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Kootenai County Republican. (Rathdrum, Idaho) 1899-1903, October 12, 1900, Image 2

Image and text provided by Idaho State Historical Society

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» »l. i
,sl rft it» (.«o.di.e ut K * i lui mil 1 a»
'*«**, «I class nuttier.
l*t.l.ir.i.**.i PrM.ijr i.f . .. -I, «. i-k
.prit tua- 1
....a n
M fl». KIPTIOV I I : if
f'lc J'..r
Tw.. ili.ltitr» «I - I»
«.rk.'.l In ■
r,t |».!il hi
Where It."
n-i. *«»•*
u.ti'.u tn
, I
lotit t; it. 1
I inn\>
t »4 *%i r.
urn win 4N
Wlt.il V »I it. », t'l !.!
nu o 1 .
Vm. I*.
I il
1.1 O \l PARSON- j •
1 v» ii. 1 Vk ION I
j. T Moi:i:t'«i\ 5
IT«; At: c '"M » 1 »,
iilii.w w - 1 i Nina m
fntütiitiii«! T!«
I «»r Mrrnj»rr *rf < ••
I or
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à *»r I U ol4*l»»Ht Fhivmior
|'or s* , of **t ** 1 «
« AudUor
I« It- ..«.un r
: t
• rnitf
A A « UaM ;
VI Mi l PA I i ll
HA U f C \ A >l> ;
* ! •• Ki 'l l i;
• K«» I nliAY
s*tjrtrjfi»* f»«l lit of PuMh* liiNtrm tl* M
II --»iK HH I V I
uilii i,'j' tu I I
! I
I ,.r \lo
I -*r ■!«.. Min.
W I Will I \lv I lf
I •*! H(„I, Sni.Un
i.i ti i
• Y M it »
I II« »MIM *'
! l IMKIflr
Ht pr* **» utatiT«
I ••»»Ilf % .
t in, ys i
tit ntiKtt i mi' t»
t Ii \ '.I. h it it I
\ w I'l .» I
I.- orr
t -i
ti i Mida ;\n
f-M»r T« i**»m.«i
I »ir < ««»»»• v .Niton
i«f li
4ii|h » tiitrmU
!( « l ohk ilH
V. t! I. ! A V» N «III.I Y III
HU I « » 11 N Ul s|t Y
« h K » v
h Iimi , IM t lluMl'-! *\
i P..i n u. ta.»,
r 4,
» «y*»i
# '•! i • »♦. ni* r
l "
« Mmnti
AN" luiv-' pH .mis. -(I o r . id.-js i I"
cotil stuti'iiien! slewing wtc n and in
w!....!■ wtitch jtf.tlth'.'d party t !.. d la
»'Til. 1. t»i m> t,mat comity ow ■ s at pres
illt w is .i>at -il, I'rn.i to |s.| purtv
Jitics were not u'n sharply drawn in
K i >t( liai - itinty and w.
fore i s. ...'.i i tn
Ill lliul date.
pur, Hint a majority of tic
is.m|HM'd the iMx.rds
lins'lotl'Ts prior to |s-.|
ini,!'!, .-at eai'. on
I Ic- records show , how
■ "Ic
f .'..mit ' coni
were demo
\t Ht" t»glliltlng f lit" veal 1''2
llte total d.'t.t of K""t".uil ciatnly
amounted to ■ I,I. a band ou t In la of
July, P»**. It ainoniili <1 to «pto.iitri. lo,
pu ring the )!.ul» »Ui'".'.'(hog |sul the
ci.iirit' il.-t.i waHinereascd and h'cr. iis
I'd ,1» follows
l«'f 111* T«
HU, il(i
i««(N. (iinh*it«i'
^ lie
IMJK. in<
***»■ in*
i r.i
>» » »•-< *1
to cu !.. ;
I i «' »
I 1.0.1.'.
It t to
Up (»» lui V In I » '
»'rout !Iu'm1«.»i It will be s. "it tliitl
pic d. l»t was Imn.i'Cil dining .aclt
year since |s.|, cxccpi during tbc
year- J-t.7 ns, win nil It was decreased
by ».at*,»«. It will also b. sei n that
Us- largest increase .luring any on.
»ear >»vuin<(! tu 1» II» tmnlug n.
» bi r» >nts we find that V\ .1 I'tUing,
« tuts. Itigg. tt amt N. t
«sainty (s.inmlwsUiiMus during
*"ar 1'tlliug »ml Il w i ï i
.»rats, »»hi-ti nude u a dcntoiinfi
Slintll Well
I rom tlic (• ginning of l*r..i n> the
U'glliiilng of t» 'T, »»c flint t bat t . V'
Clarke. J. I'. «Juart.'s .iikI I,eiiig. bltis,
«öd «kt Wuii.-n, J, v l^iil a ,„| \
hilmder, nil r. p.tl»t|, ans,
fN.miiilMU.is r». The loreg..me st.it. .
»»• re
• **'1*1 *ie'"s i marked lu. ira»»* In tlm
i.MHitv debt during
»oars »hell III" K publie. tits
• out rot of itHiuiv nttairv
I«'' NUCIN'tslillg
ere in
lids it!
, '.av .»Nurud during l» 'i umI again
I »•«'■
i 'orlug 1 1. t wo
N7» It, or
» l':l
(t.'l.t Was 111 , re,isc,I t,»
mi av. rag. of *|s,
alauit o|u Hill.I ,f tile H:
log t» c under a de,m» i ll
nt« rr«M*
« ,
»* I.left a |»ar
l a»e t||ffe or
w «' r»- t la» » ni
***** of It,I* *»et,.,n «ufier
«S.HUI of tl* IvM'mi H g«
i »'rat ic i
» during w tilefi ||u- p.
