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The Meridian times. (Meridian, Idaho) 1909-1938, April 04, 1919, Image 2

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©«n't «tay Cray! Mwe*» an Ota j
tea Rtcip* that Anybody
The «we of ft»ew and Sofphwr far re- I
*•••,!«*• fttdaft, gray hair fa It* natural !
c..}nr dûtes hack to grandmother'«
t '»•*, She »*«1 It to keep her half
hen Mindly dark, glosey and attrae
tire. Whenever her hnlr took net that
dut!, faded or at reeked appearance
mixture waa applied with
Wonderful effect.
t -of-date. Nowaday*. by aaktett at
any drag afore for a bottle of "Wyeth'*
Face and Rutpbur flwwpouad." you
will pet this ftauma old peepareflnet.
hr>pr**rcd by fte addition of other lf*
pwlleM«, which can be depended op
on to revtore natural color and be««! y
to (he hnlr.
A wetMnmwn downtown draggi*'
«*.y* It darkens the hair an naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell It baa
been applied Ton simply dampen a
apsOTge nr »oft brash with It and draw
tbit through your hair, taking one
strand at a time. By morning the
gray hair disappears and after an
other application or two, It becomes
benutlfutly dark and gtosay—Adv
Ma«y Paopta In England E vidant!y
Will Not Entrust Savings ta tha
Cara *f Bank*.
A vast amount of mime;
Uh!« vested In the CO
■ Mail.
«till lies
y, declare* the
lu a York «litre village
they* ia a (1*1
>bo la known to
have 8» thousand dollar* In notes in
thirty doit
mr cottage.
coot about ten
nr. and own* a
r m
doitars before tit* t
a* Mug turnt worth one thru
teen hundred dollara,
Inge a short time
bought kit cottage, anil when the own
er nailed for a deposit he counted out
•ft «wo hundred dollar* In gold, the full
purchase price. In a neighboring town
there la at least one fisherman who
baa At* thousand dollar* or more In
not I*» in hi* little house, but he can
not he I ru tu red to Invest any of It,
When h« has taten urged to do so ho
ha* said that he "preferred to have It
near him aa It I» aafer !" A woman In
a Yorkshire country town one morning
walked Into a lawyer's office and prie
ductsl a handbag containing two thon
aand half sovereign* which she had
enlLwidl I« thirty year*. After asking
advice mi Investing the money »he
»»•led that at night aha look (he hand
bag up to h«r b*»4ro«m. When she
traveled ah« took th* h»(idhHg with
« lie remembered
|*er treasure befnrp »he left the statloi)
and recovered It.
und or Ilf- I
In the same vil I
ago a ftahennan |
M UM» tiUl,..
For many years dnig»uU have watched
with mock interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root.
the gr**i kidney, liver and bladder tnedi
It is * physician'* prsseription.
Swamp Root i* • strengt hemog medi
ein*, it helps th* kidneys, brer and bind
dw do th* work «start intended they
Bwsmp Rnot has •*«*» th* l«t of yssn I
" " ■SU'ÄSnr.arÄ
Jtmmi* Ksiw. J
J I mini* had made some boastful re
marks a* to hla progreos In gramma r,
by the way o£ offsetting hi* short-
comings In t he science of number*.
-Well, «hat 1* a pronoun JlmmlsT'
msdwin* h** n m»y frisad*.
14* «or* to s*t Swamp-Root and start |
treatment *t
How***», it yo* wish drat to Ust this
iml preparation send ten cent* to Dr.
Kiinwv A Go., Binghamton, N. Y,, for a
mmpht bottlr When writing ha wr* and j
asked pa.
"A pm
for another word," replied Jatnes.
examples of a word
that »tarnt* for another word," sug
gested pa
"Weil, them'* dorti an' darn an
n' doggone," «aid James.
