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John K Baird, Publisher.
Rural (Vac delivery will be estab
lished at Grecnleaf. Canyon county,
on J
The «attract for the building of the
new Jt.ee« school house si New
MmBoww has been let.
■us bureau Inst week an
nounced that the population of Mos
cow was MTS. «solnet $,484 In 1S00.
Coe tracts have beet, let lor finisb
IhS the grade on the H K. Ï. * M
retimed betwi
Caldwell and Home
KetpvMHwi 1st 1res from all the
Prlewds' church-» of southern Idaho
attended a camp meeting held ln
Not*«, lying aine mile« west of
Caldwell on the main line of the Ore
go* Hhort Line, la experiencing a
•mell bums this spring that promises
much ter the town.
1 he pool Office department has or
dered the ro establishment of the
purtofflcc at Ihj, Lewis county, and
the aMtfMntmant of Mist Nellie Un
der ee pmlmletresM.
KcotUah Rite Masons of tout her a
Idaho met In Boise on Monday, Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday of last
week, degrees being conferred upon
an nnaeaally large claea.
AI Howard, the negro who attempt
ed to kttl Mrs. Rtella Wilson, colored,
*t Beds«, and then turned the gun on
htnteelf, will probably recover. Mrs.
Wilson waa not seriously hurt.
Horse metiers have again made
their appearance In Boise, according
to störte« which have come to the
asihorfttee Four horses were taken
frons n oorral la the capital city on
The League of Houthern Idaho Com
mqreiai rdubs Is planning a campaign
of promotion and advertising thnt Is
expected I« bring great résulta In the
way ef settlers, home builders and
The definit-* snnouncement of the
Ore go* Hhort Une of tho location of
its new road through Camss Prairie
Pisces tho present town of Soldier
one sad a halt mites north of the
nearest eUUtoc
Tne Km m>i t Fruitgrowers' no so
riaUo* has joined with the North
western Fruit exchange and entered
Into a* exclusive contract for the
markettag of the fruit under Its con
trol Cur this season.
Indicted dor fencing government
lands Ms Owyhee county, George C.
Riddell. Frank Riddell. Grant Rid
dell and itnrry Riddell and Augustus
and 1. Hum«- were fined $500 each
and J. A. Rewetl $250.
A large force of surveyors Is *t
work on the Khnmett bench setting
staken en the Emmett Orchard com
pany's limd. preparatory to the set
Dug oat of fruit tree». The contract
culls f*r the setting of 40.000 tree*.
Id his address at Moscow during
hi* reoesit vielt to that city, Colonel
Roosevelt said that he first came to
Idaho twenty «lx years ago with a
pack train, which, he thought, gave
him eoMie claim to be known «s a pio
ITc*a at not guilty were entered In
ths Federal court at Boise on Tues
day by Frank W, Kettenbach and hi*
nephew. William F. Rettenbach, on
»he charge of abstracting $137.000
frei» tha Lewiston National bank of
I . a!«!.««
WIMtam Hugadone, a young
»boat FT year# of age. living at t'am
bridge, tn the northern pari of Wash
tngtxia county, committed suicide ou
Thursday afternoon by »booting him
self I* tha head with a revolver. Ill
hroMh hi supposed to have been the
Th« uelcbratcd Halley State bank
esuu, wherein Leo Cramer, Hugh Cra
mer and Directors Cults and former
Cashier Coleman are charged with
Mocpttug deposits when they knew
the Hal tug State bank of Hailey, Ida.,
was Insolvent, la taring tried at Sho
I« the event that the epidemic
«nvi«g prairie dug* Is not shut off
*ooa la the southern port of the
«täte, there will be no need of the
r vac horn of that district banding to
gether for the purpose of carrying on
a war of extermination against them,
as they are dying by thousands.
To ks«t the constitutionality of the
recent legislature to the effect that
' he at ate has a right to relinquish cer
tain lauds and select Indemnity land»
In lien thereof, a friendly suit ha»
been filed In the supreme court.
Mr and Mrs. Claude Ksge of Cara
bridge sre await n* trial on the charge
of torturing thelt eight-year-old son
Portion* ef tho boy's tody and leg*
are horribly burned and bruised from
eevere besting, and he 1« now under
the doctor's care st tbe county poor
Mr Keppener. who Is an old man.
s«d hi* daughter's son. about It years
old. were seriously if not fatally In
lured In a runaway at Rex bur«. Mr.
