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Local and Personal News Notes
F. K Howard returned Tues
day from« visit u. b-«ision
Save that ahoe. Have it re
paired right at A H Fikr'a
Tsh, your poult » y io the people.'
Market ks4gvt b*.t market prior* if
K«JK SALK Sew Ford ear, at
a bargain. Sec furtis Miller.
F»»l{ SALK Maxwell car in
good condition. t*. J Miller
A few cords of dry kindling
wood at The Fratrie Lumber Co.
M H i(ukbloi) was a b usine«*
visitor from Lewiston yesterday
FOB SALK Invalid • wheel
J H l^hman
For building piaas oi all hi ad*
•ee Hunter at the Frame Lumber
I ii*>n< m->
Jake, the plumber.
School opens Monday.
The Herald, $150 a year.
(let it done at Duggett's.
Nick I.uit sells it for less
Need hay? ('all up the mill.
Big line racket goods at Lair's
1 tegular church services Sun
Carlson's ready to help you l«>ok
blab wood at the Prairie Lum
ber Oo.
The Baldwin line of pianos at
FOli SALE Hood horse*. J. T.
tinu* ami pullel* wanted at (be IVx
Spruce ttp—get the right log»
at Carlson'a.
Long or short hauls quick Ber
ry 's dray line.
Wall paper at Lair's, whore you
get it fur less.
diet-arts at Imir's, and you can
get them fur less.
l-'ii at-class cobbler at the A. H
Fike harness store.
Alfalfa hay now on tap at the
Nezperce Boiler Mills.
del Jake, the plumber, to make
your sewer connections.
FOUND Purse at the Frater
nal Hall Se.- D. K Bell
The Nezperce Holler Mills now
reatly to supply alfalfa hay.
Mrs. Ella Boles was a Lewiaton
visitor the first of the week
chair, a good one
F«»B BENT The Peter Fo*
J M Ban
rnylrurr in Nezperce
Whui M a
* Doggen
itauung }4tu
or gdr
V. V. Sum*, of
4 Mr*
Lut tie I T M.Krr th
fee > (oltui
UvsiUw t« the
the sM
I wee i
Haiti «
Her tci
are 1
f io.ii m LmmSmu Oo . b wwa g w »«
um* tor u» u* UbOi tnté sum;«
Sprung* Ovfti
Hue your who so» Um y*mt
wutWN uw* »uppiy MdUt uu* rtw*
ran j s*ih» Cv
f kwo
p*m *
water plant, was up from Orofino
Friday making arrangements to
move ht» family here.
llev J. li Vork. of Stil«*«, stop )
,, % .. r i,, \,*peree the firs! of
wr ck w hile «U ri'Ulc to Asotiii,
when- he goes to take the pastor
ate of th. Baptist church |
|{,-liable eye service and a local
'i„an, I»r K A Schilling «tii fil
j our eye* (liasse* tilted by him
are giving saUstaeiron ami trip«
rar , ( moiith insure full service.
plenty of available mom y to loan
UI1 farm land at a low inter,
ost rate. Pre-payment privileges
Vork Herren, room 10, Union
stale Hank bldg. Nezneree, Ida
i--ttk SAIJS 1917, five passen
grr 1 -ttdiunn. haar
....rti of extra* all for *42f> Als*i
one pure brad Mhort-ilom row
and heiler calf, pap*-rs with both
( - Kkeiton, 4 mlie north Mutiler
on old Tlioiiuiaon place Äiwt»
Try the new dray line by Her
1'bone 7538 or
belt Doggctt.
If you have any Dressmaking
you wish done see Mrs. K. Tay lor,
Nezperce. Price* i easunable.
FUK SALK Uood Hem, y .top
buggy. Done to war ami don't
need it. Herbert L. Booth. See
C. W. Booth.
WANTED- A reliable man
wants to corresjKnul with party
wanting to let furnished ranch.
