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Edwin Me Bee left for Harrison this
Minnie Row has recovered from
jjer recent illness.
Ron. A. A. Crane of Harrison is a
in town today.
Louis Eilert w;ls a Spokane visitor
this week on business.
Attorney C. L, licit man was a Spo
visitor Thursday.
S. E. lîeggs was in Coeur d'Alene
Wednesday on business.
John C. Callahan and J. C. Davis
were in Spokane Thursday.
If you want a good suit of clothes
cheap for cash go to Manor's.
Miss Florence Wright was in Spo
kane last Saturday visiting friends.
Mrs, W. .1. McClure was on t lie sick
fist this week with an attack of la
Agent Jordan and Auditor Callahan
we re at Pend d'Orielle lake Sunday on
a fishing trip.
Charles Thomas, residing near Ram
sey, lost a valuable horse last week
from lung fever.
C. H. Clayton, the well known Coeur
d'Alene business man, was in Rath
drum Wednesday.
M. D. Wright raturned Wednesday
from Kendrick, where he had been for
a few days on business.
W. C. Rogers has accepted a good
position at Wardner and lias already
entered upon his duties.
The Hotel Wright is sporting two
new sign boards. John Mitchell of
Post Falls was the artist.
Deputy Sheriff E. II. Bradbury was
absent this week in the St. Maries
country on otticical business.
Piscatorial parties have been some
what numerous the past week, and
some large catches are reported.
The weather continues cold, and in
consequence tlie growth of all kinds of
fruits and vegetables is retarded.
Misses Helen and Clara Hart spent
Memorial day in Spokane, attending
the exercises and visiting friends.
All goods sold cheap at Manor's.
Tommy Judge came dow n from Har
rison Thursday to take his position as
catcher with tlie Rathdrum nines in
today's game.
Robert Kereheval. a student at (ion
zaga college, Spokane, spent Sunday
in town visiting with his mother, Mrs.
W. .1. McClure.
Miss Editli Morrison, copyist in tlie
auditor's office, left for her home at
Kootenai this morning, where she will
remain two or three weeks.
Arrangement are being perfected for
a musical and literary program at the!
Presbyterian church on June 11th, tlie
occasion being Childrens' day.
Closing out sale of Millinery gfiods—
I am selling out my entire stock at
Minnie A. Rose.
(.eiirge Brigger has concluded to
learn the mysteries of the art
vat i vc, and hasentered upon his duties
as "devil" at the Republican office.
Contractor James Dyer lias the work
on Auditor Callahan's new residence
well under way, and will have the
Rev. T. (i. Hodgson of Coeurd'Alene
announces that he will conduct
vires at tlie Athol school house at 11
a. in. and Rathdrum at 8 p. m., Sun
day. June 4.
Capt. J. A. Fisher nnrf Rolierl Me
< rea of post Falls were in town today.
Mr. Fisher called at tlie Republican
office and paid for a year's subscription
to tlu - paper.
111 ..* - Rathdrumites who spend the
smnuier season on the shores of the
numerous hikes in this vicinity are
about to take departure for their vari
ous cottages.
ready fur occupany in a sliort
- *'.V|iliert Brothers, dairymen of Mon
wis., recently purchased the
treaniery building at l'ost Falls, and
Name is now being reliUecl fora
cheese factory.
'V. II. Cable of State Line, has lieen
a PI 1 « *inted one of the rangers on the
i'ricst River timber reserve. Hestop
l?'fi in town Wednesday on his way to
report for duty.
Eitler A. <;. Christensen of the Ad
'< nt ist Church. Sjiokane, came upthis
'fniiigand will remain Itéré over Sun
Ue will conduct services at the
uventist CliurcU here tomorriav.
meeting of the business men of
RdlKlrum will i^ - held at Hart's hall
evening to consider ways
means fora Fonrtlt of Julycelcbni
tuai here.
Let evrylxrly turn out.
^rgiint at Manor's.
TIh -
following persons secured mar
tla *rc licens( - s at the auditor's office
during the week:
.. ,lss N '>ra Casaway of I*ost Falls, and
^trUa O. Brown and Miss Sadie Fish
er «fst. Maries.
Rotx'rt Scott and
The conviction for the crime of inan
last week,
of Dr. Powers at Spokane
meets with tlie hearty ap
proval of every good citizen in Rath
drum. This human monster should
be made an example of.
T. A. Coleman and family of Park
Ttapids, Minn., have recently located
in Post Falls. It is reported that Mr.
Coleman has purchased a one-half in
terest in the I mix factory of MeCrea,
Stockwell & Co., at Post Falls.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. <;. W. Fleming
of Athol, Tuesday, May :50th, a 10
pound girL Motlierand daughter do
ing nicely. Mrs. Fleming is stopping
at tlie residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. II.
C'leland in this city for the present.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Worden of Harri
son, arrived in Rathdrum Tuesday.
Mr. Worden left on tlie evening train
for the Puget Sound country, while
Mrs. Worden will remain hereforsome
time visiting relatives and friends.
n I, , . .