Keppener has five ribs broken and is
not expect«d to live The boy s skull
I* fractured
It Is planned by the state game
wunden to bave every hunter who
takes out a license required to give
the number of deer which he kills or
tha number of «her animals bagged
la this way the department will be I
able to compile a complete record of
the gute killed euch year
A gambling raid made by ihm of
Happenings That Ars Making History
—Information Gathered from All
Quarters of the Globs and
Given In a Few Lines.
William Howard, who shot John Or
le* at Leal Cabin, Wyo„ March », and
wtuo has been lying out In the muun
taloa. gava himself up to the lender
authorities Friday.. He was almost
doud from starvation and exposure,
but what be said he craved moat waa
a cigarette. He claims he shot Ortez
to self defense
Dr. R. W. Reasotier was shot
through the heart and Instantly killed
at Colorado Spring* by R. O. Davie, a
negro, who attempted to hold up the
physician. Before the doctor was
killed he shot the negro three times.
The tatter will probably die.
Roadiuaster Carlisle of tbe Union
Pacific railroad was dangerously in
Jtired at Kimball, Neb., wben a motor
car In which he waa riding with a
Japanese helper waa at ruck by an en
A young man named Gua Lowltl,
who Is said to have been concerned
ln tome banking Irregularities In
Portland, Ore., committed suicide In
Denver by jumping from a window on
the sixth floor of a business block.
Samuel Finley Storey, editor of the
Narrative, a weekly publication at
Clarmont, N. H., was burned in hla of
llee Friday. Surrey lived alone In hla
office and according to his own state
ment existed on nine cents a day.
The 8-year-old son of S. O. Knight,
a farmer living near Klsworth, Kan».,
while taking a small rifle trom a cup
board, accidentally discharged the
weapon, killing his 8 months-old »la
ter, who lay asleep In a cradle at the
opposite side of tho room.
Widows and orphans of the victims
of the recant stockyards tire In Chi
cago have tiled an application for the
appointment of a receiver for the
J2tl,IMM> fund raised for their benefit.
It being charged that the chairman of
the fund committee has refused to
dlatribufe tbe fund».
Benjamin C. Barnes of Washington,
D. C„ has been acquitted at Anderaon.
Ind„ of the charge of having forcibly
entered a sleeping car berth occupied
by Miss Cecil Hill, foster daughter of
Prof. William Hill of the University
of Chicago, on a Pennsylvania train
as It was passing through that city
ou the night of January 28.
Tho "wet" und "dry" bills failed to
pass the Illinois hou3e of representa
tives, and wiih their defeat the light
tor county option In this session of
the general assembly came to an end.
According to Information received
from a telephone lineman near Plum
tnervllle. Ark., three persona wero
killed and twenty-five Injured In a
tornado which atruek that town.
j F'ur of rain, swept over 8L
I Thursday afternoon.
j thousand« of dollars' damage und In
directly three deaths.
A terrific wind, ball and thunder
ulorm, accompanied by a heavy down
causing many
[ have operated upon Mrs. Jeun Tliiirn
; herr of Berkeley,
: good family, who has been afflicted
with kleptomania and recently serv
ed a term In San Quentin prison for
Surgeons In an Oakland hospital
a young woman of
!baseball began a six months'
season on Wednesday In ssven major
league parks and three American
aorlntiin cities.
The deadlock tn the low» legisla
ture ended Wednesday afternoon
shortly before l o'clock, when Judge
William 8. Kenyon of kYirt Dodge waa
elected United State* senator to suc
ceed the late Senator Jonathan P.
DolUver, following perhaps the hard
est senatorial contest ever rought In
Twenty-three persons are reported
dead, more than UK) Injured, two
towns practically swept away, score»
of buildings demolished and thou
sands of dollars' worth of property J
damaged as the result of a tornado !
that rsged In Kansas, Oklahoma and 1
Missouri on Wednesday.
The newly elected mayor of Hun
newell. Kans., Mrs. Ella Wilson, hss
announced that she will appoint Mrs
Ross Osborn as city marshal.
