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Friday, Octboer 6, 1911
i " ' - r :i.,',r,;.t ' , ,. "
-Morenci Chapel
Allan Krichbaum, Pastor. .
I Sabbath Schooi.i..9:30 A. 'M.,
, Morning Worship 10:15 A. M.-
' Christian Kndeavor 6:45 P. .
' Evening Worship 7:30 P. M.
Everybody is invited to attend
these services.
Catholic Church
.- Holy Cross Church - ,
..Mass' every Mind ay at 6:00 and
9 :30 a. m.
Evenin&Service - 7:00 p.m.
Rev. J. Camet, Priest
Nlclc Sawaia, was in Clifton on busi
ness Tuesday.
Jim Wester, was campaigning in
Duncan Friday.
W. E. Kelly, spent Sunday in Clif
ton. ; Mrs. M. M. Becker, and three small
children left Fresno, California, Mon
day. Tom Donahue, and family returned
Friday evenlnjr from a trip in the
V.H. S. Van Gorder, left for California.
Saturday on a vacation, am to visit
Gid Thompson, went down to the
.smoky city Tuesday in the interest of
hts campaign.
Roseoe Crittenden returned from a
two weeks' trip to El Paso Sunday
... G. Ben Ward spent a couple of
weeks with bis wife who is visiting
friends in Los Angeles.
Miss Grace Wood, of Chicago, sister
of Mrs. Dr. Goodrich, is here visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Goodrich.
Johnnie Patty, the republican can
didate for Sheriff of Greenlee county,
came up Sunday for a short visit.
Buck Daley, was up from Clifton,
Tuesday, shaking hands with friends
ad looking after business.
Mm. B. A. Edgington, came in from
San Francisco Sunday evening having
pent the summer on the coast.
D. L. Bouse has sold bis house on
D hill to Mr. Efromson of the Gila
Valley Bank. Mr. Bouse will in the
future occupy the house formerly oc
cupied by Sid Fraser near the D. C.
R. J, (Dick) Coleman, was up from
Clifton Wednesday, in the interest of
hv-tjuclidacy for County recorder.
Mr. Rutherford, superintendent of
tlte p.-C. smelter, is suffering from a
slight attack of typhoid fever.
..C. E. T-ler, was up Tuesday, look
ing affer his political fences as a can
didato(,for the office of Assessor.
'. Mrs.' 'Earl Schuyler and baby, re
turned from Colorado, Monday nignt
after- having had quite an extensive
.V'. "
Mrs. W. J. Collins and two children
returned from Michigan Sunday even
ing after A. stay of some months with
Dr. Tutbi'l and family left for New
York, Tuesday, for an extended visit,
and while away the Doctor will take a.
special course in medicine.
The Moreuci Southern Railway has
beeu having tneir hard luck in
bunches lately, having had wrecks;
Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. J.O. Moore, who has been
spending some mouths at Los Angeles
where her daughter Cleo is atsending
school, came in on Friday evening.
Mrs. Whittlesey and children re
turned Friday from a trip to El Paso,
to consult with Dr. Stark regarding
her son's eyes. '
County Assessor Kerbj was up from
Clifton last week tapping the wires
in the endeavor to Snd out what bis
chances for reelection were.
Misses Dysinger and McMabon and
Messrs. Jensen and Sumner rode to
Eagle Monday evening and enjoyed
Old Eagle by moon light.
There is considerable buzzing being
done by the school teachers regard
ing the forming of a card club to be
confined exclusively to teachers.
Harry Blair returned Irom Mogol
lon, Tuesday evening, having been
over there investigating conditions in
the mining camps on top of the Mogol
C B. Nonnamaker left for Bluff ton.
Ohio, Thursday morning, having re
ceived word of the serious illness of
his mother, and will hasten to her bed
side. It is reported that Morenci is to soon
have a Postal Savings Bank and since
these institutions of the government
seem to be very popular wherever they
are instituted, we are looking forward
to the event with considerable interest.
B. C. Murphy, Eli Ringsmith, and
Wash McLean, Jr.. came in from their
hunt on Black river, feeling fine, and
report plenty of game up in the moun
tains. . " .
