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Hap*#«lngs That Ar* Mäkln« History

— Information Gathtrad from AU
Quarter* of th# Glob* site
OivM In • r*w Um«.
Though report* rwehwl by the state
Ward of health Indicate a spread if |
Kpatiisb Influenaa throughout
atate of Utah, no or«-*»tan for hysteria
exist», according to statements made
by Dr T. I) Beatty, «tale health com
ml »«loner Twelve hundred n
now been reported In Utah.
The men next person In Utah «tld ■
K» should In- with H, e Hun* I« the!
burglarized the Red Crows I
thief Who
storehouse in Kllvor City and stole ■ I
Pvt of Hot hing which had been coiled- j
ed for the Belgian*. Titer# is no clue !
U* the unpatriotic thief.
A quarantine against the city of He- I
er» in Camp lewis, was
ordered 17,«relay The or,1er waa be j
»oed »I Hie request of Keottle city !
suthoritles to prevent soldiers eon- !
tractln* Influente, which i* prevalent
I« Kettle according to military
ante for ■
»UI I,. »ritte»
A saving of XhUU.OOll lia» been ef.
fee ted to apple growers In Oregim,
Washington »ml Ids ho flits year, ac
cording to F. J. Miller, chairman of
the Oregon I'uhlic service commission,
who telegraphed front Washington
(hat the railroMd administration has
granted a reduction front 6 1.26 to 61,10
per URI pound* in the tratiacoiiHueutal
freight rat* for apple*.
The Drat case» of Hpaiilsh Influente
mil e«l in Nevada were reported to
best II» officer* a I Reno, Tuesday, four
person* Iwing found lufected wilii Hi#
disease within a f#w hour*.
Kentcnee of two yearn In McNeil'»
island federal penitentiary and N fine
of gum for the acceptance of a bribe.
*«• lmi».*ed on Janie« A. Wisst, for
mer assistant ferlerai food adtulniatra
lor for Nevada.
Harry Klügling, yonugest of the six
brothers who (luring the last twenty
five year» have hoeu prominent in the
elrcu* world, died at Harahao, Wi»., of
act and other internai disorder».
A German submurlitw waa »unk a few
tin* from the Atlantic coast Friday
morning by a shelf front a Braaiifait
n*r, it waa reported whnp til* Ves
tel arrived at an Atlantic port.
Boat men within a few days will as
sume the task of delivering telegraph
es classed a* nigiit letters In
cities and town« wh#ra postal defiv
are maintained.
A resolution recommending that tlie
J. Mooney Hite "it» I!* labor
he presented to the war labor
board and be dealt with as a war Issue.
waa adopted unatiimoualy hy the Gall
P fonda Federation of I arbor in conven
tion at Han Diego.
by public
prosecuting officials that no
could l»e convicted of murder in Gt»»k
County (Chicago) were modified on
Thursday when a Jury found Mrs.
«sue* Kowalski, an aged union labor
f, guilty of tuaitsiuugliter at her
trial on a charge of healing to death
»tmi Per woman who had refused to
Join a union.
In announcing award* in three la
bor >o«lr»v erste«, the war labor hoard
laid down the rale that in» worker ahull
draw overtime or extra time |»ay uti
le«» tie work* forty-etght regular
hours a week, excepi where Illness or
*»>me other Ju»t cause prevents.
The rice tariff has been suppressed
by the Philipptue« senate, making ef
fective a porelutuailou by Governor
General Frauds lint ton Harrison di
recting that such a move be taken to
tower the coot of living lu the is
Five hundred convict* in the Jute
am at Ran Quentin,
went on »trike following com
ma, and
mitt of the »täte p
against the mil! h
were Induced to re
urn to work by Wanten J unies A.
all but fifty ot
nan Julius Kahn of Gall
Dllcan member of
(be house military affair* committee,
la a ajmeeb made before the Associa
Hog of Gotnmi r. ,- at Chicago, declared
that by the ei
will have neu»
front lhaa alt her allies put together
and will have obtained absolute mas
tery of the air.
The American ateauter Weatgat# of
the naval oversea* transportation serv
ice baa been sunk at sea with the toss
of six tieiubers of her crew, til col.
list ou with the steamer American. The
ft tea tli nn pt»-fc*d up th# survivor*.
Kennt» of American sailor»
da, rank in,

of tbia year America
Irpianes on the buttle
killed or wounded by ahrajutei fired by
» after it had tor
a German submarii
»ff tin- Allant!*
the sli
ho art
ri Ihr
y ti*td by twenty
cd at an Atlantic
ig h
a British freighter.
