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The copper era. (Clifton, Graham County, Ariz.) 1899-1911, November 22, 1906, Image 2

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The Copper Era
Published Every Thursday
Enterad at the Clifton. Arizona, postoffice as
econd-clAss mail matter.
For United 8tates, Mexico aud Canada 2 50
All other countries in Postal union 3 00
Single copies. 10
At a meeting' of the Arizona Min
er's association held in Phoenix last
week, Col. Epes Randolph was elected
president; Dr. J. M. Ford, vice-president;
J. M. Blumer, treasurer; C. H.
Akers, Secretary.
The northwest has been visited by
the most disastrous .floods in the his
tory of that section. It is estimated
that the damage will amount to $20,
000,000. Thousands of people have
been made homeless and many lives
lost in the floods.
For the first time in many year9
the republicans will have a majority
of one in the territorial coun
cil, and will therefore be entitled to
select the presiding' officer. In this
connection the Era will do itself
the honor ot recommending for that
important position, the name
of J. Fred Cleaveland, who car
ried the democratic stronghold of
Graham county by a majority of V
Mr. Cleayeland is entitled to the
honor as a recognition from his party
of the victory he achieved.
The United States government has
made the initial move at St. Louis to
dissolve the Standard Oil monopoly.
The administration is certainly doing
everything in its power to crush out
the trusts, and by the assistance of
the people it will succeed within a
vésy short time. The administration
is playing no favorites it is prepar
ing to go after all of them, both big
and little. Teddy's "big stick" is
being used in behalf of the common
people. -
The division of Graham county is
not merely a "foregone conclusion,"
but it Í9 as good as done already. All
of the members of the legislature from
Graham county are in favor of divi
sion, and in this they are backed by
the people from all sections of the
county. The next matter of consid
eration will be the selection of the
county seat of the new county. Clifton
is naturally the center of business
and population, and is more easily
reached from all sections of the pro
posed new county than any other
town. However, the location of the
county seat is of minor importance
as compared with the creation of the
new county. It is a mere detail
which can be arranged at any time,
and no doubt with perfect satisfac
tion to all the people.
Governor Kibbey's annual report,
a synopsis of which will be found on
the first page of this paper, is most
interesting reading. His report in
regard to the financial condition of
. the territory does not agree with the
statements made by Judge Ainsworth,
the jointist candidate for congress.
The judge attempted to make the peo
ple believe that Arizona was plunging
hopelessly in debt, and that its only
hope of avoiding bankruptcy was
by joining with New Mexico. The
governor's report shows that the
territory now has nearly $300,000
cash on band, which is increasing
every year; and that the indebted
ness is being reduced. The territory
is in abetter financial condition than.
it has been in many years, Judge
Ainsworth to the contrary notwith
. Labor conditions throughout the
Uoited States were never before in
sich a prosperous condition. All
lxrge employers of labor are an
nouncing voluntary raises of the
wage scale with such rapidity that it
is hard to keep track of them. All
railroads are following the example
set by the Pennsylvania railroad.
The Standard Oil company has given
an increase to its 60,000 employees.
All mining companies are adopting
the scale of wages set by the copper
companies of the southwest, which
were the first to give the laborer
the benefit of the advance in the
price of their product. All of the
iqining companies of Montana have
adopted the same scale, and Globe
and Jrome came in last week. This
scale is based on 18 cent copper, and
as it is not likely that copper will
ever again fall below that price, it
may be regarded as the permanent
wage of the mine worker. It is no
more than the men are entitled to,
but it is most gratifying to know
that it came valuntarily from the
The following is from the Globe
Silver Belt:
In Porto Rico a man must be able
to read to vote. In New Mexico all
that is required is that the voter
must be able to make "his mark."
The same thing can be said of
Arizona, where thousands of sample
ballots are furnished that the ignor
ant may be instructed where to make
his mark. When it comes to an in
telligent vote Arizona has no ad
vantage over New Mexico. The
balance of political power in Ari
zona, as in New Mexico, rests with
the ignorant citizen, who can neither
read nor write, and not one out of
ten of whom are tax payers: It is a
condition of affairs of which the in
telligent citizenr should be heartily
ashamed, and which our next legis
lature should lose no time in correct
ing. We should adopt the Colorado
ballot, which can only be voted by a
man who can read. Then we will
havo clean politics, fn4 our officers
will be elppfefl by hp Intelligent
iW'mm of the count! "
New Masonic Grand Officers.
The several branches of the Ma
sonic order, which were in session at
Phoenix last week, elected the fol
lowing officers for the ensuing year:
Herbert Brown, grand master: Cyrus
Grant Jones, deputy grand master;
Fletcher Morris Doan, senior grand
warden; Federick Gustave Brecht,
junior grand warden; Rickers Nickels
Fredericks, grand treasurer; George
James Roskruge, grand secretary;
Francis Asbury Shaw, grand lecturer:
Rev. John Griffith Pritchard, grand
chaplain; Ygnacio Bonillas, grand
orator; John Florence Niccolls, grand
marshal; Charles Davis Haney, grand
standard bearer; Thomas Stanford
Bunch, grand sword bearer; Lei Mid
dleton, grand Bible bearer; Henry
Alfred Morgan, senior grand deacon:
Frank Thomas, junior grand deacon;
Walter Clark Miller senior grand
steward; Roderick McGregor Mc
Dougall, junior grand steward; Harry
Arizona Drachman, grand pursivant:
Allen Ray Hickman,, grand organist;
Milton McLean, grand tyler.
