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Pouutaia gome ÿuUrtfn.
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On# r«r by mail (invariably in advance) .$8.00
•U moniha
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Plagie copy
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"ÄÄS °»t t,f t !r*sS , V 9 Ïu I ' en '
- j
Phew! 110 in shade vesterdav
. T ® Jisterday.
Miss Carrie Johnson has returned .
home. !
Commodore Jackson now sports !
R pretty red coach. j
Miss Anna Barber has been quite !
•ick for several days.
Mrs. Gus Rikewine and child .are 1
visitine at Boise Citv
Whv not make' Bellevue the i
Mhy not make B. llevue the
county seat of Elmore? :
D. Howard Gray has bjen grant
rf from Mary C. Gray.
f*-Oall and see our new style
Fans among other novelties, at Dr.
Be m L >y o , I
The Bi lletin' had the pleasure |
of a call from Mrs. Daniel McGiness
on Wednesday.
It is rumored that another gen
eral supply store will soon be
opened in Mountain Home.
Last evening Mr. and Mrs. Shaw
gave, pic»., ,tp„r, y I» w * I

at tne Laaies (tuilfl sociable*
Thursday night was an agreeable
surprise to all.
The rine Grove Mining Company
d off their monthly indebtedness
;™ days ago, and the employes
are correspor.dinglv happy.
B. F. Sargent and wi£ came down
from Pine Grove Saturday and have
gone to San Francisco to spend 1
6cver.il months, with the hope of an
improvement in the health of Mrs.
John M. Cannadv to-div asks for
n . 1 . a 1 ay 10 .ia> aSKS lor
continuance m ofliee bv the paonle of
Altnr-is M- Cimnndv hns
Auditor and Recorder for two terms
and has given such good satisfac
tion that it i« useless to rnntr-^t hi«
wu " niitL it us ubOBJ»» io UUiliCov ms
■oat bound eipreas arrhes at 2:85 p. ra.
Weot bound vxprrtw arriva at 7.50 a. m.
Freight, east bound, at 9:85; weet b'd, 9:35 p. m
Saturday, Sept. 1,1888.
Candidates' Announcements.
■aapertfully announce* hiniK-lf a cantlitlate for
auditor and keoorder,
Respectfully announcca hitusc If a candidate for
of the Democratic County
Convention of Alturas, at Kelchuni, Sejit. 1H.
Subject to the dacisi
Respectfully announce« himself a candidate for
Subject to the decision of the Republican Conven
tion of Altura« county.
Hereby announces himself as a candidate for
Subject to the decision of the Republican Conven
tion of Al'uras county.
Mr. A. G. Smith of Rocky Bar. j
Mountain Home public school
will open September 10th, with Miss
V. Dollarhiue and Miss L. Thomas !
as teachers.
The home musical talent exhibit
claims for re-no:nination or re
John \V. Swauger has sold his
interest in the harness shop to I).
B. Hill, and will soon remove from
this place—probably to Owyhee.!
The Bi lletin regrets the departure
of such good people as Mr. and Mrs.
Swauger from our midst. |
Why not hold Elmore's division !
rûnvpnfinn nf Uniuo Pifv9 Tt •
Searer us^least to
♦U.» « 1 ^ fw 1 /
Pri Ä ™ n I (cxc ? l t,n «
Gen. rnde), more people would at
tend than at Bellevue, and there
would he less dimrer nf mir normt« 1
i ■ „ ®l" , : i , F ■ P l
«« Ô fi o c00Kca UcKet toistcd
M ÏÔ"„,on h,, roturnM from
»I. Jonn. on nas returned Irom
Fine CtTOVL* tills time to Stay. we.
we pleased to note. , Maroni says
that Frank Andreas' new hotel
would be a credit to a m ore r.reton
woiua dc a credit to a niori proton
tious town than the Grove. The
main building is 20x40 feet, two
Stories high, with two wings 14x20
each. The hotel IS run by»Mrs.
Madden and daughter in firat class
jwaaaen ana aaugiiier m nrsr Class
aftrld und iq rf'PPivinp pxppllpnt nqf.
■lyic ana is receiving excellent pai
About seven miles northeast 0 fi
Mountain Home and where the!
tparkling waters of Little Rattle
snake creek emerge from the moun
tain canyons, is situated one of the
most picturesque spots and prettiest
homes to be seen in all Idaho. I»
has been occupied but a few years !
yet there is wonderful evidence of
the handiwork of the' thrifty and
industrious huHbundrnan. Here
may be seen young apple trees lit
erally bending from the weight of
large mellow fruit, besides other
fruit trees, vines and berries too
numerous to particularize; also
corn, tomato, melon and potato
patches showing such luxurious
growth as to excite wonder in the
minds of the denizens of the parched
valley below that such things exist.
Beautiful poplar trees—some thirty
feet high—surround a large and
comfortable dwelling house; a stone
cellar stands convenient, with a !