Baldwin, w»dl known light
weight. ii<ed ut Boston of pneumonia
He was A4 years old. Baldwin, tn the
»■areer. fought Ad W«»l
Freddle Welsh and
I « .. h
a. at -IglHw eights.
More than 500 of Cleveland'* WW
firemen have imumln) blanket reslg
MliMM to Pli» Cbtef < »purge A. Wal
lace, to take «ffwt ( iotober IK. The
men demand that Hie city enforce the
eight hour charter amendaient, buck
pay «ml un Increane In wit (fen.
Wilson selected
••Aille»" mnl "Consort'' un the tin me«
for two Ships to lie bmneliet) ut the
yard* of the Knti mu line limit corpora
ttmi In N'ew»rk mi Octolier 14, In the
presence of diplomatic representative*
of the iweuty.thre* allied nation*.
TM« jour - » wheat crop will he 918,
*»>.000 bushel*. the department of ug
ricuitiire ha* announced In It* fire.
Hint nary estimate of production. Win
ter w lieu I prod net ion I«
bushel* mnl »firing wheet production
S83. 196.090,
Mr*. Woodrow
With mure than l,9U0,(Wt> American
troop« embarked for the front and an
army of 2,000,OtXl men In preparation
make victory certain, General
March, chief of staff, ut his weekly
conference Friday, sounded an urgent
c»|| for popular stip|H>rf for Hie fourth
Utterly loan III order that the Ameri
can armies utay have full support.
**«'lftrl»ig that a decided shortage In
"" '' v, ' r > " rf,,r ' »»"*"
lie made to conserve present supply,
Mark Iteqiin, oil Hdmliiistrntor, urged
,n "* n K'*' «" * U >V "I»'*''" 1
influenza the public health
H *' rvi ' *' Investigating the causes of
*he conditions wtilch
•»»' l«* rt
hy carriers in epldemh'» of the malady.
In urging the tiution to put forth
Its maximum effort in the war, par
ticularly in financing It, Acting Secre
tary of War ('rowel! said that this
would he the worst possible time to
stacken the efforls to defeat the cen
tral powers.
The tax on theatre tickets sold at
news stands, hotels ami places other
than the theatre In witleh Hie perfor
mance Is given was increased from 5
per cent, as fixed by the house, to
id |«-r cent by the senate finance com
mittee In revising Hie war revenue
mate finance committee lit eon
sidering the war lax bill, to take no
action Hint would in any way obstruct
Kmpernr William Inis summoned Hi*
sovereigns of all the German federal
states to Berlin for u consultation be
fore answering President Wilson'»
note, according to a Cologne dispatch.
•Such a conference Is unique In the his
tory of Germany.
A large number of American troops
have hfetl lost a« tlie result of the sink
ing of the transport Otranto In Hi«
North channel between the Scottish
und Irish cousis in a collision with tlie
steamer Kashmir. The Otranto, after
the eoIJIaton, wu* dashed to pieces on
the rock* off the south Scotftsh const
With a probable loss of 372 American
Traveler* arriving at Basel, Switzer
land, from Germany assert Huit they
encountered considerable risks heenuse
the French and American heavy gun*
aiv homlilng with considerable effect
the railways connecting tlie southern
Rhine cities. Near the Swiss frontier
the railway was struck hy «hell* sev
eral times at different isiluts.
The British press describes the tnr
|mh]oIiik of the Irish mall boat Leinster
in the Ht. George channel a* tlie worst
submarine crime since in> sinking of
Hie Lusitania.
A Canion dtsputcli says tlie southern
military government ha* formally de
clared war on the government of Presi
dent Hsu Shin <'hang, "because Hsu
Shlli Chang accepted a bogus parlia
ment election, thus recognizing Hie new
parliament and refusing to respect the
existing provisional constitution."
Gen. Michael Alexleff, cotnmaiider
llt-ehief of Hie IIiishIhii Imperial armies
in 1917, died at Yekuterlnomar on Oc
tober Id, according to a r#|»irt received
here from Kiev.
Tlie porte lias been advised Hint
Bulgaria is expected to send troops
against Turkey in an expedition
planned hy the entente allies, accord
ing to a dispatch to the Kxciuing*
Telegraph »•»uiquiuy from Amsterdam,
quoting advices from Constantinople.
