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The WEEKLY WORLD the tar
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The ''Ignorant* 1 Mormons Tricked
oat of their Votes by anun
iGrupulous Sharper
and Knave.
Two Ballot Boies Burned because
thor Contents did not suit B. F.
White and His Master.
Incredible Villainy Confessed and
Published oyer the Signature
of an Ignorant Tool*
»Here was a two and a half column
jetter published in the Statesman of
April 22d, over the signature of one
B. F. White, in which an attempt was
made by the writer, in a confused
sort of way, to explain a portion of
the frauds charged against the Bennett
party, while frankly admitting the
rest, and his responsibility for them.
Our correspondent charged Mr. White
with the offense of burning one ballot,
and he confesses to having burned
two, for the reason, as he says, that
the ballot8*were returned in cigar box
es. That is to say, Mr. White, consti
tuting himself supreme judge of the
kind of ballot boxes which should be
used, and of the legality of the re
turns, adjudged such boxes as con
tained votes for Fenn to be unsuitable
for ballot boxes and consigned them,
with the ballots contained in them, to
the flames. Could impudent rascality
go further? Docs anybody believe
that a man having a spark of sense
would commit such an act without pro
'nous assurance of execûtivc protec
If we $dmit that the boxes used for
ballot boxes were not such as should
have been used, and that the ballots
were illegal, the crime of destroying
them is not lessened one iota. The
people of those precincts had voted in
good faith, and their act could only be
invalidated by the judgment of a
oourt,. having jurisdiction of such
matters. But no special ballot box
is required; nor does it matter wheth
er. the box employed is sealed up or
nailed up. One or the other of these
ways might be informal and the other
formal,, but informalities are not ille
galities, and no procedure is vitiated
by reason of its method having been
informal. This is an established prin
ciple of law known to everybydy. It
is also well established that mere cler
ical errors, such as misspelling the
name of a candidate, or not conform
ing to the exact letter of the law in
making out election returns, are to be
ignored by canvassers. Were a dif
ferent rule adopted the people of the
rural districts, who have little more
than an instrinctive knowledge of the
fprms of election returns wonld be
practically disfranchised. Whenever
it happened that one of two opposing
received an almost unani
moos vote, in one or more elective pre
dfonfet &e did. Mr. Fenn in some of
county precincts, the de
candidate, would trace out the
___________ _______cast.
* the returns,which would
it, and have the votes re
*** ia any roan's ballot to
Al ~* name of the
All ex
il$ies, are
four lang
Kogfahorthography; Md*« #rtho ®'
raphy ofpro*erirara» " 8ti11
aSfl^itorfw» So if every Œ*n
wero to ¥*fatedoUtof
chandei to'fee misspelled kythe
voter, but few Wbold enter without
havrbg their right to do eo oonteeted
by the courte. And the same pnna
ple governs when ah honorary title is
prefixed to the name of the candidate
by the vpter. A ballot for "F.
Bennett in the late election was, in
our opinion, just as legal, an e
Board of Canvassers just as muc
bound to count it, as if it had read .
W. Bennett So a vote for "Governor"
Bennett would have been equally valid
with either of the others. In like man
ner a vote for S. S. "Fenne," or for
"Hon" S. S. Fenn, was equally valid
with a vote for S. S. Fenn; and in not
counting all such votes the Board of
Canvassers, to quote the language of
Judge Dillon again, "published them
selves either as rogues or fools." But
we think we have heretofore shown,
and shall again show, that they have
published themselves as rogues. The
archives of the Territory will show—if
they have not been changed to suit
the times—that in 1870, when Sam
Merritt was elected Delegate in Con
gress, and again in 187*2, when John
Hailey was elected, the returns from
Nez Perces county were canvassed
and returned in precisely the same
manner as the returns of the last elec
tion, and that E. J, Curtis, then as now,
Territorial Secretary, and Joseph
Pinkham, U. S. Marshal, received and
canvassed the returns for Mer
ritt and Hailey, making no ob
jections to them in an> res
pect; and for the reason that
peci; auu tvi -------
Merritt and Hailey had money and in- L
fluence and could crush them if they !
saw fit to do so. The fact is they f
knew then and know now that neither
informalities n«»r clerical errors, nor
both combined affect the validity of
elections; and therefore that the
"game" which B. F. White, the dirty
work man of Bennett A Co. says he
"fixed up on the unsuspecting saints
of Paris and Clifton precincts by which
they were made to return as voted for,
for* Delegate to Congress a person
not a candidate at all, siinply'hy wri- j
timr such name in a blank form «ent
, , . . .« i
to these precints upon which they
w 1 e * 1 . * ;
might or might not, make their return* |
just as they saw fit," could ill nowise | ,
influence the result of tha election. I» :
could and did show that Mr. B. F.