S.™» f.illn,, .tr»»m »,,nnin» „ f
never-failing stream running at its
?°°r, g00(l . • ana . V V' I
houses are in aa..uy 1 :.,
short, everything that
toward making a beautiful and :
happy home. And such it is for
C. P. Oliver and his estimable young
wife, the owners, and whose lateh
qtrings are ever outside, and whose
cordial greeting and good cheer
within can not le surpassed.
x y
could tend
Ai>out twenty-live men. on short
! notie«
assembled at Ireland's build
,n g Tuesday evening to consider the
. matter of county division.
the meeting and C. K.
qu,,,,, „1 , , ,made
Shaw chosen secretary. After the
object of the meeting was stated by
the chairman, George Fletcher, of
Rocky Bar, was called up. and said
ic people of his precinct wer."
unanimous tor the onatiou of a new
1 Couotv- ttoil thm-noinilo.l I.,., .,t
couiui , in.it mev entatieu grout loss
and privation by having to travel
such great distance to the present
county seat; that he rejoiced at the
f c 'T °, f the people there asset,.
hied, and concluded by saying that
his people would act in harmony
with all who desired the formation
of Kililore countv.
G \\' Fh'tchor of Pino firnw
also niade am>rot)ri'itc 'înd rti*
aiso ma<k appropriate and parti
nent remarks wliiek were well re
T rT .
J. II. Miller moved that it
be declared the wish of all those
present, that Western Alturas
send no delegates to the county con
A « i . f w . . • ,
enüons to be held at Ketch urn and
Bellevue, which was earned.
( • u. Shaw advised the holding
of a convention of the people of
Western Alturas at Pine Grove for
the purpose 0 f placing in the field
a "County Division Legislative
G. M. Payne thought the proper
thing to do would be for the people
to ''old n mass meeting at Bine
Grove, Mountain Home or any other
P recinet within thr limits of the
proposed new county, for the pur
P ° 8e of thorou S h organization, but
seemingly he had no foilowers, and
oldV. subsided.
E. C Helfrieh advocated the pro
p„ et y of „d movod tho. . Couoty
Division Convention be held at
Bellevue soon after the adjourn
,nent of the political county con-?
ventions, for the purpose of nomi
nating a legislative ticket, and,
strange to say, the motion prevailed
by a vote of 12 to 11.
„This motion was advocated by
Helfrieh, Miller, Mallison. Davis
ant * Hodge, and strenuously op
* Ä,
Sä "" u '"' d 10 in
The meeting then got down to;
"solid" work by legislating for all!
the prêt 1 note in Liinor« By propob
ing ^ncl enacting that a certain
number of delegates be allowed < ct
tarn r"'" ts to go from W'. v».. r ,
' '••••■•"s to the Division Convention'
probably to be hel<l at Bellevue, on
A'ood River, iive miles from the
present county seat.
While this actiou was being taken
the crowd began to disperse, and
*>„.e one moved* that the meeting
adjourn to the call of the chairman,
alld the first—we hope the last—j
larce Bi Hie division draina wus
" u hope that when Chairman
gt u ll H oes call r( , as .., m ] ,i; t ,.f the
. uu uutB cal a reasstiiiuniig oi the
citizens to act upon tills vital ques
Mon, he will give proper time to ad
vertl f e il Hioroughly so that the
P uo P^ e generally may know of it
• * I ^ ^
ancl attena.
»tun, Ksq.. was called upon to pre
that tl
. " Uh all due respect for the opm
'° n8 . of Mu88 ™- i^l/nch, Miller,
'Bdlison, ct ah. the Bulletin is
8lace [° 111 proclaiming that the hold
1 "? 0 ^ ' l . tivlt<1011 convention out
^ proposed bouiiduiies oi
^^ lllore wu uid tie suicidal to sue
ce88 ' n . ,
also be f lleves , hat
good citizen 111 i*l\ or of Ul
Hnould be allowed to take a hand m
this important matter; that tb
,j ,* .■ e
^ ft "f 1tlng . fu t u a * 1 wl î° de '
Hlre tü atU ' ,ld ' HI,d that Said con
vention should be held either at
p ine Grove or Mountain Home—
■-»***• »'
- * * »* - - • I
l ;l ule
I)ol L. But,tier Dolls, at Dr. lleai by V
®*-Our fresh French Creams an ;
selling rapidly. Call at Dr. Beat by V
store and treat yourself and lad.- m
something nice. ,
law ilvE«
,, ;
On flnu lifter o»*pteillber lbt we hllilll
se " for CASH ONLY.
We will make reduction of prices on :
goods from that day to prove tliui j
cash buying is ttiu be t. i
All persons who.are owing ns over- !
due accounts and notes are requested
u , call und settle at once as »c are
to ooHect, with costs added
" nel .' ef,, ' ar " V ".