An American bombing expedition
consisting of more Hum 350 machines
on October 9 drop|<ed thirty-two tons
of explosive* on German cantonments
In the are« between Wavrllle and
Ihmivlliera, about twelve tulle* north
of Verdun.
Australia Is about to put into effect
the license system for the control of
import*, it is announced by W. A,
Watt, the treasurer of Hie common
wealth. Th# cabinet had approved
Hie principle, he said, and the lietails
were being framed.
There are persistent rumors among
the working classe* In Germany, ac
cording to advice* received at Basel.
Switzerland, that Germany's Imperial
bunds mu) become valueless. The ru
inora have their basis in the repeat ml
entente victories. Tlie people of nu
merous towns are said to tie unload
ing their war loans at extraordinarily
low price* nud a twttib' seems liniul
I Hiring fifteen attcc —ft i v# »lay* re
| eently the British artillery buried
i RM** 'haw JtMMO tous of shell* a day
I upon the enemy, according lo a state
ment hy Winston Spencer Churchill,
the minister of munitions.
Mesopotamian dispatches record the
arrival inside the British lines of 47,
j Iks) Assyrian. Armenian and Russian
refugees front Urumluh. Persian Ar
menia. who broke through the Turk
lab front mid made tneir eaenpe.
t Alexander Feudorovieh Trepoff. for
mer KukmIuu premier, lias beet* shot.
according to advices from Petrograd.
Offen» to Evacuate Invaded Ter
ritory as Prerequisite to
an Armistice.
Su«c**t* That th* President May
Occasion th* Meeting of a Mixed
Comrnlsaion for Making the
Necessary Arrangement«.
Washington. —■ Germany's reply to
President Wilson'* inquiry, inter
cepted a* It was being «eut by the
great wireless tower* at Nauen and
forwarded here Saturday night, Octo
ber 12, ill an official dispatch from
France, declares Germany I* ready to
accept President Wilson's peace
terms, evacuate the Invaded territory
as u prerequisite to au armistice and
that Hie hid for peace represent* the
German people us well as the govern
Although on II» face the text of the
German note seems to he a complete
acceptance of President Wilson'*
terms', the people of the United States
and the allied countries should tie
cautioned ugalnst accepting it as such
a compliance of (lie president's de
mand* ns will menu immediate cessa
tion of hostilities.
Without any attempt to discount
what appeared to tie, at a casual read
ing, an acceptance of the terms the
president lias laid down, offielala here
were very positive as not accepting
the German note as a document which
means the end of the war. It needs
to be examined und fully considered
before the views of the American gov
ernment can he stated.
Should President Wllsou finally de
cide that there Is enough sincerity in
Germany's proposition to transmit it
to the ailles, as the German chancel
lor requested, It should he borne in
mind that Great Britain, France and
the other entente nations must be
taken into cotisideratlon for decision
then ns to whether an armistice
should be granted or whether discus
sions should be undertaken to carry
out the details of the application of
President Wilson's peace terms.
Text of Note.
The text of the note follow! :
In reply to the questions of the
president of the United States of
America, the German government
hereby declares :
The German government has ac
cepted I Im terms laid down by Presir
dent Wilson In UN urfdrre* of Janti *
ary Stli and In ills subsequent ad
dresses on the foundation of a perma
nent peace of Justice. Consequently,
Its object in eutertng Into discussions
would lie only to agree upon practical
details of tile application of these
terms. The German government be
lieve* Hint the governments of the
powers associated with the govern
ment of the United Stales also take
the position taken by President Wil
son In Ids address. The German gov
ernment, In accordance with the Aus
tro Hungarian government, for the
purpose of bringing about an armi
stice, declares Itself ready to comply
with Hie propositions of the president
in regard to evacuation. The German
government suggests that the presi
dent may occasion Hie meeting of a
mixed commission for making the
necessary arrangements concerning
the evacuation. The present German
government, which lias undertaken
the responsibility for tills step toward
peace, tins been formed hy conferences
and in agreement with the great
majority of the reichstag. The chan
cellor. supported in all Ills actions by
the will of this majority, speaks in the
■mine of (lie Geniiun government and
of tlie German people.
State Secretary of Foreign Office.
Berlin, October 12. 1918.
May Lead to Peace.
At tile first reading til# text would
seem to answer, in a 111 antler which
might load to peace, all Hie questions
President Wilson asked of Chancellor
Maximilian In his Inquiry, which was
aent as an answer to the German
I wb co note received lier»» October 7.
