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oertMi cob»t»
Tbe residence of Louis Am merman
• Bonners Ferry caught lire last Sat
rday morning, but the flames were
[tinguisbed before any damage was
At the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
| t fm p in Coeur d'Alene last Wednes
iyevening, A. B. Allen and Miss
race Harvey, both of SL Joe, were
arried by Rev. T. G. Hodgson.
It to reported that more nen are enj
oyed at the Idaho Lumber & Manu
cturing company's mills at Post
ells than at any time last season,
id that tbe force will be more than
mbied when the night crew is put
Complaint is being made by tbe cit
ent of Peat VhUa relative to tbe Sun
mail service. They claim that
nee the Sunday train on the North
Pacific branch has been inaugur
ted mail should be delivered on that
The St Maries cheese factory Is
nr recei ving milk at the rate of 750
mods per day. This ia tbe tiret
ooth of operation for this season,
ié it to expected that the quantity
milk to be delivered will more than
ȟble that amount
Boughton Masterson and wife bave
oved* to Post Falls from Medical
ike. Mr. Masters*» baa rented the
larke property at that place and is
aklng arrangements to open a sa
on. Mr. and Mrs. Masterson former
resided at Ratbdrum.
The Kootenai Herald reporta that
te Crows Nest branch of the C. P. R.
blocked by reason of washouts and
Idges swept away. Heavy rains and
irm winds were the cause. The
ootenai was reported normal, but
Ik river and St Mary's were running
flood tide.
Two coach loads of Gonzaga college
iys went up to Coeur d'Alene Tues
ty morning from Spokane for an out
g. They played a game of ball at
brt Sherman with the Coeur d'Alene
[ne, which resulted in a score of 9 to
n favor of the college. Storing the
1ernoon the steamer Spokane took
tboys on an excursion around tbe
James A. Self, son of Mrs. B. A.
pGuire, died at the parental home
jar Silver Beach, Saturday evening,
ter a lingering illness of consump
[n, says the Coeur d'Alene Press.
Le funeral took place Monday at 2
[lock, burial in the Post cemetery,
[ceased was a single man and came
ICoeur d'Alene a few years ago from
Bhe Kootenai river is reported to be
nning bank full at Bonners Ferry
n some uneasiness is fqlt concerning
lood, and many are taking the pre
ution to be prepared in case high
Iter comes. Tbe heavy raina have
bt tbe river up unusually high, and
e present warm spell, which causes
esnow in tbe mountains to melt
pidly, will make it go still higher.
[The Harrison SeanHMigit reports
kt tbe Coeur d'Alene river and its
Ibutaries are running bank full and
Die damage has been done by tne
Iter at Kellogg and other river
ints. Tbe Rocky Mountain Bell
llephone company, who were build
g tbeir line between Harrison and
(txldo, have been compelled to cease
irk for tbe present on account of
gli water.
11. L. Bidxell, a prominent young
isineas man and justice of the peace
f Hope precinct, was in town last
turday, says the Ratbdrum Blade.
L reports a building boom in that
kly little town and business of all
fid* wy prosperous. The only cir
snsta&ce to mar thw tranquility of
F town la tbe presence of large num
r* of "timber Jacks," who aome
h«s prater fistic encounters to a
fiare meal and are rather unruly at
rhe Coeur d'Alene Press bas tbe
lowing to say regarding tbe title
iddie at Rhrrlson: "Plats of tbe
ip of lend on which the town of
irrlaon to located are laid up In tbe
al lend office on e telegram from
ublngton. tbe cause being that the
id must be appraised and preference
' fl li°* given to actual settlers wbo
re on tbe land prior to February 7,
to. This may cause endless lltiga
0 unless revoked, end prevent title
■lar to tbe people of Harrison wbo
u lota for a number of years.
Hie Kootenai Herald of last week
Aee that It was In error the week
fore In stating that tbe Internet
»1 hotel wae to be sold at sheriff's
e on tbe Mat—it Is only tbe lou on
deb tbe building-stands that are to
•uld. Tha earn involving title to
* building itself is still in tbe courts,
torBe J Heitaan having appealed
to the supreme
irt for Mrs. Beeler, and tbe ques
n will nut be argued before October,
tbe meantime Mia. Beeler will
'".In poeseesion of tbe building,
i -T??, gkt to redeem the lute to
1 within ooe year from tbe date of
• t
case tbe
The west bound train from Miasoula ;
Thursday bad a miraculous escape 1
from going into the Mimoula river,
"y> the Wallace Preaa It occurred
at a bridge between Quartz and Rivu
let, where In order to avoid tunneling
a bridge is built out «ver tbe river,
and about 150 feqt above the water.
A landslide had occurred whicb took
out part of the trestle, leaving the top
of the bridge undisturbed. When the
engine ran onto it the bridge began to
settle, and each succeeding coach
pressed it down farther.. So deep was
the depression that tbe engine broke
loose from the mail car, the coupling
being broken by the acute angle, but
the coaches had impetus enough to
carry them all across. When they got
out and looked at the bridge tbe tres
tle for sever spans was gone entirely,
the rails alone supporting the ties. A
crew was set-to work on it as soon as
possible and the bridge was repaired
by Friday.