"Cold la th* hMd"
Is aa ora** attack of Naaal Cntarrh. BJJ
who tn aubjert to frequont «»»*
b* By«t*m. Umiim tha Blood
nun I* ■ word that «lands
"t.lif ns«
th# haad" wtl
M§ 4 rand»Hr
K*p*at.«d aUacba of Aral* Catarrh m»jr
^cTTaRRH r M*:ntriN»: ta tak
«• iftt«rn»Mr «n* a*** ihrouàh th* hioöi
** 'ha T?n?m u m» *7--^
f r«tacrh that
Ah DraMSat* TP
SV*OT fat any
iE *111 BM
r. 1. OMa«T * cm. To»**». Ohio.
A Shooting Fish.
in« fUb In Ih# East
low rjrllndrintl beak. When
it* that grow In
gle drop
which kttorks Ute fly Into
A ah
r oft pi*
IRKK It d)WC9 A »il
- !
,jf wa
Watch Cutieura Improve Yaur Skin.
On rising and retiring gently smear
the fnew with Outlrura Ointment
Waah off <itntn> eut in flv# minutes
with Catien ra 8<>ap and hot water. It
is wnederftsl oome'lmes what Cutlcur*
will do for poor complexion*, dandruff.
Itching and red rough hands—Adv
Th* Alternative.
Hubby—I will not stand the*« ahop
\Anx bill* of four» any I«
Wife—I don't care whether y»»n
stand them or tuH bê Ion,: m you foot
Mappaetnpe That Ara Mäkln« History
—Information Gathered from AM
Owaetora of tha Qlobe and
Oivan In a Paw Lina*.
Fortner (immer IJstcr of V\ a Hi) tug
*"«« ho vteg resigned on account of ill
new, Lieut, (Sov. Louis F. Hart auto
Ilia lie* Il y become*!* chief
that state.
Mcuitkcrs of the Portland Holler
maker*' union bave adopted a resolu
tion, in which they expresse*! their de
termination to "go to work at the reg
ular 11»«," disregarding the turning
forward of clock* ou Mardi jft
( un*.
recently db
. with rank of cap
1 , defeatist William I*. Dunn, who
tty convicted of
a army aerv
was rec
a majority of 1M votes f<
in, by
the Detoo
trat nomination for ma
Th* state supreme niurt has dcnletl
application of John Cot* and tlie fit
Ixena Justice isrnguc of Derivm- for an
order ronifMdling the American Hall
way Kipma company to deliver to
consignee* more than 17,0t*.> pnekages
of liquor which remained undelivered
when the state-wide hone-tlry prohi
bition law went Into effect.
of Hutte.
gtJl M .
Democrat* of the state senate of
f'olorado defeated efforts of Itepub
d hutte» Senator
ll, '»n» to Invite U
Charles S. Thomas, Demoernt, to nd
dreaa the legislature on the subject
of the league of natlona.
Morris t'aahner. Denver boy who
wa* found dead under a culvert near
Lincoln, Neb., took hla own life, ac
cording to the verdict returned by a
coroner's Jury.
The food administration wilt re
sume the purchasing of flour on Pu
get sound soon, having been advised
by the shipping board that there will
be sufficient tonnage for this purisme
general land
■UHS'ed th*t of the 188,454 I that
on duty when the armistice
wa* signed, 102,473 were In service on
Forty-six |mr cent of the commis
sioned officers who were on the army
lists November 11, 1015, hud been dis
charged on March 20 last. A siatlw.
Meal report pre
March 20.
Plan* of the New York police de
partment for * "cloud cop" section
materialized when twenty-alx Ameri
can, HrItDh and French aviator« were
»worn In In the office of Deputy Po
lice Com ml sal oner Hodman Wanamak
er as metubers of th*® police reserves.
Unie«* the regular army can speedily
I«* Increased many thousands of sol
dier» who are entitled to discharge
must be held In Europe or In American
army camp*.
