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- I -- I=:> - A - IJQ oi TY, WEDNESDAY. .TTTTsTTn g ; lS'ZS
3 STO. 38 .
Idaho World Printing Company
-- » » » -
Briet Ruiiiins AJjoiai«» Itaoaic Dali Will Street
— • • * —......
M I e h of Subscription«
........ $•» (H> j Three Meath«.. .$3 OO
loath*.'..... •"» 00 ! Single Copies..
Uv Carrier, 53 per quarter.
liutes ot Adeertiainjït
tea îinef or leu», one insertion... $ 5 00
each, «ubäcqucut insertiuu, 2 00
L-Ltii o( * column, per quarter,......... 25 00
Mirth........ ......... «HW
s;: q •• •* " " ......... 50 00
Dia tun, per quarter..............—
I card*. 1 1 hue* er le**, three month«, lu 00
Professional (t'ards.
.::y, I 1. t'tlice ou Muutgomery »trit t, aecoiid
r op. N K V A N D O >UN SK LO R AT t. V W. AND i
*r aime Court IT
.ury LLeio » ay. l
b «- 1 . u< i« rm*»r>. onu k ou t. otu- j
H M. J. HOT'11 WELL, 31. 1> ,
F SIC IV N. Sl'nùKoN. AC., graduate of Jeffor- :
on M 1 .. College. Philadelphia Utile* >n
|tsi Granite street, Piaeerville, lt-*i»e Co . j
?orirtn Ilotirrs.
ItIO K nr.-i in ;nne it. \o. 5. I. 0
T C . h 'i !« reßUiAr uietdiug. at
»«at. la H ill, *:i W «•.!:; « lay evetmigs
»■ -x. a: - Ail nu mbers
'Uaii:./ are 1 to attend. By
ta- K Com.
kiie_Vi.v -ec'y. ,Jan..3.1*74-tf
LODGE, No. >. I. O. G. T .
11« it* reßuiar meeting. at Ita hall. *»n
»w.ui.** of ea* b w.-» k, at S o'clock
bi-r« in g >*> ] .landing are Invited to
By -r-ter ,,( tn ,. w. C. T.
tr v J ,>.*£.», v-c'y. Jan 15 74-tf
) F
15. Stiitioiuru anä -notions.
:ZAfi02 TO IA*. A. PI55ET é CO.)
............ I 0 AH 0 CITY,
'RAL news dealer
>bacco and cigaes,
All of which wilt I»
ier™ K my linc< not in my «tock,
t*r^ i procMred tn U»« «horte«* poMibl«
for «o doing being
**PediUou», ,j une 12f ig734f *
biuoiatio» Wotice.
he ,ohB Fo «ter and-Pe
' the ««T* Hom ® H °teh nnd doing bn*i
• Boi ot Fo * t ® r A Peterson, nt
doÄ L T., haa been diaaolved
Mr P«. r- fo * ter String pmrehaaed the
a oi ® riOB * contlnna to conduct
i th* « pr * mlwaaB heretofore, reoeive
non, and pay all the iiabilittee
' T> J *no**y 27 , 1S7&-WA.J
The Law of Newspapers.—I. Subseri
ben who do not pivo expreas notice to the con
trary are congdered a« wishing to continue
their subscriptions.
2. If any subscribers order the discontinu
anee of their newspapers, the publisher may
continue to send them until uli arrearages are
3. If subscribers neglect or refuse to take
their newspapers from the office to which
they are directed, the law holds them respon
sible until they have settled the hills, and or
dered them discontinued.
4. If subscribers remove to other places
without informing the publisher, and the news
papers are sent to the former direction, they
are held responsible.
5. I he courts have decided that refusing to
take newspapers from the office, or removing
and leaving them uncalled tor, is prima facie
evidence of intentional fraud.
t) The postmaster who neglects to give the
legal notice of the neglect of a person to take
from the office the newspapers addressed to
him, is liable to the publisher for the subscrip
«<»" >»•■»• _
Tiolfl.s and instaurants.
Fruutiug on the t int
s:Je of the l'la/ii,
i A
; attil h>.r»t'* received for bo«rj or to raucUcbv the da; j
| «reek or mon tb. ;
sad.ii,« Carrier, lutggy ami Tom if «*r*«* k.q>t j
j con.Uutly ou hand and rradv tor u*e day an ! tii«ht '
Airo-d h>«ti*rai«ar.tu roimoon «Ltonru*!
miner*, and every aecotuuialtou pruvtded m first
: ela*. livery »table«,
Cfvr ni (Wa#rml Siprfi,
2Ä. Q. LUNEY,........Proprietor.
H aving again asscmkdcon
tr >1 of the alsive named house. I have rrfurn
tshed the same with u*wr Ix-ds and beddtug. Slu^le
>r double r >om* for ßuesta.
Will be »upp'.ie«! »Rh the Iw-at the market afford*
!** j
) F *r all Unr* leading out of Mahn City will br found
at thin house. .June TJ -tf
HÜ Ql* AKTZBl'BCi, I. T.
ohnFostcr, ................Proprietor.