Nl 111
w tii. u ,« di
.it at -
tiMiat administration | un ti
UM r> »nl.
it* "f Uw • outitv
V(N4,s l*ro|*crfv
ablfi the ext»',*
were tt .ivy
■»"( VUliU, v
hienl .N»nltim-t at th. u
l*-»irtrs tht» tt*
normal r ite,
omit» » ervsUt was
>1 an ev
pt (Nanny admin
r.iuc t**nNi
at l»»w «Mg l»,ng f I iv Ivraitl .
I'tlvxgiUll and in wi
iMcaliuii b» a d. m
koinii.lMu.'iiers too y
«»•uiily warrant» w.
2>* per ce III.
mi»f..r,ui" » of ihn»*
at a nlMOHiUV of j
Hut tM.twtttixiaodluc th,
vears. tin
•k4<»n*Uvl U, the re put.I man tpsirdsi
Hiir.hg Imz »,
tir«u ti-<- d."».,, *»i nv » a'livrai '
te Cart tig them ; a .t p*»'
fu vf«w of this uarkvd contrast is It
Wkiprixiug i bat tu, fugioiiorgans »tiould
att. tufa to i|g»kr iu t . j,
Jfc'v that lè.J*t. N. thw.
k|)î«)ci> U -
v im» u i
audiloi and roionh-r. mar,'g"d lit.
j cm:niyft Miam i s during all lhw«e
jfBrs ?
Ihn history of the !
Tin» lieht nah im it ft« tins : art
i l»l>7.*.,rv1 !*o,.hU,,s«Wi Imoi/v lots ,
1 'llftlg tllO. firftl :
I cflnum nUfT,aim.
is Ui- «!t i f was d<- re, .<-1 n.j
o >y
j I he )l I'M l ill :
1 collllt V hy • VKl. l'f. w hile durlll|f 1 ln- 1
p.tsl one a ltd on- ., all i.-no. , m! i 1 1
[-.inn misnuitiof.-iiieiit tin ('.flinty <'*. hi
f Od» count y arc in j
nttfi the
of I In» r.c t i > found in
was in i< 1 «e< I hj
f il.sht.li7
1 no »».,»»«« i.v nuiSi.fiJ
'I Jm fiisn/filsl
■ .1 u. sj-• rate >c raIt s.
' c:
! i«*st
I Uie colutiins : I licit 01 «»ns.
I niad efforts I>.
I and t-.itcriiip '.rif.ntz.it i«»i
! !»■ ilieir dw ini'ilm; ft.iues lit -'
ja l'-st < • tits-' 1 lies«* fu inn edit ni s arv j
j commit t tn),' soiim «srevims blunders. ;
!ij ;.tr< urn!'tar t o ! ' !!•:
in their
holster up a corrupt
and to eal- j
•f »
T !.. v
, vin e t lie I a x pa yet s that tin tepubiic- j
<• wholly and cntli.-ls 1 . «p.iisi-!
K'H.tciiai . oiitity s indebted- J
f this ridiculous !
I il lis 111
j • .1 (- for
I *e " U" 1 « Ipfea t
5 ass» rt lop I imy proc d-'d lostu
o adcr.s w ttli - u.'li sill I
t hoir
addle as an ;
attempt to m.i!"• them iH'lieve mat ;
is al-.o I n- j
.f tlm
.lilt y . was the "uholc Hilo«." 111*1 j
: t liât all ol lac onlcers of the I'ount y, !
liichidltuf the lioard of coniinis-ion. is,
in.-lit i'f the county's linn ■ - i. con- j
; «'fîlfin
won* «»f riilnnr l iijMtrtan in ko far .j;>
! I lit*) r rnlaüon towjini ihr Hi.mii«
w I.
the cl ri of
auditor and i cord' i
i»f I ins wis !<»
* isi I »! lit > Im I v « » * : * i i
! r< *»iiif > * ■* ii.di'lii « dn«*SN U|» ! »n !î« »dl . s. !
i Hnij/uvv. a !■» r\*ulViri«tl »\)i<»
'v in nt-ditor and i »•« *t »i <I*• i for a iiUHih î'
throw i
ot Je. (I s W Idle I ill
bll'-. "at pal I of t Ills
Hide!.led tu ss acci lied thr.ctgli l Ic cor
rupt and ext iav.igan! met hods "i and j
tcadet'a ol
t Ik ae f usion orga ii.» ". i <■ ic doul:t sur ;
IIIKM*lit t»\ lit |;;i»« l .1? 1 • lu mis
of «»»minissloncrs.
pi Is. d h » ka tn that S ftr.'UTiw
. ,
t f public m. i
i» ,i m:i o ot such i'Xt I ;n.i
tihiarv iilHIit tli.it lie could manage j
w it Ii as.' :i d -Uiocral IC ic -:i id • f
tldsMtoii.-t's wlmni tlm law
' m - j
ellip- 'W cl '-tl I
■ ill;. : j
i'll.'Hhat'. and si!:x :
mislead and tie. > lv t he !
llllde l.V I hear
sinvcy j
and dir *'. 1 »d to manage
and rccoidei
\ ont lier lues!
{ at I einpt I
I a x payers Is an cltort
In illitint V fusion
t tie i ll.pl'essloii I
1 t lie dimmer.it ie
• »titors to
hat .
defaulter, nlUe-ngl
elect id ou t tic ilcnio-popitll- !