D. Rodner returned from a trip to
Ward nor W cdiiesday. He reports ;
nnd trttW P i r0SPCr ° ,,H ! t0Wn
and that there is apparently no excuse
for a man there to Ik- idle. Mr.ltodncr'
has some intentions ot locating there. I
('. M. Davidson, a prominent farmer
residing in the vicinity or Post Falls,
was a visitor in town Wednesday,
fore leaving for home he came to this
office and added his name to the rapid
ly growing list of Republican subscrib
M. A Hickev the well known re
' Known n
publican war horse of State Line pre
m . lu .. . .
< inct, was in the t itj Wednesday, ihe
Republican is under obligations to Mr
...... . "
Hickey for some very efficient rust ling 1
lA-liieli lie rliil f/l., t Lie ..... i 1 ■
wntlll lit 01(1 loi tills pa pu III Ills pre
r r 1 1 iv
John Russell received n stmight
load consignment of cured meats this |
week direct from Omaha, shipped by I
the Cudahy Packing company.
speaks w-ell for tlie volume of trade ;
controlled by at least one Katluirum \
ca r
After a sojourn of several days in ,
Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stark
returned to Rathdrum Arond-iv Tlmv i
Itlltnietl to liillllOI uni JloiKiaj. I IICJ
are stopping with Mrs. Stark's sister. I
t nix.. i nil
AllS. Ij* C liamhaI'd. hut will prohaolv
soon •Itrinir,. to n.-.l-.. fluor lwm,.. i,, :
snon dlt.lllkA* lO HiakL 111(11 IIOIIK. m
Shoshone count V.
Thi» Rot lidriim «in/l rvmnp r 1 * \ lniin
lll( loll HO! um «111(1 LOCUl (IAl.no
nines locked hours <»n the Rathdrum
1 a 7 , .
diamond today, and the contest re
suited in a scure -Hi to 14 in r-u,,r nf
*>ii i it v* ur <i o* mi -o in i-* m m
the home team. r rhe game was very
well attended and highly enjoyed by
all the spectators. ' '
Henry Reiniger, who has acted as ci
treasurer of Rathdrum for many rears. I
memlx-r of the present board, lias been
elected as treasurer. i
C . F. Ewing, one of the leading!!
nierdiants and timberdealersat Sand
point, was in Rathdrum Thursday, h
Mr. Ewing says that a large number I
of men are being employed in and
about Sundpoint, and that tlie town is
enjoying a season of great prosperity.
H. \\. Cable of State Line, tlie ven
erable father of ex-Commissioner
Cable, was in town Monday,
gentleman recently celebrated his '<01 It
birthday, but notwithstanding his four
score years lie is enjoying excellent
health and does not look to lie a day j
over <> 0 . i
II. L. Melder left this morning for!!
Bonners Ferry, where he will remain
until joined by Henry Reiniget ■and
Dr. F. Wen/, some lime next w<-ei'
when the trio will pro*.. to the Fort.
Steele country where they are jointly
interested in some valuable mining
Do not overlook the school election
which occurs next Monday. June 5ti>.
T wo very important question are to
be settled. A special school tax is to
lie voted and one trustee elect'd. I>r.
F. Well/, seems to lx- the choice for
trustee, and tlie Republican is glad
that it is so.
A party composed of Miss, s Mac aud
Elifla Wright. Miss Annie Lavin. Miss
Viola Forde and Mr. and Mrs. D. E.
Dauby went for an outing to Twin
lakes on their wheels Wednesday.
Their principal amusement was to en
gage tlie speckeled beauties in a diplo
matic contest.
F. C, l.avigne of Spokane, was a
Spirit lake visitor Sunday,
vigne anticipates a lively season at 1
this popular resort, basing bis calcula- i
tions on the fact that Spokane busi
nessmen have been enjoying a season
of great prosperity, and can afford an
outing for themselves and families.
Don't miss Ma nor on dry goods, boots
and shoes, and farm wag--ns.
Sheriff Bradbury received a »c-ssage
from hisdeputy.il. L. Carlton at Bon
ners Ferry Thursday. I - » tlie effect that
a crime bad been (•ommit ted ncartlierc.
Tlie message was very meagre and
contained only this information: "Both
Dorans hurt, naenarr-'stel who did tlie
The strike which occurred at the
i'luenix logging camp last Friday j
morning has apparently la-eit settled
and most of the men have gone hack to
work. The princi|tal cause of tlie j
trouble seems to liave been the eleva
tion of <tneof tbe men to the posit ion j
of foreman when the regular foreman |
was taken ill.
The old
Mr. i.a
Nothing further lias Leen

<t. K. Melder, who has been employ
ed in Nkillman & Stone's drug store at
Spokane since last fall, stopped in
Rathdrum Tuesday on his way to
Priest River, where he goes to take a
position as ranger on the government
timber reserve.
Mr. Melder was one
ol the rangers last season and acquit
ted himself admirably.
Rathdrum was anything but patri
otic on Memorial day. Business houses
were kept open and to all appearances
tlu , , iay waK n()l in th( , k 4' t distln .
; kui8hcd fn>m :myothoi , Evon the t.
been permiseuotwlv
llandle(1 several timestlds spring when
t!)an , 1!llf v!l , p; , Wl . n .
