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J I M ! I I
Special Notice.—T om Cunningham re
spectfully gives notice to the pathons of his
cellar, that he would prefer their taking full
Darrels-and leaving the empty ones, as they
are in greatef demand.
tynez Time. —AVe neglected last week to
•ay that Mr. Cutler, of the Humboldt Express
Co^yjaade the trip from Star City here in
tikree days and eiglit hours, bringing Sacra
mento papers only six days old.
Don't Fpnqsx tue Boots. —L. Romish,
tho Pioneer Cheap John ot the basin, next
doot to jligby & Oo., is sefling out his entire
irtnck of goods to close business, Boots, of
any kind, only six dollars per pair. *
Gone.—Q uite n party left on Monday and
during the week intending to cross the plains
on horse back, among the crowd were G. W.
Webb—whose intended departure for Pike
wo noticed last week—Jos. Fales, L. W. Coe,
and several alhcr-s of the old settlers of
Idaho, intend to join the party at Boise City.
Dic«ort, of the Statesman office, has been
faxtrinntiitg a fellow's gal in the absence of
tbesedifor, and has driven the feilow to jenl
Q 08 distraction, so that he has determined to
take passage on the oe*t train for Iowa, con
vinced that there ta something in the atmos
phere of IduUct.Hpit has a deleterious effect
oo female constancy'.
Tost Orriott at Esmeralda.— John Me
Laugblin, Postmaster at Esmeralda, Alturas
C^iniy, has appointed S. B. Dilly of th« firm
*f4>i1tjr4 Dover, Deputy Postmaster. Mr.
tNlfr writes as that the mail wi.ll leave Es
vitewlda, f Rocky Bar,) jfbr Idaho City every
MFcdnesdajt morning at S o'dlPek, a. w., and
arrive at Idaho City at 2 o'clock p. m. on
Thursday. Returning, it will leave Idaho
City every Saturday at 8 a^ m. and arrive at
Esmeralda at 2 p. w. on Sunday.
, t -. -----1--
Self-Incubation. —The Red Bluff Indepen
dent says that an egg in a bucket with other
eggs in the cupboard of A. B. C. Nusbaum,
of that place, actually hatched out a chicken
without the hororing case of a mother hen,
and that the little joker is alive and bids fair
to become a nice old ben or rooster, as the
case may be. Prolific pretpispa those; and
yet we have never observed any little human
chicks about the place, notwithstanding Mr,
and Mrs. N. have been enjoying connubial
felicity for six years fwst. How is it?
For South Boise.— Smith* of Wells, Far
go 4 Co., Vanline, of the fires of Vaotine &
KUder, and Butler (J. S.) of tbo {Tews, com
po«ed a trio of quartz-on-the-hra'in bipeds,
who ewh ted for South Boise oo Thursday
hist. They went across the mountains by the
trail, expecting tc -return via Boise City about
Tuesday. Of course, they will come back
wi^h their pockets full of rocks, whereby the
reader may anticipate an item—something
scientific anti "henry." perhaps, as they were
observed to take along several bottles, sup
P?s«d ta contain chemicals, &e. Much may
be expected, as they are undoubtedly " on it."
We know we shall hnve feet for sale.
r* ;?•> -_ 1 . : ;__
T-nn Statutes. —The San Francisco Flag
of the 2d inst., says that Mr. Glasscock, Ter
ritorial printer, has presented that establish
ment with an elaborately gotten up volume
of the statutes df Idaho, passed at the first
sessuin of the Legislature of that Territory.
Will, the benevolent Territorial printer have
the gooJness to bring a few of his elegant
books into bis owq Territory, and place them
within reach of those entitled to receive
them, and whose Interests are daily suffering
for want of a knowledge of the laws? The
Territorial printing has been shamefully
.11 v. ——— ----
Silver Citt.— We hear of a new district
and city located some where beyond the head
of .'.lucre's Creek, perhaps some twenty miles
beyond Summit City, on Lamire's Creek. It
is^esfimated that two hundred people left here
oh Tuesday and Wednesday for Silver City.