Wednesday, April t$, was the fif
tieth anniversary of the firing ou l-Yjrt
Bunt pier.
Twelve election
pleaded guilty In the criminal district
court st New Orleans on Wednesday,
ta charges of violating ths election
laws In the recent election for just
ice of the l,otL*lana state
Matthew Clark, tbe British engi
neer who bullt tbe Irans Andean rail
road which tunnel* the Andes moun
tain* at « height of 10,000 feet,
rived In New York
from Jamaica, full of praise for the
Panama canal, which he recently la
on Wednesday
Honored In one Instance by parti
cipation of tbe president of tho United
States and In others by executives of
I Daniel K. Pearson, Chicago's dlstin
gulsbed philanthropist, colebrated tal«
otnety-flrst birthday Mrlday by dis
tributing $300,000 among educational
institutions and for mlaalonary work.
W. A. Tawney. a brother of former
Congressman Tawney of Minnesota,
committed suicide at his farm In
Pierce county. Neb., Thursday night
by hangln« himself to a rafter of a
Braving the chilly winds and driz
zling rain, an Immense throng, vari
ously estimated front 150.000 to 200,
000. stood In the afreets In Cleveland
on Wednesday and paid silent tribute
to the memory of Tom I* Johnson as
his body was conveyed from tbe fam
ily apartmenta to the Union depot.
Jacob W Clute, three times mayor
of Schenectady. N. Y., killed himself
with a pistol shot In the bathroom of
his home on Wednesday while the
sheriff was waiting at the door with
a body execution for him growing out
of alleged Irregularities in the hand
ling of an estate.
The Démocratie party met Us first
serious trouble ln the house of rep
resentative» ou Friday. At the close
of h session marked by Insurgency ln
the Democratic ranks, by reason of
which the Republicans narrowly miss
ed scoring a triumph, the house pass
ed the Rucker bill for publicity ol
campaign contributions before elec
The Canadian reciprocity bill for
mally was laid before tbe house Just
before adjournment Friday.
The resignation of David Jayne
Hill, ambussador to Germany, has
been presented to the president. Am
bassador Hill wishers to be retired
July 1.
Rural mall carriers will not be re
quired to wear uniforms hereafter,
under the terms of a bill Introduced
by Representative lluinlln of Mis
souri; and they will have the right to
communicate to members of congress
any complaint or petition they desire
to make, a privilege now denied them.
Representative Baker of California
has Introduced a resolution calling on
the president for all correspondence
In 'possession of the president and
secretary of state and secretary of
war relating to Japanese Immigration
to the United State« and It» posses
The first, expression In congress
concerning tho situation on the Mex
ican border was heard Thursday
when Senator Rayner of Maryland
addressed tho senate on that subject.
Although a Democrat, Mr. Rayner
spoke In confidence of the attitude of
President Taft and expressed v the
opinion that there would be no war
with either Mexico or Japan.
Mme. Anne Marie Louise Judie, fa
mous as a light opera singer, died at
Nice, France, April 14.
Edward Jardine was found guilty
at Goderich, Ont., of the murder of
Lizzie Anderson on September 20
last and was sentenced to be banged
on June 18,
Lieutenant Byusson of the French
navy, while making an aeroplane
flight at Chevreuse, France, fell with
his machine and sustained Injuries
from which he died later. He was
maneuvering a monoplane over the
field when the machine capsized.
The Mexican revolution was carried
to the streets of San Francisco Fri
day night In an attempt to assassi
nate Colonel Alexis De Clalrmont,
agent of President Diaz, commission
ed to purchase the formula for an ex
plosive tn San Francisco. Two shots
were fired at De Clairmont as he was
entering his house. He returned the
tire, but the would-be assassius
Thomas D. Murphy, general man
ager of the El Favor Mining com
pany, operating tn tho Hostipaquillo
district of Jalisco, Mexico, was killed
by Carlos and Macario Cervantes,
brothers. The Gervantes brothers
were terrorizing the camp and attack
ed Murphy when he ordered them to
leave the camp.
Bandits not connected with the in
Hurrcetos began to operate near Chi
huahua on Thursday. A gang held
up a train of tho Chihuahua Mining
company, an American concern, and
took $81,000 In gold.