In this Inquiry the president de
clared 15> would not propose an armi
stice while troop» of the central pow
ers remained on invaded soil ; he
aak#d whether Prince Maximilian ac
cepted the terms of peace as laid
down, or merely wanted to discuss
th#m "a* a basis for negotiation,"
and finally he asked whether the
chancellor merely represented the mil
itarists who have been conducting the
Tlie one point which appeared to
loom tip In the text of tlie unofficial
copy I* whether Chancellor Maximil
ian and Foreign Secretary Rolf can in
reality represent the German people,
as the reply declares they do.
Greek Troops Did Good Work
Athens. Greece.—Tlie Greek tr<s»pa
that participated in tlie recent offen
alve which resulted in the surrender
of Bulgaria have been highly compli
mented hy tlie general In command of
tlie British troops in Macedonia.
Thought Armistice Had Been Signed.
With the Army In France. —• The
British cavalrymen
fr»inf have taken prisoners who said
they were ander the impression that
nn »ir-ulsüi-e hml been s!-- »—' and
Hint, therefore, they surrend -red. ^
perilling on this
All Invaded Territory to Be
Evacuated and Freedom of
Seas to All Nations.
Belgium to Be Restored, French Terri
tory Freed, Independent Polish
State Erected and Russia Given
Chance to Become Froe Nation.
The fourteen terms of
peace set
down by President Wilson in his ad
dress of Jauuury 8, und accepted by
ttie Germans, und the additional "four
isdnts" outlined hy him lit his ML
Vernon speech of July 4, are us fol
lows :
Open covenants of peace, openly
arrived Ht, after which there «hull be
no private International understand
ings of any kind but diplomacy shall
proceed always frankly and in the pub
lic view.
Absolute freedom of navigation
iijKjit Hie sens, outside territorial wa
ters, alike in peace and in war, except
as the seas tuny he closed in whole
In part by International action for the
enforcenieuut of international
HI. Tlie removal, so fur as pos
sible, of all economic harriers and ttie
establishment of an equality of trade
conditions among all the nations
sentlug to the peace and associating
themselves for Its maintenance.
IV. Adequate guarantees given und
taken that nutlonul armaments will lie
reduced to tlie Ufwest points consistent
with domestic safety.
V. A free, open-minded and abso
lutely impartial adjustment of all co
lonial claims, based upon a strict ob
servance of the principle that in deter
mining all such questions of
elgnty the interests of Hie populations
concerned must have equal
with tlie equitable claim« of tlie gov
ernment whose title is lo he deter
VI. Tlie evucuatlon of all Russian
territory und such a settlement of ail
questions affecting Russian territory
and a settlement of all questions uf
'eetlug Russia as will secure Hie liest
und freest co-nperutlon of the other
nations of the world in obtaining for
her an unhampered and unembarrassed
opportunity for the independent déter
mination of lier own political .develop
ment and national policy and assure
lier of a sincere welcome iuto tlie so
ciety of free nations under Institutions
,tf I"*- <,»*• rtKKxatn«; unci, inon than
u welcome, assistance also of every
kind that she may need and may her
self desire. Tlie treatment accorded
Russia by lier sister nations in the
months to come will be tlie acid test
of their good will, of their compre
hension of lier needs as distinguished
from their own Interests, and of their
intelligent and unselfish sympathy.
VII. Belgium, the whole world will
agree, must be evacuated and restored,
without any attempt to limit the sov
ereignty which she enjoys in common
With all other free nations. No other
single act will serve as this will serve
to restore confidence among the na
tions in the laws which they have
themselves set and determined with
one another. Without this healing net
the whole structure and validity of
international law is forever impaired.
VIII. All French territory should lie
freed and the invaded portions re
stored, und the wrong done to France
by Prussia in 1871 in tlie matter of
Alsace-Lorraine, which has unsettled
the peace of the world for nearly fifty
years, should be righted. In order that
peace may once more lie made secure
in the interest of all.
IX. A readjustment of tlie frontiers
of Italy should lie effected along clear
ly recognizable lines of nationality.
X. Tlie peoples of Austria-Hungar.v,
whose place among ttie nations we
wish to see safeguarded and assured,
should he accorded the freest oppor
tunity of autonomous development.
XL Rumania, Serbia and Monten
egro should be evacuated ; occupied
territories restored : Serbia accorded
free a ,- .d secure access to the sea; and
the relations of the several Balkan
states to one another determined by
friendly counsel along historically es
tablished tines of allegiance and na
tionality ; and international guarantees
of the political and economic indepen
dence and territorial integrity of the
several Balkan states should he en
tered Into.
