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Mount Atb, Iowa, April 10,1875.
Ed. Would:— Once more we hail
'with pleasure the advent of the bri_
tfaced little Would in our family, and
'through it we get such news as we
cannot get in any other way, though
'we get our Eastern papers, and with
them all the eastern news, we still feel
om interest in Idaho affaira. I presume
that the readers of the World— or at
least the Idaho portion of them—are
mot much acquainted with this neck
of {he Lord's moral vineyard, and con
vuequently everything from here will be
Ringgold is the name of our county,
4 uid it is in the southern tier of coun
ties in the state next to the Missouri
State line. The country is well wa
tered and has considerable timber, al
though in this respect it is somewhat
behind its sister counties, but as the
farmers are planting out trees, Ring
gold bids fair to become well timber
ed. Wells are bored with large au
gers for that pupose. There are sev
eral men in the county with these au
gers and it makes a paying business.
I asked one of them the other day
what he would charge for boring in
•case he got no water, and received the
somewhat edifying response : "Water,
hell, or China." The bored w ells are
walled with brick, or when there is
none to be had they use lumber for
There is # limestone in the eastern
part of the county and one or two
lime kilns. Kb coal or minerals have
been found as yet, but we think that
'Coal can be found; and as the county
^offers $500 to the person who finds it,
the prospect is we will soon be using
-coal for our fuel. The principal rivers
of the county are the east, middle and
west forks of Grand river. Each of
them have plenty of timber, and the
•"divides" between them form the farm
ing land. We have no railroads as
vet, but one is surveyed through
Mount Ayr, the county seat. Mount
Ayr is a flourishing little town but it
was born
Vo vast« its s weet nes s on the dteert air.
For all the other places of note torn up their
Xoeee np at it in contempt.
Three banks supply the people with
cash, and five stores with the other
ueces8arie8 of life. Two hotels feed
the poor devils of boarders with bad
grub, and eight doctors give them
rhubarb to work it off. Ten lawyers
keep the county in an uproar and
from fifteen to twentv ministers deal
<»ut the salvation. (It is said they
3lever make a misdeal, and can turn the
right trump every time.) Mount Ayr
is to have an eight thousand dollar
school house for the benefit of two or
three forty dollar school ma'ms.
The county has nearly a hundred school
bouses and about sixteen hundred
"young ideas" that are taugat how to
«hoot by one hundred and twenty
schoolma'ms—mostly old maids; or
jjerhaps 1 had better say "ladies of a
certain age." Some of the younger
«mes are pretty, but as a general thing
the pretty ones don't hang on long.
So one but Brick Pomeroy can do the
schoolma'm question justice, so I will
drop it
Literary societies and spelling
schools are getting quite popular.
r fhere are several literary societies in
liie county, but most of them are closed
for the summer months. I have at
tended one in which eloquence was
■poured forth in streams o j such ques
tions as, "Resolved," (always re
solved,) "that hoppergrasses are good
tor turkeys;" Resolved that the head
is the butt end of asheep,"&c. Young
Tyroe come forward and assure us
1 tod ft little dog and I fad him on chicken,
And many mote things equally inter
esting and instructive.
concerts are also very fash
paying twenty-five
fifty cents for the pleas
to the new
Dan Tucker" and "
lies," &c. Dances
ing out of fashion;
wn's body
are go
è*éh lî getting
drunk is out of the fashion now, since
the crusaders went for us, and it has
become the fashion to join the temper
ance and anti-tobacco societies, of
which there are two of each kind in
the county. As I haven't got acquaint
ed with my mother-in law, I haven't
"jined." Marrying is quite popular
here, and in fact 1 think it is popular
everywhere but iu Brooklyn. I have
known it to happen several times this
winter, and nobody seriously hurt ei
ther. One young lady was to be
married about a month ago, but the
bridegroom hasn't put in his appeer
ance yet She was married about two
weeks since to another fellow. Now
Mr. Editor if you want a wife come to
Iowa to get one; you can start early
in the week anil get home in time to
issue the World without appointing a
sub. Hoping I haven't bored you with
too long a letter, I close.