Fair warning to all.
Hei.frich it Miller.
Fine Shes,i for Sole. ;
I have ahout one hundred fine
Spanish or improved American Me
lino huck» for sale for cash or ap
proved security. They may he seen
at tny place in Mountain Hume on ,
and after July I, 1888.
Kuekr liar Drug Store.
n- v s 1 ' ' , '
X-at Ro'ckv Bar and elrX a fire !
store a t Kui K y 15.1 r, a ml urni s a tin
l; _ 0 , , , h , etc l.qnots
"O»" 1 Due Cigars. Everyth. . 1 « ut. tally
. drue sU.re may he found -u
. . . ..
patronage of the public,
lumber yard,
t0~ c '- Payne,-Notary Public.
Richard Bennett.
. drue store may he found at
this place, and Dr. Wright solicits the
0TU e-col.t Bock Beer on draught
at W D. Davis' Capital Saloon.
0T Screen doors at C. R. Shaw's
Clirt Hirtiliift of n Mill—Prat It—New
York Company**-New* IteniH.
The With* West mill will h? christ*
cned pome time from the first to tht
«.f 8eptemt.er. Speeches will U
anil a jollification hsd.
t( ^ lttte tll , (leiltU of Mrs.
n lmr v 8 whioh occurred on
Monday of this week. She had suf
fered several weeks and hopes began
to bo entertained of her recovery when
"tb,-fell destrover come and bore awav
,, rt . v _» she was nn estimable lady
ami leave* five children. The funerul
took place on Wednesday.
The number'of children of school
hr* in this distrie;, has j st been re
turned It amounis to 11...
. '"»> *» \
rom , J 1 '" *•*»'*"' He »
known tu run go low m the history of
* ' v tx v i r» r
N. C. Ihionev of New N ork City, di
reetor In the New York Com pan vV
^»»erty here, accompanied l»y Mi-s
Baonev, came to t wn Monthly even i
'"?• O'. lu. sd.,v Hu y visited .be,
' Snp.nniend, nt F..lj...nl».. ;
J M .' 1 i
several reouents to construct mills, nut
( , IÏVf4 w j]| attend to more biisinins
until he has a couple of months rest,
which be r>»«pnses to tske u* *-.on n*
■ he Wide West mill shall be ready to
drop it* stamp«
Office business is nearly all our at
'»rney* have to attend to.
Dr. W right seems to be doing well
n ' cl(, ' ,fi ' encumbers, etc., and the
HEPi togeilier with the drug
business keep the gentleman going.
Prnspec ive Elmore mitnty forms
much of a topic of conversation. •
The Alimas made payment to its
employes or, Monday last.
Mas Emerson appears to be getting
very nicelv will, he, school.
1 soï'nTÂTfï
££££ Ä'tSÄ
s ( .) V es among the blessed
George Eletehm has been on a visit
to Mountain Home and Belbvne.
Tlmre ia not a man in Roekv Bar
who is not ready to declare tlmt lie is
politician, and yet wb,>n county
: ,iviKion is '? " «** d .v »'•
»«•'!";; "rÿ niake a speech.
Ruck - V Bnr ' Aug 2 r 9 '_!
pneu ni\T rnn\T
FB01I PINE fiR0\E.
: Th vr. irr;, rrrnr-"
Test »help ore, etc.
_ y„- r . ,
coadiv ^
t-mVi« mino« ah.i no fear oMot« of it in the future,
^ve minea »11 look better*diveiopmcnt wfirk con
. The ,r » m '^ v "» »• D*"M' n »" fmr,t No.
in « (,» *«>., ami non ,1 n„ ,it. am elp» ipd .« u...
«-c 1 » «r i,u h -n-'f »-1 v*rv »-w. Mitnn.. »
Tvhtoni<«pM , t ,im n ^bn,'y , ior Jt'ïirt'thre"'y«»"
^"1 ,>KV ...
w„ h ^
r "w înerîi of the ptreamre
conmunv. mat, f.Vthe »«•nniniiHfotinn nf proMK».« e
,1|Tim«.î»tM'srt^r i»ho.rthnè 1 «iT»t»mnlrïIr 5™^
i.wwork .w.h «tii t»» »rwt i.v«- to um »b«
fn'I'T?,«™, in1hi,mini ,'n rtockTii.r a " ,! " e "
DalUHnw "".-I imerm-Mnent. irnlny nhcsl «ifiiHItv.
a „*«• hou.e.m ..on i.e tmiii. »hiih u very
>n'r r V u "; -ticoi impiilati™ .HouMn
llftySÄ T w.t d
v ; r t -. minln » exi>ert L^ver, Oiink«. very favorable
nf thetiuur future Of f*in« »»rove mining ramp.
juHun Pa"ifab*rh»»soM hi**interest in the i.ittic*
for a tnree roumi sum to a WoBwrn c .m
tiio Dariiiii
r *1,010.
r a w.iw, m.™
» p»oMaut#**i visit to friund« at Mountain iiom«. a.
