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Published Every Friday ly
Entered at the Postoffice at Clifton, Arizona, for trans
mission through the mails as second class mail matter.
Payable Strictly in Advance
For the United States, Mexico and Canada $2.50
All other countries in Postal union 3.00
Single copies 10
The Department of
Things as They Ought to Be. "
(As Seen Through the Editor's Glasses.)
The Democratic nominees
Convention are:
W. T.
The people of Arizona will write
These trust presidents and trust congresses have dominated the country so
long and so thoroughly that they
special use, but the people of the nation are taking a fall out of this ag
gregation. They are in open rebellion against Taft and his horde, and Arizona
will not coward-like desert the army of determined men who are battling
for American liberty and submit to Taft or his congress a constitution not
in harmony with our needs.
They tell us, get statehood first play coward and poltroon to deceive
the president, then amend your constitution later. No, sir. We will pre
sent to congress the kind of a constitution the people of Arizona are de
manding, and let that rawhide gang of despoilers do what they d n
please with it.
The republicans are indulging in considerable criticism against the
democrats oflMaricopa county for what they term our "attempt to defeat
statehood," and cite in support of their contention the censorship of our
constitution by President Taft and a republican congress, and allege that if
the peodle of Arizona don't fashion their constitution after the plans laid
down by this autocratic power, that our constitution will be repudiated. In
other words, the republican candidates tell us you shall not make a consti
tution along the lines demanded by the voters of Arizona if you do, we will
defeat it.
Think of that infamous proposition. Neither congress nor the presi
dent has an earthly thing to do with our constitution; that is, it in no wise
comes in contact with either in the performance of their public duty; and if
the constitution conforms to the national constitution, what right, in all
common decency, have they to defeat it?
Yet the Arizona republicans are trying to intimidate the voters into
supporting their ticket on the theory that Arizona must present a constitu
tion suitable to the trusts before she can secure admission.
The Democrat is not an anarchist, popular or a public disturber. We
want statehood and would make any legitimate sacrifice to secure it, but we
are unalterably opposed to surrending every right that belongs to good
citizenship in order to become a state. If Arizona has got to frame a con
stitution that will meet with the approval of the men who are and have
been plundering the people of the nation for the past twenty years in order
to secure what rightfully belongs to us, let us retain our self-respect and
continue a territory till decency and justice rules at the national capítol.
The platform adopted by the Republican convention of Los Angeles
county contains the following: "The submission to the people of a consti
tutional amendment providing for direct legislation in state, county and
municipal government, through the initiative, the referendum and the
The attraction of Judge McFall and Senator Ives to the initiative and
referendum at the present time is commendable. Both men are able and
astute and realize that this principle in government is going to prevail, and
they do not want to be with the minority. In other words, these gentlemen
are coming in out of the wet.
The republican candidates are all reputable men, but the Hitchcock
platform they are standing on will defeat every one of them. The people
of Arizona are not yet ready to turn the affairs of the new state over to a
horde of eastern political trusts.
The Democrats do not for a moment contemplate that President Taft
will repudiate Arizona's constitution because it contains the initiative and
referendum. No man big enough to sit in the presidential chair could be so
bigoted or so small of caliber as to resort to such political jingoism.
With the republican constitutional convention of New Mexico and the
democratic convention of Arizona, both presenting constitutions to Mr.
Taft containing the initiative and referendum, the big president will be in
a dilemma. That is about what will happen when congress convenes.
The initiatiye and referendum is not dangerous to the public welfare,
and will not defeat statehood. This is a republican campaign cry and mead
only for the purpose of influencing voters to support the republican ticket.
It is another "full-dinner pail" cry, and is just as misleading.
Theodore Roosevelt, drunk with power and burning with ambition, is
not only a dangerous man, but he is the arch-demagogue of the country."
This is the first time in the history of Arizona when the people the
real people have bad an opportualti to vote for Thc-mst ivci. And the
tney are lining up is a caution.
Editor and Manager
Editor Püo-tem
for delegates to the Constitutional
the kind of a constitution they want.
really believe it was created for their
Democratic Club Meets.