Tim tabl#-« of tlo- Miri*r'* Homo will alway. bo .up*
pii c«l with the v- ry b< *t of everything lu the market.
comfortable bed.
provi'l«Mi for r**ßtiUr boarder« or tran.l<>nt cn.tonvr.,
and no pain« nor « xpen.« .pared to make the Horn« j
de*«*rvcdly a favoriU* r***<irt for cv«»ryl>ody. Give u* j
a call if'you want either a «quarc meal or a ro<h!.
H aving taken charge of this popular
pl*ce of public r«-«ort, I have thoroughly reno
vated the c*Ubli*hiuent and am prepared to receive
ready at all time«, and everything about the honac
kept clean and neat.
The LADIE8* DEPARTMENT will be controUed by
And everything will be done to contribute to the
comfort of gueata. [decUtf
IC»in Stmt, Idaho Ciiy,
E JONES, proprietor.
Makes a speciality of repairing wag
ons, buggies, &c. None but the
and work warranted equal to am In the country
Give me a trlaL
A Silver Bullet. —A somewhat re
markable occurrence is exciting peo
ple in the vicinity of Hastings, Michi
gan, and inducing something almost
like superstition. A farmer, traveling
through a dense piece of woods, came
suddenly upon a huge buck stretched
out upon the ground and evidently
engaged in closing up bis affairs with
life. There was no wound upon the
animal, and it was apparently dying
merely of old age. The farmer merci
fully put the buck out of misery by a
bullet in the head, and then, doubtless
with buckskin gloves and breeches in
mind, east his t ye over the skin of the
animal. A hard round lump just he
neath the hide attracted his attention
and was cut open, when, to the farm
er's surprise, there was revealed a sil
ver bullet, such as was once used for
carrying secret messages. The bullet
was taken home, when, after much
difficult v, tin* farmer succeeded in un
screwing the thing, revealed a mes
sage written in cipher upon paper of j
the greatest thinness. Naturally, this
j the neighborhood, Utid ptTSolis SUD
; ' 1 I
Dosed to !*e experts have been railed
j discovery attracted much attention in I
' * ■
J ("-• * m uc cAperi« nave ucen caucu
u P' m to test their skill in translation t
j—thus far without effect. The bullet
|does not appear greatly marred, and
pinl ahull!
S there is no clue of :uiv kind to its his
j *
-*vtory. The only plausible explanation
which has suggested itself is that the
bullet, entrusted to some messenger
years ago, by an accident became
mixed with leaden balls and was so j
bulged in the buck when; it was car
until the animal died of
sheer old age This is merely the the
ory advanced, unsupported by a sin
gle fact Iq'aring upon tip* curious
proldem which the farmers arc trying
to solve.— Kr.
Adyertising as a Means of Success.
—Somebody says that successful mer
chants arc those who have advertised
in some way. Advertisement of one's
business is absolutely necessary to
success. When; advertising does no
direct benefit—-if such a thing be pos
sible—it confers indirect advantages
by building up the newspaper press,
which advertises and illustrates the
citv and its citizens to the world. We
j |,avC never Seen a good business mail.
j _ ~_
thorough ill his business affairs that
did not make advertising profitable.
We regard judicious and sharp adver
tising as a means of success. No
man who can give this subject due
consideration and practical trial can
fail to be convinced of its great influ
ence upon trade. It creates business
and if every merchant advertised lib
orally and judiciously, we arc satis
fied it would greatly increase their
The adage that "Providence helps
those who help themselves," don't ap
ply to those who help themselves to
the best on the table, and leave their
fellow-boarders to skirmish for the
A young dandy sang two mortal
hours under the boudoir of his lady
love, when lie was electrified by a
"thank you" from her window by her
"other fellow."
A student having procured half a
dozen new shirts, desired to mark
them, lie put his full name on one
and marked "ditto" on the others.
A young man in Ohio recently
opened a clothing store, and was sent
to jail for it Reason: the clothing
store belonged to another man.
on him
A Chinaman Gored to Death, and
Then Impaled. —At the Devil's Elbow,
about 6 miles below Black Hawk, on
the line of the Col »rado Central Rail
way, where the bed of the road is
hewn out of the solid rock, owing to
the extreme narrowness of the valley
of Clear Creek at that point, an inci
dent occurred on Wednesday last,
which takes rank as one of the most
horribly and terrible on record.
A Chinaman, Lin Wau, working in
the gulch mines along the creek, was
pursued by a wild and furious bull,
which had wandered away from the
herd up the creek. For safety the
Celestial took t<> the track, but was
closely followed by the infuriated ani
mal to the Devil's Klhow, where the
bed of the creek is about 20 feet be
low the track, and flic top of the tele
graph pole on a lino with the rails.
One hurried moment had the China
man to realize that his enemy was up
whon with all the force of
j brute power one horn went piercing
through the back, passed through the
WHS the Work of all ilistuilt to raise.
