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or nncuRiM:
0>a V"* >9 B*U (InnnWkily te odvtact)
Urn awite " « .
East bonnd «» r— arrive» ut 12 : 8 » n. m
Weal buand erpnee »rilvea et 4 . 10 «. m.
Ft*lfht— Bait be—d. et M« A. —
height—Wot beund, at tM a a.
U. L. ALLEY, Agent
Saturdat, Dec. 29,1888.
A Happy Mew Year to all.
It is now, "Surgeon Joe Bush."
Mqjor Frank Cavanah is in Boise
gtT Dr. Bearby has a few Xmas
toys and goods for sale at COST.
Miss Anna Barber is visiting at
Glenn's Ferry.
About on inch of snow fell here
^ Wednesday night.
Harmon brought In five deer,
after a short hunt last week.
Henry Johnson, after seven weeks'
illness, is again on his pins.
V. 8. Keene, a prosperous rancher
of the South Boise, visited Moun
tain Home thiB week.
It is remarked that this has been
the most quiet Christmas week ever
known in Mountain Home.
SIX cans ot
Fletcher. A Simpson's.
Dr. M. Pefferle, dentist, will visit
Mountain Horae January 3d., 1889.
Office at Turner House.
for $1.00, at
The Br\ineau people had a large
Christmas tree and a joyful danc
ing party Monday night.
|)^S1X cans of tomatoes for $1.00
at Fletcher & Simpson's.
Colonel Phillips, president of the
Snake River Ditch Company, ar
rived from tho east Thursd;
ay morn
Mrs. C. R. 8haw arrived in due
time safely at Farmington, Wash
ington Territory, where she is visit
ing a sister.
The office of the Mountain Home
and Rocky Bar telegraph line is
now permanently located at the
railroad depot.
llTWe havo some lovely orna
ments for parties and bride«' cakes.
Call and see them at Dr. Bcarby's.
After the Christmas tree exercises
at the school house. Monday
night, an enjoyable dance waB had
at Odd Fellows' Hall.
gjjAT Chôme table fruit for 25 cents
per can, at Fletcher « Simpson s.
T . . , . ., iv
It will tend to smooth your path
over the unknown divide if you
square up your little bill due the
Bulletin by the first of the new
y ear .
C.'c. Stevenson, son of our Gov
ernor, and Miss Alice Girard,
daughter of Dr. Girard, were mar
* ried at Boise Barracks on Christ
mas eve.
An exchange remarks that Leap
year is whirling along toward a
close, and many a fair creature who
has been sleeping on opportunities
might juat as well be reposing else
gl^S IX cans of string beans for
$1 .00, at Fletcher & Simpson's.
The legislators arc beginning to
return to tho Capital, and will
doubtless get down to good work
for their constituents on and after
next Wednesday.
Bert Smith, the able superintend
ent of the Wide West has been
Spending Christmas week with his
mother in Mountain Homo. He
returned home this morning.
By displaying zeal and confidence
in your town, you inspire others to
the same faith and energy. Let
your voice be heard in heralding
the truth regarding the advantages
of Mountain Home and vicinity.
NINE pounds of granulated
Sugar for $1.00, at Fletcher & Simp
Charlie Howeth, wife and babies,
MrB. Jones, Miss Inez Lunt and
Will Carpenter were up from IIow
eth's ranch to spend Christmas.
Little Granville Howeth went home
with a wagon load of good things
that Santa Claus gave him.
g^A. Tull line of ladies' shoes just
received at Fletcher A Sim, son's.
A largo number of our people
assembled at the school house
Christmas eve to witness the dis
tribution of gifts by Santa Claus.
With the limited amount of coin
subscribed the ladies who had
charge of the good work did re
markably well, and many little
ones were made glad by their kind
gg^Flctcher & Simpson have the
most complete line of groceries ever
brought to Mountain Home, and the
chea|icst, too.