I not aware of
The Rathdrum hall nine had
tice game on the diamond cast of town
Sunday, but from the number of lame'
ankles, sore joints and broken fingers
reported in the evening, it appears the |
boys had better remained at home or!
gone to church.
a prac
As a rule practice
because there is
games are a failure,
usually too much carelessness exhi
any occasion, was not
raised in honor of the country's dead
heroes on this national holiday.
Dan A. Maxwell, a teamster With
the Van II. Manning geological sur
. . , ...
'eying party, who recently had their
lw-iH,.-c .... I c I,
iK.Klquaitus ntmed from Hauser to
W '»et with a ,«.inful ac
( . if |,. Mt W olf L , )(lr ,, ]ast |.' r i(lj lv
111 ... . , . ' , I
HIS wagon became mired ill the road
, m( | w li i It* attemutimr to-issist -n the !
" il- • ■ t at I 111
wlieels I lie horses suddenly Started - !
1 n o., , , ,
-Maxwell slipped and Ihe wagon wlieels
1)ilss( , ( t i,Ik -mile uiisliiniinr
p.issi (i mu IDS anivlt, SUM.lining a
severe fracture. He was taken to the '
,, # . -, . .. .
post hospital lor t real ment.
charge of II. S. Crowe, who made their I
I r, "' geological surveying party in!
; headquarters in Rathdrum several
\ "eeks tills spring, has been ordered to
j a point about 40 east of The Dalles,
Ore. They had worker!
cast from
J *' lUM,ll,,n as | ai •"* Missoula, Mont.,
i " ,en t le (l >der to proceed to Oregon
........ -, I,.. Ml . ,,,.
I s , ■ Ml> ( 1,11
party passed throiiLrll Ret hdriltn Wed
.' '
: ,u ' sa;, . v * Which *r,IVC tloscph LîiVill. OI1C
41 . .... ... ...»it t- f gt vi^it
^ 1 ' ' pponunitv to\|slt i
for a few hours with his parents I
Mieriti hradhury rcccivi'il word from
i 111 . * * 1 1 « 1 a v M.,«. „I I
nstdm« .l,iss \ ,n I liompson I «Ills, |
Mtml.. Sunday morning in the effect

he had r<'covercd t lie fur overcoat ;
sL,llen fro,n J'weplt l'oirier last week. |
-— - -
tv___ _ _
I j
A Sew kusiaess pointers
i i I nf f
i !

Get yOUT TlgS flt the ~
Ready made cloîîiing
il is a inatU-r «ff etmsider
altle importanee lot lie a v
erage person's lluaiieial
As well as everything in
I be line of
Gents' furnishings
To know where
Is jit t ho now store in t ho
IHistoftloo Imi lid I UK.
The stock is complote, in
cluding the latest styles in
save the most money
in purchasing wearing ap
The place wli.-iv
Haïs and shoes
You can get
.si vr tip*
It.TgJtins ;i ne]
moM inofp \ #*n
your puivluises in î lu Jin«
T1 !«•>'• goods .ir*' 11 j »- 1 o-d ; 1 1 < 1
and i lie prie s jire l he l<»w
est ever «|llote(l ill Rjltli
• a - •
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables
( LKL.\NI)\* RKLL. Prop's., RjitlKlruin, Idaho
The most elegant turn
A outs in the city
Charges reasonable
Stables open day and
Especial attention given
A to lake traffic
i m<m
Athol Lumber Company
M(lM)NALI) K F'AIHL Prop's.. Athol. Plain».
Orders for all kinds of.
Rouâh and Dressed lumber
and Shingles Promptly Filled &
Rathdrum, Idaho 1
R. C. Thompson, Agent,
j liliy
The hobo who had stolen the article
was being* hotly pursued when he
dropped it to make his escape, lie
succeeded, but the constable picked
up the coat and promptly notified
Sheriff Hradhury. Mr. Poirier was put
to an expense of a few dollars to secure
the return of his coat, but lie was glad
to get it back, as it is a valuable one.
W. W. Stewart of Colfax. Wash.,
sculptor who was sent by a Spokane
firm Thursday to set up a monument
in the comet-cry at Coeur d'Alene, is
reported to have died very suddenly at
the |>ost hospital at Fort Sherman,
No sooner had the monument which
he came to set up been unloaded at
the cemetery by the drayman when
Stewart was taken seriously ill. lie
was immediately conveyed to the post
hospital where he died a few minutes
later of heart trouble. The monument
which the unfortunate man came to
erect is to mark the resting place of
C. 11. Clayton's deceased wife.
If you don't get the Republican you
don't gel tbe. news. *1.50 per year.
Notice lot PuDiicoiion.
Tliulwr l-uml, Aft June S. ISIS.
I'xitkd States Land (»hit. fiiEt-ii I
O Ai.kne, Idaho, May 17. Ikmi.