IIck.'l and snpp'aid l.\ iIc.
ma gnl- j
■ who art
' now fii Ton leader .., t km .mm a n pulilU -
Ul at I he same I line t hat I - !«•
icon, i il. fault.w. This i.» even more I
ridiculous t ban lit" at tempt t
f\ the Importance ..IT be auditor and
recorder's office, and before l lm cam
palgn is over we »tiall ex|H-et to learn
from lush ii sour >-s that H . J. I'iillug
and I has. luggett, dctnociatlc
county officials who Idi the c-iunty
: under a cloud, and 'lims, fot timr chair - !
manor thV d. unK'iat b cittr.il com '
milt ', of Kootenai county who I» now
• loi ng ! line lu I Im I it cgoii piinit cut i try, !
iH'.'time c
ex - 1
i » "t i s I n it'pub|icii;ii,,tu I. •- j
j fi.rt' they einigt tied !
r fusion edltoisand the pn s
I to Un
»'t'l fusion '"il"iu-.N be »• tun I'- av
was a t cpithilean when h Te aue i
nc' le c have made
as a ,
•' : i lie
K (-eii.it » m o. j,| ,| 1
. Pugg» tt. Ml
at ic . \-officials w ho !
Most a vstr > .H » | hey do
If » 1 it-v
, d tiiat lie
icpotihcan jt is ijitlic s.«fe to a..Mime
I hut I hey wiad.l |,
at least
ft 1 a* t s !.. .1
: d lie'
criminal. Ii
i • of tlm fact Huit
tiie present fusion ic'-ct. il» bave
n > such etT 'i ts to bring tbh
' 'll to,I T'd loii'.
b iic'c that
t" ntst Ice. have it. t
jWc ti" const rati
! 1 *.
aim in i \
!'d: tl d.
il del
as are fit
long list of (|._ ne >
have fou lid it
i • and t tic
d ( liniatc »h"it!> after lImir
t- rut ot "itic, .-»piii'il. rids »."lier i»
r>"igtlmimd t.y tlm vicious
•i able tcputill -
ill of " bom .ir,. si d
to seek a
omenn ui
at laeks made upon hoii
\ ofitel iK.
.. u . j
>• i leu!» ot i lits i ,Hint » amt ar"
I" ■ : t"'sill ;. of high ht.tl'.r an«l to
»» blcl<
ne attached greater tesp.io»S
» than hiv county office impo»"».
re also s.gvi nl and »•• are
tin "
Ie ivy lux payers III ko>>Uui.tl vomit V.
If oiie-tilindretti |xirt of what it«* fn
si"ii organ» s.» Htmut Urc condm-t of
bit» an r\ «.ifietaW v'tilfi
pr-v'id fusion
el* and ar. ivstii a
, n.
t true,
(is have Is
i iflti
it and
V I,'
Irdutv t ittiv
ta vpa
'a a't this rai
air, and all im-v
If ti
w eharguil. and th" fusion ou
«'Mil» tuvve n. ■»»
.«ti.Htgh to kiio»v at
kg i
«■liarg»vi against r.
aw founded m»on facts they tnt» e the
visit ion to eniulnv
W oat
» the g'»»
and ici» tng of n a
t traite» of at
hi »
a »
i*'c,i in ontce to,
t a ta ntl U, w tiy n
Uev t I'bc ymtl.dal
is It, fusion hand», and if
li-Ntl « va.rtl. hl.s
. »s f . r t
The <-,«»
s.-rv> r I an easily tell
; i liât there .»IV two
Ngokeu of in tlih,
one of tht
kliMx of eX-officia
Ax a ru
remain ic»idents ,,r ti
o'uii, alt»-, tlieir t.'ii.i
pu » »vtu'» tin, oilier», a, a rai
j grale ' Now. U* wtm h ,.. j|
S >w tluwc vvtp. have euitgrut.-d 1*
» nth
ai pan >
Ul ri m.K YY II I
\Y tA
ji v. !
■I fu»ion polRh Un is
win io l in-, county hv wdi:i! h i
them lo term a
hill whenever
-cd t. /aiding t» ' nr ui rot
.latloii il <fcv I In;
if the ffrcscttt
in t lie 'airiott- pu •
! r.r t he county, and Thai as a rule
atiou is hasted wholly i
o- •iiniieand in inarij instaoct
unit liable report« in
•■vett he ha« Ul t iw or no fail in
a i/o tlic ralitor
, Ids inf«
: ih os. - ■ V I
Ihn h> is
nr.! ».
: .i
1 M.h ■ 11.1
ins 1
mon II.
t lu.r
> >ii|r 1 ii v
of (Ids pa
: a ' " n an opport 11 ni n > to t^sl
j 1 la-fail Ii of a fusion leader inthcie
a cert.
'v T"
r vva:
: rimed to have received from
precinct whi' li returned a
purls in
j yan hv coin ed -nu tn t he republicans to
; votes in that precinct litis year.
o[T"i,'d lo v.ai/ u a li\<
ioo înajoi itv two \. u., aifo
ami in which tlm republican
j could then b m 1 » ». t.« j ou t :m
Tl.ib 1- ion leader h -
r. .. ..
» "f hiir
\\> ;
-dollar l.at that 1
j (he republicans would have
The ■/'r was n«.t a-ceplcd. V. e
J titeii "ftcr«*rl to wai/cr tha : Hie rcpu|e|
! 11< atis uotial have i'
a«*a*|ddf|, an<i !
ViLff» in lii.i
. Tliis v% is in
it majority in
; neither v.