Joe Vanderpool tells this on one
of his running pards: Ab he was
wending his way homeward from
the Christmas tree, he passed a
couple who were bidding each other
good night at the gate. "Au reser
voir" chimed the lover; "Tanks,"
murmered his sweet-heart in a sil
very voice. Joe smiled and "pass
J litige C. R. Shaw is an observing
. A few days ago he entered
the Bulletin office bearing a 30
pound turkey. As he deposited the
bird upon the floor he remarked,
"There, fill up, for once, that very
perceptible vacuousness of your
lengthy composition that so much
resembles a mere anatomy." And
Shaw departed as unceremoniously
as he entered. We will endeavor to
comply with his request on
Year's day.
Young man, look a Uttle ahead
«nA whim them ia an n«nnrtnnitv
. . (
locate in your own rig t some o
Uncle Sam's public domain. U »?
calculated that within fifteen years
.. un j • «
the entire public domain of the
n„juwi rsoIäh Pc ver n ment w ii
W ben .x.^ Thu, .pi»
ently, well grounded conclusion
ought to cause our people to pause
». „ . ,
fora mmnent, and ask themselves
if there is not a grand problem m
the laud matter of this country.
When the oublie land is all disnos
When the pubUc land ie all O pos
ed of, it will then not be long until
the price of private lands will be
inn to ramdlv no ur ; n prices and
gin vo rapiuty go up m prices, ana
naturally drift largely into the
hands of monopolists. And all his
, V. .. . ,, , J
tory shows that the most danger
oue and oppressive monopolies the
world has ever known are monopo
lies of land We see cnnitalists on
nes oi tana. we see capitalists on
every hand constantly adding to
their acreage, until, in many in
stances, Bingle individuals, and rich
corporations, are owners of hun
dreds of thousands of acres of land
dreasof thousands of acres ot land,
which they are constantly adding
to and never taking from. If this
process continue, which it will as
certainly do as that the sunrises,
unless checked by some means, the
lands must unquestionably gravi
tateintothe hands of a wealthy few.
Then the landed lords of the United
States can become as oppressive
and tyrftnical » they have ova,
been in Ireland, or any other coun
try—yea, even more so, for there
will be no land of the free, and
home for the oppressed bidding
., , , .. ... ,
them a welcome to its liberty-prom
ising shores. It is high time tluit
steps were being taken to fix a lim
it to the amount of land that any
iudividual or company may own or
, , , , . , J.
absolutely control. It will be too
late when the land is so monopo
lized that one cannot turn to either
side of a public highway without
committing a trespass upon some
landed nabob.
Wednesday night, about 12 o'
clock, wliile Fred Wright was re
K • » ,, , , . ,. ,
turmng from the depot, he slipped
?.. , . , .
u P° n thc 'C e . and 1,1 endeavoring
1° keep from falling both bones of
the right leg, about two inches
above the ankle, were broken. As
soon , as . his friends realized the ser
i° U8 ln J"ry he had* suetamed they
conveyed him to the Turner House,
where Dr. Smith (who had just re
turned home) rendered all necessary
surgical aid. After the setting and
splintering was accomplished Mr.
Wright was placed in room No. 17
at the Turner House, where he now
is and resting as easily as possible
under thc trying circumstances.
Fred lias many warm friends
throughout this section who sincere
ly sympathize with him
in liis af
Alkali Creek, Dec. 26.
To Tub Bcllbtin:
On Christmas eve, the event of
the 60th birth-day of Mrs. Wm. M.
Stockton, a party was given at her
home, which was well represented
by the settlers on Alkali, Cold
Springs, Bennett Creeks, Mountain
Homo and Glenn's Ferry. Joy and
mirth prevailed as the fantastic toe
was chased by thc aged and youth
ful guests. About fifty couples re
paired to the dining room, who par
took of a bountiful repast. Never
in the history of a new settlement
did an event of the kind pass off
more pleasantly.
Yours etc., James Stout.
Wood for Sale.
