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^Sheriff /»lenDeTXßß
**~*pf- ~,z —m » «,
nA ,väS.J
\ K
retünijnôpp '
/ Mr, B. W. D< Barnes, of -f
Warren County, Measures
op to Requirements.
* ..'V
I Always in robust health, B. W. D. Barnes could
ride, shoot and get his man. He was everything
a sheriff in Warren Co., Tennessee, should be until
J *
a sheriff in Warren
overtaken by a
that all but put him down.
Here is the story told in his own
Words: "I had throat trouble from
which no relief seemed possible. My
health was gone. Finally I decided
t0 L ry v Pe I una . a ?<| was entirely
cured by four bottles. That was
three years ago. I am now as well
es ever; able to ride all the time,
Thanks to Peruna."
Like Sheriff Barnes, thousands
owe their present health to Peruna«
For catarrh of the head, nose andl
throat, catarrhal inflammation of
His Alibi.
"Before we were married you prom
ised to get me everything I want."
"No, my dear; I said I would get
you everything you need."
The speechless lady on a $20 gold
piece Is proof positive that silence is
Lots of men know how to cure
hams, but are unable to pro-cure them.
hams, but are unable to pro-cure them.
visit are the worst kind of bores.
Kidney disease is no respecter of per
sons. A majority of the ills afflicting
people today can be traced back to the
kidney trouble.
The kidneys are the most important
organs of the body. They are the Al
térera of your blood. If the poisons
which are swept from the tissues by the
blood are not eliminated through the
kidneys, disease of one form or another
will claim you as a victim.
Kidney disease is usually indicated by
weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
despondency, backache, stomach trou
ble, pain in loins and lower abdomen,
gall stones, gravel, rheumatism, sciatica
and lumbago.
AU these derangements are nature's
Surely Any Woman Would Be Satis
fied With Proof That Was Offered
Mrs. Newlywed.
For a while, as they walked along,
neither spoke,
quite strained. At last she said in a
hard, tense voice :
"You don't care whether I'm happy
or not, do you? We've been married
nearly a week, and now you don't
care whether I'm happy or not."
"My angel. I do," he said miserably.
"But I simply cannot permit you to do
that. It is asking too much."
Two tears rolled down her cheeks—
one for each cheek,
"You don't I You don't!" she cried,
biting her lip tearfully. "You don't
care whether I'm happy or not!"
It was more than his tender, lov
ing heart eonld stand,
guiltily. "Oh. very well, go ahead if
you like." he said gruffly.
And while she took out her powder
puff and powdered her nose and vi
cinity right on the crowded pavement,
he turned his back and looked into the
show windows of a piano shop so no
one would know he was with her.
The silence became
He gulped
No Altruism.
"How Jones does abuse automobiles
as dangerous." "No wonder. He is an
accident insurance agent."
'Don't you dote on a good hotel din
"Yes. if it is a good table d'hote."
but great on
"Yes. if it is a good table d'hote."
There's a rich«
satisfying', old
time flavor to |
The Original
that no substitute can ever equal.
A healthful drink that leaves no trace of
harm, a "beverage grateful to the stomach,
that never upsets nerves, heart or digestion
does sometimes coffee.
Boil just like coffee
Boil thoroughly (15 minutes after boiling
begins) make it rich and dark and you have
something that makes your meal doubly
There's a Reason
At Grocers—two sizes 15c & 25c.
get his man. He was everything
Co., Tennessee, should be until
complication of catarrhal troubles
the stomach, bowels or other
organs. Dr. Hartman's Famous
Peruna Tonic has been a standard
household remedy for forty-five
years. •#>
If you are sick and suffering,
write The Peruna Company, Dept,
A. Columbus, Ohio, for Dr. Hart
man's Health Book. It is free.
Your dealer has Peruna In both
tablet and liquid form. If you want
health, insist upon having Peruna.
Your dealer Will give you a Peruna
Hostess—I'm sorry you found Miss
Biggie a poor conversationalist.
Jack—Poor conversationalist? She's
absolutely-the limit? Why, the only
thing she said to me the entire evening
was "no," and I had to propose to her
to get her to say that.—Boston Tran
People who have nothing to do bui
visit are the worst kind of bores.
signals that the kidneys need help.
You should use GOLD MEDAL Haar
lem Oil Capsules immediately. The
soothing, healing oil stimulates the
kidneys, relieves inflammation and de
stroys the germs which have caused it.
