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>foh;f/i ua Hmtàiïn® i >«uf» a^M
f+ L.v.. In/ulnS
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...........Y/ CIYlfw
NO. 13.
jldiiba irWUwWl <W»dd.
— published
T u Idaho World Printing Company
fcfc u Mte u J*"r w. wj st»*.
____ _____ _
TESlfc • • • __ _ _
.. ..I of s«bifrl»tl°»«
a* ,r «« (Ml I Tbrr« Mentha.. .$3 OO
('o t D*^....... 5 00 I Siuglo-CopUw..... S»
Sx M° BUl g j" earner. $3 per quarter.
--- ■ a -
KaU>« of Adverti*in«*
an Une* oi kaa, one maertion... $ 4 0Ö
O*^® 1 ** ., subsequent insertion, 2 UU
0 ^th of a column* per quarter......
.. fourth " " ,. „
- third ** #< „ M ■
«* iilf
^^^oolteea or kaa. three mouth», lû 00
23 00
40 U0
30 00
00 00
100 00
»roffssicual (Saris.
V.tv I r. i»*A-a silt Montgomery street, eecotid
iljari!»« the PsMtodke.
joxAS w. BROWI,
\ ttoknky %nd counselor at Law, asd
y )UfV publie. liah- City. I. T. WU1 practice
a,; ** Courts of the remtory. Orne* ou Com
■fii tirtfi, two Jour abo»e Court U >uae.
\%H. J. ROTHWELU, M. D.,
P IYSICUS. SURGEON. AC., gradua to of Jeder.
joa Vledical ulK'f, Philadelphia Office ou
v&tt «»i of Grämte *:reet. PUcervtlle, Boise Co.
Sociftu RotiffS
1 DIH0 Earampintal, No. 5. I. C.
1 C.. holla iia regular :»»-*• iiug* at
.otkapiar Bali, m iuur»-Uy evening*
tv a »«A at Î o'clock. All tue tu tie re
ap.dfbutli&g »ff lanted t<* at'.eiid. liy
• ritr >f th* E. Com
C. L « et«. Vc'y Jarj .3.1114 tf
I) . Uiu r*i'i.ir :aeet::.jf« at it* hill. >>u
MUrity tteouii* ofe^-uwrrt. at T o'clock
i- j-akr* io < >-*1 •tandtog are mntr 1 to
«3*ai Bj inter i the VS t. Ï.
1»uk V Jose*. S*c'j. J*a IS Tt-tf
?Mks. àtnticijcru and Motions.
icccMoa to uß. a. naan a co.)
weumunt.. ............IDAHO CITY,
•... *n t>.
general news dealer
tHlLDREV'H toys,
411 Of which arm be
I'T Bf«k 1» ,.
r *'*- f *i --iMer x* 7 r ' ,! • no * ,f ,in d in my etoelt,
'31» « tttu-n ^ pr,,r ' 4r 'd In the abort**! fHWMrtbl#
'•phtuii fAcliit 'o*f**r «od »ine being
i a ... Wotiee.
.4 ni.,"»'î 11 HaSI.Em. P. WESTHER*
! , m *T eon« n j. .?'* ,nr d. 3. It Tl Tint end all arhom
tbkt t j Î; 4 i!. ! * »''b *»f yob. are hereby
Work have done the full
, hy . lhr Uw Coriffreea of
mem» thereto, to*vtt:
^ «Mh. 1 , 1 "" 0 ? 4 1,001 D * llan
AU.Ü' ,!tu *txi in ti fu* " 1''*^* Mae. dleeovery
wïï Alln f»>enuo,! Vv"'' Mlnt,, 8 Dlalrtct, near
io m . ,, r * 1 1 • »4 P«« »re hereby r*
W. 10 ' 1 f >r th* H* M ". ,Wuma " ,Ä *tn *t you on th«
»irrf S ' i,n * t yi&J» rlLYl 4r * ,,r,t> "* t, ' l * advertlæment.
Mrhi ttn/ ,h *" date hereof, or forfeit
rj" "J"*,'*ï' " J d *'"> '»■ •» »»■' "r
"''XHWUtt « B.TATtrfB.
#wi^ rd#y#l Tenna
V G \},l tr **' A 'ldr«ea
• Susaox h Co., Portland,
_ j ota» and %t gta« raaig.
H aving taken charge of this popular
place of public resort, I have thoroughly reno
vated the eetabliahment and am prepared to receive
ready at all Umea, and everything about the houae
kept clean and neat.
