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The Nezperce herald. (Nezperce, Idaho) 1900-1957, August 09, 1901, Image 1

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Nezperce Herald
•1.00 PER YEAR.
VOL 2. NO 17
Ladies' Chamois Kid Gloves 25c per pair.
Ladies' Dresses 50c.
Skirts 25c.
Wrappers, only a lew left, $1.00.
Harvest Supplies Galore.
Yours to please,
J. A. Schultz.
O. M. Collins.
Nezperce. Idaho
Will Transact a General Banking Business.
J. A. Schultz, Cashier.
Ok Bowlbv Pharmacy
Nupkbpk, Idaho.
Pvt in*», RMklMt, Pcrfamry, CotiH ad
faacy Arikkt, ad «I •mUstt' Sm d rki
PbysieteiM' KrecoripOonet'«retally Prop«ro d . Office. Di K J Webb.
Best Lise of Cifflrs In Town.
For Gish.
Evap'd Peaches, 22 p 0 *"** 8 far |».op.
Evap'd Apples, 2° pounds for 1 . 00 .
Table Fruit, *** <>«#%* 212 p >nd ç*p
Boys, we can save you money on Harvest Gloves.
We have a complete Une.
Johnson & Winder*
.. » "
H M MH1 ill
City Peechoacd Property tbit T«k-Ttlu
aril mm fee Ft«* to Outtid* Public.
TheQtr pwhaarH the Powell
property Wednesday and ctepr will
faBoacdiately be taken to put in a
large tank and «tarage rea e r rob to
atm far tire purposes. Thn
an adequate «apply of
ter far all purpones and relieves the
■taxation on the outside. People
rUtfag the town to the course
of trade can now secure good, pure
water for thexnadres and stock free.
AO dtisena fad that the dty has
taken the best method to
Charte* Iturkbanll **> badly hart on
leal Wrdoe-Uy by bailie »trn k an lb.
Head knd bock by Iklliug rack while work
■ug in a well. Tit« roun i man was en
gaged in build og a bos I* Ibo btwiom of
the seil a ho« I mas. of earth and rook*
<n**nt twenty feel shore him iooranrd am)
lading caught bim I« a stooping position,
knocking him down and tua.liing tbs tw<
mb cosing tike an neg shell.
He re
<*roogbi Io I « suriora and Ur. Coburn u
hi, point gammoned. It was ioand upn
rxawtnauoti. that be tu .truck on lb*
nrei and bock by tbe falling me.. Tie
ecalp sound 1 , nul cotwidrred dangerou
bat lb* injury lo Lbe bock directly oppaen.
Ute been may lead la fatal rtwulU The
•offerer Is unable la hi cat he only witb
grast «litbcullr and baa t.. be|*ro, p*dui
to bed. rdtuutd there be I
jury the wound, are not dang- rax. and
be patient atiuuld tie out In a -bon Unir.
William lie*, bam a a. ceri nisly It jured
lost Sunday atirrnaun ny trcing k in .kid
down and trampled on by a ridutu bone
n bb bam. He bod gone into lbe Mail u>
ford tbe animal when it rorad bock and be
ing unable in break easy plunged lot warn
»inking Mr Draebnmp .marking bln
■I* wu and trampling on bim. He »«craed
*-d ill era« ling au* from ander the terrified
animai end laid f*r some rime in the man
ger bel**ro ma.ing known hi* injaiies.
Hooter* Hall ami Plummer wera sum
moned when it was dboueerad that a rib
•finoily **ee* tbe been «a» broken and
<bu injured menu, r pro»ring upon lbe
•*oi* r aoeenii* <a the bran producing :n
Tbb was relieved by robing
ilia bro.eti nu. and *be patbnt uutaide of
omwMerabb < ruiM*s amt -oreueaa, i, alt
>euae |*a.n
r gbi again.