Go to your druggist today and get a
box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules. In twenty-four hours you
should feel health and vigor returning.
After you feel somewhat improved
continue to take one or two capsules
each day, so as to keep the first-class
condition and ward off the danger of
other attacks.
Ask for the original imported GOLD
MEDAL brand. Three sizes. Money re
funded if they do not help you.
Colonel Roosevelt Admitted He Had
Taken to Heart the Simple Faith
of the Doughboy.
Colonel Roosevelt was a deeply re
ligious man, and one evening at Oyster
Bay he said to an editor:
"How ^tliis world war has clarified
our ideas ! It has clarified my own
ideas about religion.
"Before the war I was inclined to
agree with the philosopher who said :
" 'Religion is the experience consti
tuted by those thoughts, feelings and
actions which spring from man's sense
of dependence upon power or powers
controlling the universe, and which
have as their center of interest the
cosmic fortune of values.'
"But how different is the definition of
religion that the doughboy has flung
us from the trenches, and how heartily
is our agreement when lie says :
" 'Religion is betting your life on
the existence of God.' "
Not So Bad, at That .* 1
Somebody has '.•ailed attention to the
fact that a recent advertisement listed
domino sugar under the heading of
"meat specials."
about that? Isn't sugar the next thing
to sweetmeats? Very well, let's pass
to the next.
Well, whass wrong
The Decision.
"Is she good at pyrography?"
"Well, her apple pies ain't much,
but she's great on the mince ones."
Contains No Reference to Monroe ;
Doctrine and No Provisions for 1
Recognition of Racial Equality
Requested by Japan.
Paris.—The draft of the covenant of
the league of nations is now in the
hands of the special draft committee,
having been turned over to the com
mittee on March 27.
The draft of the covenant contains
neither any reference to the Monroe
doctrine nor to the Japanese proposal
for recognition of the racial equality
of nations.
The draft was completed Wednesday
night at a sitting of the full commis
sion, and the covenant is expected to
be ready in completed form early in
the week.
The two amendments
around which has centered the great
est interest and much divergence of
opinion, however, may be offered either
in the council of ten or to the plenary
peace conference, to which the coven
ant must go for final action.
Among other amendments adopted
Wednesday night was one directly
recognizing the principle of woman suf
frage, in that it provides that the of
fices of the league are open to women
as well as to men.
The much-discussed question as to
the policy of the withdrawal from
membership in the league of nations
was settled by an amendment rmu
ting withdrawal on two years' notice,
but not until such nation has filled out
its international obligations.
Article X of the covenant, to which
the Monroe doctrine amendment would,
apply, stands in its original form,
President Wilson having reserved for'
tiie present the amendment which had
been prepared as expressing the views
of the American delegation. It is now,
explained that it was not the exact
text, but only the general form of the
amendment which was given to the
press, and that hence criticism must
be withheld for the present.
Careful soundings are being taken to
ascertain the reception that is likely
to be given this amendment by other
delegations. If unfriendly sentiment
develops or the pressing of other and
obnoxious amendments is threatened
as a consequence of insistence upon the
Monroe doctrine, it is said the amend
ment may be altogether withheld.
Question of Withdrawal Not Yet Con
sidered, Says Baker.
Washington. — Secretary of War
Baker declared Thursday that lie had
made no statement upon his recent
visit to the west concerning the with
drawal of American troops from Si
beria. Press dispatches at the time
quoted him as saying the American
soldiers would be withdrawn from
Siberia this spring.
Troops belonging io the United
States army now in the northern re
gions, however, will be withdrawn
possibly at the expiration of a month,
when the ice-blocked harbor of Arch
angel will lie free and navigation can
be resumed.
Unable to Solve Mystery of Cyclops.
says it is unable to give any assist
ance in solving the mystery of the
disappearance early in March of last
year of t>? United States naval col
lier Cyclops while bound from Brazil
for the United States with a crew of
fifteen officers and 221 men, fifty
seven passengers and a cargo of man
The German admirality
Chippewa Chief Addresses Senate.
St. Paul. — Chief Gahgonrdaush,
leader of the Chippewa Indian tribes
men on the White Earth reservation,
appeared in full regalia on the senate
floor Thursday and from the presid
ing officer's chair, through an inter
preter, asked the aid of the legislature
in the movement for a federal appro
priation for education on Indian reser
Find New Use for Geophone.
