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Idaho tri-weekly world. (Idaho City, Idaho) 1875-1875, March 14, 1875, Image 4

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-T ^ -"
[From the Portland, Oregon, Bulletin ]
Nellie lies dead in the house! The
shutters are closed; the curtains arc
closelv£ drawn; crape hongs from toe
door-äbb; footsteps are muffled; voices
are hashed; a great shadow hovers m
every roomUbroods in every heart
Dear Nelly! the wmnaaliest wo^
---- - xt '~ truest ot
wife— the truest of
ThTjtory of ber life was in her heart,
One yeara wife-the mother^.^an
hour, and now
—the wifeliest
of the Lord—
one of the white-robed
Bejond tbe coming and tbe gomg.
Ua-unod tbe ebbing and tbe flowing,
ind tbe ever And tbe never.
lieft the white canopy; the ftoe is
beautiful in death; I stoop and kiss
the white forehead— but the icy touch
chills 'toe. Death has
love light from the eye, the carnation
_ _ « « ,1 t. — A» f us.-v rv\ t I t iA
snatched the
love light from the eye, the carnation j
from t^e cheek, the ruby tint from the
Hp, and left the face very white and
still, the lips forever mute. I turn to a
life-size portrait over the mantle. Here
is Nelje with all her rich, warm nature
in herfece; brownest eyes, with brown,
curling lashes, in which all intense lov
ino-ness of her heart lies mirrored; red
lips foÄver curved in smiles that seem :
lost ready to speak and welcome me in
the old/loving wav; a bright, warm, |
womanly, whining face. 0, Nellie! we
shall miss vou throuorii all the vears
that come and o-û we C shall miss * vou;
in all the changes that the vears laust
brin" to uf"la!l miss you: but ai,!
he most of all—vour faithful, wifely
votion. the constant ministrations of
your "loving hands and willing feet
made his home a hallowed place,
tin ecstasy of bliss. Your
glorified his present, brightened all his
future, and now lonely and desolate
and camfortless he sits by his desolate j
hearth. It is terrible to see a stronsrfof
hearth. It is terrible to see a strong!of
man, in the prime of manhood, standing
reer with undisputed talent on the on( a
hand, sure, speedy success on the oilier:
a man to whom life is dear only as it
blesses those who are dearer to him
than life, to whom life is precious only
as its beauty and glory crown them—
terrible to see such a man with all the
purposes of his life suddenly struck j
from him—with all his nature rent and
torn by such agony as conies to a hu
man soul but once in a life-time, l e tha t
life-time long or short; terrible to see'
the current of his life wrenched from
its channel, as by some volcanic sh
the bed of a river is upheaved and
waters forced to hew out for thems<
a new passage; terrible to see all ....
chords of his being swept so rudely t r
that ever after they will only attune
themselves in the minor key.
, I
•ver after tliev will only attune
lives in the minor key.
den you
comfort him? to hush the little wail
ing voice that vaguelv misses the'
' l vriii ,r,v
Jet Nellie! In tbat*f..r-oir la.,-1
you walk in white does it
u to see this? Does vour hearty
1 still to its earth-love veirn to
t him? to hush the little'
mothers bosom? The child will wax
and grow; so<jn tongue, and hands,
and feet will learn the lessons of life ;
the baby's crowings will develop into
childish, lisping prattle; the little
hands will be swift to do mischief; the
wavering little feet will grow steady
and*assured; then, perchance, be quick
to enter forbidden paths. There will
be no mother's exhaustless tenderness
to sympathize with his little griefs and
joys; no mothers loving hands to check
and guide his wayward steps. Doubly
orohaned. because no memnrv nf »!
orphaned, because no memory of a
dead mother's love goes with him, with
its hallowed influence, to shape his fu
ture. Tlie sorrowful earth-valleys will
open their bright but false vistas;
paths bordered with roses will beckon
him on; but the paths are paved with
sharp stones; the roses are full of
thorns; the eager little hands will be
rudely torn; the darling little feet
bruised and cut? Other children will
pass by, tenderly lifted over the sharp
stones; the roses will be plucked for
them by careful hands and the stems
freed from thorns; be will perceive
this, yet dimly understand. Here he
will learn his first lesson of sorrow.