The National American Woman Suf
■tattou adopted resolutions
frage as
Indorsing the leugne of nations and
urging the United States government
to br ,„ K , h .. prompt redress of
I against revolution by violence.
who were drowned In
I the harbor at Oakland when an auto
mobile driven by J. P Arthur of Wau
kegan, III., plunged off a wharf have
been identified as Mrs. James K. Stork
j p>n and Mr*. <'buries V, tiiultti. both of
Hayward, an Oakland suburb.
J International president of the
onmmercial Telegraphers Union, an-
Two women
nounrea that rapid «ml effective pre
parations are going ahead for a strike
vote of all t*ffegraph and telephone
workers for a nation-wide walkout,
effective April 22.
Shot through the heads, the bodies of
Mis* May Nelson, stenographer, and
Yoshlo llesada, a Japanese, w ere found
In the apartment «if the young woman
In Han Francisco,
clutched a revolver with two chamhers
American soldiers, already regard- i
*d «« the l>e*t fed fighting men n the |
; W orld. are to be furnished with au
I even more diversified menu.
The Japanese
Chief Gangonrtlausn, lead«>r of the J t
Utdltui tribesmen on the
i Chippewa
! whl "' reservation, appeared In
J full regalia on the senate floor and j
i frtrtu the presiding officer s chair
through an Interpreter asked (he aid of J K
j th* legislature In tne movement for a
t federal appropriation for education on ,.
Fottowittg the organization at St. '
rtlsan. mm militant
voter*' j
American \
KMndatiun adjotirmsl ;
it bout de«-lding on n nome I
t>. {a
Indian reservations.
UmiU of i
ui womit it
*fM) 1
W um» n Suffraifv
W 9ém»
tor Ums
Smock* for Girin
The pretty little cotton smocks and !
trot*» worn by Ml*a Eight-Year- j
"•*! arc made smart with cross stitch- |
* n ? or something In brightly contrast- i
,n * W,K ' I - green cotton crepe de
- Mlle, for example, la trimmed with
All kinds of «
have oriental effects done
pockets, cot- !
d*. Wool embroidery
smimts tlm frock about |
! rtltche* of ro
i wool <lr
■h«*H on the
mi se
it* r
" r
i ,iE
y time«
k. as a substitute for the white 1
vorn formerly.
Herding ftmrtwfl person*. Inrtrnltng t
several women patrons. Into the lava- !
tory and the vault of the West Side |
brunch of the Commonwealth State
bank at Detroit, ala unmasked bandit*
fobbed the Institution of llO.OUO In cash
•is! unregistered Liberty bonds, which,
offtrtala say, may exceed $(j5,0UO In
John Orenr, an animal trainer with
a mntlrnl c«mi|iuny, was attacked and
•erlouety injured at Douglas. Arl*..
by a mountain lion whose rage he had
A ii«'l»lta to make
tit early content
>f rite .'.matllutlonallty »f the wartime I
prohibition re*«nethai effective July 1
«'«* renebed at the cloee of a two
day *e**i»n at Chi«-ago«»f the distillers'
ultte*- ami about seventy-five of
ficial* of •• utntty distilling oom-erns.
MaJ. James A. U<*«erelf, rvmimamler
of the ibMd ammunition train and a
second cousin of the late Cel. Thov
do** Hooaevelt, who was to have ar
rive*! at New York. Thumlny. on the
transport Great Northeni, died on the
Attorney General Palmer, disclosing
that about -K.IUU enemy aliens were In
ternetl during the war, said paroles
would be grunted to some fit SI «if the
harmless clans, others would he repat
riate*!, and HOO dangerous persons
would be held Indefinitely, including
«hont 2(10 professed member* of • the
I. W, W, or Miarchlatj'' organization*.
Herbert A. Meyer, assistant secre
tary of the Interior, has announced
Ills resignation to accept a ihihIUoii
with a Texas oil company. Mr. Meyer
ly was In charge of Aluskun
railroad work.
Terms of payment In the new Victory
LIl»ert y lout) announced Friday nre the
most liberal ever offered by the gov
Deferred payments may be
extended over a period of six months,
from May 10 to November It.