XII. The Turkish portions of the
present Ottoman empire should be as
sured a sciure sovereignty, hut tlie
other nationalities which are now un
der Turkish rule should lie assured an
undoubted security of life and an ah
solutely unmolested opportunity of
autonomous development, and the Dor- :
dandles should be permanently ojiened
free passage to tlie ships and
so v er
a* a
Would Keep Daylight Law.
Washington—The daylight saving
law would remain in effect until re
scinded hy congress under a 1
panned Thursday by tlie senate. The j
measure was indorsed by Chairman
Baruch of Hie war Industries hoard.
| day. the war labor board laid down
I overtime or extra lwi.l
I works forty-eight hours a week.
MB !
Ban Placed on Overtime.
Washington.—In announcing awards 1
j in three labor controversies Thurs
the rule that no worker shall draw
President Wilson's note to the Ger
man chancellor, which was transmit
ted to Berlin, October 8, Is as follows :
"Sir : 1 have the honor to acknowl
edge, on behalf of the president, your
note of October 6, inclosing the com
munication from the German govern
ment to the president ; and I am in
structed by the president to request
you to make the following communi
cation to the Imperial German chan
cellor : „
"Before making reply to the request
of the imperial German government
nud In order that that reply shall be
candid and straight forward, as the
momentous interests Involved require,
the president of the United States
deems it necessary to assure himself
of the exact meaning of the note of
the imperial chancellor. Does the Im
perial chancellor mean that the Imper
ial German government accepts the
terms laid down by the president In
ids address to the congress of the
United States on the 8th of January
last, and in subsequent addresses and
that its object In entering into discus
sions would he only to agree upon the
practical details of their application?
"The president feels bound to sny
with regurd to the suggestion of an
armistice that he would not feel at
liberty to propose a cessation of arms
to the governments with which the
government of the United .States is
associated against the central powers
so long as the armies of those flowers
are upon their soil. The good faith of
any discussion would manifestly de
pend upon the consent of the central
powers Immediately to withdraw their
forces everywhere from invaded terri
"Tile president also feels that he Is
Justified in asking whether the im
perial chancellor is speaking merely
for tlie constituted authorities of the
empire who have so fur conducted the
war. He deems the answer to these
questions vital from every point of
Australia Will Control Import»,
Melbourne. — Australia is about to
j )Ut )„(„ effect tlie license system for
tlu? control of int|s»rts.
IU(U nced hy W. A. Watt, the treasurer
: ,,f t he commonwealth,
| m d approved tlie principle, lie said,
BIM j t |,c details were being framed.
commerce of ali mitions under Inter
national guarantees.
XIII. An independent Polish state
should lie erected which should include
the territories inhabited hy Indisput
ably Polisli populations, which should
be assured a free and secure nceess to
the sea, and whose political and eco
onmtc independence and territorial in
tegrity should be guaranteed by in
ternational covenant.
XIV. A general association of na
tions must lie formed under specific
covenants for tlie purpose of affording
mutual guarantees of. political Inde
pendence and territorial integrity to
great and small states alike.
Mt. Vernon Point*.
I. The destruction of every arbi
trary power anywhere Hint can sep
arately, secretly, and of Its
choice disturb the peace of tm>
or, if it cannot he presently destroyed,
at tlie least its reduction to virtual
II. The settlement of every ques
tion, whether of territory, of sover
eignty, of economic arrangement, or of
political relationship, upon tlie basis
of the free acceptance of thnt settle
ment hy the people immediately con
cerned, and not from the basis of the
national interest or advantage of any
other nation or people which may de
sire à different settlement for the sake
of Its own exterior influence or mas
III. The consent of all nations to
be governed in their conduct toward
each other hy tlie same principles of
honor and of respect for tlie common
law of civilized society that governs
tlie Individual citizens of ail modern
states ill their relations with one an
other; to the end that ail promises and
covenants may lie sacredly observed,
no private plots or conspiracies
hatched, no selfish Injuries wrought
with Impunity and a mutual trust es
tablished upon the handsome founda
tion of a mutual respect for right.
IV. The establishment of nn or
ganization of peace which shall make
it certain that the combined power of
free nations will cheek every invasion
of right and serve to make pence and
justice the more secure h.v affording
definite tribunal of opinion to which
all must submit and by which every
UUetrnational readjustment tlmt can
not lie amicably agreed upon by tlie
peoples directly concerned shall lie
world ;
it was an
The cabinet
Curtailment of Non-Essentials.