Washington.—The geophone, invent
ed during the war to determine the
exact location of sounds above and
beneath the surface of the earth, soon
■will be used extensively in mining op
erations in this country, the bureau of
mines has announced.
Montana Pioneer Dies.
Los Angeles.—Major Martin Magin
nis of Helena. Mont., died here Thurs
day. He was a veteran of the civil
war and had as much or more to do
with shaping the destinies of Montana
in its formative period as any man.
Lincoln. Neb.—Lilterry bonds owned
bv national banks cannot be deducted
from the valuations of the bank's cap
ital stock when valuation is fixed for
State Taxes Bank's Liberty Bonds.
state taxation purposes., the supreme
court held in a test case.
Masaryk Has Not Quit Post.
Washington. — The Czecho-SIovak
mission here received on Thursday an
official denial of the report of Presi
dent Masaryk's resignation, which
was sent from Berlin by way of Copeu
hagen earlier in the week.
Satisfactory Progress in Plan of Erad
ication Made During First
Year of Work.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
The tuberculosis-free accredited herd
plan, inaugurated in December, 1917,
and worked out in co-operation with
the bureau of animal Industry, United
States department of agriculture, was
slightly changed at the twenty-second
annual meeting of the United States
Live Stock Sanitary association held
at Chicago in December. It was agreed
to strike out the word "purebred" so
Although Apparently Healthy These
Animals Are Positive Reactors to
the Tuberculin Test.
as to admit to certification grade
herds in addition to registered cattle.
The annual conference between rep
resentatives of the United States Live
Stock Sanitary association and the
Purebred Cattle Breeders' association
resulted in the further indorsement of
the tuberculosis eradication campaign
and a recommendation that the work
be extended as rapidly as possible.
The accredited-herd plan is to test
cattle with tuberculin at the request
of the owner, eliminate any reacting
animals either by slaughter or by fol
lowing prescribed sanitary measures,
repeat the test at prescribed intervals,
and list as tuberculosis-free accredited
herds all herds entitled to that dis
Very satisfactory progress has been
made during the first year of the
work, and prospects for the future are
bright. During the year 296 herds,
comprising 9.284 cattle, have been
fully "accredited" as free from tuber
culosis, and 1.462 herds, having 35,052
cattle, passed one successful test in
preparation for certification. In addi
tion 4,622 herds, both purebred and
grade, totaling 9S.002 animals, have
been under supervision for the eradi
cation of tuberculosis. Each month
additional herds are added to the list.
According to Experiment Carried on
at Maryland College Thirty
Months Is Best Age.
About thirty months was found to
be the best age for Ayrshire heifers
to drop their first calf, according to
an experiment carried on at the Mary
land Agricultural college. If the
calves were dropped six months ear
lier, the milk flow was lessened con
siderably, but if dropped six months
later the decrease was slight. This
will vary for the breeds according to
size; the smaller the breed type, the
shorter the time. Eekles of Minnesota
found that this variation would be
three to five months which would
bring the minimum age for Jerseys
and Guernseys about twenty-five
months and for Holsteins, thirty
months. This is for well-developed
It Yields More Uniform Article of
Butter and Helps to Improve
Keeping Qualities.
The relation of pasteurized cream
to butter is now recognized as fol
lows: It yields a more uniform pro
duct, aids in producing a higher scor
ing butter, improves its keeping qual
ities; avoids undesirable fermenta
tions and gives protection from dls
ease germs; overcomes questionable
odors, increases value of skim miik
«nd creates a steadier market. The
slight increase In cost of production,
Tor pound, when butter is made from j
pasteurized cream, is more than over
| come by the benefits derived from this
j process.
_ i
C ows should Be MiIke(J in Sma „. Top
er covered Pai| and A| ,
utensils itemized.
It is important to keep cows clean
and milk them In clean surroundings.
Milk them in a small-top or covered
pali. All utensils which come into con
tact with the milk should be thorough
ly sterilized with steam for at least
five minutes.
Permanent organization of Utah men
who fought with the Ninety-first divi
sion in France is contemplated.
Tonopah has wired Tex Rickard an
offer of «80,000 if lie will stage the
big Willard-Dempsey fight at that
Hiniplified spelling is the feature of
handsomely printed programs for the
21st annual session of the Inland Em
pire Teachers association to be held
in .Spokane April 2, 3 and 4.