The LADIES' DEPARTMENT will be controlled by
And everything will ^e done to contribute to the
comfort of gueala. {declttf
plac era i llb, ï. t.
A O&OHA&D,.........pHoiMtiKroiJ
MJI». amp. Bom *»J T-»'» Horn,
... toun.ifr.ir ï« «. a., *»i «W'.
wwl l»<*TiNN» r*«-ro<*«l f>>r boar 1 or to ram h* by ib#> 4*y
Cwmi ttUfmn lai fiawrmi Stmt»,
M. Cl. LVmnr,........Proprietor.
H aving again assumed con
trol of U10 above uatned boa»«, 1 bave refurn
tebv«l the »ante wtb new beda and b«ddiug. single
or double root»» for gueata.
»P W
WiU be «applied With the beat the market afford».
For ail lino* leading out of Idaho City will be fottnd
at Uua house. [June 23~tf
Fronting on the ea*t
aide of the Haaa.
A good boetler ai«»y* in recline** to watt on rti«
tnmere. and etery aecommation provided in Ar*t
riaaa livery «Sabir*
0 J NEALE, niUS. >rKINf*HAM,!|
_ L. Sfhwabaehrr, M II. Moofr. i». W. t raft*. J
iM»vrU, «ni «a wh>m u m*r «•.»orti You. *ni
rvh of y «m. are brrrby notiftrd that ww, M. B.
vfoore and G W Craft*, bav* donr the full am*»utit
of work rrqnlml by tbr law of Coogrv** of 1»T2. and
amendment* thrreto. to wit
lltty SO» Dolt»ra
worth on the Highland quart* Mgr. dl«*v,T«*ry
«-Uiro. aitnated in IkdeeC«mnty. Idaho Tmit«»ry. and
you are hereby reqmred to nay to u* all wwomnii*
«gainai y ou on th«* «am* within nin«'ty day* fn>m th*
date hrr« >> of or forfeit ail of y«or right, tlti*. Internet
and claim tn. to. a»«i upon, »aid Highland «juart*
claim, a* provided for by the act ateo« «pect3ed.
Ir**ao Crnr. January 19. 1«T3. M. H. M<*iRF.
(». w. crafts.
The Qld re t. Large*t, and Mo*t Perfect Manufactory
in the United Statea.
Now in tme.
No other Muateal Inatrument ever ebUined the aame
jgg-.-end for Price Lie?».
Dissolut ion Notice.
I form «stating between J. B. Emery and Edward
Fulmer baa tbla «lay been dl«a«»lved by tbiftnal ooe
•ent. AU pereone knowing th« ieeelve* iad«^d«îd^tn
mu« 1 Arm wlUpleeee call and *etUe. parti** ar
aulbort*«d to -Uf the bnelnea* of J* ^te
In*Bo CITY. Jan. 21. 1»W- FULMER.
^ umlen.igDed takee thi* method of informing
hilftlend* ami tb« public «. »» rally ^
tint}« buetoeeeatih«* old »»and.
fO .T. K. CLAUK,
,TS.r^ Ä
,'nlred by tb* law of Congre» of lb««. «*- amena
ueata Uieiwto, IO wit :
Kl(«<r (**®l DoUmn
,^b«.U»M «l».r lh"
K! 3 issa 5 Ss£:«i."st
inoo. said star of the Meat q«an* >«***
ledfbrby tha •**»>£* J, C. Fox.
Idaho Crrr, I. T. J«* ^ ,# ' 8 *
Pay of New Tore Bank Officials.
—The cashier receives from $5,000 to
$8,000, but the office of president is
often considered honorary. This ift
but another term to express the facili
ty for filling one's purse furnished by
such a gratuitous berth. Any bank
president who improves his opportuni
ty may make the office worth $10,000
a year. The paying teller receives
from $2,500 to $4,000. It is useless
to place him lower than this, because
he will steal enough to make up the
difference. The receiving teller
should receive the same pay for a sim
ilar reason. Some of these receiving tell
ers eke out their salary by serving at
the ticket offices of our theaters. They
are good judges of money, and at
places where counterfeit currency is
offered, their services are of value.
A North river grocer who dealt at a
certain bank, and knew the receiving
teller immediately, once went to the
theater and was astonished to see his
friend stationed in the ticket office.
He then learned that for years the man
had gone from the bank to the theatre
und spent an hour in this service be
fore going home. The fee for that
hour paid his house rent. Book-keep
ers receive $1,500, which is no more
than enough to support a bachelor.