Tjic.Banner ledge j* situated iu that vicinity
as well as seveyalother recent gold and sil
ver discoveries, all of which are regarded by
experienced prospectors as of the richest
character. Some parties started out on Tues
day afternoon, with acid3 and nparatus for
taking the ro«k already discovered, and such
others as they may find.
i ii. —I---—
■A Lists of telcg apli is about tc be con
struetfd from some point on the Overland
Lin# between Washoe Rnd Reese River, to
Star City, in the- Humboldt mines, and as
Star City, according to latg accomplishments,
is only three Jays and eight hours from Idaho
City, the time may; not be fur distant when
we shall be placed in as eligible circuipstapces
As it regards Eastern news, as they are at the
L ilies, Umatilla or Wall# JValfo, PBd should
amae practical telegraph pian or men, with
means, take hold and 'continue the line from
Star City to this basiii, It would not only
raeke him or them a fortunr, but place bur
peop'e in instaui (^lapiuqicatiflH yvitlj the
p.op'.*the east,
Txdiax Octragks ox tub Goose Lakis
Routk. —B. F. Channel, an old Californ a
friend of ours, and one of the early prospec
tors iu this basin, arrived here on Tuesday
evening, having brought in sonic four or five
hundred bend of, cattle from California t>y
ilie Goose Lake route,! 116 informs us tffat
on the 21st day ofJulyy tvhpn 2a aiiles south
a gentleman from Humboldt county, Cal., by
the name of Porter Langdon, who was also
oringing through a band of cattle, together
with a lad from the Tower IIoV.se, Shasta
county, by the name of Thomas Fenny, some
17 years of age, was attacked, while away
from the herd in search of cattle that had
strayed away, by fifteen Indians. Mr. Oban
tie!, with a Colt's revolver, took one side of
the trail and Mr, Langdon, who bad no arms
with him, took the shot-gun from the boy and
took the other side, placing the boy between
them. In this manner they rode.some dis
tance, keeping the Indians nl hay, those arm
ed only wjtli bows and arrows approaching
within range of pistol or gun-shot, while
others having rifles remained at a distance.
At length a shot struck the boy in the back,
somewhere near the spine, a-id he fell from
his horse; a moment later, and Mr. Langdon
was also shot, and fell mortally wounded.
Their pack animal, having by this time gone
some distance ahead, was about being cap
tured by an Indian, when Mr. Channel rode
briskly after him, with bis pistol drawn ready
to fire, but saving his loads for a certain shot'
when in passing a point in a gulch, it occur
red to him that he could easily escape behind
the promontory and soon be out of sight ot
the savages. Acting promptly upon the sug
gestion he soon found himself out of tbeir
reach, and as the ground was very hard it
was a difficult matter for them to track him,
and in this manner bt* escaped and joined
the train unhurt. Being satisfied that both
Langdon and the lad were dead, and as the
party was rather weak to encounter a large
band of Indians—the mountains doubtless
being full of them—it was deemed unsafe
to attempt the recovery of the bodies of the
unfortunates, or the cattle that were lost; so
they, came on without them. Mr. Channel
lost 150 head, and about the same number
were missing from the herd belonging to the
deceased—Langton—L. II. Tower, and others.
The survivers wrote a note by the military
expressman to Col. Drew, who was encamped
with his command seme distance to the south
of them, informing him of the circumstances,
and requesting that the proper steps betaken
for redress, and aUo the recovery and barial
of the bodies of Langdon and Iienny The
Indians are supposed to be those recently
driven from John Day's river by Lieut. Way
raver's command.
west of the^i^onical Butte, between Goose
Lake and Harney valley, he, in company with
We understand that several quartz ledges
have been discovered lately near the South
Boise river, some fifteen or sixteen miles from
Rocky Bar, near the main road to Boise City,
which are attracting considerable attention.