Will B. Cole.
How the People are Taxed.
A commercial writer in the Cincin
nati Enquirer has taken the pains to
figure out of the confused tax legisla
tion of Congress, with its mixed ad
valoiem and specific duties, the amount
of revenue assessed on common arti
cles. He makes the following state
per cent.
On his salt....................108
On his pepper.................140
On his rice.................... 86
On his soap................... 70
On his starch.................. 50
On his candles................. 40
On the sheets of his bed......... 55
On the blankets that cover him.. .240
On the carpet he buys.......... fcO
On his knives and forks......... 35
On his window »Hass ........... 55
On his water pitcher........... 40
On the hat he wears ............ 40 !
On his stockings............... 75
On a dress of silk for his wife____ 60
Mr j
On a dress of woolen...........
On a shawl....................200
On a handkerchief.............. 35
On his bonds...............nothing
per cent.
On his hoe and spade, each...... 40
On his horse shoes............. 67
On his plows.................. 45
On his chains..................100
On his harness................. 35
On his hand saw............... 75
On a pen knife................ 50
On a dinner can................ 35
On his bonds...............nothing
Could ingenuity go further in sing
ling out those persons the least able to
bear taxes for oppressive imposition ?
The necessaries of life are taxed the
highest.—Democratic Times.
-- «.*« -
Delegat« to Congress...................... g, Feon
Governor........................Thos. w. Bennett
Secretary of Territory.................. E. j. curti»
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.. M. E. Hollister
Associate Justice—1st Judicial District. .JohnClark
Associate Justice—ad Judicial Dia't.. W. C. Whitson
U. 8. District Attorney and U. 8. Com
missioner....................... j. w. Huston
Surveyor General......................L. F. Carte«
Register land Office.............. W. P. Thompson
Receiver Land Office..................James Stoat
CoUector Internal Revenue..........Austin Sevage
U. & Marshal........................Joe. pinkbam
Clerk Supreme Court............. R. L. ut*»K«r il>ffn
Postmaster at Boise (Sty..............John a. Poet
Territorial Comptroller...........joe. Perrault
Territorial Treasurer............John Huntoon
Arnayer and Superintendent._______Albert Wolters
Melt er and Befiner...............Robert Heuschkel
Clerk. M..N „,,•••• . R. Q,Sterling
A**i*tant............................Robert Mobley
' or r tcEBs ana cotnmr.
Sheriff............... j. d. Agoew
Auditor and Reoorder.............. H. M. Han thorn
Probate Judge...................... W. W. OUdden
* ...................*• Bilderbuch
Asseeeor and OoUeetor............J. M.
School Su perintendent.............x. M.
Surveyor.............. ,,T.
JtmtioesofPeeee. Boise <*y...L. SehaR,
«tosL.lL __
.....O. A» I
1 «ut.. «
Mil ' -''/.N,-:?
I ;* &
Inasi M.
Sftinat Mi* Ply»»!® _ ___
dent of Jnckaon county, Oregon.
loved by ell that knew **
leaves a large concooree of
and Mends to mourn her death, which
occurred in the seventy-first yewof
her age. Her remains were
in the Jacksonville cemetery lnet Mon
day, after appropriate service* by
Rev. M. A. Williams. —Bequieacat ui
pace. — Demo&
C. S. Klngaley, general mer ch a ndt a *. Mate Street
O. W. Crafts, general merchandise, Main
Thomas Berry, general merchandtoa. Cominer.
dal street.
Lenar k 8winn, general merchandise, Mato
O. Marre, Tin and hardware.* Main attest
D. B. Ktrp mal, watches and jewelry. Main atreet.
J. B. Emery, general merchandise, Main street.
Ed. Fulmer, general mer ch and i se, main street
Dr. H. Zipf, physician and drugstore. Mein street
Rowe k McDeritt, meet market, Mato street
A. Strauss, commission and storage business.
Main street
John Garrecht, meat market Main attest
X. Hang, brewery, Main street
C. W. Moore k Co., First National Bank,
John Good, Tonsorial artist Main street
8. C. Silsby. books and stationery, Montgomery
M. G Luney. hotel. Luna House, oorner Mont
gomery and Commercial streets.
