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The Copper Era
Era Publishing Co.
Local notices IX cents per word each inser-inn.
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Tnauks cnargea lor at tne regular rates.
The following scale or prices has been adopt
ed by the ERA ou legal advertising.
Patnnt millillV notices. ter ÍUCD (10 10-
sertions) -.- 5 00
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Cut flowers fresh every Saturday
Dunn & Loom is."-
Rafela Madrid, aged 53 years, died
iu Clifton last Sunday and was buried
Monday. -
. Ed. Heyl was extended a surprise
birthday partj by a number- of bis
friends last week.
The Clifton band will give an open
air concert at the band stand next
Sunday evening: at 8 o'clock. The
public is cordially invited to attend.
District court will convene either
on the 15th or 22nd of April. So far
no authentic word has been obtain
áble from Judge Nave, who is now
holding court outside of his district
Presbyterian Church Services:
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.; morning
worship 11 a. m. Easter Services;
evening services 7:30 p. m. Special
music. All invited.
George Hardy, proprietor of the
New Saloon, on. East side, will give a
big beef head barbecue next Satur
day night, to which he is giving a
free pass to all his old friends and
also those who care to énjoy a feast.
The D. C. pipe line between Mo
renci and Eagle creek was broken
last week and about 100 barrels of oil
was lost before the break could be
repaired. The break .was caused by
wagons driving over the pipe.
P. O. Bacon, of the Independent
Assay office, has grown several inches
"taller during the past week over the
arrival at his home of a fine ten-
pound son Sunday morning. Mother
and son doing well.
Louis Perber, who opened up a
brokers 'Office on the 25th, has been
doing a big business this week. ' He
has succeeded in listing a good many
oruers, ana in a snort time win no
doubt have to employ some more ex
tra help. " '
The Clifton band boys will give a
- Vtpnpfir. hall at thi niwra hmis Kar-
i - -
urday night . to which the general
public is invited. Music will be
furnished by the full band and a good
time is assured those who attend.
Help the boys.
Howard Mix, who left Clifton- sev
eral weeks ago for California for the
benefit of his health, returned last
Saturday greatly improved. He was
sick about seven months. His many
friends in Clifton are glad to see him
again. He will resume his duties
with the Shannon Copper company
in the carpenter's department..
Lige Stevens, one of the best min
ers in this section, spent the past
week in Clifton taking a short ' vaca
tion. He is 'now employed at the
Gold Belt mines where he is nicely
situated. He says that the Gold Belt
is an ideal camp and the miners are
all well satisfied with the lay-out.
Lige returned to the camp Tuesday
of this week.
Archibald Murphy, shift boss at
the Shannon mine at Metcalf, who
was operated upon two weeks ago for
apendicitis, died at the Shannon
hospital Friday of last week. He
was twenty-seven years of age and a
fine fellow and had many friends
among those who knew him. De
ceased was in a rather critical condi
tion when brought to the hospital,
and appeared ; to vt getting along
nicely after the'"dperation, bita sud
den turn for the worst took place
with the result of death. The re
mains were taken charge of by Un
dertaker Pascoe and prepared for
shipment. They were shipped to San
Francisco, where- deceased mother
Take a rubber at the Ladies' New
Shirt waists just arrived at Holt's
store. '
CHICKENS. Book your order at Smith's
Household furniture for sale cheap.
Enquire front of the Clifton Hotel.
v Smith & Carlton are' the Fire In
surance Agents Get your house in
sured. We have Club House, Monarch,
Richelieu, Bishop, Hein.'s and Long's
jams, jellies and preserves. Ask to
see them. A. C. store.
Lost Between Clifton Hotel and
A. C. store, a gold pin, representing
a sunburst, having 8-lluted gold arms
and diamond set in center. A reward
of $5 will be .paid for its return to
this office.
$5.00 reward will be paid for the re
covery of a little black and tan dog
with a stub tail. Leave at Era of
fice. Notice to the Public.
The firm of Lines Bros., proprietors
of the Clif ton-Morenci Diary, has
been dissolved and in the future will
be known as W. A. Lines & Co. All
outstanding bills will be collected
and paid by the new firm.
Dated, Clifton, AH , March 1st, 1007.