Good, large sagebrush wood at $5.50
per cord delivered.
Apply tt> T. Lynch, Drayman.
The social hop given by thc Odd
Fellows' Fortnightly Club
largely attended Thursday night.
These dances, which will be contin
ued for several weeks, will not only
afford great pleasure to those who
attend, but may enable the order to
furnish the hall in elegant style—
which is the principal object of
these dances.
J. H. Stephenson and wife, who
left here last fall for Tuscarora, re
turned on Christmas day to remain.
Mr. S. says that notwithstanding
the cry of hard times here, Moun
tain Home is the best place he has
seen in all his round-up.
Experiments indicate that sugar
is a better preservative of meat than
salt. It is more expensive, but the
powdered sugar forms a coating re
taining the juices of the meat with
out loss, while the nutritive quali
ties of the meat are considerably
lessened by the salt.
A mixologist who has had a
great deal of cxiierience says: The
best specific for bracing up a
who has been painting thc town red,
consists of a teaspoonfnl of Worces
tershire sauce shaken up in a bottle
of soda-water.
"Joe Bush" helped to swell the
j throng of people iu Mountain Home ,
' on Christmas day.
G. M. Payue, Notary Public.
nm* ni»*« instutiv Ktii»a
r»ui>«i>ow»ih ( . Aiwn*
^ Rocky Bar, on Christmas
j R Boone a miner in
. «7. 1.^
the Alturas Limited, was hurled
« , .. , . , ,
down the shaft one hundred and
Ififty feet, meeting Instantaneous
J, J^«, ding .
] , ,
... , ..
ket caught on the skids, and cable
Womij glack lhe buckct upect
,_. . , .
ar| d poor Billy was o
eternit y
He waB a BÎng i e ma n, hut it is
. ■ • . .
eaid B00n to
eetlmab,e young lady at the Bar.
lived in Mountain Home
, , fjasl
ftIul Kooky Bar for severa WW*
was very exemplary is his habits
regarded by all who
* J t that we are
' . . , .
una M e 1° obtain his place of nativ
ity Wt hope to give more partie
u l a r 8 next week.
The deceased had many warm
friends in Mountain Homeland
whe " ^bo news of his sad death
rpacb ed here by telegraph the ex
pre8MonB of sorrow-at the sudden
taking off of such an honorable,
kind hearted young man were nu
merous and sincere.
^TthTodd ^wSJS SÏ
Som'and was buried on Wed,,"
day with all the honors of that
order there being an unusually
large attendance at his funeral.
Rocky Bar is noted for its enthu
gloom over the camp, and silence
reigned supreme during that day
ana night. There was to have been
a grand ball there ainstrnas night
by the Knights of Labor, of which
Mr. Roonc wars a member, but it
was postponed till lnursday even
ing. „
1 *
^ „ 7, W , ,
Dr. W. F. Smith has been re
cently visiting at his former home
i n Pendleton, Oregon. Wednesday
afternoon it was whispered around
. n . , ,. , ,
town that the Doctor had telegraph
ed for rooms for himself and wife,
to arrive that nif^ht. It was not
long after this purported telegram
was made known that a number of
hi« friend« hoean arramrini? for triv
. "T 8 bLga " f0rg,V
ing Doctor Smith a grand reception.
Bell-ringers were sent out announc
ing that a dance would take place
at the old postollice building, and ]
"the boys" commenced loading |
their revolvers, gathering musical j
instruments in the shape of tin pans;
etc, preparatory to meeting the
bride and groom on the arrival of
the train, which was due about 12
o'clock that night. The dance
went on, the train arrived in duo
time, the "ehirivari" was conduct
ed in the usual complimentary
manner, but when the Doctor ap.
peared qn the platform with only
his grip-sack, and wondering what
caused such commotion, the boys
took a tumble" and frankly ac
knowledged that the joke was upon
themselves. Had it not been for
the accident that befell Fred
Wright, while returning from the
depot, the dance would have been
prolonged and joy would have been
unconfined for an unlimited time,
The uncalled for presents from
the Christinas tree have been left
at the Bulletin office for the owners
to get them. They are labeled for:
Ella, Bessie and Sallie Calloway,
Gracie and May Howell, Lillie and
Sadie Bray, Floyd Swauger, Baby
Floteher, Agnes and Mary Hutchins,
Wall, Baby
Frank John and Katie
Kitching, Baby Miller.