I ■
like a feather, the mass u"
I abdomen and came out in front.

use u leatuer, me mass oi bleeding,
t screaming human flesh, and, with a
toss, to hurl it across the track and in
to the gulch. The unfortunate China*
man thus gored unto death and tossed
into air, in his doscent struck upon the
end of a telegraph pole, which en
tcred the same gaping wound made
by the horn of tip* brute in his back,
j and the pain-tortured, blood besmeared
victim was impaled in midair. W ith
out speech, and pile with horror at
the sight, his e mpani ms were pow
erless, until 1 1 1 * * h.art-rending cries of
the unlortunate awoke idem to duty,
He was Uk .i t:v ie;i from ins app tiling
position as soon as po>sibb', but died
in a few minutes. Tite bull, after ac
coiuplishing this deed, parsed up the
canvon, and had not beim captured at
last accounts.— lh'nvvr Tnhunr.
Says tin* New York Sun about the
j Presidential candidates:
Now, here is a paper published in
Tincinnati with a handsome though
crepuscular portrait of Georg«* Francis
Train at its very head, and an enthusi
astic article nominating George Fran
cis for President and Andy Johnson
for Vice President. We thought Train
had got over that sort of thing, but
perhaps be is not able to hold in his
friends. Such is the destiny of great
A Change. — T. J. Sutton has ceased
to have any further connection with
the Idaho Would. Hereafter it will be
under the editorial management of E.
W. Jones, who is also the sole proprie
tor of the paper. Mr. Jones is a young
man of much promise, having made his
start in the WoiiLDoflice as a devil. We
hope he will meet with that success
which his integrity and energy deserve.
—Leuidon Northerner.
The Providence Press says it never
beard in a funeral oration or sermon,
and seldom in private conversation, the
opinion expressed that a man with a
ten thousand dollar income had gone
to bell.
A sanctified heart is better than a
silver tongue; a heart full of grace is
better than a head full of notions; a
man may be a great scholar, and yet
be a great sinner.
The immigrant population of Florida
is pouring out at a rapid rate, owing
to the warmer weather. There are
some thirty-five thousand people oto em
igrate this year.
"R-ags!" —Just as the rays of the
rising sun gilded the rosy morn, and
the lark brushed the dew from his
brown feathers and trilled a joyous
lay, the voice rose from the walk and
penetrated the ears of every sleepei'
for a block around. It was not a voice
crying "Excelsior!" or a voice raised
in adulation of the beauties of a joyous
morning. It was a plaintive voice,
and there was a quaver to it as it
called out:
When the great bell struck the hour
of noon, and the busy streets were de
serted by all save a slowly-meandering
policeman or two, and an occasional
lad hurrying along with a dinner-pail
in his hand, a plaintive voice sounded
along the streets and echoed and rever
berated in the stairways. It was not
the voice of a good man, admonishing
the people to turn from the error of
their ways. It was not the chant of
the auctioneer, giving "third and last
call," nor was it the monotonous, mu
sical slang of the man who sells a set
of gold jewelry for the paltry sum of
tWCUtv-fiVC CdltS. It WOS & VOÎCC CTY'
When the golden sun dipped behind
the horizon, and the evening shadows
chased each other across his face and
wavered and quivered above Time's
grave, there came riding on the quiet
evening air a long drawn wail. It was
not the cry of a child in pain. It was
not the sad sob of a loving wife as she
lient over the cold and lifeless form of
a kind husband. It rose with the shad
ows, sounding through halls and crept
into chambers. It was that same cry,
«✓ »
that same
"R-ags !"—Detroit Fret' Press.
Yesterday when a chronic old beg
gar asked a citizen for aims the man
replied :
"No, sir—not a cent."
"Pm very hard up," continued the
"Can't help it; you are not a worthy
person. You've been drunk every day
for the last three months."
"That isn't so, and I cau prove it."
"Who by?"
% "By the Superintendent of the House
of Correction! They had me there for
thirty days, and I was sober all the
He didn't get the alms, however.—
Detroit Free Press.
The other day as a woman was
crossing Gratriot street a team brushed
her so closely that she fell down. The
driver halted and asked if she were
hurt, adding:
"You ought to know more than to
walk in the middle of the street."
"I had, eh?" she yelled in a shrill
voice as she brushed the dust from her
apron; "well, I want you to under
stand, sir, that I've got just as much
right in the road, sir, as any old red
boss which was ever harnessed up,
sir I" —Detroit Free Press .
Under the Act of Congress offering
one hundred and sixty acres of land t«.
any person who would plant forty
acres of them in trees and cultivate!
them for eight years, about one thou
sand and one hundred persons had ta
ken up one hundred and seventy thou
sand acres of land in Minnesota up to
January last. Other western States
and Territories are following in like
■» » »
How true, aa Dr. Johnson says, that
"every man endeavors with his utmost
care to hide his poverty from other*
and his idleness from himself."

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