; .-uudidates would receive
j licit tnsi*iii ' IrunpTiold of two years
pro. This aptl\ Illustrates tt <* faitii :
j wliir-li tin» f lislfrl ils I s> ill th'-ir
! altsilrd claims,
Tic l'asioipsi« know and cicmede '
n.al :1a K'publicaus in Ulis eolllltS
. e iins w i I hin the last j
j t w>. wars, but m-. have not even
A../'':' t hat .'.outi: of oui
is a
I .
! ru «j !«» «•>.! iniatc thp pw* «•«•til. of l hat
nit. and \v ! s » f» thi*y »iiaK'** « * I : i * 11 » •
! i n; i .ji mhtos il ! *. quil»* * • I t*ii r that 1
i)i<»v ;ir<
/loping in llic dark,
that ii
'• I ''pili.ii. . il » of
i heir .
j lug from 2-*> I , _>nn. Tills prcdiciinu is
im.aed u|«.ii int'orncitinn gleaned from 1
... 111 He, iclial.lc amt complete p
; ports from ev-n y iireciiml In 1 he conn
Koo|"iiai count> v. iil tin.-, tail elect
nlire llck-l by luajorilies ranc- 1
per.,! 'lia.
and the mat.-rities i.uiii."I arc a
j ;er,alive
ini n iidat e i
tiled It
est iniatc.
I f any
- j on (lie
I will
'nil«tli««)n j
dip , ni il -|y lo ina-'l i', it,, ill
j i :i. ( ct.ipalg n.T ■ .ms. I lu t ari—nniikdi
I--onblican voll ', in this i i inly t
: cle •! a'! f-f ! Imni,
! Two
j from i
mr e mdid.itc-.s m. t
■ cars age
fusion iii, a ]oiat ics ranging
to I" -, That "as due to tlm
def at b v
I fu< I t liai I lie p op| -
wen m..,, .piaint d wiili the pn.ver
t.ial conuulioii ami iicnmnctenee
of 1 11 is county
suiting from dishoicrabic political
ti ifttclng I. dween fusion parties,
-iicli nmtlc-ds in politi -. at - not Icai
cannot fail t ■ > c\ -weise a
j i Icmoi'all/iiig inline ice noon l liose w h -
arc naturally weak - mnigli to tramp!
i principle nuit r fool for the greed of
I nruhlc and
b.ul It", non trial
-■l.-ci inn, and 1
pist ns the
- ! \\ hit man and
' , nt Wesliliigtai, and l.atalt and other I
fount i .» in Idaho,
! I. for, the la t
Tin I'usioulsls of Ko 'ten, ai count
- 1 have U"\v Is'. :t un I rial tor two yem... 1
ti.sion -t» of Spokan -.
other cc.mties In east
in ivootenai I his year will
b'lb" Mime is it w,,.» in those in.in
j t he result
ties twoy.-arsago. The iTishmists atul,
their lax and corrupt m IIkhIs will iv
film ; ■coplc's dlsap
Tltc Ia.vp.ay er» -.f
nit \ are not less Int Tli- ;
g ul Inin ate those ol the count u » 1
mcmmue.l, tner-i'ore the t"s.tli j
cei vc the si a nip
pt'ovtfl at t he poll»,
, K- « .tonal c
. ,
n Viv-mt^r nit will I - 1
"••bu i- n puiti 11 1.,n of fusion liid -
it» 1 nig team »-f c'l! . Th • republic. '
n.» w ii win 1 mt do not bo timid
1 alioiit » vdliug tit. majorities.
HI lias
tiie approachine

on c:: im. t be ol tmrw ise.
I : e' ry reimbU- in in t bis count v I
his dut v
t lie » rillet
gut -r and
' t bis lt.irr.MKH. K
I ; "n', -rs I m
ts.iran*i.' •
im a « .t un u ti i »
In the course
1 'ta' an audience at
• •»• Ftitfuy evening, tin editor of
fusion organ, wlio
»Ui I lm fusion tlckfft for re-rlec'ion t>>
be ytfii c of pro'.xrt c aIge, in n ici ring
j to mir « \pi sare of l.,s ofih i.il r oid.
''I ' i you lmb \,
ask.Nl tilts quest! Ml
ITi.it »iqvais to have l.'"i' tlm
extent »f his dc-as. of a corrupt • -rît
A r
tax paver v»i -.
■cured our ini'
Sfirlnl rccoids
• V" f hat w o
imt g
i malien
eferivd to thos.
c or »In- d e» not fin.
li> r
a id t
' '((is pi, Isclv a» pilhlisiicd ie
! t he l^stie
u» in
The lie publ
"Wt tin»
.«fiée for
» Incurred
\|" !ks
ef so
ev-minat ion of
\nd thanks f
atile to
If kotl
>r»l I
>r pr
f u*.
INxIK * i
» ev| I »(
>n that r -1
d an
« i i
\ w
> a iii*
a w
I ,i \ j '• r r. \\T.n do you Tilin' 1 ; >?
t!,.- gra»** j
. Hi
it! t' j • ir July nif ft ina. !
! ,'iiui in s .j.jH.rt of fin- ;i sntion ;
.-an r<-t. r:uiv I.,-|«y. r lo Hi- •ommis
doners' lima which mu-» h-w ;
• I '
whether or nol Lift* report wasiu-l
up.,n at ti.ri ineettn:». If Me i-roiwle
* - had ii!.-d this rt port aim '
failed tu
n sit; it. '
1 mini
>1 their >
t is only fiirtlie! proof
l-"ssii''S , aiid .iicoii
eh a
made in i Ic KcpuLl'Ccl
t•,] l.V rcc'int fiiH 1 .
nf M'Ptcni- ,
ti-:r k'l J
\r t 1 f t ki> :
( .Ml ! I sot:
01 tc
i.ray.. w.
