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The Meridian times. (Meridian, Idaho) 1909-1938, November 11, 1921, Image 6

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% ■
' £■
Never say "Aspirin'' without saying "Bayer.
WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets*
you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by,
physicians over 21 years and proved safe by millions for
Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets—Bottles of 24 and 100—All druggists.
Aeetrin I« Um tnule nark of Bojk Msnafoetaro of IfwwocotleoeldMtor of SollcrUouM
Pain, Pain
DISTEMPER AMONG HORSES auceawfolly toasted with
( yO\
Spohn's Distemper Compound
With tha approach of wlntar hors«, ara again mart ttabla to
, contract contagloua dtaaaaa— DISTEMPER, INFLUENZA.
COUGHS and COLDS. Aa a pravantlva against thaaa, an occa
sional dosa of "SPOHN'S" la marvelously effective. As a rem
edy for caaaa already suffering, •■SPOHN'S" la equally affeotlva.
Olva It as a präventive. Don't wait. «0 cants and $l.tO par bottle
at drug stores
r *
* cSü£
Seeking company means putting up
with the wrong kind a great deal of
the time.
Shave With Cutloura Soap
And double your razor efficiency as
well as promote skin purity, skin com
fort and skin health. No mug, no
slimy aoap, no germs, no waste, no
irritation even when shaved twice
dally. One soap for all uses—shaving,
bathing and shampooing. Advertisement
A Busy Twenty Minutes.
In the next ten years astronomers
have but 20 minutes in which to test
Einstein's theory. During the fleeting
moments of the solar eclipses they
will work strenuously in an attempt
to discover any deflection In the rnys
of light that pass the sun.—Scientific
Almost the Same.
Davis—Everything I have In this
world I owe to my wife. %
Henpeck—I'm almost like you, too.
Everything I owe for In this world
iny wife bought.
It is awfully hard for a little wom
an to Impress people with her dig
By far the greatest thing a man
can do for his city Is to be a good
Don't argue with a wasp; It always
carles Its point.
A silent man's words are never re
peated In court.
Marriage Is a gamble when there Is
money back of it.
Low of discord is often simply a
hatred of monotony.
Never swear at an ill-fitting coat.
Give it to the tailor.
It Is easier to reform a man than
to keep him reformed.
Other people's troubles always bore
us more than our own.
Are you stepping on the brake
or the accelerator?
The food you eat does make a difference.
Heavy, starchy foods often do slow down
body and mind—often steal the energy that be
longs to the day's work. Grape-Nuts is a go
ahead food. It contains the perfected nourishment
of Nature's best grains. It includes all those
elements needed to nourish body and brain. It
is easy to digest. It gives energy without taking
How about your breakfast or lunch—does
it give , or take ?
Grape-Nuts is sweet, crisp, delightful to
the taste, and is an ideal source of power for ■
busy and difficult day.
"There*» a Reason** for GRAPE-NUTS
Eagles have been noticed flying at
a height of 6,000 feet.
The Remedy With a Record of Fifty*
Five Years of Surpassing. Excellence.
All who suffer with nervous dyspep
sia, sour stopiach, constipation, Indi
gestion, torpid liver, dizziness, head
aches, coming up of food, wind on
stomach, palpitation and other indica
tions of digestive disorder, will find
Green's August Flower an effective
and most efficlqpt remedy. For fifty
five years this medicine has been suc
cessfully used In millions of house
holds all over the civilized world. Be
cause of Its remarkable merit and
widespread popularity Green's August
Flower can be fosnd today wherevei
medicines are sold.—Advertisement.
King George's Superstition.
King George, sane, healthy-minded
man though he Is, owns up to certain
superstitions. He can't endure that a
wineglass should ring, If accidentally
touched, at his dinner table. The ring
ing will mean a death In his family, so
he firmly believes. And If the slightest
ring Is heard, every member of his
fnmlly and guest at his table rises up
on the Instant nnd stands in silence,
It's his wish.—London Opinion.
Breaking the News.
''Mrs. Brown, I got t' tell yuh, th'
sheriff came today an' took your hus
band's clothes."
"What! Outrageous! I wish you'd
find my husband and tell him right
"He knows It, M'm. He was wearln'
'em at th' time."
Struggle to earn a fortune Is enough
to make a man homely, as the struggle
to become learned Is.
Some men know more than their
wives nnd wisely keep It strictly to
The Romans used to send to one an
other sprigs of holly as emblems of
good luck.
The Stolen
Copyright, 1011, Western Newspaper Union.
"It can never be—I cannot marry
you, Mr. Tyson."
The words seemed to sound the
death note to all the fond hopes of
Burt Tyson.
It was a certain pleading, longing
expression In the true, tender eyes of
Annette Saxton that checked Burt
from going away then and there. An
earnest touch of her trembling hand
detained him.