Notice Is hi-n-hy given llmt 111 coiDpILinoe
* | the pn.vis « of the ... t ..r < - ..f i„
Lti in "he stiÎM t
W«H. N,-vuilii. mill Wi.Nhlnpton Territory." as „
exlcmlnl I" all tin- Public LuihI states |')V net : l*
"f .w-ust ». is:o. j.-dhu- w. ih.vIs. ..r st. Paul. I
Mimu-sot». has '
this (lay tiled ill liiis ultlce her S«urn soil!'
m, '>t N». 4-i. for the pim-lms • of t lu- W 't SW I
b ami w s nw of section Na î; i» Tu»h- :
Ship .>7 Rmn-I- :t.w.lt M . .I win oiler >'
*" slum that the land somthl Is more In
valmil.l,. for Its timber or stone I.. for
t-L-uiinr , ii imrppses. amt to .-sttibiisii in-r »•>
cluiin to laiul hcftipv the Htuistcr anti
Kecelvernf tliisotticeat t'oeurd'Alene. Idubo.
on Hie Jl day of July. Isw.
Sill-name- u- « it net s: llouai-il It. Hum- .
r. of Priest Klver. Idalio, Mlion S. Lindsay,
Vf * <l , v v r : i- oiover. ôf
Markham. Idaho..1 aines S. !irya:it,of St. Paul.
Any and all p< rsonsdalniin^ adverse
ly 11"' above- descrilied lands are Fetjut steil
to till* f In ir claims In t Ills otTiee on or helore
said :i day of July IkWI. I). II. Di ihjiml
Ö-IW-W. Ke-islir.
NflliPi' Inr DllhliPnlinn
nUBOb lui rliUlibUHUil. •
La.Mi Oeeut vtc.iit-h n'Aieve .
' imn.. M;. v it 'ivo .
Notli'e Is lit-reby k r l'»*n tlmt the follmvimr
»•*»«: =' ! •'"!-'i' b.i'. ft : cl not| ; *enf his Intention «*
*•» Viu;.e filial i,nN»f in Mi|» i K>ri of bin ehiiifi. \\
and that Slid proof will he made before ( be !
JbTiNterand Keeelver nt Coeur d'Alene. Ida
b«>. oil .lune *7. ls*m, Vl/: .lames Nelson, lid.
No. Hit. for tin« NK'i. See. I». Twp. .»;> N.. 1 C. -I I
w .. u. m. it.
He immes the follmrlnjr witnesses to prove
Ids eontinuous n sideme Upon avid culllvatiou
<«f- ■'"id i""'i >i/; An.itvw l'ii.-isti-iisiiii. liai
mi' llaivorson. Huns L. .loi^rison. Tailef
llaivorson. ail of Seneaouoteen. Idaho.
m hi j rt 11 11 "u,'7isi.-t
'_ _
Id the District.Court. Plot .luilleim District
of the State of Idaho. In aud for the County
of IxtKitenal.
Saiid|Milut I.it tidier Company.
Limited, a eurporaliuu.
Plaintiff, !*
C. F. Roberts,
defendant :
Defendant. I
'"U «re hereby notlticd. as you have Wn
notIHed. that there Is now on tile In the ottiee
of the Clerk of the Hist riel Court of the First
.litdii-iui Oistriet of said state, tu Rathdrum
County of Konternd, the complaint of the
aliove-niimed iilHlntitt. wherein Judgment Is
deniaiiiled against for Ihe sum of »U liiuuliasl
and sixty-eight 44-ltltl dollars (JWtKt.44) w ith In
terest anil for costs. It being for a bulance of
account for gisais, wares anil merchandise,
sold and delivered to you by the said plaintiff
at your siaa-ial instance and rv.iu.-xl. between
V"' I** diiy. of November. Itfix, and Ihe Lith
day of March. 1 X 1 . 0 . and for easli advanced to
you by the said plaintItr at your special in
stallée and request. No|iattnf said lutlanei
of aeeount having been paid, and Ihe satin
Is-tng now due. owing, and wholly unpaid.
And you are also initilictl thid unless you
"lipeiir and answer to said eoniplaint willdn
ten days after the service hereof. If served
wdldn Kootenai county, and within twenty
il.i-Xs. Ifsci icil.nd Ilf said county, lad witidli
said Judicial Dlslrlei. and within forty days,
if si T v .*(1 Old of said I list riel, (exclusive of the
day or set vice.) the plaintiff w ill lake judg
ment by ill-fault against vou for Ihe sum
mentioned in -aid complaint, tmvlt: For the
sum of six hundred and sixty-eight 44-Knitlol
lai-s, with interest aud for costs.
Ulvi-n under my hand and tin
of tin- Dlslilei Court of tin- First
.hnllcinl Dlslrlei or the state of
Idaho, in and' for Hie County of
Konternd, tills :.*Htli day of May, A.
i>.. tSMI.
•a 1
J.no. I', tt.i.Ait ax. rierU
lly A. I'm IK, Deputy.
* 'jits. L, lleltmun. attorney for plnintllT.
i„ o„- nixiri.i omn ,,r the l ust .tu.it.-i-.i di
t mil lÆnïV " f ,,ta " a U,um ' for Koo,t "
„ " ... ,, y ',. , ilr ,
: l* lu, y "•< «Hin». I lultitl T, )
I .... „ . , •
' 11 burkiti, Dcfctulaiit t
Notice Is hereby (then that a Writ of At
I tachmeiu. In Hu alsive «-lit It led cause, lias
: >»''■» issm-a out of the iiistri.-t »'ourtoftin
>' Irst Judicial District of the State Hf lilalio.