W. A. Lines
Milt Lines
, About sixty clatms were contracted
for in the Morenci district last week
by Los Angeles people. It is under
stood to be a cash proposition and
the time set for the first payment at
ninety days. The Era will give par
ticulars when the deal is closed.
R. J, Young, formerly a resident
of Clifton, but now of Globe, where
he is manager of the Britt Copper
company, passed through Clifton this
week on his way from his ranch at
Alpine to Globe. He has succeeded
in making a number of good mining
deals in the Globe district since locat
ing there, which his many frieuds in
this section are glad to hear.
The New York-ArlziJna Gold and
Copper company has let the con
tract for 100 feet of shaft work to be
done on the Louise claim, which is
one. of the best properties in the
group. Other contracts for develop
ment work-will be let as soon as the
new wagon road is completed. Upon
the completion of the Louise shaft
a gasoline hoist wili be installed and
sinking continued. Several new dis
coveries have been made on the
property and. work is being continued
as rapidly as is possible under exist
ing circumstances.
John Keppler,- an old Clifton pros
pector and miner of the -Clif ton-Mo
renci district, who left Clifton sev
eral months ago and located a group
of mines in the Globe district, has
bmded them to eastern parties for
$75,000. Ninety days from the date
of the bond he is to receive ten per
cent, and the balance in eighteen
months. John is now employed with
one of the mining companies in that
section waiting for the first payment
His many frieuds in this section are
glad' to hear that he has struck it
The Gold Belt Development and
Reduction company this week added
four new mining claims to its old
holdings, which now gives the com
pany a total of 20 claims, making the
entire group a perfect square. Two
of the claims, the Joseph E. Johnson
and Merrimac, which are both first-
class prospects, were purchased from
E. Depee and the other two, Gold
Belt Nos. 7 and 8, also good proper
ties, were purchased from John Mol-
der. Development work has indi
cated that á good gold lead points to
the Johnson and Merrimac and it was
for this reason that the Gold Belt de
sired to acquire the property. Ore
shipments will soon be coming in at a
rapid rate as quite a force of miners
are employed on the property. There
has recently been exhibited some
samples of gold rock from the Gold
Belt that would create much excite
ment in any camp except Clifton.
L. B. KauSman, . of Columbus,
Ohio, S. S. Jones, of Chicago, and F.
A. Ray, of Columbus, all heavy stock
holders in the Cuprite Copper com
pany, visited Ciifton this week.
Superintendent Alsdorf, who has re
cently located at Globe, came over
and accompanied them to the mines.
The Cuprite company has been in
operation several years, during which
time considerable development work
has been done, which required con
siderable money. The mines are
located in the famous copper zone of
the Clif ton-Morenci district and there
is every reason to believe tnat good
results will be obtained, as it is al
most impossible to mine in that sec
tion without striking ore. Consider
able good ore has been taken out in
development work, some of which has
been shipped realizing good returns.
S. S. Campbell, of Boston, Mass.,
and E. M. McNary, of "Pittsburg,
Penn., arrived in Clifton last week
to transact business connected with
the Chase Creek Copper company.
Mr. Campbell is well known in this
section, having made numerous trips
to this district, and is man
ager of the company. Mr. McNary
is a capitalist-of Pittsburg and is one
of the héaviest stockholders, in the
They were met at Clifton by I. N.
Stevens, superintendent of the com
pany, who took them to the mines in
the Metcalt district, where they
spent a couple of days and both gen
tlemen expressed themselves highly
delighted with the magnificent show
During the past few years consider
able money has been expended on de
velopment work under the direction
of Superintendent Stevens and it
now seems that the property is des
tined to be a winner. The property
is being developed by a long tunnel
which gains depth ata rapid rate as
the tunnel advances. Recent indica-
ions have been quite favorable and
;ood body of ore is expected to
come in át any time. The workings
have now gained a depth of 800 feet,
where quite a good deal of native
copper has been encountered. It
comes in a talc seam and is the
prettiest looking sample exhibited
in this camp for some time. The
property is looking so well that ac-
ive development work will be con
tinued and it is quite likely that the
next time Messrs. Campbell and Mc
Nary visit the 'property they will
have the pleasure of viewing one of
the largest bodies of copper ore in the
district. They left for their homes
For Easter Ladies Kid Gloves,
black and white, 8-button length.
Store department of Shannon Co.