White is an arrant knave, that he, act- *l
whom they did not know, either per
sonally or bv reputation, and who wa«|
- ^ . ..
ing as Auditor of Oneida county tam
pered with election blanks for tlie pur
pose of defeating Mr. Fenn and elect
ing Mr. Bennett, and also by unavoid
able inference and implication shows
that the plot to defraud the voters of
his county out of their votes was con
cocted and arranged long before the
election came off; else why did he
write names on the election blanks
before sending them out of his officef
and White was a willing party to the
crime, and an acter in it as well as in
the series of crimes which grew out of
and followed it, and should be occupy
ing a cell in the penitentiary instead
of shamelessly parading his villainny
in the public priuts. Our correspon
dent stated that Fenn received at the
precincts of Clifton and Paris, 216
votes; Mr. White says he received
at Clifton, Paris and Montpelier "ex
actly 300 votes. At Black-foot, Boss
—- v — ------ ------------, ——
Fork, Eagle Rook, Market lake and
1 A ssa ll ft /I A M/l a /te A
Pleasant valley, according to our cor
respondent's statement, 344 votes were
This Mr. White says he is "in
| dined to think is correct." Our cor
' respondent charged that, at Marsh val
! ley 24 votes were polled for Fenn and
* only two for Bennett, whiob were r*
jected for the reason that they were
for Fenn and not for Bennetfe White
says the votes were polled ak "Nine
Mile," and not at Marsh valley at all,
' and were very properly thrown oat
. ■
of our
fed by rack
candidate's watte
honorwy tide
that the ballots ------- . u
gar box. Since the publication of M.
White's letter therein
doubt in our mind but each andere^
one of our correspondents sccuM««
ia true to the letter, and <»P ablc of
ing established iu the courte to the
satisfaction of u jury.
have been confessed but tbe one of a*
tempting to corrupt Mr. Adams *ud
he has not denied that such an attempt
was made upon him. If « IS fals ® e
the governor call upon him to pu *
a card denying its truth, and when he
does so, if the proofs are not forthcom
ing the public will be convinced. But
the silly and ridiculous role in rascali
ty enacted in Oneida county is of rath
er too unsubstantial s character to de
ceive a people, most of whom have had
previous experience in ways thst^ are
dark. In other words, the beast is al
together too thin for even so small a
pattern as Governor Bennett tu ri
into Congress on.
The Government has at last reachec
the acme of folly in its attempts to
"run the mines." A "Scientist, min
ing expert, metallurgist," and heaven
Knows what all, named Jonney, has
been sent out to the Black Hills *'dh
an escort of soldiers, to examine and
report tijKm the "facilities" of that sec
tion as a mining country. Of course
the metaliferous, auriferous, argentif
erous, and every other iferous cbarac
er ( ,f the country will be established
beyond a pc rad venture when "Jonney
coi»«.*h marching home again;" and
equally of course, if it proves rich, the
mint rs will go there and stake off their
claims and go right to work without
the usual, and usually discouraging,
preliminary of prospering—thanks to
a internal and beneficent Government.
An act to protect certain gnmc in ld*bu Ter
Jle it rnarfed by th Ijcgiidatiro A-embly of
the Territory of Idaho a» follow*:
Section 1. It »hall not be lawful for any
p-r«-n«r per«,«.. b»r»»fUr. wiibia U» T.r
ritor» of Idaho, to willfully kill or dcatroy any
quail or partndfc, or trap or carry away tbe
Mm( , or Jnlro; u,.;, w , rior to th. fir.1
)a , of September. A. I». 1877. .nJ »(1er tbe
fir*t day of March, 187*. it «ball not be lawful
f«r any perwrn or persons to bill or deatroy
uaU " r I"'"*'- «' '™P " f tb *
rata an Ai raff* dittt rnV Ihmr sovi nt inf time DP
•»in«*, or destroy their egg», at any time be
tween tbe finit day of April, and tbe fir»t day
of September, of each year.
Sec. 2. It »ball not be lawful for any per
son or person«, hereafter, to kill or deatroy,
willfully, any species of wild duck, at any time
between tba fifteenth day of April and tbe
first day of September, of each year.
Sec. 3. It shall not be lawful for any per.
son or portons, to willfully kill or destroy any
prairie chicken or grouse, at any time between
the first day of March and the first day of Au
gust, of each year.
Skc. 4. It shall not be lawful, hereafter,
for any person or persona to hawk, tend or
sell, or offer for sale, an y quail, partidge,
grouse, or prairie chickeo.or duck, io any
city, town, or county ia this Territory, at any
time between the first day of March and the
first dsy of September, in each year. Provided,
That the provisions of sections two, three tod
four, of this act, shaU apply to and ho in foreo
alone in Ada county.