Plllt ' ,ro >e . Anguatao. _
lucky OLIVER.
Oliver Sloan Find* O ravel on Fall
the Frying-pun. 1
_ " * . .
f.ll ckesk, Idaho, au^. »s, isss.
t» m* bv^s:
I liavc fourni the M(f bnuanaa at last. The general
community an.i my friend, at Mountain Home drove
">« D>i'and fortune h« smiled on a P oorpro» t *cor. ;
and a frying-pan. i travel«, up f.iu reek un i
come to a pood cro»«ing, and a« it happened there
i.^'S-VÂTÂ^VÂ 1
.iced .great many qu.ru bm, Mer» that would weigh
fr..m one to twotm... I »aw it w,..goo.t place 1 1 .. '
proapset; i.ut i «um tomyaaif,aiiat.,no. '"How «m I
t.„m«i „ u t..,y ir,ingV«n to prévit the^ »«weitem
nut. I got >.n a b.r ul mil atraam and found a trie
th»t had been blown down. I nd«r the roote of ihl.
tree wa« pr. Bent« i a poo pro-*pe t h*»ie idupt.ee
a little with mv knife and pot a nice selection « f
w«.h gravel: took it to the criek to pan ituow,,. and
when l Imn the dirt nearly all out I p.a«e the pan the
i »ài 1 Vt™ 1 .«' «« hT.iim c P 'Ô iillrs^'. 11 m ti-r;*.^ V" u '"e
t.1°T"t.'^X. «S
amun«, ,«r n«urt«ii. Miner, swanixdm,'c»acy, Hoi
ÎÂÏÏ.S 1 lk " ab, ' uu '
Your» «.„«.fully. Oliver »loan. I

, yf , H, , r f Ç f m,H,rt ? r inpur ( , d
aganiHi firt*. J. M. Ungar ih iig»*nt foi
t,lu Pneonix and the Home—two solid
co mpan ies.
CiF'Eurllieii flower pots, and plain
and fancy spittoons at Ilagar's.
®*^Drockery, Queen and stone-1
ware, new, just arrived al Ilagar's.
»W hi-» interest in
to Frink Andreas f
Montana, has purchased the
tt hi.-h he has commenced dev#*'
and is extracting about
the G
e aft
«■T'Eiist-chisa marble Lime' at C.
R. Shaw'« lumber yard. :
fJF Lamps of all kinds, milk and |
syrup pitchers, spoons, knives and
forks, just arrived at liagars.
All kindnof chewing and amok- j
ing tobiiCCOB at llagur'H.
Home-made Bologne sausage,
head cheese, liver and Idiasl puddings ,
n^h ,'ml u k, 'X' m X ,lh
f,n hand at Rains Mounuin Home
Meat Market.
(TYou will find at J. M. Hagarsi
the largest and best assortment of gr,
will find at J. M. Hagar s
the largest and best assortment of gr.
ceries I• V»>r niVtrrorl (a t La oaotilu ,\t
over .ofl'ered to the people of |
Mountain Home and vicinity.
t0"l wo carloads of oats just re
ceived at Hsgar's and for sale at $1.76
per hundred.
0tT\ choice assortment of fine ;
candies just arrived at the Poetofflee
variety store.
Richard Bennett and John Mitch
ell are exerting themselves toward
forming a company for boring ar
tesian wells at Mountain Home.
'The people should stand in with '
(hc|u to nmn Thure is little
...... ... ,
d,mbt ^at a good How of water
may be obtained here, which when
the first success is scored will fur
nish the keynote of that herald
which shall bring to this valley an
increase of population bevond our
most sanguine hopes and turn our
sagebrush plains into valuable!
farms. And where is there a better
country for either soil or climate
than 'right here. It has not yet
been found. Nowhere in-cither our.
hills or val'levs. has there vet been
f , • ' -, , jf irrj ;
Jr! Wl ,1,1 or, do è o r.
' . *♦ . *i. i
'l* UU! a,l | \ Cr Mlh
and more wholesome vegetables
than ean be produced elsewhere.
Name the country whore anything
in vegetable form can he raised that
wjn beat our own product8? ( !ivi
U8 . t f watt . r l to irri t „ ,
lands and we can raise better wheat
. " 1 ** uriltI " IK ' U
,inc l more of it to the acre than any
other known country. In raising
liops we can beat the world; we
can raise potatoes that for size and
quality are hard to beat in any [
country; we can raise larger and i
butter flavored fruit than even Cali- !
f orn j_ boasts >f •'1 f
jjy ' referred to' the oreh
ards of Commodore Jackson, G. \V. !