No man c n think of setting up his
household gods on such a pittance,
and there is a continued rush to ul>
tain bank appointments. Every di
rector has his list of applicants, and
for every prospective vacancy there
I are a hundred candidates. In I/mdon
superannuated clerks arc jicnsionetl.
«.„pi» » Ih,uW al *' **• ll,e r,lk ' •" '''i*
lt .j| V but on the coutrary, a worimut
• . • '
j clerk is turned away to take his
i chance. The only exception that I
'have known was that of the Delaware
and Hudson ('anal Company. Wi^en
their treasurer, Isaac X. Seymour, re
tired, after a term of service which
t j |t t j |a|l a ( j,j n j () f a century,
• *
an annuity of $2.0<hy was granted him,
| *
' ' ' "*
and was cGiitintifd until his death.
Cincinnati Gûzrtte.
"Rm chin«; It." — M. 1*. Bull and Chris
Myers started on a prospecting trip
last Tuesday morning. Their first des
tination was Auburn. Mr. Bull is a
novice in th«* business, but Chris is an
old 'forty-niner" well versed in all the
varied phases of a miner's life and fluc
tuating fortunes. Our advice would
be for friend Bull to wend his way to
some prosperous mining town and hang
out his shingle, "M. P. Bull, Attorney
at Law," for the practice of which he
is well qualified. However, in what
ever business they may engage, we
hojie they may be abundantly prosper
ous — Mountain Sentinel.
Wc wish our friend Bull the Bu—ig
gest kind of luck; but we have tried
mining so long that we have but little
faith in great fortunes being made that
way; and if advice were in our line of
business, wc would advise him as does
the Sentinel, to hang out his shingle
and go to practicing law. And right
here in B$se county is the best place
to start in the world.
......... -■ ■ ..... + -0 ..... j u ■ ■
An Englishman has recently died,
leaving fifty pounds for the benefit of
the Abbey bell ringers of Bath. The
conditions imposed upon and running
with the bequest are: That on the
anniversary of deceased s wedding day
the ringers shall toll the bell, with
muffled clappers, from 8 in the morn
ing until 8 at night; but on the anni
versary' of his death, triple bobmajors
are to be rung for the same length of
time. Whence it appears that his
married life was not over happy.
Chicago, March 25.—A special from
Sioux City says much anxiety is felt
there by the friends of parties now in
the Black Hills over a report brought
in by one of Prof. Marsh's exploring
party, that Lame Antelope, with a
large body of warriors armed with
ueedle guns, has Btartcd to attack the
mining camp established in the hills.
Gen. Ord yesterday telegraphed one
of the miners recently returned to
Sioux City, and asked the General
whether he would be permitted to re
turn with reinforcements and provis
ions, as follows: "Troops from Fort
Larauiie and hostile Indians have both
gone for your miners. For their sake
I hope the troops may reach them
first, as their orders are to bring in
tlie party, confine the leaders, burn
their wagons, and destroy their outfit."
Boston, March 25.—Geo. Pemberton,
the alleged murderer of Mrs. Bingham,
at East Boston, was arrested liere this
afternoon. In his pocket was found a
knife belonging t«» the murdered wo
mau. He is fully identifiai.
A meeting was held to-night by
those interested in forming an expedi
tion to the Black Hills mines. It is
proposed to fit out an exj»edition of
500 men with a military organization
fur protection, and t«» start ubuut the
middle of April.
Washington, March 25.—During
Secretary Bristow's absence from
Washington rumors have beenrircula
ted that lie intends t » resign bis posi
tion and enter upon other pursuits, but
the most intimate friends of the Secre
tary deny the truth of ihe rumor. Ex*
Senator Chandler has U*< u mentioned as
his successor, but he recently declared
there was no office in the gift of the
President that lie would accept.
C. 8. Kiogslry. general ni«*r. hat»iiaa. Main Street
G. W. Craft», gcm-ral tn«*re;ia»idi*<\ Main atreet
Thoma* Harry, general uicrchaittlUc*, Commer
cial »Irret.
Laaer k Swinn, general tnerchamli*«, Main
O. Marre. Tin ami hardware. Main »treet,
I». B. Kim mol. watches and Jewel y. Main » rect.
J. B. Emery, general merchandise. Main street.
Ed. Fulmer, gcseral merchandise, main street.