They run nearly north and south, like the
Washoe lodes, and prospect well. They are
named Mechanics', Rattlesnake, Texas, Legal
Tender and Georgia. Two araslra3 are in
process of erection ; and they have laid out a
town which they have named Marysville. It
is thought by many that these discoveries w ill
revolutionize matters there, as the ledges are
well defined and quite wide, one of them—
the Mechanics'—cropping out from seventy
five to one hundred leet. Another, the Rat
tlesnake, is about fifteen feet wide, and the
rock is said to prospect very well. The Geor
gia is thought to be very good, as the rock
looks remarkably well. They are, we are in
formed, now prospecting it. Several of the
most influential citizens of Rocky Bar are
interested in these lodes, and they, doubtless,
will eventually prove very valuable. Nego
tiations have been made to bring in miils, and
we would not be surprised if Marysville
should become quite a place.
Tueri bus been more or less contention be
tween the miners of the creek and tbe ditch
men—the latter being loth to turn tbe water
out at the bidding of , the former. Of course
tbe creek miners are entitled to the precious
liquid, and Ike bill and bar diggers, having
bad tbeir day, mast "boldover,"—indulge in
something stronger, " whisky straight," per
haps—till water comes again. But, then,
" honest miners " never take anything 1 Seri
ously, water iu tbe Boise mines is,everywhere
too scant, and now, that so many are thrown
out of employment therehy, it is proper to
v *••'*:*>
insist upon an attempt, at least, being made
to bring inn portion of the North Boise river.
Efforts are being made by the western part of
the basin, to biing in tbe Payette, ora portion
thereof, but we hear of nothing of tbe kind
with regard to the North Boise. Somebody
asake a survey of the ground ; this done, and
the iee is broken. Scarcity of water and
Cold weather together constitute ali tbe draw
backs to tbe northern mines. Tnere is suffi
cient gold in the.ground to pay for bringing
in any quantity of water, which, when done,
would lengthen the mining season three
months each year. As it i», the bill, gulch
and bar claims are dried up by mid-summer,
the men idle and times dull. There is a
remedy for thll srhilflAvatcr continues to run
down hill. .. .
Moxtana Mines. — Vf. 17.11. Jennings, who
went from these mines to the States last fall,
bus just returned to Boise by way of the Mon
tana injnes. jle loaded an ox train with
freight and brought it through to Virginia
C.ty, tjie capital of the S.inkipg Watec dig
gings. There is a'first-rate natural-road from
and with the exception of aboutsixty utiles,
excelle* J ''— r
Fort Laramie almost direct to Virginif City,
excellent accommodations for camping. Dur
ing his sojourn there, the emigrants came in
at the rate of a hundred families per day—it
rough estimate perhaps. Notwithstanding
ttiis rush, the majority seemed to dispose of
'themselves"independent of any assistenee or
advice on the part of the residents—some
Taking to themselves ranches, others teaming,
&Cf, Ac. Our informant says Montana is the
best mountain fanning countryhe eversaw—
any amount of grass this year that turns off
three and four tors of bay per acre. Virginia
City, he thinks, is twice as forge, as Idaho
City. The placer diggings are fabulously
rich, but very limited—confined to one long
creek, near fifteen miles in length. Many
gulches put into this stream, none of w hich
pay anything; the gold is obtained from the
bed of the creek and bars belonging thereto,
and is supposed to have come from au im
mensely rich quartz lode, or a slide from it
that crosses the headwaters at right angles
with the creek. Tunnels are being run into
the mountain at various points lor the c pur
pose of ascertaining the locality of the main
ledge. There is much excitement about
quartz generally from the fact that some
twenty miils are being brought into the coun
try by means of navigation on the Missouri.
Owing to unusually low water, steamers had
to unload at Fort Union instead of Benton.
Bannack City is a small town, and the mines
there have pretty much had their day. The
place is very dull. Mr. J. came from there
to Boise by stage. The opposition in that
business between Ilolladay A Co. and Oiliver
A Co., between Virginia City and Salt Lake,
bad reduced the fare from $75 in gold to $24
in greenbacks, with a downward tendency;
in fact, it was believed that in two or three
days more the fare would be down to $5! A
line of stages was in operation from Virginia
City to the Kootenai mines. Mr. J. passed a
quartz mill some distance this side of Fort
Halt, on the way to Boise. This may be the
mill on the way from Chicago, as announced
by us last winter.