Hill, Charlie Oliver, M. Daniels I
and others. Besides, they raise
peaches, pears, cherries, grapes or
anything else that is produced be- !
tween the two poles. Even tobacco
t f ' ti j, our foothills
and emt te mofitablv eulth'a ed
A11 thi ^ to n'ke this' ^ !
«»" f ™,,..ry one of the fair.,, ..„
top of God's footstool is water. Our
hills are always good feed for horses I
and cattle after the snow disappears i
and our valleys are the accumula
tion of centuries of mountain soil
(;, ve UH t b e means to "irrigate this
rich valley and we can then raise
best grain, fruit and vegetables,
the most nutrieious cereals, the
richest grasses and the finest steel.
- * ***»»■.«>* *'" »«■
a Kotten concern.
About tlie 1st of lust June Super
intendent Miller, of the Tahoma
• . , . . . .
mine at Atlanta, received a propo
»^.jsition from the Portland Reduction
Works to purchase his concentrates
at certain cash figures on delivery.
Mr. »filler accepted the proposition
f „ . , , ,
^* a fow aided one car
loa , d ' andearl > r , ln Au f st he ^
pud anothor carluad üf concentrât* d
ore. Up to a short time ago Mr.
filler could not get any returns
or information regarding his ore.
and becoming somewhat alarmed at
the silence nf the imnnm.r« r,t' it,,.
the suem e oi the managers ot ttn
Reduction Wofks, he went to Port
land and there found o ie carload
stored at the works and the other
still remaining m the ear. lie called
. ,.
upon Juincs otecle, the Recretiirv
am j treasurer and also president of
the Merchants' National Bank at
only prompt recourse
8h, P the f , wre ' ' vbl,b bc d,d ' a,ld " 18
novv 011 fhe roa<l to Denver.
Mr. Miller acting for the Tahoma
Company, ha« been at great ex
pensi and 1«« 8 of time hunting up
1 , . . f J
.«» d ^gammg possession of this
property, hlS company has beCtl an
noved and somewhat crippled in
its'operations in consequence of the
attomp.od, ,,„l oor.aiolv
should take stringent measures to
reCOVtT damages.
The Portland Reduction Works,
ever since its com (fiction Ins been
evtr slnct " s uömpicuon, nas Dt.en
a source of annoyance and detri
ment to mining men who had faith
n its honorable management and
who were led to deal with it through
tb,. unnenruni e nf sm h rcsniinsii.le
tllc ll PP t jrjpu . 1 °| 811 , / P 11 .'.'
names as \\ Ladd (nrcsidiî'it
.1 « , • » * , 1 1 u r»». ■
of the banking house of Ladd & 111
fr)»» « n.l Turn»»« StOplp (nrusid j nt nf
the Merchants' National Bank) as
stockholders in the rotten concern.
We ean not believe that ihese gen
tlemen have knowingly lent their
names to such a huge fraud as the
Portland Reduction Works, but be
that as it may, they are, to a eer
a >n limit, responsible and should
be made to sutler tor bung caught
in bud company,
Millinery and Fancy Notion Store to
Portland, who made no satisfactory
explanation but asserted that there
was no money in the treasury with ,
which to fulfill his contract ior the
Tahoma concentrates. Mr. Miller's
was to ro . i
New Millinery Store.
Miss Anna Burner has removed her
the new building next door to Hel
rieh & Miller's »tore, where she will
he pleased to see all her old customers
and also ninny new ones,

fjF Fine J» w» j lry and Notions
P ,, Ptotfice »lore,
plies at Ilagar's.
sweetest toneil ami finest
u'"'** X' brOU ' t ! ,t M,,un . Ul "
Home have just Item received al
Bressler's Postolfi.-e store.
g0T Watch and clock repairing hv
Han v Bressler, on short notice, at the
Cheap and good family sup
Po»t"ffice More.
departure. Hereafter 'lie wdl keep a*
large supply of FURNITURE and
MUSICAL instruments at Ins Port
office store,
00 ifarry Bressler has made a new
00 f ine li<piors and cigars at the
liocky Bar drug store.
Deputy Pti-ritl U.-h 1. ft for Union,
Item*» of Illicit ht From üie lllvci
HUU* Town.
Oregon, on nniciul Uumiu
Wu noticed Mrs. J. II. Brmly of
Mount,in Hume in <.ur t< wn I a,t k
collecting frund* to lo lp lunld a
cl,urch there. She re,a-rud favorably
of (.l-m, , Ferry.