Dr. If. Zipf, »hyaieiau and diugatore, Maiusiro t
Rowe A McDevItt. meat market, Main street
A. Strmn**, com ml«* I on and storage business,
Main street
John Garrecht, moat market, Malu street
N. Hau«, brewery. Main street
C. W. Moore k Co., First National Rank, Main
John Good. Ton aortal arttat, Main street
8. C. Kilabj. books and stationery, Montgomery
M. G Lu ne y, hotel, Luna House, corner Mont
gomery and Commercial street*.
W. W. Black, livery and feed stable. Main street
Wolff A Miller, soda factory. Wall street
Tincher A Holland, aaloon, Main street
Matt Zapp, aaloon, Matn street
McClintock A Stewart, feed and livery stable,
Montgomery street.
Martin MeUeonovtch, restaurant. Wall street.
William Mauta, boot and shoe »hop, Main atreot
Hay A Cowan, blacksmiths. Main street
John Harley, blacksmith. Main street
Henry Freidenger, bakery and fruit store. Mein
John Corcoran, boot and shoe »hop. Wall street.
Dolioux, grocery and liquor store, Montgomery
Chee. Meats, boot and shoe shop, Main street
Heman Jones, wagon maker, Main street
Joui ah Cave, blacksmith. Mein street
Thomas Dixon, tailor, Mainetreet
Stuck A Eli. carpenters, Main street
Lester A Furguson, carpenters, Montgomery
Bailey Simpson, dentist, Commercial street.
John Hrodbeck, fruit and cigar store, Main street,
D. F. Lodge, watchmaker, Main street
George Bennett upholsterer, Montgomery street
There ie a saw mill ju»t outside of town owned by
Morrill, Tompkins & Weat, and another two miles
from town owned by Willi» A Driscoll. The latter
Co, has a lumber yard on Main street; the former at
their mill. The school house and Good Templar
hall are alao on Main street, and one or two Chinese
stores. There ia a Methodist Church on Wall street,
and Catholic Church on East Hill, overlooking the
towh, also an old Catholic Convent at present used
for a school house. These, with the Chinese store#
pf Pun Yam A Co-, Wong Cba A Co., Wan Kee A Co.
and Lee Cow comprise "what there ia left of Idaho
oily srith the exception of prtyate reaidonooa, of
wuich then are, perhaps fifty.
Wm. B. Morris—Agent Northwestern Stage Com
pany; alao, W. F. A Co.'a Agent.
W. 0. Tatro—Proprietor Rooky Bar Stage lint.
"Va. H. Nye—Drug Store
F. B. Coffin A Co.— Stoves, Tin and Hardware.
C. W. Moore—First National Bank of Idaho.
P. J. Pefly—Harness, Saddle and Leather Depot.
T. Logan—Dry Goods, Groceries and Clothing.
R. B. Bead A Co.—Dry Good«, Groceries, and
Clothing, Wlnea and Liquors.
D. Falk A Co.—Dry Goods, Groceries, and Cloth
L. Scbwabacher A Co.—Dry Goods, Groceries, and
P. Sonna— Groceries, Hardware, Iron and SteeL
C. Jacobs—Flooring MU1 and Distillery.
Bilderbeck A 8chnabel—Groceries, etc.
C. Jacobs—Dealer in iftoor, Baoon and Whisky.
A Spiegel—Variety 8tore.
D. Levy—Groceries.
P. Cohen—Groceries.
Mr*. P. Cohen—Variety Store.
J. B. Broadbeat—Jewelry, Clocks and Watches.
J. Brumm— Jewelry, Watches and Clocks.
P. Humphry—Jewelry. Clocki, and Watches.
James A Pinney—Book and Varisty Store.
Wm. Baybooae—Boot and 8hoe Store.
J. Pollard—Boot and Shoe Hiker.
J. Stool a—Boot and Sloe Maker.
A B. Monaon—Furniture Store and Cabinet Ha
A Hagar—Furniture Store.
Mrs. Chat. Ostuer—Millinery Store and Dreaa
Mrs. Isaacs—Millinery Store and Dress Makar.
Mrs. Winebeimar—Dress Maker.
J. 81ocum—Dealer in Hay and Grain.
J. Case—Produce Store sod Dealer in Grain.
Jas. H. Twogood—Depot Agricultural Implement«
and Agent Florence Sewing Machine.
I. B. Curry—Photographic Artist.
R. E. Hewlett—Assortment Store.
F. Dangei—Bakery.
D. Levy—Bakery.
U. W. Gees A Co.-Meat Market
Wm. R. James—Meat Market
J. A Bennett A Co.—Meet Market
Capt. J. W. Griffin—Overland HotaL
Buah A Young—Central Hotel
A. P. Turner—Turner House—hotel.
J. H. Gordon—Capital Restaurant
J. Sheffer—Confectionery and Chop House.
Agnew A Race—Livery Subies and Feed Corral.