'■ iii .ScpUunbei
ill lue
allein: cd
14« piitiilcan
°f anthony.
up." lull'
pre ,s of inis count '. to show
y • r.itiiiL' that Roht.S.I
and recorder *.»f j
; tfiis c timîy. ah;stracted îx^.*ks which;
1 properly and lopaily belong t > tlm of-1
the be
. A-.iM'lh'.r
also to prove t.y re-1
>rd i;mts v, ic.i. how and wlctv 1 1 1 is :
Ii he ret!ml at.
ace fmm W
of l-'ail:

•nmiim* r^puhlieaii ' X-oîîiriaJ üir^aüy ap-!
! pr^pHal- .*«! iiis m.vii use» oruMl jliai
o al;') oiiitii' ii^rtl 1 hf^Ji t-'i '
Inf ft>es.
! ' tlmir sill; at.sertioii I hut Inal-ip^t"
lowiiic hills ainoiintioc to thousands
: ''I
illegally the
-v. mini:-:.ioii' i's were following a *'re-|
put.l'man" or an;, ot her pre. edenls.
'I'.- local tiisii.il I.i'oan claims to ;
Ii accepted I bin < liallelig.' and with !
a ci-.-at lloiirisli it proceeds to
tiic sidy campaign document j
w ci ■ ;i tic- fusion coniinissi()imi ''order- 1 '
fusion j
pill)- j
. lif.ll
! i< * !» 111 » v ( 'riüaliau t * » **' *m f»i i- » lor 1 he* I
s for v*. isfrii it lias h(.*»'u usi»d. !
ili-.-.idih this tic itttllill ii.mlous state-1
nmnls ali-ait I'.ragaw riapp. t. r. lint
;not one lit. " of record tacts, and t in
1 h"blic is tin wiser reganling liragaws
alleged (|efai( ati-on titan II was before
.i •halio'igi was acc"pted' ? t-.y tlm
. local fusion organ.
II says nothing about "republican
jhrci a lent.» in answer to our r I in Menge
prove that a repuhliUin hoard of
is ever allowed one bill
! 1 1 'ally : in n- (h..',s il siiow any ant hor
I ... . •
11.1 » * < a- j
e i c<liutnisxi
it y I.. r ,st a! i ng t liai Hobt. N. I'ragaw
ab-.: laeied 'nooks fiom t'p- auditor's
j OillcC.
We have no faitii in Joiilmy f'nlln
l.an's l.iavii "experting" and believe
w ith the public gem ,all , t hal the lu- !
siuii autlorilics themselves
Itibited un fait b in Johnny 's
K t s. • w hy should rimy In-si taie t
•il -a t he amount of this al- j
d shortage '/ '/ V. e submit tiiat
mr chalh tig" lias ic i heeii accepted.
.ff. re
p. c
■ ■"cd and
I \ Y NSW I : Kill).
. .. ,, , .
Hi the "..tly part of this campaign
I im I !"i.iiil and The Ivootenai County
II ptililican made general dtarges of
cxl i"ivH,-m .. ...m i
* ■ ' j
.li'jinsi the fu* ;
■ .. ;
and specifications j
"civ inniislied I o t lie extent of many
1 >'• 'iuimis, part icularly hy t he Kootenai
j I net unpcl cnee,
era I luismanagemenr
•oimt.v ailniinist rat ion. sa\ s t he
I give specification.»,
1 si on
Ivootenai Herald. Tlte fusion ilrgaus
came l>ack and dejjtauded that we
1 'tnity 11 'publ! :in, and vet nut one
°l fh"S" chaeg"» has Ih'di tuet l>\ tlm
'them 1 1 i I t
'I'imy have either ignored
Joke them
I'hcd try a n atlaeU on ex-Vudilor i.ra
k r a" •
; Such a deletis • may lull fusionist of
» 1 1 e-s'ekets into a sense ol .security, j
j hut il will not go with the general
, .(,( flip. 11 --h ae i o ..,
,, , . ?, , ' .
- 1 i'if ""tut', t if he les retained any
- 'unds o. y.nging to the county, the
' ! aws of l.latio a tv ample tor a redt—ss, I
and tha hmatupelence of the fusinnlsts

And i igln here |m s.ay that if Mr.
v I Uragaw i > guilty■ of not turning
an >■
.. o,,. ,, . , , , ,
[ ' 1 *' ; «'e.
; 1 1-«- «••',i;l and administrative ma
: chilien in t luit t.. t ;» t b • oidgc. tiie
.pi"-- -aiting att-o.aiev. tiie .»iieritf the
com.insMon » „ .
mnussi"i,-.s 'ci.toMg. so Why ..:
1 "" v 11 ,l l ' lH " M ' ^ 1 »r;»K r i'v is in
• rh<'( ntv;in«! ît- : il h i'(;lsnu*n
, :
are here, g
1 I ■!■ an* |"',;a! chain
c hi he made against them.
The fi sionists arc in this dih
:: ud lb, \ ate Welcome !•
cil h r horn
t'i.-ir .-ihn»
Hragaw iseltlicr
•isc they are itrcom- ;
|«!gn mud, oi
•. P' tc.nl lo guar.
- and in eti.li» . event ate
> .age rt uni *
flic count s nieres!».
tt"; fif to man*
v ♦ » y* i
l>fs VY fl!
.•ire i;- vv >'H
mut v.

I l.i» • tl
all ,|rs a» t
eut it
" : i.et '.»
W » » N :
T 1
I M V i(
arte.», in the f.
,sî ■; si.'-«nr" m "nd. t
s r-dter. The
•. m .a fitted t.v ihe
' ! HsiuHists.
t'er annum.