Last Saturday night the Demo
crats of Clifton met at Casino Hall to
elect officers. The meeting called to
order. Chairman Cobb called on W.
T. Webb, of Pima, and A. R. Lynch)
of SalTord. They discussed princi
pally the rumor that the valley was
heartily opposed to the division of
Graham county and its harmful ef
fect upon the harmony of the demo
cratic forces.
They assured us that the valley was
not opposed to division knowing it to
be the inevitable, that it must come
sooner or later and so they accepted
now as the time. The valley has al
ways stood by this end Of the county
giving candidates from this end a
majority vote over canditates from
their end. The rumor that the val
ley ever did offl-ially oppose division
is erroneous, the only feeling to be
shown or felt at all being that of re
gret. After division Graham will
easily be democrrtic while this end is
in question. The speakers urged the
club to put forth its best efforts to
organizp and pointed out the fact
that in the campaign this fall their
opportunity lies. If the politics of
Greenlee are thoroughly organized
and go on record as a democratic
county the battle Is won. Further to
show the feeling existing between
the two ends of the countv, the
speakers pledged the solid support of
the valley to our candidates. Again
they pointed out the fact that the
republicans had taken refuge behind
a platform so ambiguous, so mean
ingless that they were compelling
good votes from their party to hunt
up a party with a definite, popular
platform and this they would find in
tne democratic platform embodying
the Initiative, Referendum and Re
call. After the speaking the business of
the election of officers was taken up
and without any discord the follow
ing selections were made by commit
tee ana approved:
J. B. Murphy, president; C. O. Bil
nngsiey, 1st vsce-presidnt; J. J
Kellhy, 2nd vice-president; J. M
Bunch, 3rd vice-president; R. J
Dunagan, 4th vice-president; D. Mc
Neil, 5th vice-president; P. Anier
son, secretary; M. E. Caawford, treas
It was the popular wish to put the
young democrats into the harness
therefore the unanimous choice of
James B. Murphy. Murphy is an en
ergetic young fellow, who, after that
speecn ot acceptance, we feel post
tive will be able to hold down the
The meeting as an index to the
party s conditions show it to be solid
ly united and harmonious.
A quiet and elegant wedding took
place at tne beautitully decorated
Home of our friend, Manuel Baron
in West Clifton one evening last
week, when Miss Adela Tully arrived
from Tucson, with her graceful sis
ter, Miss Hortense, un the same
evening Frank Miltonburg, who is at
tne present time a clerk in the Chase
creek store, and an old sweetheart of
the bride, repaired to the home of
Mr. Baron and the handsome young
couple were united in the holy bonds
t r t . .
oi matrimony, juage iNerr pertormea
me ceremony, rne Tuny sisters are
nieces of Manuel Baron and Mrs
i'.d. Gomez of this city, and daugh
ters or Mr. cuas. a. lully, a promi
nent newspaper man of Tucson
I he bride was attired in a beauti
fully tailored silk gown, which was
most becoming to her, making her
appear in ner stately form most ma
jestically and queen-like. The cere
mony was perlormed verv privatelv.
being- present only the most intimate
mentis and relatives or the couple
Following were the parties: Mr. and
Mrs. Baron, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gomez,
Air. anü Mrs. Halael Valdez, Mr. and
Mrs. j. (Jisneros, Mr. and Mrs
Ricardo Rodrigue and Mr. Barault
manager of the Chase creek store.
After partaking of a splendid wed
ding supper the parties stepped
across me street wnere tney were
entertained by music and songs, the
two sisters being highly accomplished
in tnat art: berore departing Mrs
aldez seryed slendid ice cream and
cake, and at 12 o'clock the newlv
wedded couple, after many congratu
lations from their numerous friends,
repaired to their new home in West
utton, where they have decided to
iive in the future. "May Dame For
tune ever smile upon them, but never
her daughter. Miss Fortune."