The grand officers of the Eastern
Star are: Bessie H. Grosetta, grand
matron-, Tucson; James S. Cromo,
grand perlate, Clifton; Anna B.
Morgan, G. Asso. M., Wilcox; Rick
mer N. Fredericks, G. Asso. P.,
Prescott; Sarah T. Martiu, G. Secy.,
Globe; Holland Merryman, G. Treas ,
Phoenix; Rosaline Clark, G. Con.,
Flagstaff; Nellie Olney, G. Asso. Con.,
Satlord; Jennie Capo, G. A., Tucson:
Anna Flinn, G. R., Winslow; Cynthia
Brecht, G. E., Prescott; Elizabeth
Rothermel, G. M., Jerome; Eli.obeth
McPherson, G. E., Tombstone; Susan
F. Parker, G. chaplain, Phoenix;
June Brown, G. marshal, Yuma;
Clara J. Talbot, G. organist,. Jerome;
Minnie Beckwith, G. warden, Bisbee.
The next grand lodge will, be held
at Morenci.
The Territorial Fair.
The various Clifton Deople who at
tended the territorial fair have re
turned home, and they all speak in
the highest terms of the fair. It
was by far a greater success than
the first fair held one year ago.
Arizona people generally regard it
as "their" fair, and all sections of
the territory have contributed to
wards its success. It addition to the
Arizonans ' present thousands of
strangers were there, from all sec
tions of the United States. It is esti
mated that not less than fifty thous
and people were in attendance dur
ing the week. The only criticising
heard is that the city of Phoenix
was not prepared for such a gather
ing, and was therefore not able to
properly accommodate ', such an im
mense crowd. The fact seems to be
that the fair has outgrown the Capi
tal City, but the enterprise of the
citizens will now assert itself, and by
another year no doubt the accommo
dations will be ample. . -
General Electric.
The official call for the.' special
meeting of the stockholders of Gen
eral Electric has been issued. They
will be asked to authorize, the issue
of .$20,000,000 "new stock, : of which
$11,000,000 will be offered soon, at
the rate of one share new stock at
par for each five shares' now held.
President Coffin states that the
business during the eight months of
the current fiscal "year has been 30
per cent, greater than during the
corresponding period last year. This
necessitates a larger working capital.
Last Janupry $0,000,000 new stock
was issued, but this has proved in
adequate to care for the increased
New patterns in Sterling Silver
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ceived at A. C. drug department.
Candy Lovers.
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Stock companies incorporated. If
you have stocks or bonds for sale, let
me try to sell them for you. George
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Square, Buffalo. 4t
So many of the defects in shoes,
such as breaking down of box
toes and heel counters, ripping
of stitching, etc., which prove a
constant source of annoyance, as
well as a detriment to the shoe,
result from lack of proper atten
tion to the details of construction.
is made with the most careful scru
tiny. Its uniform excellence of con
struction assures you of its perfection.
Arizona Copper Co,
Shoe Pept,
Arrested at Duncan On Charge of At
tempted Assault on Young Girl.
George Haigh, for many years a
resident of Clifton, was arrested
at Duncan Tuesday night by Deputy
Sheriff Gus Hobbs for alleged assault
upon the person of his adopted
daughter, who is between thirteen
and fourteen yeavs of age.
Ilaigh and the girl left Clifton
Tuesday morning for Duncan, where
the girl was to have been placed in
school. The accused secured two
rooms in the hotel at Duncan, and
during the night the landlady was
awakened by the cries of the girl.
She immediately sought the assist
ance of Deputy Sheriff Hobbs, who
broke open the door, and finding
Haigh in the girl's room promptly
placed him under arrest, and locked
him up in the local jail.
In themorning the people became
greatly excited over the alleged
outrage, and for a time it appeared
that there was danger of violence
towards the prisoner, but wiser coun
sel prevailed, and the people decided
to let the law take its course.
The district attorney was notified
ana is 'now at Duncan, where the
preliminary examination will be held
today. Frank Laine, of Clifton, is
also at Duncan to see that the ac
cused man gets a square deal.
For the past eight or ten years
George Haigh has been one - of the
hardest working men in Clifton, and
has alwáys been well regarded by his
neighbors and the public. He is at
times somewhat eccentric, and re
cently he has been drinking hard,
which may in a measure account for
the trouble he is now in.
His friends in Clifton hope that the
many reports are untrue, but if they
are substantiated he will receive no
sympathy in this community.
The Era will reserve comments on
the case until after the preliminary
examination has been held.
A telephone message just received
from Duncan conveys the information
that Haigh waived his preliminary
examination, and that his bond was
fixed at $5000 by Justice Watters.