With his little heart full of unutterable
longing—his great, browu. questioning
eyes full of tears—his little mouth
tremulous with expectancy, he will
send a £een, sharp knife to the father's
heart—"Papa, papa, Where's my mam
ma?" Will the portrait over the man
tle satisfy? Will a toy placed in the
hand of a starving child bring a smile
to the famished lips? He will turn
away hungry and disappointed; you
can*t throw Shams in the face of
child with impunity; neither *he will
trust everything or Bolbifcg. The por
trait over the mantle will not satisfv.
Theca must,^e the dear, familiar faie
ever beside the nursery door; the dai
ly nestling to the mother's heart ; the
every-day caress; the silent,. down
And reoonmled
dropping touch of loving hands; the
3 tinier, loving voice, paücnt and
forgiving always; the visible, tang
presence cf its mother.
Stringing protty
Fic«v»g full sense mto empty rU
Poor little unmothered babe! The
want of all this will come to yon.
Time wUl not fail to set in your young
mouth this heart-cry of Aurora Leigh •
If bar kiss
the !

I feel a mother-want »boat tbe world,
j £ Ä
Gro ' rn lhoo ^ 1 MhMt
It knows not.
Nellie! Nellie! Docs the knowl
edge of all this trouble you/ Does a
. b . . <• -I a.:__l.*1V*
; a stoTmy omO.
'"^^ ' Lll stirTfe Ltkerbood
| to heaven or hell, stir t
I'"heart! Shall the
cage oi an imo ;--- * ~ , . f
thought of the troy life. adn«
._____»AAon wini'lt a little wrong
; in you?
0, questioning heart!
bast •
j , ^^^"2 ~Utsr Why bast!
cia> t y 1 voice from the
**'™f*™% still Äow «L
hea\en& cne ,
* —- — — - -
.earth is fresh heaped, lhe ho
: a vacant emptiness about i ; ev «rv
where it breathes of terrible loss. In
her room all that could remind or give
pain has been carefully folded and
packed away. One little slipper, l>tar-.-----^
jing the print of the dear fot, some
Iww, has been overlooked: thehupbund
'picks it up «euderly, as if the touch I
de-iimght tarnish it, passionately and n \
erently kisses it, then locks it away
" 1 - . j ear forget-me
I am God." j
The snow is very deep, and while
and cool Nellie lies a fathom beneath,
There is no snow upon the grave; the
The house ha
from human sight as a i
hisjuotot a lost hojie
love/library and takes up a Unjk
book she was
lea! turned down at the corner ----
sl>e Jett off; she always had a la?hi**ij
turning down the leaves <»: her
lie turns into the
-the very
reading last, with the
book, like a school
and marking !
he most. 11
volcano before the
mantle. Oil! the
imjKftUi-u> nature!
is as in
dîam- -nd
A iiutur
strides from t!
as if compelle
impulse, enter
the shutters
dinary man
a genuine
with paste,
m, across the hull. -
joint* u ihn »ntr« Hal !
[»arl*-r, tlings «»;»< :t ;
lands a repres-'-d
portrait over th<
igonv of a strong, ,
The grit f of aii « »r- r
•ornparaldt* t » it a
l is î ucoiia araf .<* j
tiiit ^ »
t r ' ! >s '
. ~ . . « .
11 !- 1 ®^^ ri . e *» ia i,- ^ ' arn 1 * > 1 " n |
i°l submission. There must come toiti
must necosar
I of a world's anguish.
.. ..
wao c -ines PtUi truin
>\ irlui
at o!
,1 ».
lurnace wita a s urn
ith in G«h 1 untaruir
and stands u <i. ^
len, with hoj>e arching hi
Ujth worlds; for they who a:»
iîa . , u ■ ' -i ..... r • ' •
[boto world^ fo r they w ho are '
i "* tI * ,î ^ucbl.-. br-.*v.up- U« wto:.- bit.;
«4-1*®" ff P Brert ' «? ;
I moa J »'O*. capa. .t.i.*.. to op j
rnost there. But the desollfe h art,
Ji^an-lit* sil..,., in the gnadar of
1 j 11 ^ ht ^before it can sec
jdawmng, t:,*.* agony o
l * ore lL can î} "* :
i —
jq° out tlie parlor—/
I ? I1( * t * own tlie st
r ' " " 1 '
the blackness of a startless, moonh
night before it can see the glory of the
of Gethsemane Ik*
fore it can feel the after-quiet which
shall he eternal. The sad, slow sfi ps
>ut of the front
street. The sor
rowful, defiant heart fit*** the thick
strewu memories of the lonely house;
they are too newly gathered to give
- 1 °?» thcir fragrance is full of subtle
j P a ' n * closeth himself with the
mu sty books of his down-toum office j
Does he find nepenthe? An invisible '■
hand with invisible agencies pictures
the dead face on every page. There is !