Henry Cameron, Kamiah. 23w4*
Copenhagen and Flat Dutch, at
market price. Eugene Burton,
Carrier U. F. J). 2, Nezperce. tf.
.1 (J. Farris, of Orangeville, is
looking after the affairs of the
Ilrange ville Ul dr trie Light and
Power Co. in Nezjieree this week.
LOST—from Nezperce hospital,
heavy plush lap robe; harrowed
to bring a siek person to tin- hos
pital. Please return to Henry
Mrs. Dillic St ell mon came up
from Ciarkstou Tuesday to visit at
the home* of her suns, Ualph and
Jack, west of town, and with other
relatives here.
Miss Hazel Cowan, of Pasadena,
Cal., w-ho i« here with her sister,
Mrs Fred iiiUrnbraud, has taken
a position as bookkeeper in the
Union State Bank.
L, L. Smith, th<- new superin
tendent of the Nezperce light and
It's Time to SPRUCE UP
4 *
N ( i Vv' KXiS
Kkidl US HI I I fJ
v $ isjm* $ # $ 0 *
pmh e mu mer v«u# mu#ti
*>*«§ emu • t 44
Mm hit* hdoi*f
* 4 fim » r * *
(A K L S O N ' S
MaPLKf !
1'uul Frank, janitor at the Un
ion State Hank building, went to
Lewiston yesterday to take a
. f .. V u
treatment tor the after elleets of
a severe influenza attack.
HOltliOWKD from Nezperce
Hotel during flu epidemic, tray
.... . v -, j. 9
ttllcl dishes. Any ana finding sur
ill UK ill their equipment will eon
for It favor by returning it.
J. W. Bailey and J. P. Sorenaon
. . * - « .
H|M*llt t fit* latter part Ol litt W66K
il! the C*ot ton wood am! Ferdinand
aeftiotlK, the* former in the inter
es. of bis insuran«-«- business.
I nave Hated for tent 4UU seres
of farm land cl«*se to Nezperce, 80
acres of this being summer fallow,
stock ami (arm implements must
.1- ,
go with this land. - -«- ^Jis
23tf. *
HKHKK Alls—The next t egular
............... *•••- *• 7 .
meeting «f our lodge Will ie held
1 uesilay night. Noy I»., IaCt S
start the season With an atten
dance of all members. By order
K- I.
u* .. ■> • u i i*i
H. <«* raiff? na« pun'iiaaed the
KtiH?k of JohUMOll Nf Mtonu-band
store and coliibilicd it with his
,„ m L΄„ - lilu riil afio-L flip
, * . « . r
the community to select from the
ateond-hand line.
John Cmiger received a mes
sage Monday that the Washington
Universitv at Seattle bad lifted
its flu quarantine and would re
«.|>e,v We.in.-s.bv lb departed
Tuesdav to renew his studies
tre • I
Hubert Smith left Monday f..r
St. (.ouïs. Missouri, w here he join
e«l the colors for limited service.
y, 1Ml ^J.'uchs of Nezperce
an() .Smith and wife of
ar r.„n,mnicxj him as far as
|l^ wist on.
sTKVV_left our place about
,**, 20 brown home, wt. 11Ü0; no
,, ra „d«' : | r f, | ttM j a iikle erooked,
«hii*. «not in face Beward
of f (ir information leading to
recovery. Jones Hr«». , 7 mi. north |
Nnmirrri 2:{w2* :
Manager Smith, w ho is to sue
ce<-d the late managet, Klmer
Scholer of the local plant of the
Orangeville KU*rtrt* Light A
Power ( will arrive with his
family from Orofino this week
au ,l take charge
Among the other donations of
|ou| t<- th<- h«<*pi(ai during the
influenza .-pedrnnr here, were
. .fi a i-mca is of hremd
ir*oa <*ur .r-twh.l* big »carted
bakery man, Ben Lomax, who u.
now successfully engaged in the
bakery busiues* at Orotuu* Ne*.
pere»- thank* you very much, H*-rt
.1 Miller.