"But you must not desert us," she
went on winnlngly. "Surely we are
friends? My father has grown to
look for you and would miss you sore
ly. Oh, we are both us so grateful
for all you have done for ns!"
"It is nothing, It has been a pleas
ure, a business training," declared
Burt In a manly, honest way. "Miss
Saxton, I shall not annoy yon—"
"Oh, never thatl" Insisted Annette.
"Then—embarrass you. It would
have been sweet delight to me to
know that your Interest In me would
urge me to build great dreams on my
small start In life. Perhaps some
day. later—"
But Annette shook her head sor
rowfully and murmured: "You are so
worthy of some one stronger than I
as a guide and a helper. Please,
Her eyes filled with tears and he
saw that he was giving her pain.
It was well for Annette that Just
then there was an Interruption. From
the wing of the house where Mr. Sax
ton had his study and work room
there came a quick call:
"Oh, Mr. Tyson, I must see you at
once !
John Saxton was an Inventor. For
merly he had been superintendent of
the great Walworth Motor works, a
mile distant. He had made some Im
provements on one of their specialties
for which the company had promised
him a large reward. They dishonest
ly repudiated the contract, and he left
their service* Since then he bad
spent a whole year perfecting a new
motor that would be the last word
In Its particular line, If It met his ex
pectations. The company had heard
of it and had made his overtures. He
declined to treat with them.
Burt was In the employ of an archi
tect He had known Mr. Saxton for
a long time. It was Burt to whom
Mr. Saxton had entrusted the drawing
up of the plans and specifications of
his new Invention. Burt found him
pacing his study In a state of the
greatest excitement.
"Mr. Tyson," he announced, "I am
In deep trouble and distress,
one entered this room yesterday morn
ing when Annette and I were absent,
took the plans of the new motor at
tachment from my desk and copied
"Copied them," repeated Burt In
"You suspect the Walworth com
pany of that wicked act?"
"Suspect? I knowl" fairly shouted
Saxton. They have stolen my pat
ent, they are robbing me for a second
time !"
"Then, even If you got your papers
Into the mall at the very earliest mo
ment tomorrow morning, they would
be a day ahead of you?"
"I am too late, I see that," said the
Inventor dejectedly.
"Give me those papers!"
"What are you about to do?" began
the Inventor bewllderedly.
"Leave it to me. Only-hope. 1
think I see a way to circumvent those
Walworth plotters yet."
Then Burt was gone. He passed
Annette, lingering ot the gate. She
noted his agitated manner, his
"My father—'' she faltered.
"He will tell you all," explained
Burt hurriedly. "He Is the victim of
a cruel, wicked plot. I am going to
save him If I can,"
Just at daybreak next morning Burt
Tyson was nt the nearest city. An
hour later he had the wires east go
ing In his behalf. It cost him nearly
all the $200 he had saved up to semi
a long- message to a close friend, a
young lawyer In Washington.
Word for word he wired the specifi
cations of the Saxton pntent.
At noon that day Burt received the
following dispatch from the friend he
knew he could rely upon :
"Drawings, papers nnd application
filed. Caveat granted and later appli
cants shut out."
The story was all over the town
48 hours later. Burt was at the Sax
ton home when an emissary from the
Walworth works offered a small for
tune for the valuable patent they bad
tried to steal.
Agnln Annette stood nt the gate as
he left the house. Again her grateful
soul tried to Impart to him the emo
tions his noble fidelity had aroused.
Something In her eyes held him,
some latent hope drove him to speak
once ngnin of the love in his heart
that could never die out.
"It was only that we were so poot
—It was only because 1 felt that y»u
were worthy of some one not so hum
ble—" she began.
He checked her utterance with •
"My peerless one!
he said ardently,
holler is the happiness of knowing
that you loved me all of the time I"
My empress 1"
"Oh, greater and
Excellent Belief.
I believe that today is better than
yesterday, and that tomorrow will bi
better than today.—George F. Hoar.
The members of Scott's modern car
avan located near Buhl met a short
time ago and voted to keep the name,
"Scott's Modern Caravan,
group name.
as their
* # •
A harvest of 1000 sacks from 3 3-4
acres of potatoes, is reported by Henry
Nellson, three miles east of Acequla.
This is an acre yield of 4-15 bushels.
The crop is entirely free from disease
and many potatoes are of unusually
large size.
# • *
A communication received recently
by Dana Parkinson, chief supervisor of
the Wasatch national forest, from the the
American Fork Commercial club, sag
gests that the mystery cave In Arnerl*
Fork canyon be officially désigna
ted as the "Timpanogos Wonder Cove."