a (juick whirring of wings—Nellie
stands by his side—her arms are about
his neck in the old loving manner; her j
breath floats on his cheek, her lips touch i
his, her voice falls on her ftQf sweet '
and clear as silver bells. Oh, the ee
stacy! After all it was but a frightful
dream. He opens his arms and clasps
blank vacuity. God! it is frightful.
He bows his head with the look of a
man who has lost hopes of either
world. Yet, oh despairing heart, be
strong, be brave, be patient. Time
will soften every grief. The years will
come and go, and the face that haunts
>ou now will be faint and dim as a
long-remembered dream. You will
cherish it fondly still, but it will no,
longer give you pain. The bitter mem
ories that sting you so will become hal
lowed into a sacred joy. You will
even dare to play with them, to toss
them about, handle them freely. Now
you cannot do it; they prick you too
sorely. And then—and then, per
" d —
^•UUwiüi silent danger brain aa# kamt,
TranaSgoring you to music. Thus, ere
Apia you'll ulke your ncramental «HI
With eucharistie meanings.
Once again love, whi'ch you thougfit
dead and buried for all time, will sud

! denly flame your ^
• The subtle, rythmic grace " «"»
face will give you Z
noace till it sets beside your Doara «n*
*■ 1 I»,
ai this. She'll
times ana Kneet „jßhe
votee to some sweet paUid
high above him, and like th
tiOTre of that old Homan Pontiff stand
ing the public square of 1 crugia, »*«;
wHi stretch out her approving hands
in silent benedictions.
It will be better so. There would be
such narrowing down of life, and heart,
and brain, to finite limits, which should
ever grow outward, and still outward
to God's infinite. Because of this,
God's license will lie about the act and
times and kneel as reverv
peace ------ -
blooms within your home.
Nellie will not gneve aw--.
God s license win ne auuu*. ^ — : :—
cast UaI | 0W jt with love . s deep, rich fruiuon.
\1 qi 1)i vtov,
Chicken ok the Beaik. —Near Erie
there lives a colored person by the
• name of James Stewart, whom
name of James Stewart, whom the
ioommuuitv by common consent have
dutbed CW,„Adore Stewart He is a
{minted but eccentric individu»!, and
l>tar-.-----^ , ,. ,
".Nuflin at.ail. I.was i :..y liosm "I j
'em. day look* an moa
I This answer r, b th «
and coueaisixe. and \\*.-txia n.nt t
satislaclory had it not Urn for Jxtu*
hat. inis was a rather w »rn soli tell, a
g«x>d deal to ) large for its wearer*
head: and it seemed to have a mot ion j
entirely unusual iu hats, and muudo'.ly j
ne remarkable cause. ft
j talented but eccentric i
has a weakness for ch
occasion, being found
yard under suspicious
^ n, I nrw»
c ne*, w. .
,d ucar
us circumstances,
r-« • r.ir hv
he w'as interrogated rather sharply by j
owucr of the premise* a* fol| 0 «-*t
Well. Jim, whai are vou doing here. ,
' ' * - -r
0 , nuflin, nuffinl jess walkin' rouii, j
What do you want with my cliiek*|
sec im
ut met
f. and
c a use
o tl)
"What is :
! I % ,
natter v.
Mv i.at?
Î »at
s au '
: la: IV
uial «V iat b
at "
• v, ;
e it
Off and 1«
I t's k at it."
"Take * il ,
!is )n
;t? No, :
I'd k* 'o'ii
' ' 1 R} â 11 V a , 1
ny hat »»a \v
.»! i) .
Hoi out
1 * T* i
Aik! with :
Jim aw
» • ah- ut h* .i
ug ; * : * *-';•*
::t, wi'
* , at his first!
