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Friday, OctoDer 6, 1911
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the safe side when buying
baking powder, examine the label and
take only a brand shown to be made
from Cream of Tartar.
Good Prizes in Relay Races and For
Bronchos Busting
Phoenix, Ariz.,Oct. 4. Tom Willis
of Florence, Arizona, who is superin
tendent of cowboy sports and events
at the Sevt. -h Arizona fair to be
held at Phoenix the second week in
November has made announcement
of an especial rate made by the rail
roads tor the transportation of horses
to be used by the cow punchers in trie
broncho busting events and the cow
boy relay race. The railroad tariff
provides for the free transportation
of all such mounts and detailed infor
mation can be securedifrom any rail
road agent in the territory.
The cowboy events so far arranged
are a relay race divided in three
heats, one to be run on Monday of
fair week, one on Wednesday and the
last on Saturday. Each heat is for a
cash purse of $250. The distance of
each heat is two miles, change of
horse and saddle every half mile. A
second event will be a broncho bust
ing contest for the championship of
the territory. The first prize will be
a 8150 silver mounted Porter saddle
donated by the makers and $100 in
added monev for second and third
prizes, the cash being given by the
Fair commission.
Accident to Carpenter
J. G. Graham, a carpenter, employed
in No. 6 com-entr.itor, while working
on a scaffold lust Friday, with a com
panion, placing Launder Irons iu the
Launders, reached down lo pick up
one of these irons, which being rather
heavy and the standing space small,
he lost his balance and fell backward a
distance of about twelve feet, striking
among pulleys, i crap irons, and materi
als sustaining an ugly scalp wound,
which though painful, is not so serious
but that he will soon be able to be out
at work again. He also sustained a
badly bruised leg just below the knee,
necessitating the use of a pair of
crutches Mr. Graham's companion
Jack Leslie who was workiog on the
same scaffold with him had the mis
fortune to get the Launder iron on his
toes, and to get a slightly Sprained
ankle, but has so far recovered that lie
has returned to his work.
Supervisors Notice of Primary
WHEUEAS, The secretary of Ari
zona has prepared and transmitted
to the undersigned, the clerk of the
board of supervisors of Greenlee
county of Arizona territory, a notice
in writing designating the offices for
which candidates are to be nominat
ed at the ensuing primary;
Now, therefore, a primary electron
is hereby called in the several pre
cincts or said county, under the pro
visions of the law relating to primary
elections, towit: Under the provis
ions of chapter 2 of the session laws
of Arizona of l'JOil, as amended by
ordinance No. 2,of the constitutional
convention, on the 24th of October,
litll, for the purpose of voting for
candidates for the several parties to
he nominated for the following
1 judge of the superior court.
1 clerk of the superior court.
1 sheriff.
1 recorder.
1 treasurer. i
1 school superintendent.
1 county attorney.
1 assessor.
I county superintendent of roads.
1 surveyor.
3 supervisors.
1 state senator.
2 state representatives.
1 justice of the peace for each pre-i-inct.
1 constable for each precinct.
Party precinct committeemen.
Dated the 28th day of September,
IHll. W. O. Wheatlev,
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors j
a-29 4t I
Assailing the Courts.
More in sorrow than anger the
Post-Dispatch protests the Republic's
persistent effort to undermine public
confidence in the Federal supreme
court. That newspaper sweepingly
assails the court and all who counsel
respect for it and fair judgement of
judicial motives and decisions as foes
of popular rights.
What is the caus" of this railing'?
What has the supreme court done?
In what decision have the supreme
judges willfully betrayed the Minne
sota rate case? It is as much the
sworn duty of the judges to defend
individual and states' rights as cor
porate and federal rights. Have
they any less regard for popular
rights and constitutional law than
state officials, or citizens, or even the
Republic? Are Chief Justice White,
Justices Harlaa and Hughes and their
associates dishonorable men? Are
they false to their oaths and in a
conspiracy to betray the people? Is
any one of them a corrupt servant of
special interests?
Yet the Republic without specific
charges or remedies . wantonly fo
ments popular distrust of the court!
It appeals to passion, prejudice and
unthinking discontent by branding
the court as the bulwark of the in
terests and the judges as conspirators
against the free government. Noth
ing in the Republic's long career of
subservience to special interests has
been so deadly an assault upon real
public interests as this mistaken bid
for popularity, this reckless sacrifice
of principle for applause of the mob.
The Post-Dispatch welcomes the con
demnation of all those who denounce
opposition to those insidious attacks
upon American institutions.
If the democratic parly accepts
such anarchistic leadership it is
doomed to defeat. St Louis Post-
All honor to the hardy pioneers,
and may they drop off more and more
lowly. "By their fruits shall ye
know them. " Their lives are toil,
the fruit thereof toll, and toil their
sole reward, up to date.'
In this connection it would be well
to remember that "The Mother of
the Camp of Clifton," Mrs. Baker,
lives in the Greenlee Camp, and is
the youngest and sprightliest woman
in Greenlee County. S,he seriously
compromised herself 10 years ago by
marrying the unworthy
George E. Stevens,
Clifton, Ariz.