Bannock vs. Idaho. —The practice of nam
ing a place •* city," is, to say the least, an as
sumption on the part of tbn founders of
towns and villages, if not down right bigotry,
arrogance and egotism. For instance, it is
an impossibility at the laying of the founda
tion of a place to foresee whether it will, in
coming time, assume proportions that will
entitle it to the designation, hamlet, vi.lage,
burg, town or city, hence the naming of a
place city is ail folly. Another inconvenience
to which we of this Territory have had to
submit, and which should be remedied now,
while we are in our infancy, is the practice
of calling towns, districts, counties and the
Territory by tbe same name. Idaho City is
abominable, and ought to be ebanged back
again to " Bannock," and leave cut the word
" city." When we spenlt of write of " Idaho,'
unless we add the word "city," no one can
understand whether tbe town or tbe Territo
ry is meant. So with " Boise City." This
whole basin, including the several branches
of Boise river, is known a? the u Boise mines "
or " Boise," and in speaking ox writing of the
town, unless the word city is added, the mat
ter is perfectly unintelligible. In Washoe
the same practice was pursued for a time,
until the annoyance became so great that by
act of the legislature of Nevada Territory the
word city, as a suffix, was stricken from the
names of all tbe towns in that basin, exc. pt
Carson City and Silver City. At tbe time
Bannock was ebanged there was a necessity
for somo change, but not to confound the
town with tbe Territory, as was done, but
now, since the Territory has been divided,
and the other Bannock is in Montana, there
is no reason why it should not be ebanged
back again. We'hope our next Legislative
Assembly will speedily restore us our original;
• . . ■ _ . -
name, without the city, and that Boise City,
the future capital of Idaho, if she desires it,
may have a pew name given her. —'
Creek Claims. —Plaeer mining in (his
camp is principally confined to the creek beds
for the present, owing to a scarcity of water
in the ditches. The claims at tbe foot of
Wall street, at the crossing of Elk Creek, are
being worked, to apparent good advutage
throughout tbe season. The bank of gravel,
some eight or ten feet in depth, has the ap
pearance of being very rich, and from tbe
perseveranc* with which : the owners are
washing it away, we infer that it does dot de
ceive its looks. Further down Moore's Creek,
towards the Warm Springs, we notice the
same industrious evidences of prosperous
creck-bed mining. A bed rock flume is now
the great desideratum, and a necessity, that
the miner will not long fn.l to recognize as
one that cannot, nor will not, be dispensed
, , ,
The Fair last week, nett *A orcr $d' 0. |
Indian Depi editions oh ths Plains —
Since the outbreak near Denver City, some
three months since, by the Cbeyeiims, the
spirit^of murder seems to have communicated
itself to the neighboring tribes north, sou.b
and east, from Mexico io the British posses
sions. Late dispatches assert that there are
I ,ros P eclil °f '*'® greatest Indian war er
known in Ameiica, resulting from a combi me -
tion of ali the tribes on life i'foins, for pur
poses of warfare and murder. Ait iudis"
criminate slaughter has already begun
against the employees of the Overland Stage
Go., near Foil Laramie. The s-ngos had
stopped running and the people were fleeing
to the Forts for safety, 'the telegraph had
thus far remained untouched, but of cour.-e
it must fall a prey to their ravages. Central
Bluut had issued orders that no more Indians
be allowed to leave their reservations, aud
that no arms or ammunition be sold them.
Every effoit will be promptly made to put
down the outbreak as soon as possible; but
we may fear the worst,especially with regard
to our mail and telegraphic communications.
Take a Swim. —The pond at Warm Springs,
walled in and perfectly secure from outside
observation, i3 one of the most complete and
comfortable swimming baths we have ever
visited. It is now perfect in all its arrange
ments, with dresstug rooms, platforms, stair
ways into the water, Ac., Ac. The depth of
the water is from eighteen inches to twelve
feet, with ropes stretched across, so that those
who have never learned to swim can here
Jearn with but little effort; or, if they do not
learn, they can pfoy swim on the ropes or
with life-preservers, which are also provided.