In anil for the 1'ounty of Kootcmil. iiuiilnst I he
property of James t\ Larkin, tlie iV.-feu.lnm
»•> tit«
' ! ' *»'stlnmny Whereof. I have lifirini!') srl
>»,V band, and affixed Un- seal of tin- said DIs
trict I'uiu-t, rids tin- JTili day of May. isim.
. ,, .Ixi). f. i'ai.i.aiiax.
[**t*Hij ('U*rkof tlu* Distrlcl Court.
Nonce ol issue ol audcuim.
• »Ihivi» en! It led ej
.l-.'-.l 111.
lly L. T. qt'AIU.EK. Deputy.
Nonce lor Puciicanon.
Timber I-itiut, Aft .lune 3,
Fn.ted states Land ort-irn. t'..Ern i
d'Ai.e.xk. Idaho. May jo. imm (
»III. Hie nixivlsi.ins nf the act nf Coiigresa of
is.s entitii-.i -An ".-t for "i"s:.ie ..f
tlu»lR*r Imijls In the state?* of California. Ore
Neviol.i and Washington Territory,
«* v ?•*»»* 1***1 toall tire Publie Lund Mate«* by
\\ f , Au A' l,s, 1 4 * ^ VonSteimvebr, of
! lUaiieliai d. eonnty of 'I rill II. slate of North
Ibikota. lins tiled in t Ids otliee his swot n siate
«n«*nt No. 47. for tin» purchase of t lie SK ' 4 of
-I I ^»elion No. N. In Tow nxhip V. Ihiiiue :t. w
it. m . ami win öfter pnnif to nIiow that tlie
,am * *»'*"-bt is nuire \ aluable for Its t hnber or
h'bim* (han for lurrieult tirai pur|M*ses. and to
11 ^ ll ." to sithi hunt is-foM; tin
t**Tlster ami Heceiverof this otliee at C«N*ur
*r.«\h ne Idaho, on tin n «lay of .inly. iMm
«»f'î'EiV-lî'ïuvi't. 'Lbi'I'urniiMar.'ril. nuMi"'i-r."of
In^i. Ä
Minnesota. Any and all net-sou* clalmiiiK ad
versely I lie ulMivc-descrlhld lands are isspiest -
ed to nit t heir claims In this olllee on or be
fore said :.'l day of .Inly.
I». II. Itrni/ONd.
Nonce lor Puüücaiion.
Tluilu-r l.uii(i, Art. Juin. 3, IKTK.
I'mtkd St\ti s Land < H no:. ( 'oi i n »
d'A 1 . 2 . n k Idaho. May u*n. Ihiki. »
Notice Is liereliy Klven Hint In enniplIuiH'c
with tie« pmvlhions of the net of ('oiiki'inh of
.lune.!. D r.\ entitled 'An net for theHuh* or
tonher lands in the Sint» s of ( iillfomin. < »re
Kon. Nevada nnd WnhliiiiKton Territory." ns
extended to nil tin* I'uhlh* l.nnd Slot»*»* hv net
of August 4. isîi-i. V, niter A TIioiiiun of St.
I'mil. eounty of Un niMey. ntnte of Mlnnesotn.
hns t Ills day tiled In the* otliee hin mvdi n sliiU 1 »
Diejit No 4»i. for (In* pu reluise of tin* SW '4 r>f
Section No. 14 in Township No. 7»7 N.. |{nnirc3.
W. It M . nnd
dll offer proof to show that the
MiR'lit I«* more valualile for Its Hm
lier or situe- t luiu for aérien It urn I purp«»He.s,
and t •» is! uhlisli Ids claim to said Intel lM*for»*
thi lOvisfcr and Ueeelver of tills office at
ur d \ l< u . I tin ho.
tlie »'4 day <»f July.
I still
M« miiic
«Il lu «sises: Mlion S Lindsay,
•si IC!\i r. It!ii lin; Howard
*st lilver. Idaho; W llilain Uuddy of 1'rli st
du ho . Lu Ido VouStelfittchr. of ItSam'li'
nth Dal.ota Aliy ami all {xisniis
claiming u !vei*s 'ly the alxive•<|«* scHInmI lands
are 1 'isjiiesleel to tlh tie'll' <'Ialms ill this office
oil or before said ^'4 day of July. I*011.
D. ll. liPDLONd.
; Lu ma« i . of
Nonce lor Pumicoiion.
Timber lamd, Aet June 3, IM7N.
Umtkd Status Land <)m« K. ('on u i
D'A um:. Idaho. May 4. |kwi. \
Not le«* Is hwts'by Riven
with tlie provisions of Ihe act o
.lum .1. DT-. em Stl* d "An aci f*
lhu , )««r lands in Ha* statt s of California. On*
roil Nevada, and Washington Territory." as
exlcnd«*d !•» all Hit- Piftdle Land Stales f»y
of AukusI I. l*itf. Jam» s A. PhlnpH. of St Paul.
County »»f Kams- v. State of Minn., has this
«lay fih-'l in this office Ids sworn sfat««
f»»r the puridia-*«-of 1 1n« \ 17 4 of Section No.