,„.^'' 0 , '.vcd'orn'Tl«-^ nè'kh"b»!urlï
j.lonee on tin-West Side. '
Fin nom Win, Do w of engine 733
''j', ' hi-« family. ha* iu<m*l
1 1 in 1 ufa tello to t Ins low ii, and com e
m II U.l i„. ,,f „„
has bu n cL-ithn" < Mic <' I xkiir 'iln
ipa-i wc< k. ' "
John Ibid of the cr department
h .s relumed fro,,. U,. U I*, hospital
•<« Og len. fooling neailv w.-ll und hu«
resumed duties. '
Miss Mam.. Glcm, and Mrs Jam. s
rinipiimn n tm m .1 from S.,lt L ik * mu
lu*>ilay, hotliimuh improved hv the
lr j., *
Akins IJms. are put'ing up atîOCIO
huiMin^. which tl.ey will mvupv u> »
store hv the mid«Ile « «f S, pt, nd u *r
S. miscrcmt ..... w. . k .Vbm
imisly c,., red Hr ,t...v„f W M s,„i,.
«"•' '-•> him -f
*, 00 ..^,.s ...» .... i. . i
' p /<< V. » . j, !J i;
»ion a« vard ton inm and i w wV 'li.
jug « scoop on i n..joe 7J0
r ,| Akins and Sam It B'nd well
are gmer-Uv *p, ke
for »-bool trust.
wi» t.ll Hi.- bill mo.t satisfactorily.
hii.vku uity noter.
„ , .
T ««»*'>»'■ n, ' c,,t -
1 own quiet,
Weather dry and warm.
w T , h( ' foUndr - V wiU b,ow in nexl
* .opU too luisv to lrnddb
\ V q 1111 pounding away on
'' V v" ort, '
, ' water works put into tin
ib ' U ' 1 an< ^ several other
bu i!, ' gS ' ,
; The arasln. now running on or,
i fron , tht ' U T. 1 ,M * 18 hl>il
' T>r< J < n-- "<i u'rntitVsof "ni ael nier- nr
^ ?» Jr l,,ilL . T ;'"
t &
, as possilde.
Florida Mountain mines are look
"P- , m '' 1
! l ' ' a ' - " 11 al . L /: '
have more ore in sight th.m any
other mines in the countv, now have.'his
; a force of men on them ami are pre
paring for a big crushing,
1 he Seventy-nine, iinotner inipor
,a,,t ' -V 1 '" ll , is
expected will change hands m a few
days, negotiations for its purdvue
■ b - v ."«Ht by Colorado parti-.-* leu, g
Uu ' J?' , 11 ' 1 h: \ 6 ,
h'd u :tl* po\eiU foi several y< ars.
<u sed five years ago when
m* was ollerea a hunctred thousand
l f,,r *!;• , ,
1 lie ( )ro I" 11)0 people are pushing
., ■ , , , 1 1 r
m u , ' ' ', '' " l ' u ■ ' '•
all gocid tor-i .id per toimind a
^ 1 .j^ïs ° tLvT Iv'^-n ■'
nv Ult nu 11111 v IWK sll,v
h < »1 -is ('undulate•
Il fltrlnl tluv
Miss Allie, daughter of engineer C
K-ZÄurr 1 irr
-."ln.nl liiere for the en-uing te-riii. ;
Her brother Hemv ..ceoini'.inied tier.
— •

pended sinking below the fourth
level till they pet a new pump. Re|
ing tins great property
nr * 1 n »vt anriiur
""^"3 u!f Jftiie \ vilmche is oil
1 ,F ,, ,,, . J
R.tteuding the ivepubltcnn couven
tion at Hailey. He will excurt as
h01ne 10 s P cnU some oi ms n.avy
p ., fricnJs b ,
1 restey l.arnb s inentis will t<e
t0 n .„<l this from the Ontario
< ll „_,i. 1 ... i._ i.,,„ • ,,,
j a : , V n,r 1> \Y i ! '
, 1 (" ltln b 1 • " • I - aiIllj 1
^„XTsne !?« ° Mr Tamb could
tnariv* d .. UC C 8. Mr. Lam,, COUld
barclv move when lie eailiC from
*. c .
Jloillltillll ilOillC a ÎL?\\ U PU k S Ilgo.
T) n TI
I 110 l>i?lI(?VU0 lierai»! SUV8 tfiat,
^ le arrival ot Little C harley, tic
duad Mountam Home Chmese lau:.
dryman, eieated ejuite a stink m
»hut community.
The Odd Fellows and Knights of
Labor at Rocky Bar have termed
an association to build a society
dillerent tram
of tw
way companies are now here figur
Ul ^ "V, *. *! *' ran } NV1, yn they propose
' " l,ln » u ' 11,1 !•
Lhere are more
camp bonded with sales in prospect
than at any one time for years.
■at purchasers of the ;
famous Boorman group have men
miiies in this
fia 1
cleaning out the Belle Peck tunnel,
and will probably not begin
Fashionable Dressmaking.
Mrs. S. J. Bailee, who has iceently
arrived from the East, would lie pleased
to receive the patronage of the ladies
of Mountain Home and vicinity.
Uiing Cash.
All parties indehted to me are re
quested to come forward immediately
ami settle.
Hereafter 1 will sell lumber for cash
C. R Shaw.
.Mountain Home, May 15, li>88.
