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Idaho tri-weekly world. (Idaho City, Idaho) 1875-1875, May 14, 1875, Image 1

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VQL- 3
IDATT O Uil-Y, IF^FE. ISDAY, JwfA^T 14, 16*73.
Jfoki e ri-Wflkl^ IfnH
jjg Iis*; TxM 1-cçttiT
y- «T~T 1- v P.m icscxsÂi
3nom 3
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t!*. te ** T'ïtrw» * »a» U tm
* «i* s»*» n«M» »
cr-sr. 1-* a» raeraer

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pst a aa: .
gat* 1**
3*v «a
St m
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z;s:;ssisul ciris.
CIO aiaauote
>-Tt^ ::reri:t =«»:
1 r Ä.TT :» m *.g. y :iaarr Ctrt. «CAI
zut Alx
jo\ a* w. SJL«Q>« «.
rrr ass a*c*sc-sa ir ia» a^ks
• ?uüa _3ki*. ' 2?-. X T »«T ;rmrsi2»
tra* ;£ '£to> T»—SJ^t rrsa * :.ï»r
ar sa •C'.îî» r» . i_«jr «*.-*■ * l^urt teita«.
e. r j a . tu« ctete m. ».
KS t *
trr«r ez .
rTAf-aat» «f ähJV
oa» .a
Ki» CSt.
a—« m
H. C. LLD1 ABÄ DXVnit.
Zjl * -f Icî-aBr V I
3 . rs .* »a .-rrr
'M-Mtraj«» rf «M
Trsai-CT ?'•£>.
*,c~ -o. z.m • !*—
W Z -rz
vC »ei «—
— CM» IC_:
r« **y mkw«*« 5- 1 L c «
. . j sr «s
•«. <s Z t i -»Z.* c*«OX;r4j»
i. • - z. ■ i. «i m*m zmesm
- Z JL—» _ * Zmrn i- «Cita.Nt, t*
LODES. Si i. L *■ 5 T. ,
*.» --Z— *e u** -SJ« * *» l»i. »
•zzfi :< ■»'♦».A. •£ 4 * Vit'Jdk.
•• z 4 : i«aa>t..3«r amaeâ at
*e 4 » *
. m. et j
%tnl:. 3Utl:Brn xsl Sctûss.
jn-zexmam v* um. «. r . nn • oa. ;
m vauctt
nt* L
.......IMM cm,
tobacco aid cioabs,
AC <* tWk wm *•
h!7 Booft, 1« mj bac. waft fHftf Is »7 «
«tek ** >TOW ,< ••
TO WiLLtax Haul D
||/ ll >J<V.aBHftAJ.aMi
Ttts L*» 4 » Yew-w«?«*. —l
Usart »;«
terni msl sSL
A g irtTlIin MyM » ,
»r*r »WWMMUH. i » ssymm. 2 fce «
sw? as» wc v es » « te a* teuà* temt
«si ste? k» *H=te4 te# Vüà ia«â #c~
4 |r ^ rrm j T ll M |ini<ir ^
*?* teài
A Tte
Uh* p«t*iftâ«e.ft»t Z3x :
a» te» itm« ûrvccuit.
a» 3à* w«im#rt uà.i*M 2»
3« sa« aÂiJÉbec ire sa« «t,.&acrqp»
ftMtt sa» vfdA?» «r a
■4 sam» «2iiml«*i W„ » jrj
«C J3&«a.C>r«A ^~ia*c.
Ti* *MC3tmt&,r »%« îmc'Kct» %» p» sa«
a « c«« «e ta» »«wes ■<« » x'fw i r a» aa»
irtxls Aii Srsusmts.
w 4 B -
ff j| d H
Bilffi i\D B IRBLVG.
IT m 1
.tîx^ :ai> i - » as ?v ?rtAi
•art S A
5 «az ksl ^rcfarvtl u swamr**
h £3 «6 te aaJL r^sr- Zi_a« *te - «s 4 m aa*w*
ft -jrg€ :j» «Ol Z ' — i *
*• >?
azj.1 «&.
«■eâsct Sf f-MKA
z« i.sj 3-* ss«3rS»ftt fcf sa»
H aving again a ------ ....