Ji .i l
\v i<
rt-m >ve h
own tititk
a wav.
wills w
w as a
..... - ■
; .. '
, ;
. . I
ebber did se*e. Whv,
must have clmn up d**
boons. "
lat <lar chicken i
leg of mv panta-f
. ----- v
years war, 1613-1648, between Germt*
n y and franco, was a contest between
^ <>rnan Catholicism and Protestantism,
i^ ,c Greek and Latin monks of Jerusa
^* ni diluted ab ut who should keep
Holy Sepulchre. Where
L usai a susj>ended diplomatic rela*
Kven the white mantle of religi >n is
to«» frccjucntly dragged threw thebhnidv I
pool of war. Spain wag« *1 war
Kngland in tlie » ventecti* Century bo
cau>e the latter found« <1 c l :n«*s i» f
America. The former in Uhalf of tliei
Pope of Koomy claimed that all heathen j
c- untries lielong to him as the Yiccge
rent of Gen upon earth. The thirty
* U)I1H with turkey and war subsequen
ensued. Hence Edward Everett re
marked witli a amln iL»« u.. j
marked with a smile that Knssia'Vnd
Turkey went to war, spent millions uf^di
i urKov went to war, spent millions of
treasure and destroyed thousands
lives to decide trim should hrp the key
( f the tomb of the Prince cf Peace.
\\ ester.v CinuzATioK.—It is said that
visitors who penetrate to the editorial
offices of Western newspapers are as
tonished at the decorations which are
appended to the walls. Diagrams of
enormous feet, labelled "Foot of Cin
cinnati lady, 18 by 6 inches," or "Foot
of Chicago lady, 17$ by 8 inches," are
drawn in colored chalk upon the white
washed walls; while over the editors
desk are displayed in large letters the
memoranda: '-Sn^u B. Author,,,
born B. C —— (we suppresa tbe act
ual date) ; and scattered over the ta
bles are plaster modela vary ing
beOed Ears of the editor oP—whatev
er newspapers are regarded by the oi
cupant of the room as rivals to his own.
Bund justice—A judge asleep.
^s»*»Kr»^SS 2
The average wom*^ .
with an intensity almost oi
one of
lessness of a beno. ■»* r ^ of
a flea is about. And utW
the woman batea,
ite nature. She will puiMe
these little
pect to see
j .„owns the won
. _ A beautiini exenipm»*— ..
she knows
portion* as
*------; - .. . »
j mure lirmly on one side, an tbmiv ■
*° « the »gKK*» T, *•«« «'*.«•
neut moUK-ut she few!, him seau, per.,,,;
■* "-c*:i
.jmckly to catch
and t!a* rail, 1 nt
«til! there,
mav run tip ns fellow
seems to love, .»d ™
static bliss unless favored wr«i ner
m the itillv hour* of the
her from slumber; and from a sheltereu
nook witness her feverish exertions to
escape his caresses; butperhapiib
does not reach the acme of enjoym«»t
until he cau slyly accompany her to
church, and not ^nake his presence
known until be has satisfacturny set
tled her furbelows and flounces on tbe
ooshioued set, *11 ready to lie admired
and take note of how' others look.
And then the tk*a begins
His makipclatioks,
knowing full well that lie has his vic
tim at a disadvantage. Here there can
be no hasty flinging of skirts; no un
t OC no nasiv uuiguig UI ~
becoming postures, while making fran
tic "rub* at iIh 1 mi.clii.-vou* and inm>
uc e-*" |r ,
cessible. monster. If } ou note the
j .
|i.Jm*. which she would f«m
you will sw a compres
, - , , r „
conceal and not reveal, for
j c
are kot mast rpos bee.
One m ment ahe sellîu» herself a littl«
side, as thoUgli I
Hettl*-* backward!
mn between lier l ark
11 In vain, h:s fia
aintv camit
may !**• »1
drnjH ry, ai. l
r. vei tue « >■*
with t
IC Iti-i'i
as far
a quad, ye t
1 hand
\ ice us eoitch t l a jt w
der the nretense < farraiig-,
0 *
■ y, ! .1 all in vsifv j
A <1 tl-. f. .. 1.
w ! • d »S ; y it '
tff a *
i**> rimm* luiiicr
an ! In.tiH r oi Lik mi l j
He. wdl. reel tin«
:»! n ,r tor tio* U»t ,
wr.;*'; W *.
i: * v ma!:« - în*« v, In*»
# e . . r f -, u
he i »lavs s!i;vi r 1 -
ii l U * 4 «S 1 - JT M t 1 1
^ ALdptKHap, tncj
Jea na** <* n Hi t * «
. and then
the aw
1 ti
' ^ 1 : • -*• • *•*:
ri. f m.rtyH bow tl
»r:,::: f :..... mihoo
An 1 dn
. ... .. f . . r . v .