When in the A. C. store see our
groceries and tfet our prices. We
have the goaili awl our prices are hi
line. '
W. H. Chapman, of Morenci, visit
ed Clifton this week.
H. C. Day, a prominent citizen of
Duncan, is up this week on business.
J. T. Tong, of Metcalf, visited
Clifton this week.
J. H. Carter and J. - Walker were
down from Metcalf this week.
Dr. Burtch visited Duncan this
week on professional business.
M. H. Kane manager of the ' Shan
non stores, yisited Metcalf this week
on business.
Mrs. John Stirrat, who visited her
mother at El Paso the past few
weeks, returned home last week.
Quigley, the ball player, left last
Tuesday for Van Couver to fulfil his
Tom Stockton, a well known cattle-
man, of the Blue country, is in town
this week.
Miss Annie Ferber arrived in Clifton
Wednesday evening on a short visit
to her brother, Louis.
M. Z.. Elliott, who is connected with
the Clifton Amalgamated company,
returned from a short visit to Cali
Mrs. Deck," who spent some time in
Clifton, visiting her children, left for
her home at Port Lavacca, Texas,
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Alsdorf, of
Globe, spent a few days of this week
in Clifton, returning home Tuesday
morning. . .
Ben M. Crawford, an old time min
ing man of this section, returned
this-week from a short visit to Los
Angeles. .
Mrs. E Xellner and sou, accom
panied by her mother, Mrs. Moreno,
are over from Globe visiting Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Springer.
Bart Tipton, one of Duncan's sub
stantial business men, spent a fe'w
days of this week in Clifton, on busi
Ilr. and Mrs. A. T. Thomson re
turned Tuesday evening from Texas,
where Mrs. Thomson spent some time
visiting her mother.
Fred Hubner, of Duncan, visited
Clifton this week on business. Fred
states that he will have plenty of
water on his farm this season, and ex
pects to reap a good harvest.
Wiley E. Jones, one of the leading
attorneys of Safford and past great
sachem of the Red Men, was up last
Saturday and took part in the enter
tainment given. by Hiawatha tribe.
justav Becker, one of the owners
of the Becker-Franz store in Nortlj
Clifton, was down from Springerville
a few days of the past week. He re
turned home Wednesday morning.
James Neil, who re c e n 1 1 y
took an interest ..in' the Clif
ton Grocery, arrived Sunday evening
with his family from Silver City.
They will make their future home
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Baylor left Wed
nesday morning to be absent a short
time. .Mrs. Baylor will go to Silver
City on a visit to Miss Dorsey, while
Mr. Baylor will visit Douglas and Bis-
bee on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ringgold, of
Globe, and Mrs. John Parks, of Solo
monville, left Wednesday for their
homes, after spending a pleasant
week in Clifton. Frank had his
residence on Riyerside repaired and
put in excellent shape while he was
here. v
George B. Gamble, proprietor of
the Coronado stage line, visited Clif
ton this week' and reports the valley
in fine shape. He is putting the
stage line in excellent shape, pre
paratory to accommodating those
who will be required to attend court
next month.
PIE DAY. April 4th at Smith's store
Kodak Films arriving weekly by
express. No favorites one price to
all. A. C. drug department.
Cottage for rent at Riverside, ap
ply at Smith's store.
For bargains in Real Estate go to
Smith & Carlton, office opposite First
National Hank.
SHOES! SHOES! The kind that look well
and wear well at Smith's store.
No. 5821.
First National Bank of Clifton,
At Cliflon in the Territory of Arizona at the
("lose of business, Mnr. 22, 1907.
resources: ,
-oans anil discounts $207
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured... 4,
II. 8. Bonds to secure circulation so.
Bonds, securities. etc
liankuisrhouse F urtmnre and fixtures 9.
Due from National Bunks (not reserve
agents) S,
Due from State hanks and bankers. ... 4
Due from approved reserve agents 17,
Checks and other cash items 1.