-rm * üa* »*&«9 3c*i Kr«». i
jKSjfî za*» «US» *•£3 i'l-S
sr te««** r-*.sz* Sar (f»e»6A.
• - P MEP cos
Ssa * fi *
«V« «a T3T.T?
rT ™ TAB "
*» — — *** •* **• *^ 6> ®*'** t -
rmm »csm*-. sriax c-rnos
r* «s sa»« «»itac »* rf inn? c»t «chinh
« n» inin . < „ sr
&dkg mmM SC-w L **»&m
mA y»« ®* v«»rz* mm
^^tSjmSSShm sfesciaeèSr-* «r a. te»»
*V"-i»A «m£ fAr**-? V Cent p.«Æ. » «~„I b« tell a»
ta* ceo of « a» » -m* ^ * --r c- » <jwtj
w» a»» - 111,1 * y - lu ** t«rr-— r- «• i ^
n«2f. n»r
'■OA K$r V *c In«« t Va.«**
■fteaiMS H«» 6 ft ss, .M. Ce.
wagomahdcarpeiiter shop
H. JOSES, proprietor.
]Ua * ,peci»litjr of repairing w»g
M, boggies, Ac. Sone bot tbe
^^uctamia, *. t.
.......P WB W
U »!
W Sao^Lj^ Sa fvTv. g.
G®ücge ScaSSeE ï 1. K. S, m a*î
Açr*l iggtiôer ci ILdpnu», r'TW sài
«specie»«* ü « ducra^ataer. M;«s
persras sav* ?wsi Th«<&** âe *^ar
.w* -Ccsdasmraj* t ja Opèasswaser/
wïd rw mure caktk&teii h i» k*
erary iSArs. jAii the rsimimtae Wr
tercwa «rrciâi zz*z ht jy*.
iam *: *JK:?e!te _i kvur «f tee pctecsacie
af ^c®»e»skf teAa te éc ter tiitisÈ?
^fscrt te te«: àBtCTa r' a^ tct fer»
£#;<a« stiaelasi le rie Ltsam ci last
1^ ^
»-as stared :ia: was
a pau Arte J eàibcai easàtr. a^
tbra^àdk-Tte wae a pcoaca Lt »mack
it was Ircbcfrl »Aether titele *«as ist
as.nö.te, a»i Pr S:sS« ccescs fcr>
ward. sBpeäed :y rc: ec is:y aad o
sçH>ei. ry ;ce b çe tea: k say save
-M a itw fit m. cgx i s^e xms
cer: i£ arc awfal 1 -ieasbs, ac*i aven
rr-eAcy asc ns. rr.es sasy a rasr.:y a
Erk «si Ibe fL-on» cf the *rea:
danger A wbxh ht a apf^resteve k
a * heräd irre * srbidb be «ketite« a»
a iïteî.
pvegeet tasse

r »a: er ;
•tev V * K.
îarsg a gmt assscy
fcsaâkv. cri «t cm arte »s>rs sse ac
crpîec evimito* » tbkt it k changed a
tbe bl A small d.me is stimmst
--r If i 4 l*-ye 4».
sarccta:. deadly as tbe electric Kit
lt is sc far like cpswm a»i indeed like
all stisss'asts. that to keep up the
same eS-ct tbe dm rr sst be iaoreas
- ^
' •
■ 1 *
be Act of ÇÉloftl 03
chiera! eater is in part stir
b, »ever, asbke thaï caused
t . , .. # . f . .
1 ®® or alCMixM *s let cxs-»arateag. asc ;
exetes neither to baddy
activité, bet rakes tbe
r -r neatil
rrrxi aK've
_______2 _______ J _____._2
cart * lr- - s rr ^ ^ fit ro " : ^
- ietbe' tbe » :11 t e rest. :.c pros
est and tbe fntnre. is a rweate licht,
at the same t : me baciaHiag Aîion
|, »ve from this ooadttioQ perfect :
peace Tie sabject of the inSnence
of this extraordinary dmg gn^ws apa
- - - ...
thetic and careless of emery thing but
bis own ease and comfort, and be
leocnes merely *'a living, breathing wg*
e table/ wbo cooM stand by his moth
ers deathbed smiling and wear an air
of placid triumph on the threshold of
the gallows. A second dose without i
an interval of rest makes the chloralist \
drunk ; his eyelids droop and his gad
becomes unsteady Drunk in the "first
degree/ your chloralist is by no means
an unpleasant companion—genial, and
though not brilliant * good listener.