I have listed for rent 400 aeres
of farm land «'lose to Nezperee, 80
acres of this being auminer fallow,
. I , , P , .
stock and farm implements must
go with this land. See Uurtis
.) Miller. 23tf.
ODD PELIX>WH-~TImm wUl be «
-, # .i, V- , „7, « 4
K ^ - -hi J J * jf*
. . • 11 f? . ' ' #
' of^A full attenilmwee I* oxnect'
ed. Teil the brethren.
4os. H. Kllteaid was Up fro in
Lewiston Monday ntraightning up
the business of the estate of the
| ate Mrs. Sue L. By waters. He
tt -a« aeeonipanied here by Lyons
Bvwati-rs S«*n of the deceased
tt j IO had'been in Lewiston since
his mother's death
,,u * mo l il ci h oruiii.
Probate Judge Niles, an ex-Kan
, 7 ,- j': friends
j ' Tl j t 1
around here from the central
vv< , st hoini'siek Saturday by
j„ ,hcm «amples of hazel
' , . . - mM ,„ ,i,„
' M*" ill.bl^ ohieh
other imported sniuwrier\ Witten
hiiH planted In artistic array in:
hiu fine ranch went of town.
. , .
11 a hdlcr, with remittance lor
another year's subscription, "Jltn
my" Kennedy sHVH he will not
- - *
"% v * u> hw ranch •*«!»«»
s l ,rMl f r 0,1 account of so much
hiekn.-ss (presumably referr.ng to
flu h « re >«. •*"* h<J *' ,H
P u ' « a h, " r< * «pnntf
\ n «Ç'anUmç be .a holding
d®»» 1 ." J«b at Morton, Idaho
Adjutant U encra I ( . S Moody
de, «tried last night for Boise He
«** a.-cooipaiued by Mr*. K. A.
( • eb-rk in the adjutants
••(five at Boise, who has been at
Neapcrcc adjusting records of tin
«ar registration there, which dur
ing the illneas of I ounty Auditor
White, and influenza epidemic,
had not been kept up to date. -
1-ewislon Tribune.
We Want Sale* EeprezenUtives In
Every Town In Idaho,
Wc prefer men who have soldi
stock, insurance, real estate, books
or who have liad no sales exper-j
ienc* but would like to develop!
into a salesman We train every!
accepted applicant and provide a
syalem that will enable anyone
who works to make from AT'i.OOj
to 1150.00 par week. Can also,
um- wotoen of exceptional ability.
PuMtion permanent In apply
inf *Ute age past bumnes* ex
prie... number <d >*i«rs ' «
have Jived in eommuiuty and ref
ei en ee* Addle«, in confidence^
K A NK, MH», (O , 1030-1« 1. *
Smith Bldg , S*-attb
Netted To Creditors.
(,i Ok- Wuhan- <'« u rt of the county
«t l-cw»)«, «tat« of Idaho.
'In the matter of the estate of John
jj Kehwingler, ib-.eaoed.
Notic« is hereby given by the under
**gne<t »<lmini*frâtrix of tke estate of
Job " 11 * h " iu } îl, T deceased, to the!
erpditor« of, and all persona having
I«Uimn a^aiiiht the writ) deeeasedf to ex
.'^»hibit them with the neeessaiy voucher»,
whhi, ' f «ur months after the first pub
HeatlP,* of this aatiee, to the amid ad
mi nisi ratnx at the law of nee of C. If.
N'ligeut. at Vezfjerre, Idaho, the same
l*di»g the piaee of transaetiou of the
hii»in*»» of «FI ****te, in the County
^uLl^ey.^ree, Idaho,!
this llth day of November. A. D. 191*.
Mary Kclm-inglcr, Administratrix.