W. D. Whipple Sells His Dairy.
List week W. A. Lines & Co.
bought the Whipple dairy to take
possession immedeately. Mr. Lines
plans to remodel the whole establish
ment making it answereverv reauire-
ment of the inspector and also to add
some ideas of his own. It is his idea
to make it second to none in san
station. Customers of Mr. Whipple
may continue to receive their milk
from the Whipple branch or may
change to the other. The prices
remain the same and the patrons may
expect every consideration possible.
Present back bills to W. D. Whipple.
lTow do you like this oatmeal
Map?" inquired the barber.
'Seems nourishing," replied the
customer: "but I've had my break
fast." Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury.
as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucons surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except
on prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damage they will
do is ten fold to the good you can
possibly derive from them. Hall'a
Catarrh Cure, manun factured by F.
J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O , contains
no mercury, and is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In
baying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure
you get the gennine. It is taken
internally and made in Toledo, Ohio,
by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
Sold bv Druggists. Price, 75c. per
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. NOTICE.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Arizona Copper Com
pany will be held at the Company's
Office in Clifton, Graham Connty,
Arizona, on Wednesday, October 5th.
1910, at 2 o'clock p. m. tor the election
of Directors foi the ensuing year and
the transaction of such other business
as may properly come belore the
Kvery stockholder is requested to
Jie present in person or by proxy.
By order of the Board of Directors.
A. 'i'. Thomson,
O.i-fl-23 Secretary.
Writ publication September ü, i io.
Notice of Sale of Personal Property
Under Power cf Sale on Fore
closure of Chattel Mortgage.
WHSalsAS, on the 23rd day of No
vember, 1908, F. O. Bacon, herein
after called Mortgagor, did make,
execute and deliver, at the Town of
Clifton, in the County of Graham,
Territory of Arison.i, his certain
chattel mortfage-, ot said date, to
The Gila Valley Bank Ji Trust Com
pany, a corporation under the laws of
the Territory of Arizona, herein
after called the Mortgagee, which
said chattel mortgage was made, exe
cuted and delivered, as afnreiaid, for
the purpose of securing- a promissory
note, made by said Mortgagor and
payable to said Mortgagee, dated the
23rd day of November, 1908, and pay
able four months after date, with in
terest thereon from maturity until
paid, at the rate of one per cent, per
month: and
Whereas, on the 30th day of
March, 190!', the said chattel mort
gage was duly filed, and now remains
on file, in the office of the County
Recorder of Graham County, Terri
tory of Arizona, and is now of record
in said County Recorder's office in
Book 2, Chattel Mortgages, at page
107 thereof, Records of said Graham
County; and
Whereas, said promissory note,
secured by said chattel mortgage as
aforesaid, is long past due, and said
Mortgagoi having made default in
the payment thereof: and, whereas,
the sum of Five Hundred and Eighty
six and 25-100 ($586.25) Dollars, to
gether with interest thereon from
the 30th day of April, 1910, at the
rate aforesaid, said promissory note
and said chattel mortgage provide
that, in the event of default of pay
ment of said promissorv note at
maturity and it is placed iu the
hands of an attorney for collection,
that, then, an additional amount of
ten per cent, on the principal and in
terest on said promissory note shall
be added to the same as collection
fees; and, whereas, said Mortgagor
has made such default in the hands
of an attorney for collection; and,
whereas, said chattel mortgage con
tains a proyision authorizing the
foreclosure of said chattel mortgage,
in the event any condition therein
contained is broken by the mort
gagor, by a sale of the personal prop
erty in said chattel mortgage de
scribed, without notice to said Mort
gagor, at public sale, after ten days
notice of- such sale as required by
law; and whereas, by the terms of
said chattel mortgage, said mort
gagor mortgaged to the said Mort
gagee the personal property situate
in said Town of Clifton, County of
Graham, Territory of Arizona, 'and
hereinafter described:
Now, Therefore, notice is hereby
given that, under and by virtue of
said chattel mortgage and pursuant
to the power of sale contained there
in, the undersigned, J. R. Todd, duly
authorized thereunto by said Mort
gagee, will sell, at public auction, at
tne town ot CUtton, tiraham Countv,
Territory of Arizona, to the highest
bidder, for cash, lawful money of the
bnited States, on Tuesday, the 13th
day of September. 1910, at 2 o'clock
p. m., in front of that certain 5-room
frame house, located on ground be
longing to the Arizona Copper Com
pany, Known as lot No. J38, being the
first house north of the school house
in North Clifton, in said County and
Territory, the personal property
mortgaged as aforesaid, tor the pur
pose of applying the proceeds to be
derived from the sale thereof to the
discharge and payment of the costs
and expenses of sale, and said promis
sory note, interest and attorney':
fees. Said personal property is de
scribed as follows, to-wit: That cer
tain Fiye-room frame house, located
on ground belonging to the Arizona
copper company and known as lot
No. 238, being the first house North
of the School house in North Clifton
Graham County, Arizona.