Holiday Goods at Cruttanden's.
Just received at Cruttenden's fire
proof brick store a large lot of Holiday
Goods such as Autograph, Photograph
and Scrap Albums; Beautiful Christ
mas Cards; Manacuro Sets; Tripple
Extract Perfumery and Odor Cases ;
fine Plush Toilet Cases; fancy Ther
mometers; Dolls, Toys, ABC blocks
and all kinds of Poems and Books
suitable for presents or Christmas tree
offerings. Cruttenden sells cheaper
than any house iu Mountain Home
for cash. It
H. A M.
Have received
an elegant lino of
Holiday Goods, consist
ing of Plush Toilet, Infants'
and Smoking setts, Mirrors, Picture
Frames, Rubber, Muslin, Wax
and Dressed Dolls, Fancy
Cups and Saucers, a
large line of
Tovs, at
gtT Come*early aud get first pick.
Get Good Pumps.
Johnson A Sprague have received a
number of U. 8. Patent Wood Pumps.
They are tho most durable and best
pumps made for wells and windmills.
Send in your order early, or you may
got left. dla
All parties indebted to J. M. Ungar
arc hereby notified that they must
pay such bills only to me.
Sheriff of Alturas county. |
Mouutain Home. Nov. 21, 188'J.
Fin» .«iw
About six inches of snow the
aooui sis incues oi «now.
Sleighing is tplcndid up this way.
Woik is bei «g steadily prosecuted hi Hast
,,ur I
It has rained considerable here dur
h f| .
tag me p««t wn x. |
Christmas passed off very pleasantly | •
and fun reigned supremo until a late j .
U™, I
The Christmas tree was loaded so
heavily that some of the limbs reached .
the floor from the weight of rich ami j
costly presents. The dear little one- j
dapped their hands with joyful glee I
wbcn Claus appeared and told son
them that he had brought presents
for all.
Robert Chattin's postoffiee store was
filled ahnost to the ceiling with holiday
goods, all of which he readily sold, and
this fact caused Bob to "einole a smile"
fjasl remark, "Well, well; 1 didn't
think there WRro go many people in
and around the Grove ; the town is
like a singed cat-better than it looks. '
The »adieu did more than their aha re
toward making the day memorable,
They fed about 100 people, and the
repast was all that could be wished for.
The dance lasted till three o'clock
the next morning, and was highly en
joyed by all votaries of Terpsichore
™jnt Good JT M
by R. Buchanan aud Mr. Daley
D. B. Ethell is still tarrying with its.
It was fun when Duve receive«! his y
present from the tree a monkey try- •
mg ° « ale t a y.
« ^
Tbe m ar'iJ.')'
^ ^^Caunon is '^provinj
to be a big bonanza.
El , Hull amt R. Buchanan arc tak
Tho freezing up of the water in the
ditch has caused the mill to shut down
W. J. Priak, tho wiile-awako super
jnteudent of the P. G. mine and mill,
will soon take a much needed rest.
John Harris and others brought up
a big lot of supplies for the Gold Hill
Company a few days ago.
You shall hear my melodious voice
«gu«- Obo. L. Crandal.
Pine Grove, D*c. 27.