The total number of children at
tending school this year will crowd
the eight hundred mark. This being
the largest enrollment since the
school was built.
Mrs. J. O. Moore returned Iriday
last from Los Angeles, where she
visited her daughter Miss Cleora,
who is taking a course in the City
Hospital in nursing
Ambrose Burke, came in Monday,
from Los Angeles, after a four months'
visit, and is preparing to do the an
nual work on his group of claims on
the south side of Coronado mountain.
Mrs. C. L. Gay, wife of the popular
manager of the A . C. store at Metcalf
came over Saturday, and she and
Mrs. Jack Farrel, have gone on a trip
to Mrs. Farrel's ranch on the Bonita.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Rogers, return
ed Friday from a visit in Ohio their
former home, and Mr. Rogers has
again taken up his position in the
drug department of the D. C. store.
George Carlton, democratic candi
date for the legislature was in Moren
ci, Tuesday getting his nomination
papers signed up and looking after
the interest of his candidacy.
Sergeant E. F. Hart, has been elect
ee second Leutenant of the local troop,
Arizona National Guard, and as he is
very popular among the men of the
troop, the selection should be pleasant j
all around. j
Aimer Fiske, is again the winner of
the drill medal in the local troop, this
being the third time Aimer has won
this medal, he is now entitled to keep
it for himself without the necessity
of having to contest for it again.
Frank Howard, who has been em
ployed in.'the old Schuyler barber shop
for several months past, by Frank:
Springer, has bought the shop from
the latter gentleman, and will con
duct the place in the future.
Walter McMillen, came up from
Clifton, Sunday, and took charge of
the Longfellow barber shop, re
lieving M. S. Harrison who had been
holding down the job for a few weeks
past. Mr. McMillen will be remem
bered by many of his former friends
in Morenci, who will welcome his return.
Dr. McCoy, of Pasadena, Cal., has
been secured to ' supply during the
absence of Dr. ' Tuthill'. Dr. McCoy
comes highly recommended and
seems to be a very capable as well as
pleasing gentleman.
Considerable disappointment is felt
by local Elks over the calling, off of
their dance which was to take . place
on the 20th. . It is thought that they
will be able to give one later in the
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donahue and son
Frank arrived home last Friday on
No. 4 from Philadelphia. Mrs. Dona
hue and Frank spent the summer at
Ocean Park, Atlantic City, and other
resorts on the Atlantic coast. Mr
Donahue joined them in Philadelphia
two weeks ago.
After a pleasant trip to Los Ange
les, San Francisco, and other cities
on the coast. Dr. and Mrs. Goodrich
returned Sunday accompanied by the
latter's sister Miss Wood, of Dekalb,
III., who will make an. extended visit
in camp.
Martin's moving picture show, has
perhaps had one of the best weeks in
their history , the pictures have been
good and the crowds have seemevl very
appreciative, at times two shows have
been given in one night with crowded
houses at each show!
J. L. Keister received word from
Mrs. Ketster, who has been spending
the summer in California, that she
was seriously ill. and Mr. Keister left
Wednesday morning for Pomona. Dur
ing his absence the post office will be
looked after by Newt Stanger. the
assistant postmaster.
The Morenci republican club met
in a sepcial meeting Monday night at
the club, for the purpose of selecting
and appointing some committees to
act during the coming campaign. An
organization had already been effect
ed, with A. L. Cummings as president,
and John Kiddie as secretary and
treasurer. Committees were appoint
ed, being finance, campaign, and en
tertainment committees, also a com
mittee to confer wl'.h the republicans
in Clifton.