Dated August 29th, 1910
9 9 J. R. Todd.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Arizona and New
Mexico Railway Company will be held
at the Company s Othce in Clifton
Graham County, Arizona, on Wednes
day, October 5th, 1910, at 2 15 p. m
for the election or Director for the
ensuing year and the transaction of
such other business as may properly-
come berore tne meeting.
h,very stockholder is requested to
be present in person or by proxy.
By order or the Hoard of Directors
A. T. Thomson,
9 1-9-22 Secretary
First publication September 2, 1910
The annual meeting of the Stock
holders of the Lordsburgand Hachita
Railroad Company will be held at the
Company's Office in Clifton, Graham
County, Arizona, on Wednesday.
October .-th, 1910, at 2-30 p. m. for
the election of Directors for the
ensuing year and the transaction of
such other business as may properly
come before the meeting.
fc-very stockholder is requested to
be present in person or by proxy.
of order ot the Hoard of Directors.
A. T. Thomson,
9-1 9 22 Secretary.
First publication September 2, 1910.
The annual meeting of the Stock
holder of the Arizona and New
Mexico Telegraph and Telephone
Company will be held at the Com
pany s Office in Clifton, tiraham
County, Arizona, on Wednesday,
October 5th, 1910, at 2-45 p. m. for
the election of Directors for the
ensuing year and the transaction of
such other business as may properly
come before the meeting.
Every stockholder is requested to
be present in person or by proxy.
liy order ot the Board ot Directors.
A. T. Thomson,
9 1-9-22 Secretary.
First publication September 2, 1910.
LODGE No. 8,
F. & A. M
Clifton. Arizona, December lstli, 1U09
On and after this date, a "Permit"
for burial in the Masonic Cemetery
must be obtained from the Secretary
of Coronado Lodge No. 8, F. & A. M.
before the interment of any body or
bodies in said Cemetery.
All amounts due, ana to beome due
must be paid to the Secretary ui
above Lodge.
The charge for each ".Lot" shall be
ten ($10) Dollars.
13y order of the worship! ui Master.
Thomas Smith, Secretary.
"Can be depended upon" is an ex
pression we all line to hear, and when
it is used in connection with Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy it means that it never fails
to cure diarrhoea, dysentery or bowe!
complaints- it U pleasant to
and equally MtiUftbta tot children anil
adulU. Sold b- all diujgisi.
A Proclamation of Election of Delegates
to the Constitutional Convention,
by the Governor of Arizona.
I, Richard E. Sloan, Governor of
the Territory of Arizona, pursuant
to the provisions of the Act of Con
gress approved June 20, 1010, do here
by order and proclaim that on the
12th day of September, 1010, a gen
eral election shall be held by the
qualified electors of the Territory of
Arizona, for the election of delegates
to the Constitutional Convention to
form o constitution for the proposed
State of Arizona. The number of
said delegates so to be elected shall
be fifty two, and they shall be appor
tioned among the several counties of
the Territory in accord with the ap
portionment made under the pro
visions of said Act by the governor,
chief justice and secretary of the
Territory on the 25th day of June,
1910, and which said apportionment
was and is as follows:
Apache county, one delegate; Co
chise county, ten delegates; Coconino
countv, two delegates: Gila county,
five delegates: Graham county, five
delegates: Maricopa county, nine
delegates; Mohave county, one dele
gate: Navajo county, two delegates;
Pima county, five delegates; Pinal
county, two delegates; Santa Cruz
county, one delegate; Yavapai
county, six delegates, and Yuma
count3-, three delegates.