W. W. Black, livery sn<l feed stable. Main street
Wulff k Müler, soda factory. Wall street
Ttnchcr k Holland, saloon, M ain street
Matt Zapp, saloon, Main street
McClintock k Stewart, feed and livery stable,
Montgomery street.
Martin Mellennovich. restaurant, Wall street.
William Mauls, boot and shoe shop. Main street
Hay a Cowan, black«mtiha. Main etreet
John Harley, blacksmith. Main street
Henry Freidenger, bakery and fruit store. Main
John Corcoran, boot and shoe shop. Wall street.
Ikilioux, grocery and liquor store, Montgomery
Chaa. Mauls, boot and shoe shop. Main street
Heman Junes, wagon maker. Main street
Jctiih Cave, blacksmith. Mala street
Thomas Dtiun, tailor. Mamstreet
Stock k El>. carpenters. Main street
Les 1er k Furgueon. carpenters, Montgomery
Bailey Simpson, dentist. Commercial street
John B nod beck, fruit sod cigar store. Main street,
B. F. Lodge, watchmaker. Main street
George Brnnelt upholsterer. Montgomery street
There Is a saw mill Just outside of town owned by
Morrill. Tompkins k West sod another two miles
from town owned by WUlis k Driscoll. The latter
^ has a lumber yard on Main street; tbs former at
their mill. The school house and Good Templar
ball are also on Main street, and one or two Chinese
stores. There is a Methodist Church on Wall street
B,u - "*
towh. also an old Catholic Convent at present used
for a school house. The*«, with the Chinese stores
of Pun Yam k Co., Wong cbo k Co., Wan See k Co.
*nd Lee Pow comprise -what there Is left of Idaho
«tty With the exception of private residence«, of
•Htfii th-re are. perhaps fifty.
J. V. R. Witt—General Merchandise. Plan
Weiler A t Smith— limerai Merchandise
James Kagan— Justier of the Pence.
Robert K. Irvin—Constable.
John Myer—Postmaster. (irsmte street
Myer A Ncuitb—Drugs A Medicines and
Fancy Goods. Granite street.
Myer A Smith—Wells, Fargo A Co. 's
Aient*. Granite street
W. J. Rnthweil—Physician and Burgeon.
Granite street.
R. K. Irvin—Physician and Surgeon. Gran
ite street.
J. W. Davison—International Hotel. Plata.
Mrs. Margsret Buckley—Idaho Hotel.
Granite street
Mre. D. Steckles— Pbirnix Restaurant
Garrett Hayes A Co.—Empire Meat Mar
ket Plaza.
O. Donnell A Co.—City Meat Market.
Jaa. McKay—Magnolia Saloon. Plaza.
D. Donovan—International Saloon. Plasm.
Cris. Anderson—Miner's Saloon. Plata.
Charles Kobney—Brewery and Balooo
Diehl A Martin—Blacksmith Shop. Plata.
Martin Catbcart—Shoe Shop. Plata.
Alex. Orchard—Livery Stable. Plaza.
P. Langrie—Cabinet Maker. Idaho street
A. J. Borelaod—Cabinet Maker. Broad
John Merrill—Tin Ware. Plaza.
Andrew Carvaa—Barber Shop.
D. . C. Holden—Carpenter 8hop.
Joha E. Saunders—Carpenter 8bop. Gran,
ite street
W. A. Hutchinson— Carpenter 8hop. Graa
it® itrwii
Andnw Fotos— Carpenter 8bop. PUi
MiU Halley—Milk Dealer. Pine etreet
^J. C. Bw*-rym m,rm. On*.
Qurntt. JehsKBk,
T. lAfttl—Dry « __
t & Med * Os-»!