About a dozen friends of Dr. Good
rich planned a nice little surprise for
him Wednesday evening. While he
was down town, a special messenger
Dr. Stanton, was sent out for him, and
be was told that there was an emercy
case coming in. Rushing toward the
hospital. Dr. Stacton informed him
that Mrs. Goodrich wanted to see him
a few mtnutc'S before he went to the
hospital, and then he found the emer
gency. All present bad a ve'y nice
time. ,
The Morenci base ball team started
.on Sunday morning for Lordsburg to
play ball. Arriving at Guthrie, they
tound that the Arizona and New Mex
ico Railroad was out of commission on
account of the wreck between Guthrie,
and Clifton, so they started back home,
and when they bad got "ust past Bunk
ers on the cork screw line they got off
the tracK and walked in, the boys say
from the apparently bard luck, they
have come out well in one way, as the
exercise in walking home will be good
for them, and keep them in better
trim for the next battle on the dia
mond. Our accomodating and loquacious
shoe clerk, R. Crittenden, made an
easy get away to El Paso on his va
cation two weeks ago. His trip to
El Paso was pleasant and interesting
which can hardly be said of his re
turn. Landing in Hachita he was
compelled to spend four hours seeing
the sights of the city. On arriving
at Guthrie his accomodation train
again gave him ample time to make
several social calls, consuming sev
eral hours. Two miles above Guthrie
his train jumped the track, and since
Arizona is not known to have modern
aeroplanes, "Crit" took to nature's
provision for such emergencies, and
counted ties to Morenci. He regis
tered home at three bells.
Dr. Tuthill gave one of his instruc
tive lectures on "First Aid to the In
jured" Friday evening at the Club.
Last winter Dr. Tuthill gave a series
of these lectures which were very
largely attended and which proved
to have been so carefully planned
and delivered that his instructions
when put to the test were easily fol
lowed, and proved most helpful in
helping fellow men who were injured.
It is the intention of the Doctor upon
his return from New York to resume
the lectures, as he has been requested
to by all who have attended his lec
tures not to drop them on account of
the great good they were doing.
The Democrats in camp are making
preparations to do some of the most
successful campaigning this coming
election ever undertaken. To make
this possible a meeting was held at
the Morenci Club last week by the
leading democrats to talk over plans.
Mr. Owen was appointed chairman
pro-tem and presided over the meet
ing. After various plans bad been
thrashed over it was decided that to
get perfect unison between all the
voters that the best plan would be to
form a Democratic Club. A commit
tee was appointed to solicit and get
members for said club and that with
in a week a meeting would be called
at which time all business necessary.
for the forming of such a club would
be taken up. It seems that this is
the right, in fact only way in which a
political organization can hope to do
any real good at election time as
every me mber of that club feels that
be has some part to look after instead
of sitting back and letting some two
or three carry all the burden.
Fireman Is Scalded
The outgoing Morenci Southern,
Monday morning, had the misfortune
to have the tender and two cars try
to get ahead of or on top of the en
gine, and almost succeeded, and there
is seemingly no reason for it other
than that the cars and tender wanted
to get ahead, as the track was in line
and to outside appearances there was
nothing to cause any one to believe
that such a thing could or would
happen in the usual run of things.
The track had not beeu giving any
trouble neither had the cars been out
of order and it was siooply one of
those iuexplainable accidents that
happen to railroads at times and
which for the same reason are un
avoidable. The cab of the engine was
somewhat injured, and the bursting
of a steam pipe on the engine badly
scalded Aimer Fiske the fireman He
was brought to town and placed in
the D. C. hospital, and when the
wounds were dressed it was found
that he had blisters to spare, and
while the burns are very painful it
is still hoped that they will not prove
necessarily over serious.
The Political Situation
The political situation is still taking
the center of the stage. Although
not having as many candidates in
Moreuci, as has the county seat town,
we have a few who are looking for
office. We now have two democratic
candidates for the office of Sheriff,
Gid Thompson and Jim Wester, one'
democrat for Justice of the Peace,
B. K. Williams, and one republican
for the same office, A. B. Cutler, one
independent, W. H. Chapman. There
are three democrats for the office of
constable, Jim Cash, Fred Remick,
and Billy Knight. For Supervisor,
we have Jack Farrell a republican,
and for the Legislature, W. M. Mober
ly. This candidates are not only
rumored but declared, and that will
give them an opportunity to get
around, and the people will have a
few to consider from Morenci.
J. R. Wester of Morenci, demo
cratic candidate for sheriff at the
primary election Oct. 24th, was in
Clifton Tuesday evening interviewing '
the democratic voters of this precinct.
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