At said election, therefore, each
county shall elect the number ofdele
gates so as aforesaid apportioned to
it: that is to say, Apache county shall
elect one delegate; Cochise county
shall elect ten delegates; Coconino
county shall elect two delegates: Gila
county shall elect five delegates: Gra
ham county shall elect five delegates;
Maricopa county shall elect nine dele
gates: Mohave.county shall elect one
delegate; Mavajo county shall elect
two delegates; Pima county shall
elect five delegates; Pinal county
shall elect two delegates: Santa Cruz
county shall elect one delegate:
Vavapai county shall elect six dele
gates, and Yuma county shall elect
three delegates.
I further proclaim, that under the
terms of said Act of Congress, a
qualified elector at said election shall
be any male citizen of the United
States of the age of twenty-one years,
who shall have resided in the Terri
tory at least twelve months next pre
ceding the date fixed for the electiou
of delegates to said constitutional
convention as herein 'provided for,
and who shall possess in other re
spects the qualifications of an elector
as provided by Title XX, Revised
Statutes of Arizona, 1901.
I further proclaim that under said
Act of Congress such election for
delegates shall be held and conducted,
the returns made, and the certificates
of persons elected to such convention
issued, as nearly as may be, in the
same manner as is prescribed by the
laws of said Territory regulating elec
tions therein of members of the legis
lature existing at the time of the last
election of said members of the legis
lature: and the provisions of said laws
in all respects, including the qualifi
cations of electors and registration,
are hereby made applicable to the
election herein provided for.
I further proclaim that under the
terms of said Act of Congress it is
made the duty of the board of super
visors of each county of the Territory
within ten days after the date of this
proclamation to meet and authorize
and reqnire a re-registration of the
qualified electors of said county:
Provided, however, that there need
not be a re-registration of the
qualified electors whose names appear
on the great register of said county
for the year 190.8, but all such names,
together with s"uch as may be regis
tered under the provisions of this
section shall constitute the great
register of said county and be used at
the election herein provided for; and
so fur as the same is consistent with
the provisions of said Act, such
registration as also the making up,
printing, distribution, and u?e of such
gréat register, shall in all respects
conform to and be governed by the
provisions of Chapter 3 of Title XX,
Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1901.
And do hereby offer a reward of
Fifty (.) dolían, for the arrest and
conviction of any and everv person
violating anv of the provisions of
Tite IV. Part L of the Penal Code,
-uch reward to be paid until the totai
amount hereafter expended for the
purpose reaches the amount of One
Thousand ($1000) dollars.
In Witness Whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and caused the
great seal of the Territory to be
Done at Phoenix, the capital, this
twenty-eighth day of June, A. D.
Niueteen Hundred and Ten.
Bv the Governor:
(Seal) Richard E. Sloan.
Geo. U. Young,
Secretary of Arizona.
Notice of Publication.
Mineral Application No. Ull'Jl-I,
Mineral Survey No. 27S2.
Uljitcil States Land Office.'
PHOENIX, Arizona. Anjrnst fi, 1910
Notice is hereby given that iu pursuance of
the Act of Congress approved May 10th. 1S72,
the umlersigued, J. W. Aylor. whose postoffice
a:lilress in Carthage, Missouri, by his Attorney-
in-Fact, John R. Hampton, whose postoffice ad-
lress is Clilton, Arizoua. has made application
for a pateut for the Tip Top Lode, situate iu the
the Greenlee Gold Mountain Mining District,
County of Graham. Territory of Arizona, ap
pioxiuiately in uusurveyed Sections 1, 2, 11 and
12, Tp. 4 S., R. St. Est, described as follo.vs:
Beginning at Cor, No, L whence the K Cor. to
Sec s. 12, I p. 4 K. Z9 t. and 7. Tp. 4 B., K. 3.1
Q, & S. R. M. bears 8. 58deg.. 50 mili. E.