Mc Best and Dick Boyle, of the Lue
ranch, were in Clifton this week
making arrangements for the ship
ment of two carloads of horses from
the range to Colorado. Mc Best ex
pects to leave next week for Colorado
with his family who spent the sum
mer at the ranch on the Blue.'
Clifton Tennis Club
Result of games played last Satur
day and Sunday, September 30th and
October 1st:
1st set 2nd act 3rd set Winner
W H Neill 6 4 W H Neill
G Goring 14
J M Mason 0 6
JC McNeill 1 3
A W Liddell 10 S
W J Riley 8 0 AW Liddell
Semi final will be played this after
noon and tomorrow.
Saturday, 2:15.
J M Mason.
W H Neill.
Sunday, 1 p. m.
A W Liddell.
G R Drysdale.
Notice of Bridge Election.
Notice is hereby given that a spec
ial election was on the 21st day of
September, 1911, called by the Board
of Supervisors of Greenlee County,
for the purpose of submitting to the
tax payers of Greenlee County, the
proposition of constructing a steel
bridge across the Gila River at the
end ot East Main street, in the Town
of Duncan, Territory of Arizona, and
to authorize the raising of the fund
necessary to pay for the same by tax
ation as provided by law. Said steel
bridge to cost approximately $16,000.00
and said election to be heid on Satur
day, 21st day of October, 1911.
9 22-5t. W. O. Wheatley, Clerk.
. Notice to Stockholders
The annnal meeting of the stock
holders ot the Morenci Southern
Railway company for the election of
directors and for the transaction of
such other business as may properly
be brought before the meeting, will
be held at the office of the company,
Morenci, Greenlee county, Arizona,
on Monday, October 9th, 1911, at 12
o'clock noon. George Notman,
9-22 3t Secretary.
Concerning Argonauts
When you have something to say,
say it. Per contra, when you have
nothing to say, say it also. This week
I have nothing to say, so I am going
to say it eloquently.
I have been thinking of the old
timers who braved the Indians to
come in here and search for gold in
the mountains and found copper as
well and who, poor fellows, endured
the hardships of scant and poor
"grub," of no more variety than the
four essent ials: bicoo, beans, flour
and coffee; and defended their lives
and tlieir provender as they toiled,
against the pitiless Apaches.
Light reward have they had, poor
old fellows, and one by one they are
dropping off, almost unnoticed; sever
ed so lonff from ties of kindred, they
go over the border unwept, unhonored
and unsung.
iiut t hey are worthy of honor, these
men, for they have blazed the way to
mike this section habitable for us
One of the earliest arrivals here
was .Mason cJreenlee. A kindly, gen
erous, humorously pleasant soul, too
mild of nature to be a typical Argo
naut, yet held in high esteem by all
who knew him.
He did not live to reap the reward
of his years of privation and toil, but
his comrades honored him in life by
naming the Gold District after him,
and the people through their repre
sentations erected to him an endur
ing monument in the 1 partition and
naming of our rich new County of
Greenlee, the youngest county, yet
the 4th in wealth of the new State,
the sun-kissed land of Arizona.
I have lived for years in the Green
lee Camp, and knew "Mase" Greenlee
and his comrades well, and they are
a group typical of the old-timer: the
latch string always out, the wayfarer
always welcome to a bite and a bed, i
or to stop a week if he wished.
Arizona, & New Mexico Ry. Co
Ball) South loan North loual
7:10 a. m. Lv. Clifton Ar. 3:58 p. m.
7:50 " " Guthrie Lv. 3:24 "
8:35 " " Duncan " 2:30
9:58 " Lordsburg " 1:20 "
11:05 " Ar. Hachita " 11:50 a. m
South bound train conuects with
Southern Pacific west bound train No.
1, leaviug Lordsburg 10:57 a. m..
Mountain Time.
South bound train connects with El
Paso & Southwestern east bound trin
or El Paso, leaving Hachita at 11.42
p. in., Mountain Time, and with west
bound train for Douglas and 1! is bee,
leaving Hachita at 11:10 a. m., Moun
tain Time. A. T. Thomson,
Traffic Manager Clifton. Arizona
Pfll. 1911.
Business Briefs
Are you going to Morenci? If so
be sure and ride with G.W.Williams;
proprietor of the Williams back line
between Clifton and Morenci. Phone
641. Easy conveyances and careful
drivers. Packages delivered in Clif
ton and Morenci. tf
Lost On Shannon hill one mount
ed Elk tooth attached to two fob
rings. Name engraved on back. Re
turn will be appreciated and finder
will receive reward of $5.
Abraham Ferber,
9-8 tf Bazaar Store.
When you have a bad cold you want
the best medicine obtainable so as to
cure it with as little delay as possi
ble. Here is a druggist's opinion. "I
have sold Chamberlain's Cough rem
edy for fifteen years," says Enos Lol
lar of Saratoga, Ind., "and consider
it the best on the market." For sale
by all dealers.
Dr. T. A.
ton Block.
Balmer, Dentist, Hamp
Phonc 811.