You need not semi aw.iv for
Ce..,.« hardware, gl.is.-wari,. croeken
Mu'Y.ire, clothing, dry g .Is. canned
goods, or anvthmg else, as von ean
h„v cheaper at mv store than eh
where. J. M. Hag Alt.
/ Mean What I Say.
0 ^The Rocky Bar drug store
keeps »11 kinds of medicines,
I» Ball on Dr W light at the
Roekv Bar drug store.
0B^D r. Wright, at the Rocky Bar
drug store keeps the best ot perfum
erics. The ladies, are requested to call
ar.d let', theai.
A Musical Tirai.
The Ladies' Church Guild socia
ble Thursday was conducted in a.
superior manner and the vocal and
instrumental music was praised by
all and pronounced exceedingly
The programme was: 1—fn
Htrumental duct. Win. Tell, by Miss
riiomas and Miss Belle Stull. 2—
Voloal duet. Whispering Hope, by '
Mrs. K. C. Ikfifrnh and Miss Nellie I
* t . ni,b *<»'■<' Day I'll
M ander Back \gain. by Miss Mabel
l aync and Miss Belle MalHson. 4—
'■ 1 !l ». . i. < «hi c itnhthe
-Mgllt tngale, UV Miss ,M tunic stull
..„,1 viJ. h„ii..'m.,ii:. . ~ 1 , •
Vi r \ P ' .' ' i' r .
Ktnll V.vèn ' f, i mnlc ;
V» I ' t n i 't! ' rW | '\i v
r » -lfr'• h ana'll M^IiL,
,, , ,, ,,
o ^ ' d<? b - V M*oHC8j
^' ,U \ '°.miK H_lh,et. Life's
Dwain IS o or. by Mrs. Helfricl, and
'Misa \ellit» Smith. B—Solo,Where
are tin* Friends of Mv Youth, bv !
\» . } *... ( - . . ( v
t'ATe Dmcin^ '(Ver the WnvZ
l.v MUs V..d e L
stnl] {' I* en *. \ *11 \i ir
v 1 '/„'ijjw , H Mall.son.
Miss I.ulu rhomas proved herself a
m R". n '^ 1 receipts were
not half so In r« r e aa the
justly merited.
^ .» ^
"Ï "J Jl1 «•' ni 'J'f v ' )'" rf'
"' a ' lc warn, friends while
have.'his real name (not for publicity)
Boise to-dav.
teaching music
months, and her departure is regret-,
ed l,v many warm friends,
, .1. D. Morris has shown us^ome
remarkably large and plump grains
,,f a new variety of wheat raised on
his grounds near Mountain Home.
Win Garr»ty now of Pocatello
I ,
has licen here several davs shaking
j ; .. n ,l , 1. frifinls _licit menus
eVt . rv .bod v. We hope Bill v will
Ü —
Dnlicaiion Bail.
Thu Oild Follows of Mountain
Horn«" have
decided t.)
their hall over IIagar's new brii k
store about the middle of October,!
i« ^ ^ :
; lml * on ,h< ' sa,lie evening. The day
"'-A y**t been fixed but it will
follow soon after the adjournment
of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows
uhi h is to convene in Hailey on
I the 11th of October,and will beyond
question be one of the finest and
most successful affairs ever trans
piring in Mountain Home. Full
part ieulars will be given next week.
Mrs. J. Ii. Brady has been solicit
ing funds for the purchase of lots
whereon to build a Catholic church
in Mountain Home, and has handed
us the list of donors for publica
tion, which wo will do next week.
I Mrs. Brady returns her (hanks
through the Bulletin to onch
of the generous contributors.
Mrs. Duff, daughter of Mrs. J. M.
Ungar, after visiting here several
"01 ~ rver" at Atlanta is inform-'
ed that ho being ashamed to send
tu us tve cannot publish his account
vi recent rich discoveries
Mis.- Nellie Smith returned to
Miss Smith has been
here for several
.-■.on return to stav.
John Tillman and wife departed
nr Brooklyn, Ne " T Y^onjast
wishes this good elderly couple a'
hv piven that the firm of Hill & Rtvau
«.ndu.-ting the »a.idi."y i i,.r. h, in
Ï ^ a, ^ ' . a : V 7.
, i' ,y e 1 ' H " k , p . , th 1 l' ',,", 1 " •'
wÄsl"'!"™ and "u.c i!.
c.i. due the «m... V w swa'-cek
, '* , ** rf * Mou " u: " "«-*• ^
X^tice 1« her-hv ulvrn »hit the* fo'.l-iwinp n,.
pV,!.!/ î!| ,H -u 1 qi,rt n, n,''ii!»"Jidin : "andib„c»!Tp fl r"*f
u«.rg« e^Jv",T N "v"n
i »kwh-« i ip i s use lie »«im» tt,« follow.