Skc. 6. Any person or persons violating
any of the provisions of this act ahall he deetnri
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof shall be fioed the sum of not lees than
ten nor more than twenty dollar«, tad imprit*
oned in tbe eouoty iail not leea thaa
»1 m IMilSi. fllSA fini»
nor more than thirty day«. Aod aay person
who shall know of such offense bnviog been
committed, and neglect or refuse to inform tbe
proper authorities, shell bo liable to n fine 0 '
not more then ten dollars.
8 EC. 6. All moneys collected under this
act shall be paid to tbe Justice, who shall first
pay the coats of tbe proceedings, and the re
maining portion to thé school fund of thq
county where the offease was committed.
Approved, January 12*, 1675.
city, nod
reeommeod bias to ^
exceed feer, eo fnow wmwe •
Uni"« tk ** t, *Bortoo. April 13.
Th. Joorssl «>• Ö- te" h " "T ( ^
P«*»! * —TT*
fmm office at tbe dote of tbe preoeo* wrm.
bold esooly eoeoriitioo of such porpo*«
trald '«viv/te. draw* *^J*2*;
Tinafsadinc i» raterteiaed bptbebratrap«
lira., of Ms-«"""*- l 0 wrü, April 13.
Tho epioiiors »o w iUsseco^ 0 jgbt, aod
tod Lawrence mills, quit wore w
to-eifbt tbe spiooers io all other miUs wi
discharged. Waabiogtoa, April 13.
The President foee to Now York on Tbura.
d. x »«rain«. .K* •*
tbe Cabinet eaeept Att»roeyH3m»orai w
llama, aod they wiU tbeo proceed to Boston.
Tbe Solicitor of tho Treawry Hepartweet
whom tho subioct waa referred, bas decide
that tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue
bas tho right to examiné banks or the chock
of any bank or association to see whether the
law baa been rioUted in respect to sUmpioE
such checks.
Charleston. April 13
By the copeising of a pleas«rs yacht in tb<
harbor to-day. four of tbe night persons aboard
were drowned.
Woodland. April IX.
Prank Slocum was slot and instantly killed
Ibis afternoon by Ham English. There hat
been bad Wood between them for sometime
This moroinf Slocum Udd Knflish that if hr
did sot leave town before four o'clock one of
them would have to die. Slocum, it is said,
made many similar threat*, and was seen 00
tbe street* with a pistol in bis band. English
very quiet, remaining nearly all day in
one locality. At four o'clock English was sit
ting at tbe rear door of tbe Cache Creek sal
oon, when Slocum appeared around tbe cor
ner. comiog from tbe alley. Eoglish raa back
and to tbe side door. Sloeum had iuat tamed
the comer. Both fired so ckwelj together that
many people thought there waa bat one shot
English was not bit Sloeum was hit io the
left breast He gasped fer a short time, and
fulfilled bis threat-one of them did not live
ong after four o'clock. Hi* pistol was lyiog
by his side, and he had a knife. English
walked coolly dowa tbestreet, when, meeting
tbe Sberifl, be surrendered, giving up bis pis
tol. Both are roung men, natives of Oregon.
Slocum has relatives liviag in Sacramento.
SWum's pistol «barars evidence of having been
recently discharged. Amongst many rumors
the above are about the facta.
Los Angeles, April 13.
Tbe election held here to-day on tbe que*,
tion of levying a special tax of $12,000 for
school purposes excited but little interest, but
enough vote« were polled to decide ia favor of
tbe tax
Tbe coroner's jury, in *e ease of young
Wahr, who was drowned at Lake Vineyard
last Sunday, found a verdict exdnerating all
wrtiea. It is thought a more thorough Invet
tigation on the part of the jury wonld have re
sulted in it least strong censure upon the two
companion« of the man.
Pari«, April 13.
The diplomatic coofertnee upon the metri
cal «yitcrn of weight« aod measures met here
yesterday. The government« of the United
ftitet, Venetuib, ud th« Argentine Repub
lic were represented. U wii received to e*
Ubliih in intornitioQil hnretn of weighU and
Thor« was a report in a Parii piper (Li
Union) yesterday that tho Pope had made to
Emperor Francis Joseph, *rough *s Patri
trek <rf Vraies, setren, remraitnose sgsiset
tee nppre#»ioe of tbs Cfesrek isQerassjr.nt
tee Kaperur reepemM, fopiurie, tee itrar
lie end eraneUsi prsdraee. Tu report is
p rural need erithrat forndstew.
Leedoe, April 13.