551U.4 feet; thence N. 31 deg., 26 ruin. W. f.00
feet to Cor. No. 2: theuce S. 5 deg., 34 min. V.
1300 feet to Cor. No. 3: thence S. 3: dey., 20 min.
K. 00 feet to Cor. No. 4: thence N. 58 deg 34
min. K. UOU feet to .he place ot In-ginning.
Notice of amended lovation of said lode is re
corded in the office of the County Recorder of
Oraham County, Arizona, in Book 15 at Page
Record of Mines. Adjoining and con-
liieting claims, as shown by the plat of survey.
are the CUS and Golden lto.1 lodes. Survey No.
1H05, and the Boston No. 3 and Boston No. 5
lodes, uusurveyed.
8-19-10-21 Register.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Margaret E. Burtch, De
Notice is hereby given by the un
dersigned. Administrator of the Es
tate ot .Margaret fc.. liurtch, de
ceased, to the creditors of and all
persons having ciaims against the
said deceased, to exhibit them, with
the necessary vouchers, within four
months 'after the first publication of
this notice to the said Administrator
at his office in Ciifton, Graham Coun
ty, Arizona, the same being the place
the transaction of the business of
said estate, in said County of Graham.
L. a. w. Burtch,
Administrator of the Estate of Mar
garet E- Burtch, dc-ceaseti.
Dated Clifton. Arizona, toll loth
day of AugUSt, 1910. (Ml
t hereby announce myself as a csudid ite for
the Democratic nomination for the office of
Sheriff of Greenlee County. Arizona, subject to
the will of the voters of said mentioned county
at the primary election to be held the first Tues
dny of September, 1910. JOHN WOOD.
t hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the office of
Sheriff of Greenlee County, Arizona, subject to
the will of the voters cf said mentlonea cotiniy
at the primary election tobe held the tlist Tues
day of September, 1910. I. B. ENGLISH.
I hereby anuounce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the olhce of
Sheriff of Greenlee County, Arizona, subject to
the will of the voters of said mention couuty
at the primary clecttou to be held the first
Tuesday of September, 1910.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination 'for the office of
Probate Judge of Greeulee County, Arizona,
subject to -the will of the voters of said
mentioned county at the primary election to be
held the first Tuesday of September. 1910.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the office of
Member of Board of Supervisors of Greenlee
County, Arizona, subject to the will of the
voters of said mentioned county at the priranry
clection to be held the first Tuesday in Sep
tember. 1910. J. H. T. COSPER.
I hereby announce myself as o candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the office of
Member of Board of Supervisors of Greenlee
Connty, Arizona, subject to the will of the
voters of said moulioned county at the primary
election to be held the first Tuesday in Septem
ber 1910. J. A. MeWILLIAMS.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the office of
Treasurer of Greenlee County, Arizoua, subject
to the will of the voters of said mentioned county
at the primary eleciion to be held the first Tues
day of September. 1910.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the o.Tice of
District Attorney of Greenlee County, Arizona,
subject to the will of the voters of said men
tioned county at the primary election to be held
the first Tuesday of September, 1910.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for the office of
County Superintendent of Roads of Greenlee
County, Arizona, subject to the will of the
voters of said meniioned county atthe Piimary
clection to be held the first Tuesday in Septem
ber, 1910. 8. F. A WALT.
Order to Show Cause Why Order of Sale
of Real Estate Should Net be Made
In the Probate Court of Graham
Countv, Territory of Arizona.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ed-
rnond Lafave, Deceased.
. It appea ring to this Court, by the
petition this day presented and filed
by A. Lafave, Administrator of the
estate of Edinond Lafave. Deceased,
that it is necessary to sell the whole
or some part of the real estate of
decedent to pay the debts of de
cedent, the expenses and cnarges of
It is therefore ordered that all per
sons interested in the estate of said
deceased appear belore tha said Pro
bate Court on Thursday, the 8th day
of September, A. D. 1910, at the hour
of lb o'clock A. M. of said day, at
the Court room of said Court, at the
Court House, in Solomonville. said
County of Graham, Territory of Ari
zona, to show cause why an order
should not be granted to said admin
istrator to seil so much of the real
estate as shall be necessary, and that
a copy of this order be published in
the Copper Era, a newspaper printed
and published in said county, for four
successive weeks.