He may be roused into fierce outbursts
of passion, which dies away, leaving
him perfectly placid. So far in tbe
We now come to our essayist*« own
experience. In the early stages he
used to take a 'pick me up* when go
ing on a railway journey, with the
happy result cd banishing all sense of
fatigue, and of the unpleasant motion
of tbe ears He was 'lifted out of
himself—a spirit traveling by train—
and the ever varying aoenery "went
past me like an enchanted diorama/
Unlike opium, which creates beautiful
haltocinations, chloral "merely in
creases the power of enjoying the
real" In tbe December of 18*1, when
medical men were landing chloral to
the skies, Dr. Stable« became acMoi
allst, together with other friends, who
quickly succumbed and died, bayins
ii. ftHn of the toter ategM of
Bong overworked be
WP ZZ ________ ______"
■ti m:raiur
ifeae wnr xèd
foc a wveA h» oàftî
ai kWç rae a%W wùâcuU * aad c*
j* «ati mäedL Bü. af «car»* took a:
as *ra~a. «al 5:«xoai aâer auamr tiase
titet ä kl 5ttfe saiäsfisctaiiL feras km
Arier s asraeh W cwçaa te
ira «f là»
feei « «ra^re îteas m :W
awfci tocecmr wùdh 4 arase :t Mtefï»
a k «ad iù* servi* Wraa te be
kes. A: Àracds. ht b»£ te iy ktt
cwctry. teal wkas wish tee ]
brecr^r *5r. b? wee «n^kd te ire
hk A:*» h cc«4itef teal te take k»^
'waTks. te*>icri «fter & fenef s&aæ k
içrtei >:irr>faôir-c iessseCf te ''Ce«:
Ote.raL ~ He be^aa te kae Aesàs
crrwsÂet ^-arbeied asAer k» rw:
I» p^àste crew .....tkremfr ' asc dy *« 2 ».
\s ar :se seas.;de a ci'ointei
hks S-C-'y safirà^s very
* * '• ^jsd m dk, er Hk e w
tece c. c*>Has:*'y i 'arec, asc tbe kast
eaettetaea: rrrs is poke teres sixty
toabanêrrd He saxes tire? drarba»
cr ck.cte »res kegow sc bed —tém
K&ant te a i «5 rrasy tees. Three
te:cte> rteS5. arc a$ p: k takrsg three ?
asc a sad* hakt at bec::xe and me
a; ear y aocttisgt cas barely walk cae
bss*lred varc> mtbcéi sitting cc iy
isg Ar »a; tbe irrîakbty ci tbe bears
is changed into agv*y c be atttmpsa
te ttä: frees a ebarr; taeee » a b'cr> i
hèe «e* of «napbù«.
»oca» s-.-v. W » jov«- a^-xxi K{^
_ ^ __________________
everv vein me s as kâassed «si s »ci
kc to doubie tbe srse; asc wbea g-T»
vs up by '--ae medkal maa another ar*,
: ' c li' w .~ ' atJ k*®. ^
Ttse nrst awbtpasmd »itöoat efi-iov
ie^s.y gme »ith bear- disease, and be
cv r*u*Cx H*
, , t
; ra» »as creacial—sleep imposai tue;
and for over a week be sever slept a
I - ». ti 1._____ z .»:_
»iak. He became delinoos, bat re^j
cowry came at length, though tedi
ou»!t: la lh:« ».voti«,
v> -. 0 ÿ walk as many miles and dktttl
returned to tvess him.
Coming Far Him.
We hope that »uh the passing
a»ay of the snow will disappear all
* .* » . f *
temptation to repeat the disgraceful
scene enacted on Munson street oa
| ,
Friday aftero**>a. As near as we can
ascertain, tbe particulars are as fob
Mr. Robinson, who occupies the bouse
i next north of Merrill's grocery, was
\ engaged in shoveling the snow from
the roof into the street During the
work he heard a scream from below,
and looking over the cornice he saw a
man with hair, neck and clothes full of
snow, dancing up and down on the
walk and shaking his fist toward Mr.