!u. In rmuishlp No .V» N . l{aiiK«' No 4 W . ll.
M . and v .111 offer proof tosht»w flint the laud
soujcht Is more valuable f»»r ItstlmU rorstone
■s. aud to « stab
• re the Ih-Rlsf < r
that in compliance
f ( 'oiiKfe
»r I he sa le of
•nf No.
than fo
•ish his
and K» -eiva r »»f this off! ••
Idaho, on
lie nanits ;
mann. of St. Paul, Minn. : Mlion S
a v r i »cult ural pm
I'dm to said land
* <H«ur d'A len«'.
tln«T»th «lay of July. Is'»!*
V> ll U« SS» s :
("taries K L« fi
lejvva ni II Luhumt. and Hiram llrac**. all of
Pre-t Hivi'r. Idaho. Any and all (a rsons
«•lairnlnK ud vcdm-Jv Hi«« als»vt--«l« sci|I m «I lands
are Mt|ii«'M< «l to Hie tln-tr claims in this office
on «>r In for«' said i»th dav «»f July. |h'i»i.
I» II. HtDijoNd.
M l!l
.1 -*l
Noi'ce lor PuDiicaiion.
Land orn< s at Cgh'H d Ali ne. »
Idaho. May 17. »
N«»tfc*« Is h««rel»y irl\ « n that the follow Imr
niiUi«-d s*«ith r has filed tu»I!«-»• of Ids |nt««ntlon
k«« final nr«sif In »upi»>rt «»f Ids claim,
und that said |»r«Hif w III Is« ma«le Is-fon* the
H«'/lM««r and |f<•c«*iv««r at ( «s ur d'Ah , n«'. Ida
lu», on June law. viz/: William II« nnelsrry,
lid No. li !*. f«»r tin NW'j. Nr, >. Twp .V.» N .
K. I W . H. M
lb n:
his c» »nt inuoi
of. said land, viz; John Manning. I/« wlsllow««.
I > I v. ; » » * I Audi i son. all "f ('«»ihtirn. I<lah«i;
John c (alluhau, «if Uuthdrnni. I «la ho.
I). II. lit DMlNO.
•s til«« f«»lloW'itlK WillKNM'H to prove
is n«sl«l< ric*' ii|ion and eultivation
M i<< j n
Land Orner, at ( un k d'Ai.^nk. »
Idaho. May 17. I*!H». f
Notice Is hereby ulven that the fol l«iwrInff*
•»arn«*«l "« 11 !••»• has »b*««l notice « »f Ids Intention
to make final nr**»f In »up|*»rt «»f his «Malm,
and that said pntof will U« made l»*f«»re the
Hei?ist« r and |{«»*eiver at C«»*ur d'AI««m*. Lia
it«». on June 2 «. ixyu. viz: )lalv«»r Halvorvm.
lid. N«» 44". f«»r tin- S'/-. NK*« and lots I ami
T v, p .V, \ . 1C 4 W . »{ M
s the folfuwInK witnesses t«» prove
his c«»nt inuoiis r«-si«h*Rce upon and «'uitlvatIon
nf. said land, viz: Andrew ChriateeMin. Ilans
L J(»rz«*ax<»fi. Jam««» Nelson. Tailef llalvorsoti.
all «»f S'ii««a«|U«»t«*en. Lhtho.
M 17 J ft
l>. It. Ill 1,1/iMI.
i:.-_ - Uti - r,
Timber Land, Act Jane 3, IS7S.
ITniteu States I.a.mi Orner. Conçut
u'Ai.ene, 11>AHO. May i. 1S!W. f
Notice Is hereby (riven that In compliance
with the pmrlMoii» of the urt of Con are»» at
.tum - S. tiffs, cut It let! "All net for the aale of
limiter land» lu Ilia Ktatea of California. Ore
(toil, Nevada and Washington Territory." a*
extended to all the 1'ulille Land States by act
of August 4, IKftl TI.ou.ua McDavtit, of HU
Caul, county of Kamacy. atatv of Mluncaota.
haathladay Sled In thiaoltlee htaaworn statt -
ment No. 40. for the purchase of the SK Wo t
StH'tion No. At in Township No. i< X.. Range
.Nu. I, IV. H. M., and will otter proof toatiutr
that the land sought Is mots 1 valuable for It,
tImta'roratom- 1 han for atrrl.'ulnirul miriiM-s,
and to establish Ids claim Io suhl land lieforu
Ihe Ueglster und Heeelver of ihis ot'liee at
* -ur d'Alene, Idaho, on l lie Lit i I day I if July,
lie names as witnesses: Milan X. Lindsay,
of I rlcst River. Idaho: Howard II. Lujnaer.Ilf
I rlcst River, Idaho: Henry L. liravea, of
Murldium. Idaho; Richard M. Menrs,iif Helena,
Montana. Any uad all persons claiming ad
versely the alNive-dr-serlw-d lands are request
eil to tile their i-lainia In lids ottiee on or bc
foiv said ii day of July. ism
I>. II. IlruiAixn,
Notice for PuDiicaiion.
Timber Ijtnil, Art June 3. IXTK.