L. flehi
q jseobe— -Tloarteg MIR M BtstlDsfy.
gilderbsck k Schnabel—Grooertee, ete.
a Jseobs—Dsslsr to Hoar,
8. Spiegel— Vsrlsty Sloes.
D. Levy—Groceries,
p. Cohan—Grootrtes.
Mrs. P. Cuban—Variety Stoes.
J. B. Brosdbeot—Jewelry, Clock* and Wsl
J. Brumm— Jewelry, Wstch ee sad Cloeto.
P. Humphry—Jewelry, docks, sad Wstcto
Junes A Pinney—Book and Variety Store.
Wm. Bsyho ns s B o ot end Shoe Store.
J. Pollard—Boot and Shoe Maker.
J. stool s—Boot and Shoe Motor.
A B. Mooaon—Furniture Store and Cabinet Ma
A Hagar—Furniture Store.
Mr*. Chaa. (toner—Millinery Store and Dross
Mrs. Isaacs—Millinery Store and Dress Maker.
Mr*. Winebelmer—Dree* Motor.
J. Slocum—Dealer to Hay and Grain,
j. case—Produce Store and Dealer to Grain.
Jas. H. Tvogood—Depot Agricultnrsl Implements
and Agent Plorenos Sawing M ac hi ne.
L B. Curry—Photographic Artist.
JL E. Howlett—Aaeortmest Store.
P. Dangel—Bakery.
D. Levy—Bakery.
G. W. Gees k Co.—Moat Market.
Wm. U. James—Meet Market.
J. A Bennett k Co.—Meet Market.
Cepu J. W. Griffin—Overland UoteL
Bueh k Toang—Central Hotel.
A P. Turner—Turner House—hotel.
J. H. Gordon—Capital Restaurant.
J. Stoff«*— Confectionery and Chop Bonne.
Ague* A Race—Livery »table* end Feed Corral.
C. Howell—U*ery Stable and Feed CorrmL
Chaa. Nelson—Livery »table end Feed CorreL
W. Morse—Corral and Fend Siebte.
C. Hunt—Corral end Fend Sta b l e.
A. Rueel—Lumber Yard.
1L A Howlett—Lumber Tard.
UarTett WiUume— Lomber Tard.
A J. Mereton—Carriage. Wagon. Bhehwilk and
GuttAtniib »hope.
J. H. Jechnon—Blacksmith Shop.
H- Thom peon—Blarkemlth Hhoj».
Baldwin A Hemphill—Htarluunilh Shop.
G W. Suite- Biackemith Shop.
J. Woods-Bierkemun Shop
T. C. Men pin —Foreman N. W. A Co.'a Machine
W. C. Carlton—Foreman X. W. 8. Co.'a Oarrtag
g De Lord—Small Grocwr.
U Bobbin«—Wood Tard.
Bein Bros.-Wood Tard.
M. MtUeman—Wood Tant.
lien Anderaun—Carpenter Shop.
U. Byrd—Carpenter Kbop.
F. » orb«» —Carpeuur mop.
Ge**rge KÜU— 4 'arpenter Hùop.
(»f irp* Kngiehan—Carpenter Stop.
T. Landif —Carpenter atop.
H. Anthony -carpenter Shop.
("apt. Alien— (arpenter Stop.
Fred. Beck hart—<. 'arpenter. Sew ml others, names
not known
Bayhouaeh McHenry —Shaving Saloon and Bath
; There Is also e Berber Stop la Overland Hotel
bwitdin««. name at proprietor not yet as certa ined )
J. Sinclair—Tailor Shop.
L. F. i'artee—Fruit Trees and general Nursery.
Milton Kelly — Ssaimm+a ottos Prtntin
John Lamp—Brewery.
Joe Miaeeld—Brewery.
Wm. U, Drake—Superintendent Grange Flouring
Mill. ^
Brick Tard— Flaanegan Bros
J. Welch—Painter. Glasier, and Paper Hanger.
Adam Gseeer- Draymen.
