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The Nezperce herald. (Nezperce, Idaho) 1900-1957, May 24, 1901, Image 1

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•1.00 PER YEAR.
VOL 2 NO e
Special Sale <£
. j
~ ?
f ï
4 a
. ?
1 *
f I
/ (
e ;
e j.
f t
a «
^ .
^ r
^ (j,
f t
Shirt VaHts and S u mmer
Good, on Display, Cheap.
Barbed Wk* Baal Foot
wear on Earth and al
Prices Cheaper than Else
Call and be posted,
^ fr» »a > i w» »»» » »i »
J. A. Schultz.
O. M Collins
Nezperce, Idaho
Will Transact A General Banking Business.
,, j
J. A. Schultz, Cashier.
Ok Bowlby Pharmacy
Nk*PEK<'K, Iiiaiio.
Part Drags, IDcOktatt, Ptrfwwrf. CoiKt tad
?aacv Artkits, «ad all Draggtsts' Saadrt«
Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Prepared Oftloe, Dr E J Webb.
Best Line of Cigars in Town.
Sugar, 13 pound* for $1.00.
Peaches, >2 pound* for $1.00.
Bulk Pickels, 50c per galko.
HATS at prices lower than ever before
known in Nezperce.
Paul Johnson.
I Julni N. King, a prominent and
highly reported citizen of Lewiston
.. .. . . .
waa uo Monday last arreatcd (or the
; «'Hing of bia partner, Charlea ThaCCh
er un July ID, ISiWS. The prominence
of the partie« connected with the caae
make« the arret highly sensational.
s * 1
1 hatcher it King weie partner., do
i log a general trading business with
the Indians at Lspwsi fur several
years. Thatcher waa foullv murdered
. . , . ,. , . .
on llM * , "* ht of ju 'y 15 - IÄW - ^ iu g|
»hot twice by two révoltera of different
calibre. Many parlies have been ana
peeled and many clue, woi ked out bv
Ute officers of the Uw. but all hate
been of no avail. There waa a alight
«suspicion reeling on King at the lime
of the murder, but (his waa apparently
cleared up at the inquest held. King!
... , . ... ..
will have las preliminary trial tumor
row. Thia arrest brings to the minds
'of many here the arrival and departure
of two strangers answering the deacrip
A nested tar Marter.
... .. , j
m,Ma lh,w »«P«" who j
claims he can produce two witnesses j
who will swear that they aaw two men :
leave the building in which Thatcher !
non of the alleged murderers, the
morning after the murder. These
men bore all evidence« of having rid
II night and were suapicioned by par
ties here as the murderer*. They
staid hut a short time and iratnedi
stely rode hack to Lapwai.
two mon teturned to Lewiaton and af
ter a few dart departed (or parta un
known. There is now living a man
waa murdered immediately after the
{tiring of the fatal shots Whether
fhcM* witnesses could now be produced
_ . „ , . , .... .
Becoming tired and weary ofonr civilized
environments, our feeling, were ardently
craving lor a change more rigid in lu n..
iure. To gratify our dm.re we sta-led for
at» ou tin* directing oar courue eastward. to
is a matter of conjecture.
Aa Oatiag.
.00- cap^d mounUlM. atrieüy
speaking. Into Use wildem*... Our real
aim Waa not to get a view of the country,
or to pleas footprints into soil that no civil
being baa ever trod; but it waa a murder-■
on* disposition, as our hunter's array indi
cated. To coma right down to the subject.
wa were in quest oi tba gentle bear, sop
posed to inhabit those level plains, and the
savage trout playing in the riffl.ng moun
lain Streams. Our inquiry for such deter
mined our course. leaving the Lolo Creek
to our right, wa traveled on an almost lav
ei road, passing through the towns ol Fra
tier and WHppe; Tba sit* of each is al
most tba wbola town In ona building.
In (act tba whole country in general is an
almost level plain, cut here and there with
deep gorge* leading to the Clearwater river.
Thia plain ia largely covered with heavy
forests, only broken occasion)? by smalt
verdurous meadows. Indenting irregularly
into tba dfeep tangled wood*. Tba
la simply beautiful. Tba stalely pines and
lira shooting abrubtly into tbs blue sky;
the ooty wild-flowers growing in these
lovely nooks: the glorious «on which waa
partially lost to our ayaa while traveling
through the dark intricacies of tba forest,
causes ooa to loose bis savage disposition
and think once more of the sublima gifla
of our Creator, boras of these meadows
are Inhabited by one or more atook*raMng
. Moat of tba buildings ssam old and
shaggy ; some homeless, rotted and rained 1
by ago. This indicates that people have
lived in Ibis lonely country for many years.