Parties either of ladies or gentlemen can pro
cure the exclusive use of the pond, which,
for tbe time, will be kept sacred as the Foun
tain of Diana, and no prying Aetoeon dare in
trade upon the sanctity of the hath, under
penalties worse than those that befell the
grand son of Cadmus iu tbe vale of Garga
In Placerville, August 21tli, lt-64, by Tlmmas
H. Stonngton, J. 1\, <Jhas. IT. Warner to Mbs
Caroline D.tchi.kk, all of Boise countv.
ISTew this W'eek.
Sheriffs Sale.
Territory of Idaho, County ©f Boise—ss.
B Y virtue of an execution ismied oul ot the
District Court of the 2.1 Juduiol District of
tue Territory of Idaho, and to me Hi reeled and
delivered, upon a judgment rendered in said Court
in favor of J. M. Blossom and against J. J. Eatou.
tor tbe sum of two hundred and nfty-three dollars,
with interest thereon, at the rate of ten per ceut.
per auuuni, from tne 3d day of July, lt>«4, together
w.tn costof suit, taxpd at thirty-eight dollars, I
have seized all the right, title aud interest which
the said J. J. Eaton had on the 3(Hh day of July,
1864, of, in and to the following described prem
ises, which 1 shall expose to sale at public auction,
as tbe law directs, at the promises, to tho highest
bidder, lor cash, on the lilili day of September,
A. D., 16li4, at one o'clock p. in., to saiisiy said
judgment costs and accming costs, to wit: Alt
Unit certsiu piece or parcel of laud situate on
Buena Vista Bar, Boise county, Idaho Territory,
and known as lot four [4j, in block B of tbe town
of Bucua Vista, together w ith the buildings sit
uate upon the same. S. I'INKllAM,
Sheriff Boise County.
By 0. L. W*niTixa, Under Sheriff.
Dated Angust 24th, 1664. 49-2w
- Sheriff's Sale.
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise—ss.
B Y virtue of an ixecution l.-sued out of the
'District Court of tire -d Judiei.il District ot
realm Territory,arid to roe directed and delivered,
upon a judgment rendered in said Court, in favor
or M. N-nvhouse and Nathan Bchoeliue aud
against John Priestly aud ltobeit Pheeian, for the
sum of three hundred aud tweuty-tliree and twen
ty-one hundredths dollars, with interest tbereou at
me rate of two and a half per cent, per mouth
Irom the 26th duy ol July, 1664, together with
costs of suit, taxed ut utty-iour and thirty-live
one hundredths dodars, 1 have seized all the right,
title and interest which the said JoJm PrieUly
aud Robert Pheeian had ou the 26lh day of July,
1664, of, in and fo the tollowijg descru.-d prop
erty, wbi. h 1 slmtl expose to sale, at public auc
tion, as the law directs, at the premises, to the
highest bidder, lor cash, on the 21st day of Sep
tember, 186f, at Z O'cloelt p. iu., to satisfy said
judgment and costs, and acernihg costs, to-wit .
three fou ths of a water ditch now used by Priest
ly A Co., leading from Moore's Creek and tapping
said creek r eally opposite the head o, Christie's
ditch ; also a Uumc Kadiug lrom said ditch, with
hydraulic hose and pipe attached ; also three
claims on the west side of Grub Gulch, commenc
ing at Moores Greek aud running in a southerly
direction ; also three claims ou the ea^t sid» pi
sard G.ub Gulch, commencing at said Moores
Cre.fc. aud running in thesamosoutherly direction;
Oalso au ut.finished ditch, leading fKm Bolster's
Gulch; also a lot of sluices used ou said minin
claims.* S- D1NKHAM, SfiirBuise co.
By 0. L. VVh t.nu, Under Sheriff.
Dated August 24th, 1664. 4U 3w
McConnell & osgood's
« T JOB JL. JE a
, Lireiy, 1- eed aud Salt Stable, at
Idaho Territory.
McConnell & os jood.
Ri by City, August, 1864. 4'J 3in
A A. MIX lias removed to Us NEW STORE,
• opposite tne Idaho Saloon, wbevqhe offers
for »ule, at the lowest prices, a complese assort
ment of Drugs, Medic.nes, Pm turnery. Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Ae., &c., scfoctod ex
pres.-ly for this market.
