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The copper era. (Clifton, Graham County, Ariz.) 1899-1911, January 06, 1911, Image 3

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lifton Pire Alarm
MAIN 791.
Mr. J. Backstein left for Ray, P
nal county, Tuesday.
B. R Lanneau of the Dancan Bank
was up for tbe Elks' ball.
Miss Gertrude York h?- z "
Los Anjreles to refrain bn e
Miss Lottie Colton, a teacher from
Safford, was seen at the Elks' bail.
Georjre Buckner, chief of police at
Met a'f, was down Tuesd.iv.
W. M Birtlett is the appointed
marshal to look after the North Clif
ton district.
Lawyer Wall, who has been quite
ill tbe past week, is again out and
attending to bis practice.
The new head electrican of Cliftun
and the A. C. works is Mr. F H
mitchell of Cleveland, Ohio.
Mrs Buell and daughter Hazel, left
Monday for Kelvin, where Mrs. Buell
has some mining properties.
Tbe cowboys from the surrounding
country made lifton their head
quarters during the holidays.
Mrs. F. lu Loe and little eirl.
from Denver have come to join Mr.
Lowe of the Shannon store foriie.
The cold snap this week has road.
business for the water compmy. art!
that claw hammer, Tom Carroll, the
plumber, also.
Miss Elsie Stevens, formerly one of
the nurses at the A. C. Co's hospital.
Is beard from in San Francisco, where
she is now located.
J. H Cbilson has gone to Visili.t.
Cal., to join his wife. Hammond
Mathews has taken his place as fu !
electrician for tbe A. C. Co.
Miss Aogia Ribinson, of Saffo-ri, i
here visiting her sister, Mrs. M. E
Crawford. Miss Robinson is a (jrr. t
favorite wherever she is.
Dick Boyles was in towil the fore
part of the week and coun ted 560
head of cwttle that passed out of the
new county last Friday
Baylor Shannon has returned with
bis family to Eagle creek after
spending several days during the
bolida v in ttje Cly.
Tbe R R iMteb to the new tail
laps elevater on north Clifton street
is now in plC9. and the elevater will
start up in a ieb days.
Miss Christini Crouib has returned
to Tempe after ípigWIng the holidavs
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Mrs. Wood Poland and isU
Minnie came in last week and nl
reside at their camp in the Urce e
district in the future.
Miss Bostick, eacherat tne Dou e
Circle ranch, was called to h.-r home
In Birmingham, Ala., on acwini uf
the serious illness of botu father and
J. M Erieson, of Morenci, who has
been in Los Angeles for tbi past
month, was in town today wiib the
first documents to be recorded in be
prouate judge's office.
The A. C. Co., sálé Of hats and
clothing is a hummer, and the goods
are going out of tbe big store rap
idly at prices within the reach of
Billy Hamilton, the elfiolent night
marshal, who has been confined to
bis room for tbe past two weeks, was
out on tbe streets Thursday, though
not entirely well yet.
Mrs. Baylor Shannon was in this
week from the 94 ranch. Many peo
pie remember the warm hiarted hos
pitality of the Shannon home when
Mr. and Mrs. Shanuon were living
here. 4
Archie Morrison and Dan Lynch
went last Sunday to tbe Celtic mine,
above Me teal f, and while tae mine
is looking due. Arch took hold of the
be. m kettle harder tbau he uid of
the ore pile.
L J. Turney of the Ash Peak min s
spent Thursday in Clifton. lie
ports that tne mining out'oji
tbe Ash Peak country appears go 1
Superintendent Arthur Murpby 1-. t
Los Ange'es, but will be in D.i eat,
in a short time.
Mrs. Gib'ies, wife of Attorney
Gibbes, received word in is 1 eek ol
tbe accidental death of ber two
brothers in Virginia. The two youtij;
mea were atiempiinir ta cross tlie
Ka A-anaw river 011 the tee wben t he
ice OroKe beneath thru and ibe
were thrown into the icy water and
swept away by the ,-,wift current
Wedneday afteraoo 1 Jj Ridr.
guez was married to Mi-s M 1 le
Ynez, ,n'1 during the a't w
w,r drv 11 ov,-r the city by :.h .
fr ics n ihe v .in -i iriiMsu 0.
was gi n her honor attt.eC-
si 'f ii. ne.-j the popular cm p
were greeted bv several I
;d '.bt 11
Z. d Iru'gist at ti.
si-00, i-e - K.iusa- Ci'x,
Miss Grace Hartwell of Harper's
ranch has been in town spending the
J. L Brsrsoi, on - of the A C. Co's
el-c M.-I4 , . . -;i I v Oi
New Hex
W. E. Spi-. w .0 has b ,-n ill -
long with typhoid, will be om. again
in a few days.