L'.nitku States I.axo Orric'E. CoEtuI
u'Ai.ene, Idaho, May 17. lsIHl. f
Notice la hi-reby Kiveil that la compliance
with the |iim isloi.x of the net of t Tiukit-ns of
June A Isis. eniiil,-il "An Act for the sale of
Uni lier lands In the States of laUfortiln, On
tfon. Nevada and Washington Territory," n*
extended to il i 1 I*ial»ii«* Land ntnipN iiy net of
Animal I. I SUL llattie K. McllavllLuf St. l'aul,
ejHinly of Riiniwy. state of Mimn-sotH. Imx
this (lav tileti in this ottiee her stvoi-n stati
tni't.it,N|> Ct. for the iiun-hnse of tlu - N Ü .NK
'« NE > 4 Sh '«und Lol I of section No. Ain
rWnshln No, DON.. Ranite No. J, W. H. M..
anil will offer |in«if In slum liait Ihe land
snuffht Is more vnlualile for ils t imls-rnrslnno
Ilian for agricultural purpox.>»,iUKltoestahllsh
i»er claim to said land before the lhkisler
anil Uei-i-iverof this ottiee al t '.x ur (I'AIcne,
Idaho, on the .4 day of July. whi.
She mum .. its w Itnesses: '
, , llowitwl II. Gum
aer. of Priest Ulvur. Idaho; Mlion S. Lind
say. of Priest Ulver. Idaho* Thomas Mcllavll t,
of St. Paul. Minn.. Henry L. Uraee. of Murk
ham. Idaho. Any and all lu isons clulndn^
adversely the al ove-desc»ilN*t| lands are re
<1 nested to ItH*> tlu Ir claims In this olNco on or
before said *.'4 day of .July. Is!**.».
I». II. llrni,o*a,
Nonce lor Mcoiion.
Timber LuiiiI, Act June 3, 1873.
1'nited Stxti* Lam» Omrr, I'ort'i, »
b'At.EXE. Idaho, May 17, Irilit. f
Nut Ice Ik hereby given Huit in romplluncfl
with tin- pnivUliniN of Hu-net i.f t'imurcssor
Juni - J. IK'S, cul It liil "An net f
tliulH-r limits in tlu- suit.-s of Uillfornhi. Ore
gon. Nevada and Washiu-.::oti Territory," na
extended to ail tlu- Public Land States by act
of August 4. l*ti. James S. Ilryunl. of St. PuuL
county of Ibiniscy. stale of Minnesota, has
this day tiled In tills office Idsswom stateineirt.
No. 44, for the iiurclinsc of Hie NEijof S»-e
t Ion No. JK in'1 ,m iisidi- No. ,»7 Uani|e No.
J. W. II. M.. and \* 111 oir. i |>mof to show that
the laud sought U mote valualile for Ils lint
la-r or stone Ihun for aarlcultural |>ui-|sise.s.
and to I stahLsh Ids claim to said land Is-fom
the Register and Receiver of ill's ottiee at
I'in-ui-d'A b in , Idaho, on the -J* day of July,
lb-naiin-s as wltin-Ksi-s: .li-niile W. Davis,
of si. Ihiul. Minn.; Ibmard It. Hamaer, Ilf
I'rlesl RiM-r, Idaho; Mlion S. Lindsay, nf
Priest River. Idaho; Henry L. Hrover, at
MarlHiaui. I (In In > Any and all nelsons elnlin
ili« adversely tlie almve-dcftcrlltcd
tbe mile of
lands aro
nsiuested to file their ehiluis In I lit* ottiee on
or Is-fore said :J4 day of .lulv, IstH).
I». II. llrPLONci,
Nonce lor Piiiconon.
Thiilifr IaMihI, Act iluiif 3. 181ft.
I'nitki» Status Land ürKicK, C'okitk i
d'Ai.knk, Idaho, Muy lrt, lHtm. (
Not 1<M'U lu rt lty Klveil tlmt In coiii|)Uhih'u
W il II I II*' |)l' »ViHinilH of tin* net of CoiigrfM» of
.1 une 3. lH7h. entitled *'Aii net for the MiltMif
I i in I m r Innds in tin* Stuten of <'nllfornln. Ore
Kihi. Nevada nnd \\ n.shiiiKton 'rorrltory," 11 «
extended to nil the I'nldlc Litnd State*« liy ini.
of A iikiisI 4. |H1L\ Leoi Rc It. KlehnnlHon. of
comity of Menominee.
.Michlxnn. Inis tiled In this odte«« Ids sworn
fctntcjiicnf No 41. forth«* nurelniHO of tlieNK
•a of Section No ft! In Tounship No. f»7 N.,
IvniiKe No. 3 . W. II. M.. nnd will offer proof to
«how lint the hind nought Ls inor«' valunhln
for list IiiiIk-i*
state of
Mod«* Hinn for n^rleult urn I
h. and (ocstnhli«h Ids claim to Mild
Ix-forc the Ih'Khdcr nud Kceclvcr oftlihi
d'Alene, Idaho, on Ihn ^4 day
office at < oc
of July. |HW.