Prescriptions cart fully prepared a ider tho im
mediate supervision of a physician.
DP. B.VRSTOW. at A. A. ML'• Dru^ Stmo
att-i d« tp Office T?iqcti e oidy.
uc ty, Auj- 2yt.li, isw. 43

Sheriff** Sale.
Territory, of Idaho. County« f Boise—Pa.
B \ Virtue ot sm rxtCiuit is isMjtd out. of the
I'lhbiUuiUcart ot i'.oi.-e dinky, Idaho Tbit
toi v, and to me directed anil di-liveied, upon w
judgment rendered in sui-rt Court, in luvor of p, tc r
rt Mnitl aud ngnitittr H.G. Bickers and K. hi.Z.ri;-»
mi ritiaii, for the sum >>t two hundred a ini i wo .w d
tiity one hundredths dollars, with interest t .eie u
nl the rate ot ten |* r cent. p« r unnmii fr. ni the
sth ..ay of August, 1601. t .gelher w th co.-tn of
suit, taxi d at fitly at d twenty I u;dr< dtlis dollars
I have seized all the right, tiileaud ndere t which
the said H. (I. Bickers ui.d E. K. Zimmerman hud
on the Nth day of August, lMU, of, in and to the
tallowing described property, w hich 1 shall iSposo
to Silk*, i't pui.lic jilit*tKill. as tl»c law directs at
the premises to the highest bidder, for cash, oi
the Hie 20th day of September, foti-l.ut one o'clock
p. in.. to satisfy said judgment and costs, and ac
cruing costs, to-wit . 'ihe undivided one half of
one hill claim on (told '-'.ill. near Lincoln Gulch,
and Known as the Lavanehi claim ; thu undivided
one fifth of one . ..........Gold Hill, known as the
> an Buien claim, hounded on the north l.y \v ,,r
rer A Co.'s gulch t lams, ai d on the south'by tl o
limy ilnini. S. l'fNKH.lM, Sh'fl Bohe co.
By 0. L. V\ umso,-Urnier Sheriff!
Dated August 24th. 13U4. 4.13w
Sheriffs Sale
B Territory of Idaho. County of Boise—as.
t r.rtuue of an execution issued out of tho
District Court ot the 2d Judicial District of
luii.io Territory, to me directed and delivered,
upon a judgment rendered in said Court, in favor
oi M. l.evj and against Joint Foil man, for Iho
sum of tliri e hundred ami ninety-eight and fifty
hundredths dollars, with interest thereon at tho
'ate of ten per cent, per annum from the LSth day
of July, I8t>4, together with cost.\ of su.t, taxed
at thiriy-ei-ht dollars, 1 have seized all the right,
tu 18 uiitl iijtereht ot Kiiiii John Furiimuj, on or uf*
ter the said 1-tli day of July. 1364, of, in and to
the following described property, which 1 shall
expose for sale, at public unction, as the law di
rects, at the premises, to the highest bidder, tor
cash, ou the 20th uaj of September, 1364, at three
o clock p. in., to satisfy sum judgment, costs, and
accruing co.-ts, to-wit: The noitse and lot of land
on which the Hume is situate, fronting twenty feel
on Montgomery street, on the east Aide thereof and
ruuniiig Duck towards Main street eighty feet, be
ing the lot ol land on Montgomery street, about
ninety feet northwardly from W all street, upon
wbieti is situate the buiding known as ihe Sisknoc
8aloon• s. DINKtlAM, Sh ft Boise o'
By O. L. IVtunxe, Under Sheriff
Dated August 24th, 1864. 4>3w
Sheriffs ale.
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise—s.".