The B. F. Billingsley Mercantile
store at Duncan has just received
two car loads of buggies and wagons.
Call and look over the biggest lot of
vehicles ever brought to the county
The new wagons and buggies un
loaded at the big Billingsley store at
Duncan Monday attracted quite a
crowd and several sales were made
besides the orders already taken. Be
sure to see the lot as they are made
especially for this climate.
Lost A leather wallet, containing
set of Typewriter tools on road to
Morenci. Return to Copper Era office
and receive $2.00 reward.
The County Recorder is busily en
gaged in compiling the official copy
of the Great Register for Greenlee
county which will be used at the Pri
mary election Oct 24th. This Great
Register will consist of all names
which appeared on the Great Reg
ister of Graham county for 1908 with
the additional names registered in
the supplement of 1010 for the elec
tion of delegates the Constitutional
Convention. Also all qualified elec
tors who have since moved to Green
lee County may have their registra
tion transferred to this connty.
In the Probate Court
Of the County of Greenlee, Territory of
In the matter of the Estate of Alvln 8. Rose-
crans. deceased.
Notice by clerk of day fixed for hearing re
turn of sale of real estate.
Pursuant to an order of the Probate court
made on the 29th day of September, 1911, notice
Is hereby Riven that Matilda B. Rosecrans, ad
ministratrix of the estate of said deceased,
made to the said court, and filed iu the office of
the clerk thereof, on said day, a return of sale
made by her on the 2"lh day of Sertember,1911,
under a previous order of said court, of the
followiug real estate, and for the following
named sum. towit: Fur huudred and twenty
dollars cash, the undivided one half interest iu
Ihu "SILVKK1NA" mining claim. Fitiiatc in
Greenlee GoldMountaiu Mining dlstrict.Couuty
of Greculee (formerly Graham toouuiy) Terri.
tory of Arizona, the locatiou notice of which is
duly recorded in the office of the County Re
corder of Graham county, Territory of Arizona
in book 14 record of mines at page 95 thereof.
The undivided one half interest in the"'COM-
PANADe COBRA" miuing claim, situate in
Greculee Gold Mountain Miniug district.Couuty
of Greenlee (formerly Graham county) Terri
tory of Arizona, the location uotico of which is
duly recorded iu the ofhee of the county re
corder of the County of Graham, Territory of
Arizona, in book 14, record of mines, at page 76
thereof, as will more fully appear from said re
turn filed as aforesaid, and to which reference
is hereby made for further particulars-
Aud notice is hereby further giveu that Tues
day, the 10th day of October, 1911, at 10 o'clock
M., at the court room of said court, at the court
house iu Clifton. County of Greeulee, has been
fixed for neariug the said return, when and
where any person interested iu the said estate
may appear and file written objections to the
confirmation of the said saie,and may be heard
and may produce wituesses in support of such
objections. .
Dated September 29, 1911.
9-29 2' Thko Shirlet.
' You will find Hundreds of beautiful
New Ginghams that will make good
school dresses, also Woolen 'Dress
Goods such as Mohairs in plain and
fancy colors.
Shepard checks, Imported German
Plaids. Best of all we offer a Storm
Serge in all the latest colors or 25c a
yard, which will make very servicable
school dresses.
Shannon Copper Company
Store Department
South Clifton
1 '' " BT
Phone 731 . . .. JJ5
Pure milk from a fine dairy herd. We guarantee rich,
creamy milk and prompt service.
'Scrupulous cleanliness maintained in everything con
nected with the dairy and milk supply.
Daily Deliveries in Clifton and Morenci.,
a mmSmmtawi?mimmIM
&. CO. f
Hollenbeck Hotel
A.C.Bilicke LOS ANGELES, CAL. JnoB.Nitcb.ell
Kates From $1.00 With private batb Rates from $1.50
Our Bread the Best Ever Made
Annual Fair
Phoenix, Nov. 8 to 11
A mamoth display of Arizona live stock, mineral, agricultural,
horticultural, apiary and industrial products.
A poultry show with thirty classes of chickens, pigeons, ducks,
turkeys and peacocks. A whole family of ostriches from just
hatched to full grown.
One whole afternoon devoted to automobile racing' by the
world's most daring drivers, iu cars of over twenty different makes
Racing program includes races by many horses, winners of
grand circuit events. Three hundred horses from all parts of the
United States. Jockey races, a cowboy relay race and broncho
busting events.
In the exhibition hall may be seen thousands of exhibits at
tracted by $40,000 in premiums.
-The famous Los Angeles-Phoenix automobile road race finish
ed the first day of the fair in front of the grand stand.
One Whole Week of Fun and Education for Everybody.
Round Trip Rate from Cliftton - $14.95
Bread, Cakes and Pies
Confectionery -
Prompt Delivery. Phone 271.
Made only toy
' J. ROCCO ZAPPIA. Proprietor.
Lay in Your Winter's Supply of
We are having a sale of Dry Cotton
Wood, sawed, split and C 1 Cash
delivered at your door for 1 V
We need the money, you ueed the Wood.
S. & S. Bottling Works IB 711
; -: I

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