M Milieman- C4ty Job W^ou.
W. M o rse Dealer is Milk,
F. ttevis—Dealer la Milk.
Mr. Beeil— Wheelwright.
L Scholl—Profeeeor at Music.
Jee. Heard—Brick end toon« Mason.
T. McHenry—Brick end Stan« Meson.
L SctoU—Justice at the Pesos.
J. S. Peck—Justice of the Peace.
T. V. Matthew»—Bonk Keener and Accountant.
R. Wand—book Keeper and Accountant.
£ £ »ttwitad-B«* Keeper and Accountant.
F. E. Kellogg—Book Keeper and Accountant.
John \ onng—Proprietor Boiae City Ram Course.
Johu Early—Dealer in Thoroughbred Hums* and
Ed. Bryon—Proprietor Warm *»r^"g" Hotel and
C. Arnold—Resident Dentist.
J. L. Ntepheua-Phyeictea and Surgeon.
A Treadwell-Ptoyeician and Burgeon.
A South—Phyeicisn end Surgeon.
—— Taft—Physician and Surgeon.
Cehalan k Brumbact—Attorneys and
Law. #
Omy k Roetou—Attorneys at Lav.
Prtckett A Hsehroock—Attorneys at Law.
Curtte I Barbour—Attorneys at Law.
Xclly k Smith-Attorneys at Law.
L Heed—Attornsy A Cou nselo r at Law.
GW hem k Taylor—Billiard falnmi
4imn» Hart—Semple KooumT^
BUU. Kelly —fiel nou and BUUaid Tabla.
Sms. Beck— Ualoon.
{• Lawrence—Saloon,
f f^toj-tolooa sad BUUaid Table.
A. J. Griffin—Overland Betel - n
Andy Coyle—Gem Saloon.
Jaumen -Sample and Lunch Booms.
John I «mp— Botes Balooo.
Jos. H. Miser id- CHjr Saloon.
D. Levy-Saloon.
S. Do Lord—Sslooe.
-Mount Hood Saloon.
O. W. Crafts, dreier general merehasdbe.
Wdk Fargo A Ca.'« Expreaa aOcn-O
W. Craft*, Agent
J*nww IksrMvy. trait, d|«n u4 ton.
BouM,,. blaekaaith te.
C. C. Ilcfcit, hM, totw w n| «rat,
H,r *» * Mr. katekw ahn.
8 OoBrrar, 8*nr MtUh
JwBN«M,kMlMlS NM tot.
Fra* HmM«. «Mart
*•«*«• Cutwiqu. Uj Ml M em,
is W*
qrnmmm nom tbs
re directed, tbeUw |!|
nrfUtkajf have settled
4. If re b n er ibe rs rénova a '
without informing tke ptibUshsr
pnpnrn mre tret to the funnerA
nrc Mi rmpnombie.
5. Th« enurt« have decided M
A* n ew spa p e r* fr*a tbs omT* **
aad leaving them uncalled fork* 1
evidence of iateatiboal fraud. '
6 TtopoSnutorwk.
legal nntiee af the neglectrf. J* 1
Iren theofleq the new»okm^nS
him, in liable to the publisher fw ^
tion price.
X*iaUrMt,IOk*ai ri
tt JONES, proprietor.
Make« a speciality of repaid,
on«, buggies, &c. XoDe bstll.
and work warranted equal to say m tu
Give me a trial. 1
Wholesale and Retail
Music Dealei
Cor. Kearny and Setter Ik,
And are now used in CNUto
by all of oar
la the only
Said state*.
The Square Pianos are
Modern I mpr oveme n t such sa Bf
Chee, Beautiful Mouldings. Fall IW«?
Legs and Lyre, Overstrung to*
Length. • test 10 lache«; Width. Ito*
For Ten Y<
agents roi
the mm
which, hr
— ( - '—■•■**"
tJi Oclavs, dg» 1 *™ 1 *
nuv WAHUUfl*

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