Appeal DUmlMtd la Shauhann County Com
The supreme court last Friday dls
mised the appeal in tbe case of John
F. Mahoney et al, appellants, vs. tbe
board of commissioners of Shoshone
county, says the Statesman. -The
plaintiffs appealed from the board's
action in employing eight additional
deputies. The lower court sustained
tbe action of the board, whereupon a
motion for a new trial was made and
oyerruled. Tbe supreme court holds
that appeals from the action of the
board of commissioners under section
1779 of the revised statutes must be
tried anew; tbat the district court has
no authority to hear or grant a mo
tion for a new trial and. that there is
no appeal from a* order- of the court
denying a' new trial in such cases.
The court also holds that appeal from
the Judgment in'.such, case must be
taken within 60-days, whereas, in the
case at bar, it-was -not taken until
after dD days had.'elapsed.
Justifiable Homicide.
Last Sunday Deputy Sheriff Wil
lirms of Mullun shot and killed an
Italian wbom he was' endeavoring to
arrest. It appears from tbe evidence
adduced at the inquest that the fellow
had grossly insulted a lady at her
home in Mullan, says the Wardner
News. Deputy : Williams was called
^ . ..
J® arre8t hin», and the fellow attacked
h * m a 8,10Tel - VVilllams had
showed tbe man his star and acquainl
bim with the fact that he was an of
ficer. He still fought the deputy vic
iously striking him with the shovel
when Williams shot him through the
body, from the effects of which he
died an hour later. A coroner's jury
was impaneled and the deputy was
fully exonerated. Mr. Williams has
an excellent reputation for sobriety
and good conduct, and is entirely free
from the charges of unnecessary vio
lence which have been properly pre
ferred against other deputies in Sho
shone county.
XncBinpinfint of Idaho, Q. A. R.
The annual encampment of the De
partment of Idaho, Grand Army of
the Republic, will be held at Boise
commencing Wednesday, June 4, and
continuing for three days. Delegates
will be present from all over the state.
There are 20 G. A. R. posts in the
state and each is entitled to represen
tation at the meeting. The business
of the session will include the annual
election of officers and the selection of
delegates to the national encamp
ment. Phil Sheridan Post and the
W. R. C. of Boise will have charge of
the entertainment of the visith g
veterans and their families. The pro
gram bas not been fully prepared, but
will include a reception at the Nata
torium on Wednesday evening, and
on Thursday eveningthe visitors will
be the guests of Commander James
Gunn, at tbe Idaho Soldiers' Home.
The annual meeting of the W. K. C.
will be held at the same time.
A Vary BaaaarkaM« Kemrdj.
"It is with a good deal of pleasure
and satisfaction that I recommend
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoe» Remedy," says Druggist
A. W. Swatelle of Hartford, Conn.
"A lady customer, seeing the remedy
exposed for sale on my show case, said
to me: T really believe that medi-1
cine saved my life tbe past summer,
while at the shore,' and she became
so enthusiastic over Its merits that I !
at oaoe made up my mind to recom -1
memli It in tbe future. Recently a;
gentleman came into my store so.
overcome with colic pains that he \
sank at once to the floor. 1 gave him
aduse of this remedy which helped
him. I repeated the duee and* in 15 j
minutes heleft my store smilingly in-1
forming me that he felt as well as
ever." Sold by C. & Fuss.
Last Friday st Boise 975,000 was
paid tbe Caswell brothers on tbe .Sun
nyside property in Thunder Mnun- j
tain, says Hie Payette Independent j
Tbe entire purchase price of the prop
erty Is 9125,000. The remaining 950,- j
000 ia to be paid July 1st. It Is but a '
few moatfis since tbe Caswell boys re-,
ce iTed a check for 9100,000 fur tbe fa
mou» Dewey mine.
Soak« lUvcr Branch.
It bas been officially announced
tbat the railroad down Snake river
from Lewiston to Riparla, which is al
ready partially graded, is to be built
; as sawn as men and material can be
1 got together to do It. There Is al
ready an immense amount of rails and
ties at Riparla, which it was supposed
were intended for that branch when
they were delivered there.
Bitten Bjr * Ferret.
Mr. T. H. Hamilton of Ilorse Prai
rie is lying very ill with blood poison
from the effect of being* bitten by a
parrot. The physician hopes for her
recovery. This is the same parrot
which lacerated Mr. Hamilton's hand
so badly that, be lay at the point of
death for several weeks and left bis
band badly crippled, says the Idaho
Erroneously Thinks By Scouring Her Scalp
Thnt She Cures Dandruff.
Cleanly woman has an erroneous
Idea that by scouring the scalp, which ]
removes the dandruff scales, she is j
curing the dandruff. She may wash j
her scalp every day and yet have dun- !
druff her life long, accompanied by J
falling hair# too. The only way In i
the world to cure dandruff is to kill j
the dandruff germ, and there is no !
hair preparation that will do that but j
Newbro's Herpicide. Herpicide kill-!
log the dandruff germ, leaves the!
hair to grow as healthy nature intend- !
ed. Destroy the cause, you remove
the effect. Kill the dandruff germ
with Herpicide.