IN tu halft;
g i v
|Vys ,
i d of comm
; iii.s
■t tiie
Il . Wi
> M U4 »
' îi'j'.ircs. Mr. Taxpayer ? i
J * i ! ! - ai*rn jat ini: tn ■»iisands of
j l.ir.i have be » all.. wlm-l. hills
Hi a ve nMttU-r been it'etiiteed nt.r sworn
lo ith r-iuin-t! hi law. again iijtlicatliiÿ
., •
■ .■ ■ .
for fusion pnrfihfl.nfes is n
■ .mill ions ami
atul this car
! ryvf ruif. as airalnst
; tinder r..*puhli<»ti rule.
th- .tinoiiiii r ill i-eHio'Tenfar. Nice
; tri« lc.«*ii tl.o I six payers to «Itmhle the
' va'oatiin of i>roj» v t ».y, ;*ikI red dec
the rht ■ onf' a '!• ■ r ' nt s 1
sioni.si ■ hier» as< il 1 lie
'1 lie f:
1Ô in 1 a lev ini I-':--
r_'l. l"o.Jd ri iifi 1 itr 1 lie fcrst
\re !» .1 t n >• a;,it loin/ i
' del.! s ! a.»
ed tll-d "tit
■ot h-iK>.
, :
A vol.
voi e to cunt i litte above
pcact ices.
Kvcrv fad. herein stated can he
! |;roved b.v tlm iveords. and the Jleraid
will next week reproduce exl facts
from Mm records on these subject«.
it h t)i'- .sltx !<!:!» 'Ml * l*:i t .> : 0 îl V'-rUîtlld
nnfii? Um» much for ;i coiiirnis
Ti.xi.riy.- 1 -s know !
» 'i.f n fus. K. . ..t'U.ilision- :
■an and wilt ri iat n.be!- Mr. Basil'» »o.o-- ,
\\ \\ Hi'sli. caudiduti; on I lie fu*»i«>n ticket
tor vom
i. r frtjiii district 11 tin <ntl
t-v penses v\ :
winn tin- ".
: • '
, ,
M. full I-omiM-n- i
. , V* I
• * n ï*»d *UiAAtK

;.t ;it tin !ht* *z* *• *»f Xovr-mlK-r.
' -»ation l lot-t \ • ;t
il i.
/Uitms ;
l* »nrd «if commissioners, dre
70. *?
.*? ivi'i v. n total of ?i,oi.*\CjO or it*ss
('aiidfilati. Hush «stniMiU's llini tnu- fu
•>"mi « Mintnis.iioiu « « st'i'vi«v>. plus u.\p«*ns •>,
arr hi'iilt!
; .'im.llier silly pie '" of Iwisiness.
! .(d onedoi:
1 '
'ill- ! i k ' : i ' fusion OIL'CII'., at tempt to reflect
I : : i ■: »i i lie oittciul record of cv-Sliei'ltr Kyan is
it show
sic ri IT. rolleet
i» waul fad ». cot merely gllller
I when Mr. Rvac.
e failed lo
j T ''»' «"'l"* ,
lit-* L'l-IM-niill M S.
\V*• r » • it .not t hat i»u*«*tinii i.-, sr» n«*tit* at lutmi.
I vw should h«-sitati' to su.^st to onv f usi«m.
! fl
.h t!»at »In- tsiNi».»y« i»s In this county f»*«*l
mit t v i ( • * t ••'>t lit thf ottiairt! r*-.*r»rds of
• • to public offlof than
• Is of « \-otti» lals.
! t •
who a
t tie ree
Hu s no
I u a not «ut column «»f fhls issu«* wi; ^uhiisi»
an i 11 f • • r* • s f i f m on 1ku* fax quest l«m.
hVstd ii and
IJdllK «»f •'» .>ur|)risi* fur tin* fu^ioiiists
•Xt \V«M'k
• shall have sornc
»tir M,*'!* hi s «*f rîmdid.TOs wrrr i , ro\vdr«l
TU«y «»il!
mit t»f this issue,
appear next
. ... j
\\, t », .i fsi ,'m ,,| :t *"' ' ! * * «i 'I im :n*-i i'«t- j
'' , ; n !'' 1 ' :,,M i '•
, . : , lL ' V , *î s Y , Vi )V,,alf ,>f I
j tht la'»t i utorrst s of alt tin- j >« *» » j > » « *.
i* ml fi»r Y tuir-clvcs.
ls this ■ hi: ki-X'i.t or ii'siuN'e
Wax Ttmre !. IN
Hit of In fori
tafhiii for Idaho Tuxpayvrs
The democratic state platform,
adopted Inly 17. lh-'M), contains Ihis^
! ! ,0 V

;m«i ' «»!*
1 The constitutional pp vasions rclat- 1
Mug In tin* asscssm"iit of property are !
! as follows:
,,, , , .. , „ ,,
,, : u ', s:; '' '"um it ut ion lias hxal '
c.s.s nl css 'Mimnt ot a.i property
RS mllows: I
Th !»vi>in t u
«shfil! i»!'o\itlt' such IctrisSa
■rufiil. by levy mu
(hat t % « i*y ppisttM nr <or|»ni
sIihü pay a tax ni pi'ojMiiiinn t»» ihi* v.
n tion • »I his. iicrnrits pmp* rty.
nil l»c
turn i
Sec. 2. Art. Y 11. Const. Idaho.
Th „ .. fttrllmr provides
t hat "all I axes * * * shall be cul
lectcd under general laws, wIiicb siiaj.l
i prescribe sucli régulât ions as shall sc
j cure a just valuation for taxation of
; nil property, real ot personal."
s.v. 7>. Art. \ 11, Const. Idaho.