Viruil L Snyder, of the A. & N.
M.. and his sister. Mr- W L Tr-iuf
' n s I. tS f
I -s Id- O f D iph s. Kv .
is visit. njr in Cli fto.i with ner sister,
Mrs. G. E. Risdon and her brother
TheB-ziar is out win a Baming
post' r fr heir spl -d ! m - 1 t
sale ihtit commences Saturday at 9
a. m .
The yountr ladies' choir of the
Presbyterian church will meet at the
h me .f - Vi air W i .. North
CI o V '.. 1. h - eek.
í'l. K - 1 ; n,i mill up
the Frisci a bou o miles s pound
iog away ,0 -2S I sivine the
(iold to a bigb o, rci ..tatfe Barry
Carpenter 1 tbi bi 1 man in charge
NolwithtaiM 1 i chill atmos
phere on t ti .iu - de. there was a
cheering Ur a a weic me at the
First Presby rr an ,-nu . h last Sab
bath evening, wfterr vlr. Love deliv
ered a scholarly a..d well prepared
; discourse on our duties, or with the
j work facing us for the new year
Col. A. LaFave is shipping a car
load of ore eaeh week from bis "Won
derful" miue, just above town, to the
SI Paso smelters and as the colonel
is keeping up his lick, the returns
m st be very satisfactory.
Walter Dtiudua was down Wednes
day fiom his leHp, above the rock
h tose on base creen, aud states that
iu a short tin e he will begin ship
ping Ignacio Hirjpliell came in last week
to lake obargi ol his brother om's
affairs at bis milling interests below
Moreuci. tr h i-aiiu-Hciirlo.nl
a day i- sin,, p . 1 to Do.iglas.
Tom ex p. - - -i aliforma for
Several Weeks
(jluy ' el ' who a lew years ago
was employed at 1 be Shannon store,
visited I i ft on Ibis week Guy is
uow a : -ling ñ.'i enuan for tbe
"arfwa. Sb i - it of hicayo.
bigles Insull Officers.
""n-.- j o ghi 11 he.r A ic, 13 .
s-no ü he Eat-t.s Installed ofli
i for t-i- t- ' lllll, ami accepted
v 11 . . ! date. iu in- ouir member
h- rd r I'b, foHnwiog ffli-e's
iHe ca ' c ot 1 he va-
o- oei :
: Pie-io u M W .Iu g.
ny Vic -Pre. .1 1 O. Pnil-
I p
i i.r.ny Chaplain M. D. Latuu.
tVottby Secretary Chas. Wright.
Heti tlf Musings.
(Special Corre pr e oce.)
Metcalf, Dec. 28. Last Sunday
evening, December ir, Santo (Juille
mo and Gabriel Belseto were having
a personal encounter at Caecarilla'e
.loro. irjvn the former, with a drawn
. about 10 slisli Belseto at
. -f n.e "ascarilla, .'cit) the
.oger fa tb- man, drew a revólver,
shooting him la 'he arm and break
ing it. The Mexican was placed un
der arrest and Dr. Tebhetts sum
moned to dres his wound At this
writini be Is doing nfclv C3nca
rilla was aleo placean d r - and
his preliminar) h- rlng V-fore Judge
Campbell wa? se . for rbursday
Mr. and Miss .1. James, the former
an old imer. left Mti-:'!f on Thurs
day fo' E1 Paso, rne hei rill re
side in tbe future. Mr James first
landed in Melcalfmany years ago
and for a while engaged in -torU
raising a few miles west of here,
when he became tired of that kind
ot life, entering the s or depart
ment of the A. C. Co . ami f r tbe
past three years has been wiib tiie
Joe Organ, one of Metcalf's oldest
citizens, died last Tuesday morning
at bis home of a complication of dis
eases, the direct cause being vari
cose veins. Some weeks ago be wa
cooipelled to quit work and ce -liaed
himself to his home, hui no inn
thought but that he wóu'o h: well
and at the mine sga'i in a few
as he had had this troobit before.