I . ... .
t ..... 1 . B °*
**t la*t the hot v
ended at
j*^ty as lier u rAU: g form will permit.
she siâi!a home witiu ui loitering \ u
niay 4 «• -stir«* Tin* h**us.* r« arî Î, with
°nc b mid s* • is willen th«* rnvâev <»t
wltfcjberowa chasjd»cr, and there all rvs
tmint in c ut aside With JightiJn^
hasfe, ««ft o»m«*s fi^e barricade» l«chimi
whirl) th fi-d^ intrcnchment, am *
Hi lust sîk* Uu U like a gladiat
strippe d t u r ti«* fight, and then
t Tin: fate or the Etta ts sealed.
He is pursikKi with remorseless fury,
air! tin* battle d<»e?i not end until the
victor shakes aloft the scalp of tbt
foe, ami vows that so perish alwavs
the flea who dares to invade the sa
errd territory of her. person .—Sioux
Lify Journal.
* 1 «
WbÏÏÂT !W»*nt.
- * * aa<1 - sol*
diet was alwnt in . p -
ofLm «4 i ^ x ,ftv sd< Kussia, a per
L: - - ° efH ^ eav< ' rr ^ to dissuade
him from his purpose, finding he could
not prevail, quoted to him the proverb.
Ma*i proposes but God disposes," to
which he replied indignantly, "I di*
pose as well as propose." A Christian
woman, on hearing the impious boast
remarked, "I set that down as tbe toro
gS| fortunes.
God will not suffer a creature with im*
punity tlius to usurp his prerogative."
Boo«p»rtejuat a* was
"'»"ioo af Kuasia was
«to Commencement of |>m downfall.
: * — — * t r ■
**** : "}Uxn With loath
" po ^ 1 * c»pnmtn>a «f
^ Wuriaufe^hl
Tfrtne - H hu an
>« oolüäTlkepdudc.
i* U t a
tnn^n<!!S£l "►"! »*»iw £SJ
2 . If *ny subscriber 1 order, tfo
~<é -i—:■-----• -
. 3. If MWeribers aegfect or mfa Vy J
their newa^per. trST^ £?*
they are direetH. the l«w MfTSLk
4. If ■ibtcribert reotoye to o(W
without loforimnf th« jwbli*her.i3L> ,
5. Tb# eourU har« decided that J
take newtpaperi from tbe oft* orkîÜ 1
mod leaiîùE them uncalled Ibr, Ù
et idence of iotentional fraud. *
3- The yoetmaater who neclect« ta
1^.1 of th. o.«l«t of »
from the office the newspapers aëà^u
him. it liable to the pubtiaber for J«2Ï)
don price
ffßtomrij kftowu aa Hart*«
We aft&Mm* Ui Ui* pfcbUe teal «« kaa*»^,
roAttml ael rt uruuLtC Um: ai*m«
at»4 arc eet ; u> *t mn ilm pjjc
aed tnuu&rft i-imU.
A file-proof safe in the
AufSS- fltl ] ^"pirtaj
Sllliim AX A HYDE,
l A Et..« »al» icd Ec-UcI
3f nÀ<- l>«*nlers.
Ct It: a zj i:. ! s ut< .* Sol,
tk*K FikiNCl iCv.
F""*» - *»'
•, 0 -M
' ! P
f 1
Sold zl
iU i
F* a&4 Ijrn
JTtb. * îrrl
il. cl»
'1.4 Ntt
i- r a.- ! m'.et-*i «B
< if t «K
l ur Irtawi »vwà
t Trr-'h^. «te.
J *h t ^ iün>ùt% Äs
For l'cm eni's.
B#acot of C*««,
sopenenty cf
v* A«Kp cuonUtiÜy
rs octat
Kami no« ma
rwca a* low as
•ou» car aaar
p piamQ*»
,vU1 tUïVÜ**** 9
ft ttoo.n
A Bi
■w .4

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