«.m li'.' m.7 a i', u h r"s ? ,' n r y td^.*'' 1 * 0 "' *"
' n«.u,s pitLuy. i «ai.t« r .
. . .
but Bellevue ts just the place to
hold a Division Convention say
; the noble 12 of Mountain Home,
pleasant trip.
'ilailoy is b.o far and too exper.
Five to reach for busineoH at court.
Governor Stevenson has appoint
ed Frank Andreas, at Pine Grove,
a Notary Public for Aituvas countv.
Dr. Leonard, dentist, was* in
Mountain Home a few davs this
Dissolution Notice.
•20, 1SS8.
Idih", for f)
1 s\\
to 12
Mountain Home Lodge No. 9,
Home l.odjf« No. f). Good Templars,
odd Fellows' Nu l every Thur-tlav evuning
at S "Vlouk. Sojourning incniLtrs
invited to atttii I.
TTRWDEN, Secretary.
JIkr A. F. Cl
glmore Saloon.
Adjoining the Kiraore Hou«c.
Mountain Home
J. C. EAGAN. • •
. , . , , . 1 > -,
L U T A 11 O
Carl Upmann 's Celebrated
A Nice, Comfortable, Commodious and
Convenient Chib Room Attached.
t^Your pstroasc. 1 » rui-safui'y r«
»r.dcoartooa»ucuowu »u.
J. C EAGAN, Prop
a y d Surgeon,
Mountain Home, Idabo.
tkbfllw »nt door to EthvU'e Coroar Png Store
j MMmstogiM .
Calla promptly attended to, day or night. In both
city and country.
Physician and Surgeon,
^ U1 »'rurtlcc wherever ealled within Alturas county
r on the line of the Orepui Short Une R-*llmad.
Attorney At Law,
Patc-ntM for titiniu»; claim« obtained at rtoannablo
Attorney At Law,
Will practl <•« in all the couru» of the Territory.
Primer. Parsons & Pruner,
attorneys at law,
Practice lu Ml the Court» of the Territory and bo
fore t he IT. 8. Land office.
r. F.. RN'MION,
Attorneys and Counselors At Law,
mountain noME
HAILEY. Idaho.
_ Hailey, Idaho.
O. M. PA. Y N* K.
Notary Public, Real Estate
Aoe.nt and Conveyancer,
mountain home, - - -
- - IDAHO.
o. Zi. "W AXjL,,
Justice of the Peace and Notary
mountain home, Idaho.
A specialty of collectif ns and matten before tbe
tinted States Land ufflee.
C. R. f?HAW,
mountain home, IDAHO.
Collection» promptly attended to.
Justice or the Peace and Notary
All klnilH of lvifal documents carefully drawn up.
Hoorn 21 Gay RuUdlng, Third and Pine ate.
Municipal Bonds, Mucellaneou* Securitic« pad
Range and Valley old building,
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Repairing neatly done and promptly
attended to.
; The Little PalaCO
Adjoining the F.lioore IlouaeJ
All Kind of Good
Keywest Cigais.
—A Good Stock of—
CfEvervthingr flrst-clas«. Olva me a ca'l.
Dealer in
' Fiirnbhing Goods, Carpet#,
Oilcloth, etc. Gloves, Laces, etc.
Orders by mail promptly at
tended to.
Fine Turnouts and Low Price«.
House and Sign Painter
Mountain Home, Idaho.
All kind« of painting done in fint-clM* atjrl«. Or*
Mountain Home Lodge. No- 19»
I O O F..
Pt"»ulur msttin»- »t caa Pcliowa* Rail »vary Bat
nrday e'rnt"^- at 8 c'c'ot'k. Sojounrlnf brSkna
, good aUmling araoordlajlv Invitad to attend.
C R. SHAW, N. O.
I>. B. Hill. 8«ter*farv.
Guiding Star Lodge- No- 4, D of R
IWuUr meeting« of Guiding Star Lodf», N*. 4.
J «lichter» of Kcbekah, held «v«ry second and fourth
rrid.iy evening« of c»-h n>onth. Viaitjqg BMWbfn
î g. cd .-standing alwavb velcomed.
D. B. Hill, Secretary
Maa. S J. FATTEE, N. O.
$10 Beward.
grayed from«..™».
<Ur» brown MARE, flv* mn aid, wttb wfeiW
on tor.hMd .nd brand«! 3 3 on •tit«, Wta
laat ton tb. mar. wu busy wirb foO. TW rin.
rmrJ will b. pad for tb. ddUmiy «I tW
G. M. Payn., Mountain Boo*.
Urt i m# , mi
WM. garrety.
Pros') Milk.
IUB prepared to farafah par* fruk «Uk toaf
p»rt of Moub-uis Ham.—d<div«rmt twteo . te,
Sfüv ticket, for «to - to b. pad for jq ' ■
a- wn,

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