General Pershing Ima reported to the
war department that there are still
5500 officers and men of the expedi
tionary forees Hated a* missing. This
total compares with the British offi
cial figure» of 1111,800 missing and the
French of 2110,000.
Kale* to foreign government» of
.more than (200,000,000 worth of sur
plus war supplies were announced by
the war department on March 26. Most
of the material went to France, whose
purchases Included smokeless powder,
adds, copper, cannon and steel plates,
for which 1155,000.000 was paid.

The London Times 1ms received
from high authority a report that the
new Hungarian govUT |Q"|M ife
land the surrounding countries, and
that tt has opened ita frontier towurd
The Merlin Lokal Anzeiger publishes
a statement that It understands that
a suspension of the armistice with the
entente allies Is possible.
Thirty persona were killed ami thirty
others Injured by the explosion of an
oil tank steamer at Venice.
The German government at Weimar
has received from the allied high com
mand a demand for permission for
Polish troops to land at Danzig and to
march through German territory to
Poland, according to a dispatch re
ceived at Copenhagen from Weimar.
News has been received at Paris
that the Germans tire Increasing the
garrison at Danzig. This Is taken as
Indicating an intention to resist what
ever dls|M>sition the peace conference
may make of the port.
Containing neither any reference to
the Monroe doctrine nor to the Jap
anern* proposal for recognition of the
racial equality of nations, the draft of
the covenant of the league of nations
1* In the hands of the speelal drafting
German bombing airplanes of the
Friedrtehshafen, type, which were sur
rendered under a clause of the armis
tice. will be used by the department
of clvtllau aviation in transporting
foodstuff* between Purls and Bor
The delivery «if Germun merchant
ships t«> the allies continues, dts
Imtche» received at Copenhagen from
Berlin say.
Notwithstanding the reported de
cision of the government not to re
introduce daylight saving this year,
nil Canadian railways will operate
under the scheme.
two Hoasian officers, with
| (ll(> (>|(r< cut „ff aü ,| the hands nailed
j to the shoulder blades, were found in
: First Itlver. near Vladivostok. Allied
J t ,ffclaim the discovery corrobor
j replied cordially to a letter from I'res
ulwu Eb ,, rt am | announcing Ills acces
J K j en t o the office of president of Ger
nmuy. a Berlin dispatch says. Switz
,. r iand, the dispatch adds, Is thus the
first foreign state to formally ac
' knowledge the German government.
A Budapest dispatch says a mob
j stormed the poatofflce ami military
\ liulUlIngs and destroyed the Honve«l
; monuments. It Is reported that the
I extreme Hoclallsts Intend to proclaim
{a soviet republic.
I uted stories of Bolshevist out^gges.
{'resident Ador of Switzerland has
Japan Taaael*.
Tassels and fringe both became so
popular last summer that there wa*
j »<*me doubt about their remaining In
| favor with women who dress well,
i ,,u t they have tw»th been retained. In
H ,lt " nf 'belr [stpularlty, and some-
how by using them In dew and un-
« iwunl * way* the designers of smart
clothe* still give them distinction,
! One new way of using long Jet taa-
'"•Is Is to fasten one pendant on each
| side of the brim «>f a wide hill.
The expression of truth Is simplicity.
Enemy Aliena Now in Confinement to
be Freed on Ratification of Peace,
and New Lawt are Desired
to Control "Them.
of drastic law* can stamp out sedi
tious teachings and the .spread of
lioiahevisiu in the United States, At
torney General Palmer announced on
Unless legislation of this character
ia provided by the next congress, he
added, the country will be face to face
with the "red peril." He mude this
statement In announcing that the de
partment of justice Intends to release
DOO Interned alien enemies now in de
tention camps.
Unless legislation is passed, It will
become necessary Immediately on rat
ification of peace to set free all alien
enemies in confinement. This would
permit criminals, spies and enemy
agents now held in detention camps to
preach the doctrine of the torch and
the overthrow of government, said
Mr. Palmer. He stated that it was
his Intention to renew at the next ses
sion of congress the request mude to
the last congress by Attorney Geueral
Gregory and Secretary Wilson for
laws to provide the machinery for the
fullest investigation of suspects and
for power to deport the most dangerous
of the alien enemies.