His death was a great shock tn many
of his friends here. H; fii-.t ,-aot to
this country manv years age, cater
ing the servio- of the Arizona Cop
per Co.. and at his d an wan D I ring
la very responsibli . si ion at lh(
King mine. He I av.s . if- w
daughter. Funeral services iren held
from the Ca ho'ir church and th re
mains interred at tbe SUe'c If cem
etery. Ohristmas trees aud Chris' mas
gifts bare mr.de man; a littli ', .ar
glad in Metcalf daring the latter
part of last week. The Misie; Hefle
mer. Porter, H-.gue, Priest, and tb"
te.'Chers in the public schuois g:ive '
Christmas tree that willJUug b re
meuib'-red by the school children o(
the community. The prot!r-,m of rh
Presbyterian church was long and
well rendered, Ontsbing with th
nual distribution ot gifts.
E M. Jate and S F. Laaford
Metcalf proper bad Christ ma- tur
key at Dr Tebbetts', 0:1 Sbaueoa
ti n. t'bey report having h id á vi r
d- liffhtful time.
Bazaar Department Store
Sfi! Saturr"ay, January 7
at, Nine a. m.
Be on Hand Early
. .
i iii lJJiJil ii JiJJJJ iJJJiiiiiiiii JJ j jii jj nifz
- El Paso Smelter Enlarged
BL PASO, jan. I. -Wortt has
.rtei at the El Paso smelter for
) Instslation of two revertíeratory
S for the stretlng of copper
and lead which will make the
1 uso srue'ter one of the biggest'
e ier.-, in the country. The
Cfewents at tbe loeal smelter
will oost JiOa.oOe ana will increase!
flrfa;Cl- : I9MMMM á3t&:
ng ssMM
New Boarding Place.
Mrs P. K. Hiveley announces this
week the opening of her new board
lug house in North t Itltou. Kverv-
the output of too lant by 600 tons;and we cooked. Ask our boarders
blister coppsr per df. A force; how tbey like it. Rates twenty-rive
of M) men will be employed In the'dollars if paid in advance. Other
on-tnictlon of the new turnees and i wise 828 00 per month. Supper 5 to
1 p. m. Hot oread tnree times per
S lo blLLo and their Guests i
the necessary' machin
111 liieta'ling
ne epirti-sement 01 tne na r-aso; If you are ,ITering from billions
s . -:etrc. which is one of the proper ness, conslination, indigestion,
ties of the American Smelt ng an I. chronic headache, invest one cent in
"tf fining company. was made pr- ! a postal card, send to Chamberlain
Ibte by tbe elosng of contract for -eoie.ne oo., u,s .vio.nes, l- ,
" mil h i'itiir- 111 m -i nd libirua n 1m i-
oUing the concentrates of a nut:
with vour 'name and address plainly
on the back. Ami iht a- 1 1 1 forward
ber Of Urge copper producing: ni ne.l 1 .-n,, a free s;.niolH of Chamberlain'.
.n Arizona and New Mexico.
Wort h
Trusti 1
the sc.-.
o cl - k.
-asur.- Richard Ste-
FrdiiiHiid Backstein,
- -nd Cordon Hamilton.
d S V. Norte.
I i- a 1 tendance, and
d 1 iti I a1 1 er 1 wel vi-
Pa;d l fui! t. mpa y.
Pu lilt
wi 1 . epc t
la.-t eveniic.
the manage
the couip.ii .
dates will pei in
other night iu u
to do so. "How i
t i 1 at the
' a .tlcndancr
1 . 1 01 o 1 1 ng to
1 1 ..u-e and
- . o a- their
1 in to remain sn
. o. v consented
-s lot stiow?" was
a question asked tuonr n -,o attended
Thursday evening . ii Hie univers-ii
answer was that 1 was a tirsi cla-s
attraction in cve. p-iincular The
"Paid in Fui," cum pa ii J III in all
prooability b- :h, but ueairical
attraction to t. , u, , liu,,,. ihta
se son.
' .1- urn.
gu s s.
10 WiSti: MUME-EES.
Bisbee, Ariz . Jauu.uy I. 'Special)
One of the most horrible crimes In
the history o Bisbee was committed
DeccuiOci liaoout -i: ui h: n. u
lumber ynid in Urewery Gu-'ch Perk
er Uow ing, i. H. Faulk and BnttrM
l uber were stabbed m the hitck;
i.owling and Fan k dying within
few minutes aft-r tbe knife thruBtt
and Duber b itig at this time if not
di ad so serious,- wounded that there
is little hope of his living.