The following from tho Baker
1Ile lonowing iroin me iiaKtr
City Reville, will forcibly apply to l
^jg section:
The stranger who visits our see -
tion during the summer months
sees in-our valleys, and extending j l
even a '°>lg our sunny, sloping foot- i l
hills, hundreds of substantial farm
hou8 ' C8 Burrounded by fields of wav
j n g g ra j n . R u t jf that stranger
were to ask the merchant of Baker
] city from whence he derives Ins
| coun t r y produce, the answer would *
j be; "Some of it comes from lower j
Oregon and California, some of it {*
f roin ' the east." Regarding tins
of 8 t a t e of affairs, the East Oregonian
ver y sensibly says:
That meat, poultry, butter and
eggri have to be imported into this
country is not only a strange thing;
j s almost disgraceful. As the '
ugua i demand and prices for these i
necessaries a family with forty or i
twenty acres of good land can make
more money that?most iarmers can
on jyy acreg 0 f raising grain; while
on a f arm u f a quarter or a half
section they could soon become com
fortably "rich." A great many
people who are obliged to live at
hotels and boarding houses have to
go without some of those (> 011111101 !
articles of food, almost the year
round, and at the same time farmers
and their families are "running
1 *ii}i 1 1 £• 1 1 • 1 ,1
bill at stores for goods which they
must pay wheat money for, while
with a little effort and management
they could pay all their store bills
as they go along with pork, poultry,
butter and eggs.
This is the case all over Oregon.
and we can't understand it. No
state in the Union has better ad
vantages for raising plenty of these
things for home consumption, vet
to-day Oregon is importing a large !
portion of its bacon, its poultry, its.
butter, and its eggs. Why, small !
farmers in Massachusetts, Ohio and I
Iowa pay their store bills the year
round with butter, eggs, and poul
try, and often have a snug little
balance in their favor besides, and
vet sell them at not more than two
thirds the price readily obtainable
The papers have been talking
about this curious and discreditable
state of affairs for years, hut it
seems to have done no good. Still
we are living without—or occasion- r
ally obtaining a dear taste of these
products, shipped hundreds, and in
many cases thousands of miles.
This problem is nearly as ditlicult
as to give a reason for as why far
mers should vote for monopolies,
trusts, and high taxes.
-- -row
» ...
Of health and strength renewed and
of ease and comfort follows the use of
Syrup of Figs, as it acts in harmony ,
with nature to effectually cleanse the
system when costive or bilious,
sale in 5l)e and $1.00 bottles by all
leading druggists.
Fletcher & Binipfton,
Dealers in Family Groceries, Grain,
Tobaccos, Dry Goods, Blankets,
Gents'Furnishing Goods, etc.
Mountain Home.
Money to Loan
On three to five year's mortgages on
good agricultural land after final proof
is made. ' Lemmon A Boone,
Insurance, Real Estate and Loan '
Ageuts, Huilev, Iduhu.
The Boise Democrat condenses *''
the bill introduced by Assembly
* f
n,:m Mitcham of hoz I «roe county
Hast week to regulate the sale of
liquors in Idalio in the following
narauranhs- I
paragrapns. ,wf
To sell wines Honors leer etc •
• .... j ' ;. ' '
. 'P 11 • iU£ ' ' t ' s 1 'V. 1 OIH 'i ual •
*'7"y u * *° „ . ,
. h " lu . r . s S!| * m< f . A a l! »j orl > o
residents of the preunet in
which the liquids are to he sold
recommending that he is a fit per-1
son to engage in the business. A I a<>
tax of not less than $400 nor more
than #1,000 is levied on each H
the amount to he fixed hv
«^iSarionw ° in
\ nv person who sells without li
-any p,i son w no sells without it
tense shall he fined in any sum not U
more than $KK); and for every sub- 0
sequent violation shall be lined m
the same sum or may be indicted P
and fined $500 and jailed six
The stuff cannot be sold on Suri
days, Fourths ofJulv, or on any
election day. Violators are fined I
not less than $25 nor more than
$100, or jailed from ten to thirty
or punished by both; and if
licensed sTmll forfeit the same and
not allowed another permit for two
y uars
• j^ ugt R ; vo bonds of $2,000 that
he will keep an orderly house, will
"« b > n- luep bis
££ ^ fdl ° U th ° twrbwWen
Must not sell to drunkards after
notice not to do s«, by wife, parent,
etc., to intoxicated jktsoiis, nor to
minors without consent ot parents
S*gSÄ VW ^ **
Makes it unlawful for any person
to get drunk, and all found in that
condition are subject to a fine of $5
and cost.