Dated August 4, 1910.
T. s. Bunch,
9 9 Probate Judge.
The Ciifton Tailor Shop
High Class
Cleaning and
Ladies' Work a Specialty
Suits to Order
$13.00 up
Opjosite CMn Hotel W. f. KEllY. Progrietor
Have Your Eyes Tested
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Prices Koasona'ble.
nnfi E Rogers hospital and
M Training Schooi for Nurses
For Surgical, Maternity and General
Medical Cases. A limited number of
pupil nurses taken for training.
123 S. Stone Ave. Tucson, Ariz.
(Formerly of San Francisco)
Fine vv'uuii Repairing a Specialty
Wntir hprclw irivpn that all npf
sons are hereby forbidden to shi
sell or illegally handle any cattle in
the following brands: B x Z L. x z
bar L x VVIC.
Day & Foster.
The cross shows the separation of
the di'Terent brands -1 1-11
Arizona & N. M, Railway Company
Loráshrg & Hachita Railway Cc
Tima Table No. 37.
üe.ctive Apr. ti, 1910, Mountian Time
Train No. 1.1 1 g j Train No. 2
South Bound! Stations 2 North Bound
Daily gS Daily
LT. 7.10a.m Clifton 0 Ar. i:5v p.m.
' 7:32 " 3ontb Siding 7 " 4.30 "
" 7:45 " Guthrie 12 ' 4:1B "
" 7:55 " ..Coronado .. IS " 4:06 "
" 8:115 " York 17 " 3:S7 "
" 8:18 " ...8heldon... 24 " 8:13 "
" 8:35 " ....Duncan S3 " 3:22 "
" 8:63 " ..Thomson.. 40 " 3:07 "
" 9:13 " ..."Summit... 51 " 2:48 '
" 9:27 " ....Veiti-h.... 60 " 2:34 "
"9:45 " . . Lordsburg.. 70 " 2:15 "
" 10:21 ....Robert... 81 " 1:35 "
.' 10:78 " ..Krockman. 92 " 1:17 "
Ar.H:05am ....Hacbit.. . IOS Lt. 12:50p.m
Traías stop on signal.
Pacl Rkisisoes.
We Are Again
0Den for Business
At the same place
on Chase Creek
Your patronage will be appre
Arizona Lumber Co.
Singer and Wheeler &
Wilson Sewing Machines
ROP me a card if your ma
chine needs repairing". Also
old ones repaired.
KIT CARSEN, Arjent, Clifton, Arizona
P. O. Box No. 994.
:gdS:rSjri&rS) d&cSiD'&tS) o?oibtSj!3 tSx&x&xS:
1 R0CC0 ZAPPAI, Proprietor.
Suite 210, Fleming Bidg.
I make a specialty of all busi
ness before the local Land Office,
General Land Office and Depart
ment of the Interior.
Contests conducted, plats made,
righls-of-wuy, repayments town
sites apd Forest Reserve affairs.
If you are thinking of patent
ing your mines, let me explain
my method much cheaper, and
you get the result.
I have for sale Government
Land Script that acquires title
in one day without residence,
cultivation or improvements.
Kight years an othcial ot tae
Land Department.
Garcia & Norte
Dealers in
All Kinds oí New and
Second - Band Goods
Agents for Singer Sewing Machines & Supplies
dealers in
Prcsb Country Pruit ni Víejcta
bleSf Egjs, etc. Staple Dry Good
Kill's Add., Sont,h Clifton
of Business
Closing Out Sale
of the entire stock of
Nothing reservel. All
Pry Goods, Clothing,
Shoe?, etc., will he sacri-
fteed at imTumsoly re
chiectl prices.

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