Washington. — Additional
ments in tlie manufacture of articles
not esesntiul to the prosecution of
the war were announced Thursday by
the wur Industries board as a part of
the general program for tlie conserva
tion of material, labor, fuel, transpor
tation and capital.
j U11U , ships in lier ports to the extent
)( f 15,500 tons in indemnification of I
Spain to Seize German Ships.
Spain, according to advices
her troops from
received by the Temps from the Span- i
! ist, frontier, has decided to setze Ger- I
I Spanish shipping losse
Finland Tires of German Troops.
1 Stockholm.— The Finnish govern
ment has asked Germany to withdraw
Finland. The re
quest was recently delivered to Geo
eral von der Goltz, the German h't
commander on Finnish territory.
Austria against Serfcla, July 28,
Germany against Russia, August 1,
Prance against Germany, August 8,
Germany against Prance, August 3,
Germany against Belgium. August
4, 1914.
Great Britain against Germany,
August 4, 1914.
Austria against Russia. August 0,
Montenegro against Austria, August
8, 1914.
Montenegro against Germany,- Au
gust 9, 1914.
Austria against Montenegro. Au
gust 9, 1914.
Serbia against Germany, August 9,
Prance against Austria, August 13,
Great Britain against Austria, Au
gust T^, 1914.
Japan against Germany, August 23.
Austria against Japan, August 2T,
Austria against Belgium, August
28, 1914.
Kussia against Turkey, November
3, 1914.
Great Britlan against Turkey, No
vember 5, 1914.
Prance against Turkey, November
3, 1914.
Turkey against the allies, Novem
ber 23, 1914.
Portugal against Germany, Novem
ber, 23, 1914.
Serbin against Turkey, December 2,
Italy against Austria, May 24, 1913.
San Marino against Austria, May
24, 1915.
Italy against Turkey, August 21,
Bulgaria against Serbia, October 14,
(Treat Britain against Bulgaria, Oc
tober 15, 1915.
Prance against Bulgaria. October
16, 1915.
Serbia against Bulgaria, October
16, 1915.
Russia against Bulgaria, October
19, 1915.
Italy against Bulgaria, October 19,
Germany against Portugal. March
9, 1916.
Rumania against Austria. August
27, 1916.
Italy against Germany, August 28,
Turkey against *tmnania. August
29, 1916.
Germany against Rumania, Septem
ber 14, 1916.
Greece against Bulgaria, November
28, 191« (Greek provisional govern
Oroece DKainat Oerm»ny, Nov*»mb*»r
28, 1916 (Greek provisional govern
United States against Germany,
April 6, 1917.
Ptinama against Germany, April 7,
Cuba against Germany, April 7,
Greece against Germany, July 2,
1917 (government of Alexander).
Greece against Bulgaria, July 2,
1917 (government of Alexander).
Siam against Germany,
Siam against Austria, July 22,
Liberia against Germany, August 4,
China against Germany, August 14.
China against Austria. August 14,
Brazil against Germany, Getobe?
20, 1917.
United States against Austria, De
cember 7, 1917.
Panama against Austria, December
10, 1917.
July 22,
following tele<
gram, which is self-explanatory, re
lates to tlie emergency medical and
nursing relief work furnished through
tlie United States public health serv
ice to communities unable to copo
with the present Situation even tvitli
state aid ;
''Public health service will mobilize
with aitl volunteer medical service all
! outside medical aid required in eoni
! bating present influenza epidemic. Red
Gross upon specific request from this
service will mobilize nursing personnel
and furuish necessary emergency hos
pital supplies which cannot be ob
tained otherwise. Inform all city and
county health officers your state that
all appeals for aid must he made to
state health department, which will
make request of surgeon general, pub
lic health service, whenever local
needs require. Whenever necessary
public health service will establish dis
triet officers to co-operate with state
officials and distribute medical and
nursing personnel.
(Signed) BLUE Surgeon General.
U. S. Public Health Service.'*
Death Sentence Commuted.
I uniform, has been commuted to eon
Death seutence im
i posed hy a military court martial iqion
I Sunder Makl, a recruit with »he llWrri
depot brigade, for refusal to wear a
finement at hard labor for 2t> years.
Fraud Is Charged.
Knoxville, Tenu. —IV. J. Oliver and
10 other employees of the W. J. Oliver
Manufacturing Co. were arrested on
charges of conspiracy, fraud and sabo
tage In tlie manufacture of defective
hells for the United States arm»'

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