The frenzy of the rioting wine mak
ers in France exceeds all bounds, and
it I» feared they will use dynamite,
a large quantity of which disappeared
from the quarries lust week.
bomb was
cavalry, wounding
three troopers and killing a horse.
comes from Ay that a
thrown at the
Although it was officially declared a
week ago by tho health authorities
that tho recent outbreak of cholera at
Honolulu had been »tamped out,
other case developed ou Wednesday.
A* was the cose in the
demie, it Is a nsMv
was stricken with the disease.
It is believed that twenty lives
lost when the little wooden steamer
Iroquois, plying between Sidney, Van
couver Island, and the IslauJs of tha
Guif of Georgia, wa» capsized
after leaving Sidney.
.1 ri
recent epi
Huwaiian who
arrived at
day from Funchal, Madeira, with I.
552 Immigrants, including 300 futul
lies and 150 single
laborers are Impo
shortage of labor- .» on the planta
Pitiful stories of suffering
famine stricken areas of China
being received daily. Sixty girls
offered for »ale at one small
without a purchaser,
food the slaves eat
able than their lives.
persons. These
J because of the
in the
because tho
was more valu
The Cansdian Government, Backed
by a Comfortable Majority, Is
Pledged and Anxious to Put the
Agreement Through.
Ottawa, Ont.~A favorable report on
the reciprocity agreement with the
United States Is looked for by mem
bers of the Dominion government not
long after parliament reassembles
Settlement of the reciprocity issue
ln Canada, it Is said, now depends
primarily upon action at Washington.
Any assurance that congress will rati
fy the agreement may be coupled with
the assurance that the Canadian par
liament will do its part.
The Canadian government, backed
by a majority of more than forty ln
the house, Is pledged and anxlouB to
put the agreement through as
as the conservative opposition per
mits a vote Ratification then by the
senate would be merely a matter of
form, since the government's sup
porters in that body outnumber the
conservatives three to one.
Until the agreement is ratified by
both American branches, the fight
against It in the Canadian house will
be continued by Mr. Borden's adher
ents along the lines followed the last
six weeks. But their stubborn resist
admittedly is being kept up only
in the hope that the situation may be
saved, from the conservative point of
view, by a failure of the senate at
Washington to pais tbe American
part of the pact.
Splashed With Molten Steel When
Plug Burned Out of Container
Which They Were Tending.
Philadelphia.—Six workmen were
killed, one fatally Injured and twelve
others seriously hurt at the Midvale
steel works at Wayne Junction, Satur
day afternoon, when a container filled
with molten steel gave way, the
liquid splashing over more than a
score of the employes.
Several tons of the molton steel had
been poured into the container and It
was being slowly propelled along a
traveling crane across the shop to
waiting moulds. More than twenty
men were under and around it, guid
ing the vessel with long tongs, when,
without warning, a plug in the bot
tom burned out and the molten steel
Instantly began pouring through the
hole. It spluttered and splashed over
some of the men and they were com
pelled to let go of the tofigs. In thus
releasing their hold, the kettle became
unsteady and tilted over, pouring
down a stream of molten steel. Seven
of the workmen were caught almost
directly under the full flood.
Soldiers to be Sent to Panama.
Washington.—The United States
soon will expend approximately $2,
000,000 in fitting up officers' quarters
and barracks along the Panama canal
for housing 6,300 troops that the war
department will despatch to protect
the canal. This force will be known
as "the canal guard." While the ca
nal will not be completed until 1916,
these troops will be sent down just
as soon as the barracks can be con
structed. "The administration wants
to be prepared for any emergency," is
the explanation given by army offi
Printers Have Narrow Escape.
O.—Fire practically de
etroyed the office and plant of the
Toledo Blade Publishing
here Saturday night, entailing a loss
estimated at from $150,000 to $200,000,
partially insured.
One fireman was
seriously Injured. The fire is thought
to have been caused by crossed elec
trie wires, and was discovered by
printers working on the th*l floor,
Nine printers on the third floor, find
Ing their means of escape cut off, i
were rescued by firemen.
Train Robber Paroled.
Sacramento, Cal.—Chris Evans tha
train robber, of Evans" 5*2*2!
fame, was paroled from Folsom prison
on Saturday.
is a resident of Sacramento, had made
repeated efforts to obtain his release.