Clews wnich were discovered this
week make certain the capture of
the lialiaus who were tbe assailants.
According to the ataoement ol
Dufcer, the wounded man, he, Bow tug
uud l-'auli-., were going up Liiewe;;.
itlc'b at about midnight from down
town. Nar the lumber yard they
aw a party of young boys and Itai
ians in a quarrel, or, of the ita iatis
had his coat off and the boys hai
withdrawn to one side.
Duber, Bowdng and FaulK went to
the assisUunce of the boys and toll
tbem to útaud by. The three .
took up the qquaric-l and .1 fcght f i
towed w:th the Italuns ia rltích rock
were first thrown by tho Italian. Dui
ing the light one o; thw II diana drew
a niie and the stabbing bogan.
As soon bs the examination wa t 1
completad the p0oen i" - worl -
ng on the case to locate if pos-u j
...e murderers. T wo arresis 've: 2 ,
.ade. but it is not tfcougiii tbi : I
'.he parties now in custody aic tLs
ones cpnnecteJ with the crime, a
itmigli one of tte.n answers U
Uscripti TI given b iubcr. Dul e
.:id not k.iow the na: - ..
he Italians, but be siui 1 ti -.
. ould recognize them.
Howling was well known B.
lived at Johnson Additi .. .
j: other anu sister re ling tuci--was
at one time employed at the Co;
H r Queen store. He was st 1
of 3ge. Pan k Btie
. t or i.eai Lowt 1 and bo á e
e ; in .ae raí k . ' 1
u : l- learr.eo
Urea living 'u-r
ear- of age. Before ;o
.. ! the v mg meu
- 1 town. T 1
:!. had m;--cs
rom -i .
ie coi v i ' n;ce th:.
10.11 t ls office f v
.que? - - :r r,:tpt
New Mexico. These
are said to be the Ray Conso'idate l.
of Arizoda, and the Ch no Copptr
coaspany, of New Mexico. The Amer
lean Smelting comany bas i-'u i .
long term contracts with the-e min
ing compan'es for sttivlting their
1 r 11 éntrate?, and it was neeess.T.r.
to enlarge tbe El Paso plant to hand
le U ' increased baslnesO.
In the past the copper mntte ha?
' D sent to Agtt?.sealiente? Mex
v it was pre;iarrr,1 for ref n!ng
a the addition to the El Paso
plant is finished, this w II be unneces
sary, and the blister copper will be
'hiiiped d rect to the A. S. & R. Co's
r-e neries at Perth Amboy, N. J
and Baltimore. Md., which have also
been enlarged to accommodate the
Utional bus net.s. .
willi-im O. Potter, general manager
of the southern dvpartiuent of the
American Smelting and Ref in ug com
pany, been In El Paso; during tht
past week to arrange for e conatruv
rlon of tn aMHIon to the smelt n,
o oi ks. After sompletlng all of thes
details, he has retnraed to Agua-
ra!l ?ntea, Me , were be malte n
Mexican Mining News
Stomach and Liver Tablets,
all druggi.-ts.
Sold by
Ends Winter's Tr.-ubles.
To many, winter is a season of,
trouble The fro-1 bitten toes and
tinuers. chapped hand;- and lips, j
chilhlaius, coid sore-, red and rough
skins, prove this. B-it such troubles
fly before Bucklen't Arnica Salve. A
trial convinces. Greatest ht-aler of
Burns, Boils, Piles. Cuts. Sores, Ec
cema and Sprains. Only 25c at A. C.
Co. drutr department.
A sprained ankle will usually dis j
able the iojured person for three or .
four weeks. This is due to lack of
proper treatment. When Chamber
lain's Liniment is applied a cure Diat
he effected in three or four days
This liniment is one of the best and
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an attack of influenza. And this
cough can be promptly cured by the
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy:
it should not be allowed to run on
until it becomes troublesome. Sold
by all druggists.
Sunta Rosalia. Tbe company to
employing over 10U men in the devej
Dim ent of this property which is lol
( . ; .1 to the souch oi Cauuneu.
ol ta Mines Co. This company
1 i -velopiug several properit.es iu
the vicinity of Baoekl stat on. Tl.e
ores are copper lead and silver aad
have been d eloped to a depth 01
ab-jtit 300 feet p.amond drill exp:oi.