Persons who make others drunk
by sale or gift of whisky etc., shall
be compelled to pay for the care of
the victim, and $5 additional for
every day such victim is kept in
consequence of the drunk.
For all damages sustained, in
person, property, or means of sup
port, at the hands of drunken men,
the one who sells or gives the stuft
W bel< *. ret! P ,,nsil,lt '> ils wel J :ls ior
exemplary damages; and the mar
l ied woman lias the right to bring
suit, prosecute and control the
same, and amount recovered j and
ail damages by a minor shall be
j l ):l bl to such minor or to his or lier
i l ,areut8 > guardian, or next friend.
To give away the stuff, or other
* bift8 '"-devices to evade the law,
shall be deemed unlawful selling,
Iieal and personal prop
,,r L v arc liable for all fines and
* costs, wliich latter shall he liens un
j ^ the same are paid. All luiild
{* n g 8 > ' n which violations of this act
occur ' whoso owners knowingly
lease or rent them for the purpose,
ar(i liable for and may be sold to
I >a y fmus 811,1 e 08 ^
1,1 prosecuting it is unnecessary
h> state the kind of liquor sold, but
' jdace where must be described; nor
i ' 8 *1 necessary to state the name of
i to whom sold. Persons to whom
8 °' tl ar(i competent witnesses to
prove the fact.
All sales of liquor on credit are
void, and the debt unrecoverable,
To take effect and be in force uf
tcr May 1st, 1889.
! Tho Ketohuni Keystone, after,
criticizing the action of the Salt |
j ja k e Tribune on Idaho's stateli
, , ,, r ,, i
conclu dew an aolo article an follows,
' , ul ° ' H: 1 rll "ine
J imcl1 "di rest in the allairs of Ida
ho,-we would kimby suggest if it
, n ' al A' - . lll ' sl f es to see Idaho come
knocking at the door of the Linon
f '.' r . adimssion, that, instead of inl
V1KUI R , tlie peo]de of the territory to
8 "bsenbe, or the legislature to ad
propriate a little f""d for the
I mr P ()8e of collecting data to lay bo
! [' ,ri r congress, and back up delegate
1, . ubols | ar £"'" u ! ltw ' '. ilt djomisMie
! w J th lh °, ke 7! tonu m
I tbat tlle le K 18 hituri; now in session,
»"ike an appropriation out of the
terri. orial funds for the pu di. ation
of , al } ' ^ra edition of the Govern
or 8 Jate biennial report to ud çe
rct f? im hi ' ^
aiUi condition of the territory. 1 he |
extra edition tube used in present- ;
">K a copy to each member of tot .
brand«s of emigre ss, and turtln r
^»craHy distributed throughout,
'-"'dry as reliable information ■
r '8 a,ll "V' tl". resources and manj ;
ad vantages winch are possessed by
the Geu ' of the Mountains.
' ***~
"The Lexington Budget pertinent
ly asks:
Why not plant a small orchard ic
on the farm? Why not plant a I
each of raspberries, blackberries
currants and gooselx'rries? Whv j
ÎV,'. R a " a cw gr.ipi. cu 1:1 '- s
h l not pbmt shade trees around
, t"o house. Why not make home
look like home and provide for fu
ture fruit, when it can be done at
small expenses? Why not look
farther ahead than next year's
wheat crop?

manifests so |
^ j
Fashionable Dressmaking.
Mrs. 8. J. Pattee, who has recently
arrived from the East, would be pleased ,
to receive tlie patronage of the ladies
of Mountain Home sud vicinity.
Two Houses for Kent.