Reports from Deeth, Nevada, and ;
the valleys adjacent to that town are !
that many cattle have died this winter !
from rallies. The Union Land and
Cattle company has lost more than |
30 head.
Democrats of the Colorado state sen
ate defeated efforts of Republicans to
invite United States' Senator Charles '
S. Thomas, Democrat, to address the
legislature on the subject of the league
of nations.
At a meeting of the Roundup, Mon- !
tana, commercial club, it was decided ;
that an intensive advertising campaign ;
should be started to induce residents
of Roundup and vicinity to build their
own homes.
For the second time in the history !
of Roundup, Mont« all of the clerks
and judges of the city election, which
will be held in April, will be iedies.
This plan was followed last year and
was eminently successful.
Every employment agent in Montana
will have to procure a license at a
cost of $5 and file a bond of $3.000
with the county treasurer, on which
he may be sued by Injured patrons
under the provisions of a measure
signed by the governor.
D. M. Storrs, occupies a cell in the
Okanogan (Washington) county jail
charged with abducting Miss Ruth
Garrison, 18, who confessed' she pois
oned Mrs. Storrs, her rival for Storr's
love. Miss Garrison is in jail at Se
attle, where the tragedy occurred.
The revival of attempts ter have the
headquarters of the internal revenue
offices removed to Salt Lake from
Helena, Mont« has been seen through
the receipt of notice by Salt Lake
theatre managers of a penalty for fail
ure to submit war taxes for the month
of January.
The "influenza signal" in wild spots
is two rifle shots in quick succession,
followed by a third at an interval.
The signal saved W. L. Campbell, a
rancher of the Craig district, in Mon
tana. He was in the last stages of
the disease when his shots brought
Senator WalsN of Montana, speak
ing at Washington under the auspices
of the National American Woman's
Suffrage association, declared that the
proposed constitution for the league
of nations does not conflict with the
Monroe doctrine, but makes possible
universal application of its principles.
Fred Craig and Isaac Graham, two
boys who were recently sent from
Elko county, Nevada, to serve inde
terminate terms of from one to four
teen years in the penitentiary for
horse stealing, have been paroled to
the superintendent of the Nevada
School of Industry.
Passage on second reading of the
bill providing for state ownership of
intrastate railroads was effected in
the Colorado house of representatives
after one of the bitterest fights of the
session, in which members from the
southern section of the state tr'ed
every parliamentary method for de
j feat of the measure.
Wyoming may he the first sover
eign state to hold referendum on the
proposal for a league of nations if
present plans mature. The state holds
a special election April 22, to vote on
the issuance of $3,000,000 in highway
bonds, and it is planned to have a
separate ballot printed for electors at
that time with which they can ex
press their sentiments regarding the
formation of a league of nations.
Announcement is made at Ansonia,
Conn., that Erhardt Schmitt of that
city, a former army aviator, will leave
soon for Hardin, Mont., where he will
be employed as a flier on a wheat
ranch owned by J. P. Morgan. One
of his duties will be to pilot the ranch
manager to distant parts of the prop
erty in an airplane, which will be
equipped with wireless for communi
cating with the ranch headquarters.
The Butte chamber of commerce
has placed the stamp of its approval
upon a movement launched for the pur
pose of constructing a city auditorium
in tribute to the memory of Butte
men and women '»ho sacrificed their
lives while fighting under American
colors in the war against Germany.
Within twenty-four hours after the
Salt Lake Commercial club announced
that it would promote a railroad into
the Uintah basin, the Denver Cham
bers of Commerce announced a plan !
to build a road into the basin from
the east.
Fearing deportation or loss of em
ployment if unable to produce ''first
papers." hundreds of Butte aliens have
declared their intention of becoming
American eitizens.
According to estimates recently com- i
piled regarding the street lighting and j
j paving projects at Dillon, Mont., the
i cost will he in the neighborhood of
fSOjOOO or around $250 per lot on the
main streets of the town, where the
improvements are intended.
Sever# 1 hundred thousand pounds of
Bitter Root potatoes will be shipped
from Missoula to eastern markets this
week, the Northern Pacific having ,
been asked to supply a large number \
of cars for this shipment. The cars
will go to Minneapolis and Kansas
Gold Cuff Links
If for any reason any pair of cuff
links made by us is not satisfactory,
we will give you a new pair.
This is the guarantee that goes
with each pair. When you want the
best cuff links made, order from us.
We pay transportation one way. Returned
like new. ACETYUSE WELDING in ail iU
branches. We save you time and money.