Uon work will be carried on on til e
property, ffm. c. Oruber Us peaer.u
u.ua.gei and Henry Uie.tch supen.i
.c l a ma A 20 ton N.ssen min
.. . 1 UK Installed una au aerial trait.
aj erected between tne mill anu
ue uiiae. The proiierty is a gold-em
er ,,1'bposition and the resulta so tu'
obUuaed have been very , sat factor.
Dura Mining & Milling Co.
Lr i-ave been shippel continuous
iioui th.s property to tbe El Paso
ami Iter lor the past -0 years. Th .-,-
ne of the largest productions o.
i.ii-h ETHiii ore in the state, the ort.-
koms direct freo the mine
, let The values re
ver and copper.
J'exican Metale Co. Tbe Amelia
1 ri . erty is btlng developed by
... nuy witb tr tyo: a
.w-uae .0 Iroui o lo - i
i. ca ries values 11. ...-
Tiis uali u i'V--
col and drifts a' iua 1
e n n both d
I ;r bio This po.'-iei :y nich
gohl pr i
3 oi.e, 'o
1. Croascttttinc na.
Have nicel famished front room
in Hats, for two persons. All con
veniences, v:th t'c( d board, private
family, no . iher boaiders Addies
P. O Box HIT. 12-2
to make room for spring goods, we
vill sell all winter milinerv at cost
tor the next ten days. Bu ey & Mu
Í2 9 f
we :4S
S. & S. Bottling Works
Come and buy ladies' hats or feath
ers at cost for ten days. Kuley &
Go to Dean's lunch counter and get
the best the market affoid.
j j jg-r- . Si-í -jg--
to the
,n gold, 1
.cu i.
.iii r
A rfcáM strike in re
Constab c .!
George 'oilp.i 99
log for Eagle C' eel
warrant for the ar (
Nav'arelte f , -irgeii is ..u I .
battery 111 a Mexican wnnuti
destructiiin of property. Tile t .
oUicet - an 1 sleu tneir uiau ai.d 1
turned to Clifton with hm h- ta
evening. Tne arre-t ii, the result 1 Í
a family quariel Tbe woman iu th.
casi is a sistr of X.iv ire tie ind tn.
war . ni u.ii -.. L b bishcotbei-in-lrfw.
1 He he i.1 ba b -en m i
tor Saluioa ot Uus weK .
V a
Crist' in tbe crttiS nal u
1 , , ovl Tin ore a. r cs
1 . mi -vnil eoorier values.
wi be sunk to 20t) Teet and
cross cuts run.
prt.j. ...
property a
..nanea Con
i-ad -i
u si
net:- the ' i-
uliO c.aimea
Copper Co.
K Triunfo Consot'datcd '". in
-;ihe concentra tfnr plant Is n
the hea ; chii
fix the gronnda ma tne meiter
probably be in op ration within
months. Th- 'Ine has I B
prodncer during tbe i)a-: two
tbe ores carrying b gh 'ilver vn
A high grade matte wi 1 bt 1 1 h
Í Now is the time to buy laritt
i - -nu ofr. price. Rt'ev S
7 PH".C
i jc : K6B .
i . ..a. eiicountvi'ed .
e. Pete Lepas is tn
ules' hats.
iViSa t. cst, I da.
UGHON'S thai
".rTTonsblr, etc
13 FKES. Addrris
ur Douglas, Ariz.
Notic is hereby given that all per
Bona are hereby forbidden to ship
sell or illegally handle any cattle in
tbe following brands: B x Z L x 7.
bar L x WIC.
Day ft Fostkr
The cross shows the separation of j Ca
the difere.nt brands I 1 ". 1
I 1 1 EJtatr-ate and Insurance
3 Nights --3
commencing January
Clifton's Favorites
Raymond Tea
Mostly Girls
A Carload of Sccrerv
Big Qeattty Che
Friday, "'
Sat 11 ni ay.
.Ia pan .
Sunday, '
ro . "
Prices . .
rezzy- Wezzy . "
" A Coui tship i
'Thé Sultan of Mo)
. 35c, 50c and
Sea ts 011 sa le
Dunn Si LoonúV Dr:is Co

t 1 i 11 1 1 1 1 . -1 11 1 nil ' . fi-11 1 , , -1 . 1 , , ,

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