Notes of other Natiounl Banks 1,
FracUonal paper currency, nickels, cts
Specie Í14 472 55
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer
(b per cent oí uircuiauon; j
NIK) 3
000 00
506 45
300 00
(193 32
,M1 20
,113 9fi
-'9 23
125 00
18fi 16
147 55
500 00
TOTAL Í307.115 48
Capital stock paid in $30 .000 00
surplus i una iu.ouu ou
Undivided pro::ts, less expenses ana
taxes paid 5,264 84
National Bank notes outstaudinir 30,000 00
Individual deposits subject to check.. 188.76:1 00
Time cerliticatcs of deposit. 30.550 64
Cashier's checks outstanding 2,531- 00
Bils payaole, including certificates
of deposit for money borrowed 10,000 00
TOTAL $307,115 48
Territory of Arizona, i
Couutv of urahatn
1. 1". P. URKKR. Cashier of the nbove-
nauicd bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of mv knowledge
and belief. 1". P. GREER, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before ine this2Sth
day of March 1907. Thomas b. Inoi.is,
(Seal) Notary Public.
My commission expires May 11th 1010.
I 1, M. Wll.t.UMs
lÜtVClWi-í A MB A M AM
Baptist Services Next Sunday.
Reverend Winfleld Scott, chair
man of the Baptist Missionary
Board, will hold services in Library
hall next Sunday evening-, March
31st. Mr. Scott is an excellent
speaker. Everybody . is invited to
attend. - -
The Bull Maverick Won.
Jeff Dunaan returned last week
from El Paso, where he led the
famous "Bull Maverick" race horse
to victory. He pulled pIT a match at
the Pass City between the Bull
Maverick and Orient, a celebrated
San Angelo racer, and succeeded in
winning- the race in a walk. It is
said that Jeff's horse had to be pulled
in and then won the race by forty
feet. The match was for $250 a side,
but Jeff got away with an extra $250
with outsiders.
Jeff informed an Era representa
tive that he had closed another
match between his horse and another
San Angelo horse for $1000 a side,
which will be pulled off at Globe on
April 25th. The Bull Maverick is
well known to the people of Arizona
and it is quite likely that the Globe
sports will play him for the winner.
Red Men Entertainment.
The entertainment and ball given
by the. Red Men of Clifton at the
opera house last Saturday night, was
attended by a large number of Clif
ton people. All who attended had a
pleasant evening and the members of
Hiawatha Tribe were highly com
plimented upon the manner in which
they entertained.
The programme started promptly
at 9 o'clock by the rendition of a
violin solo by Messrs. Wacasa and
Bond, which was followed by a reci
tation entitled "The Wooden Indian"
delivered by Major 'Lattin in his
usual dramatic manner. -
This was followed with music by
Messrs. Bond and son, and ared hot
stump speech by O. A. Risdon, which
created much l?uhter in the audi
L. R. Broyles rendered a rag time
on the banjo while Jimmy Moore, the'
celebrated clog dancer, cut a few of
his graceful figures, to the delight
and amusement of those present.
Then came an address by Hon.
Wiley E. Jones, past great sachem of
the Great Council of Arizona. His
remarks were confined to the "Red
Men" and the great principles of the
order and in all he outlined the many
objects of the order. His remarks
received the attention of all present.
Then came the big- dance which
lasted until the small hours. During
the -latter part of the programme
light refreshments were served. The
entertainment was quite a success
bjth financially and socially.
If you are having- trouble getting-
good lard ask for "Simon Pure Leaf
Lard." We guarantee it. A. C.
grocery department. -
ORANGES! ORANGES! Fresh, Sweet and
Juicy at Smith's store.
W.C. ELANK, - -
Clifton Shoe Shop.
Boots and shoes made to order
!fHair work done promptly and neatlT
Clifton Planing
All Kinds of Mill Work.
Band Sawing
Turning and Moulding
Orders PromDtlu Attended to'
$1.00 Per Day
y muí iiiiiiiiiiiittiiini tiiiiiiiini tiui tint tttn iiiiiLi
1 General Merchandise 1
I Have Recently Added
Paints, Oils.
Still Headquarters For
Ranch Supplies
Found Dead at Guthrie.
Word reached Clifton last Friday
evening announcing- that the body of
a Mexican was found on the river
bank a short distance below the rail
road bridge at Guthrie. Justice Tom
Smith went down Saturday and after
summoning- a jury held an inquest,
An examination was made and a tax
receipt was found on the body, bearing-
the name of Francisco Busta
mente. . .