He namcM mh wIIiu hhcm: ||«*nry L. (iraven,
of Muruhnui. Idaho; Howard i( («uniM 4 *r. Mll
S LludMiy and William Uuddy, of Prh*bt
Hiver. Idaho. Aliy and nil |H*rNoiiN elnlmln;»
ndvi isely the nlH»ve-deHcrllH*d land«« are r«
1 1 nested m ldi I heir • In I fun lu tld» office on or
liefore Mild :.'l dnt of July, IKMI
Nonce lor moiicotiod
Timber Lind, Act Jim«* 3* 187M.
Uwitkd Statkh l*A»!iDrncr.. ror.L'n4
d'Ai.km. Idaho. .May la, I 8 W. (
Not lee Is hereby JrI veil that In eonipllitliei»
with the pro\ isions of the net of Lon Kress of
Juin* J. Ih7k. entitled "An net for the sale of
HiiiImt lands In the States of ('nllfornln. On
icon. Nevada and W iishiuRtou T«*rrltory. M as
extended i « » alt the Public Land statin by act
of AukusI 4. Is'L*. Tlnsslore Wolff, of St Paul,
eounty of Uamsey. state of Minnesotu. lias
this day filed in thl:* office Ids sworn stat«*
•m N*». 4.*. for the pur» liasuof llieN 'A N W *|
and W '* N Ku of Seel ton No. In Township
No. .i.» N . Ifanre No. l. \\. H. M.. and w ill ofTer
pitsif to show that the land s«>UKht Is morn
valuable for Its Itmls r or stone than for agri
cultural purisises. and to establish Ids claim
to *?ahl land Is-fore lli«- IbiRlster and Reeejver
of tills office at r<s«ur d'Alene, Idaho, on fho
J4 day of July. I Him.
Ile nam« s as u H russes; Mlion S. Lindsay,
Howard li. (iuiiiiitr, Hiram llraee, William
ICtiddy. ail of I'jiusi Hiver. Idaho Ai»\ anil
all im I-hoiis ciaimlnK (ulvenwly tin« als»ve
des<Tlls-d lands ;«r< ns|U(«st«*<l to tile their
riaiijt» m t4ds office «ai or U fon« said ^4 day of
July. IKK».
D. II. lit'DI/ON«).
Nonce lor PuDiicaiion.
TlnilH-r Ijiiut, Act Jane 3, 1878.
I ' mtkd Statks Lakd (Iffick roHfii »
D'AbKNr, Idaho. May 4 1*W. f
Noth*«* I» hendiy Klven that In «'onipliaiu* «
w ith tlu* provisions of the u«
June .'t. |s7s. t ntllI« hI "Aii act f«ir tb
tiruls r I
K«»n. NVvuda an«l WashhiKt
*t «if CoilRItsSof
1 C s»l h* tlf
Is in the Stat«*sof Californio. ()r w
Territory." an
exteinhsf to ail lit«- Public Laud Stubs* by act
«»f AukusI 4. 1 MM. Charles R la-Jimann. «»f S*.
Paul, count v «>f Kninsey. »tat«« **f Minn., has
this day Hi«*«! In this «>lfl«**« his »«vorn stat»*
ment No .K*. f«»r the purchas«« of tin? SR'«of
Se« th»n N«r. 3*» in Township No. .V» N . Kanre
No. 4. \V. It M.. and will otT«-r pror»f t«».sho«v
that the laud Mtuichl is more valuable for IM
tlrnlsT or stone than for axrh'ultuml mir
•s. inul t« * «t*t a hi Ish bis claim to said fand
I*'fore the lb*Kist«T and Hoc«*lvi«r « *f Hdsofftej«
at ( «s ur d'Alene, Idalio. on the £»th day of
July. DW J
Ile nu me» as wltm*HM*s: Jam«** A I'hipps.of
Ht Paul. Minn.: Mlion H. Lin«isay, llowartl U.
biiriuit r and llirutn Urace. ailof Priest lilver.
fdah«». Any and all persons «'lalmlnx .ulvrrs««
ly tin* above-dcscrilMHl iamlsan« r*s|uejtt«*«l to
tlh* 1 heir claims ill this ofHre nr* or Is fore said
i'» day «if July. litDP.
Notice lor PuDiicaiion.
Land Urncr at Co ecu d'A i. eke, i
Idaho, Muy 17. im*. i
Notice Is hereby Klven that the followln*
nnrnc«! s«*ttler has Hhsl noth*eof Ids lnt««ntioii
to rnakf Hnal iirnuf In supis»rt of hl» claim,
»ml that sai*i proof will l»e made Is forvstlK*
lh«Klsb«r and H(v**lvi*r at C«eur d'Alene. Ida
in». (»n June J7. I*!4*. viz: Haus L. Ji«rk«*n^m.
lid. No. 414. for the \VV4. SF.»* ami H'b SWw,
Se««. 1 ^». Twp 5:» N.. K. 4 W.. Il M.
II«« n;iui«*s the fitlluw'liu; w ltnesst's to proa»
his continuous r« »ld(*n<*e upon and cultivation
of. said land. \ iz: Andrew ChniCetison. Hul
vor llaivorson. James Nelson. Tailef liaivor
son, all of Hcu('ii«iu«Koon. LIhIhi.
1». it. Ul'DIOMl.

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