"What do you mean by throwing
your blasted snow over mef* gasped
tbe stranger.
Who threw snow on youf very
naturally inquired Mr. Robinson, there
being every probability in the world
that it was thrown on him several
days before.
You did; just lids minit/ asserted
the stranger, most positively.
"Well, I didn't mean to throw it on
ynu. HowVl I know you wore thsreT
said Mr. Robinson, feeling that the oc
casion called for some firmness.
Why in thunder ain't yon looking
to see what you're doin', and not be
flinging your snow all over creation,
burying up resnectable people?* de
"Who am voo*
• 00 . n»io* btoa^oo to the key
"HI teach you - who I
«S* 1
ttop $£ äesr v»o» - Wag
ay Sm aosrs—«ai several
'"WWfid* 3m
mcwWI tee «©eager..
anem i *cse «rasera wish tke Jte»
; ji k »ci <vi^: Siieteate^r àcv^
me mas way ?"' serenssed
-Y1 you. ff wju
coast Avx
here, yvw
«èinfkac à*f asrasgvr.
** aÄtT
"Efen't y.'u. cutot me sm
neu* rrarwt
SL'Ceuscs. "*ur HI osas»
Am Mr
ÜS» SÇ*-» a JvHfc 9CK wVI
yry mTiSB QHB
just yon cease. jnSt you crass.*
àe mroeisa of iètestea^ a pter et
j^tsairy eyete -Tbas^ al l
y\M4 tva cuckçal bfttba^!?
nä jvttc küfraf areand bete»
vwt xwse^fd reçC-k^ T wiled
scol Aaacö^ ca tbe ei%e cf tbe r»vf
ra as. eossacy of raev. "ter VI
tbe %kfia cas ofyoa ia tbet»—Map
Aer! htx — T
Aai à aa iasssaat tbe ôrigbteaid
ssaa »as «k.-Ai teward tbe snSk»
madîy ck»kg tbe aàr »ttk a pais ot
leg* and a kgkfefiei sacmkbjwt
Tbe rvvapARts of tbe ws»àwm NU »
a «renaa ci berrer. »bile tbe kdEwd»*
tbe vaiA gaw c®e fhraaaed
riance at tbe apprmc&cg spectacle
^ ^
i»i t**a si»* e»â iri «Mmewfty
sr tie sstrw«. jA'atisy ~fc»r sad"ft>
®eck. bat be »as oa b-s <eî *s as *a*
staat. actively warding off tbe blow*
v |* imaginary awiil tn'.
at tbe U'P of has wk»;
.. Ä
HceP as every jt*as|v
Ko>to«ü« stk* ÎM» tfce «»* *iti
* ,vkv:: - v ■* M, r "•
and czTtBg
keep his off» an Ekipl help!
Kr tbe sake of ay famny beîp
Mr. Merrilbs »b> bad been attracted
ont and
^ ^ XMr be tbe oohsn
ui.ik kirn hr tW «m all told hin tha
1 ?^"" 1
steaager bad bed.
'Aiv^oer quicklv qtaralated Mr.
Robinson, looking hnmed*y arocrad.
"It is well be ban 1 was coming for
him Merrill; coming ter him hoA and
11 S 1 * 188 ** w ^
- I bx b ry Aetna.
Gdu—T be proof of immortality is
faith in it.
Men are generally like wagons;
they rattle prodigiously when there is
nothing in them.
Do not allow idleness to deceive
you, for while you give him today he
steal» tomorrow from you.
He who is false to present duty
breaks a thread in the loose, und will
see the defect when the weaving of a
lifetime is enrolled.
Joy and peace are not resignation;
resignation is the willing endmrance of
a pain that is not allayed.
Tbe perfume of a thousand rosse
soothes, but the pain nosed by oner tf
their thorns remains long after; sad
dened remembrance in the midst of
mirth is like that thorn among the ro
mu&t die n
One mqy five n conqueror or n king
ora magistrate, but he
an. The bed of death brings
human being to his pureiadividuality;
to the intense contemplation of that
oeepeet ana moss solemn
tkms between the creature and
A vomm man'hr- S
of eighty
«$»••*? # te '»MssmaÎi»»

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