H. & E. Radiator & Welding Co.
uci p WAHTFH n you want big wage* seam
nfctr nnn i tv bart>fer tra(je . Many small
towns need barber«: good opportunities open
tor men over draft age. Barbera in army have
fX," ee*" c.»T" n Moter P £rt£
Colle*«, « 8. West Tenu»!« st.. Halt Lake City,
252 Edison Street, Salt Lake City, Utah
Thoso Whom the World Has Recog
nized as Men of Genius Remark
able for Precocity.
One character common to genius
and to Insanity, especially moral in
sanity. is precocity. Cesare Lombroso,
professor of legal medicine, University
of Turin, relates that Dante, when
nine years of age, wrote a sonnet to.
Beatrice ; Tasso wrote verses at ten. -
Pascal and Comte were great think
ers at the ages of thirteen. Fonder at
fifteen. Niebuhr at seven, Jonathan
Edwards at twelve. Michel Angelo at
nineteen, Gassendi, the Little Doctor,
at four, Bossut at twelve, and Voltaire
at thirteen. Pico de la Mirandola knew
Latin, Greek. Hebrew, Chaldean and
Arabic, in his childhood; Goethe wrote
a story in seven languages when he
was scarcely ten ; Wieland knew Latin
at seven, meditated an epic poem at
thirteen, and at sixteen published his
poem, "Die Vollkommenste WelL"
Schiller was only nineteen when he
wrote "Räuber." Victor Hugo com
posed "Irtamene" at fifteen. Pope
wrote his ode to solitude at twelve,
and Byron published verses at eight
een. Moore translated "Anacreon" at
thirteen. Meyerbeer at five played ex
cellently on the piano. Claude Joseph
Vernet drew very well at four, and at
twenty wag a celebrated painter. At
thirteen Wren invented an astronom
ical instrument, and offered it to his
father with a Latin dedication.
Raphael was famous at fourteen.
Beethoven composed three sonatas at
thirteen. Eichorn. Mozart and Eybier
gave concerts at six. Weber was only
thirteen when his first opera, "Das
Waldmarchen," was presented. Bacon
conceived the "Novum Organum" at
fifteen. Charles XII manifested his
great designs at eighteen.
Description of Head-Dress Worn by
Women Some Centuries Ago Ap
pears Almost Incredible.
Fashion plays constant pranks with
a woman's hair. Addison says in the
Spectator of 1718: "There is not so
variable a tiling in nature as a lady's
head-dress ; within my memory I have
known it to rise and fall above 30
degrees." In the reign of Henry YL
ladies wore horns, having on each side
ears so large that when they would
pass through the door of a room it
was necessary to turn sideways and
stoop. It was Judged necessary to en
large the doors of the Chateau de
Vincennes. The correct angle for The
hair was 45 from perpendicular, which
entailed great strain upon the hair
growing from the forehead,
thought of what we call cleanliness
or even decency was present at the
hairdressing of that day. Not only
was the hair left untouched for a most
revolttngiy long time, but materials
were used in the dressing of the hair
and making the rolls (as Anna Green
Winslow related), which were most
The Boston Gazette of
May. 1771, tells of a young woman
driving in Boston streets who was
thrown from her carriage and her high
tower partly torn off. It proved to be
stuffed with yarn, tow, wool, curleyi
hair, and even hay.
Not the Right Tune.
A certain man was angry one night
and began to swear in the presence of
his wife.
might shame him into quitting, de»
cided to imitate him and »wore . - r
Tldl - V - " sln * sa " e f* ths tha * J"*
d5<1 - loo ^ ed at * r " a "' a7 ' < ! ' ,
a few minutes and then remarked
"Well, you have the same words but
you haven't got the right tuue. *
i Exchange.
The latter, thinking she
New Invention.
An inventor has equipped a para
chute wkh hand operated propellers
on the theory that a user can guide his
descent thereby.
ou U^o^us. Have we
eraus impulse is u[kq u.. «avt
not all experienced the warm desire
postponed to a more eon
p (for us) _ then dre aded
untn we finally drag cur
, to an aecom pn s hment that
Don't Wait to Do Good Deeds.
The good deeds we would do are
brightened and made more prolific of
makes of kindness a pitiful treadmill
and bestows no sweet graeiousnesa
upon the recipient, who innately feel*
the irksomeness of our beneficence! Â

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