Two dwelling houses for rent on
reaBOna blc terms. Apply to
Ai.ru. Bkuoe.
Mountain Home, Dee. 1, 1888.
Job work done at this office.
Work is being pushed with much
*'' n, r s5. v *' n '\ i0 claims
'n'mh'd h^f * B "' T h ° A,tura *
Limited has let several contracts,
showing vigorous management, and
rich strikes have been reported In
the Ophir on Hardscrable gulch.
This claim several years ago yield
,wf rieh «wir T„,i
• <* extremely run rock, audit is
now that they have found where
that rich ore came front in the
U i„ o-rt I.y th. Co,„fort
Consolidated Company — a New
York syndicate with StandarcfOil
. .
1 ' mrh8 " ■ S'Chwamh, who
a<> ''Uy was engaged m the under
' H1Hm088 at , Ila,1 r °y /'"''t ln
^an | raucisco on the 15th instant,
Mr. Schwamb was in good standing
in Hailey Lodge No. 1, A. O. U. wî,
and in Rising Star Lodge No. 12, I.
« e
U :, * M1 . ...
0 Jj j p. v "his funeral ex°
'mil i mown will pay msluneral ex
P 0 ™"»
,,, ^ __ —_ «
C K U U ü II H I
0 ,
| tho rijrht.tin., -""i
; «"Ä.
hi „ gl ..„i aiiui^ Idaho Te

; „f„„ c thoaHand inch«.... wis,.jnei«, in»w
co, "" ï -
From tho Workmen his
The telegraph office at the Bar is
said to l>e doing a large amount of
business daily.
No Monkey Work With II«,
But. call and see the lively aerobatic
monkeys on exhibition at
llKi.Kiticn & Miller's.
IP 111.
Atfent for Idaho Turritory for (he Celebrated
Perkins Wind Mill Manufactory
Tlif Poi'klna Wind Mill to ifnartntofd to bo a k°c>iI
dumbliî, »elf re:ulatiutf uiaehiiic, built i
ind not to blow down unloi
jr atrainnt any wind Uiat dot * not dis
ulik 1 ifiml Hidhttuntiul liuildin^M in thu vicinity, and
I ajfreo to furnish 8»U'h part« lin may he nece-wory to
ahovo warrant, for the term of
mipituy will not recognize nor he ruN^Km^i
y thing 1 not. embraced in tld» warranty.
Studehakw Brow. Waggon Mnnn
factory, 8->uth lk>n«l, Ind.; Wilburn Wa^on Com pan v,
Tol do, Ohio; llawley Bio«. Hardware Oo., 8un
I ant now prepared to receive orders
for these celebrated Windmill*. They
are the »trouvent and most dnrable*of
any ever introduced in Idaho.
For particulars, address
Mountain Home, Idaho.
a Muh»tan
the towc
ti ll UK
ith i

hut the
bio for
—Dealer in
Of all kind, including
Parlor and Bedroom Sets.
Cooking, Coal and Wood Heating
and Cllaasware,

| Commission and
Storage Business
Mountain Home, Nov. 20, 1888.
Notice of Sale of Real Estate
Public Auction.
U hereby iflvc
that in pursuance of an
•urt ofthc County of Alturas
the 15th tla.v of Novum
1er of the Probate
-f Idaho,

•stato i'l W Hi:
in th.
■ if t)
;it t * ■
1, Public Adniini«
i do
tion, to tho hiifboNt bid
r, tie
. of
he v
ill null at pilbl
•on ft
bv Hi
1 subject
MONDAY, the 17th day of ]»c
ttt 1*2 o'clock
i Probate Court
ce tube
! Pci lev
, at the Punk of
Minty of Alturas,
\ I* 1
f Bellevue,
, all thc Iight, titl
in the
I u
the 8W 1-4 of
ASH. Il» fui nimni
of thc United states; tun
nionei to be paid to the am t
ut of the i
er at ti
e of sale,
J I'robaU
Deed at expense of p
J. il. HAttUK, Administrator
of the estate of Wm. C. Turner, deceased.
