal ami Territorial
Office -1r! door North of Ccnlrhl Hotel. Clifton
Ofhre In M. C. Thoinns liiiil.linii. ror. Ci...or
ami RailroH.l Avfinit. .
Prat-tire In all Territorial and Frd.-ral ronrtrt
JyVM Alt OHi;, .1 It.,
U. 8. Deputy Mineral Burreyor
V. .. Iiej.tity Mini-Mi .Surveyor
JACO kin;
BiwveyliiK, MiuiiiK Rt-iM.rtri and Main.
I. O. Box Xti.
TJ .1. MII'Mi.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor
Corrt'l.on'l ii't' sV.liritf.l.
P KO. T. MI M.N Kit
Cl otos, Ar.izoSA.
Will Kxamine an.I Report on Mining I'roprrti
Ottite Over Kverliar.li
It. J. A. I.OISI,
Room 1 au.I 2. Oiftou Hotel.
" OiHee : Company UxlRlna Hon.
TrrrllorUI 1 imj.
ll.t.i: -4 rijonM .
isbUlil t
.1. O. IT Ksl.KY. S. . Sfl I KMUKuKK.
A M J ;. LOWHOS, ri'.i.Kl Hl
... Cl.fton, Arizona
HA I.M Kit,
hi Kvi-rhar.lv II nil. 1 in
t.rts A I ni i ol st, r.-.l
Knitllsh and Spaiii'li.
Copper Illlll.t r Shop. It. K. Ave op A C Sterr
Legal I'.l.tnks for sale at I'.liA Ol
Arizona &N. M. Railway Company
Lordsburg & Hachita Railway Co.
Timo Tabln No. 22.
KlTective June L'H. I '.Hi:!. .Mountain Tini"
Toen No. I ?. f Tr , . N .
Koiuli lloim.l pTiil't ; s- Noto, H...IU-I
l.v. son 11. 111 CI. (ten o tr "'" I "t.
k ft NorOl si le. L- , I I-'
' h " so.illisi.ini- 7
s I 1 ' . .1 di: li r i.- . U . ' I
S 47 ' I'olol.H.I.I n ' -o
. Un. k Y in I 17 " .1
'.iii" -luí-leu. '
" i :-i " linn, mm '. " I
' In it'.! 1 li"in-"ll 10 '
' 1.1 .': ' '-s-tinm M ' I ! '
to ::7 V. 1'. I. i-" ' - "
' 111, - LopM."! " ' 1
11 11 i:..i.. it -1 .'
-' n ,'.s - ' lion L 111.111
- 1J t . . 111. Il.ik. r I".'
A r. 1J ' " II, . I. n.i l' - I -' ' ;
Ti II i II!. t. . O'l l L" wtl
l-s M.UI II I t s
Cliff. lito N..tttl-l-l-t.tí .0- .' - '
tr . I.'ltnne. To. t.i-..iil-. s., :i
If.; Iun. .ill l !-'. Tti-.m- e. ft- - 1.01. I.
.(Ill; Veil, tl I.'. I-! . ' ' ,: ' ".
iis.,. Mr. k 111.10. ti': H..k. I. iU. i.'.
t tiil.lr. 11 un. l-r l" I... ' I 1 I t.,.-
p. if- I. ..-t loo II.- 1 in 1 i .... 1 .. . ..
1 .tl rie.l tree w.ttt - M Itlli ' ' ! ' ' ' '
Wi'tl t'.K tl tl.llt tl" k'l K --ll.v -1
A I.I X I m II - 1 1 ; ' I ti
l-l V l'r. , k .1 '. 1 - i' '
inrioo imIkc '. 17,
KiOkIO i ti.u.
rv Kri !ty ii:1 t ,
U '.'..
CoppcrClty Lodge Jo. IS
1. o.
.1. Kv.-rr M-
.line; liro'l.-r
el., v- V i-t t
! TI T . '. I
M. O. SIMMs, Si-.
A I"
W 1 1 i i M - N .
I. O. R. A.
, -t . 'i j.i- - . ! 1 i-
,v. I 1 r ! r ..f H. t M.
11 W.-ll.. ln N;i-M
ul U...i.i. I .. I.', f. -..11.
V I s 1 1 1 : , 4- til' f - nr.- ' "I !.::
ill I'.i 1 lo III. 1 y I' tl ...
I: i., l l::-i:Y.
.- I m .
,r Hit. ..m..
J. R. Tot.I.
(PsiT Crescent Temple
tv No. 10
llSm- M. t-ls tlie tlrt an I itiil-l
fcJe-J- Ttnirs.l.iv rv.-inin-. .tii'l i.'if
se.oii.l .iii-l l-.-irili lli'irs-Ur
JK Vü' al ! I i...iis. i.itiiK isi r
LorUl.lllV IIM lt-.
Jk.smie Kiix-i HI K C
Mamv H Cu W ' K
V .-1- 4 s, .. . . k ..f V A
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