But wa wars in quant of tun, Every hu
man being we met wae questioned in regard
j to tlicM Termina. "At Muacleabell and
; Bro»"'« «reek tbvy are." was tbs reply.
I "««»Tthmg fall of them." Bear.! yea,
I they were auppoaed to be standing there
. j„ t rom n ^jy to ba «bot down like
; Caban soldiers and aa for trout, they
were laying in tiens from ooa to five feet
1 bi * h - dried ,raok * d - Wed. and ready to
! ***'*'*'** Tb«e reporte e^r!y poabad
ua onward orer atnular landscape as I bare
| already described and within a few daya we
; reached the bearish plaças. But no bear
*" w 1» »een- Ko trout knew the bait.
| Ther * •«* J"" B»'*t place, for them
but they were nst in their placée . With
d(MPpojntnwnt „ conünu « loaroonrse .
J whb the light of hope still flickering mint
j ly- But a> we reached the rim of the last
t beautiful meadow, our way was barred by
* ''TZ???*', T" tbe
c eek and Uw only taivauun was to return,
u Ku i,„ i„ u,e alter noon ««l we aougbt
fora place in this lovely place to encamp
f° r the bight.
" And o re u» like a regal tent
Cloudy rilled the »unset bent.
Odd FcHawa at Mahler.
A lodge oi the ludepenpenl Order of
Odd Fellowa waa organized at Mohler
taat Saturday night, with a member
ship of tweoly-ßve. A party of nine
members of Sunrise lodge No. 56 con -
fered the work. An elegant lunch
was prepared for the occasion and the
hoya all apeak in high terms cd their
treatment during their stay.
following compoaed the parly; J. K,
Crawford, C. W. Miller, Wm. Cook,
(van H. Jurgen», H. M. Jorgen«, R. j.
Brown, Mr. Tbompaun, Mr. Johnson,
8. J. Doggett, M. D. DeMoude, M, D.
il-rpi , an<j j g Janligon .
A hew Raad ta Orter.
▲ New road will be built tu Greer, dur
ing th« coming »aminer. Lorenzo D.
Urickey and Jack Ureer bave the contract,
Thia road will o* built down Fire Milrcau
yon, starting near Frink's comer. It is
; claimed an S per cent grade can be secured
1 bown thia canyon. This road will be built
by pH rate subscriptions. The contractors
^ p(H m[omol
men at work on Monday
im , a the ^ , hroORh w compietioBi
„ ^ „ ,*,„*,*. The merebanu of
j (Jrw ^ other , ^ mhmtfbtd
, pKXt. It is estimated that «2.000 will com
, ^ th| , th , foandalion oe whicfa
^ docopoMd Uiis insuring .
good rond bed the year around,
cr »P <* •" kind * <*» r * in h> »hi* "Neck-o
; the woods.'' has induced Mr. ('lay Smith,
! formerly of Ellensburg, Wash., now of Ne*
B« r '» Idaho, to purchase a compléta threah
in K «"till manufactured by Rnaaeli and Co..
of MaaaUon Ohio, with PaciBc coast bead
qua-tara at Portland, Oregon and Spokane,
•»«( <«■!>•«*. Success to you and your
pdtrana Mr. Smith here's our hand.
Part based a Basset! OatflL
The excellent prospects for a bountiful
Wash. The sale was made by R . L, Spiker,
of Kamiah Idaho, and A. J. Preston or
Spokane Wash., representing Russell A Co.
a* traveling salesman. Mr. Smith is a vet
eran ihre» her man of many years experience
having purchased three complete "Russell"
steam threshing outfits sod be baa alwaya
been vary succ e ss f ul in bis threshing op
erations, giving perfect satisfaction to
thair many patrons, and we predict for Ur.
Smith another very successful season, as
ha is a thorough and competent thresher
man, and having purchased a new
•' Russell" outfit, well and favorably known
all over the world, and perfectly adapted
to all kind* and conditions of small grains
grown m this s ect i on, and the former who
ia lucky enough to meure tbs serv i ces of
Mr. Smith and hit new thresher, will cer
tainly have his work dona with neatness
When In Lewiston atop nt the Bollinger
ongs. Mania SSo. Rooms tS and 80 eants.
•w^riek building. Everything neat and

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