K. F. Kicurtlou to AthoL
Beginning with last Sunday the'
Northern Pacific inaugurated Sunday !
excursions to Athol for the summer I
season. This will give Spokane pc
pie an opportunity to spend a day at
Idlewild on Lake Pend d'Oreille, here-.
tofore not available except at the reg- 1
tilar rate. The rate fur the round trip |
Sunday excursion is 91.25. Tickets
will be sold in Spokane daily at a rate
of 91.70 ror the round trip, with a final
limit of 10 days from date of sale.
Idlewild is one of the most pictur
esque and beautiful summer resorts
In the northwest, and is rapidly
growing in popularity. It is under
tbe management of E. J. Webster,
one of those genial, whole-souled gen
tlemen who it is always a pleasure to
Drugs» Medicines»
Paints, Oils, Var
nishes, Etc.
The very latest cre
ations in Ladies 'Sta
tionery. Sealing Sets
I Playing Cards, Tally
Cards, Etc.
Paper Fasteners,
I n k S t a nds, Stand
ard Blank, Copy i n g
and Memo Books,
inks, Paste, Mucil
I age, and everything
for the office, library
and school room.
Alio the widely ad
Your choice of these
two styles, equal to any
other $3.00 kind, (or
Mail orders from our
out of town friends will
receive prompt alien
Chas. R. Foss
Sand Point,
City laundry
J. D. BURT, Prop'r
Clothes Laundried in First
Class Style. Family Laundry
at Reduced Prices.
...Bath Tab ia Connection.
Baths, 35 Cents.
j R
j 4
j 2 «
lift Your Xn.lt al U>
* .Bon Ton
SAort Order ^
Restaurant. ''
W. J. DAVIS. Proprietor.
Only K j
Employed. ^
t Day and Sandpoint
4 il K
...Idaho k
The following items, on some of which We are overstocked,
were never before offered at such
Shilling's Best Baking Powder, 6oz. can, 15 cents; 12 oz. can, 35 cents.
2 1-2 pond can, $1.00, and will give with every can one 2-pound pack
age of Washburn's Crosbys Yuco Breakfast Food ; 5-pound can $1.75,
with two packages of Breakfast Food.
We will give you the White Lilly Baking Powder for 35 Cts ; none better.
We Handle
, !
Which are considered as being of the very best brands on the market. We
have built up an excellent trade on these goods and in order to
further introduce them we will cut prices on all grades.
12 1-2 Ct. pound grade cut to 10 Cts., J for 25. 25 Ct. grade cut to.20
Cts. 35 Ct. grade cut to 30 Cts. 40 Ct. grade cut to 35 Cts,
Teas—Japan Pan Fried 60 Ct. Tea for 50 Cts. Young Hyson 50 Ct. Tea
cut to 40 Cts. Gunpowder high grade 60 Ct. Tea cut to 50 Cts. Con
go English Breakfast 60 Ct. Tea cut to 50 Cts.
French Prunes, nice and sweet, 6 Cts. per pound.
Bartlett Pears 10 Cts.
Do Not forget that We have Tent and Wagon Cov
ers, Cruisers' Pock Bags, Etc.
If you desire to come Into possession of a
home in Naudpolnt do not delay Investiga
tion of the most excellent opport unities of
fered to secure one at t he present low prices
and easy terms of payment. These prices
and terms will not continue Indefinitely.
Now Isthe lime to secure a good residence
location or a suitable site for business pur
poses, hut the desirable lots are going fast
and you can not afford to delay action in the
matter. It is well worth your lime to in
vestigate. For particulars enquire of
L. D. f ARMIN, - Sandpoint, Idaho.
Penditoreille hotel
JOHN MURRAY, Proprietor
! Central location, First-Class Service
Rates Reasonable.
Sandpoint, - - Idaho
Sfàar TÛith Club Sfcooma In Connection
MEAT.... ~
K1UOM k WAt.lt AU i'ropra
Sand point,
Fresh Beef. Pork, Mutton and
Suisse _
i Fish. Cime and Oysters in
~ ^ Ratest
■ ■■
With Ui«
Per Week
That the
Sandpoint, • Idaho
25 Cts.
All Kind« of R» pairing Daac I'ronpUf
.Ail Work OuareotouS
A 1.1. KIND« OF
U&ots and Shoes made to order.
Second Street,
Sani» Point,

J. W. LEA»
'I SUferSewlai Nachioe Co.
Sandpoint - Idaho
MACHINE Attachments
1 and Supplies of all Kinds F
• •
..Sandpoint, - Idaho
Dealer In
^ Wines, Llqnors, Do*
4 mestlc and Imported
I Cigars-mmr
a Of the Finest Quality.....
Restaurdht in
ij Conneetion . ^

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