Il is tints seen tiiat the constitution
, of tlm state plainly directs the action
; of the legislature, so that the laws
j l>nil( .| r( { ni;lv provide for an equal val
nation (.fall property, by fixing a basis
its assessment and hy fixing a uni
form levy.
Um h'gisluture obeying 1 1 jo diree
t ion
\ Il 1 4\ ililc i.mpci'ty m nsi Ih- tisses», a) ;.t its
fut: ,-usii x
amendctl second
session laws, pagel.'ll.j
tin Mardi la. Is'.';), ib.v, Suatneu-I
ber;f .approved an at'• animent to t he
nue law.» of the stale, known as
lift h session jaws, page 4'T
which made it i crime for,m assess
'or to hsi or sutler to he list ,|, ils . '
'Ne' I or ivturnd upon the assessuuMit ;
. roll of his count v.
lop personal, at
!••.»» than its fair cash valuation,
I 4 n«l I tie assessor s
MllM|,< ' 1 *
Sec. 142n. Uev.
Mats., Idaho, a.
I!. !.. ..is
any property, real
an amount or value
Heading was
a tine ol from ■»-!(■«» to saun
tor each "Ifense. A» an inducement
to im ties u> inform upon him ii he,
violated tlm law. one-half of the tine !
M' s U* given tn him or them for I
t **' ,, * £ ' l,, ' information. I
*'•> 'he am providing a »tat" board
..: cqnalizai i.-n and defining the du- 1
tirs ;iiM |M.w.*rs t!:crct.r, aiitimrit v j
was uh t*n t hr saiH hoani "ti» tqiyrrh
' W board.- w be, 'qualizing and as-.
" ' " '•"*'! 'IMv .-sing. '
, I C' v '- session laws, sllb-divisioli '*
o» ... *"' '
j The
tlm '-vf'dii of it» amhority had
1 t lie loi lo»» jug law ;
■ -I .It* tsmr ' of
1 'iali :u :.«! sh-dt I.,
nueattai». , ,e' 1 1.,
" on t' - "f ill«- solle ;tl
» s 'o:i» I-. m,ii'rod tv
'»• ' 1 ra In il» .lui :«•».'

|-|uirv I
T - it (InH**. MU I }»';.•«%
k«*l l«tNil'll lo ;
N"c. 11", S'ioalivisioti page 4.Vi
.util s »»ion l;n\s.
In puisiiance of t b ' so
• 1 h" state board
•1> • 't ÎÎJ st,Hi' !(» i M »
.1 convention M.aivli
' 1 * 1 * ' 1
Aci INrl **V t ht'
' r ' ! *'» • -1 -1 a 11 * ' -il ;i ryd r| n|\
. 1 « tin* *ti; - i »i*»i » ; » : » ; -t i j i. > « »• , , , ,
H.. , 1 " d.i<-> tiiig them lo . :
y: 1 " i'l' as t ': : value
" . ;... * !;:u '. ;,,, d
. i rt- 1, fN as niic.it l.v
a a ve ti ! "''" v '"r i'"t l; !"'.i Asa " ,n '
• ■ r i t m I, '' w l *" i,rd '
.; r r Ï ^V • , ' "V 1 ,r '''-unen
- IlMU "a» he iuleutton of the,
' ' " "•'.■ 11 •'.! rail
•'■'' ' ;
1,1 • ba. itfili- •
11 ■' !,J '!*
* it. 'teas m
" ' soowii try teas- t
">■ »
, . ' " CHI
' ■■ g under *
threats ol the state
' : . .a - ■ ; • i>. : . ,. v i i « '

■mu incuts
"t iHiuaii/ation
«beta t' ey n.
-'7 2». 1»'. .
n ••»
\ n
I east
v I
y ers
■• au»" t h"
wouiu uuiuoriz.
mg nxJ.ic'joo m (j.,.
tax i
' ' i the
n »,
\ir >N
u» t.f
». . t
u m
au of t il
. «l
v' 1 »ni»ii it (w «>n
Is.»;».' .
y*î»Lt c«f t},
valuation of stock »i„
'Intimi tO;iiln|il Si.
valuation ••(.mini in. ■] "'Ion
f!. por head- nrivi.il, ,]
'lotion (»»(topi s.-.
•'oinmittceon viilu.itim; .. , h »r
at tT.io ptr linya. '' '''»«n. 1 ^ 1
Mot.«»n tof.»n P , • »
runtri- honors ;it *, , M i J..'.'/i** H,
illjf volt* of lu to *>. '
Mutton to fWlopi um«•„,!, ,i ni ..
t ion 1 'omnilttH', pi:. - , r H>n
j**t lu u<l |>r*'vaHw?.
Mut loi» to adopt *-• • ;, 4) f .1
romu'HHr on valuation ,,
i of land, vliich is m u 'ir
valu ''-«aid v |«iu** 1 .» | M .
of «!.«• etiutrnmn pm-vhim ,m *»S
J. 1 « 1 !'. =«*-«« 1*2
tutu uMwmbWt {. »*»«• t„ ,, al J»»«
a» possible thf ngwi *"•"*"
Motion toadjourn *!„<• ate.
ut pfr^
v..lu;ii|o a
' 11 BAs
i t; lit) v. iutk.