C. Howell—Livery Subie and Feed Corral.
Cba» Nelson—Livery Subie and Feed CorraL
W. Morse—Corral and Feed Subie.
C. Hunt—Corral and Feed Stable.
A. KomI—L umber Yard
VL K. Hewlett—Lumber Yard.
Barrett Williams—Lumber Yard.
A. J. Marston—Carriage, Wagon, Blacksmith and
Gunsmith Shops.
J. H. Jackson—Blacksmith Shop.
!!. Thom paon— Blacksmith Shop.
Baldwin A Hemphill—Blacksmith Shop.
ü W. SUlU—Blacksmith Shop.
J. Woods—Blacksmith Shop.
T. C. Maupin—Foreman X. W. A Co.'« Machine
\V. C. Carlton—Foreman X. W. A Co.'s Carriag
h. De Lord—Small Grocer.
O. Bobbin«—Wood Yard.
Pein Bro«.—Wood Yard.
M. Mtllcman—Wood Yard.
Ben. Anderson—Carpenter Shop.
M. Byrd—Carpenter Shop.
F. Corbua—Carpenter Shop.
George Ellis—Carpenter Shop.
George Englehart—Carpenter Shop.
T. Landif—Carpenter 8no
H. Anthony—Carpenter Shop.
Capt. Allen—Carpenter Shop.
Fred. Ikckhart—Carpenter. Several others, name«
not known.
Bayhouae A McHenry—Shaving Saloon and Bath
{There ia also a Barber Shop in Overland Hotel
building*, name of proprietor not yet ascertained.]
J. Sinclair—Tailor Shop.
L. F. Car tee—Fruit Trees and general Nursery.
Milton Kelly —Statesman Office Printing Establish
John Letup— Brewery.
Joe Miaseid—Brewery.
Wm. H. Drake—Superintendent Grange Flooring
Brick Yard—Flannegao Bros.
J. Welch—Painter, Glasier, and Paper Hanger.
Adam Ganaep—Drayman.
M. Mllleman - City Job Wagon.
W. Morse—Dealer in Milk.
F. Da via-Dealer in Milk.
Mr. Basil-Wheelwright.
L. Scholl—Professor of Music.
Jaa. Heard—Brick and Stone Mason.
T. McHenry—Brick and Stone Mason.
L. Scholl—Justice of the Peace.
J. 8. Peck—Justice of the Peace.
T. V. Matthews—Book Keeper and Accountant.
R. Wand—Book Keeper end Accountant
E. C. Sterling—Book Reeper and Accountant
F. E. Kellogg— Book Keeper and Aocouotant
John Young—Propmstor Boise City Race Course.
John Early—Dialer in Thoroughbred Horses and
Eil. Bryon—Proprietor Warm Springs Hotel and
C. Arnold—Resident Dentist
J. L. Stephens—Physician and Surgeon.
E. Treadwell—Physician and Surgeon.
E. 8mith—Physician and Surgeon.
-Taft—Physician and Surgeon.
Cahalan A Brumback—Attorneys and Counselor«
at Law.
Gray A Huston-Attorneys at Law.
Prickett A Haabrouck—Attorneys at Law.
Curtis A Barbour—Attorneys at Law.
Kelly A Smith—Attorneys at Law.
A. Heed—Attorney A Counselor at Law.
Oldham A Taylor—Billiard Saloon.
Jimmy Hart—Sample Rooms.
Still Kelly—Saloon and Billiard Table.
Sum. Beck—Saloon.
J. Lawrence—Saloon. »
F. Dangei—Saloon and Billiard Table.
A. J. Griffin—Overland Hotel Saloon.
Andy Coyle—Gem Saloon.
Jautnsn—Sample and Lunch Looms.
John Letup—Bolae Saloon.
Jo«. H. Misseld—City Saloon.
D. Levy—Saloon.
S. De Lord—Saloon.
-------- Mount Hood Saloon.
One of onr leading citizens was
being shaved the other evening when
lie noticed a poster announcing the
coming of Theodore Thomas. He
read the price, and then said: "I
wohder how many fools will pay a
dollar and a half to hear that feller
sing?" The barber had to cry "nexi!"
twice before he could. be heard.— Dan
bury New.

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