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'Ick Women
Valentine Telle Mow
la £. PüBkham*m Vegeta •
Compound Ounod Harm
Happiness will go out of your life
rever, my sister, if you have any
the symptoms mentioned in Mrs
dentine's letter, unless you ret
omptly- Procure Lydia E. Fink«
m'* Vegetable Compound at
is absolutely sure to help you. Then
it« for advice if there is anything
ant your case you do not under
need not be afraid to tell the
you could not explain to the
tor— your letter will be seen only by
All the persons who see priv
L letters at Mrs. Pinkham's Labora
gy, at Lynn, Mass., are women. All
Mers are confidential and advice abeo
*ely free.
^ere is the letter : — "It ia with
e&surc that 1 add my testimony to
iur list, hop- r—
g it may in
tee others to
ail them- j
Ives of the I
nefit of your
luable rem
1 y. Before
king Lydia
»gets ble
impound I
It very bad
,was terribly %
rvous, and H:
•ed. had sick
adaches, no
p p e t i t e,
tawing pain in stomach, pain in m
ck and right side, and so weak
uld scarcely stand. I was not able
do anything. Bad share pains all
rough my body. Before 1 had taken
tlf a bottle of your medicine, I found
1 continued its use
four bottlss, and felt
well that I did not need to take any
are. I am like a new person, ana
ur medicine shall always have my
mise." — Mbs. W. P. Valentin*, 566
ary Avenue, Camden, N.J.
jrself improving,
itii I haa taken
paid e thlmtmmti
Hort la Champion Golfer.
Chicago, Aug. 26.—Phelps B. Hoyt of
|e Glenview club, and one of the vet
fin players of the west, won the west
h umateur golf championship at Mid
thian by defeating Bruce D. Smith of
le Ontwentsia club in the finals of the
festem Golf association tournament by
score cf six up and five to play.
Workmen Are Barred.
lAkron, Ohio, Aug. 26.—Superintendent
kedden of the Sterling company of Bar
Irton has served notice that the 500
pmbers of the Federation of Labor em
pyed by the company, now locked out
[cause they struck, will not be allowed to
[turn to work.
Montana Pioneers, annual reunion,
issoula, October 3-5.
How's Thlaf
We offer one hundred dollars reward for any
pe of Catarru that cannot be cured by Hall'a
Itarrh Cure.
I F. J. CHENET A CO.. Props . Toledo, O.
pe, the undersigned, have known F. J.
leney for the last 15 years, and believe him
rfectly honorable In all business transac
ts and financially able to carry out any
ligations made by their Arm.
EST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, act
l directly upon the blood and mucoua sur
fes of the syatem. Price 75c'per bottle. Sold
I all druggists. Testimonials tree.
Hall's Family Pills are the beat.
hMany experienced fishermen bave
kne to Los Angeles this year to try for
[e tuna. Great stories of its strength
kd gameness are told. It is common
[play a tuna half a day with a thirty
[x thread line.
ii. .ignature 1. on every box of the genuin.
Axative Bromo-Quinine T»bieu
• remedy that nine a cold la warn day
The oldest monkish order is the Ba
lians, having been established in a.
. 363. The next, the Benedictines,
kte from 529.
Heurs ««bool.
M *>'lo Park, San Mateo Connfv, Cal., wltb
laboratories, and gymnwnim, eaaiif
ÄlorMt. Pa2'aV& r *n? 2
•to. Fh. D„ Principal

Attempts at the culture of silkworms
p being made in Madagascar, which
believed to be specially favorable to
at industry.
«8 »™?!trît<LyVuw>nf d?. Kb.7 oreoTh«?»*
In the eighteenth century silken co
ons sold in the London market for
,e »hilling a pound.
. _
A"®* Cur, t. the best msdlcin# W. ever
J? *11 affections of the throat and lung*.
0 m - Endsley, Vanburen. Ind.. Feb.
Buring the siege of Paris 64 balloons
'ft the city with 91 passengers, 354
igcons and nine tons of letters.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's 800 th
.^vntp the best remedy to use for their
pildreti rtioin. the teething period
Blessings will be poured in only as
>u pour them out.
Moat Damon « ,, .
< ,.v w „ Jeraey
< It»—Many- Buildings Wrecked- 1
All irotsc si„„ w h V., .. .