Secret:: ry
Tlte lesnlL of this meeting
«essors and of the slate lxaroli
ization was that, in all 0 f
ties in the state, the
îndi\idUîl) «Ul(l
jot lier than railroad and
! Hues, was raised to its full
: AcMoll ,, r , he rtta ,^
ïonnl of b
The constitution of th»
Idaho directs that
i T,, ;T; s,,a L' 1 ?* H stut " »W"rrt Of
I consist Illjf of tht* fçovei-nor. Mrrt»ta»
attorney Kt*m rul. Malt* audit«?'!
treusurcr. who»«; «lut it », shall U; a
Sec. 12, Art. VII, Const of ]|
The law prescrilns usfoilon
'1 lie stale iK.ard of e.in.-oizatior
exclusive mover lo ass,---, iim j va | w
poses of taxation, ult ich mapk and
lines and the railroad track i.uiiro!
.if all persons, companies or
owninit. o|K'i'atlni: or constructi»»;
Ï rapt, or telephone line or ctilna?«
partly within tide stale *
Son. it, act creatine «täte ^
equalization, page 7-'., second
It is their duty, under the 1
assess railroads at their jj.
value as other propert y is hum
. Sec. 142.), Uev. Stats, of Jd^
Tlte supreme, court of IdaUj
case of Orr vs. The State t,
'qualization used the y
We believe that ruilroml prop-nn
other property, should U valued ill
cash value, and like .all oii<»rjm
.•apaeity lo pr.Mluee pmflt .»liojjï
into considérât Ion.
Orr vs. State Hoard of Eomi
28 I NK-.' He»-.
The legislature of the fifth
passed the following act,
j approved hy Governor Stetiiia
j March 1 ft, 1 Hut), it is plainaa
j and is as follows:
, riiu ütîit«* board of «.<|ii;ill/atioi|
i dlroctrd and InstrucO tl tn asstsi
j tI k- valuation of railroad. t. U^ranki
j ptioin-|>rt»[M-ity I ImmKhout tiw sut
is»rtion to tin* amount that the raÿ
,>f I otiior pro|M*rty is Incivascd undvrtà
ion of ibis
Fifth session laws, page 4jn
The act referred to is the
revenue amt, and it directsi
property shall be assessed it
cash value.
What was the result? Tht
assessors uniformly raised ihr
individual property in somet
almost loo per rent. Thesut
of equalization raised the bn
.main litre of railroads oui
scale, running from là toi)»
and as a consequence the pro|
the individual had to lx*
creased burden while the I
made a distinct saving.
liyway of illustration we I
that A. B, C, 1> and ot-ha
property that had been Bereit
sesstid Jif 1,000,000. The raiil
witliiu tlieir county, railroad]
heretofore assessed at f 1,000,»
der tlte old system the tmrdrtl
,, tinn would be borne a like byl
' viduals- and hv t lie railreaii
)| K , ,„» w methiKi tlte asseanal
I be as follows: 1
A It. I) and otlM'r assissed Tail
IfailtDitil company tt(lvani'>' l.ysw
b««wt. sujr So per «vnt
And tlte individuals would
he eights of the tax instead d
as and the railroad company tint
It is a matter of cuiuiuoni
tiiat the railroads made.tela
. ' of many thousands of duili
; the expert administration»!
lent state administrât inn.
At .the Jast meeting of!
; hoard of equalization tiiat I
cept the secretary ol slate.•
no. felt further constrained I
further reduction 'oil hrand
he, railway and in order toeq»
! *" s ' s promptly voted a 10 pet
I *'re.w in the assessment
I county ass«'8sor on the fan«
hurt!» Idaho. Com mentit»
1 the standard of Grangevilki
v j Th«» lessor of Idaho rmmty i
ll ^ r n;«nt over th«* iurt inn of tl*« &
' justice Is. WC will perliap» newt
"c d" l.'timv Tlic tana invti. ri ot
' shall W vote ns one man tn hieki
iH' Ih iukI t< »
; nnms j>; i • •» in>t«»ud of having »
«oui Tin- Irish laud law ;«> b(
in tlu* sium' way.
Two of the most promit*
assessors who attended the
March 27-28. 18UU. made tlx
lio ean li'iul Uieni*
-tliai means in llie "lid *
m i Iil* Iioni"-Uuilerr.
■I. slielter -i« »w
Ttie g.'iieral umlerst amt i next J
' 'f tin - iNspVxOrs of tll*' !*t -'ll 4* I*'*
'l:«n*h '.Vîlt and w;i-» («» (^
> lit* slut«» Ito.irti of ««qua
J 1 " '.»'>"»«'<>>» »'full rainvxuiJJ
1 t* • phono |)MMM*rfv in j>ropJJ
nuM' in tlw valua' i>n
Ii:^ vl fnmi |I.(V> p»*r I wad
.'*n«i on i-attl«* wliich wt-ri'
: r.mii.V;^ > r,MWi ' nJ
It is significant in view
that faith was not kept
s.ssors as agreed imoti at !
' themselves and
' board, tiiat they have not
e U Hed ro consuli with or
by the board.
|„ ,> 10 of the ar*
present state administn*
• , fully shielding the inW
railway carpnmtiuns th»'
«ivertising their inereaffij
t fie following plank in thf •
» ate tdatform is uinustnfT
vv, s-rt,tors - tlic present
* >n. anjoorasnend !» for Its "j
°wk&i fiMinsyimtHit .»f
' - d"f tlic ts'si Interest» -f xll®
t'ur democratic friend®*]
■ tic..» suit,' platform tl;at"J*
v.aiua' ion during the pas'.
h.is Iv'en increased frni»
000,000," hut they î.iiH
t Ills inert as*? i> due to thej
cement of the state boil»
/ <ti .i in prr>tei'ling tbej
t':♦* railways at the eXP*
m iipv ♦ ;« uv'rs (>f th r ^3*'
. «l

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