• 00
The report of W. 0. Rwendsen, state
commission ef reclamation, was com
pleted Saturday evening and forwarded
to Washington. If congress acts favor
ably upon the recommendations there
will be added t* the irrigable wealth
of the state more than 150,000 acres of
farm land all lying adjacent to or In
the present Fort Hall project or on the
Indian reservation.
a • •
The interstate commerce commission
has set for hearing la Boise Friday, No
vember IS, the application of the Amer
ican Express company for increased
rates on Intrastate shipments. The
company has been denied the increase
sought and a reclassification of the
commodities It handles, before the Ida
ho public utilities commission, and has
taken the matter before the Interstate
commerce commission.
* a a
Idaho Is the third state m the United
States to realize the Importance of
commercial educatlnoo as part of high
school work and Install a supervisor
of commercial education in Its voca
tional educational department, accord.
Ing to Mrs. Lesetta Erickson, supervis
or of commercial education In Idaho.
Pennsylvania and New York preceded
Idaho In appointing u supervisor in
this work.
♦ * •
Idaho's share of the 1921 fir# pro.
tectlve work in the state was $36,016.
03, according to I. H. Nash, state land
commissioner, who has returned from
Bpekane, where he attended a confer
ence of the secretaries of the five tim
ber protective associations in north
Idaho of which the state is a member.
* • •
Damage to the extent of about $40,.
000 or even more than this amount
was done Sunday near Twin Falls
when the Crystal Springs orchard was
destroyed by fire. About 50 acres of
peach trees were burned up. The ori
gin of the fire Is supposed to be of In
cendiary origin.
• • •
Clyde M. Gray, formerly of Pocatel
lo, but for the last few years a resl.
dent of Boise, has returned to Pocatel
lo to. take charge of the division office
of the department of Internal revenue,
succeeding S. CL Blxlar, resigned. Mr.
Gray has had several years experience
in both the field nnd office work of
the department of internal revenue.
• •
Patrick J. Phelan, former city clerk
and treasurer, and candidate for mayoi
of Pocatello at the last election, was
arrested at Pocatello Tuesday upon
complaint of Mayor Jesse Budge, charg
ed with the embezzlement of city funds.
The charge Is to the effect that on oi
about May 6 of this year, Phelan ap.
propriated public funds tu the amount
of $2301.46.
• * •
Frank Breshears, former superintend
dent of the state eonstabularty. be'
came United States marshal for th!
district of Idaho Tuesday. Marshal
Breshears and his chief deputy, Roberl
B. McOutcheon of Idaho Falls, took th!
oath of office before W. D. MoReynolds,
clerk of the district court at Boise, li
the preseuce of the retiring marshal,
Leroy Jones, and his deputy. Georg!
* * *
Work will begin on the much-needed
bridge across the Payette river
Emmett about the 1st of December, ac
cording to Otto Wilhelm, coiumtsslonei
of Gem county. The bridge Is on 8
branch of the state highway and
nects southern Idaho with Cascade and
McCall on Payette lake, thus making
a connection with New Meadows. Th!
bridge Is 360 feet long, consisting oi
three 120-foot spans.
• * •
A ense unlike any ever tried by mi
I daho Jury was heard at. the session oi
the district court it- Rear Uike cour.t .1
last week. The action was brought bj
Andrew Stauffer against Fred Stauffei
to recover wages which the plaiutlfl
stated had accumulated during a period
of thirty.five years,
leged to be due was $11,700 The lurj
brought In a verdict la favor of th«
plaintiff for $4500.
The amount al
• * *
The Short Une officials held a meet
Ing Thursday tn the office of Superin
tendent of Motiv« Power A. O. Ifinrk
ley at I'ocatpHo for tha
forming a fuel committee and the
pointaient of various division
purpose <*!
Fuel committees were In opera
tlon during the war, hut were suspend
ed shout a year ugo. The mre'lr.g h*l(
Thursday is the first to he held s'
suspension. The cominlfteos nre large
iv engaged In working ou» plan* for tin
conservation of fuel foi locomoMves.
Wanted to Know Papa'» Statua
Little Freddy at the breakfast table,
after haying tucked away one piece
of cake, turned to his father and
said, "May I take another piece of
cake, papa?" Father, with years of
training to his credit, answered, "You'll
ask mamma about that,
Freddie." Whereupon sonny piped up,
"Haven't you anything to say at all,
papa ?"
have to
Remove Grease Before Lacquering.
It is possible to protect polished
metal surfaces by applying several
coats of cold lecquer or celluloid var
nish. Tho lacquer should be applied
with a brass camel's hair brush, after
the metal has been highly polished.
There must be no trace of grease on
the brass or other metal when It Is
Unkind Classification.
Rosamund ulways insists on running
the games, so one day Jeannette got
tired of It, and came upstairs, mad as
could be, threw down her hat, and
"I just am not going to play
said: ■ ■ ■ ■ I mUBW
With her any more, for she never will
let me be the mother. She always
makes me be the papa or the dog."
Telling Age of Mistletoe.