PI "—So Ms es Lost
"r ,nJor - d « •• Knowu—la
New York. Aug. 26.—A violent and
protracted rainstorm,
wind, which in
accompanied by
some sections ap
proached the proportions of a hurri
cane. swept over New York city, West
chester county and the northeastern
portion of New Jersey. The most
damage so far reported was at Jersey
City, where many buildings
wrecked, including a church and
Kam fell intermittently all morning
At 3:30 Jersey City began
to expert
enee the worst storm in its history
Blasts of wind carried widespread
Two wind storms seeming
!y met in the neighborhood of New
ark avenue and Barrow
cyclonic condition resulted,
standing in Newark avenue and the
wagons to which they were hitched
were blown over. T
street and a
elegraph poles
and wire fell. A moment or two later
the steeple of St. Mary s Roman Cath
olic church, the largest in the city,
fell bacKward upon the church, strik
ing the roof.
Piles of the brick spire
crashed through the roof aud down
upon the lawn.
Two miles from St. Mary's church,
and nearly on a line with it on New
ark avenue, is the Bijou theater. "The
Man Who Dared" company was re
hearsing for an opening of the theater
for the season. Two lions that are
used In the play were In a cage on the
stage when a sudden rush of wind
made the building tremble. Warning
cries caused the performers to leave
the stage not a moment too soon
Bricks came down from the high walls,
ruining the stage and bending the
lions' cage. The lions roared in ter
ror. As the performers rushed out a
shout was raised in the street that the
lions were loose and the crowd which
had seeked shelter in the corridor fled
panic stricken. The lions did not es
cape, but their cages were hit and
the beasts were cut by the bricks.
On the south side of Newark avenue
opposite the theater, the roofs of 12
three-story buildings were ripped off.
The storm struck St. Matthews' Luth
eran church, demolishing the roof ana
the steeple. Van Woorst park, in the
heart of the business district, was the
scene of the storm's fiercest work.
There the growths of many decades
were uprooted or broken oft as though
they were made of pipe clay. A piece
of the roof of the Union League club,
opposite the park, was lifted and car
ried over to the park aud dropped on
the ground.
No persons were killed or Injured so
far as known. The storm in New York
city was confined to a heavy downpour
of rain with a violent wind. It was
heaviest In the Bronx, where the
streets were flooded. The cut through
the Harlem division, where the New
York Central runs, close to Williams
burg, was flooded from two to three
feet# There was much sand on the
railroad tracks and trains were unable
to get out. At the One Hundred and
Eighty-third street station the plat
form on the downtown side of the
railroad was lifted and washed out
to the tracks. This, with the water,
blocked all the south-bound trains for
a time.
Philadelphia, Aug. 26.—Reports re
ceived In this city tonight state that
the heavy rains which have fallen dur
ing the past week throughout the
state have resulted in the most disas
trous floods experienced in many
At Maueh Chunk the storm was at
tended by four fatalities. Jessie
a prominent citizen of
Mauch Chunk, and three boys named
McLaffry, McGinley and Johnson, were
standing on a bridge spanning Mauch
«.«a «!»•» *** •»»■»" rs
lapsed and the four were precipitated
into the water and drowned. The
had become a raping torrent
hv the bursting of a dam. The Mauch ,
c ' himk is 15 feet above its nor
ma , mark and the towns in Carbon !
( . ounty akmg jts course have suffered !
much c i am age. Bridges, culverts and |
archet are destroyed and the loss to i
t k e borough and to the property hold-j
ers will be many thousands of dollars.
Business is at a standstill.
Train Struck a Hoar.
Bamesville, Ohio, Aug. 27 — A special
train on the Baltimore A Ohio, carrying
. . . T | r j ,. n route
Pennsylvania Knights iemplar* cn routi
, 0 Louisville. *truck a hor-e on the Birne*
Engineer Milo Francis of
killed and Fireman Wal
ville hills.
Zanesville was
t er Boston of Newark »as fatally injured,
'ihe passenger» eaca{ied with »light
The whole human family is under 45
principal governments, of which only
six are absolute monarchies and 15 are
limited monarchies.
m 4
ß LL4>
Few are entirely free from it.
It may develop so slowly as to cause
little if any disturbance during the whole
period of childhood. j
It may then produce irregularity of the
1 ,to ®wli and bowels, dyspepsia, catarrh
"larked tendency to consumption i
before manifesting Itself in much cutaneous j
er W H i?" |> 2L..
free from it. and/or it« complrte'eradiw
tion you can rely on
H OOd S Sarsaparilla
The best of all medicines for ali humors. !
Laxative Bromo-Quinlae Table« cure a cold la
ooe day.wNo cura, No Pay. Price 36
Jack Winters was sentenced to 15
years at Folsom for robbing the tSclby
smelter recently.