There are In the army Internment
camps approximately 4000 persons—
most of whom are men. Of this num
ber, 2000 are merchant seamen, with
the exception of forty-eight members
of the sanitary personnel from Tslug
Tau. The remaining 2000 are persons
Interned by order of the attorney gen
eral as dangerous alien enemies.
Only the enactment
British Have Plans Ready for Great
Engineering Feat
London.—One of the world's great
est engineering feats—the building of
a $100,000,000 tunnel under the sea
between Englnnd and France—will be
un accomplished fact within five years,
Sir Arthur Fells, M. P., chairman of
the house of commons channel tunnel
-committee declared on Friday.
"It will he as big. a job, If not big
ger, thau Goetlmls' marvelous Panama
canal undertaking, and," he smiled,
"I hope we'll carry it off with the
same success as your great Yankee
engineer achieved.
"I think there will be four tunnels
under the channel within ten years and
possibly more later on, with one for
motor traffic only so that we will be
able to motor to Paris."
Passport* Given T>ree Delegates Who
Are to Plead Erin's Cause.
Washington.—Passports were grant
ed by the state department Friday
to Frank P. Walsh, former Joint chair
man of the war labor board, Edward
F. Dunne, former governor of Illinois,
and Michael K. Ryan, former Pennsyl
vania public service commissioner, who
are going to Paris to present Ireland's
claims ut the peace conference ns
spokesmen of the Irish race conven
tion held last month at Philadelphia.
Australian* Suspicious of Japan.
Paris.—The Australian peace dele-
gates have pointed out that the pro-
posed amendment to the league of
nations covenant regarding the Mon-
roe doctrine, providing for recognition
of the binding force of tlie policies
heretofore applies, would validate nnd
confirm Japanese claims to prepond-
erance In China and the orient.
Life Term for Rioter.
St. Louis.—Leroy N. Bundy, East
St. I/OUis negro dentist, was found
guilty aud sentenced to life Imprison
ment In the circuit court at Waterloo,
III., on a charge of conspiring to mur
der In connection with the killing of
two detectives In a riot In East St.
Louts the night of July 1, 1017.
Spaniards Favor Arbitration.
Washington.—Spanish labor leaders
have entered Into negotiations with
the government With a view to adjust
ing by arbitration the differences
troubles followed tjy suspension of
constitutional guarantees.
resulted In recent strike
Mountain Lion Maul* Trainer.
Douglas, Art*.—Johu Grenr. an ani
mal trainer with a carnival company,
was attacked and seriously injured
here Friday by a mountain lion, whose
cage h«> had entered.
Filipinna Seek Independence.
Washington.—Members of a delega
tion of prominent Filipinos who will
Secretary Baker on April 3 are
expected to present a petition for the
complete Independence of the Philip
Russian Bomb Maker Atter Fickert.
San Francisco.— l'aval Melllneoff, a
Itiissinn untler arrest here for alleged
objectionable activities, came from
Trenton. N. J.. to this city to "get"
District Attorney Charles M. Fickert,
It Is charged.
•sâx- s
; -

' .«■
Finest Burley Tobacco
Mellow-aged till Perfect
+ a dash of Chocolate
The Perfect Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette
Your Nose Knows
yO Guaranteed by
iffa/ JruAjturv&aAA, cÄrtfLcc<f£Z
The Biggest Show.
For about an hour Aunt Mlrandy's
three dusky offspring bad been "pes
tering" her to take them to the cir
cus. The big tents had just been
pitched three or four blocks away,
and there was great excitement in the
"Now, you all go on away," com
manded Aunt Mirandy. "I gotta work
to buy yo' grub an' yo' clo's. I ain't
got no time to take yo' nowheres."
"Den ask pappy to take us," plead
ed one of the youngsters.