24 * 4 -
. . . .. u , ,
De|<arlioeut of Hie iiitenor, t . S. land
a < t-''««'-'nn. Idaho, November
Notice is hereby gi*«-u tha« James
Birl Uptrap of Nezper*-, Idaho.
«» October 2S, I9IS, made itoiueMead
Kü 1 , . m:! V,- for section,,,,
touu»hip 3.i ncirth, range 2 ea«t,
Boiw Meridtan, ha» fil«*d notiez of in-j
t*nthm to m*k* tbw veur proof to
ralxbjwbwl dann to the* land above
dtwrilx*«!, before J. Merrill, 1. K.
Commissioner, at Orofino, Idaho, on the
'by of Dumber, 191«.
Oluimaut names as witnesses: Ira
B Moore , n..„ rK< . l ien. Leriie tn.™,,
and Karl Biebardaoa, all of Nez perce,
Henry licit field, geeinter.
det it »lone at Doggett's.
y W *, r W«*«»lr Ifntlin \|
lUlIl JUIVt"hL'OvK
Here's to:
The Boys Over There
The Liberty Bond Buyers
■ ho rasJr it pusaiblr
to You
Let us hand*« your next thifn.ea' and get you toy Mar>
ket Pric«s. Spokane is your neareai stnppirif pckot and
th« p'ae« wher« you can £«t best re'urns.
SELL TO US and DC assured oi the very best seüinK
service. We can U Under and stocker orders.
P, W. Murphy Commission Co.
Prfrt . îcinCs >* ! O *' v c / y hvO >'
l Imp i,iatfch pe»? pi&ijt m tvw« Uu
buy fcUjrpirt t
yOW I *AOf A 04 KIA) I U
■M a m
M^clvcrcI m M/irk^î
t- Jtai Asf Uaa? ft*
f l«g
ftreek nod ( ut* 4 *1« »I*
»I % out 4 MÜ
|U t AftiltMUlaJ I
* 4
é ************** * ■' * -^^**
I IF il VU LC/ '
Ÿ- « <
!*#$■(► *éà0 4 **
i- lui*
0 W
H&0 # 4
' -f
AMI# I l#al
y# /
N MM., t ht' fIdfiB
%f fi
Order to Show Gauge Why Order Of
gale Of Keal and Pergonal Estate
Should Not Be Made.
Milner, Deceased.
W. It Knu-rwm, tin- Administrator of
the estate of Jai<ieK Milner, ha 'ini' filed
in thi* court his petition duly verified,
praying for an order of Kale of all of
the real and personal estate of said
decedent for the purpose* therein set
Jt in therefore ordered that all per
hook interested in the said estate of
said dec edent appear In*fore thi* said
tflts. at .he hour of 10
of said day. at the courtroom of »aid
court at 111.- <-»urthuu*e in the villag*
«Ç Xezi«»**, County of Lewis, state of
u \ h }" J " * h >, au " r< K r
uot be granted to the said ad
ministrator to sell ail of the i^rnonat
aI1<1 r ,^\ e *.lat.- uf the **id decedent
am j ,hot a copy of (hi* order be pub
lished at least four aueceaaive w«elu in
Nezpcrc« Herald, a newspaper print
Who,and published ii. said county,
The real estate hereinbefore referred
iK particularlv described a* follow«.
to-wlt: J«t HI, block 25, in the Original
towu 0 f Se/.peree, Idaho. PerMmaJ
property: photographie »upplies and
^j U jj>meot, 1 $50.00 Liberty Bond, Per
h^duI effeei», all miKce II» necju» property
yOU are further notifiée) to »bow*
,. auR p if anr vou have why the same
XZd not be'^td « private ^
imte.i this li'th dav of November
lw] s
in the I'roliale Court of l.e«>« t-ouu
I ty, State of Mabo.
In the matter of the estate of Janu-«
Probate I'ourl on ihe 14th dav of Dec.
'cloirk A. M.
H. W. Niles, Probate Judge.
C. H. Nugent. Attornev, Nezperce.

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