88 BMUS)
The Kind Too Have Always Bought, and which hm been
in use for over SO years, has borne the signature of
- aud has been made under his per
/j T . sonal supervision since Its Infhney.
nnrvr, 'wcwl Allow no one to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infant s and Children—Experience against Experiment*
AYegetalile Preparation for As -
similating the Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
l\t IN IS,*'( H 11 DKi.N
Promotes Digeslion,Cheerful
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
Not "Narcotic.
Onstoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, PxrD
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant* It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other NarootJo
substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Wonne
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation,
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural irfltrttg.
The Child r e n s Panacea—The Mother's Friend*
y* Boars the Signature of
AiJom *
Mine fend -
rtmifmd Aim#
* *SfWr
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
Tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
, Facsimile Signature of
r d
A I !> I
01 .11,-,
jj Dosis - J j ( I ms
The Kind Ton Haye Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
You can al'vays smell a "dead
He has a costive-looking face.
His breath knocks you down.
He drags his feet
Listeners to his talk turn their
heads the other way.
His breath poisons God's pure
He ought to keep clean insidei
that means sweet breath, quick brain, swift moving feet You can't feel well
and act well with your bowels dogged, sending poison all through your body.
Clean them out gently but thoroughly and keep them dean with CASCARETS
Candy Cathartic, and you will find that all bowd and liver ills and the nasty
symptoms that go with them are quickly and permanently
25c. 50c.
flimr •" «re.Mea appcaAIrlUa, kll
i'llllL ban brralk. Sad blood, wind
llUnr 0,1 ,l l* fle«"»rh, bloated bowrlo, foul
*■* ttlOttlb, beadach*. Indication, pimple*,
9*l** ah*f eattnc, liver trouble, mIIuw romplextoa
alaalmooo. W hen your bowrlo don't move rex.,
SfWI»« »Irk. UntUptllo. bill* mor*
y«opla *baa all other dloeooe. together. It le a
***Ft or for the eb roule alimenta and long year* of
amHbrtac that tone afterward». No matter what
•»« yoa- «art taking CAM ARKT« to-day, for yon
J»JliJiover get well and bo well all the time until
BR'SfT.*!* Fight. Take oar Odvlret etorf
wltb CAM AHKTa to-day. under an abeolnte gear
IMbSbUkboa mmd'ooM^*^
TOrrgfi rtee
the tnl b-< mf
over aim ■ 11 lt*o has** a
lal. W« ha** faith and
similar m>-*|rta* la tha world. This U abaalata
great meet», a ad *ae he* I le.tl
will mtII rtllAI irr» . ».» l.lrlr gaaraaWeO ta «ara ae
meaey rrfagdrd. €»* hay laday. is, ter hase*, otv
fair, koae.t trial, a* per .Impie dlreedoa*. aa* If fm ae*
aot .nil.tied, after a.t»e •*• aOc h*s. retara th* o*a*erfMa
has anrf the raid, Has to a* hy mall, ae lha rfi ■*,lit
wh*m yaa pirrwarf It, aarf eel year maaer hark far
ksm. Tah* aar arfvlee a* matter what alt*
II* yaa atart td
III hi**, th* da
day. Health will ,.1-hl, fall*w a arf y *o will
yaa tnl «larterf the a.r afC ABC A MFTt. Hoahfreahya
lrfrfrsmi h.EUUAU lUltUT VO., MV I USX *r CIUCAutk
***** »ml* Couhitoi.
Taooma, Waah., Aug. 26.— The regular
annual meeting of the state gAin commis
sion has been oiled to meet at the head
quarters of the department, Tacoma, on
Tuesday, September 10. The principal
j business to come before the commissioners
«ill be fixing the grades for the prc-cnt
, , . . *
i *«."*••• «op «nd adopting rules and regu
j ^tion* f,,r the government of the tatpee-1
de l' drtm ^ nt - U °< the
to luvp ,hp F rain «»*» and
buyer* well represented at the meeting,
either iu person or by letter.
When von take Groves Tastaless chll i Toole,
becausa the I mula Is plainly printed on every
bottle showing ' hat it la ilaiilf Iron and Qui
taatekaa form. No Core. No Pay. Me.
; A candy dealer of national repute
says: "The American women eat more
aandy than any feminines on the face
of the earth."
*• *• ®*
, _
Tu.-son, Ariz., Aug. 28.-H. F. Jomey,
Chinese inspector, was accidenUJlv shot
I and killed at his home in this city. The
coroner's jury returned . verdict o'f death
. by the accidental discliarge of a gun.
»s. as. not.
TO eon a cold m ora DAT
£«oilur"°?SL Mb 'jS^
The highest clouds lie at 27,000 feet;
Mount Everett la 29,000 feet. The high
est recorded halloou ascent la 36.000.
Sometimes God's storms are but ta
drive us into harbor.

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