It Is a comparatively easy matter to
learn the age of growing mistletoe, as
each shoot sends off two new shoots
each year, nnd by counting the Joints
from the root to the tip of any branch
the number of years the mistletoe has
lived may be coraputod easily.
Old-Age Elysium
The old man's Elysium Is Rutland
shire, England, where for every 100,000
boys born 1,375 reach the age of ninety
five. The number of women Who sur
vive to this age Is 997. Rutlandshire is
the one county where men live longer
than women.
Quick Aid Prevents Fire.
It Is well to keep a small fire-ex
tinguisher convlenent to the kitchen
as a first aid to possible fire. These
extinguishers are of great value when
the fire has first started, but are use
less after It has^made headway. Just
as with a first-aid kit, their value lies
in thetr being at your service at a mo
ment's notice.
Human Weights
A woman forty-three years old,
five feet five Inches tall, should weigh
143 pounds, and a man forty-eight
years old, whose height is five feet sev.
en inches, should weight 156 pounds,
according to a table compiled by the
Association of Life Insurance Medical
Directors and the Actuary Society of
Remarkable Prehistoric Caves
Tunnels and passages, measuring
about twenty miles in length, and cut
In the solid chalk 90 feet below the
surface, are to be found in the fa
mous prehistoric caves at Chislehurst,
Kent, England.
This May Not Be a Discovery
Egotism is like money. We always
think someone else has too much of It
Lucky for Anne!
Salesman (lately promoted to an
tique department)—"This chair, ma
dam, was originally made for the duke
of Buckingham, who gave It to Anne
of Austria. We're selling quite a lot
of them."—London Bystander.
True National Glory
The true glory of a nation does not
consist in the extent of its dominion,
In the fertility of the soil, or the
beauty of nature, but rather in the
moral of intellectual pre-etnlneace of
the people.—Sir John Lubbock.
Dm il fer l while. Am! then if
ion are
Ml convinced that "it'i the finest coffee
Too ever dranh"--lhat its flavor is dis
tinctive; its taste smoother and milder
that it is void of hank acidity and there
fore more healthful, nourishing and
freshing—jost tell yosr grocer and year
mosty will be cbeerfmlty refunded.
r 4
r 4
mention tkU p,p„ wWni
what you want. «Momibl* Frf*,*"» k
VMl*. Wyonmif Lilx-nU ,
•end representative on reiritV'
A.E. TOURSSEN- Diairibrt«.
F°r irrigajj
and »11 gener
farm purp 0st ,
full information writ.
MOHHISON. M lilt Kil l

. in
L. D. 8. B U8INE8S"COLL É ]
School of Efficiency. All comméré« broak
Catalog free. 80 N. Main St., Salt UkT(%
PIANOS. Players,
Phonograph, on very easy term., ErmZ
known in music. Write Day nea-Baeba «»*3
POm/?RY^BOUGI?I^FW^t^3b aàl
poultry, agga and game to Fulton Mid Cam
weight. Prompt return,. Writ« for trial
Gill Maton Rings cure your motor tmto
OUI Platon King Co., 13 KaotFoaiUSsA
Truaa fitters. S. H. Bowmir Co., Broolu Araèj
Accordian. Side, Box Pleating, Henstite!«]
Buttons, Buttonholes , Kid Corse! Pirk* |
your local printer. He can luroiah Stnà
and Quality.
We are manufacturers of Bank, Office af
Store Fixtures.
"Art in Fixture» is «
Sait Lake Cabinet A Futon 0»
^CURLsTlBWITClHESrTran.,form«tiom fij
$1.98 up. Only human hair used. Fast prepd
mail service. Walkers (Dept) Beauty Paid
Send to Walkers, Salt Lake City, Utak. to!
anythin« you cannot get in jrour bonu itaa
Commercial inquiries answered ui j
information gladly furnished with-]
ont cost. Address any firm abort]
Pleasant Walks and Talks |
These nice Sunday walks, when twl
friends get to know one another sohl
tlmately ; these Sunday-evening talks I
when you gather by twos and threaj
in the firelight, and talk so freely;Aj
what a power they nre for good, 5]
used aright; what a power for harm, ï I
wasted or misused! No one wann
you to force the conversation Into aj
edifying channel ; ;but one knows bff
to talk bifurcates, as it were, and W
often there Is a choice between h#
and low, wise and foolish, kindly nd
unkindly.—Elizabeth Wordsworth.
No Man Always Right
The man who Is always right do*
He is still the prospect«
not live,
product of the development of the spec
les. Even the one who generally thiaa
he is right will be found frequently®
draw wrong conclusions, but hesssf*
to follow.—Grit.
Jud Tunkins
the whenever *
Jud Tunkins says
commutes ha wishes ho was a w
again, so he could regard riding
have a g®»
railroad train as a way tu

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