The former bandit is now in very fee
ble health, and it is not expected that
he will live long. He has been an
or seventeen years
Murdered lïTprïsôn.
Auburn, III.—While a game of dice
was ln progress In tne village prison
here Sunday. Lee Risen shot and
killed Henry Lindsey, 35 years old in
Evans' daughter.
inmate of Folsom
Fifteen Hundred Tons of Coin.
New York.—Fifteen hundred tons of
Chinese money is aboard the steamer
Katuna, which arrived Sunday from
the far east. The money is
mutilated and was sold
worn and
as old cop
per by the Chinese government.
Gave Life for Chum.
Chicago.—Alexander Doty, 16
old. lost his life Sunuay while trying
to save his chum. Osborne Darby, 18
years old, with whom he had
boating on Lake Michigan. Their
uoe capsized.
; ; "
(If Mr. George Ade, Instead of Mr. John
Greenleaf Whittier, had written "Maud
Maud Muller, on a summer's day,
Sighed: "I'm Built Like a Bale of Hay.
"I am composed of Hips and Chins
Until I seem a Pair of Twins."
All summer, then, she worked away
Just like a Farm Hand, every day,
Until she looked both Trim and Sweet—
And Teamed for something Good to Eat.
Upon the Lawn, ln gentle Guise,
Maud Muller took her Exercise.
The Judge came riding down the Road
And noted how well Maudle showed.
He asked If he might have a Drink
And seemed to be About to Wink.
She got the Sugar and the Mint,
And the Glad Nose Paint did not Stint.
She mixed the Judge a Jullp Slug
That hit him like a Kissing Bug.
The Judge attempted to get Gay
But Maudle told him: "On your Way.
"I am a Simple Country Girl,
But this Is an Imported Curt,
"Likewise the Bloom upon my Cheek
Is Massaged In Just Twice a Week.
"I may stay with the Folks at Hum
But, Jedge, I guess I'
The Judge rode slowly back to Town
And there called on Samantha Brown.
The Julep still was ITp his Nose,
And what did he Do but Propose!
Maud Muller wed
Who had a Plutocrat for Dad.
Sometimes Maud thinks about the Judge
And smiles about the Good Old Budge
She gave him on that Summer Day
When he came Riding down the Way.
The Judge betimes will often think
About the Awful Curse of Drink.
Maud knows that when she seeks divorce
The Judge will be For Her, of course
Though Cupid says that You are It
You cannot Tell from Where You Sit.
Traveled Some."
Farmer I,ad
Of the Family?
"First," says the lecturer, "our fore
fath e r s ascended to their domiciles by
means of the tree trunks, next they
Progressed to dwellings built upon
tlle Krount1 ' and naturally invented a
rude ladder by which to mount to the
upper Doors; they then developed the
s,alrwa >' s - and from that by easy
stages came the elevator.
we may say, the tree trunk is the
father of the elevator."
"And." asked the bright scholar in
a rear seat - "after that may
that the stepladder Is the
we reason
"But slr deferemfalK
tailor, "while, of course we 7™
your trousers with a 60 ln r T ^
band, sir, allow me to reminT u
your waist measurement is 2eX
fifty-two. and—" eaaj
'That's lust It»" « .
customer rJV lnter ^ u P's »he fat
customer I ve been trying to
*!. s t ior a year—and no luck.
siv nr'oi y i U]k my walst band out [
5%^^^ 0nWW#C,0 °- '
that I'm
Correcting the Legend.
sn,fted ,llp man with the j
' f., up from the pages [
.. 'f Morte d Arthur." !
[['' hat is it? " asked his wife
^ !
nu ' n * e( i- m j
" What la it, dear""
'" Why - this fe »°" say« that ki„« «
, thur ' 8 s ' V(,rd »■» ExcaUbur An, r ,
with myself i
getting thinner."
The Strike.
He struck her.
She stood before
tiful and defiant.
«ä ï jsa -
back in installments,
got lunch
him, proud, beau- |

a -
Til pay It j
1 haven't
even i
was obdurate,
pays to strike
But she
It never
a woman.