"Huh ! Yo' pa ain't got no intrus'
in no circus a-tall, a-tall. No, suh !"
Then, after a pause, she added con
temptuously :
sllghtes' ambition for no circus since
he done had be delirious trembles."—
New York Globe.
'He ain't got de
Has been used for all ailments that
are caused by a disordered stomach
and inactive liver, such as sick head-
ache, constipation, sour stomach,
nervous indigestion, fermentation of
food, palpitation of the heart caused by
gases in the stomach. August Flower
Is a gentle laxative, regulates digestion
both in stomach and Intestines, cleans
and sweetens the stomach and alimen-
tary canal, stimulates the liver to se-
crete the bile and Impurities from the
bDod. Sold In all civilized countries.
Give It a trial.—Adv.
Jimmy is a small 10-year-old and
very unpopular with the family just
now. He reckons time from a bagful
of ill-gotten marbles, and has reduced
the use of soap and water to n fine
point. The other morning he was, as
usual, late at breakfast. Finally his
father mounted the steps a few at a
time only to come on Jimmy in the
bathroom door looking complacently
Into his mother's hand mirror.
you doing with that
mirror?'' his father asked, brusquely.
"Trying to see what part of my face
to wash," he answered, promptly.—In
dianapolis News.
"What are
Knew What She Wanted.
Mrs. Murphy (shopping)—I
see some mirrors.
Shopwalker—Hand mirrors, madam?
Mrs. Murphy—No; some that ye can
see yer face In !—London Answers.
want to
Important to Mothers
Exnmine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
fqr infants and children, and see that it j
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria !
It's an easy matter to fool
—with the exception of yourself.
any one
Y OUI* "«p^'rindfleVn.'i
Lolisa—Murine for Red*
B-* mr jv m ness, Soreness, Granula
LV Ca ton Itchmgand Burning
Murin* Ey» Rauedy' Co
Explaining a Phenomenon.
"This report that Germans are hiss
ing soldiers is something astonishing."
"It is," replied Miss Vayenne. "Evi
dently the goose-step has gone to their
When a soldier becomes insane
there Is something wrong at head
But few persons want the things
that are to be had for the asking.
4s. : N
1 1
Taken from Nature — The wild roots
and barks that go into the composition
of one of the oldest and best known
blood-tonics are gathered mostly on our
reservations—brought or shipped to Dr.
Pierce'8 Laboratory in Buffalo, N. Y. *
Dr. Pierce discovered 50 years ago,
that Nature has provided freely for the
needs of her children and that in her
laboratory were the remedies. Extracts of
Queen's root, Stone root, Black Cherry
bark and Bloodroot, as prepared, com
bined and preserved without alcohol, in
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
constitute the most effective and certain
tonic, alterative and tissue-rebuilding
remedy ever offered to the public. This
tonic soon became known all over the
It is purely vegetable and free from
alcohol or narcotics. It will search out
impure and poisonous matter and drive
it from the system. Buy it now in tablets
orliquid. All druggists, or send Dr. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y., 10c for trial package.
It will clear the skin; eczema, pimples,
rash, blotches will dry up and disappear;
boils, carbuncles and other evidences ol
tainted blood will pass awav.
is the fanner's cow. She
gives a liberal flow of milk
and carries a natural heary
flesh eorering. She has
weight, a quiet disposition
and thrives on the ordinary
farm roughage. Why not
»tart with two or three reg
istered females? You would
soon have a valuable herd
at small cost. A Shorthorn
bull will add 200
»Yery steer he i
__. __ can always sell a Short
Shorthorn Breeders* Aaaocl
ciatlon* 13 Dexter Park Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
kJ '
unds to
. You
hair balsam
A toilet preparation of merit.
Help« to eradicate dandruff.
ForRestorinv CoJor and
Baauty to Gray or Faded Hair
»0c. and ll.OO at DrurgUta.
— —— _
i euâAcj »rclouiteü , »tUdÄL* ,rt " 250

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