B Y virtue of au execution is.-ued out of iac
District Court of the 2d Judicial District o
b e Territory of Idaho, to me directed and deliv
eicd, upon u judgment readircd in said Court, ir
favor of 8. Launu and against John Foreman, foi
the rum c-f tour hundred and five d >1 a 's, with in
tefest thereon, at the rate < f ten per cent, pci
annum, from the 8th day of August, i6G4, togetliei
wiili costs of suit,taxed ut forty-three dullaisai.c
e.ghty five cents, 1 have seized all the i ight, title
and interest which the said John Fort man had oi
the .-aid 6th day of August, l8i : 4,ol, iu and to tin
following described property, whi< h 1 shall exjo <
to sale, at public auction, us the law directs, at
the premises, to tlie highest bidder, for cash, oi
ihe 20th day of September, 1864, at four o'clocf
p. ur, to s itisty said judgment, costs,and accruing
c st.s, to-wit. Seven kegs, fourteen pictures, oiu
map ot Oregon,one picture of Idaho City, fifty
bar tumblers, lour lager beer glasses, two mimeu
one half gallon measuer, four fancy botibs, twe
bitter bottles, lour tables, five benches, fifty emp
ty botiles, seven Sarsaparilla buttles,six soda bot
tles, one table, one bench, one pump, one couutei
aud shelves, two lamps ; also uno lot or parcel n>
land situate on Montgomery street, ou tho ess
side,in Idaho City, Boise county, Idaho Territory
bounded by the lot of Shafer A Nugent on tht
south, aud Doing forty feet, more or less, froutinp
ou said Montgomery street, and runniug nortl
from said Shafer & Nugent's line, by eighty teet
iu depth, together with ail ihe buildings thereon.
8. I'INKllAM, Sheriff Boise county.
By 0. L H iitTiNo, Under Sheriff.
Dated August 25th, 1864. 4J 3w
Sheriff '3 Sale,
Territory of Idaho, County of Boise—ss.
BY virtue of an execution issued out of the dis
trict Oourt of the 2,i Judicial District of Idaho
Territory, and to me directed .tnil delivered, upon
a judgment rendered in said Court, in fav.u; ot
Tnonias 11-Cuiminglntm and 1). F. Connelly and
against D. T. Cole, lor the sum of one hundred
aud forty nine and fifty hundredths dollars, with
interest thereon, ut the rate of ten per cent, pet
annum, from the 26th d iy of July, 1&64. togetliei
with cost of suit, taxed at forty-nine and sixty
hundredths dollars, 1 Dave seized all the right, title
anil interest which the said D. T. Cole had on the
said 26th day of July, 18J4, of, iu mid t » the fol
lowing described property, which I shall expose
tor sale, at public auction, at the premises, to the
highest bidner. far cash, on the 23d day of Septem
ber, A. D., 1864, at one o'clock p. in., to satis^,
said judgment, costs and accruing costs, to-wit :
One piece or parcel of laud ou Buena Vista Bar,
aiiUflefidwn as lot one and block two, of the town
plat ot Buena Vista ; also the house known as tho
Roiigh fi Ready Saloon ; also, lot ol tobacco, three
and a half dozen playing cards, two dozen matches
one pair small scales, lot of sugar, one camp ket
tle, one stove and pipe, one lamp, one table and
three benches, one lot of wood, about half a cord ;
also one book of accuunts.
if- FJNKHAM, Sheriff Boise connty.
By o. L. Whiting, Under Sheriff.
Dated August 26th, 1354. 4'j-3w ,
T his favorite iioteb is now open
for (lie accommodation of permanent or tran
sient borders. Having recently had the building
thoroughly overhauled and renovated, adding alt
the modern improvements, we feel confident of our
ability to please those who may favor as with their
patronage. _ : y
Breakfsst from......to 11 A. M.
Dinner " ......... ......4 to G P. M.
August 27, 1,864, . 49 tf
Livery Stable & Corral,
. Montgomery Street,
Betwcoa Comnienrnl and Wallula streofo,
Carriages always ready, day or night, at A
minute's notice.
Ilorees received on board per dav or month
at reduced rates. DRY DEN Me CUNTOCK,
Notice to Shareholders.
G arrison gambbinus g. &s. m. Co.—
The tiist annual meeting of the stocklioldera
ot the Garr.so i Gambrinus Gold & Si Iver Mining
r ......
Company, w ill be held on the 2d Monday of Sep
temb.w, A. D., 1864, at the office of tho company,
in Id iho C'i y, Boiso countv, I. T.
iiyorder f J'huttcs, A. PHILLIPS, ■
' 1 fcoc'y. *

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