Bastamente was. seen on the rail
road bridge in " company" with
Augustin and Alfredo Gonzales about
five days before the body was found
It is supposed that Bustamente fell
off the bridge and was drowned, having-
floated a short distance, below
the bridge. The body was badly de
composed and the face was eaten
Augustin and Alfredo could not be
located and there being no evidence
obtainable, the jury came to the con
clusion that deceased came to his
death by accidental drowning-.
Owing to the horrible condition of
the body, a hole was dug and burial
took place on the bank of the Gila
' FRESH STRAWBERRIES. Book your order
at Smith's store.
U. 6. WOLFE. Proprietor
P. O. Box 66 Telepboi
References 1st ffatt'i BiK '
Umpire snóTControl Work, .
Aeent for Ore Shippers.
Electrolytic Determinations of Copper
Examinations and Reports on Mines
i Sampling Car-Lots at Smelter.
Office and Laboratory next door to Coppei En Offic
Send for Ore Mtilline RnrltR.
Fancy Summer Footwear
Shoe Department.
Contractor and
Plans Made
and Estimates.
Furnished on
-w k o x. É a a. z e:
Bread, Pies and Cakes
I am now sole owner, having- pur
chased the interest of Mr. Kosmesky
in the business, and will be pleased to
see old friends.
Tne Union Restaurant
Everything New and the Best the
Market Affords.
Huyler's Candies Palmer's Perfumes
IP o i? Eas to i?
We will have a liberal supply of the fa
mous MISS CRAWFORD Flowers, con
sisting of CARNATIONS, ROSES and
are conceded to be the most beautiful
and lasting obtainable. While we have
contracted for an extra supply for Easter
it is quite possible that the demand may.
exceed the supply, so kindly let us have
your orders as soon as possible.
We also have a generous line of
the Regular Easter NOVELTIES
JCirSES I!I08., Proprietors.
-.: .--y...- -. . . - -u- A-ynsr. '-'mm -:-' . i? --".. ,j
Fresh Dairy Products Delivered Daily tc Both Clifton and Morenci
Why Not,
mTo remember the folks back! home, as well as the
-r..i : j mi.: i -i j
i uiBiiue. xuis year we nave piactju upuu our
, shelves a most complete line of EASTER WARES.
Nowhere else in the Southwest can be found such a
CARDS, REMEMBRANCES, ETC., for this most
inspiring day, as we are displaying. Look in our
EASTER window. The sight will please you.
"VVe will be glad to help you make selections, and
we urge you to come early while our stocK is
Our EasLer Lillies and Carna
tions will arrive Friday evening.
Phone us your order. We will
do the rest.
It pays to Come Here First..
We are the owners of some excellent coal prospects near
Morenci, upon which a sufficient amount of work has been done
to demonstrate the fact that coal exists here. We have coal on
the surface that will average 53 per cent, carbonate. There are
several coal veins from 1 to 2 feet wide, and one that will average
4 feet, with a dip of 30 degrees.
We would entertain a proposition from people of means to
develop these properties, which are only two miles from a rail
road. W. J. DAVIDSON,
P. O. Box 524, Mokenci, Arizona.
Hig-h grade line of sssant
y M1TTrawro.Wiisl Liquors and Cigars.
Will be pleased to.see old
friends and new ones too.
Draught. Beer 25c Quart.
Chase Creek, next door to Bob
Dunagan's saloon.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &C.
ontckly ascertniti our opinion freo whether an
Iuveiillon is prohnbly patentable. Comrnunlcii
tionsBtrlcllycoiill.lentlal. HANDBOOK on Paleuta
out free. Oldest nuency fur eeourmB patents.
Patents taken tliroueli Muim & Co. receive
Special nortee, wir nout -""2 '
peciat notice, wimuuhwin'Koi "
Scienííííc Jíme-ican.
itiir,n of hi nrlcntlH follrnnl,
vactrj four mnmiiSi f
Ptlmb 0810, & F I
I.nrieM rtt.
enhvi" o nti sricntiH lo run . ,er"'"'l'
attrj four mnmusi f U HVIHWI'! n.""jT:-
,381Briiwy,nPW inrK
r et yvmUibkHíd, P, C
Just Received
Parlor Lamps
& Water Sets
Which we will give
to our customers as
Give Us a Call and See How Nice They Look
we dkliveu vom: Packages fkek of charge

ilegal icn-.ier notes o,o,o w zi,

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