Tke 11»ira ud Dsitp NewsbsTia« nanti*
paUiehed esrteia dowawta wUoh kad basa
rakaiitted to a ealeat ronmittee of Peril*
meet, ee tbe goatk Anariaaa babbie leant, a
awüraaru iatradaead naowole,Uepab
lieken or thaw jearaalstetka bar aC Iba Maat»
to »n,wer fur kreeehef prifilep. The my
tira awt with euaiiderabley eppeelttea, bat,
after e lea, debate oa tba iibertp aad reepea*
ribHitp eT tbe preea, it wa> adapted. .
Ia the Haan ofCawaoM tetigU
» -r prinfeering sad
thought*# revival of thj
_ * •# good remits. Oa %
uwj » M WAiliholy to eWm other grave iam
•aft If poraiofeoft la would reader EagUggJ
We to the charge of a breach of faith.
Tho motion was rejected-36 ajeifej
At Plooerville. Boise county, LT,
flat, to tho wife of A. Orchard, a 1
tea pounds.
Bo* mothor sad ion are doing well
%tv gidKfrtlsranrts.
111 " ' " ......... " ■»J,
Bast Quality Plow!
OS.SS, oosw, ma uu^
Ai tbs
•ear Boise City and at store ia Boira City
Boise City,It!
Map U IIV», io April », 1»».
Tira Rntraf SUtBtM of lira T tu led 8wra,W*
JXJ2, XJXT. *30*. »«d A* 5 ®. P®**
lu teDjr borawra». »vtKmüao, or mMm
CSS r«J. su» 1
PLACK OP nrilSEM t ïiïfbS
lira punrat of »»id SPECIAL TAX biSjhoj
T*» \>*r M»y 1.1^'i.
or oooUQULb# tmnorra *ner Aprü »,^
or m uw awïi stra m im ww
(il, VIL
......... ...........................
Lteralcrs, ..........................
Wbdlra«!* Uq«OT. ..... a( ,
DfteUr» lu «rail Uqaor*. .......... #| |
ibntelrrs lu nubU Nu«®«, .............. y fl
Draücf» U» l**f .............................. ..
llctatl datif r* m fetel xohocco.. .. —
AU4 O# «tek» of ormr fil.«*».
WfWCj Ooiltr I* «*«**•• « 1LUO
Dation lu «iMMtftciursO ..................
Mteuoftbrtafw» #f »tdls, ...........
tud for —ch Mill usMiuf *; «ri
for rmrh worm »«neficiBr»....... p§|
lUauftcUirvr» of ... .... ................. -J
Mteunftcturwr» «f ctx*rt..........il^-'ûüs
Pteddkr* of Sobteero, Am rirai*
two bon»» or oUrar
Poddkr» of tobteoro. tercond cl»»»
orotber tottnt!»l---••
Pcddlen Ot tobteoco. Uurd cl«*» (<*•
or olbcr tnuutll........ *
Paddler» of toborco. t 'ttrtb cl»« '°* «f
public cor»T»y»ncri.................... «I
Hrrwart of !■« lb*« »00 ................ g|f]
Brevcn of 000 btrrvl» or mort,•••***"*
Any peraon, «o lltbbs ^
wub tira forofolag roqulr»»«*** •a*
Mvnr»poutelUM. . -.«wirf As
P*Koo» or firm* ll»Mr to p»y »
Ttss» nwrad tbor» rau*l tprij ' rail
OuUsctor of Inurutl *0
fortnd yrocur»lb* VltM
thsy used, prior to M*y L ^^rxjpoÛA
rotiEEU i ggL^A LSSr
Owtcxior my
Wamustv)», D. C, F*ru«ry «* w
DsMpis Is ..................
Ssefsfery of Territory..............
Chlsr Jutttos of tbs Saprsms #
Amorists Jusfios-lst Judiriri ^
Amorists d n st ko -M Jnftlsisl
U. a Dtatrict Attovnsy Ca *' h f j
mtsrionsr............ *«•••• .....
8nrv«yur ......................... p. W*
Bsgtotsr Lsad ................... '
ismtvsr lend ............
OoUsetor latsmsl Bsvsanow.
XJ. A .......................... , «
CM U p en s Court.............* JS** 1
Bstmuttsesi Bois* City............ -J
Tsrrttorl* ...................
TUmIIiin 1st .................
Asmim and «uosrtnteodsnt----
Mslttr tad BsOmt .....—......... j^gf
UiLe.eaeeeee #• ee«. -
omcM *1« oooot»- i
I ••a««*''' < S fll
kte 0 U#U*O«te# 09 *o-♦••••• K*
--jrmdBMosdsr... ......... \%V£
ProtassJrudg ...... ........... ••'.'.à B®
" f f
nd ........ .........
.. ,...*-**—*^
'•«•»..»aeaeeeeeeee.ee»» '*
n, . ■■ aa^Hi.lWr*a »-*.** ***f * |

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