W K. Steffen prosumsluy Inwae »hot
and inMon'iy kille.i H tVniklm*. of Mos
cow on I he altern* mil of Sunday, August
4>n while lbe tailor wo» riding obtng He
■treci» of Uusouw In bm baggy Tits Dm -
***e was rind three im ■ and Imeanl e
killed On kb way down lbe «1 met a awe
mem later be grad a stmt at «..orge V.
ralghlon. striking him on the right arm
»bob« »be e*bow and peering direct 1 y
Ibtiik gn lt. Mb n ext rictlm was Deputy
SbeeiffOnel whom be aboi while lbe len.r
wraattempting to arraet him. tioot dying
Mem during Monday morning. Ho
ena Inker abased 10 bb mother's borne kg
a paras of armed outran« where be held
Mkamnkbay for owr two bnors wHh kb
,K *
Hut yut no do ilw bust «I line Rocket.
Ill*-* Hill, ley nukd ln (iruif rill« ibfr
felt* Conor moved into bb nr* boo««
on I ondijf
Mia* Whitlock dr parted I or teuta Ti
day ounin*.
K K neuem and »life of Kippen, riaitad
lbe city W«diM«day.
Cui. ». W. Ham n* «II mad* • boilngm
trip Ui UniUM ibb «««k.
W . C. 1/Huh. of Uhmoo, was doiiif
ImlnM in town Monday.
Harry Taylor, of < ooiral Kktp ««• do
rn« bu.inm. in town Tbnraday.
Tb« Martin nodding un M«pt« «tract U
being poabed rapidly la completion .
t'Parle. lui, living dmt Klmcbrr wee i,
parmi la b. dirprawly ill tbb Mtk.
Urn Howard, ol Ibe U,Uun M.r e an til#
Co , va« doinc burine«« witb our merchant«
Tb« mill hognn opération« Monday and
will now ran nt fall rap a ci ty IM balance of
a. O firow and W. A.. Borrhtrrft. two of
Mobb-r*« propre», ire cmiem were in town
J. B. Crawford, from Hobler, mad« ap
plication lor bool proof on bb bomwicnd
■wi Tu«aday.
k.d*e i.ifaoon ot tha Mctbodiat eburab
preached Sunday morning to a larga oon*
Tb. Orm restaurant i* bcinc remodeled
< bran g hoot and wilt now b« ran strictly
• u ■ .burl ordrr boom.
There will be «errice* next Sunday in
ha Hreabylerian church holb morning and
reening; All ora Inriied.
Chari«« Mark well, who boa been riaiting
in Wallace lor me pout I wo luontn, re
lumed bare Toaaday to remain till after
Judge William H. t'laggett. one of Ibo
■"-►i known n*ea in public life in Idaho,
died at hi* daughter', hoi
mat Sunday.
V Wallara. of Kamiab. wu employed a
few days Ibis week in driving tbe Kamiab
■toga line during I be nbranra of ''ha rim
Pomeroy in ti ranger ills.
C. D. Thomas and wife arrived bera
•Saiarday nfeibi from Moscow. They sill
uootipr lor the present lb* Lieoncperger
property on Maple aifeot.
Mrs. Krank Krowk,
for ouroc nmr under treatment for catarrh
by lira. Hall end Plummer, returned to
her home in Spokane T ma doy morning
mac fa I iu pro veil in health
IfoggcltA Haris bare a new sign over
at the red front which is tbe work of W.
H Wails of Itato city, who ie a practical
paimer making a «peetalty of Mgn and
carriage work.
in Spokane
Kur palming. paper banging, graining,
riming or .ign work of nil kinds, ms h ins
Wall, A Kader . Kirat elnaa work and boa
rat material» guarani.rd. Will
and landab material» or o ' .brrw i aq,
wilbnr twbnd and Him Sanier» named
j lbn>Qc t, Kee p e r «« Monday morning
Ben Ayer», of Asotin wUbm toaanonara
10 the public Ihm bn wHI be bora in about
a week «i b Bee spaa of good work borora.
which bo «rill dbpuar ol to tbe blghrat bid
der parity fur cash and parity on lima.
tbatr way to M mol »«bail, where Mr. La.
^ „„ j« n tb. fora, ef forom rangera.
boot g been ranenuy « pp oi n krd la ibw po
Baa Tratkoo
différant kinds of wheat mktad in khra «L
daily. If (bom
the wheat atop tat Mat motion will ha ira*

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