Actor Finally Got the Q M
ensd and Attending to
Mi n *

"Years ago,' says Guy
the actor, "I appeared l n r -,
performance of a play that
tlnct religious flavor.
player had studied for th*
and had a deep and sonorou* m ^
one of the scenes the light*
posed to be turned down ilnd **►
storm simulated. The acc-rJ^ 1 * 18 *
lines were: "Mijiij
" 'Oh, I.ord, deliver
ers of darkness.'
' 1S troai
"The leading man spok«
but darkness didn't follow,
them again, and still the
distressingly light. Finally hT
" 'Oh, Lord, deliver us from a, Z,'
er of darkness, and also give tW '
gas man sense enough to tan,"/" 1
the lights.' n «»»
"The gas lights went down and a.
audience roared."—Pittsburg rt,
cle-Telegraph. ' /0rw
Ike lito
I but
ù m
I km

I dO!
Rhodie—Say, Joe, dere's one of ft
best places dat I'se got on me route.
Joe—You don't say!
Rhodie—Yep, dem people alwijj
buys dere wood sawed and split
Expert Testimony.
There was not much to be gained
from the witness on the stand, wha
seemed to have a wonderful faculty
for holding his tongue, but tke law.
yer tried once more.
"You say your boat picked up tke
accused at nine o'clock, or there
abouts," he said. "It has been stated
that he jumped overboard nearly
an hour before that time. Tell me,
Captain Sampson, how he appeared
to you when you picked him up. If
you had been required to give aa
opinion of him then, what would you
have said?"
"Well, I'll tell ye honest," said the
captain, when he had disposed of a
portentious yawn. "I sh'd-ve said he
was one o' the wettest men, if not the
wet,test man, that ever I see!"
Youth's Companion.
j tut
I C0!
: ini
[ w]
Crippled by Tuberculosis.
According to a recent report br Dr.
Conrad Biesalski of Berlin, there an
75.000 cripples in the German empin
out of a population of 60,500,8«. Over
50.000 of tbe cripples are ia seed of
proper treatment. Doctor Biesalski
states that In 15 per cent, of tbe crip
pies examined, their deformity uti
due to tuberculosis of the bsoe and
joints, and that there were 10,488 such
children in great need of medial
treatment. He advocates tbe estab
lishment of seaside sanatoria for this
latter class of cripples.
; li
Good Reason for It.
"I see a premiere danseuse Is ad
vertised to dance with five spates
twined about her."
"Should think she would. If »
snake got on me I'd bet I'd dance."
Stray Stories.
the Antiseptic powder to shake into youpshooc B»
lieves Corns, Bunions, Ingrowing Nails, SwoU**«
Sweating feet. Blisters and Callous spots. 8oX
everywhere, 26c. Don't accspt any rubstit so. Site
pie Fit BK. Address Alien 8. Oltnsted, LoBor.k-I.
Of Course.
"Why are hotel bellboys called But
tons'?" «
"Because they're always off *ten
you need 'em most."
Praise not a woman for wliat ste
hath, but for what she hath not, a®*
thy reward shall be exceeding grett
—Gelett Burgess.
Th\ Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure C 0 BI&
pation. Constipation is the cause of min?
diseases. Cure the cause .and you cur *
the disease. Easy to take,
Words are wise men's counter*
they do but reckon by them, but tbef
^ th# " * ^ ^
Some men are as easily rattled a*
others are hard to shake.
- —
. . . . „
^ hich is ho common in the
u,,on the return of warm wither,J? ^
f vital,ty, vigor or tone and » «
fo ™ r V m,er . Prostrating disease
The best medicine to take for "
great constitutional remedy
Hood's Sarsapari^
Garfield Tea contains no
Composed of Herbs, it is an ideal la»' 1
h-irmfui '■i' 1 "' -
Loss of Appetite
>4 li*
tVhich purifies and enriches the
anil builds up the whole system. j
Get it today in usual liq«' J "
chocolated tablets called Sarsatab»
are made
kidney and bl»dd|*
_ ble. Dr. Kilmer *»»,
BLAME Keet 'he «««» 1 ^
remedy promptly »*
At druggists in fifty cent ami
¥ou may have a sample b°ttl»
îree, also pamphlet telling ftJl
address, Dr. Kilmer * Co., Blnghsttl»^

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