24 td
j Dated November *20, 18S8.
Sale Postponed.
The above aale in hereby {Khjtpoued to DECEMBER
26th, 1B8<4, at the samt 1.
d pla -e.
J. Ii. HAt.I K, Administrator
of the estate of Wm. C. Turner, deceased.
Again Postponed.
The above uale is hereby postponed to WEDNEF.
: lime and place.
J. II. HAGUE, Administrator
Of tip estate of Win. C. Turner, deceased.
DAY, January 2, I8SG, at the
•8X H. 1 U «old w.tcVTV
■ «IM. tutti! lately. L'
w. . 1 1 , 1 . ft
r«(«a Um.lu.ew. Wu.l J
mated. Heavy Bo
htet {84 watch in
ini Gc
Hunting C
and gvnta' ahtea, with
and csa«« o f equal value.
One JPernoa ic each i<>
a occur« one free,
together with our large and val- i
liable line of IIoun«*hi»ktl
Mtamplea. These samples, as ■
well as the watch, we send ,
Free, and after yo« have kept ;
uiHf havo call««, »her b ooo u to your own property. Tboao
who writ« at one« CM Uawsof receiving the Wutck ;
♦ 1
Mountain Home, Idaho.
M-Offlo. nut door lo Ethell'» Corner Dn«
promptly MlenM to, doy or night, in both
city end country.
r. «. eseiini.
Attowhkys and CotmsKrx)R 8 At Law,
Attorney At L
rocky BAR, IDAHO.
Will practice In ell the courte ef the Territory.
I'ntcnte 1er mining clalina procured.
A W,
Bruner, Parsons & Bruner,
Practice In nil the Courti ol the Terrltorv end be.
lore tlie U. 8 . Land Otttc«.
Attorney At Law/;
Patents for mining claims obtained
•I ruosouabl«
and Surgeon,
bailey, IDAHO.
Will practice wherever called within Alturae count»
r on the line of the Oregon Short Une Kaihoad. '
Justice of the Peace and Notary
C. H.. «HAwj
Collection« promptly attended
Justice of the Peace and Notary
glenn'h fehky, Idaho,
All Kindnof letfstl dotnuncut« cftrefully drawn np.
a. M. PAY N HI.
Notary Public, Rkai, Estate
Agent and Conveyancer,
O. X«. "W ALL,
Justice of the Peace and Notary
A «pcHalty of collections and ma» «ei« before tho
United Ktatcti Land Office.
Boom 24 Gay Halidlug, Third Mid Pino ik
Munt<'t)>al Bonds, Miscullaneous BecuHtlqi Mid
Minlriic Stock«.
Fin« Turnout« and Low Prices.
New building, next to Helfiich
& Miller's store.
Mountain Home, Idaho.
Repairing neatly done aud promptly
attended to.
New Prick ami Stone Structure, Lighted by Elect
tricity. Incandescent Lichte and Electric
Bell« in Every Room.
Headquarters for Commercial Men, Minim; Men
and Tourists.
The Alturas,
■SMITH ifc JOHNSON, - - Proprietors.
Fresh Milk.
prepared to furtiidh pure fresh milk to any
part of Mouutain Home delivered twico a day.
Milk ticket« for eale—to be paid for In adv
$10 Reward.
STRAYED from the ran*«
-lurk brown MARK, flvo y ein
un forehead ami branded J
laat seen the
reward will be
U. M. Payne,
Lee's ranch, on*
old, with white spot
on stifles. When
y with foal. The above
delivery of the mare to
t was he;
id for the
in tain Home.
t3T Writ, (or ntca »mi t*naa UR
Glenn's Ferry, Idaho,
as ■
House and Sign Fainter
Mountain Home, Idaho.
All kind» of painting done In lut rlw atflL Of*
1er« solicited,

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