Not being able to give the bond he
will be placed in jail at Solomonville
to await the action of the grand
Balloon to Float in Air for- Weeks.
Dr. -Julian P. Thomas, the árrenaut
of New York, anuouncesi that after
exhaustive experiments he firmly be
lieves he has discovered a material-
fur balloon construction far superior
to that nbw used aiW he will soon
begin the building of the largest and
most powerful balloon in the history
of the world,
"Every time I make an ascent,"
said Dr. Thomas, "it cost me $400 for
acid alone, aside from the other ex
pense of inflation. I sincerely be
lieve that, with the new material, I
will be able to inflate a much larger
balloon than m3r 60,000 cubic foot one
and at much reduced cost. I will be
able to stay in the air for days or
weeks or as long as I like with this
contemplated balloon."
All work in our jewelrv department
is absolutely guaranteed. A. C. drug
The'Chase Creek Tailor shop prop
erty is for sale. Will give two years
lease. Apply at Gila Valley Bank.
A nice new line of SolidSilver
novelties at A. G. drug department.
-nil MIlllillMnillliilHlltlllllllllllMIllllUIIIIIIIIIIUIlllIlllllllllllllllllllllllltlltlllllllll tllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllUlllllllIlllllllllllllltllllltlllllllllllllinillll.''
s Requested
Many Famous Circus Celebrities With
the Greater Norris & Rowe Circus.
Norris & Rowe point with pride to
their achieyement this season in se
curing many of the most famous cir
cus performers in this country and
Europe. The bare-back riders in
clude such famous personages as the
dainty Miss Edna Maretta, who turns
complete somersaults " on. the bare
back of a swiftly running horse;
Janet Stetson's troop of high school
horses; Evie Melville and her superb
equine "Dot:" Edythe Maskelyn and
Mark Hayden, European menage
riders; Herbert liumley, the cele
brated rough rider; Frank and Dolly
Miller with their beautiful four
horse carrying act; Austin King,
jockey and trick rider and young
George Settle with his six pure white
Shetland ponies.
Other attractive features are the
great Stirk Family of ten men and
women, mid-air bicyclists; Three
Merkle Sisters on the flying trapeze;
ten Japanese men and 'women called
the Sugimoto troupe; the Six Flying
Sterlings; the Four Casting Leslies;
Hugh Carrays, Abbot Banks and
Miss Edith Howland with their giant
electrical revolving ladder; the
Misses Colgrover Pringle, Keaton and
Lalonde on the lofty aerial bars; the
Seven Wonderful. St. Angmon family
of acrobats; the Five Sisters Rexos,
gymnasts; the Juggling Devinos; the
Aerial Kagnanis . troupe of mid-air
performers; the -Vetter Sisters on
the high bounding wire; the Dewar
troupe; Les Peréz troupe on the high
perpendicular ladder. The splendid
program Norris- & Rowe have pre
pared for our edification this season
seems to be the very best they have
ever offered. " The show exhibits here
Saturday, December 1st.
Standard Oil Tried for Bribery.
A special to the Cleaveland News
from Findlay, says that, according
to C. C. Meiers, member of the jury
which convicted the Standard Oil
company Of violation of the anti
trust laws, a bribe of $5000 was twice
offered him during the trial on condi
tion that he hang , the jury and force
a disagreement."
Jacob King offers his household
goods for sale at a bargain. The
goods can be seen at the Wells re
sidence, two miles up the riyer. tf
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Kindly arrange to come if you can.
No effort will be made to sell goods, on this opening day.
We simply wish you to see our holiday line, and new store.
3uv 1R. Xoomts,
Legislative Clerks.
We find the following in the Ari
zona Republican:
"The twenty-fourth legislature is
not going to be overrun with clerks
who have been so numerous in the
past as to get in the way ot the mem
bers and so obstruct legislation.
There will only be as many clerks as
are absolutely necessary ..this time.
Goyernor Kibbey has the call and it
has been announced that he will hold
the attaches down to the number that
will be required for the transaction
of business. There is a federal pro
vision for the payment of a certain
number of the clerks and it has been
the practice for generous members to
make appropriation' for the payment
of others until sometimes there have
been as many as two clerks for each
of the members. It has been stated
that no bill making an extravagant
appropriation for this purpose will
recieve the governor's approval.
Good for Kibbey! In the last, legis
lature there was almost a scandal be
cause of the number of .clerks em
ployed and the quality. The capital
building and grounds were the loafing
place of dozens of legislative employ
es who had no duty to perform and
many of them were incompetent to
do any clerical work whatever. .-
, It was also notorious around Phoe
nix that some of the lady clerks";em
ployed as clerks were not abov.c-sus-picion
of their virtue. V
' The people of Arizona will stand' by
Governor Kibbey in his ' effort to re
strict the number of legislative em
ployes to the number acturally re
quired. A half dozen good stenogra
phers is sufficient for all the require
ments in both the council and the as
sembly. There is no need of any as
sistant sergeant-at-arms or assistant
doorkeepers or postmasters."
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